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~Seasons~ Endless Story[]

The Seasons hymns are a collection of songs whose purpose was to reflect ilutiern's feelings and thoughts in a roundabout way. The songs are written as a story, each season with a different theme. The theme of Spring is the Seed; the theme of Summer, Magic. The Bonds set corresponds to the past.

This page only has one hymn of each Season (the first hymn) in order to save space. More hymns from the ~Seasons~ collection (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Bonds) can be found here.

These hymns are a mix of Standard and Pastalia which sometimes do not adhere to the rules of Hymmnos.

~FRAWRLE~ noi dyya, eje oz frawrle manaf (~Spring~ day one, the heart of spring's life)[]

Ma yea ra irs rre titillia phira re pomb ween yeeel dgal ouvyu
In the ruins of a faraway land, a little seed was born
<-x na haf clalliss...
This seed, without color...

[1]ceku, ceku, presia sonwe hymmnos mea
Friend, friend, please sing me a song

[2]sor wis na knawa a.u.k. aje
Like nothing I've seen before, something so new

yyya jjje ZZZa tte ggi
Let's offer a sacrifice to the light of our beloved gods
jy ra cc ar foul
It is a great mystery how this light gives power
Yee hhh re ar foul ciel
Let the great fire protect us in this world of mysteries

jy ra cc ci ce je xa
Oh, sacred light, give me the power to protect myself
jy ra cc ci ce je xa rcc
Oh, sacred light, give me the power to protect myself and this growing life
Yee hhh re sss Yee ttt we sss vvi
Let the great light protect our loved ones, let's wish for that

[3]Fou yea ra enter yor sphaela mea
I'll enter you into my world

[4]Ma ki ra nha yor sos Eyehah
For my happiness, I'll bring you here

[5]Ween Aeje a.u.k. x. her zz r.f.r.m.eh... 0x vvi Rrha num ra
Inside of my heart, there is something unknown...

En lYAnEcIaU vega ar ciel!
And with these conflicting emotions, tie you to this world!

linen yor zz aje akata
I will tell you an old story
<-x na yanje re linen
This story, never told before
x. rre akata du na hUwss phira...
The story of the ungrown seed...

In the whispering arms of swaying grass, the seed was born
The seed, not remembering its purpose, simply played a voiceless song
Not knowing that the coming rain would sweep it away

linen rre sanctum melifan stel omnis clalliss phira
The ark of history, collecting the seeds of all colors
x. sorr hArnt an phira ut yeeel na knawa dor
Bringing them all to a place so far away, that they don't know where it is

Lost in the tides of tumbling currents, mixed heart of all beings
:/x. rre koora mrrN syec Aeje/:
The stream reflects the abyss of my heart
The seed, absorbed in the waters of lethe
Where will it go?
Who will it meet?
What will its future be?

The seed, not knowing the answers, simply played a trembling song
Continuing the journey in the suffocating river

The sun's streaks melted into the sky, like colors dripping down to the earth
vit rre iasien won qraff rol celetille pupe
The morning dews on the leaves, like fresh tears

So rre phira enerel selena Usarla_phira...
So the seed plays its song forever...

Washed away to the shores of dreams
The seed, so far away from warmth, became filled with loneliness.
:/Whalt x. rre mea s.l.? Whou x. rre mea s.l.?/:
What should I believe in? Who should I believe in?

Den, x. rre yasra wiene revatail hEmLYEmr neee phira
But, the gentle timbre of a reyvateil's singing called to the seed
En phira rifaien ween sphaela eetor
And the seed was brought to a new world

:/rre garlden wis foul quen lusye/:
How mysterious this place is, bringing such light
:/rre garlden wis foul quen eje/:
How mysterious this place is, bringing such feelings
1x AAs ixi

Ma quel wa linen rre akata biron zess leaff...
Like a picture book, the story continues...

~LIRLE~ yasra, clare maya hymmnos (~Summer~ calm, clear magic of song)[]

tou memora, Wee ki ra quen maya oz hymmnos
in memories, I'm fairly concentrated in birthing the magic of song
sos etealune fernia en ayulsa lirle
for the eternal smile and never-ending summer

:/xA merra dAnEza nLYEtLYEn/:
"Our dancing joyfully continues in the world"
:/xA rre gral eje sLYNsAwE/:
"The completed heart speaks to the world, and the world listens"
:/noglle hymmne, vinan hymmne, Was yea ra houd nor/:
"Whether a blackened sound, a white sound, I would happily embrace either one"

[1] Fou ki ga sosar sos pak rre siance urr
[2] Diasee, Pauwee wassee 
[3] wassee sos pauwel etealune, wassee
[4] wassa sos ee sol ciel ee
[5] ar ar 0 oucc goa 1 Wee yea ra 0x vvi.

gran akata grandus
I happily open the curtain to a story of protection
gyenel haf maya, maya oz hymmnos
The wizard who has magic, the magic of song
en infel, merfa sor suwant ar ciel
for his love and pure wishes shall save the world

Playing the melody of gods, the wizard spins magic
A requiem of joy, brightly shining life

In a study of books and yellowed paper, dimly lit by candle
Slowly he is filled with knowledge of truth

:/xU merra jUlNjLYOeh art boh zeeth/:
"We are bound by a seal which surpresses us, our power"
:/reta yorr rLYEwA mean/:
"Please, for the sake of the world, release us"
:/lElnYA enw xe Esosar yor/:
"We will gladly bless and bestow our power upon you"

Awakened spirits, granting ancient wish
Revival of the damned, cold steel

"Incapable of true power, we are weak"

rre gyenel ates willie jouee 
The wizard accepted the weakened spirits
sor harmon jam pauwel en chs wase infel
And transformed them into a powerful magic

The corrupted capital, rise of the demon king
The wizard prepares for battle
Frenzied citizens, crazed demise
Swarms of monsters, spreading terror

:/ar ieeya/:
"The final stand"

Was wol ga linen rre gyenel ousye EDia_reveris
The wizard attacked the demon king
xevxl cause gyenel, gyas heighte gyenel
But he was tormented by despair, injured by monsters
Wee paks ga rre gyenel na netvear
Even so, he did not give up

