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Translation for the Ion Voice Disk included as part of the Ciel nosurge Online Agent Pack.

Track 1[]

  • machine getting turned on*
  • knocking sounds on a metal door*

Ion: Let me out! Let me out from here!

Ion: Why..!? Why this happened to me...?

  • knocking sounds on a metal door*

Ion: Please, anyone! Let me out!

Ion: *coughs and breaks down crying*

Ion: No... Let me go back home!

Ion: Why... this had to happen...?

Ion: I... didn't want any of this...

Ion: I want to go back home... dad... mom...

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*
  • scribbling*

Ion: When I try talking to the people who brought me food, I could get something that looks like paper and a pen. I'd say it's because they don't know me. But I think maybe, it's because they think that my mind can easily calm itself down or something...

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*
  • tinkering*

Ion: I saw it on the book, so maybe if I do it like this time... And if join the parts this way...

  • metal striking*

Ion: Ah! *sighs*

Ion: I knew it, I can't do it... right? I've never done something like this... And besides, even if I managed to escape this place, where I'd go...?

Ion: I don't know anything...

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*
  • scribbling*

Ion: Today, they et me out for the first time since they imprisoned me... It really felt good..

Ion: If I could go back home, I could take as many walks around as I wanted... But anyway, I don't really get it, but looks like I'm in a police investigation or something... And besides that... I don't know, but no matter how much I ask, no one will tell me what's going on...

Ion: They also made me take something like a psychological test... Or at least I think so...

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

Ion: They gave it to me so I could have something to amuse myself with, but this... technical book? All the devices on it seem to use vacuum tubes... And they work on... Wave Science?

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

Ion: What's going to happen to me...? I won't be able to go home anymore...? After I got suddenly kidnapped like this... Are they going to kill me or sacrifice me for something...? No...! I don't want that...!

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

Ion: I finally realized it... I won't be going back home anytime soon... It seems like I'm suitable for something... that's being done for the world's sake... And until that's complete... I won't be able to go back... And maybe...! No, I don't care about what happens to this world...! I just want... to go back home...!

Ion: And today was the last experiment... Since they did it, my body doesn't hurt... I have no life... But... my heart... my mind can't stand it anymore... They're going to do something about it too...

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

Ion: What should I do once I get back? I'd like to go to a parts shop, get all sorts of parts and try using them to make a new amplifier. Ah, and I'd like to eat a parfait! And I should do some workout too.

Ion: I want... to go back...

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

Ion: *hums*

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

Ion: I met someone who seemed to be very important around this place.

Ion: I thought this person could be able to help me, and so I ended up letting all the emotions I had bottled up until now burst out at once.

Ion: I told them "Please let me go back... Let me go back to where I was..."

Ion: At the bottom of my heart, I knew it was no use. That is was most likely impossible.

Ion: That I was called to this place because I'm important to this world...

Ion: But that person told me: "If you do like the people here instruct you to, we'll send you back to where you were!"

Ion: And for that reason, they told me I have to take part in something called the Imperial Succession Trials. But I can go back! Even when I started to think it was impossible... If do my best, I'll be able to go back!

  • shut down*

Track 2[]

  • machine getting turned on*

Man: Come out now.

Ion: *groans*

Man: What is it? Hurry and come out.

Ion: I-I'm sorry.

Man: How are you? It seems you have gotten used a little to your life here, huh?

Ion: Ugh...

Man: *sighs* Well, it doesn't matter really if you have or not, but I still need your cooperation.

Ion: I... I can't do anything like that! You must have the wrong person...! Please, let me go back...!

Man: No, you are special. It's just that you have yet to realize it. And I want you to cooperate with us.

Man: If you proactively cooperate with us, you will be able to speed up the time in which you'll be sent back.

Ion: Is that true?

Man: Of course. We don't want to keep you here more than necessary either. Once your part is over, you will be sent back at once.

Ion: ...Understood.

Man: Well then, let's begin. Let's set you up.

Ion: W-wait a moment! What are those!? Please stop!

Man: It's okay, it won't hurt you. We will just measure the resonance between the regions of your mind.

