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[Genoms], the Lifeforms that Rule Over the Songs[]

The Ra Cielans are capable of sharing their consciousness with a specific kind of life form.
These life forms appear as what ought to be called sudden mutations of all normal animals (like butterflies, dogs and birds), and are differentiated from their normal kind due to the fact that their possess triple-helix DNA.
The Ra Cielans call these sudden mutations [Genoms].
These creatures possess three abilities that the normal double-helix DNA creatures cannot replicate in any form, which are called [Synchronization], [Perfect Synchronization] and [Evangenomization].
[Synchronization] is the capability of communicating their will without using words; [Perfect Synchronization] is Synchronizing their bodies with that of another being as well as their minds; and [Evangenomization] is becoming physically one with another being in a way that they cannot be differentiated any more.

Actually, the word Genom is a derivation of [genome], the word used to refer to the genes of a living creature.
As their name indicates, they can fuse with the Ra Cielans to combine their genes, and the result from this would in turn become a completely different creature.
As the humans have a double-helix DNA, and the Genoms always have at least triple-helix DNA, they would become a creature possessing at least quintuple-helix DNA as the result of reaching the [Perfect Synchronization] state and above.

Humans have a maximum capacity of twelve strands for their DNA, but they actually do not use more than two.
It could be compared to them having twelve memory sockets available but only using two of them.
Therefore, these vacant slots have genes put into them whenever they undergo fusion with a Genom (Perfect Synchronization, Evangenomization).
Thanks to this, they become able to use supernatural powers.

Typically this means that the larger the number of gene strings that form the helix, the more [supernatural powers] their bearers will be able to use.
So this can be summarized as the Genoms being creatures that can create a new humanity by bestowing supernatural powers to the humans.
This is why it is impossible to discuss the history of Ra Ciela without mentioning the [Genoms].
From the formation of communities, wars, social classes, development of civilization and even the formation of the countries, the Genoms were involved in all of the important historical events that took place in this planet.

Difference between [Perfect Synchronization] and [Evangenomization][]

While Synchronization might be understood easily if it is thought of as telepathy, it might be harder to understand the difference between the Perfect Synchronization and Evangenomization states. The Perfect Synchronization is the state in which the H-Waves of a Genom and a Ra Cielan synchronize completely, while the Evangenomization state cannot be achieved without the synchronization gained from the previous stages. The difference between them will become clear if we examine these states from the DNA perspective.
In the Perfect Synchronization state, it might seem like the DNA helixes of both parties have entwined with each other and fused into one, but there is still a part of both helixes that hasn't fused completely with each other (because there isn't a base pair between the DNA chains).
On the other hand, the union of the DNA helixes is complete in the Evangenomization state due to the presence of base pairs between them.
Physically speaking, the amount of energy loss when the Genom's abilities are drawn is incomparable between both states.
Additionally, most Genoms also possess special abilities that can only be used in the Evangenomization state.
(These are abilities that by nature cannot be surrendered to any other life form under any concept, so they can be thought of as ultimate security abilities).

As an additional fact, the Perfect Synchronization state can only be maintained for a few instants regardless of how much trust the Genom and the Ra Cielan have for each other or how deep the bonds between them are. It has been said that the longest that it could be maintained is for a few seconds.
And if they reach the Evangenomization state, maintaining said Synchronization level becomes even harder. Regrettably, the historical record for the longest Evangenomization Synchronization is of around ten minutes.

The entirety of the previous explanation is summarized in the table below:

State Visible Appearance How Long it Can Be Maintained DNA Chain Status
Unsynchronization (unsynchronize) Separated Endlessly Entwined but there are no connected base pairs.
Synchronization (synchronize) Separated For a few days Entwined but there are no connected base pairs.
Perfect Synchronization (demi-genomize) The human changes shape in a hologram-like way. The Genom also changes. For a few minutes Entwined but there are no connected base pairs.
Evangenomization (evangenomize) Physical shape change. The human and Genom become one physically and mentally. For a few seconds Entwined and there are connected base pairs

Genom Diagram[]


Misconception About More Helixes Being Better[]

The first point that should be noted is that the increase in the DNA helix number resulting from fusing with a Genom gives as a result [being able to transmit feelings (DHW) to the body (SDW) with no loss, resulting in making it easier to be able to use them to manifest physical phenomena (DDW) in a way that faithfully follows one's imagination], but unless the soul (SHW) levels up, the soul itself won't change at all.
This also means that [people aren't more respected or important the more DNA helixes they have].

