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fandel manaf
(Many Lives)



Lyner Barsett[]

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Page 42:

One of the Knights of Elemia that protect Shurelia. He departed by himself on a journey to the Lower World in search of a countermeasure to the virus that suddenly appeared from the Symphonic Reactor. He tended to act according solely to a very simplistic sense of justice, but as he went on journeying, he gained the ability to think about the root of the problem.

Born in: Platina               Age: 18 years
Job: Knight of Elemia          Hobbies: Swords and Adventures
Likes: RT, Funbuns             Hates: Viruses, Double-Crossers
Dream: A lazy lifestyle        Motto: Act before thinking.


I don't wanna to think
just killing our opponent's gonna solve this.

Director's Comments about Lyner[]

Since we named him Lyner, we thought of lions and about giving him a lionesque hairstyle, so that's why he gave that sort of impression from the beginning. We also were requested to make him nothing but a prototypical main character.

Radolf Schnaizen[]

At1 p43 translated

Page 43:

A Cardinal of the Church of El Elemia. His beliefs are [the Church should exist for the sake of the people, and its highest priority should be helping and aiding them], and it is due to them that he is always at odds with Bishop Falss. Due to his overly serious personality, he looks far calmer than his true age would seem to indicate.

Born in: Karulu Village                   Age: 24 years
Job: Knight of the Church                 Hobbies: Protecting the Peace
Likes: The Smiles of the People, Justice  Hates: Evil, Tenba
Dream: Building a Peaceful World          Motto: Make good on your word.


Shouldn't the Church
be devoted to the people?

Director's Comments[]

While everything became a great problem for him in Aurica's Soulspace, in the real world he is a serious and stubborn man. Before he was appointed Cardinal, he used to have a Reyvateil partner called Fayma.

Jack Hamilton[]

At1 p44 translated

Page 44:

His true name is Harmonica De Pameli. Even though he is one of the Teru, because his way of thought clashed with their [laws], he left Em Pheyna and now keeps on having the vagabond life of an adventurer. Even though he is a slick womanizer, he also is a wise and dependable man when it really counts.

Born in: Em Pheyna                Age: (Looks) 19 years
Job: Traveler                     Hobbies: Flirting
Likes: Misha, Cigarettes          Hates: Rotten Bastards
Dream: Travel beyond the horizon  Motto: Vainglory yourself.

Harmonica during his time in
Em Pheyna.


If you're serious,
do it no matter how it looks!

Director's Comments[]

As he was a character born during a briefing session I had with Nagi Ryou-san in a coffee shop, I already had made him up in my head. He came up with the design for him right away, while his name and setting were decided beforehand.

Krusche Elendia[]

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Page 45:

An engineer that lives in Firefly Alley. She has her eyes set on developing an airship capable of crossing the Blastline to look for clues about the man who gained her fondness. While her mercenary-ish mentality is bothersome, she was scouted by Tenba thanks to her great mechanical skills.

Born in: Firefly Alley          Age: 15 years
Job: Engineer                   Hobbies: Grathmelding
Likes: Kitty Candies            Hates: Broccoli
Dream: Cross the Blastline      Motto: Incomplete payments not allowed.


Before I was like this,
I used to be just a normal girl.

Director's Comments[]

I had a very clear image of her being the kind of cool person who normally doesn't show emotions on their face and who doesn't like being around other people, so Nagi Ryou-san excellently sketched her just like that after I explained to him how she was supposed to be.

Leard Barsett[]

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Page 46:

The Commander on charge of the politics in Platina. He enjoys a great popularity and he is greatly trusted by the citizenry of Platina. However, he is very strict with his relatives, and because of his arbitrary wishes to draw his son, Lyner into the political field, their relationship ended becoming one filled with disputes.

Born in: Platina                         Age:58 years
Job: Platina Commander                   Hobbies: Chess
Likes: Human Relations, Sound Science    Hates: Swordmanship, Cold Things
Dream: Eradicate bugs from the world     Motto: My son is my successor.

