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Aurica Nestmile[]

At1 p13 translated

Aurica Nestmile


One of the candidates to Holy Maiden of the Church of El Elemia. Because of various incidents, she doesn't have any confidence in herself and tends to keep quiet while in the presence of others. However, because of her meeting with Lyner, she grew into a girl capable of believing in herself. Her Install Port is in the back of her neck.

Born in: Skuwat Village              Age: 17 years
Job: Church Holy Maiden Candidate    Hobbies: Singing, Cooking
Likes: Don Leon, Claire              Hates: Shameless People, Teru Tribe
Dream: Meeting the Three Goddesses   Motto: I want to become stronger.


I'm not more than a defective Reyvateil
that isn't useful to anyone.

Director's Comments about Aurica[]

Page 13:

She looks like a standard heroine, right? We actually had aimed to make her have the characteristics of a prototypical heroine. And the way she has her hair tied up behind herself was an idea of Nagi-san. He came with that idea because of the "tail" part of "Revatail" (Reyvateil).

Must-know Keywords About Aurica[]

Inferiority Complex[]

When she was young, Aurica was always with Claire, who was said to be an [excellent Reyvateil] by the rumors of the townspeople. Aurica felt uneasy living at her side, which caused her to lose her self-confidence and gradually got her accustomed to to being a girl that didn't stand out from among the people. That inferiority complex later on ended descending to the deeper roots of her maidenly heart.

Life Extending Agent[]

Since she is a Third Generation Reyvateil, Aurica has to receive periodically doses of a Life Extending Agent (Diquility) or she will die. The Agent has to be administered each three months, as its effects will wear off after that time. Before the source of this condition was understood, it was feared as to be a lethal disease called Tattoolist, which would make girls suffer from high fevers and be plagued with nightmares until their deaths.

The Stories of the Trio of Elemia[]

Since she was a child, Aurica admired the stories of the Goddesses of the Trio of Elemia and always liked to play a game she called [Playing Goddess]. She was very surprised when she learned that she was the reincarnation of Goddess Tilia, but it actually was a lie fabricated by Mir. The Goddess Tilia that had appeared before Aurica previously was also an image Mir sent.

Love for Cooking (?)[]

Aurica has all the intention of cooking for Lyner. She once went to the general store to check for ingredients, more specifically, Mondakababu and Babango. While they both had terrible names, the Babango was especially considered a health hazard if eaten without having removed its poison beforehand. By the way, while her cooking methods are quite haphazard, they give quite a lot of color to the meals she makes. In other words, her super vague cooking seems to have an unexpectedly good flavor to it.

Without Baring Her Fangs...[]

Maybe she is just too naive or she just isn't very tactful, but Aurica sometimes says some hurtful things, even if she says them without any actual spite. Because of her usual shyness, even Radolf ended reflexively saying that Aurica [might be a pretty gutsy girl...] As for the impression Aurica has of Radolf, she thinks of him as a [relatively old man who gets older every day]... Maybe he was better off not knowing that.

Orgel Shop[]

The most noteworthy product from Aurica's hometown was the Skuwat Metal, used also in the creation of orgels. Since she also loved the orgels, it seems her dream was marrying an orgel artisan.

Letters to her Parents[]

When Bourd attacked Skuwat Village, Aurica lost both her parents. After that incident, Aurica returned once per month to her old house in her burnt down hometown and left there letters telling about what had happened day after day to her deceased parents.

Aurica's World (Cosmosphere)[]

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Aurica has many things she never talks about with anyone, as well as also keeping her distance from her companions due to her negative thoughts. She frequently tucks away all the unhealed scars she has sustained inside her heart. And the reason why she avoids contact with others is due to her fear to being wounded.

Aurica's Mind Guardian: Don Leon[]

A lifeform that resides in Aurica's mind and which serves as the guide in her Soulspace. The basis for his existence is a stuffed animal that Claire gave to Aurica the day she left their village. He is the loyal knight who protects Aurica.

Born in: Aurica's Soulspace       Age: ??
Job: Soulspace Guide              Hobbies: Picking out furballs
Likes: Aurica                     Hates: Guys who hurt Aurica
Dream: Continue protecting Aurica Motto: I’m always there for Aurica.

Level 1: Princess of Thorns[]

Regrettably it was a world whose surface was covered by thorns. The Aurica of this world was unable to believe in her own abilities and always was insecure about herself. Because she was encouraged by Lyner, she learned that she could control what happens inside of her own mind.

Level 2: The Scars Carried by the Dragon[]

A Dragon attacks Aurica's village and it can't be defeated no matter how many times they fight against it. When Aurica was young, a Tenba platton burned down Aurica's village and she she lost her parents in that incident. The Dragon is a symbol of these scars.

