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Welcome to the abyss of Surge Concerto.

This wiki contains part of the insider materials used by the staff to make sure the games shared the same world setting during the development of the Surge Concerto series, of which the materials concerning the world setting were detached and revealed to the public.

Several topics that couldn't be discussed in-depth during the games, such as history, geography and the civilization setting have been published here.
As this explains many matters that had been left a mystery up to this point, they might be useful to everyone out there.

While we think it might be somewhat laborious to read through due to being composed mainly by written sentences, I hope that even just reading a little bit of it will help to enrich further your Surge Concerto life.


There are a few points which we want you all to take in account about these insider materials:

  1. All explanations assume the reader has a certain degree of basic knowledge about the universe (of the level that could be gained just from playing through the games).
  2. This doesn't comprise the entirety of the setting.
  3. Unlike the Setting Encyclopedias published previously, each page has a context that applies only to itself. Therefore, it's possible that some explanations may be repeated many times.
  4. It's possible there are some misspellings and grammar mistakes.
  5. We gave a close examination to all the pages and arranged everything while making sure that all the information in this wiki was consistent by the time of its coming online, yet it is still possible there are still some inconsistencies in it.


World (Sixth Age)
Unified Empire
Scenery and Institutions
Lifestyle of the Empire's Citizens

World (Seventh Age)
The Ark

The Truth About This Planet
Genomirai Project
The Truth About Kanon

Song Magic Media
Special Notes About the Ark

World Summary
Song Magic Summary

The Structure of EXA PICO's Universe

Dimension Theory
Dimension Theory Addendum
The Laws of the World
The Existence Called Ion
Videogames And Quantum Mechanics

Emotional Song Pact