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These are original Hymns, composed by LovelyFairy.

Fanhymns by other forum members can be found here.

EXEC.with_METHOD_HYMME_ETERNAL_DARKNESS/. ~ Despair and Unhappiness[]

Wee au ga wis hieg sphilar.
I am a broken heart.

Was au ga re eta harton.
I am rotten by love.

Was quel ga re kil harton mea.
I am killed by my love.

Was i ga exec hymmnos oz morto!
In this impatience, i shall execute the song of death!

Was wol wa exec morto tou lequera!
With this malice, i shall invoke death to innocent mortals!

Was guwo wa bansh dand tes yehar lof!
In this anger, i shall open the gate to nothingness!

Wassee acra ewle morto!
Praise the eternal death!

Gyuss acra ewle noglle dazua!
Embrace the eternal darkness!

Was ki ra re tie pauwel.
Bound only by power.

Was ki ra re tie sacra.
Bound only by blood.

Was paks ra fulual dsier mea!
I only fulfill my desire!

Was i ga kil orviclle mea!
In this impatience, i shall kill any obstacles!

Wee au wa rre ar ciel na haf harton.
This world has no more love.

Presia... nooge.
Please... go to sleep.

Yanje nooge!
Go to sleep for eternity!

Was au ga re tarfe ture crudea.
Very sadly, I am limited by bonds of suffering.

Was touwaka ga na yart yora ween crudea!
I very much wish I'd never met you within this suffering.

Was quel ga sonwe sarla zodaw!
In despair, I shall sing the song of death!

Was yant gagis neee rre zodaw ousye yora!
I'll accept this terror, and bring death that befalls all of you!

Nn apea gagis exec ruinie ar ciel!
I'll accept being beyond the reach of any happiness as I destroy this world!

Nn touwaka gagis exec rre omnis ieeya xest netvear!
I'll accept being beyond the reach of any wish as I transform all hope into abandonment!

Wee i ga exec rre Metafalica xest rete!
In this impatience, I will cast the Song of Hope into oblivion!

wassee enterne crudea ciel!
Prase the world's eternity of suffering!

wassee rre pauwee neee ruinien!
Praise the one who will bring destruction!

ates ruinie hopb oz kvvia!
Accept the broken heart of regret!

ates rre infel enerel na irs noglle syec!
Accept that love never existed in the blackness of this abyss!

Oh, bister oz nel, walasye.
Oh, the beasts full of naught, the humans.

Wee paks ra rre yorra re fountaina cset vonn!
Let yourself be enveloped in true darkness!

Wee paks ra rre sacra sik giue yora!
Let blood spread from your body!

Sorr re tek der na cyurio. Nn num wa rre yorra ruinie Metafalica.
Gone in the chaos. You have destroyed your Hymn of Hope.

wOhOhO zadius ut oure yor/.
You, the one i hated the most.

wOsYI zodaw/.
In this anger, i shall kill you!

w.s. zodaw ut YEeje/.
Without any regret, i shall destroy your heart!

xO rre vega eje cNz dn daedu ag cNz dn we daedu/.
This rottening heart, shall rot even more!

wIsYI Iinfel ag zodaw/.
In this eternal suffering, i shall love you, and i shall put you to death!

gOkInU YEeje ag YElonfa/.
I shall eat your heart and soul!

xN rre vega eje cNz dn daedu/.
Let this heart rot!

wEsEsE nel ciel/.
Praise the world of nothingness!

jUlOjIeh whou v.s.k. waze xorg /.
I am bound by shameless people.

jUlOjIeh zz parith qejyu/.
I am bound by traitors.

jUlOjIeh ujes/.
I am bound by malice.

Ah,wOsLYI zodaw/.
Ah, i wish in this malice, i shall destroy all!

Ah, jIzUtO kvyeire zodaw Awart/.
Ah, in this loneliness, i shall execute my final words of death!

Ah,yanje crudea ture… ag layy yanje infel/.
Ah, the bonds of eternal suffering... the false eternal love...

jAzOtLYI zodaw ess goa lonfa/.
In this impatience, i shall invoke death in every soul!

w.s. zodaw ut YEdje/.
Without any regret, let me tore your body!

wOsO zodaw ut arhou ess qejyu/.
In this anger, i shall remove the faith inside people!

