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What is the Genometrics?[]

Genometrics is the equivalent to the place that was called the [Cosmosphere] in Ar tonelico.
That is also the are where the [Communication Part] of the Vita game Ciel nosurge takes place.

However, the difference between the Genometrics and the Cosmosphere is whether they are [an individual's] Soulspace.
In the case of the Cosmosphere, each world belongs completely to a particular Reyvateil, while the Genometrics is a world cohabited by a Genom and their host (Ra Cielan).
Strictly speaking, it is as show in the diagram below:

	┏━━━━━━┃      ┃━┓
	┃Human(Host)=Genom ┃ ┃
	┏━━━━━━┃      ┃━┓
	┃Human(Host)=Genom ┃ ┃
	┏━━━━━━┃      ┃━┓
	┃Human(Host)=Genom ┃ ┃
	       ┃      ┃
	↑The Entirety of the Soulspace

About Its Organic State[]

The organic state of the Genometrics exists through the Ra Cielans' brains, as a borrowed space on the over 80% [subconscious] that is always asleep within the Ra Cielans' Soulspaces.
From the Ra Cielans' viewpoint, it ends up having a [state of a new world that has unfolded before them] because they gain awareness about a region that had been asleep until they accessed it, which is why people generally feel only ecstasy when they first establish a pact with a Genom.
Putting it in simpler terms, it is in a [state of the Soulspace has expanded].

Speaking in Cosmospherical terms, it would have a state where it expanded on depth (Soulspace Level) and width (Soulspace Map).
It'd make it possible to exist even beyond Level 9! ...But normally, that's impossible to control.

About Its Spiritual State[]

It's basically standalone (a Soulspace is constructed by [a single host] and [a single Genom]).
However, Genoms can contact each other inside the subconscious layers within the Soulspace.
For this, they can only contact the other Genoms from which they have learned their Addresses (or within whose's Soulspace they are inhabiting) in the real world.

This has an image closer to that of an e-mail address than a house address, as if it was a house, it'd be possible to find it from fumbling around and searching thoroughly, while e-mail addresses can't be ever guessed if they weren't specified previously.

How the State of the Genometrics Changes Depending on the Different Synchronization Levels[]


The Unsynchronization state basically refers to the state in which the host is unable to recognize the Genom.
However, even if the host can't recognize the Genom, it still continues living within their Soulspace.
Indeed, this is because the Genom can freely exist within the Soulspace regardless of if its host is awake or asleep.

As this is a state in which one has no knowledge about what another Will aside of one's own is doing within their Soulspace, it is quite a scary position to be in.
So the duty of Synchronizing with the Genom at periodic intervals also carries an implicit nuance of avoiding the risks the Unsynchronization carries within.
This is because once the Synchronization is carried out, the host will perceive to a certain extent the actions the Genom has been taking. Not all of them, of course.

For example, if a Genom had a plan to betray their host, Synchronizing constantly with it would leave it unable to keep any secrets hidden.
Therefore, for the betrayal to be successful, the Genom would need to stay for a considerable span of time in the Unsynchronization state: in other words, enough time for them to make up a plan and carry out to the very end.
So by Synchronizing with it at periodical intervals everyday, neither the host nor the Genom would be able to keep long-term thoughts like these hidden [from each other].
That would also mean that the host would be unable to continue keeping hidden from the Genom that they are also feeling distrust toward it.
However, since the Genoms and humans are both [the same thing: lifeforms], it's natural for them to start having evil thoughts if they become distant to each other and spend too long a time without interacting.

Since this state covers a period of time in which the host is unable to acknowledge the Genom's presence, the Genom can carry several actions however it pleases.
For example, the [perpetuation of its species (creating children)] and [interacting with other Genoms within the Soulspace].
However, if the host sleeps while in the Unsynchronization state, the Genom can also use their body.
(There are also Unsynchronization and Synchronization states while the host is asleep, and sleeping while being in the Synchronization state, or Slumber Synchronization is quite an important factor here.)