So the difference in the number of helixes isn't more than the differences that there are between [automobiles], [armored vehicles] and [tanks]: depending on the pilot, it might be possible that they are good at driving a tank but terrible at driving an automobile, so a tank driver isn't necessarily more capable than an automobile driver.

Differences Between Genoms and Normal Animals[]

As Genoms are born at random in the natural world, they have no shape characteristic to them.
If we might say it in a somewhat hard way, there are [dog-shaped Genoms], [cat-shaped Genoms], and [bird-shaped Genoms], among others.
They are no more than [sudden mutations] of normal animals, but there are several differences among the normal ones and those [that suffered these sudden mutations].

The first one is that Genoms possess different [abilities] from the normal animals.
Animal abilities include ones such as [survival abilities] and [mating abilities], but Genoms possess ones different from those.
First of all, Genoms cannot mate and have offspring with normal animals, so they hold no interest for double-helix animals that happen to share their appearance.
Fellow Genoms can mate among themselves and have offspring, but the explanations about how they do will be left for a later section.
Additionally, Genoms can subsist without eating any food, as they feed and live on the life force they receive from the humans they have Synchronized with.
(Genoms that don't have a Synchronization partner must feed and sustain themselves the normal way. Furthermore, there is no knowledge about Imaginary Genoms feeding themselves normally, and it has been confirmed that they will starve to death if they are left on their own for too long).

On the other hand, there are abilities that are unique to the Genoms. One such ability is the [Synchronization Ability], which is directly related to their reproduction ability.
This will be discussed later on, but while the entire process starts with a Synchronization, the details on the rest of it will be explained further below.

Synchronizing with a Genom[]

The Synchronization with a Genom is done through a [Song].
When a human thinks they want to Synchronize with a Genom, they must convey their feelings to it in its presence, which is equivalent to a [courting] for the Genoms. If it is successful, the Genom and the human will carry out a [Perfect Synchronization for greeting each other (the First Harmonics)].

As for what serves as the basis for this [success], it is [the Vocal Emission Range].
Each Genom requests a different emission range, with it having the result that they each search for a human that is compatible with them.
The first thing a Genom checks is if their potential partner has a Vocal Emission Range that includes the range they are searching for: if they don't, they won't even bother looking at them.
And since all humans have different Vocal Emission Ranges, the Genoms that will agree to become one's partner will also vary from a person to another.
But naturally, the wider the Vocal Emission Range of the person, the more Genoms they will be able to convey their will to.
Therefore, [people are more respected the wider their Vocal Emission Ranges are] has been the mindset in Ra Ciela since antiquity, and this is what served as the basis for the establishment of organizations throughout its history.

The Reason For Genoms Being Particular About the Humans[]

There is a reason for why the Genoms won't ever settle down for anyone but people that have a Vocal Emission Range equal or higher to the one they seek.
That is because whenever the Genoms need to cause some kind of effect on something, they must do so through a [Song], and furthermore, they are [incapable of singing Songs by themselves].
(Addendum: Due to their animal physical forms, Genoms can naturally emit normal sounds and cries. However, they can't sing Songs).
In other words, by borrowing the body of a human and making them sing their Songs, they become able to use their powers on the external environment.
So it would be no exaggeration to say that the relationship between humans and Genom is at worst like that of a parasite and its host.

All the elements that make up the mind of the Genom, like its [feelings], [memories] and [thoughts], are what form their Songs.
Not even the Genoms know what these sensations will bring about when they are woven into a Song.
And while these Songs certainly hold a great power in them, they cannot use them without borrowing the body of a human and making them sing.
And of course, Genoms also have particular habits when it comes to composing their Songs. Therefore, the musical scale they need to use the most will vary from one to another.
It is due to these reasons that they always seek a human that covers the entirety of the emission range they need, as otherwise they won't be able to exhibit their powers to their fullest.