Level 3: Healing Hands[]

Even if everything is possible to the one who controls the Soulspace, for some reason Aurica was unable to heal Claire's sickness. That was because of the jealousy Aurica felt toward Claire without realizing it herself.

Level 4: The Power of Losing Power[]

"I'm useless", negative thoughts like these have an unexpectedly violent power. Shackled up by them, Aurica recklessly decided that even the parts of herself that had some capability to them were useless.

Level 5: Warped Guardian[]

Aurica's Mind Guardian Don Leon was a stuffed animal that Claire gave to Aurica as a present. He always served as her heart's support, but it seems that she also ended forcing him to do unreasonable and selfish requests.

Level 6: Bewitching Heart[]

Aurica's feelings for Lyner changed into a way where she wants him all for herself and wishes to restrain him forever. And she has even come to realize he has to respect her wishes because he is such an important person to her...

Level 7: Holy War[]

There are two conflicting wills inside of Aurica: the conflict between her rational side and her instincts. And in this world, the roots of Aurica's world started shaking because she started being enshrouded by feelings of distrust.

Level 8: Laments of the True Intentions[]

A world where instincts swirl all over to a point not even Aurica herself can control them. The more violent her feelings become, the more she will hurt her beloved Lyner, this being a dilemma that caused Aurica great suffering.

Level 9: Vow[]

Everything was lost. But from that, a purified world was born. Having finally synchronized with Ar tonelico, a new Aurica has gained supernatural powers alongside love for the world.

Director's Comments for Aurica's Costumes[]

At1 p16-17 translated

Page 16:


Clothes imagined after a world of swords and magic. While we created this game as a fantasy RPG, because the world setting aspect is quite lacking in the fantasy factor, I'm sure that making her wear these clothes with a high fantasy factor should allow you to see the difference.

Holy Guardian[]

The mikos have a healing spiritual feel. Because of that, we gave Aurica for her Healing Hands level an arrangement of the traditional miko clothes. I personally think that Japanese clothes have a pretty good overall balance to them, and that's why I like them a lot. Maybe it's because of my Japanese blood...?

School Days[]

When I started worrying about what kind of setting we should use to finally solve her inferiority complex problem, we finally decided to set it into a school. However, that ened costing us the scrapping of the magic school setting we had planned in the initial stages of the project (where the wizards used black robes). Personally, I really like wizards.

Don Leon[]

I thought that just cool and cute were boring, so I decided to throw in a joke! Because Aurica's sprite in this costume had a very big difference with the other chibi characters used as battle sprites in size, as well as Aurica's own other costumes, we met with the unexpected difficulty of having to adjust it. To think we'd end using up so much time due to a joke…

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Bubble Passion[]

At1 p18-19 translated

What I wanted for this costume wasn't sensuality, but yet another [joke]. Could this be the first game in the industry in which you can fight wearing only a bath towel? That's a situation I wanted to try making if possible, but thanks to that I ended just causing problems to everyone else in the drafting of the Soulspace's story.


Personally, I really like this one. The angel armor already existed as an [armor form ability] before we had the Girl Synthesis System had reached its current shape. The initial system we framed up gave far too much freedom to the players, which led to it getting discarded.

Page 19:


This devil costume actually was a big adventure we took in more than a sense. We originally put great care into designing as an impish, energetic sexiness (?) costume that wasn't like the typical glamour seen everywhere else, and that was because Aurica is still the kind of girl that gives off more appetite than sensuality.


The orthodox wedding dress. The chapel and the dress really match well with Aurica. By nature the dress should be only once in life, but since's it's actually pretty strong when worn in battle, I think she would like to wear it every day.

Misha Artsellec Lune[]

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Misha Artsellec Lune


She is the girl that carries the task of protecting the world from the viruses. She also has a past relationship with Lyner as childhood friends. Before going on a journey to recover her lost song, [Chronicle Key], she managed to reunite with Lyner. Her Install Port is in the upper part of her chest.

    Born in: Platina                Age: 18 years
    Job: Tenba Affiliated RT        Hobbies: Reading
    Likes: Lyner, Technical Books   Hates: High Places, Doing Exercise, Tenba
    Dream: Become Lyner's Bride     Motto: Brains over brawn.


I know what my mission is, but I don't want to sing again...!

Director's Comments about Misha[]

Page 23:

Even if she has both an adult form and a child form, she was designed originally in her adult form. Her child form was added later on as an important part of the development of the story, and after we finished making it, Misha's charm was increased a lot, so I don't think we did a mistake doing so.

