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Unlike most people, my Hymns are mainly composed of Japanese. My Japanese is far from good, but I believe that at the very least I have a basic grasp of it. Hymmnos appears often, but it is not the dominant language in my creations. I also make use of various languages, both natural and constructed by myself, giving each and every Song a different feel to it.

Most the Hymns I've written so far belong to different arcs of a grandeur fictional project that spans a large period of Planet Ar ciel's history, from before the Towers were built until several hundred years after the events that occurred in the Ar tonelico games. I've got a bad habit of writing stories in "reverse" - that is, after creating a basic setting, I often end up writing the story backwards from its ending. Along the way, I write various Hymns, those Hymns act as signposts for my story, and the results are what you can see in this page.

Of course, I also write Hymns unbound to any story as well, those are born from certain sudden inspirations, or maybe from events that have great impacts to my life, and are gathered under the "Other Hymns" section.

I mostly write dark, evil, twisted and sad, sorrowful Hymns, but once in a while I also give birth to beautiful Hymns, and, rarely, one or two happy-go-lucky ones.

Hymns written for the Neocarnation fanfic[]


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Shurelia

A hymn that bestows life upon a soulless object. Technically, the song allows that object to indirectly connect to a Song Server through an "emulation" process. An object brought to life can also use certain magics using the server it is (indirectly) connected to, depending on the emulation program. On really special occasions, through emotional mutations, that object might fully develop a spiritual world within, and becomes a living person. Because this song is so complex, only the Tower Administrator can sing it.

Was au ga accrroad manaf tes hyzik yor
Was jyel ga ini yor en chsee eterne lir yor
Presia, presia, famfa anw glasden sar...
In unwilling sadness, I will offer life to your body
In undesired loneliness, I will initialize you and turn you into eternal light
Please, please, fly above the high sky...

With my eyes, watching the beautiful twin clouds being together
I who walk alone feel as if I was a New Moon filled with sadness

Presia, presia, famfa anw glasden sar...
Please, please, don't tie me into another dark lonely season, please...
Please, please, fly above the high sky...


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Ilutiern Fehu

One-sided version of EXEC_with.METHOD_NEOCARNATION/.

lead_in=01x//:enter ILUTIERN_FEHU_ARTONELICO

ar=ciel AFlEZElRInA naflansee& $0%var#100_@1/n^6/.
ouwua=ciel SmYAaSmT yehah& $0%var#100_@1/n^6/.
Oh, such joy, the world blessing us with happiness
Oh, such delight, the world gathering us all happiness

聴きなさい 春が来てます
目覚めなさい 暁はもうここで
さあ 共に 新たな明日へ進みましょう
Please listen, spring is coming
Please awaken, dawn is already here
So, together, let us head toward brand new tomorrow

In happiness...

Please return!

Rrha yea erra melenas yor...
I love you so much...

DRIVE >> EXEC_over.METHOD_CORRUPTION/.~hymmne beja anw spiritum[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Raduga Grandius

This Hymn is sung by Raduga Grandius, a Reyvateil who lost her brother in the war and thus had chosen the wrong path of destruction, however in the end thanks to the help of another Reyvateil, AD, she realized the truth and began traveling to find a way to stop the Fourth Tower Organization.

The Hymn's purpose is to convert the feeling its singer receives and then amplifies it into returning attack. If the received feeling is negative (e.g. being attacked) then the song will be destructive. If the received feeling is positive (e.g. being loved) then the song will be a healing/buffing Hymn.

This Hymn uses a custom Hymmnos dialect, the Drive dialect.

lead_in=01x//:enter RADUGA_HAGALZ_VESPERIA

ar=tonelico TdEnKg ut fandel=talam& $0%var#101^6/.
Utitil_faura 1/EgTkAn ess zNzNxN=shellan& $0%var#010^6/.
In extreme anger, the tower of Ar Tonelico pierces through myriads of daybreak
In extreme agony, the miserable little bird rots in its cage of despair

(A-Part) 天雲 空間を滲めや 紅き涕で
(B-Part) 血の涕
(A-Part) 愁霊 大陸を注げや 朱き雫で
(B-Part) 血の雫
Heavenly clouds, dye the firmament in crimson tears!
Tears of blood
Painful souls, descend on the great land in form of scarlet drops!
Drops of blood

Rrha guwo gaya presia frissoner mea der ruinien sev iem.
Rrha zash gaya presia accrroad zodaw tes ciel xl iem.
In extreme anger, please make me tremble with destruction right now!
In extreme agony, please bestow death unto this world from now on!
Accept all this Atonement with happiness!!
Oh God, unleash the fire of devastation on this world, hear me!!

(A-Part) 幸福何耶? 慈悲何耶?
(B-Part) yeerh zacta tyy maarr itt sss
(C-Part) コワレロコワレコワレコワレテユケ
(A-Part) 我等唯無知様…
(B-Part) gyyyt raccc gtt syyyt hhhir nyy
(C-Part) コワレロコワレコワレコワレテユケ
What is happiness? What is compassion?
Oh God, please give me power
Die! Die! Die! Die!
We simply have no understanding about them...
And with that light, bring destruction to everything!
Die! Die! Die! Die!

In thousand plum flower petals scattered by the wind, yearning birds soar
On faraway road leading to the weeping willow forest, travelers tread hurriedly
I stop my feet and stand once again, the temple, the hill, the tide
A secluded fragment of lament, I feel jealous with myself

&PwAhUhL xevxl& $1%var#011@n^5/...
"In eternal sadness, I feel despair..."

METHOD_PAJA/.#AD extracting[]

Lyrics & Composed: Lazy
Arranged: AD Ebraksa
Vocal & Chorus: AD Ebraksa

AD's version of Purger. This Hymn is a hint upon AD's darker and sadistic side, which is not shown during the main course of the story.

xA harr jLYOzAt hymmnos PAJA/.
She will execute the hymmnos Purger

qAlYOs du spiritum YIujes!
qAlYOs du spiritum YIujes!
qAlYOs du spiritum YIujes!
qAlYOs du spiritum YIujes!
I shall shake your spiritual agony evil mind!
I shall shake your spiritual agony evil mind!
I shall shake your spiritual agony evil mind!
I shall shake your spiritual agony evil mind!

己ハ上帝ヨ! 真ナルニ祀レヨ!
此処ニ唯 孤独貴彼ヨ!
捉ワレタ世界 野獣ノ如ク
歎キモ泪キモ 紅滲陽カラ清浄夜マデ
I am God! Worship me with truth!
Thou who art all alone in this place
In this secluded world, like the wild beasts
Thou can grief, thou can cry, from crimson morning till purest night

悲哀ヲ 背負ウ犬ヨ!
爾 跪カセルヨ今コソ!
絶対終ワリガナイ 死翳ノ脚デ
叫ビヤ鬨ヤ 日毎ニモ将来エト志ロ
Oh sinner burden with sorrow!
I shall make thee kneel down, now!
There shall be absolutely no end, under the shadow of death
Keep thine scream, keep thine roar, everyday till tomorrow

此ノ御骸ニ 像イバカリ容レルナ
汝ノ血肉 魑魅魍魎ガ毀サセ
己ノ嘲笑 撃タレヨ狂オシイ聖者
最果 キエロ キエ逝ケ!
In this corrupted body of mine, do not pour in just thoughts
Thy blood and flesh are corrupted by the demonic spirits
Hear my laughter, thou creature of madness
So, disappear, disappear into Hell!

(A-part) 「蟲ノ様ナ罪人ヨ、御覧等ヲ殺ソウ」
(B-part) 「ヰ ヰ ヰ ヰ ヱ ヱ ヱ ヱ gott!」
"I shall kill thee, pitiful evil worm"
"Wi wi wi wi we we we we go away!"

EXEC_YEHAR/.#EOLIA extracting[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Shurelia

A hymn that stabilizes the singer's emotional state. In technical terms, it forces all emotion commands exchanging between the Reyvateil and the tower to have "Was ki ra" as preceding emotion words. This song is like tranquility, abusing it will cause permanent damage to the singer's mind.

Wee ki ra chs yehar ween ewle ryusse forgandal firle rol cexm elle yeeel gatyunla iem.
llizz nooge mea re neee art afezeria deleir?
Wee ki ra kiafa rre hymmne pagle tes mea "Dople omnis infel!" en ini flare mea won memora fluy.
ware fandel revm re linen irs xest foul sar...
Like being awaken within a long journey, because I feel as if I've come from a faraway abyss.
Maybe the sleeping me was called out by the blessing of calamity?
I hear that voice telling me "Throw away all love!" and make me drift atop the ocean of memories.
In my countless dreams I am told about a strange and mysterious sky...

Yehar... Was jyel ga murfan yorr accroad apea ides chs raklya mea.
Yehar... Fou au ga paul sor sphilar na heighte van re ousye der lamenza.
I'm awaken... Thinking about the happy past you gave me makes me cry.
I'm awaken... Feeling that heart won't be hurt even when stricken by laments.

enrer pitod mea, enrer yuez mea, rre gyen clyncye mea knawa so,
aiph rete yor, aiph delij yor, beng rre cupla fountaina ar ciel, Rrha yea ra chs fwal en rre melifan slepir noes.
You were always by my side, the purity I weaved knows so,
If I must forget you, if I must hate you, before sin fills this world, I'll happily become a pair of wings, and history puts an end to itself.