The state that serves as the foundation for the interaction with a Genom, as in it, the Genom and the host can continue conversing with each other in a way similar to telepathy.
However, depending on the depth of their bonds and on how much their minds allow it, there is a [mental range] in which they can peek into whenever they think they want to look inside it.
For example, if their relationship goes well enough,one may probe the Genom around to [feel it is hungry], and we would be able to feel its intentions of [being hungry] even without the Genom talking to us telepathically.
However, since "probing" has pretty... bad connotations, we will refer to this act as [Tuning].
Going on, our own sensations will end up match up those of the Genom, regardless of if they are actually hungry or not.
It might be difficult to present this phenomenon in words, but as a result of this, the sensations we'd have from being hungry would be expressed through us (like having the stomach growling... grrr).

The host is also capable of using Song Magic normally in the Synchronization state.
However, the Song Magic itself also has limits that depend on the bonds the host has established with the Genom.
In other words, if the Genom thinks [I won't let this host use a power greater than this], they won't allow the usage of a power beyond that limit.
So again, increasing one's own power is the most important point to reaching a mutual understanding with a Genom.

Similarly, using Song Magic is impossible in a Synchronization state where absolutely nothing significant has happened between both parties, as both the Genom and the host need to [make arrangements] beforehand.
Said arrangements may be easier to understand if we call them a [Song Magic creation meeting].
For example, even if you suddenly shout during a battle [Please, make the area around these strong guys explode in a single hit with strength enough to kill three animals!], the Genom would be stumped about how they would carry that out.
By deciding a plan beforehand, the Genom will instantly get ready to carry it out whenever you shout something like [This time, let's use the "Kyururun Harve-tan Operation!]

Actually speaking, there are several preparations that would be needed before you'd be even able to use the [Kyururun Harve-tan Operation].
Said preparations can only be carried out while one is sleeping while maintaining a Synchronization with the Genom, or in other words in the [Slumber Synchronization] state.
This can also be done by walking through the vast Soulpace existing within the Genometrics and by talking to the varied psychological states one might have within their mind.

Slumber Synchronization[]

Among the Synchronization states, the Synchronization while the host is asleep is particularly special.
While the humans are asleep, they dream. But they don't dream while they are awake.
This is because the humans are awake in the dream world while they sleep, while they are asleep in the dream world when they are awake.

        Human Awakening Cycle (the line is called the Awareness Line)
Real World         ┏━━━━━━━━━━┓         ┏━━━━━━━━
Dream World ━━━━━━━━━┛        ┗━━━━━━━━━┛
	    Asleep  Awake            Asleep      Awake

It's slightly complicated, but to put it in simpler terms, [humans will always be awake in a world somewhere].

While they are awake, they are greatly caught up in the events taking place in the real world, which is why their interactions with the Genoms get limited solely to [conversations (telepathy)] and [feeling their consciousness].
Of course, there are people that can achieve a state identical to sleep by meditating in the real world. In these cases it might be better to consider that meditation and sleep are the same thing.
By the way, while the host is awake in the real world, the Genom can see their dream world version sleeping within the Genometrics.

The Slumber Synchronization allows one to concentrate within their own mind.
As the Genoms live within the Soulspace, this state that allows to face towards one's own mind - in other words, [a state that points one's eyes towards the Soulspace], they can see an entirely different order of things from when they are awake.
That doesn't change almost in anything from the real world though.
Depending on the people, there might be those that can't feel anything through the sense of tact or those that can't see any colors, and in their case, but aside of that, their senses would perceive almost everything as identical to the real world.
And it is during this time that they can [embark on adventures within their minds].
By going in these [adventures within the mind] with a Genom, the Genom will be able to craft [Song Magic] from within their heart.
As for the adventures within the mind, there is a more detailed explanation on them in the next article: [Structure for the Learning of Magic], but from the explanations we have given thus far, you should know already that the Slumber Synchronization is a fundamental part of becoming able to use strong magic.

As an additional note, from the explanations given in this article it should go without saying that the humans can act within such vivid and realistic dreams only because of the Genoms' abilities.
Their sense of reality is completely different from that of the normal dreams.

Perfect Synchronization[]

The Perfect Synchronization state is the one where the host and the Genom completely become one.
In the case of the Genom, since its soul switches over to connecting with the host inside their own brain, its body enters a state of apparent death.

Generally, the Genom and the host can completely share their consciousness with each other, and due to it, the human becomes capable of using several special abilities within the Genom's Soulspace as if they were their own.
In other words, this is state similar to that between a couple that would be willing to strip naked and touch each other with neither of them refusing, so the Perfect Synchronization requires a fittingly strong bond before it can be carried out.

