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This story might be fiction, and it also might not be.
Also, only parts of it could be fiction.
There is only one thing that can be said about this story, and that is it was written with the world's harmony as its basis, so we could say about it being true that it is true to this world as well.

Required Knowledge[]

There were several complicated terms that showed up in the story, and we'll now explain them in a simple manner.

Dynamic Waves[]

They can be simply defined as [energy].
As everything is constructed by waves in this world, the Dynamic Waves make up all kinds of energy existing in it, including light, heat, magic power and magnetism.

Static Waves[]

While it might be slightly difficult to understand, Static Waves are the [power to continue existing].
For example, for a pencil to continue existing as such, it needs an appropriate [power] to keep its condition.
That power is the wave assemblies that gathered on the place where it exists to keep the pencil existing within this large world.
For those versed in physics, it might be easier to understand this concept if we equate it to [atomic assemblies].
Even atoms are wave assemblies in this world, so when atoms group together in it, it merely means that an equal number of waves have gathered in this world.
In other words, the Static Waves are [existence] itself, and can also be considered as the [Ego] and the [Will].
(Both the ego and the will be explained later, so there is no problem if you can't grasp these concepts right now).

The Laws of the World[]

The Laws that define this world are extremely hard to grasp.
Let's first get started with the laws of the universe, which might feel a bit more familiar to us.
First, we'll give the definition of world.
In the story, [world] is given the meaning of a large framework that encompasses the universe.
In other words:

World > Universe > Galaxies > Planetary Systems > Planets> Regions > Individuals

Would be the easiest way to represent it.

The Laws of the Universe[]

This Universe is made from waves.
The roughly similar-class event to the Big Bang that awakened [this] world was caused by a single atomic nucleus called [EXA_PICO].
And through its large Will, [EXA_PICO] crafted the space that receives the name of Universe.
The many stars and galaxies that exist in the universe, and the formless energetic existences in it (like the black holes), all had their point of origin in EXA_PICO.
And all the expansion and creation carried out by EXA_PICO has been called in Sol Ciel (region that serves as the setting for the story) as [something that was created by EXA_PICO crafting a Song].

We've said previously that EXA_PICO is an assembly of atomic nuclei.
And these nuclei are in turn formed by many waveforms (Static Waves).
There are innumerable kinds of waveforms (Static Waves) in the universe, which also comprise the major wave types H-Waves and D-Waves.
As Sol Ciel is more advanced in the clarifications about D-Waves, they have managed to disassemble the D-Wave frequency component of EXA_PICO in a relatively simple manner, and so it's possible to see it.
So it has an infinite D-Wave frequency component that goes from 1 Hz to beyond 1.16x10^8 Hz that can be as strong as it likes (it's easier to think of it as something similar to a graphic equalizer).
And regardless of the D-Wave waveforms already having a number of infinite frequencies, there are also various types of waveforms that are similarly emitted in several dimensions and directions.
Among them we have H-Waves as one of these types, and also one unknown wave type.

EXA_PICO makes these astronomical-class waves change and fluctuate at such a violent rate and in such a short period of time that measuring them with our time concepts is impossible. These wave energies are emitted to the outside having lost their balance (being distorted) in that extremely short time span, deriving into the [Dynamic Waves] that should be familiar to anyone knowledgeable in Wave Science.
Naturally, there are many kinds of Dynamic Waves aside of the D-Waves and H-Waves.
And by emitting the Dynamic Waves throughout the space of this world, he (EXA_PICO) creates the [Universe].
So in other words, the Universe is the region within the World that is affected by EXA_PICO.