Lyrics & Composed: Lazy
Arranged: Ilutiern Fehu
Vocal & Chorus: Fernia Namanac & AD Ebraksa

This song's purpose is to bring a miracle to the world. It's sung by two Reyvateils - Fernia and AD - though technically it couldn't have ever been executed without the support of Ilutiern. Unfortunately, this song failed to have any effect, and one of its singers never exists again.

lead_in=1x1//:enter FERNIA_DAGAZ_ARTONELICO
while//:_with encrypt 010011 >> 100100
then//:enter RV_NOTFOUND

F: Rrha ki ra tie yor ini en nha
   A: reta yorr hYArEnAt ut vega/.
F: Wee ki ra parge yor ar ciel
   A: reta yorr sYInEy YEciel/.
F: Was yea ra chs mea yor en fwal
   A: reta yorr jYAwE YEdje/.
F: Ma ki ga ks maya yor syec
   A: reta yorr zz aYAuAk giz/.
Come here
   Come here
And strip off everything
   And strip off everything
I will accept all of you
   I will accept all of you
So don't be afraid, entrust your body to me
   So don't be afraid, entrust your body to me

F: ar=ciel AFlEZElRInA naflansee& $0%var#100_@1/n^6/.
A: ouwua=ciel SmYAaSmT yehah& $0%var#100_@1/n^6/.
F&A: sos 001010011100101110 >> ENTER_EXEC_with.METHOD_NEOCARNATION/.
F&A: waath!
Oh, such joy, the world blessing us with happiness
Oh, such delight, the world gathering us all happiness
For the sake of all this world, we sing the song of reincarnation

F: 聴きなさい 春が来てます
   A: 聴こえるよ 美しい空の下
F: 目覚めなさい 暁はもうここで
   A: 目覚めたよ 祝福の野原から
F: さあ 共に 新たな明日へ進みましょう
   A: いざ 一緒に 耀き未来へ走り出せ
Please listen, spring is coming
   I can hear it, under the beautiful sky
Please awaken, dawn is already here
   I have awaken, from the meadow of blessing
So, together, let us head toward brand new tomorrow
   Now, with you, let us run toward shining future

$0%var#100_@1/n^6 0x vvi
F: gat FjTzTt ut falfa/.
A: balduo GgOvTwT elle etealune/.
1x AAs ixi...
In eternal happiness
The curse has already disappeared into peace
The darkness has already gone out of eternity
In eternal happiness...

F: Was apea ra rre ar frawr aulla en chsee briyante ween lusye.
A: xE rre ar wiene wLYEwLYEjEnEc ag cLYEzE maen oucc lyuma/.
F: この胸にある痛みは消えておきました
A: ただ喜びの詩が心に感じてる
Oh, in great joy, a single flower blooms, and in the light, it becomes voice of happiness
Oh, in great delight, a single melody echoes, and with the stars, it changes into full moon
The pain in my heart is already gone
I can feel only the song of joy in my heart

F: 嬉しさに…
   A: 気高さに…
In happiness...
   In sublimation...

F&A: 愛してるよ!
I love you!

dc\\:rem RV_NOTFOUND

F: Rrha yea erra melenas yor
F: en Rrha yea ra melenas ar ciel
F: yanje yanje tes ayulsa...
I love you so much
And I love this world so much
Forever, forever, till the end of time...

lead_out=1x1\\:rem FERNIA_DAGAZ_ARTONELICO


Lyrics: Lazy
Composed & Arranged: SEN
Vocal & Chorus: SEN

As dark as a Hymn could goes, yet at the same time this is a manifest of SEN, an innocent little girl's pure dreams and wishes that can never be granted, ever.

fatele, infel yor
Father, I love you

fatele, desfel yor
Father, I hate you

jOdLYUreh mea iem
I am now trapped in here

ween gatyunla en loss giue
In this hell, filled with corpses

――ene idesy titilia ieeya wis
――What I wished in the past was

――chs rawah aulla ess sara doodu
――To become a flower blooming in the meadow

den polon ouvyu iem
But now I am alone at the bottom of Hell

ar exec hNmNmNrNhNmNmNrNhNmNmNrN
Doing nothing but sing, sing, and sing


en wLYOhLYOh ar glasden zash
And feel nothing but extreme pain

iasien tes maen, adyya en fedyya
From morning to midnight, today and tomorrow

nItUnYE ayulsa

zeeth tie Ihyzik der zz naja
I can never escape, since the chains have tightened on my body

――arhou elye vit sarr
――I wish to see the sun again

――arhou elye paul fs
――I wish to feel the wind again

re sonwe eterne
I'm forced to sing endlessly


re sonwe bansh Nhyzik
Sing until my body burst open

re sonwe wart cYIzYI sacra
Sing until my words become blood

revatail mLYOaLYOmLYO sos ar soare
A Reyvateil exists only to sing


gettra we bister
Worse than animals

beja we doodu
Worse than dirt





――reta cexm pitod mea!
――So please, come with me!

hyear cYEz Agasar!
So now, be my toy!

――presia chsee yanyaue walaen!!
――Be my dearest friend!!

cYEz re cause Odhezeall!!
Be my torturing slave!!

――naflansee sev gral dyya
――We will play all day

d.n.g. enter hyzik yor
I will pierce through your body

――yorr manaf chs yea mea!
――You exist to make me happy!

yorr teyys ttu fountaina Edsier!
You exist only to satisfy me!

――gyuss bautifal raudl yor
――I will embrace your lovely figure

xYEyYEnYE xava anw gral hyzik yor
I will leave wounds on every part of your body

――melenas yor!
――I love you!

mea Dia art yor!
I am your Master!


Locked in. Forced to sing endlessly.

Stay here. Forced to sing until death.


yanje eterne...
Always and forever...

xava na yYNyYN...
Scars that never heal...

nn, xel iem tes near
Nngh, for the rest of my life

tes dn zodal Udyya
Until the day I die

fatele, infel yor...
Father, I love you...

fatele, desfel yor...
Father, I hate you...

TATARI, welcome to your new home. Stay here and sing with me for the rest of your life!

You might have noticed these four lines in the lyrics:


Together with the following four lines:


They form a secret 8-sentence message that can be considered the key to solving the true past of the Generation Zero Reyvateils. Unfortunately, only three people in this entire universe can reveal this secret message - TATARI, KIZNA and SEN - the three Generation Zero Reyvateils. Not even I, who wrote this story, can solve its secrets.


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Fernia Namanac

The ending song of Ar tonelico: Neocarnation fanfic. It's sung by Fernia Namanac, or, more precisely, what's left of Fernia. In the end she is nothing but a wind that brings a little gentle smile to everyone's faces. But she is proud of that, and never regrets her decision.

"I am Fernia Namanac, the nameless smile, and I am a Reyvateil who sings even after the end of her life."

夜の奥 雨の音 果ての無い夢を描き
緑色 樹々の枝 丸的な影が落ちて
In the night, sound of the rain draws a dream with no end
Green trees' branches drop a circular shadow

白き河 馨る雪 総ての心を繋ぎ
安らかな 高き崗 華が月光に泣いて
White river, fragrant snow ties all hearts together
On the peaceful hill, flower cries to moon light

Was au ga vit rre tim bexm en chsee idesy frawr
Wee paks ga murfan sor vianchiel irs layy warce
den, walasye elye zahha anw na endia ryusse
na knawa yanyaue lonfa ftt enw morto iem...
In sadness, I watch time goes by and become a flower of the past
Nervously, such beauty might just be blessing of falsehood
But, human still proceed onward on their endless journey
Not knowing their precious souls are disappearing and dying right now...

遙かな場所から 人間を魅す幻想
廃墟と為りた城 礎も雑草が抱かれ
From faraway place, an illusion that bewitches people
The ruined castle, even its cornerstones are now embraced by weeds

Was nyasra gagis sphilar manafeeze en zodal
Was hiewi wa na naja elle ween la near
My heart lives and my heart will die
There should be no escaping from this very destiny

岳の風に望みを乗せ 秀でる数層雲迄
疏簾邊 苦しい聲が震われ 西國の寝処…
A wish that rides atop the mountain peak's wind, towards those beautiful stratus
By the bamboo screen, a voice trembles in anguish, sleeping chamber of the West Country...

Like with Eternal Torment, this Hymn also contains hidden messages. However, these hidden messages require Japanese knowledge, plus the courage and will to accept risk - without risking your decisions, there won't be any solution.

Each and every Japanese line in this Hymn contains a secret message, and all the Japanese lines together form a complete secret message which is also the key to solve the messages found each of the 8 Japanese lines.

I planned to have this solved in the Neocarnation Drama CD. However that project has been scrapped even though I've already finished recording voice for the first two chapters. Thus, this remains an indecipherable puzzle up till now.

Let us hope that one day someone will be able to solve it, and understand Fernia's true feelings being put into this song...

忘れられた物語 ~KIZNA gločifi~[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Munegami Kizuna
Narration: Lazy

毎日毎日埃の層が重ね 『忘れられた物語』(Forgotten story)の如く



「Analuča agilach agonomanñod…」

偶然、書の頁が開いて少女を引っ張り世界(Ar Ciel)へと誘う

「さぁ…Emija hagyroch snetcho gločifi satala!」

――Ar Ciel――




真黒の闇から来たメイド 其れは冥土から来た乙女
妄想中解放不可能美処女 其れは絶望から放たれた
二人は救済を求め 『救済』と云うのは瞳の前に
:/xA rre cest aLYEuLYAk ween y.z.t.eh merfa/:
:/xA rre siance mAaAm won s.l. Aeje_noes/:

獣形彼は復彷徨いさえも 道失う事は無し
六根神少女は未来を視て 道標を建てる者
二人は臼けれども 自信を壊す訳は決してぬ
「Presia jass has pitod mea」

小さき掌で偉き剣を持ち 復讐に違いない
火炎の秘奥義に任せてる 福州を護るべき
二人は尊貴き人の 幸福の為に決意の歯車を廻らせ
「Was ki ra grandus yanyaue walasye」

追想の海の上に浮ぶ女神 終に再び動き出しかけ
片恋を秘め生きる氷少年 遂に真防御を気付いた
二人は信念を収集 巨大強力も新たに始まる
「Sos yor, en sos Ar Ciel」

囚われた骸が阿漕と成り 素脚で人を轢死させ
何時も平気な瀟洒貴婦人 喪った夫に歴史られ
二人は苦き毒酒を 呑み込まなければ成らない

騙られし陽光塊の御姫様 冷えた場所孤独に駆け
参珀年奪われしの王子様 凍えた太河約束を満ち
二人は業火さえも 恐怖無き進み乍同時の心拍
「Jass har iem, en endia la ewle reveris」

一人は丸で風の様な自由 空の果てに飛び謳う
独りは鎖の抱擁に咲く花 髑髏しか無しで詠う
二人は好く似ても 違う旅路を世継ぎ率いる
「疏簾邊 苦しい聲が震われ 西國の寢処…」



目覚めなさい、絆!そして世界(Ar Ciel)の御魂再誕(Waath)を与え給え!

