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What are the Sharls?[]

Sharls are the inhabitants of planet Sharlanoia, or in other words, the people that lived on Ra Ciela before the Ra Cielans invaded Sharlanoia and changed the planet's name to Ra Ciela.
They have a gentle disposition and greatly dislike conflict. In fact, their dislike for conflict goes to the point that they abandoned their bodies and hid away without fighting the Ra Cielans when they invaded their planet.

However, Sharls ended becoming very important beings when the Seventh Age started.
That is because large numbers of Sharls appeared amidst the Ark's journey and started attacking the people living within the ship.
We will now explain how this situation came to be.

The Sharls Existing in the Seventh Age Are Being Artificially Made to Create a Planet![]

The Sharls that appeared during the Seventh Age aren't beings born in a natural way.
They are actually beings that the player and Ion are proactively "producing" due to a conspiracy schemed by Zill and Cosal.

As the [Ciels (Ra Cielans]) were the cause for Cosal losing his body during the Fifth Age, and they were also the ones that served as the cause for him and his brethren to lose their motherly Planet, he had no intention of forgiving them any more.
It could be said that he finally lost his patience towards the Ra Cielans, so he changed his plans after the planet was destroyed and decided to give the maximum priority to the lives of his own brethren.
And as if he were collecting a debt that was long overdue, he made the Sharls start capturing the humans and use them as ingredients for the creation of the planet.

The Sharls' Birth Process[]

We will now explain how Sharls are created.
The Sharls' lifeforce comes entirely from [extradimensional matter], which means they are actually from the matter existing in our world, Earth.
For example, if we could place an orange can within a seven-dimensional transference device (packet capsule), the Ar nosurge Tube would be able to receive the material energy contained in the can.
But to do this, it needs first to define clearly the individual information of the [orange can] and link up with the outer universe it has as its target. Barcodes are used for both of these purposes.

As for the system that has the purpose of [obtaining the barcode from the piece of matter and converting the matter into energy to then squeeze it into the outer universe], it exists on the Internet.
It is actually a website administrated by an unknown party called [Genomirai.com].
And since Genomirai's server is equipped with a wave converter, it can instantly materialize these energies in the universe layer where Ra Ciela is located.
Given that everything that gets sent from here reaches Ra Ciela in energy form, that energy instantly gets used to manifest the feelings of the main intermediary (the intermediary being in this case the master of the Ar nosurge Tube's Soulspace, or the girl).
Therefore, the energy gained from the orange can will be used by Ion (manipulated by Zill) to unconsciously to give form to these important creatures called [Sharls].

What Sort of Creatures Are the Sharls in the Real World?[]

Just like we explained on the previous header, Sharl is now the term used to refer to Genoms that have gained a body of their own.
They are so-called [Incarnates], so it could be said in short that Ion and the player mass-produced together these problematic [Incarnates].

Now, let's compare their birth with how living Genoms breed (check this link for reference):

1. Sharls are born from the Genoms. -> They are actually born from the Ark (the Ar nosurge Tube).
2. Parents and children will have different shapes. The children's shapes will be determined by the host's feelings. -> Ion has strong feelings for the Sharls.
3. The creation of the children requires an appropriate amount of energy. -> The Sharls are created using extradimensional matter as the energy source.
4. Their birth requires the genes from another Genom. -> Due to the Astrocyte Modulation Virus, they receive an increase in genes from the Cielnotron and the host's own genes.

We'll only explain the fourth and final point in more detail.

The Astrocyte Modulation Virus is a virus that serves to deceive Genoms into believing the host him/herself is another Genom.
Due to this, it's possible to trick the Genoms into mating with other creatures when they normally wouldn't do it with anything else that wasn't a Genom, thus making it possible for the Genom and the host to mate.
As a result, the [host and the Genom] end up becoming the two parts of a single existence, thus eliminating the need for a third-party Genom to provide the gene increase the child would need.
And if we apply this to the situation between Ion (host) and the Ar nosurge Tube (the player), normally it wouldn't be possible for the player to produce any Genoms if a third-party Genom wasn't present,
but due to the effects of the virus, it makes it possible to mate with the heroine that serves as the host.
And the ones that continue being born from this process are the [Sharls].

Therefore, we can safely say that the Sharls are alive, even on the real world.
Unlike the creatures that move through magic, which are mere emulations of actual living beings, the Sharls are beings that function like true living creatures.
As proof of it, there are even Sharls that have established First Harmonics with the Ra Cielans in search of mutual benefits, even though these are very rare cases.
And furthermore, they will also give birth themselves to their children for the next generation to come.

What Do the Sharls Do on the Real World?[]

The Sharls are the children born from Ion and the player.
However, they grow as normal Genoms after they have been born into the real world.
However, Genoms are Genoms in the end. The Genoms have their common consciousness controlled by Cosal, so their instincts can be changed with just one feeling Cosal emits.
And the instincts that were given to the Genoms (the Sharls) living in the Seventh Age was to [go ahead with using the humans as ingredients for the creation of a planet].

It is for this reason that the Sharls spend the whole year creating the soil and the sea, and even now they continue doing so.
After spending several years on the task, the Sharls have constructed a planet.
Originally, the Ark was no more than a simple lump of metal that had the people residing in its interior, while the outer walls were completely exposed to the outer space. It didn't even have an atmosphere, so it was uninhabitable for the people.
However, by using the humans' H-Waves and spending a lot of time on it, the Sharls created a layer of soil and sea that gradually extended from the outer edges of the ship's interior to the entirety of the outer walls.
And by crazily invigorating the organic matter that was born in them, they could create layers of sediment upon the soil that ultimately became a land that rose up to the outer layers of the Ark.
Isn't it quite amazing!? A mechanical ship ended up becoming a small circle of life that can continue cycling forever!
...Of course, if we ignore the negative aspect that is the usage of the [humans'] lifeforce (H-Waves) as the main ingredient for this.

By the time the PS3 game Ar nosurge begins, it has been already several years since the Sharls started the creation of the land.
By that point, the Ark has already become a planet enclosed by organic water, surrounded by an abundant green land and the warm and shining light of the sun, Bezel, and having the Sharls living however they wish on the surface.
And even now, the humans living underground (in the Ark's interior) are being placed into water tanks by the Sharls and becoming the source of nourishment for both the sea and the land.
It is in order to prevent this that the Ra Cielans do nothing but fight endlessly against the Sharls.

The Nature of the Sharls[]

The Sharls don't see the Ra Cielans as hostile. This is because they see feelings like belligerence, hostility and jealousy as irrelevant.
And that is due to the instincts they have: they haven't used the Ra Cielans as fertilizer for the land out of ill will or spite toward them.
They do it just because they act by honestly following their feelings.

So if the Ra Cielans relaxed their guard around the Sharls, it would be relatively easy for them to become friends.
And even more serious matters like marriage or carrying out a First Harmonics as a Genom would be extremely simple for the Sharls to do.
This is because their values system is completely different though.

A newborn Sharl doesn't think anything.
However, when a Ra Cielan and a Genom establish a pact, they end up living as if they were married to each other, and Sharls under these conditions will wisely learn about many things.
And since their nature never changes, even if they didn't feel regret for using the humans as fertilizer, that doesn't mean they would enjoy doing it either.
To them it feels very similar to what we would feel about the practice of plowing fields that is carried out in agriculture.

Of course, they aren't stupid either to be using as fertilizer the human they have as their spouse or as their Synchronization partner.
But on the other hand, there are also many Ra Cielans that married or Synchronized with a Sharl just to beg for their lives.