These Dynamic Waves will in turn produce new Static Waves.
This is an effect of the Dynamic Waves produced by EXA_PICO making use of the Sea of Num (space where all waveforms have an amplitude and frequency of zero) that spreads throughout the World. The result of this is that the points in the Sea of Num that are touched by the Dynamic Waves become the Universe.
According to the established theories of [Wave Interference], the energies we know as Dynamic D-Waves will give their amplitudes and frequencies to these points in space that have a wave frequency and amplitude of zero.
And by becoming the waves we know as Static Waves, they become capable of having a continued existence.
If the energies used for this purpose were D-Waves, then they will become matter (Static D-Waves), and if they were H-Waves, they will become Wills (Static H-Waves), but if they used any other kind of wave, they would become all sorts of [invisible existences].
So in practical terms, this means that everything aside of the Static D-Waves are invisible existences.
This is because human eyes (eyeballs) are no more than sensors that can only grasp a specific set of Static D-Wave frequency bands, while the human ears (biomicrophones) are no more than sensors that can only grasp a very small part (carrier wave band) of the Dynamic H-Waves.
In most cases, the [Wave Interference] will cause phenomena only with specific wave types.
So when matter is produced due to Dynamic D-Wave interference, countless other wave types are interfering with each other at the same time.
In other words, they will give birth to new atomic assemblies.
In short, EXA_PICO continues infinitely giving birth to new atomic assemblies.
That also includes nebulas, galaxies, black holes, and wave energies that are invisible to our eyes.
And since they all are born from the [Song] of EXA_PICO and also have a H-Wave component as part of them, it is clear that they all possess what we call a [Will].
In other words, they are EXA_PICO's feelings themselves.

The Laws of the Star Clusters and Star Systems[]

The star groups like the galaxies are generally known as star clusters, and they were all born from the many kinds of waves EXA_PICO emits.
And just like EXA_PICO, these star clusters all exist as atomic nuclei assemblies.
In other words, each star cluster has [feelings] of its own that are mixed with EXA_PICO's [feelings].
While it might be cold to say it this way, the [star clusters] consider any [feelings] aside of their own as other people's feelings. However, EXA_PICO's feelings are absolute, as the [feelings of the star clusters] are [Wills] formed out from EXA_PICO's [feelings].
Given the star clusters are contained within EXA_PICO, they can't actually feel or see it in any concrete way.
There's actually a expression we humans commonly use that can be fittingly used to refer to this peculiarity: [there's a higher power at work].
The star clusters' feelings (and EXA_PICO's feelings) are what give life to the countless stars they contain.
And furthermore, they also give birth to a vast number of [invisible existences].
And in turn, they will give birth to new atomic nuclei assemblies, forming the Wills we know as the planets.

The Laws of the Planets[]

And now, we come to the Planets, more specifically the ones where life thrives.
By the the time the existences we call [Planets] came into being, there were already [greater powers] existing in the universe in a number large enough that not even astronomical figures would suffice to count them all.
This means that the Wills that support the Planets begin with EXA_PICO, and extend all the way down to the entirety of the nebulas' waveforms, the entirety of the star clusters' waveforms, and the entirety of the star systems' waveforms.
And the most important part is that due [to this Planet's atomic nuclei assemblies], the planet itself can exist.
These are the Wills of the Planet: its feelings themselves.
Well then, it might more difficult to continue the explanation if we leave the Planet where the region of Sol Ciel exists nameless, so we'll now state it is called [Planet Ar Ciel] ([Ar Ciel] being a Hymmnos language phrase that means "This World".)
It is through its own Wills that Planet Ar Ciel creates life upon its own surface.
Speaking in physical terms, both the [greater powers] and [the regularity established through the Dynamic Waves emitted by Ar Ciel] give birth to life.
It is human for us to be wondering "Why did Ar Ciel dare to do something like that?" or "What reasons did it have for doing that?", and the only way in which it can be explained is because the feelings and Wills of Ar Ciel also contain among them the feelings of the [greater powers], and also the feelings of the atomic nuclei assemblies themselves of the lives it has created, so it means they were created by the actions of multiple entities.
In any case, all sorts of lifeforms from microorganisms to plants and animals exist in Ar Ciel, and even before they existed Ar Ciel itself had a complete shape ((ultimately capable of) having geographic features like mountains, valleys and oceans), which means that Ar Ciel and everything related to it are composed of multiple waveforms.

The Laws of the Lifeforms[]

And we finally came to the lifeforms.
Humans possess a Will, which is what we call their [Static H-Waves].
Likewise, they possess a body, which is what we call their [Static D-Waves].
There are also beings that lack D-Waves and are formed solely by H-Waves existing at our side.
These beings are what we typically call souls and spirits.
And well, we humans perceive the world through our [eyes].
The [eyes] are the organs we humans rely on the most in order to connect ourselves with our surrounding world, and that's why we depend on them so much.
However, the eyes are no more than [sensors capable of recognizing a very small part of the Static D-Waves], just like we previously established.
And while it might be a sudden change of topic, there is actually a large controversy on the topic of the Wills.
It is [What things can be defined as actually possessing a Will?], or in other words [What things can be defined as actually being alive?]
The common opinion is that [animals] and [plants] are lifeforms, while [stones] are not.
However, there are also opinions stating that while [animals] do possess Wills, the [plants] don't actually have them.
This is nothing more than a case of a [conclusion from visual observation], as plants don't seem to have Wills to those who just look at them with their eyes.
So knowing this, how many things do possess Wills?
If you have read from the beginning, you should know it already, but given the whole world possesses a [Will], all visible things, and of course all invisible things that existence contains all possess a [Will]: they possess [feelings].
It's just that we see animals can move freely,
that plants can't move freely but possess materials that change in ways visible to the eye,
and that stones can't move.

