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Kanon's Worries[]

Kanon is a [genetically modified lifeform] that was administered a virus that was created by Undu Quinquem in the former site of the Genomirai Research Institute.
In other words, she is the fruit of the genetic manipulation research done to combine human genes and Nero's (a lifeform that was brought from beyond the Seven Dimensions) genes.
Thanks to Nero's genes, Kanon became able to handle Genoms even to a supernatural level.

However, Kanon secretly thought she had to investigate what happened back then no matter what.
The top ranks of the Chimon always insisted this whole incident was a lie, but when the Tenmon had a premises search conducted on Chimon facilities, she overheard a single line of the information they had gathered.
[The Chimon Empress Candidate doesn't has any royal blood, which she isn't truly qualified to become Empress]
(This was the reason why Chimon had no objections to Genomirai being dismantled later on, as their condition for keeping quiet was Tenmon not unveiling this to the public).
And the support to the Tenmon's claims are the fact that Kanon has the number [229] and the Genomirai logo written on the inside of her upper arm.
No matter how much Kanon tried to convince herself of the contrary, she decided to determine if these claims were true or false, and given she would be free to act unsupervised during the Imperial Trials, she decided to take advantage of them to find the truth.

Undu Quinquem[]

The one who created Kanon was a person that was called [the shadow researcher], as he didn't appear much before others even within Chimon, and he always went by the alias [Undu Quinquem (Latin for 1, 2 and 5)].
Undu was a natural Incarnate (human-shaped Genom), which are said to only be born once per each 10000000 births, and the "Quinquem" (5) part of his name is because he is a Genom that has a quintuple-stranded DNA.

Undu was requested by the Chimon leadership to make a lifeform that was capable of Synchronizing with Genoms in a way that surpassed normal humans by far as a sort of relief measure for Chimon itself.
In order to meet these demands, he created Dudu Noechium, who later on became the person we know as Kanon.
Thanks to being administered the gRNA Virus-α229, Kanon partially became a Genom that had a tremendous power at her disposal.

Undu entrusted the entirety of his data on the gRNA Virus to Zill right before the Tenmon carried out the premises search on the Chimon facilities.

The Truth About Kanon, Which She Herself Was Unaware About[]

On the surface, Kanon constructed a solid law of [genetic manipulation carried out for humans to become Genoms being strictly forbidden].
However, ignorant to the fact that her very own existence was against that law, Kanon enforced it as strictly as possible.
The Chimon leadership also agreed with her practices, but they were already fully aware of her true nature.
So in short, Kanon lived while being the only person ignorant to what she actually was, simply serving as a manipulated pawn on the stage of Ra Ciela's politics.

The Course of Events for Kanon[]

What Kanon wanted to investigate at any cost was if she truly was a legitimate successor for Chimon.
This stems from the fact that during the premises search conducted by Tenmon, she overheard by chance the phrase [Kanon doesn't legitimately possess royal blood].
The Chimon leadership were asked about this topic back then, but they completely denied everything. However, this only caused doubts to linger about Kanon's legitimacy even now.

This also made Kanon to find out about the truth of her birth.
As a result of this, Kanon learned that she was created as the result of genetic manipulation experiments, that she was an artificial lifeform, and that she indeed wasn't a legitimate Imperial Succession Candidate due to not having royal blood.
Cosal also knew all about these facts, but he kept quiet about them, all because that was part of the Chimon's plans.

So upon learning all that, Kanon lost two things within herself.
One was [her qualifications as an Imperial Succession Candidate].
The other was her [pride].

The Time Limit on Kanon's Life[]

Kanon has greatest possible output when it comes to converting her own feelings into power, but since her powers surpass by far her body's capacity, it causes her body to overheat.
How much damage this causes to her depends on the output of her Song Magic, but in the worst-case scenario, when her fever reaches 43 degrees and above, her body will begin to undergo necrosis, which can lead to death.