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Ar tonelico
Muchaburi Calendar 2009
-The pleasure with supremacy to you-

Thank you very much for having bought the [Muchaburi Calendar]. This calendar was a project we framed up from around the 2008 summer while holding feelings of wanting to make something everyone could enjoy. This is the first calendar we have made as an Ar tonelico item, so while it is typical for them to be things such as illustration collections, we decided to keep ourselves out of these traditions for it. Its concept was [something that would make Ar tonelico fans happy]. So with such a vague concept, what should we do? All the members involved in the project started exchanging ideas, and thus the idea slowly solidified itself. We started throwing around ideas for several hours, with some of them being [We should make new illustrations after all!], [Everyone would enjoy new episodes that feature popular characters!], [If it's worthwhile reading, you can't go wrong with a manga!], [If it's Ar tonelico, it should have sheet music!] [I think that everyone would be interested in details from the setting encyclopedias or something, but... (suggested by approximately one person)]. Then, someone calmly stated: [But none of these are things that would feature in a calendar]... The place quieted down at once. But that was Ar tonelico.
[What are you saying!? We should use all of these ideas together!]
[...Huh?] [What?]
We wanted to make something worthy of the time and effort we would spend on it. Therefore, we included many new things into it. Whenever a new month comes by, and you turn the pages, you'll be sure to find [something new] to look at. If everyone who bought this calendar can look forward to turning the pages and finding out what they contain, then having made it will have been very well worth the effort. As described previously, this calendar was made by the staff involved in its creation going [muchaburi] (too far) during the creation process. Therefore, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Nagi-san, who drew new illustrations; to Tomimatsu-kun, who was asked out of nowhere to write a short novel; to Tsujita-san, who was beyond pleased to draw the manga; to Nakagawa-san, who made for us an enormous page of sheet music, and finally, to Yamagishi-san, who compiled and made the designs he continuously was asked to change, and to our PR specialists Sato-san and Nishizawa-kun. And to everyone who showed interest in the calendar, who bought it, who smiled upon seeing it and who will treasure it... It is because we have you all that we might always be doing stupid things like this one when it comes to Ar tonelico. That's why I want to tell you I'm grateful to you all from the bottom of my heart. Really, thank you very much! Here is to us all to continue supporting each other for another year in 2009 too!

Ar tonelico Series Director
Gust Co. Ltd. Tsuchiya Akira


Orica Dress Up Paper

Ar tonelico

Bubble Passion

Heavenly Guardian


School Days




Don Leon


Ar tonelico

Aru toneliko


Cocona: Haven't there been a lot of Gergo fakes out there lately? And looks like it's turned into a trend to be hunting for them. It's gotten to the point where the stores were forced to close up!

Croix: Maybe this is Lady Cloche's doing.


Cocona: Cro! That's going too far, even for you!

Croix: I'm just joking. Lady Cloche, we're coming in!


Croix: Lady Cloche!

Cloche: So you have seen it.


Cloche: It's all because no matter how many I bring back with me, they always get replenished! I hate it so much! And here I was thinking that if I were to get rid of all the counterfeits, I would be able to exterminate all of them easily.


Cocona: But this is a crime.

Croix: If they disappear, the perpetrator would just make more of them, so it wouldn't change anything.


Cloche: If that is the case, then come and arrest me at once!

Cocona: Lady Cloche, please calm down!

Croix: Listen to us first, please! Lady Cloche!


Cocona: Cro, are you going somewhere?

Croix: I can't really walk around here with so many Gergos, so I'll be leaving for now.


Croix: Luca! I'm Lucan for you!


Luca: I don't really know anything about crimes, so I don't know what good it'll do to ask me about them. These guys are making items that look just like the real thing to avoid the law's eyes, so I think it's gonna be real hard to catch them.

Croix: Ah, right. Let's go right to the point then.


Croix: Just a while ago, I picked this up from this room's floor.

Paper: Gergo Stitch Pattern

Official Material

Top Secret

Factory Mass Production Model


Croix: I knew it. So it turns out you're the one making the fakes, Luca.


Luca: The fakes!? W-wait a second! The Gergos I'm making are the real deal! That everyone does bad things only halfway through just to follow the law is just messed up!


Luca: But that's really important, right? After all, everyone is making their own fakes. (He's really such an honest idiot, huh?)

Croix: (My fiancée...) Huh? Why can't I stop crying...?


Neliko: I'm Aru toneliko! I can grant you wishes by Singing Songs!


Man: Who's invited themselves into my house...?


Neliko: Come! Tell me what's worrying and annoying you!


Man: What's worrying me...? Well, today I'm beginning a new part-time job, but I don't really want to go...


Neliko: Cheer up! Everyone's your friends! Walk while holding your head up high!

Man: What's up with these absurd and weak words of encouragement?


Neliko: And you're so corrupted that you've deceived yourself into thinking you're happy! Poor thing...

Man: And after I told her my problems I got talked down and called poor thing...


Neliko: Okay, let's try thinking up something! Bring a two-headed cow here. When you do...

Man: Agh, it's enough already! Well, then do something like cleaning the room!


Neliko: Boring!

Man: Yeah...


Neliko: Hey, hey! Tell me another one! Any other wishes! Just tell me another one!

Man: How annoying...


Man: Knock it off! I'll give you these sweets, so just go back home!


Man: It's gotten this late already... I better get going now...


Neliko: Hiya! Little Aru toneliko is here! How are you!?


Man: This is the fifth floor! Hanging from the window like that is dangerous!

Neliko: There's nothing impossible for little Aru toneliko!


Neliko: These sweets were really tasty! Gimme more!

Man: So you just came for that...


Neliko: If you don't gimme more now, I'll let go from the window and start screaming!

Man: ...


Man: This is no situation for you to be acting all important.


Neliko: Are you trying to kill me!?


Man: Ah, sorry, sorry! Here, open your mouth.


Neliko: These were aluminum foil balls!


Man: Hahahaha!


Man: I'm feeling a bit better now. Thanks, Neliko! Now I have to go to work!

Neliko: You won't be going anywhere until you give me sweets!


Neliko: No, no! Give more of that! Give me more!

Man: Stop it already! Don't come in!


Nelico: Ei!

Man: Agh!


Man: Hey, that was dangerous!

Neliko: I want sweets...


Man: Okay, I'll give you some. Now give me that compact filled with needle pins you've got there.

Neliko: Whoa, okay!


Man: I'll be going to work now.

Neliko: I'll follow you too!


Man: Shut up already...! Okay, I'll give you more if you get the room tidy clean by the time I get back here!

Neliko: Seriously!?


Several hours later...


Man: Whoa, nothing has changed here! You're even more useless than I imagined.


Man: Wake up!


Neliko: Yawn... Umm... I have warmed up the futon...

Man: Who asked you to do that?


Misya Dress Up Paper

Ar tonelico Misya

Magical Shower

Sheep Sweets

Heart's Lantern


Sailor Girl





Ar tonelico Muchaburi Calendar Memorial Project

The Black History of the Trulywaath Household

Author: Genki Tomimatsu

This is a story from the time when Croix still lived with Luca in her house.
The sun was setting, and Croix was walking back home now his harsh training at the dojo had finished.
His master's lessons were so intense that day that many new bruises had appeared on his body.
'...But I wish he'd go a little easier on us.'
While he had these thoughts, Croix was in an excellent mood.
That was because he had managed to gain an impressive victory over a friend that trained in the same dojo as him.
While his friend was a boy who would occasionally mumble nonsense such as saying he was a prince, to Croix he was still a good friend and an impressive rival.
They had fought many times, and while they always had to end the bout without being able to decide on a winner, that day Croix had finally managed to beat him.
...Maybe he's gotten all sulky and went off to train on his own by now?
Croix wanted to run off to train too, but in the end these thoughts were beaten by his empty stomach.
"Croix! Wait, wait there!"
Turning around to see who was calling out to him, he saw Luca waving her hand to him as she was walking back from work.
"Welcome back, Luca! You got here pretty late today"
"Yeah, I had to do some overtime work today. You're going back home too, right? Then let's go together!"
"Yeah... By the way, today at the dojo..."
They hurried home while they got each other up to speed on that day's events.
However, neither of them knew anything about what would welcome them back once they got home...

