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This is an addendum dealing with the Fifth and higher dimensions that were presented in the main Qualia Dimension Theory.

About the Axis Movements[]

In reality, returning to the past through the Fourth Axis makes it impossible to cause any changes.

This is because the [Time Axis is unalterable on its own], so if you went upstream through time back to a specific moment, your memories would be rewound up to that point as well.

Therefore, if you were to be able to move to the past while retaining your memories, it would have to be through the Fifth Axis. (Because you would move to a Possibility Axis where a you that has memories of the future exists).

Incidentally, it's impossible for you to have a knowledge level exceeding the one you had at that specific point in time, but Fourth Axis Movements also include spatial movement (teleportation) as part of them.

Even though it might sound contradictory, this is because if it were impossible to move through space while we're moving through time, we would be unable to move through any other Axis aside of the Z-Axis while performing Third Axis Movements.

So moving on, what would a Sixth Axis Movement entail?

Theoretically, it would be [moving through Qualia].

The Sixth Axis is the collective consciousness, and up to the Fifth Axis, all Axis deal with the [individual], with that individual being what we call [Qualia].

To put it in simple terms, there is a number of Qualia in the world equal to the number of living creatures inhabiting it.

So the Qualia are the [main component] of this interpretation of the dimensions, and if we simplify it even further, they would be [windows controlling the lives from outside the world].

Basically, the [changes] and [motions] that control the world are caused solely by two factors: the physical laws, and the Qualia.

So if something changes, it will be either due to motions that obey the physical laws, or due to motions caused by the Will contained within its respective Qualia.

(Strictly speaking, the implication here is that we could dare to categorize such events into Qualia motions and physical motions).

The next topic will be about the [Oversight] ability.

In order to control the world of a dimension, one must be able to oversee it first.

And the ones who can oversee can only do it in dimensions that are one degree or more below their own existence.

Therefore, Third-Dimensional people can't oversee the Third Dimension, like for example; they can't see what hides in the shadows of their houses.

However, they can actually oversee the Second Dimension, and see it in its entirety (however, the fact they can't see the entirety of a surface because it extends too far for their eyes is a completely separate issue, and it has nothing to do with the pros and cons intrinsic to the Oversight itself).

Special Characteristics of the Qualia[]

While it’s inconsequential to say this, the Qualia are truly a fascinating part of existence.

The Qualia have an Axis for their existence, so while they exist in a straight line, they also have an exceedingly strong boundary line.

It might be difficult to imagine, so it would be easier to consider the Sixth Axis as a line in which the people’s heads are packed closely and placed in a straight line.

However, if we also consider the boundary lines, they don’t actually exist: they are merely boundaries we purposely placed over a scale (the Sixth Axis) in order to preserve our own individuality.

Yes, this is the sort of view that also occurs very frequently in the Third-Dimensional world, as the national borders, states and city limits don’t actually exist on the physical world: they are merely lines we deliberately drew over it.

It’s in that same way that every single life arbitrarily draws their own boundary lines over certain positions in the Sixth Axis with the purpose of protecting themselves.

However, as it might have seen obvious from the national borders we used previously as an example, the minds (Qualia) are actually physically connected to each other.

And that is what composes the collective unconscious.

Well then, let us return to the topic of the Sixth Axis Movements.

The higher the dimension we go, the more it becomes difficult for creatures of lower dimensions to imagine what kind of spaces they are, which is why we test them out through the physical laws.

(We also have the quantum mechanics field, which is also mainly made up from theories, calculations and tests; but since it also deals with higher dimensions, it is unable to treat them as actual phenomena).

The precept that was established as the Law of Dimensions is precisely the one that as written previously: [that one can move through the dimensions equal or lower to the Axis in which they are moving].

So while a Fourth Axis Movement consists of moving through time, it also makes possible for the person moving through time to unconditionally move through space (teleportation).

