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What Is a Cielnotron?[]


Cielnotron is the general use term for an artificially made Genom.

They are formed by a [Ciel nosurge Tube] that serves as their central part, and a [Cradle] that accomplishes the role of actually carrying out the effects of its Song Magic.

The Ciel nosurge Tubes mostly take the shape of the items we call [Vacuum Tubes] in our planet Earth, and they have a polar plate inside themselves that is similar to a filament that shines dimly.

The light in the plate is actually Tz-Wave energy that has been absorbed from the outer space.

(Aside of the vacuum tube-shaped ones, there are also record-shaped Cielnotrons. Their advantages and disadvantages will be discussed further below).

As the Cielnotrons use circuit processing based on Tz-Wave energy, they have functions beyond being mere imitations of the Genoms.

Concretely, it's possible to establish [Synchronization] and [Perfect Synchronization] with them, and with no possibility of getting rejected by them besides.

Since it's not a living being, unlike the Genoms, its power won't decrease no matter the conditions.

Furthermore, unlike how Genoms are particular about the humans they choose as their partners, the Cielnotrons will adapt themselves to the vocal range of the human they are Synchronized to.

In conclusion, we could summarize the Cielnotrons as [artificial Genoms] that only have the positive points of the actual Genoms.

When compared to a living Genom, Cielnotrons are more convenient in many ways.

More detailed explanations will be given later, but for the time being, we have collected the points in which they differ in the following table:

Characteristic Living Genom Cielnotron (2nd Generation) Ar nosurge Tube (3rd Generation)
Shape Has a fixed, characteristic shape Has an initial vacuum tube shape (Dummy Shape), but it's variable Has an initial vacuum tube shape (Dummy Shape), but it's variable
Life Dwelling in It Genom REON-4213 (REON=Nero) Player
Power Source Host's Life Force Host's Life Force Energy from External Universes
DNA Chain Shape Deoxyribonucleic Acid Plate and Mesh Inside the Tube Cosmic Plate (variable number)
DNA Chain Number Fixed Variable depending on its construction Variable depending on the program used
Advantages Courting and a strict training are required The Cielnotron adapts to the abilities (vocal range) of the user The Ar nosuge Tube adapts to the abilities (vocal range) of the user
Possible Synchronization Stages Synchronization, Perfect Synchronization, Evangenomization, Solipsis Only Synchronization and Perfect Synchronization Synchronization, Perfect Synchronization, Evangenomization, Solipsis

Cielnotron Diagram[]

Genomize Terminal

The Transition of the Cielnotrons[]

Before Cielnotrons were called by this name, they underwent two major revisions.

What served as the largest part of their invention in the first place was the idea of combining the Genoms' powers with technology, and that's how everything began. The first kind of terminal that was created to accomplish that goal were the [G2 Tubes]. G2 Tubes only amplified and boosted the energy of the Genoms' powers using an external machine, so they were no more than Genom amplification devices.

The next step that came later on were the [G2-DH Tubes], which were capable of carrying out the same actions of the Genoms but without needing them.

They were even commercially sold, and the very first kind of terminal using them that appeared on the market was called the [G2tron].

And evolving even further than that, we come to the invention of the Cielnotrons, which ended having the same abilities as the Genoms.

Cielnotrons are equipped with Tenmon-developed Ciel nosurge Tubes, and their main feature is that they come preloaded with a self-thinking virtual lifeform called [REON-4213 (REON)], thus removing any need for programming.

Thanks to this, anyone can freely and easily use Song Magic in the same way they would be able to if they had a Genom. Furthermore, REON won't reject or take over anyone unlike the Genoms do, and it'll adapt itself to its user's capacity.

And then, we come to the [Ar nosurge Tube], which is also called the next terminal generation.

Since it harvests energy from external universes, it doesn't use Tz-Wave energy and possesses truly infinite energy.

And since the Ar nosurge Tube can be controlled by extradimensional creatures from their worlds of origin, this allows to keep all possible time-space distortions in the smallest magnitude possible.

Ac1 tron

The Power Source of the Cielnotrons[]

The Cielnotrons have a virtual lifeform called [REON-4213 (REON)] inside them.

As it's a virtual creature unlike the Genoms, it speaks and acts according to a program.