Must-know Keywords About Misha[]

Star Singer[]

The duty of the Star Singer is staying at the Crescent Chronicle while continuing to sing the song used to seal off the viruses: [Chronicle Key]. When the threat that Mir represented as the viruses' controller was solved, this marked the end for Misha's lonesome duties.

Lost Childhood[]

Since she was born, Misha was charged with the duty of continuing to sing in the Crescent Chronicle. And so she could accomplish her duty successfully, she was given an extremely rigorous training since she was very young. The one that trained her was no one less than Lyner's father: Leard. That Spartan regime of training was so hard and bitter that it ended leaving deep scars on her heart.

Seeking the Lost Song[]

As he desired Mir's revival, Bourd from Tenba stole the [Chronicle Key] from Misha. Because [Chronicle Key]'s Hymn Crystal was a part of her body, she returned to having the appearance she had as a child when it was removed.

Intellect Because of Being an Avid Reader[]

Misha has an extensive knowledge because of her brilliant mind, but also, because she is an avid reader. Whenever she starts reading a book, she seems to lose track of the time. She says during one of her conversations with Lyner that she recently bought a [book with a pink cover].

Rivalry with Krusche (?)[]

For some reason or other, she keeps a constant rivalry with Krusche. They both are always talking about endless loans they have made each other, and whenever they make visual contact, they always affirm to have bet ridiculous numbers of things like [Dokkoi Sets] and [Shaved Ices]. They are just very good friends to the point they're always competing with each other.


Misha's weak point is being in high places. Her feet get so cramped in these places that she can't even walk. Even so, when Bourd captured Aurica while he was pursuing her, Misha displayed enough courage to suggest a hostage exchange and walk on an airship's roof.


Jack, or rather Harmonica, was the one who protected the Star Singer Misha until he departed from Em Pheyna. Jack knew so much about Lyner because he had heard about him from the stories that Misha told him.

The Tail of Reminiscence[]

When young Misha was sent to Em Pheyna, this was the place where she parted ways with Lyner. This is a place filled with unforgettable memories for Misha, so it was quite shocking for her to learn Lyner seemed to have forgotten about her.

Misha's World (Cosmosphere)[]

At1 p24-25 translated

Page 24:

Misha always seems to be on high spirits and in good mood. However, that is only on the surface. Given how smart she is, she keeps hidden her true and unstoppable true feelings about wishing for freedom in the deepest parts of her mind.

Misha's Mind Guardian: Hama[]

A lifeform that serves the role of a guide in Misha's Soulspace.
Her original form was an ocarina that Lyner gave to Misha as a present when they parted ways, back when both were still kids. Because of that, Hama considers Lyner as her own [Father].

Born in: Misha's Soulspace       Age: ??
Job: Soulspace Guide             Hobbies: Cleaning.
Likes: Misha, Lyner              Hates: Guys who hurt Misha
Dream: Continue protecting Misha Motto: Filial piety.

Level 1: Coloring Heart[]

Page 25:

A mere superficial world that Misha created solely for showing it to Lyner. Everything here is coated by lies, so not even slight traces of her true feelings and intentions can be found here.

Level 2: Dark World[]

Deeper inside the just-for-show world, there was a pitch-black world. Misha was destined to be the Star Singer, and because of that she was tasked with doing nothing but singing over and over. This is a reflection of her gloomy feelings about her duty.

Level 3: Mission[]

Because Misha has to always be in the Crescent Chronicle, singing for most of her life, she doesn't know anything about the real world. Not even knowing the truths and lies of the serious mission she is tasked with, her heart keeps always swaying.

Level 4: Peter Pan Syndrome[]

A world where time has stopped, all because of her bitter wishes of not wanting to become an adult. All because she waits for these days in which she won't have to carry that serious mission all alone anymore....

Level 5: Young Sage[]

A childhood in where she made great efforts, focused solely in her training. But because her childhood days became incomplete due to feelings she couldn't agree with being left unresolved, that left scars in Misha's mind that would be difficult to heal. These scars go hand-in-hand with her impulses of wishing to become free.

Level 6: Crimson Queen[]

Her feelings for Lyner were distorted and ended manifesting as a world of slaves. She ambitions to eliminate anyone that gets close to him, and to have him only for herself. Even after having him imprisoned in that trap, she isn't able to even trust Lyner.

Level 7: The Tiger In the Cage[]

She isn't able to abandon her mission as the Star Singer who protects the world, but Misha in truth wishes she could live as a normal girl. These two mentalities are always at odds inside her.