By the time they were approaching the house, their empty stomachs were nearing their limits.
After all, the delicious aromas from the dinners that were being served in the houses along the way were wafting all around them.
Croix's stomach was grumbling, while Luca walked a little farther behind from him while keeping her stomach pressed down with her hands, frantically trying to keep it from grumbling. Apparently, she found it embarrassing to have her stomach grumble in front of Croix.
Maybe Croix noticed it, and that was why he sped up his pace as he walked to the house. This was quite rare for someone as dense as him.
As he led Luca to the house, Croix took notice of the steam that was drifting away from the Trulywaath household.
Just by imagining what kind of dinner would be awaiting them, his stomach grumbled even louder.
And he finally reached the house's door.

"Reisha, we're home! What're we having for din--"
Croix froze in place right after he opened the door.
Luca, who was at some distance behind him, caught up to him and peered into the house over Croix's shoulder.
There, she saw Reisha pounding on the table while she was smirking, a container they had never seen before being held on one of her hands.
"...W-What's this...? Croix, who's that?"
Said Luca trembling while she hid behind Croix.
"Huh? But isn't that Reisha...?"
"Ahahahahaaa, welcome home.... Why you returned to your home so early? Ahahahaha!"
"...Who're you!?"
Upon seeing how Reisha was acting, Croix took a step back as well.
But even so, Reisha stood up from the chair she was sitting at and advanced to Croix and Luca with unsteady steps, not minding at all their reactions.
"Hmhmhmhmhm, I gooot yooouuuu!"
Reisha locked them both into a hold while she also placed her own weight upon them.
"Hmm, a young boy's skin feels so soft..."
"W-Wait, Reisha! Please don't rub against my face like that... Agh!"
"N-No, Mom! You smell a lot like liquor!"
"Like booze? N-No, I don't!"
Reisha got away from them and took two sips of whatever was in the bottle.
"This is the liquor's fragrance! Calling it smell is messed up! It's fragrance, and it's really high-class too!"
"C-Calm down, Reisha! You've drunk too much!"
Reisha was so unsteady as she kept on moving around with the bottle in her hand that it seemed she could collapse at any moment, so Croix did all he could to prop her up.
Meanwhile, Luca noticed something on the kitchen that made her scream.
"C-Croix, the dinner! It's gonna turn into a fire!"
It was unknown if it was before she started drinking or as she did so, but it seemed she was actually cooking after all. The pot she had put on the fire was already boiling, and a black smoke was rising from the Kururuku Dango that was on the frying pan.
"We've got to put it out now!"
Croix left Reisha's side and rushed to the kitchen with Luca.
He put out the fire for the pot and frying pan, while Luca frantically opened the windows as much as she could and started fanning the smoke outside.
"Is our dinner okay?"
In response to her question, Croix ended up looking at the tragic state their dinner was left in.
"...The pot's okay, but this isn't something we can eat anymore"
Croix sighed upon seeing the Kururuku Dango on the frying pan, which had become a pile of charcoal. As it was a tasty dish, he couldn't help but feel disappointed upon realizing they wouldn't be able to taste it now.
Maybe it was she got happier because something she really hated to eat was now gone, but Luca just grabbed the frying pan and instantly dumped the contents into the trash bin.
"*sigh*... Anyway, we should put Reisha to bed"
"Yeah, you're right"
When they both turned around, they noticed Reisha was lying face-down on the floor, with her extremities all spread out.
"So cold... This wall's so cold..."
"That's not a wall. You're on the floor!"
"Of course it's a wall! Because, because..."
And after saying this, Reisha looked up at Croix, who was standing in front of her, and then dropped her gaze to the floor again.
"...Because this is the floor!"
"I've been saying all this time that was the floor! Geez, why did you have to be drinking booze?"
"Hmm? Hmm, you know... Clatter clatter... clatter, clatter... rolly roll... clatter clatter! I did it!"
Lying on the floor as she was, Reisha made with her hand movements as if she was making something spin around.
"...What do you mean by that?"
Croix tried imitating her, not understanding what she meant. He didn't come any closer to getting what she was trying to say.
Luca tried imitating her too, but she didn't get it either.
"I'M.TELLING.YOU! I went all clatter clatter, I went rolly rolly, and I hit the wine!"
It was then that Luca finally understood it.
"...I got it! You won that wine bottle in a raffle!"
"Hmhmmhmm, I got good luck!"
Making a peace sign from the ground where she lied limp as she was, neither Croix nor Luca could find a way to reply to her. However, they couldn't just leave her like that.
Maybe it was due to everything that had happened thus far, but Croix cautiously tried propping Reisha's body up.
"Come, Reisha. Hang on tight to me"
"Hmmm, I wanna sleep more!"
"Please don't start acting selfish. Luca, take away the bottle"
"Y-Yeah. Mom, let it go please"
"Nuh! I wanna drink more, I wanna drink lotsa more!"
Reisha was having a tantrum and started swinging the wine bottle wildly around.
But even so, her movements were so sluggish due to being drunk that it was easy to avoid getting hit by her.
The problem though was that there was still a considerable amount of wine inside the battle, and she was spilling it all around herself.
"Reisha, you're spilling the wine!"
"Ah, what a waste! *glug glug*"
"Stopping drinking from the bottle, mom!"
The relationship between Luca and Reisha was always strained, but maybe due to this being the first time she ever had seen her drunk, Luca held her tears back and frantically tried to stop her mother from drinking any further.
"Mom, I didn't know you were so bad a drinker..."
"No, it's just because she drank too much. She's almost emptied the bottle now.... Reisha, why did you drink so much!?"
"The wine was so tasty... It was so tasty, so classy, it was the same thing Lady Arshe loved so much!"
Arshe was the name of the previous Maiden.
As Reisha was Arshe's attendant, she had seen the Maiden drink and enjoy this wine multiple times in the past.
As it was such an expensive beverage, there was no easy way for Reisha to purchase it, but because she happened to win a bottle of it in a raffle, she finally started drinking it while she reminisced about the past. This was the final result of it.
However, given that neither Croix nor Luca knew anything about her past as Arshe's attendant, nothing like her drinking a lot of the wine because it was an expensive beverage favored by the Maiden came to their minds.
"If it's as famous as you say, wouldn't you miss out on its flavor if you drink it like that?"
"It's so tasty! *glug glug*"
"Whoa! Mom, stop it already!"
Now Luca had finally managed to take the bottle off Reisha's hands, she noticed it was completely empty.
"W-What're we gonna do, Croix? She drank it all..."
"...Nah, let's look at it positively. Now the bottle's empty, she can't get any drunker"
"I see. Now you say it, it makes me feel better"
"Aaaaarrghhh! My wine, my wine!"
Reisha started a tantrum again, unsteady as she was and despite Croix propping her up.
Croix did all he could to keep her on her feet, but because his own legs got tangled with Reisha's, they both fell on each other.

"C-Croix! Are you okay?"
Reisha's body was lying upon Croix, who had fallen face-down on the floor. As he breathed with great difficulty, Croix noticed how Reisha's face was looking down on him from around his chest area.
"Reisha! Reisha, can you hear me!? Please get off from me!"
"Yeah! Croix's gonna choke like this... H-Huh!?"
Luca noticed Reisha's faced had taken on a rather weird expression.
She thought that maybe Reisha was unable to turn around and get up due to being so drunk, but Luca noticed that her mother, collapsed upon Croix as she was, was now poking all over Croix's arms and chest as if she were trying to check something.
Luca had the hunch that despite being so drunk, Reisha was checking if Croix was injured from all this, but...
"...Amazing... He's just like him!"
Her expectations were betrayed the next instant.
A broad grin surfaced once again on Reisha's face while a blush appeared on her cheeks.
"R-Reisha, your face is turning red. You should go sleep..."
"Why did I never notice this before...?"
The exhausted-sounding voice Reisha had until now had completely disappeared.
"...Let's marry again!"
"What... H-Huh!?"
"M-Mom! What're you saying!?"
"Because... Because Croix is just like him... just like Batz...!"
Hearing Reisha say the name of her deceased husband made Croix and Luca remember long bygone times.
As she really loved Batz, they remembered how they always had a harmonious relationship.
And standing to Reisha's side, they pictured a large and muscular man that had a hearty smile on his face...
"W-Wait a second! We're nothing alike!"
"They're completely different! No matter how you look at him, you can't say that Croix looks like Dad at all!"
And then, as Reisha was caressing Croix's cheeks,
"Huh...? But this meaty part is just like Batz's... It's a massive chest!"
"He's got nothing meaty about him!"
"No, it's true I might not have as many muscles as Batz, but don't I have some too?"
"But they're nothing more than bean sprouts compared to the ones Dad used to have! Come on, Mom! Stop acting like this!"
Croix's heart sustained quite a bit of damage from the "bean sprouts" phrase Luca snorted out... There was no way he could ever compare to Batz.