(A-Part) :/xA rre cest aLYEuLYAk ween y.z.t.eh merfa/:
(B-Part) 「三人の零世系レーヴァテイルは天秤の様に生み出されたものである」
(C-Part) 「Was ki ra grandus yanyaue walasye」
(D-Part) 「Sos yor, en sos Ar Ciel」
(E-Part) 「然う謂えど汝の翼と成ると宜しき耶」
(F-Part) 「Jass har iem, en endia la ewle reveris」
(G-Part) 「疏簾邊 苦しい聲が震われ 西國の寢処…」
(H-Part) 御別れ…


嗚呼…『此ノ世界』(The world)と『彼ノ世界』(Ar Ciel)、『此ノ世界』(Ar Ciel)と『彼ノ世界』(The world)
「Reyvateil? KIZNA?」
「Añdan… Ečisos…」

Hymns written for the Lapis Lazuli fanfic[]


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Enesse Varda

"I wish that this simple but happy life will last forever."

春 綺麗な一片が降り 水面に小波を描き
夏 日溜り偉大樹(ツリー)の下 日向ぼっこ私は
秋 シトシト時雨に濡れ 素敵なciel(せかい)を抱きしめて
冬 舞い散る雪の中で このhymmnos(うた)を詠いますよ
Spring, pretty flower petals fall, drawing little waves on the water surface
Summer, under the Divine Tree, I bask in the sunlight
Autumn, wet in gentle drizzle, I embrace the beautiful world
Winter, in the dancing snow, I sing this song

毎dyya(にち)父と働きし 毎nuih(よ)母と「はい!」って言いし
友達と川に泳ぎし 村長さんのakata(ものがたり)を聴きし
生活はそのまま過ごし near(いのち)が愛しいですね
Everyday working with father, every night saying "Hai!" to mother
Swimming with friends in the river, listening to village elders' stories
These usual days go by, isn't life so lovely?


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Munegami Kotome


處煽悲之嗣爻咎 呵、戮俟番、侭罰了
燕謂苢之屠騎咎 呵、黎越辰、侭罰了
伊露亞之蕾延咎 呵、捨茱僧、侭罰了
阿祭駝之央硬咎 呵、帛缶功、侭罰了
闇冽邪之貪襤咎 呵、瑪綿蒙、侭罰了
顎応羅之粋實咎 呵、俵滅版、侭罰了
朧事簾之褥峪咎 呵、印苗悼、侭罰了

七大業瘴 魅惡史魔



Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Enesse Varda

Ma ki gagis 14 galado syana oz chroche
She rings the bell fourteen times

Yaa rudje we prooth clalliss
Auk nnen sakura fwilder nun tanta
600 an nnoi nuih 0 slep
Raklya yorr anw ciellenne weak
Ah, redder than the color of blood
Only you, dancing cherry blossom petals
Six hundred and another single sleepless night
You cry to the moon

Qafl rre mea li melenas?
Qafl yorr koffl rieil vie dyyal?
Qafl wi milra salt eazas caxap?
Inferia ferxs, Wee paks ra ene sorr cest fao
Am I in love?
Do you drink milk everyday?
It tastes good with cookies, doesn't it?
That, my dear, is true magic

Was quel ga noes dhezeall nun jilijre
Acra rre nnen wiene coree ryafrm gfine
En kierre weak iqwayes anw ciel
Tea coall sos nooge, cietta titilia manaf
Trapped in the world of our own
Only your heartbeat knows the time
And when the moon says goodbye to the sky
You will go back to sleep, because you are a good child

Yivn her hymmne yor
Amariare sasyera, rre grlanza kl sados
Yaa qafl yorr pitod hars?
This melody, I send it to you
Little girls dancing around the flower garden
Oh, but is that you among them?

Ede revm yor, arcean nun vitre
Klyavr celle dend tes dend
En vit yorr rivire rre colgen
Yaa so guzal amharzta
In your dream you see snow
Covering the peak of mountains
And you see rivers congealing
Ah, what a sight!

Cexm ptrapile, brinch sash plina corle
Vit yorr ar dor solla dand oz fee
Hver syunaht karf phizrye?
Nnen yrja rre yant en nn ammue iem
Autumn comes, leaves fall from branches
You can see the sight, beyond the window
Where have they gone, those flowers?
Now, there is but a ghastly and hollow sound echoing

Was zweie ra syearr 12 dius sashel
Weareqye sos sapon ryusse mea
En sos blume rol phizrye ware quivale
I pray to the twelve solemn Gods
So that they guide me the way
To bloom like a flower amidst Winter

Azl liera vezlett
Ln auk? Ln mea?
Layy spiritum ront nun vvire crushue
This is already the last frontier
Who are you? Who am I?
Illusional dance of spirits, woven, woven

Was yea ra melenas yor
May it be that our love prevail

Yasra revm en yart rinnoze
Der sarla nun kiafare ar yorr
Won her dor na titlanta sin sacra
Elna presia gyuss skit mea
Art ubitio, ween yos shellan
Ryushe enter lof rre irs yorr
Good night, see you again
The song only you can hear
Blood will not flow again upon this land
So, embrace my promise
With love, inside your cage
Voyage into where you belong

「アルテミシア戦記」 ("Chronicles of Artemisia War") Hymn series[]


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Munegami Kizuna

Part one of the Artemisia War Goddess trilogy.

tie rre ciel 0 got sol lusye, How yorr murfan?
tie rre dor 0 haf aulla frawr, Whalt yorr firle?

Hyear grlanza xe, inferiare sasye whou gyen fowrlle sor ciel
Hyear selena xe, loss melvaz whou linen mea akata dor
aiph yorr kiafa warts mea, presia rifaien sos celetille fedyya

水面に漂う霊柩 奥に眠る媛智らずに
外側の奉られし 踊り躍る魂
Drifting above the water, inside the coffin sleeps a Princess
She knows nothing about the outside, where dancing souls are being sacrificed

幼児き日々忘れて 腕に抱き締め茨薔薇
時計の振子停めし 輝き耀ける
Forgetting her childhood days, embracing rose thorns in her arms
She has stopped the clock's pendulum, shining and shining

陽射しの欠片に溺れ 眼醒め事なし囁いて
刻のコワレタ歯車を 海神へ葬贈り
Drown in fragments of sun rays, unable to awaken, she whispers
As if to send off broken gears of time to the Sea God

A resurrected punishment of death and life

Please, play a melody with my body

Beja gyajlee, alroetsue dejuy heighte
Jyel dhezeall, dius prooth colgen―――

瑠璃色の泡沫も 奈落色水底も
七つの罪業に浴び 虹を仰ぐ乙娘
Even the azure colored bubbles, even the abyss colored river bottom
Bathing in seven sins, the poor girl gazes up to the rainbow

淵の深み俟ちし水晶達 爪で表層を掻き綴き
嗚呼、物語は其の儘 行き往き逝きし
Tearing off the layers of crystals waiting deep in the depths with her nails
Ah, just like that, her story keeps going on, going on, till death

A resounding chain of love and hatred

I am just melancholy

The descending shadow of Summer

Sleeping, sleeping Singing Princess

「Mea idesy morto」―――


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Munegami Kizuna

Part two of the Artemisia War Goddess trilogy.

川面ニ揺蕩フ 媛ノ霊柩
観付ケヌ魅來 眼醒メ無シ迷夢
Swaying on the river's surface, the Princess' coffin
Her unseen future, an inescapable illusion

Whai rLYOlLYItYAy has? Whai rLYOlLYItYAy has?
xI harr a.u.k. ayulsa ouvyu/... xI harr a.u.k. ayulsa ouvyu/...

暁陽ガ昇リ 時流ハ再ビ
囚ワレシ乙女ノ骸 今サエ睡リ綴ク
The Sun rises, time flows once again
But the imprisoned girl's dead body still sleeps, even now

焦ガサレシ碧白キ 宙ガ陽射シニ染メシ
復闊ノ舞イ躍リ 仔禽モ謳エ ナサソウ
The scorched pale blue sky, painted in color of sunlight
Even the little birds don't seem to be singing and dancing again

若シモ乙女ノ瞳ハ 開カント為レド
明日迄失ヒ 平安ラギニ睡リ綴ク
Even if the girl tries to open her eyes again
She still will sleep in lost tranquility until tomorrow

胸ニ抱キ締メテ 秘メシ花弁ヲ
散ラセテ逝イテ 眩キ翳焔 キエナキ
Those flower petals she hold and conceal in her heart
They also die, and dazzling hazy mist never disappears

Whai rLYOlLYItYAy has? Whai rLYOlLYItYAy has?
xI harr a.u.k. ayulsa ouvyu/... xI harr a.u.k. ayulsa ouvyu/...

真夜中ヲ照ラシ 巡リ廻ル俤
乙女ノ指先ハ 赤朱紅茜ニ緋色ノ夢
The vestiges that come and go, illuminating the light
Are but the girl's crimson colored dream on her fingertips

永キ苦シミヲ 包ミ込ム媛ハ
死ト生ノ輪廻ニ 愛ト憎ヲ叫ビ轟キテ
Embracing her eternal suffering, the Princess
In the circle of death and life, she screams love and hatred

Whai rLYOlLYItYAy has? Whai rLYOlLYItYAy has?
xI harr a.u.k. ayulsa ouvyu/... xI harr a.u.k. ayulsa ouvyu/...