Discord between Son and Father[]

Leard has never valued his Lyner's achievements because, against his wishes, his son chose to follow the sword's path. But when Leard was rescued from the SPU, he seemed to recognize for the first time how much Lyner had grown.


We must consider the worst-case
scenario before acting.

Director's Comments[]

No matter what I say, since I wanted Leard to display the charm of a father that ended becoming a very harsh man, his design was revised multiple times ever since the first draft for him was tunred in. The entirety of the [harshness] present in this game is condensed into Leard.

Claire Branch[]

Page 47:

An excellent Reyvateil woman that used to be affiliated to Tenba. After she left Tenba, disgusted by their practices and attitude, she started managing the bar in Nemo, where she intends to sing her songs for the sake of the people. As she was born in Skuwat Village, she is also Aurica's childhood friend.

Born in: Skuwat Village                Age: 20 years
Job: Manager of the Nemo Bar           Hobbies: Singing
Likes: Aurica, Orgels                  Hates: Song Abusers
Dream: Sing for a million people    Motto: The songs are for the people.

A Reyvateil Who Gave Up Magic[]

The songs Claire sings for the people don't lodge any magical power within themselves. However, her singing voice can heal the hearts of her listeners and serve as encouragement for whatever their lives will have in store for them next day.


Hey, have you ever thought about
the powers the songs have?

Director's Comments[]

Her original setting was being the best Reyvateil in the church and we had even considered to make her a party member, but because we gave her the important role of just looking after the main characters with her warm gaze, we locked her up in the bar. *laughs*

Spica Neal[]

Page 48:

On the surface, she is only the best Kitty Candy seller of all Firefly Alley. But she actually is a skilled information broker who sells profitable information depending on how much she is paid. She also sells high-quality Grathnode Crystals. Given her dream is becoming the [Queen of the Underworld], she is quite the cunning girl.

Born in: Firefly Alley                    Age: 25 years
Job: Kitty Candy and Information Seller   Hobbies: Rare Information Collecting
Likes: Younger Men, Illegal Information   Hates: Firefly Chamber of Commerce
Dream: Surface: Be a Normal Girl          Motto: Never sell fake information.
       Hidden: Be the Queen      

Do You Want a Kitty Candy?[]

If you say the correct password, she will shift to the Grathnode Crystal trade mode. The Grathnode Crystals that Spica deals with actually are provided by Lyra.


It's because of my job, okay?
I obtain whatever I can.

Director's Comments[]

She is a sub-character we left idle as much as we could, right? In fact, because she is a character I made up for the tabletop RPG I made in my college, just like Shurelia, she has been selling Kitty Candies in Firefly Alley since back then.

Lyra Ross Ritel[]

Page 49:

A Teru girl that lives in Em Pheyna. Because she belongs to the Teru School [Jemina], who can use teleportation techniques she is able to freely go back and forth throughout Ar tonelico. Making the best of these abilities, she runs a business of hunting for items in exchange for Grathnode Crystals.

Born in: Em Pheyna                  Age: (Looks) 13 years
Job: Tower Searching by Commission  Hobbies: Picking up Items in the Tower
Likes: Cats, Collecting Items       Hates: Child-like treatment, mistreatment
Dream: Item Completion              Motto: Doing a work with 0 complaints.

Okay, If It's for Harm![]

Lyra seemingly falling in love with Jack made everyone else suspect of him as a lolicon. It seems that Lyra is also diligently turning the Grathnode Crystals she finds into money, but... Could she be doing so as a way of raising funds for marrying with Jack!?


If you give me a Grathnode
Crystal, I'll go pick up items for you.

Director's Comments[]

As the Teru Tribe is innocent by nature, Lyra is a character that was made to represent that purity. The pendant hanging from her neck is actually a mirror, which she uses to see her destination whenever she uses the Jemina School's ability of teleportation.

