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Commonly known as [Chimon].
[Chimon] is also the name the organization has when it comes to political matters, which is why the people ended knowing it mainly by it.
Its formal name is the [Imperial Genometrics Synchronization Mediation Institute], and it originally was an organization that served as mediator and arbitrator between humans and Genoms.
As for how such an organization ended becoming large enough to have its own offshoots and even be a large influence in politics, it was because the Genoms and humans had an inseparable relationship with each other, no matter how many attempts were made to separate them from each other.
While the word mediation might conjure up thoughts of trials, the mediation is made between human and non-human parties, which actually gives the organization strong religious connotations.
The Genoms are creatures that have transcended the humans, so they are considered similar to what we could consider as angels or Gods.
But at the same time, they must parasite the humans for their species to continue existing and they are also unable to state their intentions on their own, making them flawed lifeforms.
So while they are pretty much [Gods that can't reach complete godhood], this is also the reason why there hasn't been an end to the quarrels and disputes between the Genoms and the humans concerning matters such as superiority or leadership.
And at the time these conflicts were at their greatest intensity, an organization appeared for the great cause of bringing prosperity and peace to both races: that organization was the Mediation Institute.

Nowadays, the humans that have carried out their first Synchronization with a Genom (the First Harmonics, the so-called realization of love) and become their partners must report it to the Chimon at once.
The Chimon has many roles in the current world.
Since they are mediators just as their name says, they have the political role of seeking the prosperity for both humans and Genoms, as well as bearing the leading edge on genetic engineering that will create new pleasantries for everyone. Therefore, they cover a lot of fields.
And the one who rules over all these operations is the person called the [Archbishop], who is the highest sanctioned authority in the organization.
Before the Tenmon was established as an independent organization, many Archbishops were at the same time Empresses too.
The name of the current Chimon Archbishop is Kanoyeel.Cielsh.O.Domneq.Genometrica, who also goes nowadays by the name Kanoyeel.kkll.Preciel.