"Agh, let him go! Let Croix go already!"
"Naaah! I wanna remember that man more!"
"Croix is too much of a weakling for that, so what you're doing is pointless!"
"Hmph it all! I'm the only one who knows what that man was like! Hmmm, how nostalgic!"
"That's why I'm telling you to stop caressing his cheeks!"
While Croix had gotten a bit depressed and had his own complaints he wanted to voice out, he thought they were making such a racket that it was a miracle that none of the neighbors had come to complain.
However, the truth was that said racket could be mistaken for the sounds of a particularly fun dinner, and so the neighbors wouldn't have wanted to intrude on them.

'Were the neighbors always this cold-hearted?'
"Stop acting like that, Mom!"
"No! I don't wanna!"
A large sigh came out from Croix's mouth.
He had thought of the possibility that something terrible could have happened to them if anyone as badly drunk had come to the house.
So upon thinking that, he realized that the neighbors were putting up with them despite how noisy they were being.
'...We've got to do something about this ourselves'
So while Croix tried to at least get the higher half of his body up, this was exceedingly difficult for him to do.
"Noooo! I don't wanna let him go!"
Reisha didn't want to let go of him, and so she surrounded his head with both arms and pinned him to the ground.
Reisha had been caressing his cheeks until that moment, but now Croix found himself having his face thrust straight into Reisha's breasts.
"Ah, you're really like him... I'd even say that it felt the same hugging you as it was hugging him to me!"
"Waaaa! M-Mom, Croix is a boy! You shouldn't do that!"
"You shouldn't call him like that! Starting today, he's your Papa!"
"Croix isn't my Dad! Croix, you stop blushing from getting caressed by her too!"
"Ughn, nnngh, I... I can't... breathe! Ngggh!"
Reisha was pressing his head against her so strongly that there was no way he could enjoy that tasty situation.
And regardless of how difficult it was for him to breath or that he was trying to escape from her grasp, Luca seemed to think that he was gladly thrusting his head in.
As for Reisha, she was completely oblivious to Croix's suffering.

"Stop this already! Let Croix go!"
Luca finally managed to cling to Reisha's arms and started wrestling Croix away from her.
"Ngaa! Ngh!"
Croix's hand started banging on the floor as she kept grabbing him.
He was signaling her. If Luca tried to force Reisha to release him, Reisha's grab on his head would get stronger and he would stop being able to breathe entirely.
'...I can't breathe, try doing it in some other way.'
That was what Croix was trying to tell her through the banging, but as Luca didn't know this was what he meant, she only tried harder to pull Reisha's arms away from him.
'...I've got to make more effort to help Croix through this!'
These were Luca's thoughts at the time. That was why she was putting her everything into, even going as far as using her own body weight as leverage to pull Reisha away.
By the time Croix's banging on the floor started weakening, Luca's efforts finally managed to start separating him from Reisha.
"Guhaaa! Haaa, haaa!"
As soon as he had enough room to breathe properly, Croix started letting the air fill his lungs.
However, even though her grip on him had lessened, he was still being held by Reisha, which to any onlookers would have seem like Croix was starting to have improper thoughts.
At the least, that's how it seemed to Luca.
"Aarrgh! You're blushing from what Mom's doing to you, Croix! I'm so pissed off!"
She let go of Reisha's arms and rushed off to the kitchen.
With no more hindrances, Reisha hugged Croix and started caressing his cheeks.
Croix thought that Luca had abandoned him, but he then noticed that footsteps were approaching them from the kitchen.
He heard someone coughing briefly, and then, he heard a sharp sound cutting through the air.
The next instant, Reisha tumbled to the floor while still hugging Croix.
Then, the sound of something heavy hitting the floor echoed throughout the house.
While Croix was in Reisha's grip, he managed to notice what produced that sound with one of his eyes.
It was Luca, swinging down a frying pan she had brought with her from the kitchen.
The only problem was that she hadn't swung down the wide bottom of it, but one its sides.
Said side was now sunk a few centimeters into the floor.
Upon thinking about what would have happened if Reisha hadn't tumbled around to the side to avoid the blow when she did, Croix trembled.
"Mom... Get away from Croix, now"
In response to Luca's voice, filled with rage, Reisha just kept on broadly grinning.
"Hmhmmhmm... He's not Croix, he's your Papa! Your Papa!"
The next instant, Luca straightened her grip on the frying pan and swung it in full at Reisha.
Reisha stood up from Croix and flew to the back to avoid the blow.
Having failed to hit Reisha, the frying pan's border ended slightly grazing Croix's nose, who was now lying face-up on the floor.
Having never experienced anything similar in the fencing dojo thus far, Croix crawled on the floor and moved to hide under the table, seriously feeling his life was in danger.
"Hey, stop running away!"
"Too baaaad! You won't be able to swat even a fly like thaaaat!"
"Stop taking me for a fool! I won't let you have Croix!"
"Ohohohohoho! We're both trying to steal him from each other!"
While she was running around on unsteady feet, the truth was that Reisha had avoided the frying pan that Luca was swinging around.
Whenever Luca hit a wall or any of the furniture with the frying pan she was swinging around while ran after Reisha, she felt a ringing shock, something that Croix felt as well when she hit the table.
As one of the blows seemed to be hard enough to knock out someone, Croix saw how the table slightly jumped up from the shock.
He could end up dead if he wasn't careful, he could end up getting killed by the frying pan... such were the anxious feelings running through his head, until finally the ruckus quieted down and he peered out at the scene outside the table.
Now he saw them, he thought that while it was normal for Reisha to avoid Luca's swings, actively trying to attack her wouldn't be a bad thing to do, no matter the reason?
Such was what he thought in an attempt to desperately justify the fact he had been hiding under the table until that moment.
Besides, Reisha had drunk a considerable amount of wine, so if she kept moving around she would metabolize the alcohol in it fully and would finally be knocked out cold from it.
'So please keep doing your best until then, Luca!'
Given that they would have focused on him again if he said anything, Croix kept his cheering for Luca deep inside his heart.
"Argh, enough already! How can you be moving so much!? If you're so drunk, then move more slowly!"