The Reality of Living Alongside a Genom[]

Genoms live alongside the humans in their partners' Soulspaces. However, what does this mean in concrete?
It means that [they live either in part of the Soulspace equivalent to the helixes that aren't used, or in all of them].
The human DNA only has two chains, but it possesses an augmentability that allows it to reach a max of twelve chains.
It is said currently that [the human brain is only used from a 10 to a 20% of its full capacity], but that is because an equivalent number of DNA chains are in a sleeping state.
It is these [empty rooms] where the Genoms reside. As for how much of that space Genoms will use up, that will depend on the number of DNA chains each Genom possesses. It's thanks to [using these sleeping resources] that the Genoms allow their hosts to use Song Magic.

Also, since they will reside in the same Soulspace as their partners, this also makes it possible for them to carry out the Synchronization and Perfect Synchronization.

If we equate the Soulspace to a group of apartments, the Synchronization states could be compared to something similar to the following table:

Unsynchronization Apartments 101 and 102 are completely isolated from each other (a normal R1 apartment)
Synchronization Apartments 101 and 102 can see each other through their respective windows (conversation between both is possible)
Perfect Synchronization Apartments 101 and 102 are connected, and it's possible to freely come and go between them.
Evangenomization Apartments 101 and 102 have different entrances and exits, but all these doors lead to the same room.

Trade-Off Between Genoms and Humans[]

The Synchronization between Genoms and humans is half-formed by bonds, and half-formed as a [trade] of sorts.
As it has been described previously, Genoms must fuse with another lifeform in order to manifest their powers.

Having someone that [can physically sing (emit in the form of voice) their Songs] is to the Genoms every bit as essential as breathing or eating.
And this is because the generational change (the continuity for the species) for the Genoms is done through a Song.
In other words, Genoms are unable to preserve their species on their own.

It might be redundant to say this, but while Genoms might have all variety of shapes, ranging from insects to animals, and even more outlandish ones like the Imaginary Genoms, they are completely unable to mate with normal versions of the same species of animals as them.
To the Genoms, they are completely different creatures that only happen to have similar shapes to them.
To give an unpleasant example, Genoms trying to mate with a normal animal that looks like them would be like a human marrying a very elaborate inflatable love doll and trying to make it give birth to a child.
(Actually, it would be no exaggeration to state that the creatures we would call normal animals are Genom dolls according to Ra Ciela's history. We'll omit a more detailed explanation for the moment.)

Naturally, fellow Genoms must build a relationship between themselves before they can mate.
While we can say that all Genoms wield powers far greater than that of the humans, the interactions between fellow Genoms are made through [Songs] as well.
This is because [singing with an actual voice] is indispensable for Genoms to be able to convey their wills to other lifeforms (including other Genoms), which is why Synchronizing with a human is essential to them.
Therefore, Genoms are attracted to each other by the [Songs] they make their partners sing.
Likewise, these Songs are what actually makes Genoms fall in love with each other, as they are actually listening to the feelings the Songs carry hidden within.
Given the aforementioned, it should be clear why the [Synchronization] is such a vital act for their existence as lifeforms and why they seek humans due to having a broader Vocal Emission Range than other animals.
This is also connected to why Genoms are so particular about their partners, as this isn't only about them being able to demonstrate their power in a 100%, but because it also has a great impact on the capacity the Genoms have to find a mate.

Additionally, Genoms consume the [feelings] of the human they have Synchronized with to manifest their power, which put in more simple terms would mean they feed on their life energy.
To put it in a more concrete and easy to understand way, the act of singing itself makes use of the physical strength (SD-Waves) of the human.
So we can conclude that if the Genom uses a Song that causes something to explode, the energy consumed for it would be the life energy (SH-Waves) of the human.

Then, what would be the merit in this for the human?
It should go without saying, but it would be [being able to use the great power of Songs the Genoms possess].
The Songs of the Genoms stimulate several types of energy, and the more complex the Song becomes, the greater the miracle their powers will be able to physically manifest.
We could think of this as a rental contract, in which the Genoms allow the humans to use that power as they wish in exchange for giving them a place to live in.