The energy it uses for its operation is the Tz-Waves, which is supplied to it by the Tenmon-provided TZ-Line (a Tz-Wave transmission line... or electric line in our terms).

The Cielnotrons also use that Tz-Wave energy as the power source for their functions, but these are waveforms that can't be transmitted wirelessly.

In fact, the only and greatest weakness the Cielnotrons have is that [they must be wired], or in other words [they need a wave battery].

The Cielnotrons themselves are divided into two parts: the [Ciel nosurge Tube (an item that has a vacuum tube shape)] and the [Cradle (DH Memory)].

It would be fine to think of them as a light bulb and its socket.

However, they each play a role in the Cielnotrons' functions.

The vacuum tube-shaped Ciel nosurge Tube is a [SHW excitation amplifier], which means it serves as a life force booster.

And the Cradle is a DH Memory where [feelings] are put in... in simple terms, it's the place where the Song Magic program is placed.

The amount of feelings that are placed in the Cradle is very small, but they are amplified by SHW (life force energy) that have a great amount of energy in them, and become Song Magic.

Additionally, most Cradles also have the additional function of serving as a Tz-Wave battery, which is what makes possible for the Cielnotrons to be portable devices.

Still, since the wave battery has a limited capacity, it's difficult to keep singing Song Magic for an extended period of time or to sing Song Magic with complex feelings (which would also give it complex effects).

Additionally, it's impossible to give wave batteries to the Cielnotrons that possess a high amount of amplification power (as they use gigantic vacuum tubes).

In these cases, the Cradle will always be connected by wire to its power source.

By the way, a large variety of [Cradle] types were sold at the end of the Sixth Age, and it was through them that people used to express their individuality.

It was pretty much like how we pick specific cellphone models here in Earth.

How Large is a Cielnotron's Range?[]

This question is far easier to answer for the Genoms.

For example, if the Genom is a cat, then its cat body is the Genom's range itself.

So how would we determine a Cielnotron's range? Naturally, its range would be the [vacuum tube] and the [Cradle] that form the device.

Here is an example to make it easier to understand: if we consider a [fluorescent desk lamp] we could say that the entirety of the device, down to its electrical outlet, are what we call by that name.

The same goes for the [Cielnotrons], so the [Cradle] we just mentioned is also included in the [Cielnotron's] own range.

So then, how far would the range of a wired cradle extend?

In that case, it'd go as far as its [Emotion Effect Units] allow it.

The DH Memory and the Emotion Effect Units[]

The DH Memory is basically like a special [external memory storage device], which is used to seal inside itself the user's feelings.

In other words, it's nothing more than a device that makes [possible to stock Song Magic].

This is the reason why the Cielnotron users treasure their own Cradles so much: because the entirety of the Song Magic they have created is contained within the device.

By the way, given that the Cradle can be separated from the (vacuum tube part) rest of the Cielnotron, if a person has many Cradles, they can use them as separate Song Magic sets.

But while logically we could think that would allow a person to use the Song Magic from others if they get their Cradles and attach it to their own Cielnotron, that's not actually the case.

Since they naturally have different SHW (life energy) ripples, that person won't be able to craft Song Magic out of a third party's Cradle.

On the other hand, Cielnotrons (the vacuum tube part) can be connected to each other. Doing this allows to gain power from everyone else, which makes possible for the user to gain an amplified power that would be impossible for them to have by themselves.

For more information on how this works, please read the [Chains] Carried Out through the Cielnotrons] section further below.

Carrying Out a First Harmonics with a Cielnotron[]

In order to start sharing one's heart with a Genom, an initial Synchronization called the First Harmonics was required, which is pretty much a [greeting] between the human and the Genom.

So, how would such a [greeting] go in the case of the Cielnotrons?

Actually, this is the only part of using a Cielnotron that is a bit bothersome, as in the case of the Genoms, it doesn't require much work when we think that it just requires the Genoms' approval, but...

In the case of the Cielnotrons, it requires undergoing a [registration (sign up)] process at Tenmon.

And at that point, the user needs to hand over a part of their body... even just a strand of hair, to a Tenmon official. It's similar to handing over a portrait-sized photo when applying for a car license.

Tenmon will then record the registrant's DNA sequence and carry out the connection to a Ciel nosurge Tube (vacuum tube) they must have brought with them (bought at a store).