"I'm not drunk at aaaaall!"
"Of course you are! You've become a completely different person!"
"Ohohohoho... Huh? I'm sure I was cooking some Kururuku Dangos on that frying pan..."
Reisha tilted her neck while she looked at the frying pan that Luca was wielding.
"Huhuhu, while you were off getting drunk on wine, they turned into charcoal! So we won't be having Kururuku Dangos today!"
"Huh... That's too bad, really too bad..."
Reisha placed a hand on her chest and then, softly poked her breasts.
"...W-What are you doing, Mom?"
"...I thought your breasts would be at least around half mine in size, Luca"
Upon seeing how Luca strengthened her grip on the frying pan, Reisha poked her breasts with even more force while broadly grinning.
"Surely... You'll always remain flat as a board, Luca!"
By the time Croix had thought 'That's taboo!', it was too late.
Luca turned toward Reisha, who still laughing loudly, and rushed off at her while holding the frying pan high.
As anyone would expect, it wouldn't end well if Luca managed to land such a strong hit.
"Reisha, look out!"
Croix's rushed away from the table and it ended up hitting the place where the wine bottle had been, knocking it on the air.
The bottle then fell down and rolled until it ended between Reisha and Luca.
"Huh? Kyaaah!"
Luca stepped on the bottle as she ran and it caused her to fall down and end on the floor face-up.
She also fell with such force that the frying pan was knocked out from her hands and it fell a little after she did.
Right on Luca's head while she was still recovering.
A non-girly voice came out from Luca's mouth, which was unavoidable given that a corner of the frying pan had struck her on the head.
Her eyes went white and she collapsed.
"L-Luca! Hey, get a hold of yourself, Luca!"
Croix ran to her side and started shaking her, but the part of her head that had been struck by the frying pan quickly started swelling up, and upon seeing this, he quickly desisted on trying to wake her up.
And now Luca was down for the count, the next second...
"Hmhmm... I-GOT-YOU!!"
Croix screamed as soon as Reisha grabbed him from behind.
"My goodness, I've never seen a child as rambunctious as you... It's so sad..."
"You were the one who caused this all, Reisha! Agh, what are you doing!? You're so heavy!"
"M-My feet feel so... Oh oh?"
It seemed she had metabolized the alcohol to the point she was unable to keep standing, and she was now letting her full weight rest upon Croix's shoulders.
Croix tried everything he could to keep himself on his feet, but in the end he ended up as he was before: on the floor with Reisha holding his head.
"I-I'm telling you, Reisha! I'm not Batz, and I'm not like him at all either!"
"Hmm, you're really just like him! Your head feels just like his!"
"You said before that what felt similar were my muscles and chest! Please, get a hold of yourself!"
"Aaah... It's boring if you don't blush when we're like this..."
"Blush? Why should I be blushing now? I beg you, please get away from me!"
"No! I don't wanna!"
Trapped in Reisha's hold as he was, Croix tried to move to escape from her, but she just tightened her grip and shook him in response to every move he made.
But then, something miraculous happened: the strength suddenly started fading away from Reisha's hands.
And as soon as Croix noticed this amazed, he managed to pluck himself away from Reisha's chest and look up to her face.
"Hmmm... hmm..."
She was groaning for some reason.
And that wasn't the end of it: all color faded away from Reisha's face to the point it became ghastly pale in less an eye's twinkle, and in the end, her forehead frowned.
"...I-I don't feel... well..."
She whispered.
"Huh... W-Wait a second, Reisha! Hang in there, hang in there!"
"W-Wait! I beg you, wait! G-Gyaaaaaah!"
And with Croix's scream, silence finally befell upon the Trulywaath household.

When Reisha woke up next morning, she found herself in her own bed.
However, she didn't remember having gotten in her bed, and in fact, all memories she had from the previous night's events had vanished.
So the first thing she thought upon waking up was a question.
"...At which point did I fall asleep... Ouch!"
When she tried getting up, she had a massive hangover headache, stronger than any she had ever felt before.
So she reflexively grabbed her head with her hands and sat there completely motionless due to how strong the pain was.
When she finally managed to get out of bed, she realized her upper body was uncovered, meaning she had slept while only having her sarashi there.
She always went to sleep after changing into a nightgown, so what could have happened the previous night?
She bore with the pain as she changed into her usual clothes and she then went to the kitchen.
He was in the kitchen, wearing an apron while he worked on getting breakfast ready. Upon taking notice of her voice, Croix turned around, having large bags under his eyes.
"Good morning, Reisha... How are you feeling today?"
"I... Did something happen last night? I don't remember anything about it..."
"...You don't remember?"
"No... Huh?"
Reisha followed the sunrays that went into the kitchen through the window, and she noticed that the upper part of her clothes and one of Croix's own outfits were hanging on the clothesline, drying out after being washed.
"Yeah, they got very dirty... But Reisha, you really don't remember anything?"
"N-No... But, why did you do the laundry, Croix? And the breakfast too... Huh? Did you even go and clean the whole house?"
"...Now I think about it, I really didn't sleep at all last night"
Croix stayed up the whole night and made sure to clean up the disastrous scene that had remained from everything that took place.
As he imagined that Reisha had gotten drunk enough for her memories of that night to disappear the next day, he made sure to conceal any evidence of it happening.
'...No matter what happens, Reisha mustn't know that this happened. Otherwise, she could get depressed over it.'
However, the main problem would be convincing Luca so she wouldn't tell Reisha anything either.
But then, he saw how Luca was slowly going down the stairs while rubbing her head, similarly to Reisha.
"Good morning, Luca... Did something happen?"
"Ugh... My head hurts. Whatever happened, it left a large bump on my head..."
Luca yawned reflexively with teary eyes, and then the bump became plainly visible on her forehead.
"Maybe I fell from my bed and hit my head while I was asleep?"
"Huh? You don't remember anything that happened last night, Luca?"
"Last night? ...Now you mention it, I remember meeting up with you as we were heading back home, and afterwards... umm..."
It seemed that the frying pan struck her hard enough to erase her memories of the previous night.
So in short, Croix was the only one who remembered the disaster that had taken place the previous day.
"Croix, did something happen last night? Why am I... Ugh..."
Reisha's stomach started loudly grumbling.
For some reason, she also felt her stomach grumbling even stronger than usual.
"...Okay, breakfast's ready. Come you two, let's go eat!"
"H-Huh...? But last night..."
But when Reisha questioned him once again about the previous night,
"...Well, nothing happened. It was just a night like any other one"
that was the only thing that Croix replied.
If they both had forgotten the events of the previous night, it would be better for them to stay unaware about what had happened.
As long as Croix hid and kept to himself all that had happened last night, the household would continue being as peaceful as he knew it.
'...I don't want to worsen Reisha's and Luca's relationship more than it is now'
That would be guaranteed as long as Croix didn't say anything.
Still, as he strongly thought that he shouldn't ever let Reisha drink liquor again, he forced a broad smile upon his utterly exhausted face.
"Come, let's eat before it gets cold!"


Syureria -Dress Up Paper-

Ar tonelico Syureria

Colorful Breeze

Summer Breeze





Navy-Blue Swimsuit



Advanced Wave Science Lecture
Characteristics and Effects of the Autostabilizing Tesseractal Nuclear Loop
-Analysis from Using the Metafalica Creation Project as a Model Case and Concrete Example-
The characteristic and the effect of fourth-dimension's equilateral triangle kernel.
~Analysis by concrete case of made model case project named Metafalica.~

Project Metafalica.

I - Song Magic Servers[]

The Tower existing in Sol Ciel, [Ar tonelico], and the satellite existing in Metafalss, [Infel Phira], are both devices called Song Magic Servers. Given this definition, we could further expand it to devices that share the following characteristics:

  • Possess systems that can convert feelings (Dynamic H-Waves) into power (Dynamic D-Waves).
  • Have at least one Reyvateil (daughter) directly connected to them.
  • Support the Hymmnos Language.

The system [Ar tonelico], which possesses systems capable of converting feelings (Dynamic H-Waves) into power (Dynamic D-Waves), has at least one Reyvateil (daughter) directly connected to it, and supports the Hymmnos Language, is a Tower that was built during the historical period called the First Era. All the Reyvateils have their [minds] lodged within Ar tonelico, so whenever they Sing, the Tower provides them with magic. While the Tower possesses a boundless energy (Dynamic D-Wave) capacity to create magic, it does not possess a proper consciousness or imagination to produce a concrete kind of power from it. The ones that carry out such an act are the Reyvateils.

I) Ar tonelico and Infel Phira[]

To give an example of what distinguishes Ar tonelico (Tower) from Infel Phira, we could compare them to Windows PCs and Macs.

Server Name Comparable Example Facility Location
Ar tonelico Windows PC Sol Ciel
Infel Phira Macintosh PC Metafalss

Basically, both Servers are the same on a theoretical level. As they are both PCs, they both work under the process of programming languages making the CPUs carry out calculations and output a result. However, given the PCs and Macs have fundamentally different CPUs, the languages used to interact with them are different as well.
This is something we can explain as the differences between the [New Testament of Pastalie (used by Infel Phira) dialect of the Hymmnos Language, and all the other dialects (used by Ar tonelico). Additionally, we can equate Reyvateils to SD Cards, and strictly speaking at a hardware level, there is no difference between the Third Generations and the IPDs. If we had to note what is different between them, it would only be [whether they were formatted for Windows usage or formatted for Mac usage] at birth.

