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Genomirai Project

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Outline of the Genomirai Project[]

The Genomirai Project is a [mechanism for researching groundbreaking planetary salvation methods to replace the Ark Project], which was conjunctly established by the Imperial Genometrics Synchronization Mediation Institute (Chimon) and the Imperial Astronomy Quantum Wave Theory Laboratory (Tenmon).
Therefore, Genomirai was established around 20 years prior to the events of Ciel nosurge, before Tenmon and Chimon had broken up.
The members at the time of its establishment were of about a few tens, but the most central ones among them all were the two men listed below:

  • Undu Quinquem
  • Clacket Palmium

The origin of Genomirai were the excavations that Undu led into certain underground facilities (lost technologies).
At this point, both Tenmon and Chimon were giving up on the Ark Project due to the several setbacks they encountered, and thus they decided to wage everything they had on researching these lost technologies precisely because they had nothing else to lose trying it.
Afterwards, it was Undu who requested to scout a certain Tenmon scientist called Clacket.

Clacket had become quite a [man of the moment] due to his invention of the G2 Tubes (more details later), but his own personality wasn't praiseworthy in the slightest, reason why everyone else found him a nuisance.
It is due to these reasons that his research results had comparatively lower worth and rewards than those conducted by his peers.
Aside of being an unpopular researcher, he also had a daughter and his wife had already died, so he lived in great poverty.
Clacket developed the G2 Tubes due to orders from his superiors, but he actually didn't want to carry out research on vacuum tubes or anything like that.
The research topics he wanted to carry should be clear enough just by looking at the theses he independently published every now and then.
Said theses' topic was [On Moving Across the Multiverse Through Spiritual Wave Interference].
This research caught Undu's eye, and this led him to formally ask Clacket if he would like to work for Genomirai.
The research on the G2 Tubes seemed to promise a brilliant future for everyone, but unfortunately it faded away into obscurity due to political pressure (more details later).
And since Clacket hated bothersome things like these from the beginning, his enthusiasm toward the G2 Tubes had already gone away.
It was during these times that Undu scouted him, and furthermore, told him he would be allowed to conduct research on a field he actually wanted to study. This kind of chance was unheard of to him.

As for Undu himself, he was a researcher whose personal background was completely unknown. Not even among his fellow Chimon members or Genomirai colleagues there was anyone who knew anything about his past or birthplace.
However, he was the best when it came to handling the Genoms, skill that made him the leading edge on the scientific study of the human-Genom relationships and Genometrics.
However, he wasn't allowed to tell his name to anyone else, reason why among the normal scientists that only researched to make a name to themselves, he was the only one who just silently continued his research in a way that no one else would ever see what he was called.

Afterwards, two young researchers joined the Genomirai team:

  • Neptool Planck
  • Greicoff Rianoite

Greicoff was assigned to this project right after he joined the Mediation Institute, while Neptool was assigned to this project right after he joined Tenmon. Both were contemporaries.
And both were scouted because they caught Undu's attention.

These four men became the main members of [Genomirai], which would have the power to grasp the world's fate very soon.

The History Prior to Genomirai's Establishment[]

First, we'll walk through the research that Tenmon and Chimon conducted before Genomirai was established.

The G2 Tubes that Were Researched as a Method for Connecting a Genom to a Large Device[]

To the Ark Project, the most important line of R&D was the one that dealt with the creation of the [G2 Tubes], which were pretty much the predecessors to the [Cielnotrons] that came later on.

The power Genoms hold within themselves is the entirety of the powers they can manifest, which also becomes the greatest restraints (upper limits) they have.
So if a Genom was capable of receiving an even greater power from an outside source, they would become able to do even greater feats.
It was under these ideas that the [G2 Tubes] were researched and developed.
The research on the [G2 Tubes] started and progressed from the oracles (hints) that the highest order Genom, [Cosal] bestowed upon the Empress at the time, but the one who actually invented them was Clacket.
The structure for the G2 Tubes made use of the [Chain] Song Magic amplification technique observed between fellow Genoms, but carried out through connecting a Genom to a machine.
On the other side of the G2 Tube, there would be a large system infrastructure (the library that came to be known as the ClassDrive later on), which the Genom could freely access and use the powers stored in it whenever they Chained to the Tube.

The development of the G2 Tubes was given the greatest priority among all the other research lines being conducted at the time due to their importance in the realization of the Ark Project.
This is because the Ark was planned to function over a very long period of time, and as long as the powers of the Genoms and the G2 Tubes existed, controlling the ship for so long would become a very feasible possibility.
And naturally, it would be impossible for the humans to instantly, smoothly and flexibly deal with any unforeseen circumstances that could spring within such a large system like the Ark.
They also wanted the added value that came from the ship being controlled by the Genoms thanks to using the G2 Tubes.
To give an example of this, if a Genom theoretically hyper-amplified [their power to manifest in the real world their own inner feelings], they would be able to make the Ark function just like an actual organic planet.
Of course, the Genoms that would be able to pull off such a feat are very limited in number. At the time, the only one who could do this was the so-called Imperial Genom, the same Genom that only the Empress that received the special Vocal Cords could be able to handle: [Cosal].

In any case, Clacket was the protagonist behind the successful completion of the G2 Tube research, so he received great recommendation and endorsement from Tenmon, and naturally, their mother organization the Mediation Institute.
With this invention, Clacket had already become a [man of the moment] to Ra Ciela.

The Dawn of the Cielnotrons and the Start of the Chaos[]

Everything went well up to this point. But after that, Clacket's insatiable inquisitiveness made him push on into a very excessive research topic.
He suddenly had a flash of inspiration.
The G2 Tube worked by pseudo-replicating the [Chains] Genoms could conduct between themselves. However, the [Chains] between fellow Genoms and the [Synchronization] they carried out with the humans were done through the same organs hardware-wise.
So if these ideas were put to practical use, wouldn't it be possible for the humans to directly access the G2 Tubes on their own?
And this was research that Clacket carried out just to satisfy his own curiosity, but later this same research would cause an event that could be comparable to a paradigm shift in Ra Ciela's civilization.

By doing some slight modifications on the G2 Tubes, it was possible to let the humans Synchronize with them. But naturally, since the G2 Tube wouldn't find anything equivalent to a Genom itself, the connection would be carried out but it wouldn't have any actual effects.
Clacket afterwards constructed on the G2 Tube's backend a [circuit that would work in a simple manner even if it lacked a Will], so while it wouldn't be as flexible as a Genom, it would still become a device capable manifesting a single effect. This was how the [G2-DH Tubes] were created.
In short, humans had just gained a method to control large-scale systems by [just thinking] without needing to use a Genom's powers.
If civilization continued evolving at this pace and they managed to develop a more flexible control system, the Genoms would become unnecessary.

Clacket was a natural-born scientist, and while he was simply carried away by his research, even he thought this was the discovery of the century.
And it truly was. But at the same time, this research was completely at odds with the [morals] that ruled the current Ra Cielan civilization.
This was a case of what we'd call here in Earth a [confrontation between science and religious taboos]... To give an example, while human cloning is theoretically possible, it's considered unethical, and that's more or less what happened when Clacket revealed the results of this research.
The Mediation Institute deemed the research as dangerous and instantly brought a stop to it (and of course, it was because Cosal was pulling the threads from the shadows).

This sequence of events instantly cooled down Clacket's enthusiasm for the G2-DH Tubes.
He was like this to begin with, as he lost enthusiasm any kind of research that deviated from [what he actually wanted to do] whenever he found any sort of obstruction. So it wasn't odd at all for this to happen.
Clacket passed down this research to his juniors at Tenmon and temporarily retired to endeavor on completing the research he actually wanted to carry out: the theory on the relationship between spiritual waves and the Dimension Theory.
It was at this point that a nicely-timed invitation came to him from Undu.

Genomirai Project I[]

The Establishment of a Supra-legal Laboratory[]

Genomirai was under the protection of both Tenmon and Chimon, and was established as a research project that would allow to carry out all actions that were forbidden up to its creation.
The laboratory itself was built underground at a greater depth than even where the Chimon's facilities are located, and all the people involved with Genomirai as well as their families were relocated to live in it depending on the situation.
(However, the situation became harsher later on, so the main researchers of the lab: Clacket and Undu, were estranged from their families. Though Undu didn't even have a family to start with).
In exchange, they were allowed to do absolutely anything they wanted. That a laboratory such as this was established shows how deadlocked both Chimon and Tenmon had gotten when it came to the development of Project Ark.

So well, why was the Genomirai Research Institute such a special institution?
It was because the research and investigations it handled were capable of overturning this world's common knowledge from its very roots.
The goal of Genomirai was to clarify the lost technologies from ancient times.
At the time Clacket was scouted, they already had made considerable progress in analyzing them, and from the results, they came to know these lost technologies were for performing a technique that made possible an instantaneous planetary migration.
And they also learned the truth: that the Ra Cielans had come to this planet using that very same method.
However, given how devastating this truth would be to the people, everything about it was kept in absolute secrecy and only unveiled to a select few members of the Genomirai staff.
The laboratory then changed its focus to verifying if replacing the Ark Project with this groundbreaking method would be possible, and to clarifying if it would be practically feasible to carry it out.

The lost technology that Genomirai had to clarify no matter what was the one used for [sailing across the dimensions].
In other words, it was a method not for physically making a spaceship fly, but to instantly move to a different place by stitching together two physically distant spaces.
For this purpose, they built a gigantic facility deep in the ground.
It was an experimental facility for distorting the dimensions (something similar to the facilities we currently know as particle accelerators) at about 1000m under the surface.
It was there that they conducted several experiments in complete secrecy.