It doesn't take long, but from a long-term perspective, it has a very troublesome aspect to it.

That is that if anything happens like the user buys a replacement Cielnotron, buys an additional one or their Cielnotron is broken, they will have to head to the Tenmon's facilities to process the formalities required for them to use the device again.

However, their service has greatly improved recently thanks to Tenmon having opened several satellite offices in the imperial capital.

Programming a Cielnotron ~ Methods for Making a Life Dwell in Them[]

One of the factors that gave Cielnotrons their explosive popularity was that, as soon as one had finished the registration at Tenmon, they could start using Song Magic.

This is because Cielnotrons come with multiple Song Magic preinstalled into them.

Such preset Cielnotrons are sold in several varieties at a very reasonable price, and their types go from those used for daily life to those suited specifically for battles.

However, more advanced users don't really like these electrical appliance-grade Cielnotrons, and instead would prefer Programmable Cielnotrons.

While they are bit more costly and require some additional knowledge, Programmable Cielnotrons allow the user to create Song Magic right as their feelings depict it provided they have the skills to do so.

Their methods are pretty much the same ones used for crafting Song Magic with a Genom.

In other words, it consists of creation done through constructing something inside the Genometrics (Soulspace).

By sleeping while being connected to a Cielnotron, the user can descend into the Genometrics.

In it, there are two special systems: the [Material Pallet] which can change the Cielnotron's shape, and the [Astral Pallet] which can adjust the Cielnotron's power.

By running them is that the users can make their own original magic.

Material Pallet[]

The Material Pallet is a system (software) that both the Cielnotrons and the Ar nosurge Tube are equipped with.

By using it, it's possible to freely change the Cielnotron's shape.

This is why the initial form the Cielnotrons have (the vacuum tube form) is called the [Dummy Shape].

The process in which they change from that shape to one that is specialized for the Song Magic that is going to be executed is called Materialization.

The first time a Cielnotron undergoes [Materialization], a soul will be breathed into it, making it into a being that will be able to use some sort of power.

The Materialization is done through the use of the [Material Pallet], which only exists within the Genometrics.

When the Material Pallet is deployed, the Cielnotron's own real world shape (the pre-transformation Dummy Shape) will be displayed in a hologram.

This hologram can then be changed.

As for how it can be changed, that will depend entirely on the Cielnotron's own host.

Generally, hosts can edit the Cielnotron's shape by using [the method they think will result in the most efficient shape for their Song Magic].

So for example, sculptors would do so by sculpting, painters would so by painting, kneaders would do so by kneading, animal trainers by raising animals, and gamers by playing games.

Astral Pallet (Exclusive to the Ar nosurge Tube)[]

The Astral Pallet is a system (software) that only the Ar nosurge Tube is equipped with.

The general concept behind it is as easy to understand as the one for the Material Pallet.

Even so, the simplest way of explaining it would be saying that it is the Pallet [that increases or decreases the number of DNA chains].

In the case of living Genoms, the number of DNA chains was fixed depending on each particular Genom, while the first generation Cielnotrons could have their DNA chain number be increased depending on its manufacture and the kind of plate used, but the Ar nosurge Tube can change this through software (working inside the Soulspace) to a certain degree.

This Pallet is the software that carries out this function.

Still, we might be inclined to think that the higher the number of DNA chains the better, and that there is no reason to intentionally decrease their number.

However, increasing the number of DNA chains would amplify the mental strain and the Tz-Wave energy consumption on the user, so it wouldn't just end in a depleted battery: in the worst cases, the user itself could end up losing consciousness or falling into a coma.

Therefore, it's necessary to edit [the Song Magic to make it at a level the user can handle] through the Astral Pallet.

And if anyone would have any doubts at this point, these would be [It'd be possible to make circuits (programs) with a large power output regardless of how few DNA chains are used?]

In this case, the answer is Yes, as the Astral Pallet is a system that while carrying out the appropriate negotiations between the DNA chain number and power output, it also carries out optimization to reach the most efficient number for them both.

So while the construction methods are different, when it comes to power output and DNA chain negotiation, the Ar nosurge Tube works exactly the same as the first generation Cielnotrons.