Flute Ross Loria[]

Page 50:

The Chief of Em Pheyna. He is a man who faitfully observes that the [Covenant of Elemia], which restricts the usage of facilities such as the ones related to the Tower's high energy control, is followed to the letter. He was at odds with Harmonica, who thought that they should be utilizing the legacy left by the previous civilizations to develop their lifestyle.

Born in: Em Pheyna                      Age: 22 years
Job: Em Pheyna Chief                    Hobbies: Playing the Lute
Likes: Cello Moon                       Hates: Greedy People, Viruses
Dream: Gaining an Abundant Knowledge    Motto: Continue Obeying the Covenant.


As long as the laws exist,
they must be followed.

Director's Comments[]

We decided on his design right away, and while this might be the first time we show it to the public, here is his handsome face without the mask. Everyone in the Teru Tribe has horns and tails, but they basically don't show them. That's why they wear so thick clothes.

Tastiella De Lu[]

Page 51:

As the Em Pheyna elder, she is a woman who commands a lot of respect. However, she has been alive from several centuries ago. Currently, the Crescent Chronicle itself is her true form, and because of that, she still has the mission of keeping Mir sealed.

Born in: Em Pheyna                     Age: (Looks) 16 years
Job: Gatekeeper of the Pheyna Gate     Hobbies: Playing with Niji and Sue
Likes: Magic, Niji, Sue                Hates: Neverending Time
Dream: A world where I'm not needed    Motto: I'm not a granny.

A Life Sacrificed for the World[]

The Crescent Chronicle was a creation of Tastiella, and part of its program was also she herself. When the time for executing its functions of sealing Mir came, it spelt the end for Tastiella's mortal lifetime.


If that is your answer,
then you can't save this world.

Director's Comments[]

As she was a precocious child when she was young, she always liked to poke her nose into anything related to falling in love. The flying dragon Niji and the broom Sue that are currently with her are no more than images, as the true Niji has already died from old age.

Mei Mei[]

Page 52:

A girl in charge of the authentication program for the security service existing in the Tower’s central areas. She actually is a housekeeping robot created around the same time as Ar tonelico. She spends most of her time sleeping in the Observatory, an area located above the Blastline.

Born in: The Tower                  Age: (Looks) 17 years
Job: Maid of the Observatory        Hobbies: Napping (Suspending)
Likes: Symphonic Power, Data Banks  Hates: Running out of battery.
Dream: Meeting her small sister     Motto: I aim to be an all-purpose maid.

The Three Sisters that Supervise the Tower[]

Mei Mei has two younger sisters: Mai and Kanade. Their functions are protecting the facilities that keep the Wings of Horus afloat: the Plasma Bells. However, the Plasma Bell that Mai protected was destroyed during the Great War.


Please, come over to
play whenever you wish!

Director's Comments[]

She never needed to sleep during the First Era, but ever since the Tower was damaged, she sleeps to charge up her energy and compensate for the Symphonic Power defiency. While she looks basically identical to her unseen sister Mai and also to Kanade, her hair is shoulder-length long.

Ayano Raizer Elduke[]

Page 53:

The President of the [Tenba] Conglomerate. While Tenba has a pretty bad reputation around the world, she enjoys great popularity as an individual. While she has a hearty and thus unusual personality, she also demonstrates a cooperativeness that goes beyond personal interests. It could be said she is a brave and reasonable woman. However, she is terrible with tedious matters like doing paperwork.

Born in: Firefly Alley             Age: 36 years
Job: President of Tenba            Hobbies: Looking for Interesting Things
Likes: Adventures, Stubborn Guys   Hates: Management, Stamping Documents
Dream: Traveling on an Airship     Motto: Mutual Trust goes first.

From Adventurer to President[]

Before becoming the president, Ayano was just a mere adventurer. It seems that it was back then when she met Bourd. Even though she doesn't talk about her past much, it doesn't change the fact she used to be excellent as an adventurer.


This airship is
a treasure of this world.