:/sos infel, sos qejyu/:
"For love, for the people"
:/xU yorr nAtLYAn g.v.w./:
"You continue fighting without end"
:/Azzz rre EDia_reveris vAt/: 
"However, the demon king lives"

:/naave x. xorg yorr qIlUs den gAvLYNwA/:
"Because the proud you trembles but still fights"
:/naave x. yant yorr xIyUneh den nAtLYNnA/:
"Because the terrified you is injured but still continues"
:/naave x. quel yorr zUzIxI dn polon den sAlLYN/:
"Because the desperate you despairs alone but still believes in the world"
:/xE parith yorr tAkEdLYE mean/:
"Your sincerity has reached the world, and our hearts"
:/iem xE merra yLYEmLYAqYA YAhymmnos/:
"So now, we will unlock the gates of your power"
:/en oucc yor, tLYEnA x. rre EDia_reveris zuieg/:
"And with your strength, we shall end the demon king's reign"

Carrying the dreams of 999 people, the wizard stands
He vows, with the 1000th dream, to never surrender

He raises the blade of magic, and the world's hopes flow into him
Granting him power, he approaches the demon king's throne

:/xE yasra yorr rAw mean/:
"The gentle you had released us"
:/xE merra sElYA Eomness/:
"So we will happily entrust to you our lives"

The spirits of power, spiraling into one
Everything, into the hands of the wizard

"For we believe you shall save us all"

1x AAs ixi.

~TURE~ enne grandus (~Bonds~ to protect the wish)[]

Rrha ki ra khal yor
All of my thoughts go into protecting you

Rrha ki ra pakz yor vl hiew en fwal yor tes yehah
In extreme concentration, I'll separate you from sadness and bring you to happines

Was paks ra chs sarla yor
I'll turn you into a song

Fou yea ra vit rre li sarla chsee glansee pauwel!
That song transforms into a divine power!


[1] I'm delighted to be by your side
[2] In extreme anger, I'll attack your enemy
[3] I'm wishful to guard the sacrifice's bonds
[4] I'll concentrate forever to comfort your pain

Xc=vit rre walasye whou na fowrlle yor -> ousye sor
If there are people who hurt you, I will attack them

Rrha apea ra sElLYOyE zodaw walasye
Immersed in happiness, I will bring death to them
Rrha apea ra sUlLYOyO dejuy walasye
I will bring atonement to them
Rrha au ga vit rre qejyu dLYUsLYOsLYOnI enw zLYIzUxI
And, when they atone, they shall lament

sos YUyehah!
For the sake of your happiness!


[1] In extreme fervor, I'll attack everything
[2] With so much sadness, I feel your pain
[3] Sorrowfully, I cry and sin in my shell
[4] To the point of weeping I sing the song of sadness

Nn au wa vit rre zarnn fee zethpa anw balduo ciel
The tempest winds slash the darkening sky
Was au ga firle rre siann oz dyya re fountaina sos ayulsa?
For eternity, will the light of day be hidden?

Rrha touwaka gagis vit rre parce fedyya re pomb ess ouvyu...
The proof of tomorrow, born in the ruins...

EXEC hymme 2X1/0>>010011

The World's Ideal Land[]

These songs were crafted for use in ilutiern's Ar tonelico fanfic, The World's Ideal Land. The fanfic is still ongoing.

~LIGHT~ The Moon Burns Brightly[]

xA yorr zz rUfUrIm l.n.c.a meryu gyuss
Not knowing the embrace of connected memories,
xA rre YEhynne qlUsI/.
Your voice shakes tremendously.
xE rre tyui yorr hEwsUsI/.
I'm happy that the little you is growing.
rEfErm cest eje/.
I'm happy to know the truth of these feelings.

From a time when frozen flame burned
The moon shed a single tear.

The sun no longer shined his light on her
The moon no longer reflected it.
With only the stars to embrace
She could not look back.

The flame suffocated in thick feelings
But even that unending rain
could not smother the burning heat.
No longer warm, it's painful

xU rre YEfayra dUzU folten jue dazua/.
Your flame died in water's shadow.
xU rre YAdje a.u.k zess sabl en Amahin dn zz jUdrYAeh/.
Your body is like sand and cannot be captured by my hand.

The moon ran across time
She searched for the sun
Past the mountains and the oceans
But he was too far away.

The words he once whispered to her
Belong in someone else's chest now.

xA yorr hUlUssA ween shell ttu zz w.s.eh rete/.
You grieved inside your shell in order to remember
xU yorr zz wUfA m.n.g. en x. rre fedyya m.t.y.y./.
You didn't want to understand, tomorrow came

The faraway flame lies behind the eyes
In the space where vision and mind meet.
The fire burns away the blurry lines
Ashes obscure the faint sunlight

The little voice crying behind waterfall's sound
Reach your hands and touch it

Strong wind dances with the black petals
It transforms them into happiness
The moon shines light again,
The fire burns bright again

xE yorr rEfEm x. rre sphaela v.t.
You see the living world,
xE yorr pipit wErEmE
You begin to shine a little bit,
xE rre YUxava yEyE
Your wounds begin to heal,
xE yorr n.t.n. vEt!
You will continue to live!

kAvEnArI hiewi orviclle ag urgn/.
I will defy the sad obstacles and grief
hEmEmErA ween innna/.
Inside my Soulspace I happily sing
tEnEmnA phira tErAmE infel rawah
I'll scatter the seeds, and make this flower of love bloom
<-x hEwAss en cEzA celetille rudje rudje clalliss.
This flower grows, and its red, red color turns clear.

rEfErEm yor/.
I'm so happy to know you...


