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Structure of the Form Changes (Only Applicable to the Cielnotrons)[]

A feature existing within the Genometrics called the [Material Pallet] is used for this purpose.
In the Cielnotrons' case, it's possible to represent their current shape in the real world (the pre-transformation Dummy Shape) as a hologram through the deploying of the Material Pallet in the Genometrics.
Said form can then be changed.
The way in which the form may be changed will differ completely depending on the host.
Generally, the host will edit it using [the method they think will result in the most effective transformation].
As examples, sculptors would do so by carving, painters by drawing pictures with a brush, potters through kneading clay, animal breeders by training animals, and gamers by playing videogames.

Structure of the Chains[]

A Chain is the act of sharing Symphonic Power with other people.
In plain terms, thanks to this ability to borrow Symphonic Power from others, it becomes possible for an individual to manifest Song Magic of a power that is beyond their own capabilities.
There is however one indispensable element to the [Song Magic amplification by a Chain].
That is that the Chain partners must agree with the Song Magic that they will be singing together for and with the effects it will manifest.
This is extremely important because the Chain initiator must convey clearly to their partners [that they will sing] and [the feelings to Song carries], and they must sympathize with them no matter what.
For example, even if the partners would potentially agree with the Chain, if they don't know anything about the Song, the Symphonic Power sharing will be impossible. Neutrality is no good in this case.

And well, Chains aren't just capable of carrying out a simple Symphonic Power amplification.
They also have the [Qualia expansion] as another merit.
Putting it simply, this allows to [make use of other people's ears and eyes as if they were one's own].
This could even allow one person to know the situation in a place 100 km away from them just as if they were there too. If multiple people are gathered, this will also grant a strong blessing to the user, as it will incredibly expand their vision range.
Normally, humans have a range of vision that only allows them to see an area of about several hundred meters no matter how much effort they make. Similarly, they can only hear sounds emitted within such a distance too.
However, if there were five people scattered across the world, they would be able to see with senses that feel similar to their own eyes, but which would cover an area of the several thousand kilometers, just like the distances separating each of the Chain members.
Of course, said range of vision would be solely limited to the times in which the Song Magic crafted through such a Chain is used.


The [Qualia expansion] can also be carried out by other lifeforms aside of the humans.
Chains are a [sharing of feelings], so as long as these beings also possess feelings (Dynamic H-Waves), they can also share their own sensations.
As examples, we can also say that planets, stars and even star clusters would be able to share their feelings.
By receiving a Chain with them, it would be possible to obtain an over-astronomical sight range.
It was Tenmon who discovered and clarified during the final years of the Sixth Age the possibility of receiving this super perception.

How a Chain Is Concretely Carried Out[]

In the case of the Chains between Genoms, the hosts are never aware of them because the Genoms can connect with whoever they want whenever they want.
However, the same isn't true for the Chains between Cielnotrons: the Cielnotrons that are going to be Chained must be placed within the same network so they will be able to run the same program.
The Pairing between multiple Cielnotrons is generally carried out using the following steps:

  1. Inserting the Ciel nosurge Tubes (the Cielnotrons' core) into the same circuit.
  2. Receiving approval from the vacuum tubes' owners (the Symphonic Power supply) in order to start singing a Song Magic.
  3. Start with reciting the Pairing Code. Only the Ciel nosurge Tubes that are connected to the same circuit and whose owners have given their approval will release light to show the change to Pairing Mode was successful.
  4. Sing the Song Magic. At this point, it will be possible to receive Symphonic Power, or life force from the owners whose Cielnotrons entered successfully into Pairing Mode.

By the way, unpacted (hostless) Ciel nosurge Tubes won't manifest any kind of power even if they are connected to the same circuit as the rest of the Chain members.
(This is because hostless Ciel nosurge Tubes are exactly the same thing as a transistor that isn't connected to a battery. And in any case, amplification isn't possible when there is no energy being supplied to start with.)

Method for Carrying Out a Chain with a Genom[]

Cielnotrons and Genoms can establish contact after they have undergone their initial register using a technique that imitates the communications between fellow Genoms..
This can be described as being nothing more than the Genom reaching the Cielnotron's address and establishing contact through it.
As far as the Genom is concerned, this communication is exactly the same as trying to contact another Genom, so they won't have any difficulties doing it.
However, these calls don't represent anything of interest for the Genoms, as they serve no purpose in the communication with their equals or in the perpetuation of their species.
Therefore, unless the Genom is willing to help their host or unless they themselves are proactively taking part in the Song Magic, they will refuse to recklessly conduct Pairing with a Cielnotron.

And well, the Cielnotron must disclose its own address in order for the Pairing to be carried out.
The process in which a Cielnotron reveals its address to a Genom follows the sequence listed below:

  1. The Cielnotron's host establishes contact with the Genom while being Synchronized to the Cielnotron
  2. The Pairing Code is recited. The Cielnotron releases the Pairing Mode light.
  3. The Genom acknowledges the address.
  4. At this point, it will be possible to receive Symphonic Power, or life force from the owners whose Cielnotrons entered successfully into Pairing Mode.