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What Kind of Ability is the Oversight?[]

Oversight is the term used to refer to the act of observing a space (for example: the tridimensional space) from outside it.
A n+1 dimension is necessary for it to be used: as a simple example, the humans that live in the tridimensional space can grasp the bidimensional one in just a glance.
Similarly, tridimensional people could easily lead the inhabitants of the bidimensional space that are lost inside a maze to the exit.
Now let's try applying these same ideas to the Third Dimension.
Let's start with an example that could be misunderstood easily, like a gigantic maze inside an amusement park.
The fact is that said maze isn't tridimensional in nature, but bidimensional, so this could cause a misunderstanding of [they're tridimensional people, but they can still oversee a tridimensional maze].
A tridimensional maze can only be considered as such when it extends in all the possible directions and covers length, width and height. Therefore, the outer space would be an actual example of a tridimensional maze.
And similarly to how the bidimensional space can be objectively overseen from the Third Dimension, the tridimensional space can also be objectively seen from the Fourth Dimension.
Of course, distance also plays as a factor in this ability, so it's impossible to grasp right away the entirety of a wide bidimensional space even when overseen from the Third Dimension.

What Kind of Existence is Ion?[]

So well, if we had to say what kind of existence Ion is, she would be a [6DD (different dimension)/3DH (dimension hymmer) or tridimensional person from outside the Sixth Dimension] from the viewpoint of EXA_PICO's universe.
The [from outside the Sixth Dimension] part means that she is a wave assembly (human) located in a position that can't get up or connect to the Seventh Dimension, while the [tridimensional person], as we can guess without being told about it, means that she is a being that can freely move through the XYZ space. (By the way, if we apply this to the Ra Cielans, they would be [2DD/3DH].)

In order to define in a more clear way what the [from outside the Xth Dimension] expression means, we have this example.
The normal humans existing in the normal space (for example: we, the Earthlings from Earth) are all 2DD/3DH, or tridimensional people from outside the Second Dimension.
The "from outside the Second Dimension" refers to the fact that [they might be beings from a different world from a Second-Dimensional perspective], which frankly speaking is just stating the obvious.
The Second Dimension is a plain surface. Therefore, the humans and all the other people living in that plane will always be beside each other regardless of the positions they locate themselves at, so it's impossible for them to be anything but [beings that exist on the same surface regardless of how said surface is sliced].
Tridimensionals on the other hand can freely transcend and move across the bidimensional space, so they are capable of living in different bidimensional spaces from other people.

And so far we haven't had much of a need to explain about the dimensions that are lower than the one we live in (because we naturally have the ability to oversee them).
On the other hand, it is much more important that we explain about the different worlds located in the dimensions higher than our own: in other words, about the beings that have the designations of [4DD/3DH] and higher.
The [xDD or from outside the Xth Dimension] part is basically the one describing the point that being's Oversight has as its basis.
Basically, they would be able to use the Oversight to look into all spaces and dimensions with numbers lowers than it.
So strictly speaking, we Earthlings can only use the Oversight to pry on the Second Dimension and lower in places like our planet Earth and in this galaxy.

And no matter what kind of [being (or wave assembly that possesses a Qualia)] the user may be, they can only use their Oversight to pry only in dimensions lower than their own.Parallel World Diagram

Therefore, Ion would be able to use Oversight to look into things from the height of the Sixth Dimension in EXA_PICO's universe.
However, since in the end the [world's providence has a basic value], she would actually have limits on the ability due to [her soul's level] serving as a restraint on it.
This is because her [soul's level] would be that of a [being from the tridimensional world] in simple terms.
So "unless something is done about it", Ion has the potential to use the Oversight from the viewpoint of the Sixth Dimension, but she actually can't use it for anything higher than the Second Dimension, just like the normal Ra Cielans do.
So in order to expand the range of her Oversight, she would need to increase her soul's level.
This can be done in a relatively simple way in Ra Ciela through the Synchronization with either a Genom or a Cielnotron.

What Can Be Seen in Each Dimension Through the Oversight?[]

We'll start first by explaining what can be seen in each dimension through the use of the Oversight in a general manner.
It is as explained in the table below:

Overseeing the Third Dimension Solve a tridimensional maze in a similar way to seeing a flat surface (seeing through a specific point, zooming into it, overseeing space itself)
Overseeing the Fourth Dimension See everything from the past to the future similarly to a timeline for the entirety of time or history that extends consecutively above a flat surface or space
Overseeing the Fifth Dimension Capability for seeing at once all the possibilities that happened in the past or will happen in the future in each instant of time.
Overseeing the Sixth Dimension Capability for seeing at once all the possibilities that happened in the past or will happen in the future across the entire universe.

The Oversight Is an "Absolute Power"[]

As we think you should understand by now, the higher levels of Oversight... particularly the Sixth Dimensional level, give to the user the power to pretty much control the whole world.
Several hypotheses were published in Ra Ciela during the final years of the Sixth Age, and the quantum physics-specialized Tenmon also conducted a great deal of research on high-dimensional physics within their own organization.
The most notable person among them was Clacket, who at the time served as an eminent supervisor in Tenmon (currently he is retirement, and he is trying to bring how dangerous the high-dimensional physics are to the attention of society).
And in order to make a reality the possibility of using a Sixth-Dimensional Oversight, projects like [summoning a lifeform from beyond the wall of the Sixth Dimension] and [producing the energy necessary for the usage of Oversight] were implemented.
These were part of the Grand Phoenix Project.