Research Process[]

Normal people would think that distorting space... or in other words, making a machine or something that could create such a distortion and then use it to warp somewhere else would be the normal thing to imagine.
However, that wasn't the case for the civilizations that existed in the past. Of course, even taking for granted that something like [Song Magic] exists in this world, normal people wouldn't think of warping through the use of Song Magic.
What they would think is the following:

[We'll summon a human that can roll the world around in the palm of their hands, and we'll make them sing Song Magic!]

We might thought that something like this would make for an absurd project, but the people of the past valued this method as their greatest shortcut.
As a verification experiment, the Genomirai researchers made a normal singer from this world sing a Song Magic that would stitch together two relatively nearby points in space.
And they gradually went on increasing the scale.
The G2-DH Tubes that Clacket had developed during his time at Tenmon (the direct predecessors to the current [Cielnotrons]) were extremely useful this time.
This was because the combined powers of a human and a Genom became impossible to use when they were separated by a slightly large distance.
Genomirai made use of the Tz-Waves Tenmon was researching, and by Synchronizing with the G2-DH Tubes, they became able to use powers that would be impossible to obtain with the Genom Synchronizations that had been done up to that point.
And thus, at least they managed to make teleportation possible to any place possible as long as it was within Ra Ciela itself.

However, progressing beyond that point became difficult. And by [beyond that point] we don't mean it in tridimensional distance terms: we mean it in dimension terms.
Moving through higher dimensions, or in other words, through the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Dimensions was impossible, as not even the Tz-Waves could procure them the energy necessary for such jumps.
And it was then that they realized the shocking method the ancient civilization used to obtain such an amount of power.
Said method was [Quantizing this planet's matter through a Tz-Wave-powered Song, and use that quantized energy to sing a time-space jump Song].
Explaining this in simpler terms means that the first Song would crush the matter to the hyper-mass point and homogenize its atoms down to a complete quark level (similarly to a black hole).
And since that would be effectively a body of energy, they would use the energy stored in it to sing a Song that would carry out a dimensional jump.

From the clarifications they carried out afterwards, they learned that the multiple Rings that surrounded the planet were actually [the mechanism for crushing it].
However, since this meant they couldn't actually conduct a live test with them, they created miniature versions of the Rings and continued experimenting underground.
The amount of energy necessary for a jump varies with the dimension where said jump will be executed and the size of the matter that will move through it: moving a piece of matter of around 10cm through the Fourth Dimension would require the energetic equivalent of a clump of mass of 10m in diameter, while moving that same piece of matter through the Seventh Dimension would require the energy gotten from a clump of mass that has 1000m in diameter.
Genomirai started their dimensional jump experiments in the Fourth Dimension, and they continued conducting tests and trials in the other dimensions one by one and following their order. They used several kilometers of the planet's crust from the underground in order to get the necessary energy for these experiments, which is why the surface ended up being filled with holes similar to a piece of Swiss cheese.

The Breakup of Tenmon and Chimon, and the Intensification of Confidentiality[]

While it didn't concern either Chimon or Tenmon very much at first, things became quite tumultuous at this point.
While the experiments had already crossed the frontiers of the currently established knowledge by far, they were steadily clarified and successfully passed all the verifications tests that were carried out.
However, Chimon began sensing a great danger in them, especially after the G2-DH Tubes were developed. As Chimon considered the creation of these Tubes would be making technology for artificially creating Genoms, they ordered to interrupt the research on them at once.
They stated this was blasphemy to the lives of the Genoms and that they were only making foolish symbols that imitated such hallowed lifeforms.
But on the other hand, Tenmon fiercely opposed these claims, adding that there was no reason for them to be tied down by these antiquated beliefs when the future-changing researches they were conducting had been turning out so successfully.
These opinions ended up being completely irreconcilable for both sides, and thus finally Tenmon and Chimon broke up.
At this point in time, Tenmon also retired from the Ark Project.
However, since it would be impossible to decide who would control the Genomirai Research Institute and its operations if Chimon and Tenmon weren't in agreement, they continued having exhausting discussion afterwards as part of the [cleanup process] for the laboratory.

And bit by bit, they finally reached an agreement from discussions about a small topic on it.
One of the things they decided from these discussions was that everything about the laboratory should be kept as top-secret classified information.
As a result, it was determined that the calculations, theories and experimental results that were developed by Genomirai should never get to the outside world, and Undu and Clacket were to be completely estranged from the rest of society.
This especially concerned Clacket, as he was strongly pressed to bid farewell forever to his own only living relative: his daughter Uracill.
The other option would be to have his memories of Genomirai erased and return to a normal life.
Clacket immediately replied that he chose to say goodbye to Uracill. Of course, he had been told previously that Uracill's would receive full governmental support for the rest of her life.
It was thus that the experiments continued underground without ever reaching the ears of anyone.
As far as the people in the surface were concerned, the gigantic fan deep underground was the lowest point of the Chimon installations, and there was nothing else below it.
This fan was constructed to keep the underground shaft from caving in, and also to keep the air underground at an atmospheric pressure of 3.6, but since the people in the surface didn't know the reasons for it, this gave birth to several urban legends.

Shortly after a decision was finally reached about the Genomirai Research Institute's fate, it was permanently closed; having about ten years in operation after it was founded.
This was because it became unable to accomplish its goals after the catastrophic [Genomirai Pandemic] took place.

Tenmon Announces the [G2-Tron] Terminals[]

As for what Tenmon did that caused the split-off with Chimon, that was the research on the [G2-DH Tubes] that Clacket previously developed during his time as a Tenmon researcher.
In fact, the [G2-DH Tubes] were the greatest reason behind the feud between Chimon and Tenmon. Chimon said they were [just imitations of life], while Tenmon stated they were [the symbol of a shining future].
And the reason why Tenmon ended up splitting off from Chimon was because the G2-DH Tubes made possible to create original [artificial Genoms].
A year after the split, Tenmon released them into the market as business-oriented terminals called [G2-Trons], and they were received with great astonishment by the citizens of the Empire.

Clacket oversaw this whole situation from the Genomirai Research Institute.
And he was greatly enraged because of it.
From his viewpoint, it was nothing short of ridiculous to be releasing to the public something as incomplete as a set of a G2-DH Tube coupled with a program.
This rage would end up being what would give birth to the Ciel nosurge Tubes later on, but their creation would need a high price to be paid as well.

The Experiment for Summoning the Ancient Seeker[]

A year passed since Tenmon released the G2-Trons, and the research at the Genomirai Research Institute was approaching its final stages.
The final part of Genomirai's Phase 1 Project was [summoning the person that can roll the world around in the palm of their hands].
If we had to say who it was, we'd say that it's a lifeform that exists outside of this world. And even if we say outside of this world, there are several levels to that expression.
However, what they needed here was a being from an outer universe: in other words, a Seventh Dimensional being.

Properly speaking, it would be necessary to open up the hole of the Seven Dimensions to be able to summon such a lifeform, but they managed to avoid that thanks to a hypothesis Undu formulated.
Said hypothesis was that "the soul of the songstress that sang to make us jump from our homeworld to this planet several millenia ago should still exist in this world".
The songstress' soul was still connected to the world beyond the Seven Dimensions and had been converted to the waveforms used by this world (H-Waves).
Converted waveforms will behave exactly the same way as if they were waveforms that naturally exist in this world, but in practice they are entirely unrelated existences to it.
Due to this, these waveforms won't undergo deterioration from the effects of this world's H-Waves, won't change, and since they still are connected to the world beyond the Seven Dimensions, they will always stay solidly in that same state.

If that were actually the case, it should be possible to seal that soul again if a body was prepared for it.
And in this experiment, they managed to summon the SHW of [someone] from an outer universe and link them to a body, just like the theory stated.
Phase 1 seemed to have ended a complete success.

Contact Through the Ciel nosurge Tubes[]

The body used was fashioned after a young girl.
And that body then had life breathed into it.
Thus, the girl that came from beyond the Seven Dimensions came to be called [Nero].

Nero opened her eyes with an empty gaze and looked around blankly.
Everyone was excited upon seeing the experiment's success.
The main members in this, Clacket and Undu saw the situation from afar using a camera, just in case anything unexpected happened.
As for Neptool and Greicoff, they couldn't participate because this was such a highly secret and important experiment.
And then, the members of the Imperial Confidential Information Bureau [PLASMA] were given the task of transporting Nero and controlling the machines related to her at the laboratory.

However, they realized very soon there was a problem.
Nero was always just staring blankly at everything: she showed no emotions and never spoke to anyone.
And she spent several days like this.
At this rate, it would have meant nothing that they had brought her back because she wouldn't be able to sing anything.
And then, to research what was currently happening within her mind, they created a method to gain entrance into it.
That was a device created from putting the G2-DH Tubes to practical use.

Originally, the G2 Tubes were created to make smoother the process of humans and Genoms understanding each other... in other words, strengthening the circuits (Dynamic Wave amplification and vocal range expansion) connecting them.
Therefore, if Nero was considered as a Genom, it should be possible to apply that same theory to her.
However, they didn't actually had anything that worked as the theory stated, so they had to redesign the circuits almost from scratch.
And then, they finally completed a single tube designed exclusively to establish contact with Nero.
Clacket called it the [Ciel nosurge (World of the Girl) Tube].