Server Name Ar tonelico Infel Phira
PC Comparison Windows Mac
Languages Used Central Standard Note and Many Other Dialects

(Intel-type Assembly)

New Testament of Pastalie only

(Motorola-type Assembly)

Reyvateils Alpha-formatted SD-Card


IPD-formatted SD-Card

(Mac format)

There is no way to connect both Servers under normal circumstances. To connect them, it would be necessary to lay physical connections between them to then initiate a data exchange using a conversion protocol. Put in simpler words, it would be just like connecting them in a LAN. Upon doing this, it will be possible for both to carry out data visualization and updates on the stored content (Cosmospheres, Binary Field) of each other.

II) Hymmnos-E (Hymmnos Extracts)[]

Hymmnos extract symbol

Given the Hymmnos Extracts are major Songs for controlling the functions of the Song Magic Servers, they are also the Songs treated with the utmost importance in this world. In this chapter, we will explain the execution process for the Hymmnos Extracts.

III) Theory for the Hymmnos Extracts[]

There are three classes of Hymmnos: [Hymmnos Extracts], [Hymmnos Words] and [Hymmnos Spells]. While the [Hymmnos Spells] have the distinction of not being the Reyvateils' Songs, at first sight both the [Hymmnos Extracts] and the [Hymmnos Words] seem to function under the same theory.

▼Execution of the Hymmnos Extracts and Hymmnos Words

Extracts and words

In other words, they look similar because for an outside observer they both have the same cause-effect reaction of [Singing a Song -> Invoking an Effect]. However, they actually are entirely different. In simple words, the Hymmnos Words are in a 100% the manifestation of the Reyvateils' fantasies, while the Hymmnos Extracts are Songs that include many mechanical, inorganic and systematized parts within themselves. Those who have familiarized themselves with the details of Hymmnos Theory may already have realized it, but Hymmnos Extracts are not the pure feelings of the Reyvateils. In them, the [Feelings (Dynamic H-Waves)] are merely considered as an invisible kind of signal, making it obvious that [an artificial process] intervenes in their execution.

▼Examples of Hymmnos Execution Effects

Song Name Song Type Effect
EXEC_PURGER/. Extract Interrupts a specific circuit line within the Tower Within the Tower's systems
EXEC_SUSPEND/. Extract Puts the whole Tower in standby Within the Tower's systems
EXEC_LINKER/. Extract Establishes a physical connection between the Reyvateil and the Tower Within the Tower's systems
EXEC_HYMME_LIFE=W:R:S/. Word Corrects the Static D-Wave state of a specific organic life form Vision range of the singer
EXEC_HYMME_LUMINOUS=DEF/. Word Deploys a D-Wave shield over a specific area Vision range of the singer
EXEC_HYMME_FATHER/. Word Manifests the image of Stubborn Father and causes D-Wave damage Vision range of the singer

However, in order for a Reyvateil to Sing a Song (or emit Dynamic H-Waves), she must receive that [Song] in a way she can completely accept into her mind. They can accept Hymmnos Words because they are Songs they themselves have crafted, so it is natural for them to be able to sing them with a 100% success rate (but despite this characteristic of the Words, the Song will not manifest its effects with the intended intensity if the Reyvateil is lacking self-confidence).

This is also the point of greatest difficulty for the Hymmnos Extracts, so the feelings of the Extracts are designed for a Reyvateil to be able to Download them (take them into her mind) while not feeling any sort of discomfort or annoyance. This is because they are being made to absorb the [feelings] someone else crafted as if they were their own, making their compatibility an even more serious matter. That is the reason behind the practice of enclosing the feelings for the Hymmnos Extracts as [stories], which act very similarly to a shock absorber, being so prevalent. This is also the reason why it is so frequent to use the Downloads as a method for familiarizing a Reyvateil with an artificial program. However, contradictions regarding this point may arise when a Hymmnos Extract is being created, which will result either on the Reyvateil rejecting the Download outright or the Download concluding successfully but the Extract not exhibiting any power when executed.

IV) Structure of the Hymmnos Extracts[]

In the case of Songs such as EXEC_PURGER/., they are Songs in which the [feelings (Dynamic H-Waves)] put in motion the Tower's systems. Strictly speaking, the Songs called Hymmnos are Downloaded (recorded into the mind) by a Reyvateil (daughter) and then Sung. At this point, it would be more accurate to state that the Reyvateil is not a [programmer], but a [ROM cartridge (like the ones used in game consoles)]. So going back to the point where we defined Hymmnos as a programming language, we can equate the [feelings (Dynamic H-Waves)] of a Singer that is in the middle of singing as the electrical signals themselves that are being sent to the controller of the CPU and such other devices through a bus.
So the easiest to understand comparison may be to imagine the Reyvateil as a game cartridge and the Tower itself as a game console (but in a more strict sense, the Reyvateil would be considered a flash memory, such as an SD Card).

▼Simpler Example

Hymn Crystal Program Software
Reyvateil SD Card, Rewritable Game Cartridge, Etc. Hardware
Ar tonelico (Tower) PC, Game Console Hardware

Going back to Wave Science terms, given that Dynamic H-Waves are equivalent in these systems to electrical signals that are emitted according to the regularity established by a program, they would become an output result (such as a display on a screen) when executed into Dynamic D-Waves.

V) Power Relationship of the Dynamic H-Waves[]

Hymmnos Extracts are the [feelings of a different person], so the Reyvateil is not capable of setting the necessary flow amount of Dynamic H-Waves at her own discretion. For example, when Aurica Sings [EXEC_HYMME_LIFE=W:R:S/. (Word)], she subconsciously decides at her own discretion the necessary flow amount and spectrum for the Dynamic H-Waves, as she was the same person who crafted the Song. However, when Aurica Sings [EXEC_LINKER/. (Extract)], she is Singing under a structure decided by someone else, so naturally, she cannot decide the spectrum and flow for the Dynamic H-Waves. Therefore, it has nothing to do with Aurica's own capacity, as Hymmnos Extracts only mercilessly demand a spectrum and flow amount that is recorded within their own program. This is where the potential for tragedy arises: in other words, that the Reyvateil herself will be consumed by the Hymmnos Extract. However, this was something that did not happen during the First Era.
The reason for this is just that, excluding the [Origins] which have powers that surpass that of all other Reyvateils, all the [Pureblooded Beta-Types] were created to possess about the same average amount of power. In other words, it was just enough to divide the Hymmnos Extracts into two kinds: [Origin-exclusive] and [General Use] (though strictly speaking, the Pureblooded Beta-Types that were developed near the end of the Second Era had specifications that were very close to that of the Origins).
However, this simplicity disappears with the introduction of the Third Generations, given there are great differences at an individual level between each Third Generation: at best they could surpass the Pureblooded Beta-Types, but at worst they would be unable to Sing at all. Therefore, if a Third Generation Sings a Hymmnos Extract, it is possible for the ones that have the lowest amount of ability to drop dead in the attempt.

However, a small solace can be taken from the fact that given Third Generations lack Hymn Codes, they cannot Download Hymmnos Extracts. It is due to this that no Third Generations have Sung any Hymmnos Extracts ever since the time the games are set in, the [Third Era] started.

Reference: Configuration of the Extracts in Numerical Figures

Name Flow Demands Average Spectrum Demands Additional Notes
EXEC_PURGER/. 2,800 SHmag/s 2.4x10^5 Hz
EXEC_LINKER/. 15,400 SHmag/s 9.14x10^5 Hz
EXEC_CHRONICLE=KEY/. 300 SHmag/s 6.1x10^6 Hz
EXEC_HARMONIOUS/. 6,400 SHmag/s 3.8x10^8 Hz
EXEC_SUSPEND/. 198,000 SHmag/s 9,8x10^5 Hz Origin-Exclusive Wave Flow
EXEC_RE=NATION/. 32,800 SHmag/s 1.19x10^6 Hz
EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/. 7,600 SHmag/s 3.31x10^10 Hz Frequency nearing the human limits
EXEC_METAFALICA/. 13,122,800 SHmag/s 2.98x10^18 Frequency and flow impossible to Sing by humans

II) What are IPDs?[]

a) Summary[]

The region of Metafalss possesses a type of Reyvateil unique to them called IPDs, and also their Mother (Server), Infel Phira. Why did the Metafalssians see the need to develop Infel Phira? Here we will answer that question.