Ah,arhou... tou infel ag tou zodaw/.
Ah, the faith... between love and death...

xO yorr nItUn urgn/.
In this malice, i shall throw you into lamentation!

wEsEsE gatyunla Dia/.
Praise the demon lord!

wEsEsE whou w.s. zodaw sos yor/.
Praise the one who killed you!

hEkEtEtE YUzodaw tim/.
Embrace your death knell!

jNlAjeh ut gatyunla/.
I am bound to the hell.

lNnAcaeh ut bister/.
I am connected to the demons.

xA yorr fOwYIrneh ess dazua/.
Let yourself surrounded in the darkness...

Oh, walasye, sheak yanje na zenva!
Oh, everyone, the Sun will never arise!

Oh, walasye, lyuma yanje na keen!
Oh, everyone, the Stars will never shine!

Oh, walasye,weak yanje re na vit!
Oh, everyone, the Moon will never appear!

Was guwo ga rre shen wis getrra der vonn!
The light is tainted with the darkness!

Rrha guwo ga accrroad omnis ween nel!
In the name of malice, i shall put everything into nothingness!

Rrha guwo ga accrroad harton walasye oz ciel ween nel!
In the name of malice, i shall cast every love into nothingness!

Rrha guwo ga kil walasye oz ciel en pauwel!
In the name of malice, i shall kill everyone for power!

Ma paks ra rre omnis chs vonn!
In the name of this song, everything has become the darkness!

Was jyel erra...
I wish i could be alone forever...

Wee au ga rre frawr lof oz yehah na wis cest....
There is no Garden of Happiness in reality....

Was quel ga ruinie ciel der yanje vonn.
I shall ruin the sky with eternal darkness.

Was guwo ga rre walasye oz ciel morto!
With all of these hatred, all shall die!

EXEC.with_METHOD_HYMME_FINAL_DARK_LOVE/. ~ Blessings from Malice, the Selfishness[]

Ah, was yea ra rre her wis bautifal dyya.
Ah, it's a wonderful day.

Wee guwo ga desfel so ouwua falfa.
It's so full of vexing peace.

Ah, waats walasye, nel den crudea ween sphilar.
Ah, friendships, no more than suffering in the hearts.

Was guwo ga rre walasye wis nel den na parith.
People are no mere than my traitor.

Was guwo ga rre herra accrroad guatrz tes mea.
They bring hatred to me.

Was au wa yanje got crudea en yanje na haf harton vl hers.
I will always get suffering, i will never have love from them.

Oh, mea, Revatail whou re nedle ruinie anw omnis!
Oh, me, the Reyvateil who is destined to destroy everything!

Was i ga dople murfanare oz waats walasye!
In this impatience, i shall remove every single friendships!

Nn num gagis na arsye omnis vl hers.
I don't have any bargain from them.

Was guwo ra rre herra re oure slepir.
Let all of them fall into the deepest slumber.

Kil walasye oz ciel!
Kill every single human!

Was ki ra rre walasye na naja morto!
Leave none of them alive!

wOsLYI yanje gauzewiga/.
In this anger, i shall bring eternal despair!

wOsLYI yanje crudea/.
In this malice, i shall bring eternal suffering!

xN herra cIzUeh daedu an fowrlle xel zodaw lof/.
Without any kindness, i shall rot them with their graves!

hAmOmLYIrLYU zz cyurio hymmne/.
I shall play a melody of chaos.

polon hymmne sos yora/.
The melody of loneliness for you.

Whai ceku a.u.k. here sev aLYNuk zz kajya?
Why does friendship came when we don't need it?

Whai herra enerel wNs ruinien ut Iomness?
Why they always ruin my life?

Oh, pauwel, sElYEyYA YAdazua/.
Oh, power, lend me your darkness.

wAsLYI zodaw ut manaf qejyu/.
With this power, i shall kill all these mortals.

xE rre LYAeux yanje zz rNfNm/.
With this happiness, i shall give you a peaceful eternal slumber.

xA rre urgn wart yanje vItLYI ess LYAeje/.
The words of lamentation shall stay in everyone's heart.

Oh, yorra oz ciel, was guwo ra ruinie ieeya yora!
Oh, everyone, i shall destroy your hopes!

Oh, sheak, was guwo ra ruinie yora der guatrz!
Oh, the sun, i shall ruin you with malice!

Oh, lyuma, was guwo ra eta yora!
Oh, the stars, i shall eat you one by one!

Oh, weak, was guwo ra rre yora re fountaina bister!
Oh, the moon, i shall fill you with demons!