Rrha ki ra exec sarla oz enesse
I will execute this emotional song
Fou yant gagis fwal yora anw infel phira
I will transfer you to the Seed of Love
Rrha i gagis chs noi an Ar tonelico en...
I will become one with the Great Tree, and...

miseru kaze wa kawaku chi ni sagashite
The gazing wind, searching through the dry land
Was paks ra wassee fhyu anw manaf
The wind, praising life

hako ni kakomare, shiroi nemuri
Surrounded by a box, the white sleep
hibiku kane kikoe, mezameru hito-tachi
Hear the tolling bells, awakening people
Wee paks ra leaff num
The picture books of nothing

iro no shizuku ga kiyoraka wo ushinau
Droplets of forming colors losing their purity
Was i ga wi clalliss na biron celetille
These colors, no longer beautiful

Rrha ki ra messe sarla oz enesse
I will convey this emotional song
Rrha i ga geeow omnis anw yehah
Everything, vow to happiness
omnis na irs ween slep
In slumber, there is nothing

itsumademo seimei to ugoiteiru, ushinawareta
Always moving with life, it is lost
(B-part) 塵に引っ掻く、探がせとしている
chiri ni hikkaku, sagase to shiteiru
Scratching through the dirt, trying to find
Was wol ra vit walasye loss memora
The people, seeing a lost memory

Was yea ra pakz yora elle Ar tonelico
I happily separate you from the Great Tree
Was yea ra fwal yora tes infel phira
I take you to the Seed of Love
rol kik spiritum anw lof meo
Like a thousand souls to the place of dreams

hito no minshuu ni, nanigoto wo kieru
In the masses of people, something gone
(B-part) 時に忘れた
toki ni wasureta
Forgotten over time
(C-part) 憶えてとする、失う
oboete to suru, ushinau
Trying to recall; it's lost
Was wol ra na knawa walasye nozess whalt
Humanity, not knowing what they lost

amata no hounou ni, nanigoto ga nai
In these countless offerings, something dead
menzaifu ni wasureta
Forgotten in indulgence
oboetakunai, ushinau
Not wanting to recall; it's lost
Was wol ra zodal walasye ween kuhle vine
Humanity, dying in a poisonous wine

soshite sono yakusoku wa chinpu kaze ni naeta
And that promise, withered in the stale wind,
(B-part) 乾く地に探して
kawaku chi ni sagashite
Searching through the dry land
Rrha nyasri ga vit fhyu gatyunla ware manaf na irs
The wind, seeing nothing but a cursed land without life

shinryoku daichi wo hateshinai sagaseru
Endlessly searching for the Green Lands
(B-part) 旅人が古物憂いをなって
Tabibito ga furumonoui wo natte
The traveler becomes old and weary
Rrha nyasri ga re dople dor gat der walasye
The cursed continent, rejected by the people

Rrha wol ra 0x vvi.
exec sarla oz enesse
I will convey this emotional song
here kyll yora en fwal yora anw na yehah phira
I will detach you here and bring you to the Seed of Unhappiness
Was nyasri ga fwal yora anw rre phira haf zash wiene
To the Seed that has a painful timbre
1x AAs ixi.

tim bexm sos alroetsue gyas
The time for the unwanted to atone has come
yehar omnis
Release everything
van yorra yanje wis zash
Even if you will be forever pained
Rrha ki ra exec sarla oz enesse.
I will execute this emotional song.


sLYOlLYILYO zodaw ut gral qejyu!
Death to all humans!
sLYOlLYILYO zodaw ut gral qejyu!
Death to all humans!
d.z. d.z. d.z. d.z.!
Die, die, die, die!

xO rre Oguatrz dLYOnLYOgO gauv Odje_sphaela
My anger pierces this world's sinful bodies
<-x aLYUuk zess hec hiew/.
This anger, like a hundred sorrows

(A-part)Humans, in their writhing black sin
Creating hatred, sowing misfortune
xU sorr enerel mLYOtyLYOyO zadius tLYOnLYOmnO jenhah/.
Always creating hatred and sowing misfortune

(A-part)There is no remorse in this crazed world.
(B-part)My singing, it is a mirror of this world's true face.
(C-part)In the insiduous gatherings of worthless people,
(D-part)There is the core of this rotten land.

(A-part)In this world, full of liars and backstabbers,
(B-part)Not even your best friend is truthful.
xN rre ceku a.u.k. zz kajya naave a.u.k. hueaf/.
Friends aren't needed, for that's a vain effort.
(A-part)Using you, milking every last drop of life from your blood,
Killing you over and over and over again...
jNdNrNeh zash jNdNrNeh guatrz jNdNrNeh lamenza jOdOrLYO ayulsa/...
Captured by pain captured by anger captured by grief captured by the endless cycle...

(A-part)There isn't anything in this world worth living for!
(B-part)The single ray of hope, blocked by a canopy of despair.

xO rre desfel sphaela zLYUzLYUzU byui xLYIyLYUnUeh qejyu!
This despicable world's despairing is the cause of all our pain!

tLYOnA sphaela!
End this world!
tLYOnA crudea!
End this suffering!
tLYOnA omnis!
End everything!

dn clemenzen fwrAneh YAhynne/.
Within this insanity, I could hear your voice.

:/xU rre YUwart xAyAnA mea/:
"Your words hurt me."
:/xU yorr zz wNfN j.l.r.?/:
"Don't you want to calm down?"

auUk colgen ess zz naflansee den mngA YAeje/.
Even though I'm frozen in this misery, I can understand your thoughts

Azzz xU sorr acra a.u.k. layy/.
But they are surely only lies

xN rre qejyu enerel mLYOtyLYOyO zadius tLYOnLYOmnO jenhah/.
Humans are always creating hatred and sowing misfortune
xO rre xLYUyLYUyUeh xLYOyLYOyO/.
They are only pained and give pain to others
xO sorr aLYUuOk hueaf!
They have no worth in this world!

sLYOlLYILYO zodaw ut gral qejyu!
Death to all humans!
sLYOlLYILYO zodaw ut gral qejyu!
Death to all humans!
d.z. d.z. d.z. d.z.!
Die, die, die, die!


xU rre maoh vNt x. rre manaf zz m.t.y.y. aje/.
Maoh lived a life that never changed.
xA sorr auNk Alasye_forlindel/.
He was the son of the town mayor.
xA rre qejyu lLYAlkA maoh/.
Everyone looked up to him,
xA rre qejyu wLYAssA maoh/.
Everyone praised him.

The white canvas of memories being painted on every day
All the colors mixing together, forming an ugly brown.
I wandered in a haze, searching for something I'd forgotten,
Lost in the unrelenting waves of tumbling thoughts.

xA rre maoh zz wNfN w.s.s.eh/.
Maoh grew tired of the praising.
xU rre maoh zz sNlNy nafan ut qejyu/.
He no longer cared about the people.