The Atomic Nuclei Assemblies and the Objects, Energy[]

The atomic nuclei assemblies are objects that within the powers they can put into effect also have the ability to create [something].
As that is done through [wave interferences], it is due to them that EXA_PICO creates the stars and invisible existences, ultimately creating the universe in the Sea of Num.
The same goes for the planets and star clusters.
Star clusters have a range where their waves can be transmitted, and it is within it that planets are created.
The planets also have a wave transmission range, and it is within it where they can create all sorts of things.
Considering the D-Wave portion that can be perceived with the eyes, these things would be the atmosphere, clouds, and [all sorts of life].
In the particular case of the [lives], they are mainly composed by Dynamic D-Waves and Dynamic H-Waves, but they are ultimately created from the combination of multiple wave types, which are themselves the product of high-level wave interferences.
So while there is a difference between their sizes and strength, basically all the creation from EXA_PICO to the humans emit waves in a similar way, and by causing [wave interferences] to cause effects on their surrounding environment, they posses the power to create a new [something].
And about the topic of human being able to create something... Yes, of course they can.
They currently can create new bodies.
They are continuously emitting all sorts of waves to outside their own bodies, but their range is quite small.
While the objects created by the planet like the atmosphere or clouds might seem massively large from our perspective, to the planet itself they are no more than a thin membrane similar to a paper sheet.
However, the planet, or better said the Static D-Waves we call [the planet] is created by the atomic nuclei assemblies it itself has.
And thus, the phenomenon of the [great power] of EXA_PICO affecting everything from the star clusters it created to the humans, and to even smaller lifeforms, can also be carried out by the humans themselves.
The cell assemblies the humans have within their own bodies are what controls the various organ assemblies they make up.
While the actions that make life possible continue being carried out while each individual cell undergoes renewal, it is still unknown who actually controls these processes, and who is in charge of multiplying and preserving these cells.
Still, while it might seem that cells are the ones that think they must multiply following their own will, they are actually regulated by the will of the individual we know as the human, so they repeatedly multiply and stop multiplying in order to maintain the shapes of the parts we know as fingers, arms and internal organs.
It is in this way that the humans are similar to EXA_PICO.
It isn't surprising, as after all each human's individual atomic nuclei assemblies are considered as [lives] that exist under the same theory as EXA_PICO.

So well, why are the ranges and actions they are capable of carrying out so different between EXA_PICO and the humans?
As it has been stated repeatedly, it is because wave interferences not necessarily will be able to cause effects in all the existing wave types.
In other words, the number of wave types possesses by a star cluster that EXA_PICO created through a specific wave path and the number of wave types possessed by a human that was created by a planet are in entirely different orders of magnitude.
In short, they have a much lower level of energy.
The wave interferences that start with EXA_PICO itself give birth to new atomic nuclei assemblies, but the atomic nuclei assemblies that are born from them in turn can't create anything that isn't made up from the wave components their parents have.
And that gradually diminishes the amount of available energy (wave amplitudes), which also gradually decreases the range of effect they can exert over their surroundings.
And given humans judge everything through their eyes, we'd end up thinking that [given EXA_PICO creates a large amount of suspended particles (star clusters and planets), wouldn't the humans be capable of creating a single grain sand and making it float or leave it several milimeters above their own skins?]
However, similarly to how the planet creates its atmosphere and clouds, humans also create several objects on the environment around them.
Even just listing the ones we can perceive with our senses, we produce objects such as the body heat, sweat and water vapor, while among the objects we can't see with our eyes we are capable of affecting the consciousness and [spirit] of others.
However, they have different ranges of influence.
(The concept of inside and outside of a body is only important to the Static D-Wave realm in the first place, so we can't help but say that its existence is merely the symbol of a visuals-dependent civilization. It's said that the humans' atomic nuclei assemblies can create Static D-Waves in a space that has a maximum height of about 200 cm, and since this means they would be emitting extremely powerful energies, countless atomic nuclei assemblies would be created within them, and thus they would have control over the effect they could have on the environment).
And aside of those, humans also produce many other [objects] themselves.
These [objects] they have produced, as creations of the humans' atomic nuclei assemblies (and their [greater power]) have no difference of any sort from the relationship shared between EXA_PICO and the star clusters.