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Munegami Kizuna
Chorus: Artemisia

Part three of the Artemisia War Goddess trilogy.

ハヴャト ジョウノヴ ナイェヵ エドロン
エタロィ イネフ アッフェン シナロス!
イチュ アニヶ コテヴス ユスタボュル
ウルシャヶ オチノス トコノ サヒサヮ!

Rana tes shen, yuez dsier cenjue
na cerchio chsee, den harr zahha
Enclone keenis enne
sos grandus eterne yehah

beng jefea zash gyengyat giue has, harr zenva won fhyu
en, gott rre omnis sacra ruinie ar ciel iem
van eux na vit, sphilar na slepir
van hyzik na crushue, jambea na tarfe

「死・甦・生」 <-x aLYNuYNkN 「輪廻」

xA harr tArAm hLYEmLYEmErEza/.
xA sorr dAn dn cia, en mLYEtAyAy du siance/.
Xc=ar morto nor manaf -> LYEfs_manaf hLYAkLYAtAtA/.
Xc=ar infel nor zadius -> LYEphira_infel tLYEnLYEmAnA/.
<-x nAtAnLYA targue x. harr m.a.m. futare a.u.k. noglle olo!

ハヴャト ジョウノヴ ナイェヵ エドロン
エタロィ イネフ アッフェン シナロス!
イチュ アニヶ コテヴス ユスタボュル
ウルシャヶ オチノス トコノ サヒサヮ!


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Artemisia
Chorus: Munegami Kizuna & Artemisia
Narration: Munegami Kizuna

Tou waze varda brinch faura sonwe iem
Sos linen akata oz re meso Diasee
Llizz wi Diasee wis alroen cupla?
Nor wis ar walasye ieeya re netvear?
The birds are singing on the trees' branches
To tell a tale about an abandoned child
Could she be a testimony of sin?
Or could she be nothing but people's thrown away hope?

"From now on thou are given the name "Artemisia"..."

聖的魅力が 天下無双と云われ
優美撫仔が 謳ふアルテミシア
The beauty like of a Goddess is said to be unmatched
The elegance, beloved girl, singing Artemisia

時刻歯車が 廻り続けれど
再誕孤児が 無慈悲と成る
The cogwheels of time keep revolving
The child of rebirth becomes heartless

忌は忌を産むと 繁る世継ぎの讐
狂乱で喰らわれれば 蘂は園を去る
帰る事無し処 渉る事出来ず所
偽しか護衛らぬ 薔薇色唇など…
Hatred gives birth to hatred, successions of grudge proliferate
Being eaten by madness, the stamen left the garden
A place unable to return, a place unable to cross
Guarding nothing but falsehood, those rose-colored lips...

Artemisia said so
As she cursed her mother
Artemisia screamed so
As she killed her father

Ware kil layy denera marta exec rivere rre fatere prooth wis rol papana
Werllra stel anw enesse has vianchiel frawr re gettra iem
Bansh hyzik, kyll maun, gaunji lonfa, der pauwel
Van so harr biron sonwe harton an fane sarla
While killing her deceived mother, the blood of her father flowed like rain
Tears have stolen all her emotions, and now the pure flower is tainted
She tore open bodies, she ripped apart eyelids, she cursed souls, with her power
Even then she still sings the song of love and mercy

幻想夜曲が 楽園へ奏で
解放不能が 叫ぶアルテミシア
The nocturnal illusion plays till Heaven
The one unable to be free, screaming Artemisia

御別れを綴りて 麗しく艶めかん
総て棄てたら 蘇えると言うか?
Composing a farewell with beautiful charm
Could it be called rebirth if she throws away everything?

Fluttering Artemisia
Begins searching for her hope
Averting Artemisia
Has fallen into the ocean

"Even then, the arms of Hades do not forgive anyone... Not even her..."

Artemisia... Irs nosaash nor gyas?
Harr spiritum re fountaina art infel nor shazra?
Ma ki ga na knawa
Forgandal, sorr na irs ween akata leaff mea
Den, aiph re enne, Was yant ga gran waath melifan PAGE sos yor...
Artemisia... Is she Goddess or evil?
Is her spirit filled with love or thorns?
I do not know
Because, that is not explained in my book
But, if you want, I shall open again the pages of history for you...


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Munegami Kizuna

A certain story which happened during Artemisia War. A boy and a girl were escaping from their village, devoured in flame of war. The girl was killed, and upon vowing to avenge the girl, the boy threw away his everything and became a demon known as Sacrificia, who would be the one destined to defeat Artemisia.

Rrha ki ra gran selena sarla
Rrha yea ra linen yor akata
Rrha ki ra gran selena sarla
Rrha yea ra linen yor akata

小さな村の奥から 聖戦の焔が出て往く
未だ癒せぬ 少女の疵は 血濡れ
From the little village, the flame of crusade rages
The girl's scars, still not healed, soaked in blood

燃ゆる故郷の翳 残酷に苦人を擁き
泣き叫び 轟けど 良いか?
Under the shadow of his burning hometown, the grievous boy is embraced in cruelty
Should he cry out loud, should he scream out loud?

孕む母は 仔と互いに 死の腕に攫まれる
jefea forlinden focs focs doodu
孤児等の命 狂乱の頤が啜る
loss akata echrra messe du titia
絶望の少女 彼の瞳が覧る 廃墟の風景懼れ
ujes jenge enerel zassyen gral dgal
護れざる其の日々は 再び謳ひて給へ
en frreie giz ut pirtue walaen
Pregnant mother is caught by the arms of death together with her offspring
Orphans' lives are devoured by the jaw of madness
The girl watches through the boy's eyes and fears the scene of destruction
Those days they could not protect, now, sing again

征宛さえ智らず 先へ唯進め
手と手繋ぎ逃げる双人 心も躯も傷む
Not knowing even where to go, they just proceed forward
Hand in hand, the two run away, with pain in hearts and bodies

突然討つる 弓の一矢 少女の骸を穿ち逝く
最期と謂ふ刹那が來るのか如何か 泪に過ぎざる
Suddenly, an arrow is shot, and pierces through the girl's body
Could her last moment be coming? There is nothing but tears

xA yorr aEuk Ealroen_arhou ag xorg near tie mea/.
yAzAtLYU x. rre pupe t.k.d. ut has/.
reta Izz fYAwUrUn YAmaun/.
rIfLYOmU ar crudea dn Ieux/.
wOnLYIsU ar zadius dn Ooriye/.

儚くて 『幸』よう 懐かしき幼き頃
総ては今 帰らぬ過去 と成り
Ephemeral nostalgic childhood days known as "happiness"
Are now all nothing but a past unable to return

羅針盤も無き 地図さえ無き 苦人は怨みを胞む
ugi merfa wis degle wi gyajlee
奪われた者 慈しむ者 憶えて辿り綴け道路
saash nosaash accrroad pauwel mea
Without compass, without even maps, he holds grudge in hands
The lost person, the beloved person, he remembers her and continue on this road of struggling

araus Imanaf/.
araus Ofutare/.
araus omnis araus sor/.
ttu w.w.j.n.c. valwa x. rre sphaela k.f.k.k. lequera ttu q.g.s. vega g.v.w./.
yanje kOvOnLYOr qejyu/.

Rrha ki ra biron selena sarla
Rrha yea ra hymme yor akata
Rrha ki ra biron selena sarla
Rrha yea ra hymme yor akata


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Munegami Kizuna

Six blades, thirteen wings and countless hearts. This is a story about six girls whose hometown was destroyed in the Artemisia War. They decided to take up their swords, and resolved to destroy the source of that cruel war - Artemisia the War Goddess. Would they cooperate with the demon, Sacrificia, or would they not? That would be the story of another day...

vAaLYA akata... sAsLYAw akata... dArAsLYAneh melifan...
xA sorr goa hLYAmLYAmArAeh nAtLYAn enw re crushue/.

xU rre fayra hAkLYUtAt zodaw en mAfLYUl won Uquivale_tapa/.
fUwUr x. sorr a.u.k. zess near, llizz xU rre <-x hLYAwLYUsAsU pauwel?
xU rre kierre jOdLYUr dn x. LYOqejyu jIlLYOj du Eyula_siance/.
mUnUg x. rre cest z.z.x., llizz xU rre <-x jLYOzIt gLYIvLYOwza?

xI rre diasee tAhLYAsE ut sphaela Izz rete hars siance...
hars loss fatele... hars hiewi marta... ag hars yeeel garlden/.

xA harra cLYAzA syalea ttu pAsAwAt li viega/.
targue rre viega xUyLYOneh ruinie/.
yAzAt merfa a.u.k. jAwA ut x. harra...
reta wLYArAl aje futare vAtLYA ayulsa/.

Unzählige Leichen häufen... Gebrechlich Wahrheit bricht zusammen...
Eine Einzelblüte blüht... Lädt du ein in der Sinnestäuschungen... Ein süß Traum...

xI harra tIkUd giz fLYUpOneh dn LYOlurrea den nAtAnA zahha/.
hars sacra pupe... hars quowjaz diviega... xA sorr aLYAuEk x. harra s.l. za/.

yanje... xA harra jAzLYAt aulla hars fwal/.
van rre fwal dInLYOgeh ess talam cia/.
hLYAmLYAmArA nAtLYAn ut ther ciellenne...
xA sorr aLYAuLYAk Asarrifis sos hars naflansee/.