Director's Comments[]

Her design was inspired by Doronjo-sama from the Time Bokan (Yatterman) series. And not only that: she also ended having that rough man, Bourd, as her direct subordinate. The patch she wears is to cover the eye she lost during an exploration inside the Tower during her adventurer days.

Garzburn Luke Rald[]

Page 54:

A Draconoid that lives in the [Dragon's Nest]. Thanks to his great longevity, he possesses many valuable items that date up to before the time of the great war. While basically he seems to dislike humans, he does sell items to the ones that were brave enough to risk their lives trying to reach the place where he lives.

Born in: Dragon's Nest                      Age: ??
Job: Antique Broker                         Hobbies: Fooling Strong Monsters
Likes: Strong Guys                          Hates: Weak Guys
Dream: A World Filled with Monsters         Motto: The survival of the fittest.

Sleipnir's Rival[]

The monster that struck down Lyner's airship when he was on route to the Lower World, Sleipnir is the same as Garzburn: a Draconoid. He was Garzburn's rival in a fight for dominion over this territory.


However... it seems
many humans are coming by recently!

Director's Comments[]

While Draconoids are almost never seen in this world, they can also live within the Blastline. They are able to transform into a human-like form and into a pterosaur-like form similar to Sleipnir's own.

Outstanding Supporting Characters that Give Color to the Story[]

Page 55:

[Ar tonelico] has many places that can be revisited multiple times after having been to them once, and the supporting characters you can meet in each of them are impressive too. Here we have picked the ones that have the strongest individuality!

Prof. Pochoma and Noelle[]

They are a grandfather and granddaughter who live in the Tower Guardian located in Karulu Village. Prof. Pochoma is an expert on Grathmeld and he was the one that taught Lyner on this art. Noelle was flustered when Pochoma said that he would [give his granddaughter to Lyner as the prize for passing his final examination, but it was just her grandfather, who no one could ever bring themselves to hate, playing around. Noelle has opened a shop that mainly sells ingredients for Grathmelding.

She doesn't lose against him when it comes to jokes either. Noelle also retorted once with a [I'll give my grandpa to you!]

The Couple of the Great Songstone Park[]

Even if they cause an agonizing jealousy to the watchers, they are a couple that always displays their affection for each other to a 200% of pure lovey-dovey-ness. There is a girl who keeps watching over them (?) while getting irritated from their lovey-dovey-ness and complaining about it, but she also seems to have a good feeling to her.

Card Master[]

An old man that sells the Trading Cards [Ar tonelicards] in Firefly Alley. By saying strongly passionate phrases, he tickles the collector's soul of the people. It seems he buys two cards packs all the time: one for collecting purposes and the second one for [normal] usage.

The Clerk of the Hoshinose Ave. General Store[]

During Phase 2, regardless of the path the players choose, the store clerk still suffered some kind of damage. Her business was disrupted because of the little jokes that Misha and Krusche were playing to each other, while Aurica did so twofold: she called her an [old woman] and even said that [her product line-up was terrible].

Funbun Seller[]

In the plaza of Platina, there's a man that sells the renowned sweet Funbun. Since Lyner is the son of the Platina Commander, this man always calls him [rich boy], which greatly embarrasses him. By the way, he also sells an item that has said sweet printed on it, though it's quite embarrassing for anyone to wear it: the [Funbun T-Shirt].

The Kitten and the Little Girl[]

The little girl who raises a cute kitten in the Nemo Inn. The one that named her kitty was the girl possessing quite the fearsome naming sense: Aurica, who named it [Furball].


The youngest of Mei Mei's sisters, and as the protector of the Plasma Bell, she is the strongest guardian robot. She is an excellent practitioner of martial arts, which she uses to defeat her enemies. The second sister, Mai was in charge of protecting the other Plasma Bell that used to exist, but since it was destroyed when Mir's Rebellion started, Mai also ended sharing the same fate as the facility she used to protect, making it an extremely sad episode in the history of this world.

