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Trends in Ra Ciela's Science[]

By the time the Ra Cielans had started developing their science and technology, the humans had already learned how to contact the Genoms.
And their science also developed due to the humans having been taught about several kinds of technology by the Genoms.
Therefore, the science in this world traversed a very special path of development that would be better to call a DNA Civilization (a civilization based on genetic calculations).

Similarly to how the origin of science on Earth, especially chemistry and industries, were developed as evolutions to alchemy,
we should say that biology served on that world the same role alchemy did for us.
As genes have special characteristics in Ra Ciela, it could be said their science was a natural evolution of the give-and-take relationship the humans had with the lifeforms called Genoms.
In other words, by mutually connecting and disconnecting their DNA helixes, they could freely force the growth of the living creatures to change.

Genetics Being the Basis for Everything in Ra Ciela[]

When an organism has two DNA chains, they are called 2C in order to point out how they are beings that keep having only two DNA chains.
What this notation points out is the width of that organism's H-Wave region (soul, mind), and if we looked at it from another perspective, if we ordered the H-Wave region to change its structure to become anything from a 3C to a 12C, the number of DNA chains for that organism would increase.
Such changes generally happen instantly (which is because all the cell nuclei receive that same order at the same time. It's a completely different phenomenon from the one observed in medicine.)
Back when Ra Ciela's civilization was in its beginnings, the people experimented only through Synchronizing with the Genoms (a state in which they connected their souls and made their feelings fuse into one), and thus learned about these phenomena through trial and error.
And thanks to this, humans became capable of even successfully creating virtual souls with their own hands during the course of the Sixth Age.
To put it in more specific terms, they became capable of making artificially created brains.
It was thanks to this that their civilization experienced a tremendous leap in advancement.

Influences on the Lifestyle[]


The dawn of the information era started with the humans gaining the ability to create cells that behaved like artificial brains.
Initially it was hypothesized that the brain's electrical signals were input and output in some way.
So the very first model they made was one that could have inputs sent into it through drugs and send its outputs through muscles.
However, the latest advances in technology made it possibly to input and output information from it using DNA, which was because it was finally determined that the brain was just an organ that served as a transceiver for the H-Wave region.
Similarly, given that DNA moves according to the undulations on the H-Wave plane, it also receives individual recognition signals (electric signals) from the brain cells, which it uses recognize the members of the same family.
(DNA mainly works only as a receptor. It also possesses a transmission bus, but it's next to useless for its functions when compared to the use the brain cells give to it.)
All the pieces of DNA that have been recognized as belonging to the same family undergo processing according to the indications given by the H-Waves (soul).
Thanks to this, the transmission for the electrical signals will always have a high speed even at its lowest possible velocity and regardless of how heavy the information they contain might be.
Due to this, if a signal was sent to a root that was located about 10 KMs away from the emission point, it would be possible to change the state of its DNA almost instantly without the distance being any impediment to it.
If the H-Waves that can give instructions to a piece of DNA contained orders to change it, that change would be conveyed instantly even over these 10 KMs.
In other words, they could also serve as an information highway.

The information contained in the DNA can be output in two ways: as biological gains and as chemical gains.
The biological gains can be defined as actually causing some kind of cell division (structuring) in a distant place using that DNA information or making muscles move (kinetic movements),
while the chemical gains can be defined as analyzing and listing the patterns formed by the combination of these DNA chains.
While each of these methods have their own usage and purpose, it is often the case that the biological gains method is the most efficient one due to giving quick responses, so it always gets used as long as there are no compelling reasons to use the another method.
The only time the chemical gains method gets into the spotlight is for the transmission of information in the strictest sense of the word or in other words, for media transmissions.

For example, the so called [tele] series also exists on Ra Ciela. Among them, televisions are the most important forms of amusement to the citizens of the Empire, while telephones are irreplaceable for their communications.
It is due to these methods of information exchange that Ra Ciela is formed almost entirely by [wires], which are mainly roots.
However, it is impossible for these roots to be part of a single lifeform that sends synapses across the whole world to continue triggering DNA changes.
It was due to this that they developed a technology similar to the Internet we use in our world.
Said technology is formed by fellow roots, or better said, by making the roots of specific plants swing into each other; which will allow them to transmit information regardless of if they belong to different plant species.
It is thanks to this that even the roadside trees that are found on the Imperial Capital's streets could be turned into routes for the transmission of information in a simple way.

There is also an information system in development nowadays, which is called the [DH-Wave Brain Image Device]. This is a cube-shaped device that emits H-Waves of a range between 20 to 300 KHz, and by applying it to one's temples or forehead, it makes possible to transmit the images inside one's head exactly as one imagines them. The cube contains inside itself an artificial brain device and a H-Wave amplification liquid.