Ah... xE rre sphaela fLYAwLYArLYAn hars exali mirie/.
forgandal LYEqejyu wLYAfLYE grandus hars fedyya/.
vAsEk oucc sor... xA merra acra lLYAnLYEcAaEeh ji yart/.
naave yuez hApEpAs hars en reta harmon hLYArLYAnAt...

ixe viega... dedri fwal... en ouwua eje...

xA harra kLYAvAnAr dazua ttu frreie LYIsphaela elle gauzewiga zeeth en mAtLYAyAy aje futare/.

Hymns written for the West Country fanfic[]

FLIP_PAJA/.#SEN extracting[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: SEN
Vocal & Chorus: SEN

As you might know, after leaving the Tower, SEN can no longer sing, nor is she a Reyvateil anymore because she's disconnected from the Tower. But, by "weaving" the emotions and thoughts left behind inside the brains which she devoured, she is capable of becoming a medium that materializes those feelings of such miserable people into Song Magics that have the same capability as true Hymns. All of SEN's Song Magics have the format FLIP_XXX/. and work in the same way as ordinary FLIP Hymns, just without the need of a Song Server.

This entire song is in SEN language.

Xøŋþıvo øløĸıxoðŋøð
Hinoði hløhøðiß nohıxøhıðo
O Children of God, it's time for your awakening
Amidst this world soaked in blood, return your promise to me

Xohißþıĸøvihøßiþınoþĸøſoßøviß ihøxixø
Iŋvorŋoß ıhøŋviløðſoſo noĸøßıli iĸøŋnoſo
Hßovlonþøĸŋøſ øĸoro
The scene of this distorted world filled with hatred tormented in the weight of war brings wrath to me
Nobody can ever be sure of their own future, nor do they remember their past, but they understand their own death
Embraced by the arms of the Infernos, their intestines are scattered like fallen leaves
It has been opened, the gateway to destruction

Xıßovoþırinohoĸoĸı iŋſoŋnohøßoßoþøi
Everybody knows nothing but hatred, and the lust for warm blood flowing in the veins of their own brethren

Øŋþıĸoſŋı øŋøxøiĸþohørðißŋo
Hoßoŋohi ıĸırĸo xolxoþiho onŋiß ĸrø
The curse of war goes on, day after day, burning the precious lives away
That disgusted scene, I shall erase everything with my arms, right now

Hinoði hløhøðiß ıxøĸırþø
Hløhøðiß ohøŋninoð øvðrırŋıßıßþriı
It's time for your awakening
Amidst this world soaked in blood, fulfill the pact you made with me
No longer shall you be wandering aimlessly
Your bloodstained voices shall also become my voice that tears apart fratricide

Xohißþıĸøvihøßiþınoþĸøſoßøviß ihøxixø
Iŋvorŋoß ıhøŋviløðſoſo noĸøßıli iĸøŋnoſo
Hßovlonþøĸŋøſ øĸoro
The scene of this distorted world filled with hatred tormented in the weight of war brings wrath to me
Nobody can ever be sure of their own future, nor do they remember their past, but they understand their own death
Embraced by the arms of the Infernos, their intestines are scattered like fallen leaves
It has been opened, the gateway to destruction

Xıßovoþırinohoĸoĸı xøŋoþ hløxøþiß
Everybody knows nothing but hatred, and the sound of their strangling their own necks

Nøßıiſoþ oŋĸıŋøĸhiß roırihoĸøhißo
Øŋþoĸoðri iſoŋo øvroð xøoloßoŋſo
The die is cast, I am here to once again bring Order to mankind
Take a deep sleep, as the world shall reach salvation before you realize it

Hløhøðiß nrihiŋøð høŋørhoþr
Your souls belong to me
Your bodies, as well as those wretched looks on your faces, shall be reborn
Your pathetic existences shall be given meaning


Lyrics & Composed: Lazy
Arranged: SEN
Vocal & Chorus: SEN

This song is played in the first five levels of SEN's Cosmosphere. Lines in 【brackets】 are background chorus.

Drifting on the sky
Oh figure of the lonely moon
My gentle smile
Do you know it?

【dsier re clalliss】
【art prooth en vonn】
【den innna hopb mea】
【syast omnis ieeya】
Lust, dyed
In colors of blood and darkness
Even then, my heart
Is still gathering hope

【gauzewiga sarla】
【hynne ar heighte】
【omnis getrra cupla】
【enter tes ides iem】
Songs of despair
Voice that hurts people
The dirty sin
Now returns to the past

So, come, into my heart
And touch, and caress, and feel
Even as you strip off the hollow falsehood...

Drifting on the sky
Oh vestige of the lonely moon
My gentle smile
If you know it
Then please, shine
Upon sleeping chamber of the West Country...


Lyrics: Kajyuen Mikan
Composed & Arranged: Kajyuen Ringo
Vocal: Kajyuen Ringo
Chorus: Kajyuen Mikan

One, two, three, four! Ichi, ni, san!
One, two, three, four! Ichi, ni, san!

どき☆どき☆はーとびーと → らぶ☆らぶ☆でれでれ!
ときめき☆きゅーとりずむ → らぶりー☆めろでぃ~♪
Doki doki heart beat
Love love deredere!
Tokimeki cute rhythm
Lovely melody~

簡単な言葉だって なんで言えないかな?
先輩格好いいよ 見る時こころわくわく
毎日学校通って ずーっと覗くその顔を
どうしちゃおうの? これって《恋》でしょー?でしょー?
Such simple words, but how come I just can't say them?
Sempai is so handsome, whenever I see him my heart goes wakuwaku
Everyday going to school, I peek at his face all the time
What should I do? This is love, isn't it? Isn't it?

どうか【きら☆すた】さま 気持ち伝えて
あたしのぴゅあはーと 先輩へ届いて
"Sempai, I like you!
Please go out with me!"
Oh Mr. Twinkling Star, please tell Sempai my feelings
My pure heart, please send it to him

どき☆どき☆はーとびーと → らぶ☆らぶ☆でれでれ!
ときめき☆きゅーとりずむ → らぶりー☆めろでぃ~♪
Doki doki heart beat
Love love deredere!
Tokimeki cute rhythm
Lovely melody~

今朝びっくり!授業中 目回って失神して
保健室で起きると 先輩はもうそばに
「大丈夫ですか?」 優しい聞く声
やっぱりちゃんす! 今すぐ言おう!言おう!
Suddenly! During morning class, I felt dizzy and fainted
Waking up in the school infirmary, Sempai is already by my side
"Are you alright?" He asks with a gentle voice
Yappari chance! Gotta tell him, now! Now!

"Sempai, I like you!
Please go out with me!"
Yatta! I told him!
Confession successful!

ぎゅーっとぎゅーっと あたし抱いてね
先輩の温もり 感じたいから
100円めろんぱんより 甘いはっぴーふぃーりんぐ
Tightly, tightly, hug me more
Because I wanna feel Sempai's warmth
This happy feeling, sweeter than a 100-yen melon bread
Was yea ra melenasu~!


Lyrics: Exali Du Titia
Composed: Kajyuen Ringo
Arranged: Kajyuen Mikan
Vocal: Io

Will you ever return, if I sacrifice my everything for you?

君の心に咲く 白い花になりたい
君の道を照らす 煌く星になりたい
独りで寂しく 君の笑顔を慕う
だけど常に 抱えてる懐かしい夢を
I wish to become a white flower that blooms in your heart
I wish to become a shining star that illuminates your way
It hurts to be alone, I long for your smile
But I'm still embracing it, those nostalgic dreams

君とのさよなら 不可避と知っても
まだ追いかけるよ あの日の思い出
Even though I know that saying goodbye to you was unavoidable
Yet I'm still chasing after the memories of that day

変わり変わる 君が眺める景色
もう私を 忘れちゃったのかしら
でもね いつも ここで待ち続けるわ
君が大好き 大好きだから
Changing and changing, the sceneries reflected in your eyes
You may have already forgotten me
But, I will always be here, waiting for your return
Because I love you

Was yea ra chs vinan frawr blume coree yor
Was yea ra chs fhauri etoli ilusya ryusse yor

止まずに流れてく 残酷な時間は
私達を分かつ 距離をそのまま伸ばす
胸が痛いわ 隠される傷のせいで
けれどずっと 君に信じていたい
Time passes by cruelly without stopping
As such, the distance that separates us grow further
My heart hurts, because of the wound I've concealed
Even then, I still want to believe in you

必然のことわよね 出逢いと別れの輪
「いつか逢えるよ」 その言葉しか知らない
Maybe it truely is inevitable, the circle of meeting and parting
"One day, we will meet again" - I know nothing but those words

弱々しい 泣虫だった私に
勇気をくれて 本当にありがとう
今は私を 忘れちゃったとしても
微笑みながら 生き続けよう
You have given me, this weak fragile girl, courage
I'm truly grateful for that
Even if you have already forgotten me
I will still smile and continue to live on

Was ki gagis here, yanje spera yos coall, forgandal
Was apea erra melenas yor

昨日の涙を拭って 明日の幸せに変えよう
Let me wipe away those tears of yesterday, and turn them into tomorrow's happiness

変わり変わる 君が眺める景色
もう私を 忘れちゃったのかしら
でもね いつも ここで待ち続けるわ
君が大好き 大好きだから
Changing and changing, the sceneries reflected in your eyes
You may have already forgotten me
But, I will always be here, waiting for your return
Because I love you

CODE >> windiling [IO]
CALL >> AR_TONELICO glasden zuieg _fn.E6849B
FLIP >> sarrifis omnis mea


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Aki Tamamichi
Vocal & Chorus: Aki Tamamichi

exec reverse EXA_PICO.
der li zuieg hao we saash
I shall reverse the birth of this world
With authority greater than that of God

yanje nooge envied titilia manaf
yanje nooge ween zaarn oz num
Sleep forever, foolish pitiful lives
Sleep forever, in the sea of nothingness

Treading upon the defiled land
You insolent creatures not given birth by God
You whose grudge gathers and rots
You who worship roster of the devils till death

yanje nooge envied titilia manaf
yanje nooge ween zaarn oz num
Sleep forever, foolish pitiful lives
Sleep forever, in the sea of nothingness

The eye of the snake sees upon this imprisoned world
Watching you bathe yourself in pleasure and lust
Your jealous consciousness, distorted by deception
Ah, such anger, greater than Heaven itself

This Song of massacre
Is born from your screaming
Like wild beasts
In a magnificent banquet of blood

You meaningless existences
Now is the time you all returned to the caskets
Squirming lives, wriggling lives, creaking lives
Everything, return to absolute zero!