These eyes, no longer seeing the daily things
My body weighed down by heavy emotions
As if a great sadness had built up in me over time,
Everything I did became clouded in a mist of anxiety.

:/xN rre qejyu a.u.k. zz parith s.s.w. we noi eje/:
"Humans are dishonest, showing different faces."
:/zz hpNpN x. rre cest qejyu m.a.m. dn her sphaela/:
"I don't think there's anyone sincere in this world."

Azzz xA rre maoh lkkA rhaplanca ess noi dyya
But one day he saw Rhaplanca,
<-x tEnAmnA Epoe_rhaplanca wEsA tapa ut sor/.
sowing her seeds with care, giving them water,
zz t.nA t.n.m.n. ag w.s. tapa targue x.y.n.eh/.
never stopping, even when she was hurt.
xE rre maoh zz nEdEn nnoini parith qejyu/.
So, Maoh had found the first honest person.

:/Whai xA yorr hAwAsAsA YEplina van x. rre qejyu k.f.k.k. yor?/:
"Why do you grow your plants when the people scorn you?"
xA rre maoh s.sNwN naave zz m.n.gA/.
Maoh had asked, because he didn't understand.
xA rre papana hynne fLYNpLYNnN ouwua kLYAvr Awart_rhaplanca/.
He almost couldn't hear Rhaplanca because of the downpouring rain.
:/naave nEtnE s.l.y.eh arhou dn li sphaela/:
"Because, I still have hope for the world."

The gentle smile still seen in my eyes
The droplets of water falling down my body
If you are the one who gives water to this dried earth,
then let me be the one who gives that water to you.

The lost faith of the world,
Suddenly reborn in a flurry of vibrant colors
Our intertwining feelings touching the sky,
The flowers of our heart are blooming with the shade of purity.

xE rre maoh nLYEtEn v.t oucc rhaplanca
Maoh stayed with Rhaplanca,
targue xU rre rhaplanca hLYUlLYUsNsN jLYUzNtN cupla/.
Even when she grieved and commited sins.
xE rre maoh fEwErn Aomnis_rhaplanca
He embraced everything of her,
naave ess kvyeire xE rre Epoe_rhaplanca sElLYEyA arhou ut maoh/.
Because, in the end, the seeds of Rhaplanca had given him hope.

:/reta yorr tYAnU za j.d.r. goa Aujes_qejyu/:
"No matter how foolish people are, don't let yourself be apprehended."
:/wYAfA za rYAfrm nnoini parith eje en vYAsk yor/:
"I want to reveal the first honest heart to you, and I want it to touch your heart."

METHOD_HYMME_VIEGA/. version 2[]

vEsLYEk r.l.t.y. arhou eje/.
Feeling a reborn feeling of hope
Xc= hLYEmAmrE -> cEzE alroetsue sarla
If I sing then I will become the song of recompense
dn zash Ueje sLYElLYEyA Enaflansee/.
In this pained heart of mine, I will give my happiness to the world

Always sowing sorrow and creating pain
I ignored the feelings of those around me
Not knowing that day after day
I was slowly dying within my body

Tying together the thoughts of the world
Please, offer your laments to the heavens!

xU rre Aoriye mUfNlU ess x. rre gauv balduo f.s./.
My ears, enveloped by the sinful whispers of damnation
xU sorr sUlLYU LYOruinien
Believed in the destruction of the world
en jUlUjN hiew zess pUsNwNtN Amurfanare/...
And, as if losing my thoughts, I plunged into despair

Within my heart, the cries of my remaining humanity
Somehow, they reached your chest
These stained hands of a deep, deep red rose
Their color turned clear

I'll no longer run away from my pain
From now on I'll stand proud as myself

Even if others don't accept me
Even if I am to be alone
I won't give up!

pLYEsEwAtA Dia Ebale_reveris/.
Seizing the jewel of the demon king
cEzLYE sor naflansee zess vEa sosar/.
Then, like crafting magic, transforming it to happiness
kAvAnr nyasri sos LYEarhou!
For the sake of everyone's wishes, I won't let let this grief continue!

gIvIwA giz fwrnAeh YAhynne/.
Fighting away my horrors, I could hear your voice.

:/xU rre YAwart xAyAnA mea/:
"Your words hurt me."
:/xU yorr zz wNfN j.l.r.?/:
Don't you want to calm down?

aIuIkI ess giz den mngA YAeje/.
Even though I was filled with terror, I could understand your thoughts.

den, fUrIlI f.w.r. sor/.
But, I was scared of accepting them

so iem mLYErYErE cest Eeje!
So now, let me show you and the world my true feelings!

lLYElLYElE ut doodu lLYElLYElE ut cia lLYElLYElE ut qejyu lLYElLYElE sphaela
Blessing the earth blessing the sky blessing the people blessing the world
xE rre her sarla wLYEwLYAjAnAcA Aeje_omnis
This song, that resounds in the heart of everything
wLYEsLYEsE hymmne Ebriyante_qejyu
Praising the sound of the voices of joyful people

Everything, please devote that sadness to happiness!

Other Songs[]


jAzAtYA ar tonelico pauwel/.
I shall initiate the power of Ar tonelico.
vira... dri... fifde ixe...
five... three... forty six...
mArArI eje murfanare mAtAyIy eje murfanare/.
I shall project the feelings of my heart, give birth to the feelings of my heart.
heptode ji... jide noi... dec nei...
seventy two... twenty one... nineteen...