They were successful in establishing contact with Nero through the Ciel nosurge Tube, but even so, they were unable to procure any information from her.
And the reason for this was that she [didn't want to talk] even within her own mind.
However, this allowed them to glimpse another solution to the problem.
Through the Ciel nosurge Tube, she ended up having pretty much the same abilities a Genom would.
So even if it wasn't possible to talk with her, if anyone had a strong surge of emotions while Synchronizing with her, Nero would convert these emotions into power.

The original plan was to have Nero as the [singer] while either a Genom or a G2-DH Tube provided her with power, but they ended up thinking that maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to have Nero as the [Genom] and have the singer be anyone else.

However, that plan didn't give any meaningful results, as Nero didn't have a great power output either.
Nero wouldn't open up her heart to her Synchronization partner, so getting to craft a Song with her of a power level any higher than average was extremely difficult.
The G2-Trons that were being sold at the time could demonstrate higher amounts o f power, but they were pretty much considered trash in comparison to the customized G2-DH Tubes that were used for this research.
So even if she hypothetically could freely control the world to the point of rolling it like a ball in her hands, she wouldn't be able to actually do that through a Song.

So the next method they came up with was that [by making a "lifeform that uses Nero's genes" Synchronize with her, they would reduce the wariness in her heart much more than if she Synchronized with a normal person (a complete stranger)].
In other words, they would make a Nero Dash expressly for Synchronizing with Nero.

Dudu Noechium (Kanon)[]

And thus they ended [making] the lifeform for that purpose.
Vacuum tubes were Clacket's realm of expertise, but genetic manipulation was Undu's forte.
Therefore, Undu himself handled the entirety of the research for this.

Since cultivating a human from zero would be very troublesome, they ended up injecting a virus on living children.
The virus was called the [gRNA Virus α].
For the creation of the virus, Undu took Nero's genes and forced them to merge with the humans' natural genes.
However, the humans' and Nero's genes had a very subtle but decisive difference, which made it impossible for them to fully merge with each other.
Due to this, Undu added an additional strand to the normal double-helix DNA of the humans, and fused within each of the strands [a base pair that works in the way human DNA does] and [a base pair that works in the way Nero's DNA does].
Thanks to this special characteristic, the receiving human would end up being a lifeform with triple-stranded DNA.
However, since it wouldn't have the mutual base pairs that the true triple-stranded DNA normally has because the two DNAs weren't fused except in two specific places, they wouldn't be perfect triple-stranded DNA lifeforms.

Of course, this only led to problems, and pretty much all the children that served as test subjects for the virus lost their lives.
And finally, the long-sought perfect child was born. Because the minor revision [gRNA Virus α229] was a success after it was applied to her, this girl ended up being called [Dudu Noechium].

The Genomirai Pandemic[]

After several preparatory experiments, finally the time came to carry out the experiment in which Nero and Dudu Noechium would do a First Harmonics.
Given their nature, First Harmonics are carried out only when the people involved in it have gotten to a certain age due to the ego being necessary for its execution, but since they didn't have it this time around, they needed to do their First Harmonics with additional support.
The First Harmonics proceeded smoothly and ended in success. Similarly to previous atttempts, Nero accepted Dudu Noechium in.
And she was successful in drawing out even greater powers than anyone before her.

However, tragedy struck right after.
While everyone was in their posts, burning into their retinas the greatest success in the century, that happened.
Nero began coughing terribly badly and began vomiting a bloody mist.
Was it a problem born from Synchronizing with someone that had her same genes, or were their plans mistaken from the beginning?
Undu, Clacket and the other researchers were shaken up from this world's end-like sight, but Nero calmed down afterwards.
However, that was no more than the nightmare's beginning.

Right after that, the members of the security team began noisily collapsing one after other.
At first no one knew what was happening, but this gradually began extending to the people outside as well.
All the peoples in the neighboring areas collapsed and fell into a coma.
Undu inferred right away what was happening and ordered to stop the entirety of the air conditioning systems that ventilated the underground facilities. His guesses were correct, as this caused the damage to slow down bit by bit.
There was no mistake about it: some kind of virus or bacteria had been disseminated throughout the laboratory.

And when they turned to look at the screen again, the girl was just staring back blankly at them.
And once again, she painfully coughed and spat a bloody mist all over the place.
Dudu Noechium collapsed at her side right after that. Everyone thought she was now dead.

Measures Taken Afterwards[]

By that time, around a 60% of the people in the underground facilities had already been infected by the virus and collapsed from it.
Fortunately, this place received ventilation from the surface in order to raise the atmospheric pressure in it, so thanks to this fact, the virus never managed to leak to the surface.
However, there was the possibility that this virus could continue being produced as long as Nero remained alive.
From observing her, she was the one who vomited blood, yet this didn't actually weaken her in any way. However, this doesn't mean she was energetic either. She just continued staring blankly like she always did, though she also did things like walking around the room as if she was dazed.

In other words, studies like the Phase 2 research wouldn't be possible to carry out on the girl that had disseminated such a dangerous virus, or rather that could continue disseminating it.
And adding the fact that most of the researchers working in the laboratories had collapsed, the Research Institute itself couldn't continue working any more.
Seeing how serious this was, both Tenmon and Chimon gave Genomirai the order to stop all their current experiments and take all possible measures to put an end to the Pandemic.

They also gave the special order of getting rid of Nero at once.
This ended becoming Undu's responsibility, but at the time, he thought that getting rid of Nero (who was his research subject) would be far too regrettable.
Therefore, he quarantined her in a room and acted as if they had disposed of her.
The next step Undu took was grabbing samples of the virus Nero had vomited and studying them.
He then made a vaccine from it alongside Clacket and the other researchers, and the situation in the laboratories went back to normal.
(By the way, the research data on this virus was later on entrusted to Zill, who put it to practical use through the creation of the Astrocyte Modulatory Virus).

Afterwards, the fact that Nero was still alive ended up being leaked out to Clacket and a very small part of the Tenmon staff, but the Tenmon decided in the end that maybe it would be a good idea to let her live.
The real intentions behind this decision were a mystery at the time, but they would come to the light very soon.

After Being Absorbed by Tenmon[]

And They Went to Tenmon[]

It took them about a year, but the decontamination of the Genomirai Research Institute was almost completed.
As soon as Tenmon and Chimon got news about the decontamination being complete, they stated that the Genomirai Project had been a failure and gave the order to dismantle Genomirai.
By this point, Tenmon and Chimon had split off due to the results of the Ark Project, but since Genomirai was an institution shared between them administratively, it was necessary for them to be in agreement in order for it to be dismantled. Up to this point, Tenmon had strongly pushed for the laboratory to continue its operations, and this was the cause of their continuous quarreling with Chimon because they wanted Genomirai dissolved, but they finally decided to bring this to an end.

Naturally, there was no one in Chimon that opposed this decision.
By the time Chimon had split away from Tenmon, they already decided that the Genomirai Project itself: the very act of distorting space-time was something that was beyond the human comprehension, and thus considered it as a taboo.

However, Tenmon couldn't help thinking this was a waste.
Especially when it came to the [Ciel nosurge Tubes], which they wanted to use as next generation terminals that would serve as the successors to the G2-Trons.

Afterwards, the Tenmon made an offer to the Genomirai researchers behind closed doors, and they ended up working for Tenmon.
Naturally, the four core members of the laboratories also had their voices heard during this time. However, only Undu obstinately refused to go along with the offers.
During this time, Clacket and Undu were at odds over the way the Tenmon did things, and had a large fight over it.
For a year after the Pandemic took place, Genomirai was at the Tenmon's orders for carrying out the decontamination and taking the measures they deemed as appropriate afterwards.
The methods employed by them were cruel in extreme.
They were ordered to incinerate everyone who was infected, and to dismantle all the systems they had.
Their documents were confiscated and sent to the most secret library that Tenmon had under their jurisdiction.
However, when it came to Nero, they were ordered to [contain] her rather than to [incinerate] her.
But actually speaking, the Tenmon forces were made to retreat without being able to find Nero anywhere within the laboratories.

Clacket was then ordered by the Tenmon to ask Undu about Nero's whereabouts.
To the Tenmon, the Cielnotrons were the devices that would decide their fate, and they absolutely needed Nero to make them work.
It is for this purpose that Tenmon intended to keep her quarantined within their installations.
But since this happened after Clacket and Undu had fought, he refused to obey these orders.
But still, the Tenmon ordered him to go and persuade Undu to tell them about Nero's status, and he reluctantly had to obey.
In the end, Clacket was unable to go and speak to Undu, so a Tenmon negotiator did the talking with him.

When he was asked by the negotiator, Undu had no choice but tell him where Nero was.
The negotiator then gave some conditions that weren't bad to Undu in the slightest.
They didn't mind Nero being free, neither they would try to abduct her. However, there would be a condition to this.
As long as Nero didn't cut off her Synchronization to a Cielnotron of course. As long as he could make Nero Synchronize with a Cielnotron, they would be able to live peaceful lives afterwards.
Undu agreed to this, and signed a contract as proof of it.

After this, Clacket, Neptool and Greicoff ended up doing research on the Cielnotrons for Tenmon.
However, Clacket ended up retiring from Tenmon one year later due to heartbreak.
The Cielnotrons were released in the market afterwards, and to hide the name [Nero], they were advertised as being terminals equipped with a Genom-like advanced virtual lifeform called [REON-4213]. And as Tenmon had to spread them throughout the world, they established a company funded entirely by them: it was the [Tz-Tube Company].
Neptool and Greicoff were then transferred together to the Tube Company in order to serve as the company's managers.