I) Basic Knowledge About the Reyvateils[]

a) Prerequisite Knowledge[]

It has nothing to do with good and evil. In this world, there are just high frequency waves, which are connected to feelings of [to exist, to preserve]; and low frequency waves, which are connected to feelings of [to destroy, to annihilate]. These feelings of [to exist, to preserve] can be humanly and poetically described as [Love].
When we say love here, we are not talking solely about romantic love, but also about selfless love and humanism. In short, [Love] here has a very similar meaning to what [Enlightenment] has for the Buddhists on Earth. (And even in Buddhism, there are countless lines that talk about subjects such as the [Unfathomable], which allow grasping the true love).

This is not just restricted to the humans, as everything in this world, from the pebbles to the universe itself is constructed by [waveforms]. As it is common knowledge, waveforms are expressed by indicators, which are just the energetic shape of the wave, its amplitude frequency and its directionality. From these, the axis called the [frequency] is the one that relates the most to the structure of this world.

The humans are mainly composed by [D-Waves] and [H-Waves], and they are formed by the wave energy emitted by seven different types of waves. The people of the First Era managed to discover that the physical body is mainly constructed by [D-Waves], while the mind and spirit are mainly constructed by [H-Waves]. They also discovered that among the many frequency ranges that exist, the humans have theirs located in the 20 Hz to 5.28x10^11 range. In other words, humans can release energy in frequencies up to 5.28x10^11 Hz, but on the other hand, this also means they cannot release energy in frequencies any higher than that point. So going back to the initial paragraph, this means that the [existence] of the humans, or in other words their interactions with [love] can never cross the 5.28x10^11 Hz threshold, no matter how sincerely they seek love or how much they expand their knowledge.

And it might be redundant to say this, but you might be wondering if planets such as Earth and this world, planet [Ar Ciel] may also be created by waves to a certain extent. The answer is affirmative: they are constructed by the energy of 22 different wave types that have a frequency range going from 5 Hz to 7.41x10^24 Hz. Following the evolution in planet Ar Ciel, the humans that were born on it are lifeforms created by Ar Ciel, meaning that the Ar Cielans were created using 7 of the 22 waveforms that compose Ar Ciel. So whenever a new life form is born inside another one, they will always lose the majority of the waveforms that give life to the larger one. So to give an example, the pathogens, oncogenic cells and tumors that are born within the humans have waves of a range going from 50 to 1.0x10^7 Hz. And the waveform energies from the lower frequencies can bring down the higher frequency ones, with the final result that the lifeforms with the lower frequencies will drive the ones possessing the higher frequencies to their deaths.

II) The Power of Love Has a Frequency of 1.16x10^8 Hz[]

Well then, let us now shift topics to the spiritual frequencies (H-Waves) of the humans. Every human is capable of instantly elevating their H-Waves to their upper limit. Examples of events that would cause such an elevation would be having a precious person fall into a critical situation, the instant in which two lovers share a hug, and even the act of having pure feelings toward a loved one would cause the H-Wave frequency spectrum of that human to lean toward the higher frequencies. Let us try with a more concrete example: when a person runs off in spite of the danger to themselves to try and grab the hand of a loved one that is about to fall off a cliff, in that instant their H-Wave frequency peaks to reach the maximum point it can reach: the 1.16x10^8 Hz threshold, and a certain amount of power can even be measured in the wave frequencies higher than that point. This [power of the feelings] is exceedingly similar to the power manifested by Song Magic, which is why it can cause [miracles].

When humans demonstrate love consciously, it is said their wave frequency can reach up to a maximum of 1.16x10^8 Hz, which is supported by the Cosmospheres and Dives. While it would be advisable for you to reference the Setting Encyclopedia for details on the Dives into the Reyvateils and their relationship with the Reyvateils' own growth (the Paradigm Shifts), we will state here that humans cannot trigger a Paradigm Shift that goes beyond the 1.16x10^8 Hz point, which is around the same range where Level 9 of the Cosmospheres is located. So this is the limit for the Reyvateils as well. That is because it is said that there is a small [immutable area] a bit higher than this point, which is supported from the fact it always gives off a constant value (which represents the identity of the individual). In other words, the conscious self ends at the 1.16x10^8 point.

III) Normal Reyvateils[]

The Reyvateils that were developed in the First Era: the [Origins], the [Pureblooded Beta-Types], and the [Third Generations] that serve as their pure legacy, are all grounded on these principles. In other words, their spiritual frequency range goes from 2.0x10^4 (Level 1) to 1.16x10^8 (Level 9). While the Origins do not possess Cosmospheres, all the Pureblooded Beta-Types and Third Generations have Cosmospheres going from Level 1 to Level 9.

IV) IPD -Infel Phira Dependents-[]

IPD is the acronym of [Infel Phira Dependent], and it is the name given to an original type of Reyvateil that was developed in Metafalss during the Second Era. However, they were not created from zero like the ones from the First Era, but are actually a modified version of the Third Generations.

The most special feature of the IPDs is that they are not supported by the Tower of [Ar tonelico]. All the living Reyvateils from the Origins to the Third Generations have their souls lodged inside the Tower of [Ar tonelico]. In other words, it would not be a mistake to think that the [Reyvateils are all connected to a massive Server called Ar tonelico]. But the IPDs are not connected to this [Ar tonelico] Server. Instead, they are connected to a satellite called [Infel Phira].

V) Infel Phira[]

Infel Phira is near equal to the Tower of [Ar tonelico], but they are not exactly identical. Below we have listed the differences between them.

  1. Only has a 1/1000 of Ar tonelico's power.
  2. Uses a type of Hymmnos Language exclusive to it called the [New Testament of Pastalie]. All other kinds of Hymmnos are emulated.
  3. Anyone is capable of Downloading its control Songs, or [Hymmnos Extracts].
  4. It possesses 3 consciousness Modes for its Reyvateils.
  5. The Shared Consciousness Fields are built in a shallower layer.

For point 1, that is the difference in simultaneous processing ability between them. Infel Phira is capable of processing 10,000 Songs at the same time, but Ar tonelico can process up to 1,0000,000 simultaneous Songs.
For point 2, the [New Testament of Pastalie] is the dialect of the Hymmnos Language that was developed for Infel Phira. The base for its creation was the dialect that boasts an especially great power even among the Hymmnos dialects still employed today: the [Ancient Metafalss Note], whose power was conserved while optimizing it further, resulting in the language with shortened words we know today as the [New Testament of Pastalie]. Therefore, generally speaking it can be spoken three times faster compared to the speed of the currently used Hymmnos dialects, making it capable of invoking Song Magic with a power equivalent to that exhibited by them.
For point 3, this comes from the differences in the Download Ceremonies for the Hymmnos Extracts. In the [Ar tonelico] Server, the [Hymn Code] that serves as the ID is necessary, which precludes the Third Generations from Downloading Extracts due to lacking them. However, the IPDs use instead a system called [Capacity Limit], which means that [as long as they are qualified for it], anyone can Download the Extracts. Being [qualified] means the individual ability that particular IPD has. (This is shown as the IPD Infection Level in the game).
For point 4, this refers to the Consciousness Mode. IPD Reyvateils have a total of six different Modes for when they Sing Song Magic: [Sarre], [Replekia], [Tornekia (Metafalica)], [Messela], [Torcarrol] and [Deenelmaite]. As for Ar tonelico, it only has the equivalent of Infel Phira's [Sarre Mode].
For point 5, this is the most important matter in this lecture. The Soulspaces of the IPDs are built on shallower layers, which in wave frequencies means their ranges only go from 2.0x10^4 to 5.4x10^7 Hz. The remaining frequency range going from 5.4x10^7 to 1.16x10^8 Hz is reserved as a special region.
This special range is called the [Enhancement Spot (E-Spot)]. It is due to the E-Spot that the IPDs can carry out Consciousness Mode Shifts.