Pallet Role Summary[]

Item Material Pallet Astral Pallet (Exclusive to the Ar nosurge Tube)
Role Shape Change, Song Magic Execution DNA Chain Number Tuning, Energy Circuit Creation


The Cielnotrons also possess a service that Genoms don't have access to.

This is the txBIOS, which is a public service controlled by the virtual life form [REON] and which is provided by Tenmon to the Cielnotron users.

The txBIOS Ranks the users will be allowed to use will depend on their Cielnotrons' specs (DNA chain number), allowing them to use Tenmon's infrastructure services.

In practical terms, this would be like allowing a common home PC to carry out calculations through government-owned supercomputers or letting them grab the data recorded by the world's most advanced radio-telescopes.

Thanks to the use of this service, it was possible to rapidly increase the variety of Song Magic the Cielnotrons could execute.

Under normal conditions, a Cielnotron user would require a specific amount of base knowledge and experience for making Song Magic, or otherwise they would be unable to craft any at all.

Therefore, similarly to how it would be impossible for a single person to design a 64-bit CPU, technical knowledge is required or crafting advanced Song Magic becomes impossible.

However, it becomes possible when using the txBIOS.

Of course, its usage would require a license, money and a Cielnotron with a DNA chain number compatible with the user's given access level.

[Chains] Carried Out Through the Cielnotrons[]

By nature, Chains are a blessing gained as a byproduct of the interactions between fellow Genoms, but since Cielnotrons were carefully designed to imitate them as much as possible, they can also emulate the Chains.

Chains Between Cielnotrons[]

A Chain between Cielnotrons is actually formed by placing multiple Ciel nosurge Tubes (the Cielnotrons' core) within the same network, physically speaking.

By doing this, all the Ciel nosurge Tubes working within that same circuit will consume the Symphonic Power (as life energy) of their hosts and add them to execute a single Song Magic.

But like it's the case with the Genoms, given that the Symphonic Power can't be supplied unless all the hosts agree with each other, the Ciel nosurge Tubes placed within an antagonistic part of the circuit won't work at all even if they are physically connected to the rest of the network.

So for example, if someone with evil intentions tries connecting with other Ciel nosurge Tubes, they won't be able to gain the sympathy from the owners of the other Tubes due to the reasons they have for needing the amplification (like using the Ciel nosurge Tube for terrorist acts), and it will become physically impossible.

Even in the case of the Cielnotrons, the sharing of feelings is an absolutely indispensable part.

Chains With the Genoms[]

This [Chain] emulator isn't just limited to the Cielnotrons, as it's also possible to Chain with the Genoms.

But since it's different from the normal interactions that Genoms have with each other, it often happens that the user must earnestly ask the Genoms for help when they want to Chain them with the Cielnotrons.

Of course, Genoms themselves can also request help to the Cielnotrons, so as long as that particular Genom doesn't harbor appropriately strong negative feelings toward the Cielnotron, they will always be ready to accept the request from its owner.

To see the specific structure for these cases, please read the [Chain Structure] section in the Song Magic Structure article.

Cielnotron Types[]

During the Sixth Age, the most popular type of Cielnotron was the [Vacuum Tube Model].

The strong points this Cielnotron type had were its [immediate effectiveness], [simplicity], and its [flexibility (due to being able to increase its DNA chain number through DIY electronics work)].

On the other hand, its weak point was that if it ever suffers from a Tz-Wave outage, it can't be instantly rebooted afterwards.

Aside of the Vacuum Tube Model, there was another widespread Cielnotron model that was called the Record Model (physical memory model).

The Record Model was inferior in pretty much all aspects to the Vacuum Tube Model, but it had a sole strong point the Vacuum Tube Model lacked.

This was the fact that the Record Model Cielnotrons could be rebooted even after going through a Tz-Wave outage.

To compare them, let's suppose both a Record Model and Vacuum Tube Cielnotrons fight each other.

If both get their Tz-Wave flows cut off during the battle and are turned on again, the Vacuum Tube Model one will be forced to start up again from its initial execution process.

On the other hand, the Record Model can resume right away from the point where its Tz-Wave flow was interrupted.

In the most extreme scenario, it could be possible to constantly keep crafting and amplifying a Song Magic at home to then execute it at the very start of a battle.

Even so, the reason why people normally choose the Vacuum Tube Model is because the Record Model has a worse cost-performance ratio.

