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Also called the "Method for Overseeing and Controlling Extradimensional Interferences".

Interdimend is the method used for a being from beyond the Seven Dimensions to unconsciously control its host.
To put it in simpler terms, it allows to remotely control a human from beyond the Seven Dimensions.
To simplify it even further, if we consider a RPG world, the protagonist of that game would be the one receiving the Interdimend from the player.

In order for the Interdimend to be carried out, several requisites must be fulfilled beforehand:

  1. An application to be used in the outer world (ie: the game Ar nosurge)
  2. A device capable of Seven-Dimensional connections (ie: the Ar nosurge Tube)
  3. A program to parasite the host's brain (ie: A Cielnotron equipped with TxBIOS->Class::ID7RNA)

So once the host Synchronizes with a Cielnotron, his or her Qualia will receive the application to be used in the outer world through the device that parses the Seven-Dimensional connections.
The residents from the outer world will then be able to freely control the host through the application.

The advantages this system has is that the residents from the outside world can reset and nullify any incidents that may arise from their failures.
And by preserving a record of a specific situation beforehand, they may restart from that point and challenge again that situation however many times they want.
However, this is just a case of retreating to a different parallel world or rolling back to a prior point in the Fourth Dimension as far as the inner world is concerned, so by continuously rewriting the tangible route they take, they can construct an ideal path for themselves in that world.

In other words, the advantage of Interdimend is the capability of making a success from any specific event in the inner world, regardless of how low the probabilities for success may be.
As for how the outer world player is brought in or how the destinations are set for them, all of that is handled by the outer world application.