>ZETUBO del ieeya_walasye /y
>SYUMATU del manaf_walasye /y
>ZYUZIKA re=format EXA_PICO.
>SAISYOKISETTEI ar_ciel null
Remove all human hopes, no exception
Remove all existences, no exception
Reformat the entire world
Reinitialize Ar ciel to nothingness


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Aki Tamamichi
Vocal & Chorus: Aki Tamamichi

Here's a new type of Hymn, Amplifia. Basically, it converts a native Ar ciel magic into Song Magic, using the singer as a medium/converter, then uses the Tower to amplify the magic's effect. The singer has to be really powerful since she will be enduring the full effect of the original magic in order to transmit it to the Tower for amplification. Dangerous stuffs.

Rrha guwo ra 0x vvi.
exec amplifia sosar VAJRA
lhasya omnis zadius
flip parge corpu mea
hyear weel
1x AAs ixi.

Spreading endlessly
The ravaging darkness
People do not realize
This distorted world

もう護らず ईश्वरが
God is no longer protecting us

प्रकाश褪せりて मृत्यु寄り付き
समय抗ふ 者は唯無し
Light has faded, demise is approaching
Nobody can fight against the flow of time

वज्रよ解き放て मुक्तिを呪縛されし地へ
धर्मのगानाや 鳴り響かせ
O Vajra, unleash salvation upon our cursed land
Let ring thy Song of Dharma, to everywhere

Now, the time for eternal silence
Has come
We shall be released
From the prison of karma

もう照らさず सूर्यが
The Sun is no longer shining upon us

वज्रよ解き放て मुक्तिを呪縛されし地へ
धर्मのगानाや 鳴り響かせ
O Vajra, unleash salvation upon our cursed land
Let ring thy Song of Dharma, to everywhere

नाचिये फूल नाचिये
और फिर खिले गा
Dance, flower, dance
And you are soon to be reborn

宿業の惨罰が 濯ぐ雨濡らせ
真実の燈焔も 幽けき幻想と
Soaked in this rain of retribution
The flame of truth has become but an illusion

वज्रよ解き放て मुक्तिを呪縛されし地へ
कल来ず為に いざगाइये!
O Vajra, unleash salvation upon our cursed land
So that tomorrow shall never come, now, sing!

EXEC_AMPLIFIA/.#Revataille grandei[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Fernia Namanac
Vocal: Fernia Namanac

Another Amplifia Hymn, this one is sung by Fernia Namanac to amplify a Windiling magic. Its effect remains unknown, though judging by the lyrics it might be a Song to comfort wounded hearts and to bring them back from the darkness. With this Hymn, Fernia has finally truely matured as an adult Reyvateil.

The lyrics are in Kazaoribanashi, an ethnic language of Ar ciel.

Rrha granme ra 0x vvi.
exec amplifia sosar WINDILING
lhasya omnis ieeya
flip parge corpu mea
hyear weel
1x AAs ixi.

ella vonne syeches re berir ar chisel
deu ut la futares de coreis mean leid
From the depths of darkness, a miracle is born
And it shall lead our hearts toward the future

ess la hopbes esea, cos sagasis sera?
nor del filles lirem?
nor de noesen mea?
Within your heart, what are you searching for?
Be that the threads of light, or be that me myself?

celo d' hir quives mitiro peux
der la lires dem lunne
celo d' hir lailas ilusyo peux
tu de presir yos grandi
I can only fill this silence
With the light of the Moon
I can only illuminate this night
So as, to protect my precious you

presia negir
de wi intero lapo chs chiselles
deu lors merra se mezami
fedyya vi
Please pray
For that miracle to let us meet again
And when we are awaken
Tomorrow will come

presia fernir
elui wi yos kizna sorr yeas emea
deu lors xiil mean se pyori
harton revi
Please smile
Being together with you is my happiness
And when our lips meet
Love will return

Hymns sung in the world that resides beyond a certain door[]


Lyrics: Kajyuen Mikan
Composed & Arranged: Kajyuen Ringo
Vocal: Kjötkveðjuhátíð Jarðabersmjólk

Cute little kitty, why are you here?
Ah, you lost your way, didn't you?
Don't worry, don't worry
Because I'm here!

This weather is nice for going out
But why are you crying, basking in the sunlight?
Don't cry, don't cry
Because I'm giving you a 100-yen melon bread!

Dammit, shut your stupid meowing sound
That noisy crying voice disgusts me
You wanna cry? Lemme strangle your neck
Go ahead and cry to death!

Today too I'm drinking chocolate milk
Drinking 'til my stomach is full
Nee, do you like milk too?
Because we should drink together!

A slightly chilly wind suddenly blows
Look, look, flower petals are dancing!
Sharing and eating bread with you
Right, this is really happiness!

Yeah right, drink more, eat more, gluttony
Afterward I'll be eating you instead
Tch, don't give me that look
Imma beating you to a bloody pulp soon!

Well, maybe our dinner is ready
Should we go home now?
No no, not your home
Let's have a party at my home
A party where I torture you to death~

Draumur fyrir þig[]

Lyrics & Composed: Ethnic folk lullaby
Vocal: Mútta

«Ekki vera hrædd. Viltu að ég syng þér vögguvísu?»

(Look, the night is already deep, so close your eyes and drift into your dream land.)

(If you would wake up in that land, embraced by tranquility, what would you do?)

(Dancing cherry blossom petals would dye the sky in light pink and sketch your smiling face.)

(A quiet noon, you would be resting under a tree and listen to the birds' song.)

Lanclya il-lulle chra beln hartiu mirt.
(To protect you, I shall gladly offer this song and invoke tomorrow.)


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Sableux Sabliréa

Have you what it takes, to try to understand me?
Or is your trust in me, so fragile like a nameless smile
that drifts, beyond sleeping chamber of the West Country?



tUtzUm iem/. hrAksA rIfrIm
xU sorr aNuk na rete meryu/.
Enaflansee oucc ryewa Igiz_eje
en gral rre hiew elye zz rItAeh/.

久遠に夢見る砂目 響く愁しき唄
虚殻の首を吊るす 心疼く這ふ詩

hYEmmAraye <-x ar yAztza/.
en ttu mIrrU LYAture- tArLYAmI
du la idesy rawah/.

人を結ぶ 血ぬれ朱糸が 嘘を吐く兆
流る泪は 址が鬱き縁の 轍となる希


:/ubitio, ag sa ubiestobo mea/:

Hymns written for the Requiem to a Dying World[]


Lyrics: Sazonari Sikibu
Composed & Arranged: Trass
Vocal: Sazonari Sikibu

When a Reyvateil does not even understand herself, she will find a Pandora's box inside the Schrödinger's box of her heart.

冥闇【くらやみ】に葬【う】まる 黄泉の宮が
辜【とが】纏ふには 鬼麗【きれい】な堺【せかい】
宵【よ】が祕【かく】す 厄の覇権【ちから】が
裏返る刻【とき】 溢【あふ】る悶え歿【し】
The Palace of Netherworld buried deep in darkness
might just be a demonically beautiful world to sinners
The moment my calamitous power that sleeps concealed by the night
is gouged inside out, death agony shall overflow

誤謬【あやま】ちに 汨【おぼ】れながら攫む
嘘に滲んだ 曖昧な謳【うた】
上帝【かみ】さえも 不可信【ふかしん】仮器【かりもの】
暇潰し 但【たゞ】同じ眩暈【ゆめ】を視る
Drown in mistakes and nothing but mistakes
I manage to catch hold of a vague song blurred in falsehood
That is, even Gods are untrustworthy vessels
because to kill time, they only see the same dream

應【こた】えよぞ 現【うつゝ】を否む妾が
喘ぐ呻きで 誰名【たがな】喚【よ】ぶ良かろう?
貴汝【あなた】に見せるのは 情【こゝろ】の真荼羅【まだら】
矛盾を基礎として 朏【みかづき】に嚆【さけ】ぶ
Answer me, whose name ought I be calling
with this suffering moan that denies reality?
What I shall show you is the mandala of my heart
where contradictions are the foundation with which I cry to the new moon

躄【いざ】りすれども 蠕【うごめ】きすれども
蛇刳【じゃく】る皸【あかぎれ】が 或日【いつか】洛【かわ】となり
雨が嘲【あざわら】えど 立ち停まらざる
西國【せかい】の寝処【ねどこ】を 再び須【もと】み逝く
Even if I must crawl, even if I must writhe
One day the fissures shall turn into rivers
Although scorned by the rain, I shall not give up
and I shall be searching again for the sleeping chamber of the West Country

retera xava retera xava
zethpa crudea der viega cupla
slepir yora slepir yora
tilanta la yura der yasra fernia
Forget your wounds, forget your wounds
Cut open your anguish with the sword of Sin
Sleep tight, sleep tight
Let flow the balance with your gentle smile


Lyrics & Composed: Unknown
Vocal: Sazonari Sikibu

Elira elira signesler
Rain, rain

Bene bene meau irem
Take me away, away

Baisenden vispesmek vispesmek
To the place where I can see, can see

Maigo rinzmek rinzmek quirlandu
Down a cliff, a girl falling, falling


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Sazonari Sikibu
Vocal: Sazonari Sikibu

An insect ought to know its place.

