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A concept that is quite difficult to explain.
Let's explain with the example of saying that [a tomato is red].
As these are independent sensations, they are something that can't proven except for each individual by themselves.
If another person looks at the same tomato, what they see with their eyes and what their brain interprets from these images won't necessarily be that [the tomato is red].
What is blue to one might be red for another person.
The red of the tomato is explained under physics as a loss of spectra due to the tomato absorbing part of the visible light and the light getting reflected off it in an imbalanced manner
but the concept of Qualia doesn't take this explanation on account.
What Qualia refers to is [to one feeling that what they see as red is actually red]. In other words, to the subjective perception.

Its usage differs somewhat from when it's used as a philosophical term, but in this project the word Qualia
is used with the meaning of [subjective perception].
So when we say [expanding the Qualia], it means being able to feel in one's own self the perceptions (subjective ones) of many people at the same time.