Whai nAtNnA?
Why continue?
Wee ki ra nozess vonn mea
I will concentrate in losing my darkness
xU rre faura h.m.m.r.aye
The little bird wants to sing
Wee ki ra wearequewie
I will concentrate in wishing
xU rre faura zz h.m.m.r.
The little bird cannot sing
Presia kiafa sarla mea
Please listen to my song
xU rre fau zz wUsU fwillra zz wUsU hynne
The bird lost its feathers, lost its voice
Presia kiafa hynne mea
Please listen to my voice
dec ji... octo... dride hepto...
twelve... eight... thirty seven...

xN rre Asarla zz m.t.y.y. yehah/.
My song will not give birth to happiness.
Xc=hEmEmErAeh --> zz cAzA Metafalica/.
If the song is sung it will not turn into Metafalica.
Ma num gagis irs
Feeling nothing, I exist
xN rre hymmnos tNnN
The song stopped
Ma num gagis firle rre fhyu sik
Feeling nothing, I sense the wind moving
xN rre zz wNsN arhou tNnN h.m.m.r/.
It lost its hope and stopped singing.
Ma num gagis rete
Feeling nothing, I forget
dec... vira... noi.
ten... five... One.

xA yorr nAtAnA?
Will you continue?



x. rre sephaje m.t.y.y.eh/.
It's beginning.
manaf irs tou neia tim
The coming of time is alive
x. rre s.n.k.kA plina ag t.r.mA rawah
The sprouting plants, blooming flowers
Was yea ra tanta an omnis
Dancing with everything
<-x n.m.l. sphaela
These have colored the world
Was yea ra echrra an burle burle ciellenne
Resonating with the blue, blue sky
Den, here xN sorr zz t.k.d./.
However, it does not reach here
weal mea we omnis wael...
Nothing is happier than my happiness...


Fou ki ra pagle tes marta en fatele.
I am slightly concentrated in talking to my mother and father.

Hyear, marta, yorr murfan yehah?
Hey, mother, are you happy?
"Was yea ra murfan yehah."
"I am very happy."
Hyear, fatele, yorr wis wael?
Hey, father, are you happy?
"Was waa ra wis wael."
"I am very happy."
Marta, yorr hartes mea?
Mother, do you love me?
"Was yea ra hartes yor!"
"I love you!"
Fatele, yorr melenas mea??
Father, do you love me?
"Was waa ra mele--
"I love--
zz sOlOyYN infel!
I do not love you!

hUpUpUsU marta ag fatele lasye/.
I'm sad when thinking about mother and father's son.
wIsIeh giz elle guatrz ag hes/.
I'm terrified of anger, terrified of him.

Whai yorr wis guatrz?
Why are you angry?
na pagle
Do not talk
Whai mea chs guatrz yor?
Why do I cause your anger?
na sonwe
Do not express
Whai yorr desfel mea?!
Why do you hate me?!




xN rre yasra t.n. du guatrz, desfel, polon ryusse
The silent end of anger, hate, the journey of solitude...
xN sorr zz mNaNm.
That does not exist.
zeeth ture na llizz zenva.
The bonds's chains could not be transcended

xU rre Metafalica zz h.m.m.r.eh
The Song of Hope could not be sung
xN rre Metafalica zz m.a.m.
The Song of Hope never existed.
Den fedyya, Fou touwaka wa lapo yor, en rre hymmnos re gyen, en llizz rre ieeya re fulual.
But tomorrow we will meet and the song will be crafted, and maybe the wish will come true.

Iem, xA rre Asarla zz m.t.y.y. yehah, den ween futare...
Now, my song will not give birth to happiness, but in the future...

Xc=hLYEmEmErEeh--> cLYEzEaye arhou sarla/.
If this song is sung, then it will want to become song of Hope.

EXEC_hymme 2X1/0>>0011110101101100101111011


Rrha ki ra exec noinni guie oz sarla, ALLEGRO
First phase, Allegro

Was ki ra tarfe xava yor sos yora!
For your sake, I won't let you fall!

van wis lusye yora
Even if I am your light
van wis vonn yora
Even if I am your darkness
van yorra hartes an desfel mea
Even if you love or hate me
Rrha paks ra yatse hymmnos en murfan tes yora
This song, my thoughts to you

This one feeling, I had thought I lost it long ago
Now with you it's here again, and I will not let it go!
Rrha ki ra riomo omnis pauwel mea tes her walaen
Everything in my power dedicated to this life


[1]My thoughts are jumbled but I'll seize my chance
[2]I'll enter this world to protect you

Was paks ra nha rre pauwee tanta sarla mea
The children of power dance to my song
Was paks ra nha rre pauwee swant yora der pauwel mea
They will surely aid you with my power

Everything of mine dedicated to you
All life wishing for a brighter tomorrow
Rrha yea ra riomo guie mea yora
I will give you my body

Though I may be weak, I will still try to help you
I won't let my precious people slip away again

Ma i ga firle rre gyaje oz walasye urr ween foul lof
The mistake of humanity manifests in an unknown place
Rrha ki gaya slepir rre gyaje faja
With all my power, it shall not reach you

Was yea ra yanwe yor. Was nyasri gaya vit yorr naja
I care about you, and it would break my heart to see you gone

so Rrha quel gagis hymme
So I will sing

van wis lusye yora
Even if I am your light
van wis vonn yora
Even if I am your darkness
van yorra hartes an desfel mea
Even if you love or hate me
Was apea ra enerel melenas yora!
I will never stop loving you!


Rrha ki ra exec 2 guie oz sarla, AFFANATO!
Begin Second phase, Affanato!

Hyear, omnis jenga mea
Hear me, all of my enemies
Was yea ra parge yora vl ar ciel en accrroad yora tes clemenzen na omnis
I will purge you from this world and drive you to insane oblivion
Wee wol ra quen rre gigeadeth viega gaunji gat guie yora
My steel swords will pierce your cursed bodies
en yora yanje re cause
And you will all rot away

What a small bird
Already losing its life

Nn jyel ga firle zash etealune ween mea
In myself, unending pain

Presia viuy lusye sol jenga mea
Please, blackened light, shine down on my enemies
sos inferiare mea presia morto morto!
For the sake of my beloved, please die, die!


[1]I'll never forgive you, beasts, die!
[2]I'll hate you forever, beasts, die!

Oh fatele, yorr haf didalia mahin
Oh father, what big hands you have

      Oh marta, yorr haf et boches
      Oh mother, what a large mouth you have

sor waze kil walasye
All the better to choke out life

      sor waze gyengyat infel mea
      All the better to devour my love


[1]I try so hard but you don't look at me
[2]I love you so much I want to kill you

Oh kind brother, lend me your ear
Let me whisper sweet love to you...

Everything, feel my words
and, in unending darkness...!