Level 8: Antinomy[]

She wants to live freely, but if she chose to live that way, the world would be destroyed and she would still lose her life. That dilemma put an enormous strain in Misha's mind which ultimately led to her world's collapse.

Level 9: Vow[]

The rebirth of the world. The world of the new Misha was one filled with light and hope. She positively received everything the happy reality has for her, and she also gained a strong power from synchronizing with the Tower.

Director's Comments About Misha's Costumes[]

Standard (Young Misha)[]

At1 p26-27-translated

Page 26:

Young Misha is the name given to her sealed form. Among the people who like Young Misha, there might have been some that suffered greatly when it came the time to get her back to her true form, but there's a way somewhere in the game to return her to this shape. It's a slightly hidden piece of material though.

Sheep Sweets[]

The pajama form is the symbol of Misha not wanting to become an adult. That she favors sleep so much translates to rejecting her own surroundings and causing time to stop. The pajama also makes her look quite childish, right? We also tried including the freedom associated to childhood in it.

Magical Shower[]

When it comes to girls, most of them really admire magical girls. But to Misha, magical girls would actually be something like a symbol of her duty, so it'd be wrong for her to admire them, don't you think?


Page 27:

Misha's standard outfit has a nice appearance, but it seems like it'd cause her great pain in the stomach every time she wears it. It’s something like a western corset. We designed this outfit as a symbol of her heart being released, but it seems like something she'd like to wear to relax her body too.

Sailor Girl[]

The most orthodox sailor uniform used in schools. While there are many media today in which schools and the like show up, I think that uniforms as classical as this one haven't really been used much. It gives Misha a very mature atmosphere.

Splendid Chinese[]

At1 p28-29 translated

Page 28:

We prepared Misha that waits to be taken to the outside with a Chinese dress. Chinese clothes are great because they always evoke the atmosphere of wharfs and exoticism, right? She is the image that symbolizes a foreign land... Maybe the Yokohama influences were too strong?


We set as a ninja the innovative consciousness nesting within Misha. At several points, she tempts Misha toward gaining her freedom. Unlike soldiers, ninjas can move around freely and they also stab and slash to kill their targets from behind. We ended using it because that image fit perfectly the role we wanted to give her.


Page 29:

As the Misha who values order and doesn't even allow freedom to herself, she is the part that is at complete odds with the ninja. She is the image of a world where the collective happiness is valued more than the happiness of each individual: the order of Bushido.

White Kimono[]

Congratulations to Misha. It does seem like a Japanese wedding ceremony would fit her the best. If she got married, surely she would make for a great wife. We made this costume with the image of a Yamato Nadeshiko in mind, but as I thought, it's also very strong in battle.


At1 p32-33 translated

Page 32:


The Reyvateil that was created as the Administrator of Ar tonelico. To prevent the revival of the virus lifeform that threatens the humans, Mir, she ended breaking her own heart. She usually wears an armor over her body. Her Install Port is on her hips.

    Born in: Rinkernator
    Age: 739 years
    Job: Tower Administrator         
    Hobbies: Trying different kinds of sweets
    Likes: ELMA, mechanisms            
    Hates: ELMA-DS
    Dream: Life as a newly-wed 
    Motto: I want to be carefree.


I want to protect it, because...
I love this world!

Director's Comments about Shurelia[]

Page 33:

When I thought that her second design was OK, we ended receiving out of nowhere a third revision of her design, so she's the character in which Nagi-san worked the most. She was the first character he agreed to design.

Must-know Keywords About Shurelia[]


Shurelia usually spends her time on the topmost floor of Ar tonelico: the Rinkernator. When anomalies such as a virus outbreak happen, she descends to Platina.


This is the armor she always wears, and she finds so embarrassing to take it off that she never goes out without it on. However, I'm sure most players wouldn't agree with the idea of making her wear it all the time.

Her Words are Accurate (?)[]

[Unless it has syrup over it, I won't recognize it as shaved ice], things like this show that she is too serious a person. Even though she is the Administrator, she is actually very ignorant about the world. It seems whenever there is a gap between her knowledge and the reality, she is unable to accept it.

Is She Big-Hearted, or Simply a Natural Airhead?[]

As she doesn't care at all about [insulting phrases], Aurica's gutsy phrases were like a breeze of wind passing by. Even after she heard Aurica excitedly saying her straight-man lines around her, she still stood there calmly. It's the birth of a great friendship.

Trips Frequently[]

It seems Shurelia has the peculiarity of tripping and falling down very frequently. Moreover, she also is in risk of tumbling down out of nowhere after a battle has started. She even falls face-first..

No Sense of Direction[]

Maybe it's because she doesn't know well the outside world, but she is very prone to straying off and getting lost. It seems that her apparent lack of direction sense is something Mei Mei typically deals with.