Man: Ok, we have no time to lose. If you behave well, we'll finish this quickly.

???: Lux! Is the recorder ready?

Lux: It has already started running.

???: Very well.

Lux: Yes.

???: Initiating recording for the Imperial Astronomy and Quantum Wave Theory Laboratory, Genomirai 7, ID GM-00315, ID Code 04-133-7255474-3233, Level 9 Secret log.

Ion: Agh...

Lux: It'll be fine. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Ion: Ah... but...

???: Now, we will begin with your basic information. Your name is Ionasal.kkll.Preciel.

Ion: No... My name is Yu--!

???: Your name is Ionasal.kkll.Preciel.

Ion: Uh... Yes...

???: You are the second daughter to the currently ruling Empress Ra Ciela and first child to the Tenmon Leader, Lord Revelt.

Ion: Ugh...

Lux: Her SH have increased further by 4.00, reaching a round 138.

???: How is the state of her DH?

Lux: It has increased twofold. However, the analysis of her vocal energy shows an increase from 300 to 1000.

???: Record that at once.

???: Well then, we will ask you a few questions starting now. Don't think too much about them, and just answer them as fast as possible.

Ion: Huh? Okay...

???: What animal do you consider yourself to be?

Ion: A... A racoon...

???: What would you do if you found yourself all alone in an deserted wasteland?

Ion: Umm... ummm..

???: Which one is the strongest between a circle, a triangle and a square?

Ion: Umm... the circle?

???: How does this illustration look to you?

Ion: Huh!? Umm... That's something embarrassing...

???: How much is 18 plus 3 times 24 divided between 7?

Ion: Umm... 28.2857

???: I like you.

Ion: Huh!? Wh-why are you saying that!?

???: If I press this button, I can cause a cardiac arrest on you. What will you do?

Ion: Huh!? Is that true!? No, please don't do that!

???: Lux, check them.

Lux: About the tests, her instant decision making ability has a score of 736. Her rational thought ability results give her a total of 82. Her emotional rotation results give a total of 12.

???: Hmm, prepare to start the shelter test.

Lux: Very well.

  • locking sounds*

Ion: No! What!? What are you doing!?

???: I'll continue asking you questions. However, if you don't give me an answer quickly from this point on, you will receive a discharge of 100 volts from the shell on your buttocks.

Ion: Huh?

???: Again, if you don't answer, you'll get punished.

Ion: Ah...! No! Stop! No!

???: Lux. Inject her 12 milligrams of HRT antibodies, with a MV of 3/s.

Ion: No, no! Please, stop!

???: Well then, let's continue the questions. Another you is looking at you right now, what is she wishing for? Answer now.

Ion: Umm...! Umm...! About my future happiness!!

???: There is a house where a witch lives, and the walls of that house are...? Answer.

Ion: The walls of my heart!

???: You start walking to go meet your precious ones, and on the way you find...? Answer.

Ion: Umm... ummm... a store!

???: Lux, check the results.

Lux: Yes. Her emotional rotation cycles have peaks and drops up to 80. Her maximum resistance value is of 831 stress. Her results are quite favorable. However, her instant decision making ability value didn't drop beyond a value of 736. She is quite stubborn.

???: Hmm... Let's continue the experiments. Finally...

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*
  • roaring*

Ion: Ahhh!! No! What are you doing!?

???: You have nothing to fear. We wouldn't do anything that wasn't previously approved.

Ion: That has to be a lie! A lie, a lie, a lie! And besides, why are you leaving all alone with that!?

???: Go and touch that beast, and don't be afraid while you do that.

Ion: N-no...!

  • roaring*

Ion: Aaahh!!

Lux: I think we can get the experimental measures we need already. We should drop the level.

???: That would change the conditions. We need to maintain them for the results to be as exact as possible. This is especially true for test that needs such a close contact as the Synchronization one is.

Lux: But... At this rate... Her life will be...

Lux: Oh, this is...! She completed the Synchronization...!

Lux: Her Genom erosion level at the time of a Synchronization is of 21816 DH/mag. It's unbelievable...!

