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What is the Relationship Between the Ar nosurge Tube and the Ark?[]

The Ark is a [planetary-scale lifesaving ship], just as described by its name.
It was jointly developed long ago by Chimon and Tenmon, but after they started having disagreements, the project was suspended.
It was then abandoned, or so people think, but due to a major and unprecedented incident that took place at the very end of the Sixth Age, it ended being put in operation despite its incomplete state.
Its original purpose is to serve as a ship that can carry as many life forms as it can physically hold in and migrate them away from the dying Ra Ciela to another inhabitable planet.

During the Seventh Age, something happened to the Ark that none of the people that lived in the Sixth Age and were involved in its construction could have ever imagined.
This was the fact that the Ar nosurge Tube ended being used as the Ark's brain.
The original plan was after all to have a living Genom handle (control) the Ark.
But given the common G2-Tube that served as the sensor that allowed to communicate with that living Genom was dismantled, the Ar nosurge Tube was placed in its socket as a replacement.

As the details on the Ark's construction can be read on its corresponding article, here we will focus on the [Ark after it started using the Ar nosurge Tube].

What Happened After the Ark Started Using the Ar nosurge Tube?[]

In which way did the Ark change after the Ar nosurge Tube began being used in it?
We could say from the results that the "machine" we know as the [Ark] was given the power to be remade into a planet filled with greenery.
If we put it in terms that Ar tonelico 2 players would be familiar with, it had become a [Deathlandia Creation Machine] despite how unpleasant it sounds.

Even so, it wasn't impossible for it to carry out this function from the beginning.
That's because similarly to how a PC will always be able to carry out the same number of simultaneous mathematical operations regardless of how much time passes, the action [of being remade into a planet] wasn't impossible to the Ark without the Ar nosurge Tube.
However, this would still require overwhelming amounts of energy to be carried out, and conventional methods didn't have the property of guaranteeing an energy source for all the power required for it.
This was made possible thanks to the special capability the Ar nosurge Tube has of supplying energy from external universes.

The State of the [Ar nosurge Tube-Equipped Ark] in the Seventh Age[]

Naturally, the Ar nosurge Tube can simulate all the qualities of the Cielnotrons... or in other words, of the Genoms.
And the player who has the position of [person inside the Ar nosurge Tube] is pretty much the exact same thing as a living Genom.
In this case, the Ar nosurge Tube terminal that Ion has (or Arnotron) and that is placed in the [Ark] has concretely the same special characteristics Genoms have, so you might wish to check the Genom article in order to confirm this. We'll now explain what happens as a consequence of this.

Origin for the Energy used in Materialization[]

Genoms exhibit power by consuming the [feelings] of the humans.
Quote from the Genom article, Trade-Off Between Genoms and Humans section.

The most amazing yet dangerous part of the Ar nosurge Tube is its capability for extracting energy from other universes.
Given normally living Genoms use the SH-Waves (life force of the humans) for the Materialization process, there's a limit for how much energy they can procure from their hosts.
Even having a Song Magic that exchanges life force for energy, it's impossible to cause changes on a planetary scale with it.
However, this changes when the Ar nosurge Tube enters the equation.
Thanks to its ability to supply energy from other universes (like strengthening a packet flow), the energy threshold for planetary scale changes can be crossed.
And of course, the only and greatest device that possesses the Ar nosurge Tube, the [Ark] is naturally an object of that same level.

The Synchronization State in Which the Vita Game [Ciel nosurge] and the PS3 Game [Ar nosurge] Each Are[]

Normally, Genoms and humans can't talk to each other.
However, they can freely exchange emotions with their hosts [for as long as they are Synchronized with each other].
Quote from the Genom article, Relationships and Conversations Between Genoms and Humans section.

The Vita game Ciel nosurge consists of two alternating sections called the [Communication Part] and the [Dream World Part].
However, since both the Communication and Dream World Parts actually take place solely within a field created inside the Genometrics, we can say it is a story of events that only happen inside of the Genometrics.
While inside the Genometrics, the player sees Ion from a different viewpoint and can talk to her as a different person from themselves.
However, that isn't the Ion who actually exists in the real world, as in the end they are inside of Ion's mind.
The relationship developed here then can be equated to that of a Genom and their host while they are Synchronized.

As for the PS3 game Ar nosurge, at the start it doesn't change at all from how the Vita game Ciel nosurge is.
However, a great change takes place midway through the story, which occurred because [Ion awakened].
Up to the point in which the PS3 game was released, and unti the player gets to a certain point in its story after the game was released, Ion was being forced into sleeping.
And upon reaching a certain event, Ion wakes up and becomes aware of the reality (in a way similar to the movie The Matrix...)
Once Ion wakes up, there were two people who kept an eternal unconscious Synchronization until that moment, but their Synchronization might be cut off depending on Ion's consciousness.
The player will end up then being someone who just peeps into this world using only their own viewpoint, or being someone who Synchronized or Perfect Synchronized (became one) with Ion and ends up controlling her to look around the world.

The Effects the Ark's Genometrics Exert Over the Real World[]

The changes taking place in the Genometrics (including the creation of Song Magic) lead to changes in the real world.
This is a point that the Ark, the Cielnotrons and even the living Genoms have in common.
However, here we are omitting trivial details like the entirely different magnitudes of the scale for the changes they can cause and that many people can actually live in some of these Genoms.