Shurelia was the one who developed Grathmelding. While the people make their lives by using that technology while being ignorant to this fact, it seems that seeing them make things by using it has made her quite happy.

Shurelia - The Singer Angel[]

At1 p34-35 translated

Page 34:

Shurelia's Soulspace is the Binary Field of the Tower itself. Because it was a completely empty artificial world, when Lyner Dived into her, she advised him to use it to play some videogame programs.

Director's Comments for Shurelia's Costumes and Cosmosphere[]


An image of a near future, not one of the current times in our world. That's why we gave to her such a fleeting image. Shurelia actually is the character that has been redesigned the most since the start of the project, and it took several redesigns for her to reach her current appearance. At the start, she looked completely different from how she looks now.


Let the melody of happiness reach you!
Meet Shurelia, the Singing Angel!

The World of the Game[]

The world that Shurelia chose was one where she would live the life of a normal girl. However, Mir had already extended her evil hands even over this place.

Level 1: The Messenger of Love[]

A normal high school student, Raina Harase met a beautiful girl: Reira Togasaki, whose true form was the Singer Angel who protects the world from the viruses. His days of helping Reira in her battle against evil were just beginning.

Level 2: Accidental Meeting[]

Reira acted very distant, but in truth Raina couldn't help but worry for her. Reira also started feeling jealous about Raina's good friend Orika, which erased the confusion she was feeling in her heart.

Level 3: Hardened Promise[]

Even though we have come this far, Reira is borrowing power from another man for her transformation? The feelings of distrust that were born in Raina's heart are going to tear them both apart. He doesn't realize that this is what their enemies want...

Level 4: The Vow of the Two[]

Reira doesn't have much time left to live and Raina is trying his best to find a way to save her. However, the only thing he could do was fulfilling Reira's dream of becoming his wife for one day.

Level 5: The Heroes of the World[]

The tragedy of both Reira and this world were all the fault of Mir's external interference. Upon learning that, Lyner went on to stop all of her schemes and fought against her just for restoring this world to its normal form.


The maid uniform, which has become something of a popular topic nowadays. There were many stores that had them for a core audience long ago, but lately versions of them for a more normal audience have started popping up too. Maid uniforms are cute, and it seems the girls working part-time and wearing them look pretty nice to.


Shurelia's designs lead her to being the youngest among the three heroines. This also applies to the virtual world, as her setting there is having her as the one in the lowest school year among them.

Summer Breeze[]

At1 p36-37 translated

Page 36:

The so-called casual summer outfit. I'm not sure if there also was an anecdote about part of it making her look like an older girl or something. It's design I personally like, but I'm still unsure about having included it...

Blue Navy Swimsuit[]

This came from the time I started thinking about how far I could push the playful and adventurous heart of this game. This costume was one of the things I designed under the mentality of "If I can do it, I'll do it! And if I can't, I'll just stop".


Given that Shurelia can only wear her costumes inside the virtual world, we could classify them as bonus materials, and that's why I went a little more playful with their designs. After all, I wanted it to be mini-game where you could relax inside of the game itself.

Colorful Refreshing Breeze[]

Page 37:

The yukatas look good, no? They always calm me down whenever I see them. Shurelia's costumes are only usable inside of her Soulspace, but I might have wanted her to use them in the real world just like the other characters do.


A wedding dress with a motif of flowers. While this also applies to her standard costume, Shurelia has a very strong image of flowers, which sadly are so transient... But well, wouldn't she actually very resilient, since she's lived for over 700 years?

Initial Sketches of the Heroines[]

At1 p38-39 translated

Page 38:

We have many of the initial sketches we made for the three heroines. It seems we had a lot of varied styles for Misha's hairstyle. However, Shurelia's design was the one that changed the most during the development phase, and she was the character who gave Mr. Nagi the most problems.

-Level E Costume Gallery-[]

At1 p40 translated

Page 40:

If you are able to clear the Cosmospheres of Misha and Aurica, you will be able to play in a Level E world that's filled to the brim with playfulness. We'll introduce all at once the costumes the songstresses will appear wearing in them!


A costume of Marlone from the [Atelier Marie] game. We decided to put it as fanservice for the people that have played the series and as a sample (?) for the ones that have yet to play it.


A costume of Elfir from the [Atelier Elie] game. As you can see from the illustrations, we also had prepared an Elie version of Adult Misha that didn't appear in the game, so enjoy looking at it.


A costume of the heroine from [Atelier Iris], Lita. This is a bonus picture that only the ones that got a happy ending with Shurelia could see in the game.