Oh, Revatail, was guwo ra quive boches en murfanare yora!
Oh, Reyvateils, i shall silence your mouths and feelings!

Oh, walasye, was guwo ra dople yora ieeya oz fane!
Oh, humans, i shall remove your faiths of kindness!

Was paks ra rre giue yora re ruinie mea!
Let your body be torn by me!

Was paks ra rre sacra yor fountaina giue mea pitod guatrz!
Your blood shall fill my body with malice!

Was paks ra rre yorra chs nel tes mea!
All of you shall melt for me!

Was paks ra ini sublimation yora sos mea!
I shall evaporate you for my own sake!

Was paks ra rre yorra iem na manafeeze!
All of you shall live no more!

polon zeeth aIuOkU ess mea/.
The chains of loneliness will always stay within me.

xO rre zodaw jOzAtLYIeh/.
Death shall be invoked to all mortals.

gOkLYIn LYEspiritum/.
I shall eat their souls.

xI rre naflansee zz a.u.k. we zz zauve ag layy/.
Happiness is no mere than foolish illusion.

gOkAnLYI LYAsacra/.
I shall eat your bloods for the sake of myself.

wEsEsE polon ciel/.
Praise the world of loneliness!

jAlAjLYI LYApauwel/.
I shall absorb the power of all for my own sake.

wEsEsE Apolon/.
Praise my solitude!

xO rre zz zauve LYEinfel c.z.eh dazua pauwel/.
I shall convert your foolish love into power of darkness!

wEsEsE siann (Metafalica) qoga/.
Praise the end of the holy light, the hymn of hope!

ag xA rre yanje dazua yEmLYIq en enerel vEtLYI/.
And the eternal darkness shall born and live forever!

yanje vOtI pitod polon zeeth/.
I shall live eternally with the chains of solitude!

Was au ga rre harton wis nel den layy…
Love is just a mere trash...

Den rre yorr tie mea…
But once again, you captivated me...

Was yea erra yanje melenas yor!
I really love you so much forever!

Was paks erra rre yorr, inferiare mea, wis dhezeall oz yanje harton mea!
I shall chain you, my love, in my chain of eternal love!

Was paks ra rre walasye na xest anw murfanare yor, inferiare mea!
Never let others let your judgment astray, my love!

Was yea erra jam colgen!
We will froze together!

Was paks erra acra yanje na sik!
We will never separated no matter what!

Wee paks ra na yanwe murfanare yor!
I don't consider your feelings!

Was paks ra biron gyuss yor van rre yorr morto!
I will keep holding you, even if you died!

Was paks erra biron oure melenas yor!
I still love you so much, forever!

Ah, was touwaka erra wis jam.
Ah, i wish we can be together, alone forever.

Was touwaka erra rre yorr re slepir.
I wish you fell into slumber.

Was au ga knawa re desfel yor.
I know, you will hate me.

Den, was paks erra melenas yor.
But i love you forever.

Was paks erra rre yorr na aulla eux yor tes guatrz.
I will never let you awake to hate me!

Was yea erra slepir yor.
In this love, i shall put you to a lovely slumber.

Was yea erra dople yor guatrz oz mea.
I shall remove your hatred of me.

Was yea erra teyys pitod yor.
I shall stay with you forever.

Was yea erra vit yor.
I shall watch you forever.

Was yea erra yetere rre yorr nozess guatrz yor, aulla eux yor.
I shall awake you, once your hatred is dead.

qejyu, xO yorra aEuYIkLYE nel den uje bister/.
Others of you, you are just malicious beast for me.

wAsLYI ruinien/.
In this impatience, i shall destroy you!

xO rre LYEdje c.z.eh YEpauwel/.
I shall exchange your bodies into my power!

xO rre LYAsacra c.z.eh YEeje/.
I shall exchange your bloods into my heart!

xO rre LYEspiritum ag LYEeje c.z.eh YEinnna/.
I shall exchange your soul and heart into my fantasy!

Ah, vEt oucc hes, pitod zz arhou, zz ieeya yanje infel/.
Ah~ i only live with him, without hope, an hopeless eternal love.

a.u.k. ceku aYUuYIkYO loss ag enerel layy/.
The blatant lies of friendship is now dead...

xU rre guatrz aYUuYIkYO gat ut YUinfel/.
My love is cursed with malice...