Basically, the Record Model has a higher price tag and a much shorter functional time, as the information is physically engraved into its disc, so once there is no more space in the disc to write new information, the Cielnotron becomes useless.

And while both models have in common that using them to invoke Song Magic slowly reduces their functional time, they have a gap of over 1000 uses before they are rendered useless.

(Record Models can only be used for invoking Song Magic for 46 minutes, while Vacuum Tube Modes can be used in that state for 30000 minutes).

And of course, this [invocation state] also includes the time... the user spends editing the Song Magic inside the Genometrics.

So as long as they aren't for any specialized use, Vacuum Tube Models end up being the best investment in the long run.

Merits and Demerits of the Cielnotrons[]

Cielnotrons imitate the Genoms in the fact that they combine genetically with their hosts, so they are artificially-made base pair devices.

Since we could equate them to virus-type software in computer terms, we could say that they are like arsenic in chemical terms, forming chemical bonds with other elements in place of the phosphorus.

Therefore, when a Ra Cielan fuses with a Cielnotron, they become [a creature with an artificially heightened number of DNA helixes] that has [artificial genes] in their bodies.

Under this state, if a hacker directly connects a LAN cable to them, they would be able to control the combined form of the Cielnotron and the Ra Cielan, which could end up being a medicine or a poison depending on the hacker's intention.

Cielnotron programs can also emulate all the qualities Genoms possess, so it's also possible to make a virtual Genom through the editing of the Material Pallet.

And in neurological terms, it would be possible to cause on the combined form the same effects Genoms cause in the bodies of their hosts through chemical control of the [artificial genes].

Only Ra Cielans possess these unique qualities, which also makes them a tremendous security hole to the Cielnotrons.

Furthermore, now we change the topic to talk about the Ar nosurge Tube (the next-generation Cielnotron), it holds the risk of throwing into chaos the order of this entire world (universe), as well as being capable of doing so in a unknown number of ways.

These problems were the trigger that made Chimon decide to drive Tenmon to destruction.

The order of this world is absolute to Chimon, reason why they consider connections with other worlds as a threat to this world itself.

Changing the Cielnotrons' Shapes[]

Unlike the Genoms, the Cielnotrons' shapes don't express the special characteristics they have as Genoms.

For example, if a living dragon-shaped Genom establishes a Perfect Synchronization with their host and they use Song Magic in that state, it'll show the individuality the Genom has as a [dragon], but given Cielnotrons are vacuum tube-shaped, they can't express their individuality as [vacuum tubes] in Song Magic or in any other way.

This is because even if they have support for taking on a variety of shapes, the Cielnotrons have the vacuum tube form (the [Dummy Form]) as their default one.

The Dummy Form is the form the Cielnotron takes on whenever it's not executing any kind of power, whenever it's in sleep mode, and while it's in offline state (before a soul has been placed inside it).

Therefore, the [person inside the Cielnotron] will talk with its host and change into one of the forms that were created for it through editing when it's in offline state.

The step we just described is the very first one any Cielnotron owner must go through, and it's one of the features they possess that are identical to the ones possessed by the Genoms.

And this form change can actually be maintained regardless of the Genom Synchronization state the host has reached with the Cielnotron.

Still, there is something important that must be said.

It is the fact that [regardless of the Cielnotron's size, the capacity for the transformation is directly proportional to the amount of energy it'll need to be carried out].

There are several sizes that Cielnotrons can have while they are in the Dummy Form, but that a Cielnotron has a large default size doesn't necessarily mean it'll make it easier for the host to change its shape.

Regardless of size, the amount of energy needed to change a single cubic centimeter will be the same from a model to other.

In other words, almost all large Cielnotrons would require tremendous amounts of energy to completely change their forms.

Due to these reasons, the Cielnotron designs made during the Sixth Age established that they could have only 8 cubic centimeters as their max size (it would be a cube with an area of about 2 meters).

Even so, there were some models aimed at professionals and veterans that normal people acquired, which had sizes that in average were below 50 cubic centimeters (the size of normal vacuum tubes).

If they didn't do so, they wouldn't be able to use the form changes however they wished.

In the first place, large Cielnotrons require an appropriately large wave amount to work, so normal sockets wouldn't be able to provide the wave amounts they needed.