The Will of Planet Ra Ciela? The Existence Known as [Voice][]

The human atomic nuclei assemblies have an effective range of about 2 meters, within which they can carry out the great task of utilizing the Static D-Waves around themselves.
But humans don't just have that ability, and they were also endowed with another unexpected ability.
Said ability is the capacity [to emit a voice].
And emitting a voice is basically the ability to change Static D-Waves to create Dynamic H-Waves.
We previously stated that Static H-Waves are [Wills], correct?
So by being able to emit their voice, the humans and animals can instantly expand the range of their atomic nuclei assemblies by several hundred meters at most (as much as their H-Wave components allow them to do so).
And this particularity of the [voice] that humans have is very special too, as it is different from all other organs.
To put it in perspective, humans could be able to emit Static H-Waves if they could open their mouths and make their bodies emit vibrations, but they are unable to do so.
Likewise, while we might wonder if they wouldn't produce different Dynamic Waves if their eyes were struck by a beam, that doesn't happen either.
What they produce is [Dynamic H-Waves]. That is what the [voice] itself is.
And furthermore, the human consciousness has been verified to exist in a wave frequency range that goes up to 20000 Hz.
The sensors that can pick them up are the [ears], which are organs that work similar to a checksum that verifies that the emitted Dynamic H-Waves indeed correspond to the voice's owner.
Taking their goal in account, they should be working well enough as long as they can pick up waves up to the 20000 Hz range, which also means they can only hear the frequencies existing in the carrier wave band.

What are the H-Waves?[]

Static H-Waves are called the [Will]. And we could describe the Dynamic H-Waves in a single word as [Feelings].
Given the humans' atomic nuclei assemblies all possess Static H-Waves, we can say they indeed possess Wills.
Under human concepts, we could say the Will is the [something that allows us to think and move].
However, even the [Wills] are just [one more of the energy types] that exist in this world, just like matter and all other kinds of energy.
(We didn't dare to state this previously, but matter is also a kind of energy.
It's just that we can [actually observe and touch] it. The only reason we can observe and touch it is because our own Static D-Waves are touching the Static D-Waves of another object, which causes both wave assemblies to clash with each other).
And so, if you've been attentively reading everything that has been written thus far in this article, you'd come to think in these same terms.
[Given that Static H-Waves are Wills, the atomic nuclei assemblies that didn't receive the influence from EXA_PICO's H-Waves wouldn't have Wills. Therefore, such atomic nuclei assemblies wouldn't be able to give birth to any assemblies that had a Will of their own!]
However, Static H-Waves are [Wills] only because we humans perceive them as such.
In reality, they are just one of the possible wave patterns that take effect over a specific world's dimension.
To simplify it to the point of recklessness, [something] that exists in a faraway place may perceive other kinds of Static Waves as Wills (or waveforms with a similar nuance to them).
In practical terms, multiple wave assemblies (or atomic nuclei assemblies) exist in the same coordinates in space at the same time but in different dimensions, so while they can exert some effect in the outside world according to the law we stipulated at the beginning: that [[when Static Waves change in amplitude and frequency] in extremely microscopic time units, they generate distortions that cause measurement errors], that's all there is to them.
The mysterious thoughts and abilities the humans called the [Wills] by mere chance are also part of all the [wave distortions and influence products] that are created by this phenomenon.
And it's by effect of these distortions that the humans end up having unexpected mood shifts, like getting more relaxed, sadder or angrier... because the special qualities in their own Static H-Waves become their own behavioral pattern, and changing it would require them to shift their Static H-Waves in some way. However, all this is caused by nothing else but the way the wave assemblies work in this world.

Dynamic H-Waves[]

And so, while we've been approaching the domain of the electromagnetic waves (and we don't really mind if you go wild or think it's the domain of God), we'll finally talk about the [transmission of wills].
The human voice is capable of emitting Dynamic H-Waves.
The Dynamic H-Waves it contains generally have a frequency that goes from around 800 Hz to infinite.
And them all, from the low-frequency carrier wave band to the highest ultra-high frequency bands can be controlled through one's own mind.
However, the higher the frequency band, the more importance the strength of feelings (amount of amplitude) gains when it comes to their control.