As for Nero, only an extremely low number of people even within the Tenmon knew the truth about her.
And so these people wouldn't ever leak the truth to the outside world, they were placed under constant surveillance.
Even several years later, after Greicoff and Neptool had finally become independent, said independence was only under the condition they agreed to be constantly monitored by Tenmon.
And this status quo continued even in the present time, after the Three-Year Trials had commenced.


Among the reasons Undu had for not going to the Tenmon, aside of Nero and how he wasn't pleased how they did things, there was a more important one.
Said reason was because the Chimon had previously made him an offer to go back to working with them.
By this time, the Chimon was being overwhelmed by a sense of crisis. The G2-Trons had started permeating through the society and the Chimon's position was dangerously shaking.
The G2-Trons gave amenities to the people the Genoms didn't, and this caused them to drift away from the Chimon.
As Undu had a debt of gratitude toward the Chimon, he accepted their offer.
In exchange, he told them he wanted to continue researching here (in the Genomirai Research Institute) as one of its central pillars.

The Chimon then gave Undu a request for creating something that would revamp the organization.
By this point in time, the Chimon had already lost their charisma.
Most likely, it was even possible they would end up crushed depending on who they elected as their next head: the Mediation Institute's Archbishop.
Therefore, this time they had to violate one of the taboos they held for so long no matter what.
This was electing a [skilled person who could reliably win] as their next Archbishop, no matter if the chosen one wasn't a legitimate successor.
The Chimon thus requested Undu to provide them with such a skilled person, no matter what methods he had to use for this purpose.
For example, if the next Archbishop was a being that was able to Synchronize with Cosal even before assuming their position, that lone would be equal to having a God descend upon them.

In response, Undu first wondered if he wouldn't be able to use Nero again in his attempts to carry this out.
So far, Nero hadn't said even a single word.
And thus, Undu decided to examine in detail her physical and spiritual make-up.

For the physical part, he took samples and analyzed the virus she had disseminated, as well as examining the cells that made up her body.
It was thanks to this that the research on the virus could progress further and the prototype to the Astrocyte Modulatory Virus was created.
Additionally, it was at this point that all the important information that would later on be used to create the gRNA Virus β was collected.

Next came up the spiritual analysis. It was here that Undu's unique condition came very handy.
As he was a natural Incarnate (a human-shaped Genom), he could examine other lifeforms from the inside-out by Synchronizing with them.
After all, the Ciel nosurge Tubes that were used to contact Nero had their limits.
Even before it was indeterminate if she would open her heart or would refuse to do so, the only thing the Ciel nosurge Tubes did was to [establish contact with her beyond a pane of glass].
Therefore, it was impossible to establish an Evangenomization-level Synchronization with her through the Tubes the way it was done with the Genoms.
It was due to this that Undu ended up thinking up the plan of doing the opposite: he would serve as the Genom while Nero would be the human he would Synchronize with.
It was a role reversal.

And it was due to this that he needed to have Nero drop her wariness to the lowest level possible and allow him to Synchronize with her.
Undu spent every single day after this using all sorts of methods to make Nero relax, so they would open their hearts to each other.
And after several years, he finally managed to Synchronize with Nero for the first time.
It took him several long years and months, but to him, who was researching alone in the ruins of the Genomirai Research Institute, the conversations with Nero became a very heart-soothing experience.

The Birth of the Person Called [Kanoyeel (Kanon)][]

Upon Synchronizing with Nero and entering her Genometrics, Undu experienced quite the surprising sensations.
As he was an Incarnate, his partner had to have a compatible vocal range. However, Nero's capacity surpassed his requirements beyond any level he could have ever expected.
Better said, her capacity was boundless, as she had a ridiculous vocal range that could accept anything.
It was impossible to feel this [endless] world through the contact established via the Ciel nosurge Tubes.

Undu was glad that his suppositions were right, as it meant that he wasn't mistaken in his plans to use Nero for carrying out the request he got from the Chimon.
However, the problem of Nero never talking or displaying any sort of emotions still remained.
Undu spent several months trying to rectify this, trying to get Nero to adjust herself to social life, but in the end that proved to be impossible.
He still had the contract with the Tenmon tying him up. If Nero got outside, they would still find about it no matter how hard he tried to keep such an event hidden.
Given this, he was at a loss for what to do next.

From his daily experiences of Synchronizing with Nero and entering her Genometrics, Undu soon understood that it was useless to try and get her to adapt to this world.
And when he was about to give up, a certain memory came back to him.
It was the memory about Dudu Noechium.
She was the person that was doused the most with the virus because she was who stood the closest to Nero when she began vomiting the bloody haze, but she miraculously recovered and was now living in a very healthy state.

When he closely examined Dudu Noechium later on, he noticed she was a surprising being that also had Nero's genes within herself.
Thus, he ended handing Dudu Noechium over to the Chimon as the lethal weapon they could use thanks to Nero.
By the way, Undu also told the Chimon management that "I have modified this child's DNA by administering her a virus, which was created from the union of the many kinds of knowledge I gained while I still had Nero around".
This was because he thought they would reject the girl if they knew that she got infected by the virus due to being completely covered in it.

Encounter with the Young Researcher Zill[]

Undu thought he wouldn't ever be able to carry out a research of the kind that only happens once in a lifetime again.
Naturally, as the Genomirai Research Institute was already closed, it was only due to Undu's own selfishness and his connections to the Chimon that he was allowed to continue researching within the facility.
As far as the Chimon leadership was concerned, they couldn't let Undu out of their sight, as he was the man who had created Dudu Noechium, the strongest child.
So therefore, they continued sending Undu requests afterwards, all of which were related to restoring the Chimon's glory in a way or another.

And in the midst of this, the Chimon leadership dispatched a young researcher that was to serve as Undu's assistant.
It was a girl called Zillillium, who always had a face telling she didn't believe in any of the things that shook the world.
"Surely, the Chimon sent this girl to keep me under surveillance" he thought.
However, he knew he couldn't really oppose them, so he just accepted Zill in.

But after spending some time with her, Undu felt very comfortable whenever Zill was around him.
While he thought he always felt the most comfortable whenever he was alone, he came to like the times he spent with Zill even more.
And thus both fell in love with each other.
Once he finally came to believe that Zill hadn't come just because the Chimon instigated her to, he decided to show Nero to her.
And he also told her about everything he had been doing:
about how the Seven Dimensions Theory that had become a taboo was already complete thanks to him using Nero, and from the new virus kinds he had extracted from the multiple organisms Nero carried within her, to the useful medicines that he had developed, none of which even existed before that point.
Zill really enjoyed these times from the bottom of her heart.

There were two historical viruses that took Zill and Undu great efforts to create.
The first was the [gRNA Virus β], while the second was the [amRNA Virus (the Astrocyte Modulatory Virus)].
The former was left incomplete until Zill further researched it on her own, while the latter was already near completetion.
And since the gRNA Virus β was created by Undu for Zill, the amRNA Virus was nothing more than a byproduct of the former's creation at the present point in time.

The gRNA Virus β is the successor model to the α version that was administered to Kanon.
Rather than enlarging the bandwidth and increasing the number of DNA chains of the subject, the α type was a virus that made it smoother for normal humans to interact with the Genoms.
However, since the Chimon leadership pressed them to complete Kanon as fast as possible, she was rushed and this caused her to end up with a great problem.
Said problem was that whenever she used Song Magic that contained particularly strong feelings (if she suddenly raised her Synchronization with a Genom and caused a tremendous amount of energy to flow back and forth between them), Kanon's physical body would overheat for not being capable of properly coping with the amount of Symphonic Power flowing through her, and this would cause her to suffer from a high fever and collapse.
So the gRNA Virus β was started as a project for correcting these flaws as well as adding some extra ridiculous functions to the original virus.

In short, the goal of the gRNA Virus β was the artificial creation of [Incarnates].
Kanon came out being a lifeform that possessed genes with a triple-stranded DNA, but if the mechanisms behind her creation were slightly improved, it would be possible to get to the point of being able to produce Incarnates.
And the reason why Undu decided to create this virus was directly related to Zill herself.
Said reason is that if she became an Incarnate, she would be able to live as long as normal Genoms do.
Undu always wanted to be with Zill. As he himself was an Incarnate, the thought that Zill would live for a much shorter time than him was heartbreaking.
However, the gRNA Virus β ended having the same flaws Kanon herself had, so there was no way he could bring himself to administer it to his precious Zill.
So in the end, the virus was left incomplete during Undu's lifetime and Zill would take over researching it on her own afterwards.

The Beginning of a Tragic Fate[]

This happened about seven years before the Three-Year Trials commenced.
In order to collect further data for his gRNA Virus β research, he entered Nero's Genometrics once again.
And that was where the tragedy started.
Undu didn't return. Undu didn't get back even after several days, and Zill began thinking that some accident could have happened to him.