Relationships and Conversations Between Humans and Genoms[]

Humans and Genoms can't converse under normal conditions.
But [as long as they are Synchronized], both partners can freely transmit their feelings to each other.
And this [exchange of feelings during the Synchronization] will strengthen the bonds joining them, and the stronger these bonds are, the greater the power the Song Magic they use will be able to manifest.
It is due to this reason that a human can depict more [accurately] the feelings they want to manifest in the Song Magic, with no missing parts or mistakes, the deeper the relationship they share with the Genom.
Likewise, the Genom themselves will do their best to supply the human with all the power they might need for this, as their feelings for them will also be stronger.

There is also a more decisive reason for this, which is that without strong bonds, maintaining a Synchronization for a long time becomes impossible.
If any of the two partners rejects the other in even the smallest way possible, the Synchronization will be terminated.
For example, the instant the Genom thinks [Ah! Don't go there...!] because they think that the human is trying to access a region of their mind they don't want them to go in, the Synchronization will be rescinded.
Therefore, the relationship between a human and a Genom doesn't end with the First Harmonics: rather, it starts from it.
For such a pair to become truly good friends to the point they can easily establish a Synchronization, which is the same situation in which a human would be able to freely use the powers of the Genoms to sketch their emotions in a very accurate manner, they would need to be together for several years.

Physical Diversity for the Post-Perfect Synchronization Forms[]

Not only the Soulspace changes when a Perfect Synchronization is carried out, as the body also suffers a large change.
During a Perfect Synchronization, several of the unique features present in the Genom's body are projected into the human.
In other words, if the Genom is a butterfly, the human would sprout butterfly wings during a Perfect Synchronization, while if it's a wolf, the human would become an enhanced version of themselves similar to a werewolf.
Thus, this large diversity of Post-Perfect Synchronization forms is a precious sense of beauty in Ra Ciela.
Strong, beautiful, cute, and cool forms... we could even say that the Post-Perfect Synchronization forms are the identity of the Ra Cielans themselves.

The Mating of the Genoms and Its Relationship with Their Hosts[]

We have previously said Genoms can be equated to parasites to the Ra Cielans, but exactly what benefits do they gain from the humans?
The Genoms gain from this union [the capability of spreading their own will to their surroundings (singing Songs)] and the [perpetuation of their species].

In other words, [singing Songs] is greatly related to the second benefit, which is the ability to [perpetuate their species].
This is because [when they sing a Song, they can Chain (recognize mutually) with another Genom.
The interactions between Genom are carried out through U-Wave and H-Wave links (both of which are spiritual waves generally speaking. Such communication can be considered as telepathy), but they can only be carried out between [individuals that already know each other].
To put it in another way, they need a [Song] to become aware of the presence of other Genoms aside of themselves.
When Genoms sing a Song through a Ra Cielan, the Genoms in the surrounding area that listen to it will memorize that Song's qualities.
The other Genoms that have memorized these qualities will then be able to establish contact through their hosts' Soulspaces (through H and U-Waves).
Therefore, while it is possible for a Genom to [listen and memorize a Song's qualities] on their own, having Synchronized with a host is essential for Genoms to [sing Songs] and [establish contact through the Soulspace].
This is due to the fact that they need their hosts' vocal cords to [sing the Songs], as well as needing their Soulspaces for [them to establish contact through them].