Bourd Rade[]

Page 56:

A warrior associated to the [Tenba] Conglomerate and the most powerful person within it after Ayano. During his ruin exploration missions, he came to know about Mir's revival and planned to use her to further his own ambitions. Because Lyner and his friends always ruined these plans, Bourd came to see them as his enemies.

Born in: Nemo                      Age: 33 years
Job: Number 2 in Tenba             Hobbies: Planning Schemes
Likes: Authority, destroyers       Hates: Teru Tribe, People that defy him
Dream: Controlling the World       Motto: Your things are my things!


Once Mir revives,
these annoying things are gonna go away!

Director's Comments[]

The typical villain. After all, I wanted at least one character to serve the role of the villain that anyone could take down without hesitation and feel good about doing so. His weapon's tip being a drill was added at Nagi Ryou-san's request.

Bishop Falss[]

Page 57:

The Bishop from the Church of El Elemia. While he was hiding under the mask of a kindness-filled elderly man and used the pretext of working towards the revival of the Goddesses of the Trio of Elemia for his actions, he actually was planning out Mir's revival in the shadows. His true identity is Kyle Clancy, an influential man from Platina who got exiled a long time ago.

Born in: Nemo                   Age: 72 years
Job: Church Bishop              Hobbies: Refining Plans
Likes: Lost Technology          Hates: Being bound, the Teru
Dream: Controlling the World    Motto: Banish those who obstruct me!

Kyle Clancy[]

A long time ago, Kyle Clancy was entrusted with the administration over the [Re Nation] Hymn Crystal, and he formed part of a trio called the [Three Magi] alongside Shurelia and Leard.


By the name of the Trio of Elemia...

Director's Comments[]

His design is that a typical priest. His original draft didn't have that hair above his large forehead, but because some of the staff got picky about his charm as an old man, it was decided to draw him with more hair.

Ayatane Michitaka[]

Page 58:

He is one of the knights that protect Shurelia, but as he actually is a lifeform created by Mir, he infiltrated Platina in order to check the situation. He was struck by Lyner's decision to save Mir, and in the end he even disobeyed the orders of the one he calls [Mother].

Born in: Altar of Apostles          Age: Approx. 19 years
Job: Knight of Elemia               Hobbies: Cooking
Likes: Cyberspace, Funbuns          Hates: Crowds, Fights
Dream: Having a dependable conduct  Motto: Faithfully complete your missions.


There is one more person
that I want to craft [feelings] with us.

Director's Comments[]

We initally set Ayatane as a sworn brother to Lyner that would also be opposing him, but later on we made him into a much more mysterious and suspicious character. That these patterns appear on his face for his angry expression was an idea of Nagi Ryou-san.


Page 59:

The Reyvateil possessing the strongest abilities. She detests humans due to having been treated as a [tool] at their hands, and thus she plans to eradicate humanity and create a world only for Reyvateils. Even though she was sealed away by Shurelia and Tastiella, she continued living for that purpose.

Born in: Binary Information Field   Age: A few centuries
Job: Destroyer of Humans            Hobbies: Creating Viruses
Likes: Reyvateils                   Hates: Lune and her descendants
Dream: Eradicating the Humans        Motto: For a peaceful world

A Tragic Songstress Who Transformed Herself into a Virus Lifeform[]

Mir destroyed half the Wings of Horus and got sealed away. Her violent actions were revenge against the humans that were willing to control Reyvateils through force and then delete them once they had served their purpose.


You should just die,
human scum!

Director's Comments[]

As she was asleep in a cold sleep-like state for a long time, her skin got so white and her hair ended growing as much as it liked. However, I'm sure she would look extremely cute if she wore a stylish dress.

Initial Sketches of the Characters[]

Page 60:

Here is the grand unveiling of the precious initial sketches that were sleeping deep in the desks of the development team. While several of them show characters with a different atmosphere from the images we picked as the final designs, they also have a fresh feeling to them.