We'll now indulge for a bit into the concepts of physics seen in high school. If a 50 Hz soundwave is applied an energy of the same intensity (amplitude) as a 15000 Hz soundwave, it will have the same effect as it. Floors and walls will vibrate and rattle when applied 15000 Hz sounds, so a 50 Hz soundwave that has that same amount of energy added would end up causing an effect on its surroundings comparable to that of a bomb.
So when we talk about the [Waves of Feelings], these properties remain the same even for waves that have a frequency over several thousand Hz, so a tremendous amount of energy would be required to transmit high-frequency feelings.
To put this in a way that is easier to understand for us humans, we could say these feelings would be equivalent to [earnest feelings] and [feelings that compel one to act ignoring their own selves].
So given this, how much difference would there be between a person who says something with such feelings and one who simply repeats the lines the former said, read from a script?
While they would be recognized as words with the same meanings, the former would surely move the hearts of others.
It's doubtful the latter would be able to move anyone, and thus they wouldn't be able to influence anyone.
That is because there would be a wide difference between their energy emissions if we too a sample of their Dynamic H-Wave spectra.
The latter would have Dynamic H-Waves placed within [the words they put feelings into], and due to the strength of their energies they would reach and clash with great energy into the atomic nuclei assemblies of the people within their effective range, or better said, into their Static H-Waves.
Thus, this would cause an iteration of the [Wave Interference] phenomenon.
This could be summarized in the typical expression [moving their hearts].
That is the power the Dynamic H-Waves hold.

Even humans can confirm differences in them with their [eyes].
However, even if we omit the words for describing this concept, everyone must have already noticed something like this happening:
For example, that a student spent the previous day sleeping and the next one studying earnestly, or that a person that treated others coldly until the previous day is now being helpful to everyone they meet. Surely, everyone must have witnessed something like that.
We could even mention less striking examples, like someone who had a faint-hearted face yesterday and looks extremely livened up today.
[Something's different, right?]
While there were no changes physically speaking (from the Static D-Wave viewpoint), we still say something changed.
However, it's because that there truly was a change similar in scale to a metamorphosis.
If we had to say where said change took place, it would be in the Static H-Wave domain.

Of course, the Static H-Waves exist in many other things aside of the voice.
It should be simple enough to figure out for anyone who has read this far in.
Even the books, images and music have their own atomic nuclei assemblies, with the assemblies being constructed in their case from the Static H-Waves their creators made out from wave interferences.
By receiving these interferences, the people may sometimes change their Static H-Waves, or in other words, their hearts.
And while it might be a digression, artifacts like the electric appliances and agricultural equipment also have Static H-Waves.
Their Static H-Waves are the feelings of the people who made them, and the entirety of the feelings that make use of them in some form.
Don't you get annoyed whenever you get a vacuum cleaner stuck in a small place?
And since you find it bothersome to use, you go and buy a new one... and since it works far more smoothly, wouldn't you get happy from it?
They are having an effect over you, aren't they? Their Dynamic H-Waves are touching your Static H-Waves.
However, and regardless of what we have said, the ones that emit the most Dynamic H-Waves are the humans.
Given that the manufactured goods are atomic nuclei assemblies created to be used by the humans, it is natural they don't have the energy amounts (wave amplitudes) needed for their structures to directly emit Dynamic H-Waves on their own.
The humans' actions and their voices themselves can cause tremendous effects on their surroundings.


Several [dimensions] exist in this world.
This means that the dimension where the D-Waves exist (the dimension grasped through the eyes) and the dimensions where the H-Waves exist (the dimension grasped through the mind) are completely different from each other.
(However, the [dimensions] we're talking about in this context are completely different from those described in the [Qualia Dimension Theory]. I might be better to think of them as separate [Wave Layers].
And while you might think [That's so stupid!], given that [feelings] can't be explained in a scientific way, this means we can't safely assume they exist in the same dimension.
That would be the scientific way to consider this, correct?
Now well, this means these independent dimensions can actually interact with each other through [atomic nuclei assemblies that can serve as intermediaries between them].
So well, what could be an example of these [intermediary atomic nuclei assemblies]? In actuality, we aren't familiar with them.
If we had to state an example, we would say that we [humans] are one, but in an incomplete way.
Let's say that we humans are composed by a [body] and [feelings].
In other words, that the humans' atomic nuclei assemblies act while having as their main rule the conversion of H-Waves into D-Waves.
However, since they do so in an incomplete way, they can't [produce] them.
Therefore, humans must borrow the power from the Planet or another object, occasionally distorting the feelings from their natural atomic nuclei assemblies and sealing into them their own feelings to [manufacture] something. This is the act the humans call [creating something].
However, that isn't actually creating anything, but a mere substitution.