???: So she could manifest it to such a point, huh? The Synchronization test level will begin now. Start the preparations.

Ion: *sniff* Please... don't eat me...!

  • roaring*
  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

Ion: Ah...! You're still... going to do something to me...? Please, just let me go back home...

???: Before that, there are still a few more things we need you to do. Extend your hand and wave it around.

Ion: Huh? Wait... what's that for?

???: Hurry and do it.

Ion: Ugh... Okay...

Ion: Agh...! It's hot!

???: Don't let go.

???: Lux, what was the reaction?

Lux: The measured values are far too small. They only show the area she touched was far too small to get any significant results.

???: Touch it better!

Ion: Ugh! I'm touching it the best I can!

???: Don't lie!

Ion: I'm not lying!

???: Looks like we have no choice. Lux!

Lux: U-understood!

Ion: Aahhh! It's hot!

Lux: I have finished recording the results. I have all the values for her Tron Synchronization Coefficient. The results show the existence of a TF at the tube's top where she grabbed it, and the energy value for it is 21.

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

???: We have now completed all the experiments. This half-year has been filled to the brim with difficulties for you, yet you managed to get the greatest results.

Ion: Yes... Thank you.

???: So in the end, as you are yourself a subject that can see the things with an overlooking perspectives, I want you to tell me about your current state.

Ion: I'm all sleepy... I'm tired..

???: You said... You are sleepy...?

  • shut down*

Track 3[]

  • machine getting turned on*
  • Ion snoring*

Ion: Uh... Good morning... But it doesn't matter if I say that... There's no one to greet me, right?

Ion: What should I do today? Hmm... Maybe I should make something.

Ion: I made a vacuum tube before, so maybe this time I should... Ah, right! I should go get some ingredients!

Ion: I should go to Nelico's shop. Okay, it's decided! I'll go shopping today!

  • stomach grumbling*

Ion: But before that, I should have breakfast, right?

Ion: Huh...? What happened?

  • opening something*

Ion: There's nothing here... Looks like I'll have to cook up something... But I don't really know how to make anything. *sigh*

Ion: I'll have to eat Gourmettes again.. But they're still nutritious, so it's enough. I really want to cook something, but... I don't really know how to make any food... And it's so boring... If it were vacuum tubes, I could continue making them forever!

Ion: How mysterious... I could wanted to sew something, but I'm not exactly girly enough for that... right?

Ion: Hmm, but it'd be great. I shouldn't worry so much.

Ion: *sing-song* Today I'll eat a Gurmette again~ On my pajamas, medicines, machines and vacuum tubes I'll make~

Ion: *sing-song* I'll go shopping to Nelico's~!

Ion: I wonder... Will Nelico be at her store today?

Ion: There's never been a day she hasn't been at the store, but her store doesn't seem to be that packed either. Right?

Ion: Agh, enough! Why Nelico wouldn't be like that! Get real! I'm the only one who goes there, and she always bullies me! Hngg!

Ion: But she also gives me discounts every now and then, so she's a really nice person too!

Ion: Ok, let's go buy some ingredients. But what I'm going to make once I do?

  • thinks a bit*

Ion: Looks like it'll be a vacuum tube again!

Ion: What should I do for the filament and the cathode? Isolating Tz-Waves isn't something I can do very well either.

Ion: Hehe, but looks like it has turned out to be pretty fun! It'd be great if it came out well this time too!

Ion: Okay, I'm ready! Time to leave now~!

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*
  • metallic sounds*
  • something falling down*

Ion: *gasp gasp* I'm... back...!

Ion: So tired...!

  • water sounds*

Ion: I'm back... from the store!

Ion: Hihi... I might have picked up something amazing!

  • metallic sounds*

Ion: Kemokemo~ Kemokemo~ If you walk through them, you'll get to Nelico's General Store~!

Ion: Ah, right! I wonder, what's Kemokemo supposed to mean?

Ion: Kemokemo... Kemokemo... As in animal in Japanese? But... I've never seen any animals out there.