And if we slide this phenomenon to other dimensions, it would mean that someone executing a Sixth Axis Movement would be unconditionally free to move through the Fifth and lower dimensions.

So in short, one moving through Sixth-Dimensional space would be able to freely move to all of the elements listed below:

6. A point within all of the Qualia
5. A point within all of the possibilities
4. A point within all of time
3. A point within all of space

Actions Caused by Higher Dimension Movements[]

Let’s suppose we execute a Fourth Axis Movement and use it to return to the past.

As it was explained previously, the us that returned to the past would have their memories rewound to match the ones you had at that point in the past (a point in which we existed in the past).

Therefore, we would act the next instant after it just as we did previously.

However, it would also increase the probability of we acting differently from we did previously in that same instant.

In other words, you wouldn’t act exactly as you did in that second after your point of return. So, what would be the reason for this difference?

For the time being, let’s suppose that this world is one in which no dimensions aside of the First to Fourth exist. If that were the case, no matter how many times we returned to the past, we would act exactly the same as we did the first time with absolutely no changes happening between both occasions.

This would happen because the Possibility Axis (Fifth Dimension) doesn’t exist in this hypothetical world. And the Fourth Axis is constantly being affected by the movements (fluctuations) that take place in the Axis of the higher dimensions such as the Fifth and Sixth Dimensions.

So even if you returned to the same place at that point in time, you wouldn’t reach the same exact future due to the uncertain fluctuations existing in the Possibility Axis.

So similarly to how the Time Axis can’t be freely rewound or stopped through the Third-Dimensional Space, the Possibility Axis can’t be freely determined through the Fourth-Dimensional Space.

Fourth-Dimensional beings would be unable to experience an instant in which they raised their left hand if in that exact instant they raised their right hand instead.

So even if they returned to the past and happened to reach that same exact place one more time, they would raise their right hand again.

So even if they think they will raise their left hand, since that instant in which they returned to the past doesn’t exist anymore, they will end raising their right hand again. Of course, they might still raise their left hand due to a whim, which would happen due to the Qualia’s probabilities (fluctuations on the Fifth Axis) and the effects of the collective consciousness (fluctuations on the Sixth Axis).

Fifth-Dimensional beings would be able to see both of these possibilities at the same time, and actually they can constantly see all possibilities all the time.

However, even if Fifth-Dimensional beings are capable of seeing every single possibility, they aren’t omnipotent.

So even if they would be omnipotent for that single instant, the next moment they will go back to being ignoramuses, which would be due to the effects of the Sixth Axis.

The ones that can oversee everything that could happen in this specific instant are Fifth-Dimensionals.

The best example to demonstrate this explanation in a way that is easiest for us to understand would be a television.

The television is a Second-Dimensional world, and we can oversee every single of its pixels that are projected on its display in a single specific instant. However, no one can ever know in which way that display will change in the next instant, even though it’s possible to predict such changes to a certain degree. This is because the changes the Second Dimension will undergo in the next instant are controlled by the Fourth Axis.

But Fourth-Dimensional people would be able grasp any instant they wanted regardless of their position in time, and would be able manipulate it as if it were a film timeline displayed in AfterEffects (a video editing program).

The effects caused by the Sixth Axis on the Fifth-Dimensionals operate on pretty much the same way.

Fifth-Dimensionals can see every single possibility for the Qualia they know as themselves, and would be able to see everything about it (space, time and possibilities) only for the instant in which they see them.

As for what [instant] means in this context, it would refer to all the possibilities available for a shape existing at the current position in space, time and possibilities, which are caused in this precise moment by all Qualia external to the one we call the self.

As this sounds very complicated, it might be simpler to think of it as a matrix (containing all possible combinations of the above elements).

After all, the Sixth Dimension is formed by space, time, possibilities and Qualia.

