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Commonly known as [Tenmon].
This laboratory was established as a government-managed organization that gathered the greatest experts in science and technology as a policy implemented by the Empire, its original goal being [accelerating the implementation of the Ark Project].
As the name shows, it was an organization that gathered the greatest experts on [space travel], [materials], [spaceship systems] and [extraorbital amenities (cosmic radiation and magnetic fields)] for the creation of the Ark.
The Empire also had great expectations placed on the Imperial Astronomy Quantum Wave Theory Laboratory (Tenmon henceforth) and on how much they could accelerate the Ark Project the Mediation Institute as carrying out.
However, both Tenmon and the Mediation Institute ended up having irreconcilable differences in opinion about several topics including moral issues, so ultimately it became obvious 40 years after the project started that it was taking longer than estimated.
The [Genomirai Project] of which Clacket was part was a laboratory that was nominally part of the Mediation Institute (Chimon), but its administration belonged both to Chimon and Tenmon.

When the Genomirai Pandemic occurred afterwards, the differences in how the deal with the issue that Tenmon and Chimon had ultimately caused their joint work to break down and they both to take their separate paths.
However, the actual reason behind their break up was that the Cielnotrons had spread considerably by this point in time, so Tenmon had already become capable of sustaining itself without needing Chimon for anything.
And originally, Tenmon and Chimon had multiple clashes during the development of the Ark Project: they couldn't agree on any topics, from the way to continue working on the project to the taboos they each held.

So after Genomirai was forcefully dismantled, all its members were absorbed by Tenmon excepting for Undu.
And thus, they started the creation of the Ar nosurge Tube and the implementation of the Grand Phoenix Project.
However, given that the Genomirai Project already had caused considerable mental damage to Clacket, he resigned after a year at Tenmon. He then went into retirement after making it look like he had died.

As the general manager of the Cielnotrons, the Tenmon currently have replaced Chimon as the organization that has the greatest clout over the Imperial household.
However, after they destroyed the moon to use it as energy for Ion's summoning, their popularity among the populace sharply decreased.