Rrha apea erra yanje yanje melenas yor
Always, always, I'll love you
Yorr enerel wis pitod mea
By my side, be with me forever
Rrha quel gaya na fogabe rre yorr naja vl mea
I'll never let you get away

Yorr melenas mea?
You love me, right?

en forgandal sor
and, because of that

Was ki ra
Overflowing with thoughts
Rrha ki ra exec guie oz sarla qoga, TRANQUILLO
Everything focused on the last phase, Tranquillo

Nn yea ra firle rre ar ciel harmon walasye
The world harmonizes with the people

Ma ki ra exec pauwel ar tonelico
I will initiate the power of Ar tonelico

Wee ki ra wearequewie
I'm wishing
presia kiafa sarla mea
Please, listen to my song
presia kiafa hynne mea
Please, listen to my voice

      loss walaen na wis bautifal
      Lost life with no beauty
      loss walaen na wis vianchiel
      Lost life with no purity

Ma num gagis irs
Feeling nothing, I exist
Ma num gagis firle rre fhyu sik
Feeling nothing, I sense the wind moving
Ma num gagis rete
Feeling nothing, I forget

Yorr vit?
Do you want to see?


[1]My body shakes with excitement
[2]I love you very much, your radiance shines

van yorr na melenas mea
Though you might not love me
Fou jyel gagis accrroad murfanare
I still want to give you these feelings
Wee touwaka gagis vit rre sarla sik an fhyu
This song travels with the wind
tes yor ween yeeel lof
To that faraway place you're in
Sarla sonwe tes hopb yor?
Will it touch your heart?
Yorr kiafa wart mea?
Will you hear these words?
Was touwaka gagis na knawa
I don't know, but I want to believe


[1]I'll craft the light you like so much
[2]I love you so I'll do anything with you

Infel wis foul murfanare
Love, it's a strange feeling
Was num gagis vit rre quivale bexm
Numbly, I stare at the coming winter
Was num gagis wis rol rre hopb colgen an ptrapile
As if my heart froze along with autumn

Was jyel ga na vit yor iem
I can't see you right now
den Was ki ra Rrha ki ra wis
But, I'll keep trying and trying
so yorr wis weal sos mea
So that you'll be proud of me

van quivale bexm
Even when winter arrives,
fayra oz hopb mea degle anw colga
the flames of my heart will melt the ice
frawrle bexm an frawr en dorn
Spring will come with flowers and trees
en salavec re crushue art her memora
And another legend will be crafted with these memories
Hyear Was touwaka ra lapo yor
Hey, someday let's meet again
en crannidale akata
And share the stories we've heard

Fou au ga vit rre burle ciel re naja yor
The blue sky you ran away to
haf willie hyzik yor
Still carries your faint silhouette
Rrha ki ra lapo yor en haf fandel pauwel
When I'm stronger, I'll be able to reach you

So, until then, please wait for me

EXEC hymme 2X1/0>>010101


The sound of falling droplets,
still resounding in my ears...
Little voice, keep dreaming of tomorrow
until the blood runs from your throat

parge omnis art guie mea
With this body, purge away everything
Was yant gaya na vit her
I don't want to see this any more

Falling snow, covering stains
As if washing away these unending sins
But, the truth of this world remains
Beneath this white, beneath this black, I...

Nn num gagis irs?
Do I exist?
:/sYEswAeh YUcest ag Acest/:
:/Tell me your truth, the truth of myself/:

The disappearing path to the end
is too far beyond my reach,
and the silver-lined snow keeps falling
in this place of sorrows...

Wee au ga knawa rre werllra enerel irs
These tears will always remain
Was quel gaya vit rre iaisen oz frawrle na ftt sor
Even the morning dew of spring cannot erase them.
xU rre xava ale wLYUnUsI dn Neje/.
The sound of wounds echo in my heart
xU sorr sLYIlUyI harphe zash ag zz t.k.d. harphe/.
Bringing the morning's pain, unreachable morning

xO rre sphaela kLYOfLYOkOkU willie qejyu/.
The world scorns weak people
Rrha ki ra walaka dor
Trying to walk on this earth,
den rre jambea re tie giz
my feet are restrained by my doubts

It's not enough to just exist
Soon enough, I'll be erased like a speck of dust
Lost in swirls of cold, cold wind

Was jyel gaya knawa rre cupla an vonn mea wis gyas mea
My sins, my darkness, they're part of me
Wee yant gaya na nozess noes mea an cest noes mea
I cannot lose myself, my true self
:/reta sAsw mea/:
:/Please, tell me/:

rNfm maen enw hLYNrUnAt/.
While wandering, I saw the full moon
<-x wLYErIm/.
that still shined
xI sorr zz wNrm dn Usphaela/.
This moon, it stopped existing in my world

sarr/. -> reta xU rre heath sarr tLYUnA w.r.m./.
Oh burning light, please stop shining

It's not enough to just view life
from far away, on the lonely road
How many times have I wished
to jump into the lives of the playing children?
Their hands, covered in mud and dirt
yet, still so happy

aiph mea chs na vianchiel Was au ga chs hueaf?
If I were to become tarnished, would I be useless?
xU rre tafane weak zz mLYIam/.
Bright moon, you don't truly exist
Presia na sol ieeya won ar ciel mea
So please, stop shining hope on this world

Rrha jyel gaya crudea ween zash
I'm suffering in pain
Oh burning light, please stop shining
Rrha yant gaya na vit sor
My eyes cannot stand to see it

In a cold embrace, I'm waiting in winter
For that person I dreamed of,
arriving in a carnival of summer light
Giving a wry smile to myself, I continue

Wee jyel ga na echrra an tim tou ryusse mea
In my journey, I pass by time
frawrle grruw frawr
Spring, growing flowers
lirle sol lir
Summer, shining light
ptrapile pomb ptrapica
Fall, creating treasures
quivale yanje wis loss quive
Winter, a dead silence, forever

:/Xc=sEsweh YUcest -> rEwA yor/:
:/If you tell me your truth, I will help you/:
:/wEwYAjAncLYO en mEtYAyyLYI dius frawrle/:
:/We'll synchronize, and together form our precious spring/:

Hand in hand, together, I...

Was quel gaya irs?
Do I exist?

