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The Story of Infel & Mimimi

Grammul, who led the Infel Phira project to success, and the girl who served as an experiment subject to him: Infel. This is the tragic story of their lives, and also, the story of the plush toy that Infel would always be seen embracing in the future: [Mimimi].

Parent & Child[]

Infel didn't know about it at the start. No, it would be better to say that 
she wasn't supposed to know it until the very end of the project. The Maiden 
of Mio, or in other words, the one that was to become the [Queen], was supposed 
to become the basis for the new land when Metafalica was executed successfully.
And after learning about that, she herself learned that Grammul was also 
encouraging the implementation of this plan.
Infel had an extraordinary talent, and a few years later, when she was barely 
over ten years old, she was already at the level of competing with Grammul 
in equal terms, and that itself was the reason why their opposing way of 
thoughts ended changing. To Infel, Grammul was the one that imposed all 
kinds of painful experiments on her. Therefore, it would have been natural 
that she had developed a great hatred towards him. However, around this 
time, she began to feel that she was different from all the people around 
her. While Infel didn't get bored talking with anyone else, it was only in 
her conversations with Grammul that she had fun. Infel greatly loved reading 
books, and since she fully exerted her influence as a Maiden, she passed 
the time reading many kinds of books. Year after year, she continued reading 
books, and as the result of it, after a few years, she had managed to learn 
about things that not even Grammul himself knew.

Because not even Grammul himself had thought that Infel would be able to 
learn so much, his interests toward her changed completely. However, once 
Infel began questioning Grammul's stories and theories, he didn't have more 
choice than to admit that her reformulated theories were quite interesting. 
This was a new experience for Grammul, and furthermore, both of them were 
growing because of this, and their theories were improving mutually as well. 
But at that moment, Grammul felt a pain in his heart for the first time.
Because of that, he himself began opposing to the idea of turning Infel 
into the basis for the land. He had never thought about these things, but 
now, he was desperately seeking for a method to save Infel's life. While 
the difference between their ages was enough to consider them as father 
and daughter, they spoke among themselves as equals, to the point that sometimes,
their discussions could easily last for over the span of an entire day. 
And after them, many times he would carry Infel, who would have fallen into 
a deep sleep, on his back and take her to the Maiden Room, so she could 
get some rest. At that time, the members of staff of the Grand Bell were 
astonished to see how different his father side was from his usual self. 
To Grammul, Infel had begun as no more than an experimental subject, but 
now, she had become an important family member to him.


To save Infel, Grammul came up with a theory. The consequence of this was 
that a certain day, out of nowhere, he gave Infel a plush toy. That was 
the very same day in which Infel had been appointed as a Maiden. Infel had 
to hide her embarrassment, but actually, she was quite happy, and gave to 
that precious plush of hers the name [Mimimi]. Mimimi had a quite interesting 
mechanism installed within itself: whenever Infel embraced it, Mimimi would 
feel the changes in her emotional state, and it would change its face to 
fit Infel's feelings. It could be considered as a present that anyone could 
expect from Grammul. Infel wanted to open it up to learn about the theory 
that made the changes in its expressions possible, but because that would 
have involved completely breaking up Mimimi, she never had the heart to 
do so. From that day on, Infel would always be seen carrying Mimimi around. 
In the surface, she didn't seem to be particularly interested on it, and 
while the people that saw her always continued saying [she's carrying it 
again], she actually carried it with her just because she wanted. To Infel, 
who always grew up alone, this was the first present she ever received, 
and since this also was gift from the only person that could understand her, 
this made her unconditionally happy. However, it's true that she still hated 
Grammul. But after many years talking with him, she came to understand that 
his theories were a necessary evil to save this world, and furthermore, 
since he could understand her more than anyone, she managed to forgive him.
However, the circumstances soon took a radical turn. The fact that Grammul's 
Infel Phira Theory still needed sacrifices was disclosed to the public, 
and because of that, he became the object of huge attacks and criticisms 
from the people. And to top off it all, his maximum shock came from no other 
than Infel herself. She wouldn't want to hear about anything related to 
her becoming a sacrifice. Until now, her heart had forgiven that, and had 
trusted in him, which only worsened the damage that this realization did 
to her. Grammul was then fired from the project, and subsequently expelled 
from the Grand Bell. At that time, Infel didn't say anything to Grammul, 
which also made he think she had thrown away Mimimi. However, she wasn't 
able of going so far. After all, she never managed to fully understand why 
Grammul had given Mimimi to her in the first place.

The Compensation of Metafalica[]

After that, Infel inherited Grammul's position and became the leader of 
the Metafalica Project. Then, while her appearance didn't change at all, 
she devoted herself completely to researching. If she had just ran away, 
her life would have been saved. However, her pride wouldn't allow her to 
do so. So there was only a conclusion to get from this: she wouldn't allow 
herself to become a sacrifice, so because of that, she invented a new Metafalica 
Theory. She had very high prospects of success. From all the knowledge and 
researching she had gathered so far, she would have been able to create 
many inventions, theories and investigations. However, she wasn't able to 
clarify these theories in such a simple way, which many times discouraged 
and frustrated her. Many times she ran away. And after crying for a while 
as she embraced Mimimi, she would go back, and after thinking over everything 
again, she would take up the challenge again. Then, her theories would slowly 
come together, until they finally reached the step called... the final stage.

Infel was finally able to settle the theory for the creation of the Selfstabilizing 
Tesseractal Nuclear Loops: the Hearts of the Land. And at that time, it 
was that Infel finally noticed it. 

The reason why Mimimi reacted to her emotions.

She first hesitated a little, but then decided to try looking how it was 
in the inside. And just like Infel had expected, Grammul put one in it: 
a Triangular Nuclear Loop. The mechanism that is also called the Heart of 
the Reyvateils, which was also deemed as an impossible to manufacture technology 
in the current world. And it also had inserted a rewritten Cellophane. It 
was the very same Cellophane that was used to turn Infel into an IPD Reyvateil.
Yes, naturally, this meant that Mimimi was Infel's other self. Another 
Infel. The Triangular Nuclear Loop it had in the inside might have been created 
erroneously accidentally or intentionally, but it wasn't able of creating 
either bodies or emotions. Furthermore, while it was imperfect, it was living,
and that Triangular Nuclear Loop was sharing the same Soulspace address 
that Infel owned because they both had the same rewritten Cellophane. And 
Infel immediately understood why Grammul did all of this. Yes, Mimimi was 
a replacement for herself, for the one that was born to become the human 
pillar for creating Metafalica. Grammul's theory never reached the point 
necessary to discover the Tesseractal Nuclear Loops. But actually, he did 
this in a desperate attempt to save Infel, in his own way.

Infel thought... "you are an idiot..." It's true that Mimimi would have 
taken the role of a lightning rod to serve as a replacement for Infel. However,
if they had used Mimimi as the sacrifice that would become the land, they 
would have never been able to create it. "If Grammul knew this, why he let 
me to keep it? Or maybe he didn't know?"
Even to Infel, who knew Grammul better than anyone, answering these questions 
was impossible. Because of that, she thought that with even more intensity: 
"You truly are a huge idiot..."

"Somehow, I wanted to meet Grammul again. However, now that is a wish that 
can't be fulfilled. Because, he must have passed away already."