During the time the Perfect Synchronization is in effect, the host's body will change to exhibit some of the Genom's own physical characteristics. While said changes are mostly hologram-like in nature, the body's state definitely changes.

The Perfect Synchronization generally gives a great power to those who manage to reach it, but there is a warning that must be made about it.
Said warning is about how the Genom should be treated during the time the Perfect Synchronization is in effect.
Given the Genom's body enters a state of apparent death during this time, it becomes the place to which the Genom must return once the Perfect Synchronization has been rescinded.
Therefore, it's necessary to protect the body to make sure it doesn't organically die.

So well, what would happen if the Genom's body ends suffering from organic death? This isn't a topic we'd really like to discuss, but we will explain the truth behind it here.
Since the Genom wouldn't have a place to return to from its host's brain, it would be unable to move anywhere regardless of how much it wanted to go back.
This would end up causing [a forced Perfect Synchronization state that will last forever] in which rejection isn't possible any more even if both parts are rejecting each other.
Humans suffer from complex changes such as emotional undulations and changes of heart when it comes toward the Genoms, the world and even toward themselves, so while there are times in which they may consider each other as friends, there are also times in which they'll think of each other as enemies.
In this case, they would be forced to show all such changes to the Genom.
This is something that would be enough to instantly rescind the Perfect Synchronization under normal circumstances, and while normally the Genom would be unable to see these negative feelings, in this situation they would be forced to see them.
They would be forced to see and show things they don't want to, making them feel as if they were being forced to spew poison from their mouths, and in the end this would lead to an actual emotional poisoning.
And in almost all cases, this would cause them both to gravely harm each other in less than an hour, ending with their minds completely destroyed.

All of the above described would happen the instant they tried to rescind the Perfect Synchronization.
And once they saw it's not possible to rescind the Synchronization any more, their fear would infect their partner, and the leaking of the regret and grudges they would be feeling in that instant to their partner would harm them both.
These are the reasons why one should be far more careful with the Genom's body than with their own whenever a Perfect Synchronization is conducted.

By the way, when a Perfect Synchronization is carried out with a Cielnotron, there's no need to worry about being rejected by the Genom.
Additionally, if the Cielnotron is destroyed during the time the Perfect Synchronization is active, the human would merely lose all the special abilities this state granted them the instant the device breaks.


Upon reaching the Evangenomization state, the walls separating both minds and bodies completely disappear.
In other words, both the special spiritual qualities and organic qualities (body) the Genom possesses completely fuse with the host.
When an Evangenomization is carried out, the entirety of their DNA arrangement changes to state in which it perfectly fuses into a quintuple-strand chain or higher. Once this happens, the body must undergo a corresponding restructuring, which actually means that a metamorphosis takes place.
This allows for the manifesting of incredible powers, but given the change is organic in nature, it will also cause great damage to the body.
This is because the body is forced to undergo an instant metamorphosis, so the regenerative processes that normally take days to complete are instead done in seconds.
This pretty much exhausts the person's energy reserves, as said processes consume a great amount of stamina (and mental power).

An Evangenomization requires even deeper bonds from both parties than the Perfect Synchronization, but instead of being only a question of their [relationship being of mutual trust], there's another component which is just as important in this case, which would be [how strongly they both feel about the current situation].
Given that the Evangenomization will force both their bodies to undergo an intense regenerative process, the reason behind it must also compel them to face an equally high amount of risk.
Therefore, once they have fulfilled the requirement of having [bonds deep enough for them to invoke a Perfect Synchronization at will], the most important requirement for the Evangenomization will be [to which point they feel the same way and with the same strength about their current situation].

When the Evangenomization is carried out, the user will be able to use organic powers in addition to the ones they got from the Perfect Synchronization state.
The abilities from the Perfect Synchronization were mostly explained in the previous header with the phrase [the human becomes capable of using several special abilities within the Genom's Soulspace as if they were their own].
However, the Evangenomization gives the additional benefit of [being able to use the Genom's organic abilities as an additional skill to their combined powers].

As a simple example, if the Genom is a miniature dragon and it has the ability to breathe fire, the host would also become able to breathe fire once they have undergone the Evangenomization.
Additionally, given their body would be larger than the Genom's and they would gain an increase in life force and mental power, these flames would have a strength incomparable to the ones the Genom would spew on its own.

By the way, reaching the Evangenomization stage is impossible with a Cielnotron.