Enhancing the Overseeing Abilities[]

As we explained previously, no one is capable of utilizing an Oversight beyond the [level of their own soul].
And naturally, basically no one is capable of overseeing anything but a range that conforms with the scale of their own existence (which in the humans' case, would be at best from a few hundred meters to a few ten kilometers).
However, in Ra Ciela it's possible to expand the ranges and accessible dimensions in a relatively simple way by Synchronizing with a Cielnotron or Genom.

Increasing the DNA Chain Number through a Synchronization[]

It's possible to gain a virtual increase in the DNA Chain number by Synchronizing with a Genom or Cielnotron.
By nature, humans have maximum capacity for 12 DNA Chains but are endowed with just two of them, which makes them unable to acknowledge anything beyond the Third Dimension.
Given this, if their DNA Chain number increases even in a virtual way, they would be able to become Fourth-Dimensional beings and even higher.
In this way, it would be possible for them to use the Oversight of space, time (past and future), and even of possibilities.

Expanding the Qualia through a Synchronization[]

Additionally, it's possible to connect to other Cielnotrons or Genoms, as well as the other people that serve as their hosts (Chain) through a Synchronization with a Cielnotron or Genom.
(For more details, please read the Structure of a Chain explanation.)
Chains normally have the goal of allowing the sharing of these people's feelings energy and Symphonic Power (Dynamic H-Waves and Dynamic D-Waves), but at the same time, they have the important merit of increasing the range of the people involved.
Similarly to how the VLA is a single gigantic radio telescope formed by an array of many smaller radio telescopes, a Chain produces a single gigantic life form.
This phenomenon also poses an incredible merit to the Oversight users because it allows them to expand their Qualia (this is not the case strictly speaking, but it is acknowledged as being similar to it).
And furthermore, by sharing with beings of a higher order than the humans such as the planet itself, or rather by being awarded with access to their Dynamic H-Wave range, it would be possible to expand the range of vision tremendously.

Methods for Expanding the Overseeing Ability

Expansion Method Concrete Method Effects
Increasing the DNA Chain number Increasing the Chain number through a Synchronization Make possible to oversee everything from a world higher that one's own soul's level (dimension).
Expanding the Qualia Chains created through Synchronization Expand one's own range of vision (making it possible to see even in the far distance)

Methods for Using the Oversight[]

Anyone can oversee degrees lower than the dimension where they reside. That is what we call [seeing] and [hearing].
However, when it comes to overseeing degrees that are equal or higher than one's own dimension, the body they use in the tridimensional world ends up becoming shackles that keep them unable to see anything.
So even if they increase the DNA Chain number and expanded their Qualia using the methods previously described, they would be unable to use their five senses or do anything else in the real world.
(It's the same case as having a Blu-Ray player (DNA Chain number) that can play back 3D movies, but not being able to see them because the TV (body) has no 3D compatibility.)

In order to oversee higher dimensions, it is necessary to [release the soul from the body].
In Ra Ciela, such a state can be reached by [sleeping] or being in the [middle of singing a Song], while in our case it would be by [meditating]. Either of these methods make it possible.
These states allow to see the world through [the mind's eye], but they also make it possible to escape from the Third Dimension's shackles.
Additionally, both [sleeping] and [meditating] have a very deep relationship with the Genometrics.
The Genometrics is the place where Song Magic is crafted, and it's for that same reason we could say it has an inextricable relationship with such a tremendous power as the Oversight is.

Interdimend (Method for Overseeing and Controlling Extradimensional Interferences)[]

Interdimend is the method used for a being from beyond the Seven Dimensions to unconsciously control its host.
To put it in simpler terms, it allows to remotely control a human from beyond the Seven Dimensions.
To simplify it even further, if we consider a RPG world, the protagonist of that game would be the one receiving the Interdimend from the player.

In order for the Interdimend to be carried out, several requisites must be fulfilled beforehand:

  1. An application to be used in the outer world (ie: the game Ar nosurge)
  2. A device capable of Seven-Dimensional connections (ie: the Ar nosurge Tube)
  3. A program to parasite the host's brain (ie: A Cielnotron equipped with TxBIOS->Class::ID7RNA)

So once the host Synchronizes with a Cielnotron, his or her Qualia will receive the application to be used in the outer world through the device that parses the Seven-Dimensional connections.
The residents from the outer world will then be able to freely control the host through the application.

The advantages this system has is that the residents from the outside world can reset and nullify any incidents that may arise from their failures.
And by preserving a record of a specific situation beforehand, they may restart from that point and challenge again that situation however many times they want.
However, this is just a case of retreating to a different parallel world or rolling back to a prior point in the Fourth Dimension as far as the inner world is concerned, so by continuously rewriting the tangible route they take, they can construct an ideal path for themselves in that world.

In other words, the advantage of Interdimend is the capability of making a success from any specific event in the inner world, regardless of how low the probabilities for success may be.
As for how the outer world player is brought in or how the destinations are set for them, all of that is handled by the outer world application.