Since unfortunately the humans' atomic nuclei assemblies are unable to emit Dynamic D-Waves, this creates a contradiction in the rule they have programmed into them by nature, and that's why they substitute it by changing other things.
Of course, since they can emit Dynamic H-Waves, they move each other's hearts and fill objects and places with their [feelings], but that doesn't change the fact they are unable to create matter.
Indeed, if they were capable of producing Dynamic D-Waves with their [voice], current humans would be able to produce matter here and there by merely speaking. It's unfortunate that's not the case.

However, [if you can think of something], it just means that [it's possible for it to exist in this world].
In practical terms, we're referring to the fact that there are atomic nuclei assemblies that can emit [Dynamic D-Waves] in the place of the [voice].
Such assemblies are the creatures we know as [Genoms].
We'll explain them informally, as currently the goal is to define them in a way as easy to understand as possible.
Normally, [Genoms sing by borrowing the humans' vocal cords], but a more correct way of putting would be that [by resonating with the H-Wave domains emitted by the humans' voices (up to 20000 Hz) and feelings (20001 Hz and above), Genoms can cause objects to vibrate (they could be more accurately define as excitation organs) to produce Dynamic D-Waves].
In other words, they can receive feelings (H-Waves) and convert them into D-Waves by causing vibrations on objects.

Song Magic[]

The humans have their [voices] and the Genoms their [stimulation] as their specialties, and when they are combined under the right circumstances, they can bring interesting changes to the world.
Ever since the humans started living in Ra Ciela, they couldn't accomplish their [goal] regardless of how many times they tried to do so through trial and error, and thus they kept only [manufacturing] things over and over for time.
The Genoms then appeared before them, and they discovered the Synchronization phenomenon and its effects.
We could say this was an event of extreme importance to the Ra Cielans' history, on par with humanity's discovery of fire.
In any case, the humans ended up coexisting with the Genoms.

The people used their [voices] to emit Dynamic H-Waves, but after some time, they came to the conclusion that singing [Songs] would be far more effective.
The reason is that Songs are feelings assemblies, and furthermore, they keep going on and on the more time one spends on singing them, thus allowing to emit Dynamic H-Waves in more a stable way over a long period of time than simple speaking or screaming would allow.
However, and while it might be unfortunate, humans tend to have their feelings sway right after they start singing.
This is because controlling their Dynamic H-Waves with their conscious mind is quite difficult... no, in all honesty, it might be more accurate to say it's impossible.
To give an example, if you were suddenly hit while seriously singing, your Dynamic H-Waves would change to fear in the same instant you receive the blow.
Humans just need to receive an external influence or have their hearts sway in an insignificant amount for their emotions to change in a hectic way.
If this happens, they won't be able emit their Dynamic H-Waves the way they want to the Genom that will act as a receptor for them.
Thus, the people spent a large amount of time researching the relationship between the [sways in the heart] and the [worsening of the transmission efficiency toward the Genoms], and it was thanks to it that they reached the states of Perfect Synchronization, Evangenomization, and finalli, Solopsis.

The [Singing] of the Atomic Nuclei Assemblies[]

The atomic nuclei assemblies [sing].
In other words, every single part of existence, from EXA_PICO down to the smallest microbes sing.
For example, planet Ra Ciela has never stopped singing even for a second ever since its atomic nuclei assemblies were created.
Since it's possible we wouldn't be able understand this phenomenon by just calling it singing, it should give everyone a sense of reality if we explained it as [Ra Ciela never stopping its wave emissions].
In summary, all the atomic nuclei assemblies born from EXA_PICO are constantly singing.
And while it might be paradoxical to say this, they won't be able to maintain their own existences if they don't sing.

