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The Sun Bezel and Planet Ra Ciela[]

After the invasion carried out by humans from another planet that brought an end to the Fifth Age, several millennia passed in Ra Ciela.
Right after the Sixth Age started, the Sun quickly transformed into a red giant.

The atmosphere lost its blue coloration, gaining instead a red tinge that intensified with the passing of time, and a sky similar to a beautiful aurora constantly extended throughout it.
Even though its intensity was weakened, the aurora's luminosity didn't go out even during daytime.
At dawn, the red sun would rise as large as a mountain, and almost the entirety of the sky's dome was the Sun itself during daytime. Even right after it sunk down, the Sun rose again.

By this time, because Nero was a being from an outer universe that was lost in this one, the Sun Bezel received a large weight in the Sixth Dimensional space, which caused its rapid expansion.
Therefore, the Ra Cielans required carrying projects that were matters of life or death to them before Ra Ciela was covered in high temperatures and highly radioactive gas clouds.

Planet Ra Ciela's Appearance[]

Most of the planet has already become a [dead land], with the places where people can live being limited currently only to an area of several ten kilometers in the magnetic north pole.
This is especially true because in the north magnetic pole there are multiple ruins that are like vivid reminders of the final struggles of the people that lived in them.
Said ruins are many small domes (from a human perspective each of these have a size that would be enough to cover an entire city though), which are constructed as geoglyphs similar to large clockwork plates (or compasses).

The place where people live now is the inside of one of these [collapsing domes].
Therefore, the dome's contents are a condensation of all the activities carried out by life in this planet.

When seen from space, one would see that the oceans have dried, the land has turned red and cracked, and that there are several points in the ground where magma endlessly spews out.
This scenery pretty much shows that it is approaching its demise.

The Reality of Planet Ra Ciela and the Bezel Star System[]

The Sun Bezel has expanded because beings from outside this Universe of EXA_PICO exist in planet Ra Ciela.
Due to it, the weight balance within this Seventh-Dimensional space (World) has collapsed and everything is being pulled toward Ra Ciela.
It is thought that if Ion and Nero disappeared, Bezel would gradually return to its original size.