The larger the scope of the change a Cielnotron is going to undergo, the more efficiently it'll provide potential energy to its host.

Due to this, it'll also have a larger effect on the DNA helix chains (at the least the number that are within the plate's jurisdiction).

What makes Cielnotrons different from living Genoms is the fact that it's possible to change the DNA chain number that will link with the host by remodeling the Cielnotron.

Even so, it doesn't mean it'll be possible to make a Cielnotron that works with 12 DNA chains (it's theoretically possible to directly connect to a Cielnotron that has 12 DNA chains, but practically speaking it's close to impossible to pull off).

As it might be normal to think, the default number of chains is 3 (which combined with the host's two chains would add up to 5), but the number it'll ultimately have will depend entirely on how the Cielnotron is made and programmed.

The Next-Generation Cielnotron: the [Ar nosurge Tube][]

There is only one complete model of the Ar nosurge Tube due to the time at which it was developed.

This is rare kind of Cielnotron that was developed at the end of the Sixth Age, and while it wasn't possible to complete it to perfection, it is still the sole strongest [next-generation Cielnotron] that currently exists.

Its differences with the Cielnotrons that existed prior to it can be summarized in a single point:

  1. By establishing contact with other universes, it can acquire limitless amounts of energy from them.

However, this doesn't mean it would cause a great change from the beginning.

This is because while [it can acquire limitless amounts of energy], that isn't something that happens [instantly].

We could say the Ar nosurge Tube and the other universes have a relationship similar to that of a water supply and the water it contains: it would be impossible to fill up a pool with only a bucket filled with water, but it would be possible if you had a faucet connected to a constant water supply.

Still, that would take an absurd amount of time, which could only be shortened by enlarging the faucet opening's size and increasing the water's pressure.

We could say then that the first-generation Cielnotrons (the same ones that enjoyed the greatest prosperity during the Sixth Age) can be equated to the [bucket filled with water], and that the next-generation Cielnotron would be a [water supply's faucet].

However, its opening size and water pressure would change depending on the inhabitants of the other universes.

Extra: A Television's Feelings?[]

In this world, it's possible to acquire paranormal powers through the use of special vacuum tubes called the Ciel nosurge Tubes, but they can also work as normal vacuum tubes due to having the same shape as them.

Vacuum tubes accomplish a role similar to a CPU in this world, and while they have the same shape as the Ciel nosurge Tubes, their functions are completely different.

Well then, let's make an example by saying we take a vacuum tube television and replace its vacuum tube with a Ciel nosurge Tube.

What would happen then...?

The answer is that generally nothing would happen.

However, the truth is that some extremely weak feelings, not powerful enough to be even felt by humans, would be transmitted to the Ciel nosurge Tube's host.

These would be seen as the television's feelings by the host Synchronized to the Tube.

For example, a [television] does have feelings in it, which are actually the feelings the maker had when they created it and the feelings the users had when they used it.

Therefore, the feelings a television has would be different from those a wired hot-water dispenser or radio would have, so they would be completely different worlds from each other.

Of course, if a television and a radio are made by the same manufacturer, there are cases in which they could have the same feelings.

In these cases they wouldn't be identical, but rather analogues.

In other words, while both the television and the radio would have different feelings in a 100 SHmag (feelings units) scale, they would have the same ones in a 10 SHmag one, and if we go to a 1.0 x 10 to the -10 power SHmag scale, all the manmade objects in the world would have the same feelings.

However, these feelings have so little power that they would be included in the measurement error range regardless of how much they were amplified, so they would be unable to provoke any reactions on normal humans or even in the Ciel nosurge Tubes.

In any case, with this we have established that all normal [objects] contain a collection of extremely weak feelings.

Regardless, there are people that make a living out of these weak feelings: these are the [detectives] and [prosecutors].

These people possess special Ciel nosurge Tubes that have an extremely high amplification rate, and they can perceive [these faint feelings that permeate the objects] through a special training.

Thus, by picking up the feelings contained in vacuum tube-equipped objects found at a crime scene, they expose the truth behind the crime.

However, as there are times in which they can see said truth, there are also times in which they are unable to do so.

It's said that their probability of seeing it increases in situations like atrocious crimes, which have a high possibility of stirring strong emotions.