So well, Song Magic is continuously sung.
If we might give an example, the healing magic Life Warmth makes a girl appear for the span of time it's being sung, and she disappears the instant (though she might actually remain for a few more moments) the singer stops singing.
In this case, we refer to "stop singing" as the moment in which the singing Reyvateil completely stops emitting Dynamic D-Waves.
When that happens, the control will be given back to the [Dynamic D-Waves released by the greater powers, Ra Ciela and their friends], which naturally continue emitting them.
In other words, [the Wills of Nature].
Due to this, the substances that existed thanks to the Song Magic will disappear.
This is because these substances (Life Warmth in the example given above) weren't created by Ra Ciela's Will (Dynamic D-Waves).
Starting with the humans, all the substances existing in planet Ra Ciela exist thanks to Ra Ciela's own Will.
So no matter how much the humans may change their shape, or if they even melt or evaporate away, since they are Dynamic D-Waves produced by Ra Ciela, they are [allowed to exist] by Ra Ciela itself.
However, the Dynamic D-Waves that were directly affected by the Reyvateils aren't part of Ra Ciela's natural creations.
Therefore, it's natural for them to disappear when the Dynamic D-Wave emission disappears entirely.
And naturally, given that Ra Ciela can't grasp these waveforms, it can't see them either.
If it's unable to receive them, Ra Ciela has no reason to keep them existing either.
In the first place, a space filled solely with intense D-Wave energies is an anomaly to the natural world.
Starting with the H-Waves, there are normally several types of wave we can't see, but they all have close energy amounts on the points in space where they exist.

However, this world isn't really that merciless.
This means that as long something is being [sung into existence], it will accept that being as a friend, and will accept its existence.
And just like we said previously, if something stops singing, it'll disappear on the same instant its song stops, no matter if it's a planet or even EXA_PICO itself.
However, that isn't because we're trying to say this world is coldhearted or anything: that's just how the laws of this world work.

Still, everything that was created by the natural world actually has countless atomic nuclei assemblies supporting them.
For example, Ra Ciela has the support of multiple fixed stars beginning with its own sun [Bezel], but it won't disappear even if one of these stars disappears.
It's true that Ra Ciela is a [creation of that star], which means it also has part of that star within itself, but since it also contains part from other stars, it can continue existing thanks to having the support from their Wills.
The manufactured objects created by the humans also exhibit a smaller scale version of this phenomenon.
For example, a vacuum cleaner won't disappear because a considerable number of Wills aside of those of the person who made it and the humans supporting it.
And more than that, since Ra Ciela has a love far greater than the person who made it, it will also protect that vacuum cleaner from disappearing.
(However, given Ra Ciela doesn't need it to keep its [vacuum cleaner] form, it will weather away gradually until it breaks down.)

By the way, Song Magic also have a small bit of love and wave components as part of them.
No, it would be better to say that they are only supported by a single Reyvateil: the one who sings them into existence.
And substances created through Song Magic can't receive love from anything else.
Therefore, the instant their creator Reyvateil stops singing, the very meaning of their existence will fade away.
That makes them into extremely fleeting lives.

D-Wave Clashes[]

The density and frequency components of the D-Waves cause them to [clash] with each other.
In D-Wave terms, we perceive these clashes as our sense of touch. We can also recognize them as objects colliding or destroying each other.
This isn't exclusive to the D-Waves though, as the all waveforms existing in all dimensions also experiment this phenomenon.
(And while this might be a digression, it's perfectly possible for H-Waves to clash too. The term we would use if we had to describe them in one word would be [rejection]. Do you know why? It is because whenever a change takes place, everyone initially rejects it.)

So basically, humans grasp the entire world through senses like the sight and touch, and if they find it suitable as a [comfortable environment] for their own habitation just from the information they gain from the Static D-Waves, they will recognize it as such.

The Laws of the World Anew[]

Now, we'll go back to the start: the Laws of the World.
EXA_PICO and the humans' atomic nuclei assemblies are the same.
And similarly to how the humans create cells within themselves and allow them all to exist, the same Laws of the World apply to everything else.
And so, now we're coming to the end of this lecture, we think you may be able to accept these concepts more easily.
EXA_PICO is the [Will] of the universe where Ra Ciela exists.
And there are also places outside of the world that receives EXA_PICO's love.
The beings living in these places are also protected by some sort of love.
The [Big Bang] that serves as the origin to our own universe could have its own atomic nuclei assemblies that are of the same level as EXA_PICO's own.

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