Her suspicions proved correct, as Nero took over Undu and completely left him unable to come out again.
Around this time, Nero started feeling love for Undu as well. At first she only hated him because she considered Undu a person who only caused her pain, but after they both (?) spent several years together away from everyone else, Nero started trusting him.
This was especially true at the beginning, when she continuously spewed out the virus due to her body and soul being unable to adapt to each other, and Undu took to all sorts of trial and error methods to allow her soul to adapt.
Nero really didn't know how he managed to do so, but somehow Undu managed to get her to the current point in which that heavy and painful body became something in which she could spend her time normally.
He also protected her when they tried disposing of her.
So even though Nero hadn't reached yet the point where she would [display emotions], she to came to yearn for Undu.
But it was then that Zill appeared, and furthermore Undu said he wanted to use Nero's powers for Zill's sake.
As soon as Undu entered her Genometrics, Nero became aware of all this.
And this terrified her for two reasons: the first was because she thought that Undu would abandon her, and the second because she was jealous of Zill.
And due to this, she started having feelings that maybe she would never be able to go back to her own world.
It was then that she restrained Undu within her own mind and made it so they would never be able to return to the separate state from the Perfect Synchronization she forced him in.
Nero finally had means to search with Undu for a method to go back home.

Zill tried several ways to separate Undu from Nero, but it proved to be impossible for her.
There also were methods for forcefully separating them, but these were the kinds of things that would also harm Undu.
So afterwards, while Zill ended up bending down to Nero and Undu, she used every trick in the book to deceive the Chimon leadership about what she was doing, as while she was doing her job, she also was trying all the methods she could think of to separate Undu.
It was during this time that Nero proposed Zill a deal.
"If you ever find a method for sending me back to beyond the Seven Dimensions, I'll give Undu back. He'll remain here and I'll go back. That's why I want you to cooperate with us"

Nero also proposed a shortcut for this purpose: it was a method called Interdimend.
However, the Ar nosurge Tube hadn't been created yet by this point in time and there was no information about the device that was used to bring Nero from beyond the Seven Dimensions even in the documents from the ancient civilization, so it was impossible to carry it out.
And it was while they were doing this that the incident known as the Cielnotron Panic occurred.

The Cielnotron Panic[]

The Cielnotron Panic was an incident that paralyzed the whole world, as it caused all the Cielnotrons to stop functioning at once.
The Tenmon could determine immediately that the cause for this was that something abnormal had happened to [Nero].
The Tenmon then determined this was a contract breach on Undu's part, and decided to go and apprehend him and Nero.
However, the history of the being called [Nero], or in other words the Genomirai Research Institute was now considered as a worldwide taboo, and they thought it would be terrible if their relationship with the Cielnotrons ever was revealed.
It was due to this that the Tenmon blamed the whole incident on a Chimon scientist, so the official story ended being that [it was hacking carried out by a Chimon scientist because they consider Cielnotrons to be evil].

They then conducted a premises search in the entirety of the Genomirai Research Institute's installations.
Zill hid Nero (and Undu) and fled from the place. However, Tenmon ended up finding Nero afterwards.
Tenmon deemed Nero herself as something they ought to control and research, so the Genomirai Research Institute was placed under their full surveillance.
As for Nero, she was unable to do anything as she was connected to a device called the Cielnotron Server and was forced into cold sleep.

The people involved with the Institute were forcefully erased from the Chimon, and even the scientists that weren't particularly related to it ended up being fired as part of a cover-up operation.
Zill was also [an unimportant laboratory assistant, but since she was also related to the Institute, she was another one among the people that got fired].
It was thus that Zill became unable to ever set foot into the Genomirai Research Institute again.
However, she decided she would someday come back to save Undu.
And it was due to this that she spent her days researching away she waited for that day to come.

The Truth Behind the Genomirai Compulsory Search Conducted by Tenmon[]

The Tenmon concluded that a Chimon researcher [had carried out a malignant hacking on the Cielnotrons], and thus took the appropriate measures after the incident was contained.
However, the truth was that this was just a front to conceal the existence of the Cielnotrons' master... the master lifeform that was announced as the [virtual lifeform OS REON-4213] to the people: the girl called [Nero] that was brought from beyond the Seven Dimensions.

If Nero's existence was leaked out to the public, this would bring a great damage to Tenmon in two different ways.
The first one would be the reveal that the Cielnotron system is using Nero.
And the second would be that they were expecting to [summon Seven-Dimensionals] again in the future, act that was supposed to be a taboo. "Were" being the keyword here.

An essential element to the Grand Phoenix Project was [summoning a lifeform from a world beyond the Seven Dimensions], which was the reason for the Genomirai Project being carried out in the first place.
However, such an act had already become a taboo at this point in time, and thus everything related to it was sealed away within these underground facilities.
This was a truth consigned to the oblivion even beyond the darkness itself, so it was to never be revealed to the public under any circumstances.
Therefore, if the Chimon caught wind of this, it would be the Tenmon's end.
Furthermore, if even the [reason why this became a taboo] were to be leaked out, even the Tenmon's popularity would hit rock-bottom instantly.
That's the reason why what the public at large knows about this incident is that it was caused by a crazy virus.

In short, naturally it was [Nero] who actually caused the Cielnotron Panic.
And it was due to it that the Tenmon attacked the Genomirai Research Institute.

And thus, the [Genomirai Research Institute] temporarily disappeared from history's stage.

The Incubation Period of Genomirai[]

The amRNA Virus and Zill's Turning Point[]

After she was driven out from the Genomira Research Institute, Zill began gathering funds on her own and doing everything she could to save Undu.
She initially did research on genetic medicine and offering to several kinds of business to conduct research of all sorts for them, but it served of little help to alleviate her situation.
Due to this, Zill went through great hardships.

During these times, a group of people that called themselves the Chimon faction leadership visited her and gave her a request.
Said request was helping them to improve and make more practical the use of the amRNA Virus (Astrocyte Modulatory Virus).
The Chimon at that point was in great trouble due to the fact that not many Genoms were being born anymore. Therefore, they wanted to use the amRNA Virus to forcefully increase the Genom population.
After being administered to a human, the amRNA Virus replicates the function the Genoms have of creating several children with their hosts. It allows them to produce Genoms until they reach their limit without any regard for their physical endurance.
So while human hosts will generally die from this, they will produce about 10 Genoms in a single night.
What these people wanted from Zill was to improve the virus to increase its efficiency and make it so the human hosts won't die in the process, so they could give birth to even more Genoms.
While Zill thought it was pathetic that the Chimon had fallen so low ("aren't they thinking even about their own future anymore?"), her economic situation had already hit rock-bottom, so she decided to accept their offer.
As the amRNA Virus was considered as industrial waste due to being created as a byproduct from another research, wouldn't it be really wonderful it could be exchanged for money?
In the end, Zill was successful in getting more funds thanks to it.

These people from the Chimon came to visit her again later on, and told her this:
"The Imaginary Genoms produced by the amRNA Virus have no self of their own. Would it be possible to create an individual that can control them?"
Zill already had an idea of how to do it, and thus decided to try putting it in practice. However, she requested in exchange a ridiculous completion bonus once she was finished with the request.
The Chimon leadership agreed to it. And it was thus that Zill created the SHS Heteromycin (SHarl Superintend Heteromycin).
Every time a strand of the amRNA Virus is completed, a confirmation code is encrypted within that strand's DNA.
Therefore, if one administers a dose of the SHS Heteromycin to a Sharl born from a particular strand, she will become a virus capable of controlling all other Sharls bearing her same confirmation code.
Additionally, since she would be able to receive energy from all the other Sharls due to effectively becoming their boss, she would be able to physically maintain her existence in this world without needing a host.

▼ References: The Viruses Zill Researched ▼

Genomize RNA Brain Metamorphosis RNA
gRNA-α gRNA-β amRNA SHS Heteromycin
Undu/Zill Zill Undu/Zill Zill
Designed by Undu Enhanced form of α Extracted from Nero Mutation from the amRNA one
Expands the host's cerebral bus, allowing them to Synchronize with any Genom. Transforms a human into an Incarnate. Got closer to perfection thanks to the SHS Heteromycin. Makes possible to explosively produce customized Genoms by administering it to the humans. Upgrades a Sharl to transform her into a Master Sharl upon administration.

The Chimon leadership paid a large sum of money for the SHS Heteromycin prototype and requested Zill to improve it even further.
This was the turning point, and what finally allowed Zill to set up a research facility at Four Seasons, the whole reason for this being that she would be able to find more efficient patrons over there.
With these funds, Zill could finally refocus again on the research she was doing before all this started, and advanced in the creation of the [gRNA Virus β] that is used to transform humans into Genoms.
However, Zill hadn't noticed a very important fact yet: that the people calling themselves the Chimon leadership were actually the Tenmon leadership.
The reasons why the Tenmon leadership pretended to be the Chimon and why they requested Zill to make these two drugs will be explained in the [Genomirai Project II] section.

Zillillium and Neptool[]

Things took a favorable turn afterwards. As Zill was actually confident now that she could create the gRNA Virus β, she started selling it to the rich people living at Four Seaons.
As she mainly sold the gRNA Virus under the name of [immortality drug] to rich and neutral people, she garnered a lot of attention.
And thanks to this, she successfully managed to gain a lot of financial aid as funds for the virus' development.

One of the people that invested in the virus' development was no other than Neptool Planck.
Neptool had originally been a researcher at Genomirai, but since Undu never talked about what happened long ago, she never knew he was a former colleague.
Neptool wanted the gRNA Virus β for his only daughter Sarly, which is why he contributed particularly large sums of money for its development. All that money came from the Company's funds, but Zill didn't really care about where he got it from.
In any case, the Genomirai Research Institute was treated like it never had existed in the first place by the entire world, so it would be a long time before they both realized about the history they had with that place.