Ion: And there are vacuum tubes sprouting from the ground all over the place. Hmm... if you think about it like a normal person, it's pretty weird to have vacuum tubes growing from the soil.

Ion: But as far as I know, maybe it's common knowledge that vacuum tubes sprout naturally from the land! No, that can't be possible. After all, vacuum tubes are man-made things.

Ion: And there are so many things dropped on the ground. Is someone throwing them out or something?

Ion: But that can't be right... I've never seen any other people aside of Nelico or myself. To think only us two exist in this wide place... it feels a little lonesome... It'd be great if Nelico talked a little more to me...

Ion: There's no one else in this room, huh...? I've always been alone. Why I've come to feel this way? Why I'm in this place?

Ion: Ah, right! I forgot about it! I had forgotten I had picked this up...!

Ion: Whoa! I've never seen a machine like this! This is an extremely rare thing for someone that loves machines as much as me! Hehe!

Ion: It was so heavy, but I did my best to bring it back here! I have to investigate every nook and cranny of it!

Ion: *sing-song* Machines~! Machines~!

Ion: Hmm, now I look at it again, it has a pretty weird shape. What could be its use?

  • tinkering*

Ion: It doesn't seem to be working. Maybe it's broken?

Ion: Ah! If I remove this part, I may get to the inner machinery!

  • tinkering*

Ion: Let's see... Huh? What's this!?

Ion: Ah! Maybe I've... picked up something amazing!

Ion: *pants*

Ion: Once more! Calm down, and take a good look at it!

Ion: It has a monitor, so maybe it can project something? Ah, the monitor seems to be turned off, so maybe this end serves to give it energy?

Ion: Hmm, what could it be for? I knew it, I won't really know unless I take a good look at its insides.

Ion: Now I look at it again, maybe it could end up turning into something incredible? I've never really seen or heard about a machine like this.

Ion: I don't get at all how the Tz-Waves are supposed to flow through it.

Ion: It should be getting Symphonic Power through here, but... No, it's not like that for it... Over here... Huh? Ah, I see! It has a mechanisms that makes two sources of Symphonic Power to use each other! But if that's the case, what could this part be for? If we revise this part here... it seems like it'll move... Huh? This works... like this...? Ehh, I can't make any sense of it.

Ion: Ah, amazing, amazing! This is great discovery! I'll show you I can get you working!

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

Ion: I've come to understand it was made using a special Tz-Wave arrangement, but most of it is formed by unknown parts, huh?

Ion: It seems like a lie! But I want to research it more! Maybe I should go get some sleep...!

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

Ion: I see! It uses this part instead of a transistor! And if we put this part like this...! I got it! I can do it like this!

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

Ion: Agh, I don't get it! It has parts I've never seen before all over making it up! Aghh!

Ion: What could this be for? It's a monitor terminal? What could it connect to?

Ion: I'll... repair it... no matter what...

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*
  • tinkering*

Ion: *sing-song* Hmm, hmm~ Vacuum tubes~ Hmm, hmm~

Ion: This part must be to push the Tz-Wave flow, and this one seems to be the one that puts this thing in operation. Hmmhmm, I'm starting to understand how it works bit by bit!

Ion: Maybe it's only a little more until I can fix it!

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

Ion: Huh? I fell asleep?

Ion: Hehe, just wait a bit longer, okay? I'll get you fixed in no time.

Ion: Ok, time to do my best!

  • shut down*
  • rewinding*

Ion: I did... it... Ahh! I did it! Yeah, yeah! It should work now! It was so difficult, that I didn't even know how I'd do it!

Ion: And now it's time to see where it connects to! In the end, I don't understand completely its structure, so... will it actually work?

Ion: No, I've come this far already. I won't know until I press the switch, right?

Ion: Huh... Don't blow up, okay?

Ion: Huhhh... I'm not doing anything but being scared...!

Ion: It seems like I managed to make it work, and I wanted to know what kind of machine it was, so nothing will happen if I don't get it working!

Ion: Okay then... work, please!

  • switch on*
  • boot-up sounds*

Ion: Ah, I felt something!

Ion: Ah, it moved! I did it! The terminal moved!

  • shut down*