Ag, cEzYE colga/.
And with this, we shall frozen with the ice, and melt into snows...

yanje vEtYE oucc/.
We will live together forever...

wAsYE kvyeire Einfel/.
I shall bring my final love onto you...

wOsLYI zodaw ut qejyu whou enerel kYUfYIkk/.
And i shall kill the others who always get in our way!!!

EXEC.with_METHOD_HYMME_ARMAGEDDON/. ~ The Terrible Ending for Everything[]

"This song releases my darkest fantasy power. I never thought i could have such dark heart inside me... Upon singing the last line, all is destroyed. That is what Mystica say and do if she cannot realize that the person she loved still loves her... The Dark Ultima Eternal Song Magic..."

Ah, hueaf ciel, walasye re desfel, sphilar re eta. Morto…
Ah, useless world, hated people, rottening heart. Deaths...

Ma paks wa rre yanje nuih bexm en accrroad knawa tes mea…
The eternal night shall appear, giving me realization...

Wee au ga rre knawa herra wis nell den na zauve walasye…
The realization that all of these are mere foolish people...

Was guwo ga ruinie harton ieeya wis na zauve ween hers!
Faith of Love that pesters in them, i shall destroy it!

Was au ga rre sorr na yanje irs. Sorr wis na cest enne oz zauve walasye.
Such thing never exists. It's a fool's Fantasy Heaven.

Was au ga iem rre herra wis xorg anw daedu.
What are they proud of now is a mere garbages.

Nn num wa murfan spitze en rre dsier mea fulual.
I only do things i want, when i want, fulfill my desire only.

Was guwo erra hymme her hymmnos.
I sing this song with my eternal malice.

xO rre sheak mLYIfLYUleh dazua ag dLYIzLYU/.
The sun has been enveloped in the dark mist and died.

xO rre lyuma zz yanje wLYIrLYUm/.
The stars never shine again, It's power is vanished.

xO rre weak cLYIzLYU titilia ganna/.
The moon has been crushed into pieces.

Ah, xU rre ar ciel a.u.k. nell den gatyunla/.
Ah, this world is no more than a cursed world.

xU rre ar ciel zz s.l.y. naflansee ut mea/.
I don't have any happiness from this world.

xO sorr iem s.l.y. goa guatrz, zadius, ujes, nell ut mea/.
All i have now is anger, hatred, malice, emptiness!

xN yorr rNfrm mea?
Do you even know about me?

zz yOzAtI x. rre LYAhynne t.k.d. mea <-x a.u.k. zess sarla ouvyu/.
I don't need to listen to your voices, it's like a broken song!

zz sOlI whalt yorra, zz zauve qejyu sEsw/.
I don't believe in what you idiots saying.

Van xU rre pupe tIhUsO vl Aeux <-x zz aLYNuk yanyaue/.
Who cares if i cried!? No one will care!

xO yorra layy aEuLYEk nafa/.
You are all pretending to be nice to each other!

xA rre ar ciel rUfIm clare layy LYEwart/.
In this impatience, i shall reveal your blatant lies!

Ah, ma touwaka ga haf pauwel.
Ah, i wish i have more power.

Ah, rrha touwaka ra kil omnis.
Ah, in this malice, i wish i could kill everything.

Yorra linen rre mea re tie yora!
You said that i am no more than a chattel!

Iem, yorra knawa guatrz mea pitod her hymmnos!?
Now, do you understand my hatred with this song!?

Was guwo ga sorr wis hymmnos ruinie omnis en hymmnos re gaunji mea.
It is the song to destroy all, a song to be abused by me.

How yorr gaunji mea harton tes yor.
Just like you abused my love for you.

Ah, was au ga rre harton ruinie sphilar oz walasye. Sorr morto!
Ah, love that festers inside people's heart, die!

Was guwo ga rre yorra enter yanje vonn der mea.
I am now the sign to eternal darkness.

Was guwo ga acra ks morto tes ar ciel!
With this anger, i cast an inevitable death to this world!

Naja tes cyuie en vonn nell!!!
Return to the gloomy, dark nothingness!!!

Oh, Implanta, xO yorr cIzU daedu ag sIlUy YEomnis ut mea/.
Oh, Implanta, you shall rot, bestowing everything you have to me.

iem, aEuLYIkLYU Izodaw_saash ag zz tLYInLYUeh/.
Now i am God's Death. I am unstoppable.

xO rre LYAayulsa wLYIsLYUeh ruinien dn nell ag dIzU/.
Their eternity shall be removed in nothingness, die!

xO rre zz dius daedu whou kEfLYEkk mea, dIzU/.
Worthless garbages who toying with me, die!

xO rre bister oz nell, qejyu, revatail, dIzU/.
Beasts of naught, humans, Reyvateils, die!