Genoms will nest in their hosts' Soulspaces as if they were their own home (it wouldn't be an exaggeration to actually call them their castle), and using the collective subconscious space, they can access the addresses (Soulspaces of other humans) where the Genoms they have met through their Songs dwell. It is in this way that they can communicate with each other.
And when two Genoms find attraction for each other, they mix their genes and create a [child].
In other words, Genoms create their children in the Soulspaces of the humans.
However, the only thing the Genoms can actually do is [mixing their genes]. In other words, [the structuring of its specifications (qualities)].
All other aspects outside of them, such as physical abilities and appearance aren't made by themselves, but rather [made out from the imagination] of their hosts.
This means they actually pick up something that appeared in one of their hosts' Soulspaces (which to put simply would be something like an animal that appeared in their dreams) and use the spiritual energy (SH-Waves) of the host to manifest it in the real world.
The child then is born from the Genoms while their hosts are asleep (separation) and it is made to set off to another place right away
(if the host awakens during this process, they would see the Genoms giving birth to their child. However, this wouldn't be likely to elicit a surprised reaction from them).
The next morning, the host will be in a very exhausted mental state (similarly to a temporary onset of depression), and this goes to the point where saying [I just helped give birth to a Genom] is enough to officially let anyone take a day off from work.

By the way, since the Genoms use the fantasies of their hosts to give birth to their offspring, they won't necessarily will end up being Genom with the same shape as their parents.
If a Genom child (we may call them this way, but generally they are born already with an adult shape) still remains with its parents and their hosts after being born, the common practice is to release them into the world right away.
Or if one has a neighbor or acquaintance that needs a Genom, they can introduce them to the newly born Genom too.

[Chains]: the Blessing Given to the Hosts from the Interactions Between Genoms[]

As we just described, the interactions between Genoms are an essential part of their species' perpetuation.
However, given the Genoms' ability to traverse the Shared Consciousness Fields of their Soulspaces and arbitrarily initiate contact with other people, all of this would give the hosts very unpleasant feelings.
In fact, if everything we have explained so far only brought problems to the humans, the relationship they would have with the Genoms would be a far more aggressive and bloody one.
That isn't the case though, due to the fact that these interactions between Genoms actually bring blessings to their hosts.
Said blessings are actually the fact partners connected to the Genoms can share their Song Magic power, which is called a [Chain].
To explain it in simple words, it would be ability to use [combined magic].
Or rather, the capability for a person to temporarily borrow the powers and Qualia (which is a faulty expression, so please consider it as only comprising a person's five senses for the purpose of this explanation) from several other people.
In short, it would be the ability to use a great power that far exceeds the capacity of a single being.
Naturally, such a power can't be used always or however one pleases: if all the other people involved in the Chain don't agree with its use and don't share the same feelings as the one initiating it, the power gathered from it will sharply decrease.
But on the other hand, if 100 or 1000 Genoms connected with each other and their singers shared the same feelings, they would be able to manifest an extraordinary amount of power.

When a Genom Controls Its Host[]

Once you read this, you will most likely realize that the relationships between humans and Genom are pretty much a serious, constant battle.
The explanation given at the beginning only touches the good part of their relationships, namely the fact [the Ra Cielans can invoke tremendous powers by using the Genoms' abilities], but as it could be inferred from the previous section, the relationship between a Genom and their host is basically formed by mutual and constant negotiations over several minor details.
In fact, having their minds trespassed would be unpleasant in extreme to the Genoms' human hosts.
Moreover, the reason why the Genom only reproduce while their hosts are asleep is [because they can't consciously reject the Genoms in a dreaming state], so said experience is actually far more unpleasant to the host.
Therefore, it should be far more appropriate to call these relationships as [spiritual wars] between the Genom and their host.

This is especially prevalent in the unstable initial days of a Synchronization, in which bargaining plays a larger role than the bonds both parts are supposed to share. Therefore, this is a source of constant tension for both the Ra Cielans and the Genoms.
So if any of the two lowers their guard, it's very possible for the other to end up controlling them, which makes it a pretty dangerous situation.
However, they don't seem to be particularly flustered on the surface, so we could say such relationships are very similar to the one Japan and America share in the international scene of our world.

In extremely rare occasions, the Genom might end up possessing their host and take over them.
If a Genom ever takes over someone's Dream World, their host will become crippled and won't be able to ever wake up again.
However, there's a relieving side to this (?). The Genom can wake up the body and control it as if it was part of itself, so it would seem like that person was living the way they normally do if we saw the whole event take place from the outside.
However, if left unchecked, this could lead to much more severe problems:

  1. Giving birth to a large number of Genoms.
  2. The Genom controlling its host to make it commit extremely foolish acts (like robbing a bank)
  3. Making other neighboring Genoms do the same thing to other people using the U-Wave linkage existing in their collective consciousness.