Oh burning light, please stop shining
xU rre sarr sElEy waze arhou ut Uguie_gyajlee/.
The hope you give is too much for a sinner's body

parge omnis art guie mea
With this body, purge away everything
Rrha yant gaya na vit her
I don't want to see this any more


EXEC_HYMME_PAPANA_NUIH/. (~Rainy Day Nights~)[]

Today's the day when the rain falls again
papana zarle ween addya
I'm walking alone down this road
Rrha jyel gagis walaka won dor
Bright lights passing by
enw na lapo rre sol lir
The dark night is still clouded
Fou au ga vit rre vonn nuih wis viuy

I won't disappear
Nn num ra na naja

My footprints left on the sand
jambea parce mea teyys won sabl
Running after you, I can't stop my tears
Was au gaya rana tes yor
I'm hoping my emotions will lead you back
Was touwaka ga enne rre enesse mea aulla cest dor

It's a lonely journey, to be truthful
ryusse haf waze polon
But, I can't really complain
den Fou num ra na delij
As long as my memories remain
aiph memora mea teyys
I'm okay with my body fading away...
Wee au wa fogabe rre hyzik ftt

Will you be sad if I'm gone?
yorr wis hierle aiph mea na irs?

I wonder...
Was ki ga paul yor

I lie on the soft grass
Ma yea gagis sallogna won yasra sara
Dim stars trying to sparkle
Fou au ga vit rre willie lyuma sol
The unending darkness will probably stay forever
na qoga vonn llizz yanje teyys
I trace the moon with my finger
Ma ki ra drone rre weak hopb
Wondering if it'll turn into the sun
en murfan aiph sor chs sheak

My feet are scarred from the long journey
jambea mea re heighte ween ewle ryusse
My body keeps wanting to sleep
Was ki ra endia rre hyzik slepir iem
I have to keep going, so I stand
Rrha ki gaya jastil
The night lighting my path
ar nuih sol dor mea

The shadows are warmly embracing my heart
na quesa warma houd hopb mea

Until the day we meet again,
sos dyya ther yor an mea lapo
I won't disappear.
Was ki ra na naja

Though the world prospers from my death,
ar ciel prasrity forgandal morto mea
As long as my memories of you remain,
den aiph yor memora mea teyys
I'm okay with my body fading away...
Wee au wa fogabe rre hyzik ftt

{I'll be the wind embracing you}
{Wee yea ra chs rre fhyu houd yor}

EXEC_BURLE_SANCTUM/. (Song of Blue Ark)[]

sarla oz ieeya, foul, pauwel walasye
The song of prayers, miracles, power of mankind
crudea oz saash, deleir, dhezeall jenhah
The suffering of God, calamity, prisoner of war

Wee quel ga, aiph yorr cexm burle sanctum, accrroad yor tes yeeel lof
If you arrive on the Blue Ark, I will take you to a faraway place
na au, na yant, na yea, na apea ween lof sor.
No sadness, no pain, no happiness, no pleasure
Yanje nooge rol morto...
An endless sleep like death...

yorr teyys pitod mea?
Won't you stay by my side?
Wee jyel ga slepir eux yor der sarla.
With this song I will cover your eyes,
eux yor na vit.
these eyes, which do not need to see.

Was quel ga fountaina guwo wassa,
The frenzied festival,
en rre crown re dralee der rudje sacra, en boh basilic ween sor.
with cups filled with crimson blood, fireworks of bullets,
Was guwo ga siss rre walasye ousye der hueaf viega.
men recklessly playing with swords,
Wee guwo ga slepir yorr knawa.
I'll make sure you never know of it.

burle sanctum, yorr wis rol focs kapa ween leaff.
Blue Ark, your body looks like the ocean in books.
Was au ga vit rre hyzik yor re clalliss rudje.
Wouldn't it be a shame for it to be stained red?
Was jyel gaya tie hyzik yor here sos yor.
For your sake, I'll chain your body here.
Yanje yanje irs pitod mea...
Stay with me, forever, by my side...

na endia yorr slepir en na haf zash.
An unending sleep, without pain.
willie na spiritum fernia.
A hazy, drifting smile.
yorr na firle yehah nor hierle.
You won't feel happiness, but no sadness, either.
manaf na omness...
An existence without 'existence'...

aiph yorr haf revm, vit ar vonn revm.
If you dream, let it be only dreams of darkness.
Was au gaya parge fwal yor an yos fwal.
Your wings cannot fly anymore, even if it pains me.
Wee yea ra gyuss yor en grandus yor vl ar ciel.
I'll hold you and protect you from the world.
ar ciel haf fandel gyas en beja manaf.
The world, it is filled with horrible things,
Wee jyel ga na fogabe sos yor yorr vit ar ciel.
so never see the light of day.

Was jyel gaya, aiph yorr firle polon,
But, you will never feel loneliness.
enerel fowrlle yor.
If you do, I'll be here for you.
Yorr an mea jam wis ween na endia revm...
We'll be together, forever, in an unending dream...

burle sanctum, yorr na manafeeze nor morto pitod mea.
Blue Ark, you shall neither live nor die by my side.
so yorr an mea pitod irs ween focs focs nooge.
So together, let us exist in deep, deep sleep.

EXEC_HARMONIOUS/.#ilutiern extracting[]

Faura yerwe murfan anw sol ciel
The little bird chirps its feelings to the world
Faura sonwe murfan anw sol ciel ee
The little bird sings its feelings to the people
Faura enne rre yehah re pomb anw omnis manaf
The bird, with a wish, hopes for happiness to be born in all life

Faura presia yehah anw hopb faura
The little bird prays for happiness in its heart
na haf hierle, guatrz
No longer sadness, or anger
Yorr nozess rudje murfanare, acra wis yehah
If you would lose your reddened thoughts, you'd surely be happy
titillia yehah acra re pomb
Just a little happiness, would surely be born

Faura yerwe murfan anw sol ciel
The little bird chirps its feelings to the world
eterne sol ciel, na slepir sol ciel
An eternal world, a world without rest
Fou quel ga presia rre ieeya faura na slepir an sol ciel
This little bird's wish, please, never end, like the world
sos dius futare, futare llizz ftt
For the sake of the precious future, a future that might slip away