えっへん 比不水与以 愛嬌の監客供よく聞こえますか?
Ahem, one two three four five, can you hear me clear my beloved audiences?
It's gonna begin soon, my most gratifying drama play EVE(ry
I call it, MUSICA! Well then, let's spread open the curtain~

Once upon a time, in the sleeping chamber adorned by roses of a certain kingdom
lived a Princess whose beauty gathered perpetual envy
Malfortunately, whether by disease, whether by a curse
her body was like stone, even moving gave her difficulties

Hearing the rumors of an unsurpassed beauty
were three noble Princes of the neighboring country
They crossed the border and visited the Princess
asking her the same thing - a hand in marriage

"Only the most valiant shall know me"
The Princess' reckless request brought about dispute
To prove their valor, the Princes weaved tragedy
by releasing beastly instinct with cruel arms

One Prince carved the neck of his elder brother and killed him
Two Princes gouged the stomach of their younger brother and killed him
Each Prince peeled his own skin and killed himself

Before long, what the Princess saw were
the remains of fratricide caused by foolish quarrels
Then who was it, that was standing by her bed
holding a helix stained in the blood of his own brethren?

The Princess saw and understood everything in fear
but she stayed silent till the agonizing end

Because the vocal cords in her neck had already been tied
Because the intestines in her stomach had already been scattered
Because she was skinned alive

In the end, the Princess was married to the Prince of the neighboring country
and they lived happily ever after inside a great mansion
Oh- how wonderful! Applause~


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Sazonari Sikibu & SEN

Even if the entire world turns their back against you, I alone shall be your reader.

Was ki ra chs tourienne mea
I shall turn myself into a Towerian

harton an zadius, reglle oz yura
    delij li denera
        van ftt na fogabe
Love and hatred, the spiral of balance
I despise him, the evil one
I shall never forgive even should I disappear

Was nyasri gagis whai yorr desfel hes so
For what reason do you hate him so?

getrra murfanare, zetsfy heighte giue, clemezen
Defiled thoughts, the cruelty that hurt my body, madness

Was granme ra presia linen mea melifan yor
Please, tell me your story

nepo der prooth, noes memora
    fatele    infel yor
        lurrea    heath
Nn num gaya pagle omnis iem
    fatele    desfel yor
        reen    rinc mea an yor
My memories dyed in blood
Father, I love you
Burning fear
I am going to tell you everything
Father, I hate you
Listen, synchronize yourself with me

Rrha ki ra geeow yuez parith mean
            haliyer parith mean
I promise that our words shall be sincere
I respect our sincerity

lead_in=01x//:enter LA_OMNIPOTENZA
while//:_with encrypt 110110 >> 010011

Ma ki gaya near oter zaarn oz num
eetor irs omnis nene, irs noes foul
Fou paks ra pitod zi ridalnae manaf
wim nun causere, wim oz ture
I was born from the sea of nothingness
I understood nothing, not even myself
Beside me, there were two precious lives
A cursed girl and a girl of bonds

den au xN harra zz a.u.k. ferxs/.
        ahjeas x. rre YUpolona/.
Unfortunately they were not my friends
I can see that you were lonely

vl waath, jOdOreh dn Ofatele ttu selena du hymmnos_ujes/.
Since rebirth, I was captured by father who made me sing evil songs

Rrha guwo ga 0x vvi.
hymme eterne re gyuss der shazra
    Rrha zash ga 0x vvi.
hymme rol hyzik mea bansh
    gettra we bister
hymme rol wart mea cenjue sacra
    beja we doodu
parce rre revatail irs sos orn soare
    1x AAs ixi.
1x AAs ixi.
I had to sing eternally being embraced by thorns
I had to sing till my body bursted open
I was lower than an animal
I had to sing till my words turned blood
I was lower than dirt
I was a Revatail whose only purpose of existence was to sing

arhou rre mea vit sarr agan
    Was touwaka erra chs yos lusye
arhou rre mea paul fs agan
    Was touwaka erra chs yos fhyu
I wished to see the sun again
If only I could have become your sun
I wished to feel the wind again
If only I could have become your wind

Was ki ra sapon ar waats dyya
nnoini ferxs mea urr ween beja shell
Fou lau gagis harr fernia loss manac
fari fane has nafan oure, van la irea
I still remember the important day
when my only friend appeared inside my cage
She was a smile without name
yet her kindness was more tender than anything

den au xU harr zz enter vale mea
Unfortunately she could not stay by my side

lirle dyya aterra titil ptrapica art dauane lasye
        ahjeas x. yorr tAhkUtI du spitze/.
One Summer day, I was given a small pendant from the boy of dawn
I can see that you longed for freedom

tea yehar mea elle cupla gatyunla, ag quive
        crudea        gauzewiga
sev zayea kierre ar sial sosar re pat nha
        zodal lasye talfato tou morto sasye
Hence, I liberated myself from the sinful hell, losing my voice
My suffering, my despair
In the end, a miracle happened
The dying boy encountered the dying girl

elna Ma num gaya irs here iem, rre mea
And so here I am

Azzz Xc=iemma/...
But now...

targue xI rre gral LYOqejyu mLYEvIyn/.
            xI yorr kYUfkkYIeh dn walasye/.
Even though mankind underestimated me
Indeed, mankind scorned you

azl sAlA x. rre pauwel ferda ess mea/.
    azl xA yorr zz rete wi pawr/.
As long as I still trust the power that dwells in me
As long as you never forget that power

vAtA vAskA vYAa aje Asarla_ryua/.
I shall live on, I shall feel and I shall weave my new songs of determination

-> aukA acra dius lequera/.
    <-x aukYA Sanctum Em Nozess/.
Then I must also be a precious existence
Because you are the Ruined Paradise

llizz yorr ates spitze sos yehar elle idesy gat json
            mUr du ides/.
Maybe one day you shall be given the freedom to set yourself free from the curse of times past
I shall forget
I shall burn away my past

yetere presia teyys, beng bexm rre pono pecee
        dIxeh za/.
            nAdAn phiz/.
Therefore, please stay, until the day the egg should hatch
that I was eaten
I shall rest my body

innna spiritum syec mea
            hAkttE kl iasien/.
Inside me
I shall embrace the morning dew

zess merra LtErAmT exali=briyante nun 1/AnTeEgS&
en PwYrUmF nooge=roon oz yeeel sheaken=dgal&
inferia $0%var#001_@1/n^6/.
With hope, we shall make bloom bright voices of happiness which we deserve
and with love, we shall continue to shine upon sleeping chamber of the West Country


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Sazonari Sikibu
Vocal: Sazonari Sikibu

よもすがら いづこにか 傀儡まやふ
かゞなぶは つゝがこそ うぬ見ゆれ
たらさむとて をちわたる かぐら如し
うつは亡す ゐざるてふ くにつふち
Oh puppet, to where would you wander this night
Day by day, you might see nothing but misfortunes
Your seduction should resound far like divine music
Losing vessel, butterflies crawl in the depths of hell


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Sazonari Sikibu
Vocal & Chorus: Sazonari Sikibu

Just because people exist by your side, does not mean they are alive. More often than not, you are only looking at empty vessels.

When I opened my eyes, people had already died
From inside their skulls bloomed so beautiful flowers

Even the fluttering of a butterfly could invoke hurricane
But a piece of trash like me could not change the world

When people were around, I detested and wanted to slaughter them
But now that they are gone, I feel an emptiness inside me

Nothing could be heard but the cackling sound of squirming worms
And the melody of my own suffering moan echoing in this premise

I have grown too tired of shedding unbearable tears
There is not a single person to know of the cracks adorning my face

End of the world is approaching
The Requiem is being played
Life is but a long dream

Kagome, kagome
Who is it that stands behind me?

Other Hymns[]

ilutiern ~ئلؤتئيرن~[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Lazy

Written in celebration of ilutiern's 14th birthday.

hLYAmLYAmArA iem/.
hLYAmLYAmArA vianchiel sarla/.
hLYAmLYAmArA inferiare Asarla_sasye/.
reta vYAsYAk/.
reta fYAwrYAn YAeux, ag jYAzYAt spitze YAspiritum/.
xA sorr aLYAuAk Asarla_ilutiern/.
I shall now sing
I shall sing a pure song
I shall sing a song about my beloved girl
Please feel it
Please close your eyes, and set free your spirits
This is the song about ilutiern

وقالت كل صباح يستيقظ انها تخفي سرا رقيقة القلب في صدرها
الصحوة لها هو استقبال شقيقها ابتسامة دافئة
ثم الشمس الساخنة تحتضن و الريح أغنية ساطع
نسج أنها جميلة لها صباح التهويدة
Every morning she wakes up, hiding a gentle heart inside her chest
Her awakening is always greeted by her brother's warm smile
The Sun's embrace and the Wind's shining song
They weave a morning lullaby for her

貴女方が稔を 呉れた者達は
恋しき人と 尊き人である
此の小さき種と成り 私は嬉しい
Ah... Great abundant Earth, great fulfilled Heaven
The blessings you have given me
Are my beloved and precious people
I, as a little seed, feel so happy

種は花と共に 永遠へと生き続けて愛される
xE rre phira nEtAn vEt ag yanje tErAmeh infel pitod rawah/.
種は花を慶ばせて 復花は種の総てを守護りたい
xE rre phira sElAy naflansee rawah yetere rawah wEfA granme omnis phira/.
種は花を包ませて 尚花は種の凡てを抱擁き締めたい
xE rre phira fEwErAn rawah yetere rawah hEkAtAt omnis phira/.
種の魂は花の霊と 永久に互いに 分け合う
xE rre Espiritum_phira yuez jEzAtaye arsye tie Espiritum_rawah ut ayulsa/.
The seed lives together with and is forever loved by the flower
The seed gives the flower happiness and the flower wants to protect the seed
The seed embraces the flower and in return the flower embraces the seed
The seed shares its soul together with the flower's soul, eternally