So in the Fifth Dimension we would be able to oversee every possible action we could take within a single pattern that takes place in this exact instant (different from the concept of instant we express as time), formed by every single Qualia excepting our own, and in the instant we execute any of these particular actions, the [world] moves. Due to this, a new [pattern for the current instant (different from the concept used as a time expression) for all the Qualia excepting our own] would end up being created.

Therefore, like with the television example that was given previously, [while it’s possible to predict what could happen in these possibilities; no one can ever know everything that happens in them].

To say in the simplest way possible, [even to Fifth-Dimensionals, the thoughts of other people are completely unpredictable].

That is why the Sixth-Dimensionals would be able to oversee all these existing Qualia.

The Sixth Dimension can be summarized as the collective consciousness, so while it wouldn’t be possible to oversee all the Consciousness Axis (Sixth Axis) at the same time, it’s still possible to freely see any of them.

In short, the Sixth Axis is the place where it would be possible to instantly move between all the Possibility Axis of all existing Qualia (lives).


Fifth Axis Movement = The [self] is able to freely experience different possibilities. They can oversee them to a certain extent.
Sixth Axis Movement = Can freely control every single Possibility Axis in the [world].

So in order to gain the ideal life we dream of through a Fifth Axis Movement, we would have to pretty much roam blindly within the fluctuations of the Sixth Axis, and we wouldn’t find the ideal possibility right away for sure.

This is because even if you try to head for a possibility in which [you won the jackpot at the lottery], there is also the possibility where [you didn’t win the jackpot at the lottery] within it.

This is due to the fact that every time you move, the world (Sixth Axis) also moves itself parallel to you in a way that can’t be controlled.

However, it exists pretty close to us. Similarly to how time and space are connected to each other, since the collective consciousness is also connected to them, it won’t move independently from them.

That’s why we ought to search blindly.

However, if we could traverse the Sixth Axis, we would be able to reliably find a [world where an A that won the jackpot at the lottery exists].

The summary for this whole explanation is as follows:

Fifth-Dimensional = Can experience at the same time the lives of their own self who is in Japan right now and their own self who is going to America right now.
Sixth-Dimensional = Can experience at the same time the world where A and B are in Japan right now, and the world where A is in America and B is in Canada right now.

This is a good opportunity to talk about the events that took place in the third chapter of Ciel nosurge’s Collapse Arc.

The world Possibility Axis swap that Nero conducted was actually a Sixth Axis Movement.

If she wanted to just head to a Possibility World where only she would have been happy, she would have conducted a Fifth Axis Movement, but since what Nero did was control all the Qualia and mold them however she wanted, it was a Sixth Axis Movement.

By the way, regardless of if she or the world moved, it’s considered they both have the same weight when such a movement happens.

For example, when Ion was brought to Ra Ciela’s world, to the world’s viewpoint it would have been that [Ion came here], but to Ion’s viewpoint it would have been that [the entirety of the surrounding worlds changed instantly].

Overseeing the Seven Dimensions and the Seventh-Dimensionals[]

While Nero and Ion are both [humans who possess a Seventh-Dimensional Oversight], they aren’t [Seventh-Dimensionals].

This is because both their bodies and minds are tied to the Third Dimension due to physical factors.

Therefore, if they become separated from their bodies and as long as they aren’t reduced to mere Qualia, they won’t be able to gain a viewpoint higher than that of the Fourth Axis.

And since they are also physically shackled (by the walls of the Third Dimensions), they are unable to freely move across the dimensions.

It is due to these reasons that they need to borrow power from external sources, which are the [Songs].

While Nero conducted a Sixth Axis Movement (making the collective consciousness move to end in agreement with an arbitrary situation), had she not done it, she would have been unable to change her own circumstances. This is due to the following:

Fifth Axis Movement = Gaps can form between the self and the surrounding space (the memories from the previous possibility won’t be carried over to the new one)
Sixth Axis Movement = Gaps cannot form between the self and the surrounding space (it will feel as if one just appeared in that world)