Yorr na nooge, spiritum eterne
Never sleeping, an eternal spirit
yanje zenva qoga en ssvid hynne mea
Your existence never ends and will continue existing for longer than my voice

we yehah yor, we heetha sol ciel
More than your happiness, more than the world's well being
Was ki ga presia clare futare
What I really want is a clear future

sos yor na guwo, faura foutaina hynne
But so that you will not be angered, the little bird hides its voice
vit yorr rol guatrz, en degle noes
When it sees you so angry, all that's left is a shell full of fear and anxiety

re yehar elle hierle yorra accrroad mea?
Will I be freed from the sadness you've sent me to?
Wee yea gagis yehar yor
I would gladly do the same for you

van fowrlle yor en yanwe, yorr na vit cest mea
though, even if I comfort and care for you, you won't see the real me
en, xel marta pomb mea, na yaserwe 1
And never, since the time Mother birthed me, have I relaxed even once

den, yanje tasyue sos yor
But, I'll always offer to you
van re heighte nor manafeeze ween fandel giz
even if I'm hurt or live in extreme fear
memora yor enrer irs murfan mea
Your memory will always exist in my mind
van haf xevxl eterne, xorg yorr na naja
Even if I despair forever, your prideful memory will never leave

van presia omnis ftt
Even if I ask for everything to disappear
sol ciel na kiafa hynne mea
The world will never hear my voice
yerwe, sonwe, neee anw sol ciel
Though it chirps, sings, calls out to the world
den, sol ciel knawa nene faura
The world will never understand the little bird

Was ki ga tasyue eterne sarla oz enne
I will always offer this song of wishes, no matter how futile it is

Faura METAFALICA morto
(the bird's Song of Hope is already dead)
Faura yehah revm llizz na re pomb
(The little bird's happy dream may never be born)
den, faura yerwe anw sol ciel, sonwe anw sol ciel
(But, the little bird chirps to the world, sings to the world)
en titillia werllwe sos loss revm
(and cries just a little for the sake of its lost dream)

INTER Hymns[]

These hymns contain an original dialect made by ilutiern, and also use non-canon Hymmnos words.


cor varda >> enter 0x0
en chs POPICA/. = chsee mea zodal.

non briyante >> 637= re kiafa mea oriye.
The cries of humanity reach my ears.
mea >> 535= fountaina ess dorn mea en enne non re aulla
I hide further in my tree, hoping I will not be found.

mea >> 325= wis tyui faura.
I am but a little bird.
mea >> 565= knawa whou suwant mea.
Who would save me, I wonder...
mea >> 535= non pagle <-x-< denera >> 012= llizz aulla.
I do not speak, fearing I will be found.

rudje fayra >> 476= gyuss omnis sefanl.
Red flames reach the end of the forest.
ryewa siance >> 627= morto <-x-< mea >> 638= vit.
This overgrown paradise is no longer.

mea >> 444= non yanje naja vl mea shellan.
It is too late to escape from my cage.
mea hueaf fwal >> 000= accrroad gatyunla -> mea.
My useless wings will send me to hell.
mea >> 667= wearequewie rre popica suwant vl fayra -> mea...
Engulfed by flames, oh nature, please save me...


~Wistful Requiem~ 

cor varda >> enter 0x0
en chs TIM/. = paul mea.

=> Nn num wa irs.
I am... existing.

Nn num wa irs ween fluy oz tim.
I am existing in the swaying sea of time.

fowrlle fwal, en xava... Nn paks ga nooge.
Embracing wings marred by scars, I am unaware

Fou ki ra drone hymmne manaf.
Concentrating, I hear the sounds of life
Fou ki ra drone rre fhyu sik.
Concentrating, I feel the light touches of the wind
lusye vl tonelico clalliss mea.
As if lying under a great tree on a sunny day, warm patches blossom on my skin

den omnis re clalliss noglle.
But, my world is a dark black

Ma quel wa ferda faf vonn.
Dwelling inside eerie darkness
loss mea pat sphilar.
My mind wanders aimlessly, hazily
Nn jyel gagis, Nn yant ga.
Completely alone, fear curls inside of me

Ma ki ra yehar elle slep fatere enegd
If I cannot awaken, then I wish to fall into nothingness
enw slepir rivire tim.
A foggy calm which slows the flow of Time

Wee au wa cenjue tes xevxl xl li dyya/...
With overpowering sadness, I know that on this day, my selfishness has overcome me...

"In the empty sky
the blooming flowers slowly
lose fading petals"

"Dropping wishes to
the barren earth, no longer
able to be kept"

"The shining soil
releases its final breath
forsaking its dream"

"Vestiges of Time,
sinking the world to despair,
wither the last Tree"


cor varda >> enter 1x106
en chsee HARTON/.= chsee omnis mea.

mea >> 513=jass >-x-> yorr >> 613= tanta oucc mea!
Oh, let us dance joyfully, you and I! 

mea hopb >> 564=re gyuss art rre yasra wharn yor.
Oh, my heart aches to be in the embrace of your gentle arms,

inferiare frawr >> 023=grlanza?
Dearest flower, do you dance without sadness?

#enne pitod eazas= mea >> 664?
Do you wish for our mutual unison without sadness, as I wish for every day?

mea >> 645=melenas yor <-x-> denera >> 582= tarfe mea an yor ture.
I've always felt such uncontrollable hatred and jealousy for that wretch who came in between us,

denera >> 737= re gott <-x-< mea >> 356= siss sor.
But now he is gone; I ended him, myself,

yorr >> 613//:mea = manafeeze pitod etealune!
So now we can live happily ever after!

yorr >> 335= wis 2 harton fau ween daedu warden shellan= mea >> 475.
You and I, we are two lovebirds in the cage of this vile world,

mea >> 584= kyll vl zeeth -> mean.
But I, your gallant protector, shall break us free from these shackles.

yorr >> 616= vit -> mea >-x-< mea >> 584= fait quasere.
Simply look at me with your love-filled eyes, my dear, and I will do anything.

glansee gaurjyui >> 000= deata >-x->  qejyu >> 570= nome cupla -> mean harton.
Divine punishment will be laid upon those who call our love a sin,

presia yorr >> 033= sik tes mea gyuss.
so come to me without fear, come into my embrace,

mea >> 563= dsier cor cor yor.
for you are the only thing I desire in this world.