And that ended coming out to the light due to an unexpected reason.
All it was due to Neptool bragging about a discovery they had made.
"My Company will now start developing a new type of Tron. Once it's complete, you can expect it to have over five times the power the current Cielnotrons possess.
All because the current setup doesn't use beyond a mere 10% of the potential the REON-OS can give us, but the new Trons will allow us to use over an 80% of it!"
That was the gist of it.
Zill thought that Neptool didn't know anything beyond what the normal people did about the Cielnotrons and the REON-OS, so the speech caught her by surprise.
And all of it was because Neptool's speech implied that REON was actually a living organism, and that's how it sounded to her.

This greatly accelerated things.
As Zill knew very well the methods for gaining access to REON's (Nero's) deep psyche, Neptool instigated her to cooperate with him.
And thus the development of the Neptron that would become the new Tron standard model progressed at a very quick pace.
Their end goals differed though: Neptool wanted to use it to control (rule) the world, while Zill wanted it to talk to Nero and save Undu.

Ion Appears[]

Three years went by afterwards, and similarly to Nero, Ion was brought in from another world.
Thanks to underground information, Zill knew that Ion was just like Nero: a lifeform brought from beyond the Seven Dimensions.
She knew from the time Undu spent studying Nero that beings from beyond the Seven Dimensions were able to freely see every nook and cranny of this world.
If she used Ion's power, she might be able to craft a Song Magic that could separate Nero from Undu, and also even teleport herself to where Nero was.
That was why she ordered Nay to bring Ion to her.

However, when Neptool learned about this, he also came to think he wanted to meet with Ion.
Neptool didn't know about the Oversight power that Ion had, but as soon as she was crowned Empress, Ion would receive the [Imperial Vocal Cords], and he thought he could have her heal Sarly's illness at that point.
So he treated her very good despite what the current situation would have indicated about him, and he even tried bribing her so Ion would give him her Princess Cloth.

As Nay had agreed to sing Neptlude, she still needed to go to the Tube Company no matter what.
However, originally that had nothing to do with Ion.
It was because of Zill's orders that she hurriedly had to seek Ion and bring her to Neptool.
Nay planned at first to lead Ion to the Company, but after Neptool began acting recklessly during the incident at the Dream Sphere, she decided to be cautious and kept Ion away from him.
But that ended up being extremely inconvenient to Zill: Neptool informed her about how Nay got all cautious around him, which caused Zill to scold Nay.

She told her "As far as I understand, you are to sing that Song as soon as possible, so in the first place you should have gone and done so".
And at the very end of the third chapter, Zill ordered Nay to head to the Company right away, and that she shouldn't make Neptool angry.
Nay told Zill about how suspiciously Neptool was acting, but Zill just told her to get in contact with him or that they otherwise risked Neptool acting on his own.
Nay reluctantly obeyed her orders.
The part of the agreement between Neptool and Zill where Nay came in was the singing of a certain Song: a Song that could only be sung by an Incarnate.

What Zill and Neptool had agreed upon was that they would make it so they could Synchronize with the entirety of Nero's mind (the Cielnotrons have their access limit at around Lv. 2 of Nero's Soulspace, while the Neptron would allow access all the way to Lv. 9) through the Neptron, and Zill was given a dedicated line to her in order to make it a reality.
Due to this, the final process needed opening the sealed door in Nero's mind, but it was clear that applying such an operation to Nero would be dangerous in extreme.

But Neptool devised a strategy knowing he had outwit Zill.
He had previously conversed with Nero through a typewriter Tron and arranged things so she would swap places with the Diver as soon as the door in Nero's mind was opened.
That was why the Neptron was deliberately designed with a security hole: so Nero could use it as her escape route.
However, they never told anything about this to Zill or anyone else. And of course, the victim of the swapping would be Ion.
Of course, Zill had already thought of the possibility of swapping Nero and Ion, so Ion's body would end up containing both Undu and Nero, but in the end she rejected this option because she decided that swapping Nero would be extremely dangerous (because her mind was quite ferocious when she trapped Undu back in the Genomirai Research Institute).

When Nay was informed about this, she was only told that Ion would simply bear witness to the Neptron's activation tests and that she would see the greatest invention of the century at work. Or at least that's how it should have been.
But Nay actually ended up learning that Ion would be the Diver.
The Diver, or in other words, the victim in the soul-swapping procedure. After all, Nay knew that Neptlude was a modified version of the same Song that Fractel sang long ago.
However, she never knew anything about Ion being the target that would suffer that Song's soul-swapping effects.

She sang Neptlude, and Ion was swapped with Nero. As this same procedure had been applied to her in the past, Nay knew very well how painful it was.
That's why she couldn't help but feel pity for Ion. However, she was unable to stop it at this point.
However, the situation completely changed once Nero started going berserk.
Taking advantage of the fact that Ion felt completely helpless and thus almost committed suicide to hold Nero back, Nay decided to return Ion to normal.
And by singing Neptlude once again, she reversed the soul swap between Ion and Nero.

Zill and Nay's Meeting, and Farewell[]

In a certain way, Nay was a being that was saved by Zill, but that was with conditions attached.
Nay's body is that of a Sharl (an artificially mass-produced type of Genom), but because the Sharls were Imaginary Genoms, she was in a state in which she would die if she didn't keep Synchronized with someone.
However, Zill is the mother of the Sharls, and since she also had the SHS Heteromycin that allowed them to exist on their own, Nay became able to continue living as normal.
In exchange for this, Nay ended up becoming Zill's apprentice of sorts.

There was also another reason why Nay was teaming up with Zill:
It was to regain her body from Ion, who had stolen it.
Zill listened to Nay's story (Nay spat out everything from her pent-up grudge toward the Tenmon to the entirety of the classified information about Soreil to Zill), and she told Nay that she knew how the method used for stealing her body worked, as well as how to reverse it.
But all this greatly surprised Zill.

The actual reason why Zill welcomed Nay in was because Nay's body was that of a Sharl.
Nay had a Sharl body that was created through the amRNA Virus, but since she was a being that had a soul of her own instead of being a mere puppet, this was of great interest to Zill.
And furthermore, everything Nay spat out greatly shocked Zill because the amRNA Virus that she didn't show to anyone except for the Chimon leadership was in the Tenmon's hands for some reason, and in Soreil besides.
Zill tried getting in contact with the Chimon leadership, but they had already broken all means of contact with her. She then came to think that maybe the Tenmon was behind this too.

Zill greatly hated the Tenmon, as they had taken both Undu and Genomirai away from her and made her life a complete mess.
And now, they even went to the point of impersonating the Chimon and stealing both the amRNA and gRNA β Viruses. She wouldn't be satisfied until she exacted her revenge upon the Tenmon.
She then decided to bid her time until a Tenmon-related incident happened.

Anyhow, Zill promised that she would help Nay with the soul swap, but in exchange she would be ordered to serve Zill as a helper.
The first order Zill gave Nay was to bring Ion to her.
Since Zill wanted Ion for other reasons and Nay greatly hated her, everything would work as desired for them both.

It was then that Nay approached Ion and began leading her around with the final goal of taking her to Four Seasons.
However, the plan came to a standstill due to Neptool acting recklessly, which ultimately led to Nay and the others being captured by PLASMA and leaving them in a situation where there was nothing she could do.
They were suddenly rescued by Quantize, led by Sarly.

Zill didn't particularly care about what happened to Nay, as she was no more than simple research material and a live sample she could observe directly of the Sharls she had made herself.
But despite this, there was a reason why Zill purposely kept Nay on a short leash.
It was because Nay was a Sharl, and [for some reason] there were Sharls in Tenmon, particularly in such an important facility as Soreil was.
The SHS Heretomycin Zill administered to Nay is a drug for controlling the Sharls. However, it won't have any effects unless the receiving subject is a Sharl themselves.
As the control code for the Sharsl was obviously set by the amRNA Virus strand Tenmon cultivated, Zill hadn't made it.
And she had now Nay, a Master Sharl that was born possessing that control code in her hands. In other words, Nay had the power to control these Sharls.

What Zill planned was to bring Nay with her to Soreil at some point.
As that was Nay's greatest wish, Zill wanted to know just how useful she would be in furthering her research.
And at that point, she would be able to maintain superiority in the enemy territory thanks to Nay being able to control all the Sharls in it.


The fact that operating the Neptron resealed the seal on REON-4213, or better said, Nero's mind was quite a godsend to Zill.
Nero became able to appear before her through an unsecured terminal Tabou had, and it was through that same method that she met with Zill.
Zill brought Nero to her laboratory, and there they engaged in a strategy meeting.

Nero told her that their current situation was both their first and last chance.
She also told her that they couldn't allow this to fail no matter what, and she wanted Zill to execute [Interdimend].
This shocked Zill. Back when she was in the Genomirai Research Institute, they had come to the conclusion that Interdimend was impossible to carry out. Or at least that was the case back then.
However, Nero knew it was possible now: all because the Tenmon had created the Ar nosurge Tube.
If they used Interdimend, they would be able to reliably break down their current [situation of defeat].

Zill didn't know anything about Interdimend beyond a few things she heard a long time ago, so she asked Nero for further details on it.

In the ancient times, back when Nero brought humanity from the faraway planet Ciela to the current planet Sharlanoia, several devices and Songs were made.
The blueprints for these devices and Songs lied deep within the ground, and while they were pretty much a buried collection of treasures that was located very near to where the Genomirai Research Institute is now, there was also one called [Interdimend] among them.
Nero and Undu managed to decipher the parts that explained Interdimend and put together a program module to use it.