VI) Enhancement Spot[]

In Cosmosphere terms, this refers to Levels 8 and 9. Basically, the spiritual limit for the IPD Reyvateils is located at Level 7, and they also have a special [Gate], different from the Boundary Gate located in the [Tower of Life] all the normal Reyvateils possess, located exclusively in that level. This [Gate] is the place that separates Levels 7 and 8. The reason for the existence of this Gate is due to the IPDs being designed to have all regions from Level 8 onwards as part of their Shared Consciousness Fields. In other words, the [Enhancement Spot] is a term used to describe intentionally designed Shared Consciousness Fields. While it is such a major modification to the Reyvateils' spiritual structure, the Enhancement Spot has been historically used only once in year 3313 AD, and it was never used again until year 3772 AD. The reason for this is that the Enhancement Spot is used exclusively in [Metafalica Mode].

Server structures

VII) Metafalica Mode[]

And so, we come to the reason for why the Metafalssian civilization made the effort the develop the IPDs: Metafalica Mode. This is one of the Mode Shifts that Infel Phira has, and it is also given the secondary name of [Land Consciousness]. And so, if we were to give the IPDs a secondary name, it would be valid to call them this way:

[Reyvateils Who Craft Land]

The IPDs were developed to craft land. The method for this is putting Infel Phira into Metafalica Mode and making all the IPDs Sing while unifying their feelings. The [Enhancement Spots] that Infel Phira uses are a [zone] that expands more the more IPDs there are. So in simple terms, if there are 1000 IPDs, making them all Sing while unifying their minds would give birth upon this world to a single IPD that has 1000 times the feelings of a normal one. This is something that has a power incomparably higher than [Replekia Mode], which merely amplifies a Song by making all the IPDs sing together. But what reason would there be for [Metafalica] being needed instead of [Replekia]?

VIII) SHW Enhanced Effect[]

As we described previously, the waves of feelings of Reyvateils and humans have their end at the 5.28x10^11 Hz threshold. As a general rule, no lifeform is capable of creating anything of a frequency that far exceeds their own range. So to create a land, or in other words [a part of a planet], it would be necessary to exceed the 5.28x10^11 Hz threshold. Of course, it is still possible to create a land with a power below that point, like how Frelia's Tower is still being crafted today. But as it might be obvious from looking at the Tower, it is not a [green land] at all, but a pile of inorganic materials.

Vegetation, water cycles, weather, clouds, food chain... All of these are comprised in the cycle of nature. And the power within the 5.28x10^11 threshold is not enough for creating something like them. It is here that the [Enhancement Spots] and [Metafalica Mode] come into play.
The feelings of the humans have very similar characteristics to the timbres of the musical instruments. To give a concrete example, we could say both of them can construct [harmonics]. A musical instrument such as the piano, which emits sounds with a timbre of 440 Hz, can in fact sharply increase its frequency range to reach the 880 Hz and 1760 Hz frequencies this way. This is how timbres are constructed. The same goes for feelings, so feelings that have a frequency range of 3.0x10^5 Hz can also have their frequencies amplified, allowing even insignificant ones to be output with a tremendous power, and it is frequent to find feelings amplified up to around ten times their original value in nature. However, this [timbre of feelings] is extremely weak and it suffers from a notably large dampening effect in the higher frequency layers, to the point of nullifying it. However, what would happen if we gathered 100 people's worth of these feelings? Their amplification factor would reach 100 even in the ultra-high frequency range, and it could even approach the level where a single, typical Reyvateil could intentionally cause fluctuations (power) that can have practical effects just with the wave frequency range where her conscious mind is located. This ghost phenomenon, in which the timbre component cannot even be measured when a person Sings alone but is made to manifest across all frequency ranges when the feelings have become powerful enough, is given the name of [SHW Enhanced Effect]. When this effect is triggered, the frequencies that have expanded on the higher regions of the spectrum do surpass the 5.28x10^11 Hz threshold. And the flow and frequency that have gone beyond that point get a greater amplification the more people are involved.
[Replekia], which only joins together the voices of the Reyvateils involved, does not trigger this enhancement effect. This is because Replekia does not join the Dynamic H-Waves, but the Dynamic D-Waves, which means its processes take place in a world where the timbre component no longer holds any meaning. Strictly speaking, this means that there is no [DHW Enhanced Effect]. This is because this effect does not trigger on the level where a Song has been sung (DHW), and it is impossible for it to trigger on a level that is not the feelings (SHW) one.

III) The Song Called Metafalica[]


a) The Flaw of Metafalica[]

Among the Song languages that control Ar tonelico, the most powerful is said to be the [Ancient Metafalss Note]. And the Song that is said to be the culmination of the Ancient Metafalss Note is [EXEC_METAFALICA/.]
EXEC_METAFALICA/. was created in 3080 AD by Jaza. The theory that served as its greatest basis was the result of the thorough analysis she did of Frelia's Song and the relationship it had with the movements of each one of the structures (like the DV and CV) Frelia controlled during her stay in Sol Marta. And she made it so it could be Downloaded regardless of if the receiving Reyvateil actually had the capacity for making use of this Song. Jaza used theoretical values to calculate the Dynamic H-Wave flow quantity and average spectrum frequency that a Reyvateil would need to emit for this Song, and from these calculations, she came to the conclusion that a normal human (Reyvateil) would never be capable of Singing it.

Reference: Configuration of the Extracts in Numerical Figures

Name Flow Demands Average Spectrum Demands Additional Notes
EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/. 7,600 SHmag/s 3.31x10^10 Hz Frequency nearing the human limits
(Human Limit Values) Around 40,000 SHmag/s 5.28x10^11 Hz
EXEC_METAFALICA/. 13,122,800 SHmag/s 2.98x10^18 Frequency and flow impossible to Sing by humans

The Metafalica that was produced by Jaza's theories ended up producing numerical values that would be impossible to reach either for humans or Origins. So Jaza grabbed her head with her hands and sealed away this Song while announcing it was a [failure].

At the time, the theory for what would become the current [Replekia Mode] of Infel Phira had already been established. In other words, that if they could gather 1000 Reyvateils and make them Sing, at their best they could produce a power with a theoretical value of 40,000,000 SHmag/s, which would have crossed by far the 13,122,800 SHmag/s that Metafalica had as its flow demands. However, it was still impossible to cross the 5.28x10^11 Hz threshold for the average frequency spectrum. This was due to the fact humans were still doing things the way humans do, their very limitations preventing them from crossing the 5.28x10^11 Hz threshold. In other words, the humans were of a level too low to craft a land, and they needed a continent-level Will at the least.

b) The Heart of the Land[]

The [land created through a pure Song] that comes from Metafalica exists and keeps existing upon this world through the same theoretical principles of the [humans created through a pure Song] that serve as foundation for the existence of Pureblooded Beta-Type Reyvateils and higher. Within the Pureblooded Beta-Type Reyvateils and higher there exists a [Triangular Nuclear Loop] that accomplishes the same role that the [heart and the brain stem] have in the humans. And similarly to them, when a land is created through magic, a gigantic (higher level version) of the Triangular Nuclear Loop is created as well. Jaza gave to it the name of [Heart of the Land].


c) What Would Happpen to the Singer?[]

So what would happen when a human Sings EXEC_METAFALICA/., which is a Song whose requirements surpass by far what a human can provide? First, their life force (Static H-Waves) would be drained dry, and if that ends up not being enough, the creation of the land through Song Magic would be halted. Even in the event that they could clear this hurdle, their stolen (or strictly speaking, transformed) life force would become the Will lodged in the [Heart of the Land] that would serve as the core of the land.


a) The METHOD Version, Which Can Be Called a Patch for EXEC_METAFALICA/.[]

METHOD_METAFALICA/. is the Song that Infel programmed to complement the flaws of EXEC_METAFALICA/. METHOD_METAFALICA/. has the following capabilities:

  • It gathers the feelings of multiple IPD Reyvateils and uses them to create a virtual individual.
  • Carries out sharing with Ar tonelico in order to deliver Static H-Waves to EXEC_METAFALICA/.
  • Makes Infel Phira into a Heart of the Land

In summary, it is a Song that creates a virtual lifeform that complies with the [Symphonic Power demands that go far beyond a human's capacity] that EXEC_METAFALICA/. needs to be executed.


b) The Processes of METHOD_METAFALICA/.[]

If we had to compare the Reyvateil who Sings this Song to something, we would have to say she is a [conductor], who does not play or Sing a Song just on their own. And in order for this Song to actually invoke the effects it was made for, many IPD Reyvateils are necessary. By making these IPD Reyvateils Sing, an extremely powerful virtual lifeform will be completed.