In the case of 1, they would be able to use their host's brain however they liked and make as many children as they wanted, which would cause a Genom infestation.
As for 2, it's extremely grave, to the point in which it's recognized as a social problem. In fact, the Imperial government compels its people to exert complete control over the Genoms in order to prevent it and problem #3 from even happening.

That said, it doesn't mean that Genoms are always carefully watching over for a chance in which they can take over their hosts' minds.
When they do it, it's because they have a proper reason to do so.
Generally, the following are the reasons that might push a Genom to take over their host:

  1. If the Genom ever thinks the host is a failure as a lifeform.
  2. If the Genom becomes unable to recognize their host as suitable (due to a difference in their sense of values and the like).
  3. If the Genom ends up having specific ideologies as a result of the conversations with their host.
  4. If the host particularly wishes for it.

Genoms are extremely intelligent.
However, since Genoms (and while humans are apparently like this too) are born with pure feelings, they don't have a dark side to them.
Therefore, if anything that would cause the Genom to think they have to control others happens, it will be exclusively their host's responsibility.
This is why a minimum courtesy training focused in the relationships with the Genoms is also included in the general education program the Empire provides to the elementary schools.

By the way, Genoms can never cross the physical specifications of their host's body, even when they are controlling them.
Physically it's as if they were remotely controlling the host's body, so it's not like they are directly entering the body and manipulating it to make it walk and such from within.
In short, while the host [will perfectly carry out the orders they are given] as much as physically possible, the possibility of even carrying these actions out is limited by the host itself.
So if they try giving them an impossible order, the host will obediently put the 100% of their efforts in carrying it out, which would allow the Genom to kill him or her in a very simple way.
(So for example, if a host is ordered to jump across a 10m ravine, they will try to do it to the best of their ability, regardless of if they know that it's impossible).

When the Genoms Run Away[]

The Genoms usually run away from their hosts when their vocal cords stop functioning for any reason.
The reason why they do this basically isn't due to such a naive fact like them having or lacking deep bonds, as even if they have built a reasonably deep bond, it's almost impossible for a Genom to keep being at the side of a host who had his or her vocal cords made useless.
In fact, trying to go against this instinct they have would cause them great problems.

However, if the vocal cords are only incapacitated temporarily like they would be in the case of them suffering an inflammation, the Genom won't run away, as they instinctively can recognize that it's a state that won't last forever.
However, it's different in the case of the Imperial Princess that is going to be crowned as the next Empress: when her vocal cords lose their powers as the ceremony that comes at the end of the Three-Year Trials takes place, the Genoms recognize this state as one that will last eternally.
It's actually an accurate assessment, as the next time she speaks, her vocal cords will have been changed for different ones.
Therefore, she will lose forever the vocal cords she had up to that point. That is why the Genoms they had at their side up to that moment will invariably run away.
This sudden disappearance is also one of the elements that make the Three-Year Trials such a harsh test for the Imperial Princesses.

(Extra Edition) Urban Legends Related to the Genoms??[]

There are also many exceptional creatures among the Genoms.
Here, we talk briefly about the urban legends surrounding them.

1. Theory About the Strongest Post-Synchronization Gene Chain Being a Tetra-Helix One[]

Normally, Ra Cielans have double-helix DNA while Genoms can have from triple to octo-helix DNA.
In other words, the minimum possible of helixes a Post-Synchronization form can have is of five helixes, no matter how weak the Genom involved may be.
And since the max number of helixes a living creature can have in its genes is 12, it's normally said that a creature having 12 helixes in their genes would make it the strongest one.
However, there is a theory about creatures with four helixes being stronger than the 12 helixes ones, similarly to the poker aces.
Still, since Genoms can use the supernatural power of [Synchronization] because they have triple-helix DNA at a minimum, that makes the existence of a four-helix creature impossible.
Furthermore, there are also scholars preaching a similar theory, which states that [triple-helix ones are the strongest]. Naturally, this only applies to post-Synchronization creatures.
(Note: The [Cielnotrons] that appeared at the end of the Sixth Age actually made the existence of [four-helixes combined creatures] possible. For more details, please read the Cielnotron articel).