Interdimend is basically a system that allows humans from the world beyond the Seven Dimensions to exert subconscious control over entities in this one.
If they used it, Zill would become a puppet for a resident of the world beyond the Seven Dimensions, or in other worlds, Nero's original world.
However, her soul wouldn't be completely hijacked: instead, Zill would be deluded into thinking that she thought herself the instructions she receives, and she wouldn't be conscious of it at all.
It's said that the ancients successfully used the power of paranormal miracles by making use of this system through the sending of a console to the world beyond the Seven Dimensions and giving it goals to make it operational to the people residing there.

There also was a very good point that comes from using Interdimend to Nero.
The residents of the world beyond the Seven Dimensions that use Interdimend can carry out actions that transcend both the Possibility Axis and the Time Axis of this world.
(Its limits come from the fact that it is inserted into an individual's Qualia, so it can only control events up to the Fifth Dimension).
In layman's terms, they would be able to reset everything upon a failure and would be able to see places that Zill physically wouldn't be able to.
Therefore, they would be able to considerably increase the efficiency for the actions they take to achieve their goals.

However, interferences from the Sixth Dimension and upwards are the only thing that Interdimend can't protect against.

Simply put, since it's impossible to control the actions of other people, it's possible the situation may end up becoming a [losing one].

Therefore, it's impossible to successfully carry out actions that would require a miracle in a 100% to even be feasible.

Additionally, Interdimend can't do anything that is beyond the physical abilities of the person it controls. It can be summarized in a simple way such as the one below:

1. It's impossible to avoid encounters with enemies or other people (due to the impossibility of controlling anyone else).

2. It's impossible to do things that go beyond the limits of the controlled subject's thoughts, emotions and disposition (there's a limit for how much the actions can be controlled. No matter how much you challenge a strong enemy, you will still lose).

In other words, they would become just like the protagonist of a RPG.

So in short, by Installing Interdimend into Zill, they would send a distress call to the residents of the world beyond the Seven Dimensions.
Once they did, the person there would take control of Zill and they would start searching for a way to reliably send her back to her original world through trial and error.
From Zill's viewpoint, if they acted according to the several kinds of inspiration and perception (or also, luck) this would give her, they would quickly and reliably head toward the method that would actually save them.

But from her viewpoint, this also was an act to which she was greatly opposed.
Since she would be controlled but she wouldn't be aware of it, naturally this carried several risks.
And because Nero also knew this, she added a condition. As soon as she returned to her world through Interdimend, she would leave Undu behind.
In other words, they both would finally be separated.
As this was what Zill wanted to happen as soon as possible, it was of great merit to her.
This is also why Zill finally accepted the idea.

Zill then asked Nero about the processes needed to carry out Interdimend.
For it, they needed to prepare two things:
The first was to make Zill Synchronize with a Cielnotron and sing to utilize the TxBIOS for Interdimend.
The second one was Chaining that Cielnotron to the Ar nosurge Tube.

The first one was done very easily, as they could because Nero gave Zill the program required for it. However, the second one was the problem.
The was only one Ar nosurge Tube, and it was installed in Soreil: it was the very same prototype that was used to summon Ion to this world.
However, Zill planned to go to Soreil at some point, no matter what methods she had to use for it. That was because she had to fulfill her part of the deal she made with that girl, Nay.
The timing was actually pretty good, as both Nay and Ion were at Four Seasons at that time. If Nay brought Ion to her, it would be possible for them to invade Soreil.
That girl knew everything that was to know about Soreil (thanks to the memories Fractel gave her). Furthermore, she was able to make the Sharls bend to her will (because Nay was given the SHS Heteromycin drug).
It was now time to reap the fruits of the investment she made with Nay.

Nay went to see Zill once after she came to Four Seasons.
At that point, Nay told Zill to wait a little bit when she told her to bring Ion to her.
However, Nay didn't trust Zill at all: they never had a trusting relationship.

And the second time she went to Zill's laboratory (when they raided it, thinking that Zill had captured Cas), Nay bid her final farewell to Zill.
To reason for this was that Nay overhead a conversation between Zill and Nero (Tabou) in which Zill said she was going to kill her.
Nay had intended to negotiate with her by arranging an exchange: she would bring Ion to her if she released Tabou and Cas (who was thought to have been captured by Zill at the time), given Zill's penchant for underhanded tactics.
However, right as she was entering the room, she first overheard Zill and Nero's conversation and that led the situation to this point.
"We'll bring Ion and Nay to Soreil, and we'll have Nay control the Sharls for us. Meanwhile, I'll Synchronize with the Ar nosurge Tube and execute Interdimend. Ion will be left as is, but that will be the end for Nay. Soul swapping? What would we do if we did that and it left us unable to get out? There's no reason to do it."
Hearing that conversation was what caused the breakdown of the deal between Zill and Nay. And it was then that Nay decided to bet everything on Sarly.

Zill then started walking a thorny path.
Sarly established contact with Clacket, and Sarly dabbled even into the plan of returning Ion to beyond the Seven Dimensions.
Once Zill noticed this, she denounced Nay right before they departed. This is an except of their conversation:
"No way... You're telling me that you actually intend to send Ionasal back!?"
"Oh, how perceptive! All the pieces are set now!"
Zill went pale at that point. The part of her research they stole had become the final piece, and it had even reached Clacket and the others already.
Zill mounted an intense counterattack, but she was foiled because of Nay's desperate defense (as Nay herself said, it was time to pay her back in full), which allowed Ion and Sarly to go to the Genomirai Research Institute in the meantime.

Zill Is Arrested[]

By threatening Clacket and the others at the Genomirai Research Institute, Zill was successful in releasing Nero from the pod.
And she changed the objections Clacket and the others had into support for her due to having performed a Sixth-Dimensional Movement with Nero, which brought success to her attempts to send Nero back to beyond the Seven Dimensions.
However, it wasn't actually a success. No matter how many years passed over in this world, she should have been able to go back to the original time and possibility coordinates she had in that other world.
However, that ended being impossible: when she was sent back to the other world, the coordinates for where she was going to end up were indeterminate. Furthermore, Nero was unable to see her original world from this one, even using the power of Oversight.
She could have caught Nero if she had rescued her, but Zill just ignored her plight and left her like that.
However, her voice reached Ion, who decided to save her. At the same, Ion shivered from thinking about how she'd be if she was in Nero's place.

Thanks to Nay's help, she was able to carry out another Sixth Axis Movement and return everything to normal, rolling back everything up to the instant Nero left the pod.
Clacket was prevented from opening the pod and Zill was arrested by PLASMA.
So by coming to this place, Zill ended up being caught by Tenmon.

However, due to an astonishing series of events, this ended becoming an even better chance for Zill.

Genomirai Project II[]

[Palace Nyurokiel] and Genomirai[]

Genomirai II was a Tenmon ultra-secret project. The place where it was carried out was within the ultra-large Colony Ship Soreil.
Soreil was created a long time ago, when the Tenmon was still a lower branch of the Chimon, and it was a relic of the Salvation Project that was carried out during the previous generation.
At the present, each organization is carrying out their own Salvation Project: the Tenmon is executing the Grand Phoenix Project, while the Chimon is implementing the Save Bezel Project, but long ago, they both were working together in the execution of the Soreil Project (Colony Ship Project).

Currently, Soreil was bought by the Tenmon and used to build a theme park. Said theme park is called [Palace Nyurokiel].
Outwardly, it was a public welfare facility Tenmon created through resource recycling in order to provide services to the Empire's citizens, as stated by the Tenmon themselves.
They also stated that although Soreil was completed only in part, it could still function as a proper Colony, and they didn't want it to fall into disrepair.

However, that was just for the surface, as inside they were conducting ultra-secret research.
What they were doing inside the former Colony Ship Soreil was research for making the Grand Phoenix Project a success, making sure that the machinery necessary for migrating to the new planet working properly when the Project was carried out, and developing the new-generation Cielnotron Server.

On the other hand, the current Cielnotron Server would be left as-is. The reason for this is that the Server and all its infrastructure would be destroyed when Ra Ciel Fuser was sung, so leaving it behind was nothing to them.
However, the problem here would be the existence they called Nero.
Currently their sun Bezel was expanding because Nero's Qualia was located in these coordinates. Nero was brought here 5000 years ago because of the failures committed by the ancients.
As Nero is a being from beyond the Seven Dimensions, she was a great strain upon these coordinates. That was why all that energy was raining upon the planet at that time (which ended becoming the Bursts).
Because Nero was brought to this world, this planet (formerly called Sharlanoia) ended up only living for 5000 more years after she first appeared.
That was why the Tenmon wasn't intending to bring with them any Seven Dimensionals when they departed for the new land: they didn't just have Nero, as they had Ion too.
And as far Ion is concerned, they intended to get rid of her as soon as she finished singing Ra Ciel Fuser.

The Full Details on the Genomirai Project II[]

Soreil's interior ended becoming the second generation of the Genomirai Research Institute.
The research that was conducted here could be divided into two large parts. The first one would be [the preparations for carrying out Ra Ciel Fuser], while the another one would be [the new generation Cielnotron Server].

The preparations for Ra Ciel Fuser, as it should be obvious at this point, were kidnapping Ion from Earth.
In other words, establishing a Seven Dimensional contact through the Ar nosurge Tube and creating a human possessing the power of Oversight through it.
Both of these researches were [essential to carrying out the planetary migration without the Tenmon losing its authority], so if any of these ended in failure, the whole project would be meaningnless.

The Ar nosurge Tube and the Seven Dimensional Connection Project[]

As it goes without saying, this was the project to transfer Ion from Earth to Ciel.
The Ar nosurge Tube was just a prototype at the time, but it was said it would be still be able to carry out its purpose.