Among them, the role that the Song METHOD_METAFALICA/. itself has is quite simple: its role is opening the [IPD Boundary Gate] that is located between Levels 7 and 8 of the IPDs' Cosmospheres. Levels 8 and 9 of the IPDs' Cosmospheres are called [E-Spots], which means they are normally not used. These [E-Spots] see their first actual use once METHOD_METAFALICA/. is Sung and Infel Phira has changed to [Metafalica Mode].


The E-Spots serve as the area where the consciousnesses of all the IPD Reyvateils are fully connected. So now, you might be wondering why these E-Spots are normally kept locked by the IPD Boundary Gate. The reason for this is that if humans (Reyvateils) did not have secrets or matters they would find embarrassing for others to know, and they could connect to each other while exposing everything they have within their minds to everyone else, these IPD Boundary Gates would not be necessary. The humans (Reyvateils) have [privacy] as individuals. Therefore, the IPD Boundary Gate exists in order to protect the [privacy] for their normal lives.

The [E-Spot] is the greatest difference they have from Reyvateils based in Ar tonelico such as the Origins and the Pureblooded Beta-Types. Due to the existence of the E-Spots, the IPD Reyvateils are unable to craft powerful Song Magic that would be equivalent to that found in Levels 8 and 9. So why was it so necessary to repurpose them to create the [E-Spots]?

c) The Meaning of the E-Spots[]

As it might be apparent from the graph displayed above, the E-Spots fall within the [Area Where Singing Song Magic is Possible].
The E-Spots are equivalent to Levels 8 and 9, which are the levels where Aurica could execute the Songs [Clinical] and [Ar tonelico]. Third Generations are capable of Singing as individuals even in Levels 8 and 9. But in the case of the IPD Reyvateils, the Song Magic equivalent to those crafted in Levels 8 and 9 are Sung while sharing with all the other IPDs. In other words, Level 8 and 9 Song Magic is sung as groupal magic for the IPD Reyvateils, which ultimately means that the power such Songs can invoke has a difference of magnitude ranging from three to four digits from the Song Magic they can craft up to Level 7.

Carrying out this sharing is a practical application of the [SHW Enhanced Effect] theory, meaning that if about 400 IPDs Sing together, it is possible to reach the power output of 13,122,800 SHmag/s of Symphonic Power flow and the 2.98x10^18 Hz average spectrum that EXEC_METAFALICA/. demands from its Singer.

d) Flaw[]

If the [feelings] of the Singing IPDs are unable to fill Levels 8 and 9, [Metafalica Mode] will not do anything. Every single one of the IPDs Sings while holding a different Will and a different way of thought. Therefore, the question of whether it will be possible for them to Sing the Song while holding [feelings] with a power equivalent to that of Levels 8 and 9 depends on each single individual IPD Reyvateil. So for example, if from 10 people only 3 manage to have their feelings cross the Level 8 threshold, the amplification factor will only be 3 even if all 10 sing. And furthermore, the [feelings] equivalent to those found in Levels 8 and 9 are not the trivial ones that are demonstrated in ordinary life.

When the designer of this process, Infel Sang METHOD_METAFALICA/. in 3313 AD, this problem presented itself and it made Metafalica impossible to realize. The [feelings] every single one of the IPDs held were far too weak for it.

e) Effect when Sung by Itself[]

Given that it was originally designed to be a [patch], it seems this Song has no effects when it is Sung by itself, but it does have a byproduct: it [exposes the inside of all the IPDs' minds to each other]. While this is a double-edged sword, it is also a simple and quick way of conveying one's will and emotions to the masses.

It greatly raised the morale of the IPDs when Cloche made use of this effect in the game, but on the other hand, when Infel made use of it, the morale of the IPDs dropped rock-bottom. It should go without saying that the reason for this was the difference in [the feelings they each had for the common people].


a) Structure of the Song[]

The METHOD_METAFALICA/. that was developed by Infel is created to entangle with EXEC_METAFALICA/. even in an artistic sense. Concretely speaking, they link with each other while executing their effects, as described in the process outline below:


Announcement that the grand Song that will shake the world will be Sung.

Protocol Exchange

In simple terms, the Protocol Exchange is the ceremony in which Luca and Cloche fuse their consciousnesses. Chaining of EXEC and METHOD.
This is the only point in which the METHOD side uses Hymmnos Language that is not [New Testament of Pastalie].
The Protocol Exchange allows both the EXEC and METHOD sides to Sing using the words from each other.

EXEC and METHOD together
Collection of feelings and sending of Symphonic Power.

The feelings of the people are collected to create the Heart of the Land.
It is designed so the METHOD side takes the main lead in this part.

Signal for starting the creation of Metafalica
Defragmentation of Infel Phira.

Creation of the memory region for making Infel Phira into the Heart of the Land.
For this purpose, all memory regions excepting for the currently living IPDs' Cosmospheres, such as the backup data banks, are formatted.
Execution of a memory remapping.

Formation of the Heart of the Land.

The EXEC side uses the power received from METHOD (Infel Phira) to give form to the Heart of the Land.

Combined singing of EXEC and METHOD
Creation of the Heart of the Land.

The EXEC side takes the lead and starts giving shape to a continent that has the Heart of the Land as its core.

Combined singing of EXEC and METHOD together

Song of the People

b) Defragmentation[]

Infel Phira has many memory regions that normally go unused.
However, this area is reserved for the [Heart of the Land], so it must always be left vacant in order for it to accomplish its proper goal. But as it would be a waste to leave such a large space idle, it is usually used for backing up data and as a memory swapping area (the METHOD_IMPLANTA/. that Cloche Sings is a benefit derived from this bonus function). This memory region is only used when EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/. has been Sung, so it sees no use when METHOD_METAFALICA/. is Sung on its own either.

When the combined Metafalica Song has been Sung, the METHOD side uses it to create a [Heart of the Land] creation area, which will be used as the receptacle that will take in the [feelings] created by the EXEC side (the humans' Cosmospheres are off-limits though). It is at this point that the area originally reserved for the [Heart of the Land] is cleaned up. And not only that: in order to optimize the memory regions, the memory addresses of all the IPD Reyvateils are reallocated. It is then that all data excepting for the IPD Reyvateils' Cosmospheres (that possess an actual body) is deleted.

c) Special Characteristics of the Heart of the Land After Its Creation[]

The Heart of the Land is an advanced version of the Triangular Nuclear Loop that at max, can maintain a FFT Spectrum of 2.98x10^18 Hz (the Triangular Nuclear Loops of the Reyvateils can only maintain a FFT Spectrum of up to 5.28x10^11 Hz). Furthermore, it is capable of even giving form to [planets], which are lifeforms far more advanced than humans. And while two Hearts of the Land might look the same on the outside, they will not necessarily be able to maintain within themselves the same exact band range for their FFT Spectra. For example, the Heart of the Land that was created from the H-Wave body of a single heroine and the Heart of the Land that was created by EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/. have an extreme difference in ranges.

Name Triangular Nuclear Loop Autostabilizing Tesseractal Nuclear Loop Planet Ar Ciel
Commonly Known As Reyvateil's Heart Heart of the Land Heart of the Planet
Capacity 5.28x10^11 Hz 2.98x10^18 Hz 1.0x10^20 Hz
External Influence Weak Average Strong

The Heart of the Land that was created from a single heroine is an existence of the same level as a Triangular Nuclear Loop, and due to this, the land it will create will reflect conflicts and prejudices that are typical of the humans. However, the Heart of the Land of Metafalica, which was created by triggering the SHW Effect, will gain form as an existence that is closer to Planet Ar Ciel.


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