2. Genoms that Demand a Hyper-High Singing Register[]

Genoms like to Synchronize with people that have a wide vocalization range.
And there are also people that possess a vocal range of six octaves, according to the humans.
However, it's said that there are about 50,000 Genoms in the world that not even the people that possess [vocal cords given by the Gods], like the six octave-range ones described above, can Synchronize with.
People can at their best sing up to a six octave range to Synchronize with a Genom, but on the other hand that doesn't mean that all Genoms demand a vocal range that only goes up to that octave number.
The actual problem is that actually there are even Genoms that demand a vocal range of 32 octaves.
Such Genoms are completely unable to Synchronize with humans (or rather, they won't Synchronize with them), which from the human viewpoint makes it impossible for them to continue perpetuating their species.
But given that the existence of such Genoms has actually been confirmed, it's been said that they Synchronize with some other beings that aren't normal humans.
The only reason that made it possible to confirm their existence was that there is a single person among the Ra Cielans that can handle Genoms that demand a 32 octave vocal range.
Said person is actually the many generations of [Empresses] that Ra Ciela had over the course of its history. For more details on this, please read section [02. History] of the [Empress] article.

3. Human-shaped Genoms[]

Genoms are lifeforms that can have a great variety of shapes, ranging from butterflies to dogs and dragons.
And naturally, they can also take human shape.
In the first place, the reason why it's easier for them to pick humans as their hosts is solely because they don't allow themselves to follow any other animal species due to the humans' vocal range and cerebral development, yet they still consider humans as one more kind of animal.
As far as Genoms are concerned, any [lifeform that fulfills the condition of having two DNA helixes] will serve for Synchronization regardless of if they are human or not.
And since Genoms have the possibility of [taking on the shape of every possible animal], they can also take on human shapes.
So naturally, if a human-shaped Genom Synchronizes with a human, they will become a single person.
Likewise, if a human and a human-shaped Genom Synchronize, they will have ample opportunities to exhibit a great power.
Furthermore, since their appearance won't change even if they undergo physical modification as a consequence of the Synchronization, they would be able to use strong Song Magic in such a secretive way that it would be very similar to cheating.
Of course, if a woman Synchronizes with a male human-shaped Genom, the result of their fusion would be gender-neutral, but on the other hand, that would reduce the chances of either of them getting identified, which is far more convenient when it comes to secrecy and privacy.
Due to these reasons, rich people frequently bought human-shaped Genoms from black market dealers for large money sums, which was the cause of frequent human rights arguments at the end of the Sixth Age.
However, the most extreme shape such Genoms could take would be [the case of the Incarnate Genoms, which have proper human vocal cords that can emit voice ranges capable of clearing their own range demands].
These are extremely rare cases, as these Genoms can exhibit power by themselves and without needing to Synchronize with anyone else.
However, these extreme shapes aren't welcome for the most part, as they generally [don't pay attention to limits].
After all, human-Genom relationships keep a power balance due to the mutual trade-off the Synchronizations between them imply.
Since they don't have the limitations normal Genoms have, they abused their powers to cause events like coup d'etats and mostly had very unhappy and unfortunate ends.

4.There is another Synchronization Stage above [Evangenomization], and it's Called [Solipsis][]

While it's said that the Evangenomization is the max stage one can reach in their relationship with a Genom, it's also said that there is an even higher stage than it.
Said stage is called [Solipsis], and it's described as an Evangenomization stage that lasts forever.
Once reached, the Synchronization partners consider themselves as if they had always been a single lifeform, and are assimilated into a single being that they now consider to be their natural shape.
To give an example of the integration the Solipsis stage would bring about, humans are formed by two DNA chains, but even if we think of them as being formed by two mono-DNA chain beings, said beings wouldn't be able to separate in any way.
In short, they would become a being that would be able to use special abilities forever, which can't be called a human any more.
Obviously, it would be a godly being.