Yorr ag yorr, xO yorra oure wOs zadius ut mea/.
You, and you. You give the biggest hatred to me.

Ah, xO rre infel tLYIhLYUs vl ar ciel/. xO rre gauzewiga aLYIuLYUk yanje/.
Ah, love shatters from the world, despair shall be eternal.

iem, aIuUkO polon/.
I am now the symbol of loneliness.

xO yorra tInUeh ess yanje Ozadius/.
You are chained in my eternal hatred.

ware xO rre zeeth cYIzYU we tyui, xO rre YAhynne tYIhYUs pitod zash/.
As the chain gets tighter, you will scream, filled with pain...

Ah, xU infel zz m.a.m./. whai mea hApYEps?
Ah, love doesn't exist at all, now why do i care about you?

xU rre yanje infel a.u.k. nell den layy akata/.
The eternal love is just a false fairy tale...

Oh, Implanta, was guwo ga rre yos omnis re ruinie ween nell!
Oh, Implanta, all of your leaves shatter in nothingness!

Was guwo ga rre yos giue re zethpa en re ruinie tes sabl!
Your body is cutted down, shatter into pieces of dust!

Oh, Metafalica, was guwo ga rre yorr yanje wis dhezeall ween nell!
Oh, Metafalica, you will be sealed forever in nothingness!

Oh, Sublimation, was guwo ga rre yorr gyuss vonn!
Oh, Sublimation, you will embrace the darkness!

Oh, Phantasmagoria, was guwo ga rre yos murfanare en enne yanje wis loss!
Oh, Phantasmagoria, your feelings and wishes are dead forever!

Faura na yanje yerwe en morto rol dhezeall oz vonn!
The birds shall never sing again and die as a slave of the darkness!

Gyuss mea, revatail whou ruinie ar ciel!
Embrace me, a Reyvateil who is destined to destroy the world!

Gyuss lof oz guatrz en dsier!
Embrace the place full of malice and lust!

Ridalnae ture en walasye re ruinie!
The irreplaceable bonds and peopel shall be destroyed!

Sacra sik, giue chs nell!
Blood spreads, body melts, shatter into pieces!

xO yorra rLYIfLYUm nell giz/.
In this impatience, i shall show you the terror of nothingness!

jNzLYItLYU ruinien sarla/.
Without any feelings, i shall execute the song of destruction!

xA rre Adsier ag arhou en whalt mea yAzEt fEwreh/.
I only fulfill my desire, my wants, and what i need!

xO yorra tLYIhLYUs vl celetille ar ciel ut nell/.
I shall cast you from the lovely world into nothingness!

Morto! Morto! Morto! Morto! Morto! Morto! Morto! Yanje wis loss!
Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Be gone forever!

Was guwo ga rre yorra na yanje manafeeze!
You will never live again!

Was guwo ga rre spiritum oz walasye re accrroad tes nell en re eta guatrz!
All soul shall be cast into nothingness, eaten by malice!

Ma zweie ga na yanje melenas yor!
I never love you from the beginning!

Morto! Morto! Morto! Morto! Morto! Morto! Morto!
Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!

Wis loss! Wis loss! Wis loss! Wis loss! Wis loss!
Be gone! Be gone! Be gone! Be gone! Be gone!

Ah, was guwo ga yanje desfel ar ciel!
Ah, i hate this world forever!

Was paks ra aterra pauwel oz cset guatrz en dsier!
I shall receive power of true malice and lust!

Iem, rrha ki ga pat enesse mea!
Now, i shall release my emotions!

Pitod her… pitod her…
With this... with this...

Nnoi enne oz kvyeire en mea wart oz kvyeire…
One last wish and my final action...

Rrha wol ga rre omnis re accrroad tes nell!!!
I shall explode and all is cast into nothingness!!!

Ruinie cupla mea!
Wipe away my sins!

Ruinie giue mea!
Wipe away my body!

Ruinie spiritum mea der her!!!
Wipe away my soul with it!!!

Nn num wa rre nell manafeeze… nell den lof pitod nell…
Nothing lives... just a space without anything...