Aside of summoning a soul from beyond the Seven Dimensions, this had the same theory as the method that was employed for Nero. However, Tenmon deliberately adopted a method different from the one used for her.
An artificially cultivated body was used for Nero, and her soul was sealed into it. However, said artificial body had catastrophic results and it took Nero a lot of time and suffering before it could be of use to her.
Due to these factors, they decided to use a body that was already alive. That body ended being the one that belonged to Ionasal.kkll.Preciel.

At the time, that body lodged Nay's soul, so to put it simply, Nay is the true Ion.
Nay's soul was driven out from her body, and Ion's soul was placed instead after she was pulled from beyond the Seven Dimensions.

Dangling a fish hook inside Earth's electrical network through the Ar nosurge Tube was finally done after a few days.
Said fish hook was a device on the Earth side we could call a Trojan Horse, which was made by Nei Yuuki copying exactly some blueprints she found.
And the one who sang the Song [Ar-Cielno Class::AR-CIELNO=>extends.TX_CLUSTERS/.] to summon her from beyond the Seven Dimensions was no other than Fractel.

While it would be very difficult to explain what transcending the Seven Dimensions implies, it wasn't necessary to worry about singing right after the blueprints for the circuit that served as the Trojan Horse were sent away.
As the Ciel Time Axis and the Earth Time Axis are completely separate and different from each other, even if the device had been buried for several thousand years on the Earth side, it would still be able to instantly catch the user in the Ciel side.
It was in this way that Ion was captured and dragged to this world.

By the way, the Neptlude that Nay was made to sing by Neptool during Chapter 4 partially follows the same theory used in Ar-Cielno.
In the other words, it serves to swap the bodies containing two specific souls. Ar-Cielno also had as an additional component a program that accessed the souls from beyond the Seven Dimensions.

Thus Nay was expelled from her own body and her Soulspace Address was transferred temporarily to a disposal Tron.
Nei Yuuki ended living as Ion, while Nay had her soul sealed into that Tron and the plan was to ultimately eliminate her.
However, Nay's close friend Fractel was who sang this Song, and she also was who saved Nay from death.
The details on their story will be told further below.

The New Generation Cielnotron Server Project[]

Nero's wonderful characteristics were that she was able to Synchronize on her own with several thousands of people and provide them all at the same time with Song Magic.
Even if normal Genoms were used as a replacement for her, they wouldn't be able to do this, as naturally, each Genom can only Synchronize with one person.
This also was what made the theory behind the new generation Cielnotron Server extremely simple, or rather crude.
To explain it in simple terms, it consisted of stuffing several thousand Genoms into Soreil and use them as relays that would make Synchronization with the Cielnotrons possible.

It sounds pretty simple, but it's actually next to impossible to carry out. First, it's impossible to get so many Genoms stuffed into it.
Since they are lifeforms, they will die if they are left alone in there, and even Genoms have personalities. Therefore, connecting with Genoms each of which have different levels of possible Synchronization with a Cielnotron is out of this world.
So it isn't so much of an old story that the Tenmon tried to put such a ridiculous plan into effect, and at best it would have taken them about five years to carry it out.

The key for this ended being the [amRNA Virus] that Zill and Undu clarified at the Genomirai Research Institute.
The data on the amRNA Virus was recorded among the documents that were confiscated from Undu, and it produced a flash of light for the Tenmon.
The humans that were administered the amRNA Virus would give birth to many Genoms alongside normal Genoms. If the human host continued producing them until their soul was completely consumed, they would give birth to about 10 Genoms in average.
However, these Genoms would have a very weak will of their own and would be devoid of souls.
So if it was possible to control these many thousands of Genoms at the same time, it would be possible to use them to create the Cielnotron Server. Such was the opinion the Tenmon had.

The Tenmon started searching for a person that could push forward the research on the amRNA Virus, and it was then that they ran into Zill.
They sent an agent masquerading as a Chimon high officer, and seeing her lack of funds as a good chance, they offered her a large amount of reward money and residence rights in Four Seasons in exchange for carrying out the research on the virus.
It was in this way that the amRNA Virus was improved little by little. Furthermore, the Tenmon also had her make a virus for creating a Genom Queen, a being capable of controlling all the Genoms that had been born from the amRNA Virus.
It was in response to this request that Zill created the SHS Heteromycin.

By the time the prototypes for both viruses had been completed, the Three Year Trials had already started.
Thanks to Zill, it became possible to produce around 50 Genoms in exchange for sacrificing a person, which were created with small bodies thank to the downsizing conducted in them through genetic manipulation, and to make them more efficient, they were designed to have an uniform body shape that the host's fantasies had no influence over.
The Genoms that were created in this way were the prototypes for the current [Sharls].

However, since this system still required sacrificing people, it was impossible to keep it working forever. So the Tenmon demanded Zill to make further progress in the research.
However, now that Zill's own position had substantially improved (because she believed no one aside of herself could ever gain entrance to her laboratory), it became much more difficult to negotiate with her.
It was at this point that Zill got arrested by PLASMA in the Genomirai Research Institute when she went to snatch REON away.
The Tenmon arrested Zill and sent her off to Soreil, telling her that she would retake the research in exchange for a certain degree of freedom.
Their goal as the successful creation of an eternal system that endlessly produced Sharls without killing people.

Nay and Her Deep Relationship with the Genomirai Project II[]

As it should go without saying by now, Nay is the true Ionasal.kkll.Preciel.
When Nei Yuuki, the current Ion was brought here from Earth, Nay was ejected from her own body and became a sorrowful girl that was destined to be eliminated.
Her removed soul was temporarily stored in a Cielnotron, but said device was stolen by her close friend Fractel, who at the time had been reassigned to the ultra-secret and ongoing project the Tenmon was carrying out for the creation of the artificial Genoms called [Sharls].
So in other words, Nay's current body is actually one of these artificial Genoms: a [Sharl] body.

However, given artificial Genoms can't keep themselves alive unless they are Synchronized with a human, Nay ended up Synchronizing with Fractel and getting energy from her.
And while they were Synchronized, Fractel entrusted to Nay the entirety of the ultra-secret information she had on the Tenmon, transferring it through their Soulspaces.
As this information would be essential for Nay to regain her body, Fractel purposely shared it with her.
However, Fractel's treason was discovered and she was shot dead for it, so Nay had to escape on her own from the facility they had brought her to: [Soreil].

What successfully had escaped from there was a girl in a Sharl body. After a few days, Nay had completely exhausted her energy and was on the verge of death.
And it was at that point that Zill found her and had her kidnapped.
Zill was the mother of the [amRNA Virus] that served as the core of the project for mass-producing the artificial Genoms, the [Sharls], and given Nay's body was that of a Sharl too; it could be said that she was like the Goddess of Nay's body.
Zill administered to Nay the [SHS Heteromycin], the virus that would allow her to live normally by drawing energy from the other Sharls, which saved Nay's life.

However, Zill used the fact she saved Nay's life as a bargaining chip to order Nay to stay at her side and help her with her research. One of the orders Zill gave Nay under these conditions was to bring Ion to her.
Nay held quite a lot of hatred for Ion, and she knew they needed her to regain her own body.
As both Zill and Nay seemed to have common goals, they struck a deal. And it was thus that Nay drew close to Ion and began leading her around.

By the way, the reason why Nay hated Ion but still treated her with so much care was obviously because she was now in her body.
Nay's goal was to bring Ion to [Soreil] and carry out a soul swap with her in there. Therefore, her body had to remain completely unharmed at any cost.
Also, the reason why she was backing Ion in her bid to become Empress with all her strength was because after she regained her body, she would be able to get herself into a slightly better position (as Empress Ion). This was why she drove Ion to do her best all the time.
That's why while there were some times where she got overly hysteric, it was because she was worrying about the future for her own tragic condition.

The Connection Between Zill and the Genomirai Project II[]

After the Tenmon arrested Zill, they for some reason ended escorting her to Soreil. And the one she ended meeting there was no other than the Tenmon Leader: Revelt himself.
In the end, the Tenmon had been the ones that masqueraded as the Chimon leadership and ordered her to make things like the amRNA Virus. WIth this reveal, Zill finally put the pieces together.

Memories of the world after she carried out a movement through the Sixth Dimension (Collapse Arc Final Chapter) still remained within Zill. About how she once managed to get Undu back to her side, and how everything had gotten back to normal afterwards.
And about Interdimend.

The instant Zill made Nero return to the world beyond, Nero became a dead person over there. And Ion brought her back. Ultimately, Nero returned to being in cold sleep, which wasn't exactly dissimilar from being dead.
Nero wasn't sure which of these choices actually was happiness to her. But beyond that, Zill developed a great hatred toward Ion due to her being the cause for Undu having been stolen from her again.
Interdimend would exhibit miraculous powers that Nero could benefit from. However, that should also have been useful to Zill in having Undu at her side again.
And now, she was in the same place as where the Ar nosurge Tube was located.
This was why Zill didn't think twice before accepting Revelt's proposal. She had sold herself to Tenmon for Undu's sake.


Astrocyte Modulatory Virus[]

The AMV is something like a regularly created structure inside the body that owes its existence to Nero's SHWs and the body given to her being unable to mesh with each other properly. So if we consider it as something like a macrophage that is forced to be produced by her SHWs, it could be said that a body from this world ended producing a new kind of virus.

That's why Ion was placed into confinement when she was brought to this world: it was in order to observe her so she wouldn't generate such a virus too.