存在理由とは 愛のだろうか
僕等一度しか生きないので 慈しもうよ
「レジーにー!」 「レジーにー!」
簡単な言葉けど 幸せが溢るる
Love is the reason to live, isn't it?
We only live once, so let us love others
"Lazy-nii!" "Lazy-nii!"
A simple word yet filled with happiness

الأخ يحب الشقيقة
Was apea ra melenas yor
الأخ يريد حماية الشقيقة
Was granme ra grandus yor
الأخ يريد احتضان شقيقتها
Was zweie ra gyuss yor
――الأخ يريد الشقيقة إلى الأبد
Was touwaka erra――
I love you
I want to protect you
I want to embrace you
I want to, forever――

حتى في الصعاب وحتى في قسوة
يحب لها
Even in hardship, even in cruelty
I still love you

لأن حبي لا يموت
Because my love never dies

vega Esarla zz q.g.s./.
naave Einfel zz d.z./.
xE rre mea hYEmmAr ttu tYEkEdA yor/.
This song ever ends
Because my love never dies
I will sing so that I can reach you

「――Was apea ra melenas yor, ilutiern」


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Lazyloid

A bittersweet love Hymn, crafted thanks to Phira's great emotion supports.

koora enesse fountaina quive fernia
yeeel soare tanta yuez windiling
The stream of feelings fills tranquil smiles to the brim
The distant song of prayer dances with wind spirits

kiafa hynne enrer murfan 0 cenjue clalliss fernia yor
I can hear your voice, I can always feel the unchanging color of your smile

نیئیتامیمودوکو نیمامالژکان
لاتاليلاميشکئدئا گائرئامی لؤئيمی ناکا
If I let my thoughts stay like that of a little child
Will I be able to see the future I desire?

تيکشئا ئتاميچؤ غولئها مودونان
تاتيتاکئچؤ غالوکوکو لئئوليدئا نئليئکی زهالبيتو
The cold cogwheel of time keeps revolving gently
This wounded heart, will it ever fly again so beautifully?

کؤئاگاکا غاباتوکو نوناچؤسي ئمائا شهوليگانا
لاکاشئنؤکو گؤمؤچؤ توئو تيگئسؤناکاها
ئئؤباما لئکاخی لميزمي نئگيکا گؤلائؤ دئامئنا شئکؤکا
ناکاشتا نوموشئی لؤئيتاچؤ نئکيدئامئکی
Your words, sweeter than the light of a shooting star
The ephemeral song weaved by your lips
This dazzling light, this awakening shadow, these trembling tears
Are all my feelings that I want to express to you

warma mahin wearequewie yehah flip loss ar meo melenas
Those warm hands wish for happiness in return for the loss of an ideal love

لؤمئتيکيکائتو مائی نوکؤبو نئسي
نوخئنوئا لئموکؤنؤ نئزئيکی نولؤئا
All those bewildering moments are no longer here
Will even your warmth be left behind?

کؤکالاغائا تاليژني ديسوئؤ مودونان
تاکيچؤجؤکی غالوکوکو لئئوليدئا ئناتيها کؤگائيميئؤ
Again and again, truth is distorted
This wounded heart, its dream is shorter than anything

تاگيامی غالازئوئو کاشچی کؤکاچی تيگئسؤلئا
گامئئا لؤکؤچؤ کئئميتا کؤتيءگالوخی
تومئکی دئانلائي نوئکاسي ئؤکومؤ گانافؤ موتيءناساکا
توکولؤژئشئن دئوچئئؤمو لاکاتاميکی
The night sky are always so far away from my hand
But my gaze will tear away the darkness
Even if this world is filled in anxiety
I still trust you, and I will move on, once again

we ene yor we chs fandel pauwel
vianchiel den geeow na netvear
rete sor rudje weak yaha sos zahha
endia eterne crudea en ates kierre iem
As I continue to think about you, I become stronger
I may be innocent, but I will never give up
I will forget the crimson moon that laughed at me, to move on forward
Let my eternal suffering end and let me accept this moment, now

کؤئاگاکا غاباتوکو نوناچؤسي ئمائا شهوليگانا
لاکاشئنؤکو گؤمؤچؤ توئو تيگئسؤناکاها
ئئؤباما لئکاخی لميزمي نئگيکا گؤلائؤ دئامئنا شئکؤکا
ناکاشتا نوموشئی لؤئيتاچؤ نئکيدئامئکی
Your words, sweeter than the light of a shooting star
The ephemeral song weaved by your lips
This dazzling light, this awakening shadow, these trembling tears
Are all my feelings that I want to express to you

ئوتاؤنوکو تويؤکئؤئي تيئتاباها
This song will fly forever

詛う丘 ~LYAglansee_zLYOzLYOxLYOza~[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Lazyloid

Rrha guwo ra tie yor ini en nha

ィま來たレ禍ョ 幸福ヲ廃滅
ィざ瞳醒メ業ョ 生命ヲ殺戮
Come! O calamity! Destroy all happiness!
Awaken! O karma! Massacre all lives!


因果滲マれシ 後悔迎ェ給ェ
崩壊撃たレし 誹らレ喰まレ
Blurred in retribution, meet thy repentance!
Accept destruction, be devoured by ridicule!


Walk on this road that is not revealed!
Walk into the jaw that thirsts for blood!


彎つ黄泉浴び 秀美ナり鶺鴒ャ
幽ヶキ憂欝に 曜カレし泡沫ャ
Bathe in the spring of the underworld, oh beautiful birds!
Gloom in deep melancholy, oh illuminated bubbles!

蹴られ続けし胎児 紅色血液に染め
夢魘さレル精霊達 脆弱ノ愉快ハ柩
The unborn child are trampled upon, dyed in scarlet blood
Spirits dream of nightmare, their fragile joys become caskets


Hell's distorted key is already broken
Even gazing at the dragon that turned demon is impossible

נפלה עטרת ראשנו אוי-נא לנו כי חטאנו


ィま來たレ禍ョ 幸福ヲ廃滅
ィざ瞳醒メ業ョ 生命ヲ殺戮
Come! O calamity! Destroy all happiness!
Awaken! O karma! Massacre all lives!


xYO rr Afrl ess wiki xO r.g.z.w. eIe/.
rr Eqejyu_gAtYUn y.z. ess uje s.n.x. ujes/.

EXEC hymme 2X1/0>>01011010101

Źcxi Kilóś ~Sarla sos Marta~[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Lazyloid

Rúkólói mohákis abiútátaś ximák
Súikúga ńabinata tecśige úkazagá
Waterway keeps reflecting a gray sky
Flame keeps aching my tender fingertips

Mitoxklóí nó ćitalito bamcúi
Kaśnubírá loźktói ćídátecki
   Cexm tes ciel rol lyafre meso
   Sik elle ciel rol sabl zarle
Snow flakes dance and paint color to the land
Your figure disappears faintly beyond the horizon
   Coming to this world like scattering butterflies
   Leaving this world like a falling rain of sand

Gśálinoi nímonbel húá ós maden
Zakinímne nó komita náikagáz
   Bautifal frawr acra re yanje slepir
   Firanzia neia ar kneet fulual ieeya
The tears of losing someone precious roll on my cheek
I want to wipe them away, but my arms are frozen
   Even a beautiful flower must eventually sleep forever
   When demise comes, it is too late for any wish to be granted

Láuśaé iźksíó matanók nó śtagá
Iráóxí tokíkes ńahaza ackatalió
   Faura raklya colgen zash lamenza werllra
   Na kiafa rre yasra hynne nille warma fernia
Little bird lost both its hollow wings
Its soul left behind are scattered by the wind
   Little bird sheds its frozen painful tears of lament
   No longer can it hear the gentle voice resembling a warm smile

O tóá ónox kínakarha bonoimak ekaktó
Héásol ćiźónéá óhan śiloí hriśóg
   Was au ga whai marta pomb nyasri mea?
   Was jyel ga whai marta naja polon mea?
Oh the brittle plumes that rain endlessly from Heaven
Please soar in form of a song in which I conceal my prayers
   Mother, why did you give birth to me?
   Mother, why do you leave me behind in loneliness?

Tóhéá ćidákám źcxi kilóś...
   Netvear biron manafeeze hueaf manaf iem...
I will now send off the white coffin in which you sleeps...
   I will now give up living this worthless life...


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Lazyloid

xA rre exali lirle kEvAreh dn YEfernia/.
xE merra yuez rYEfEm du sor merfa cia/.

Eani anak e okay kusu sinen henne ku ne nankor
Henpara kay yakun paye an, uturano an sirepa rusuy

targue xA rre adyya qAgUs acra sEnEkAkA/.
reta wYEwYEjEnLYAc, o gral infel ag weal/.
Ameryu wa titilia pupe wa fAwErYE oucc arsye/.
naave xE yorr aEuEk yanyaue YEqejyu/.

adyya, fedyya, etealune, hYEmYEmErEaye pitod yor/.

"Iyairaykere, ku pirika"


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Lazyloid

Human, till the end of their lives, yearn to explore the boundless ocean and step on unknown lands.

嗚呼 遥けき大洋(うみ)を彷徨う
我々(たびびと)は 流るる 波を越え往く
嗚呼 艶やかに待つる理想郷(だいち)へと
太陽も 雲さえ 我等を誘う
Ah, wandering the distant ocean
We travelers cross the flowing waves
Ah, to the ideal land that awaits bewitchingly
The Sun, even the clouds are inviting us

拡がってる世界の果てまで 向こうよ
Just go on straight ahead
And let us aim for the end of this vast world
Because we have courage

嗚呼 海より深き心は
何時までも 煌めく 憬れ満ちて
嗚呼 双腕(りょうて)で抱き締める帆が
風の調べ 浴びて はためいている
Ah, our hearts, deeper than the sea
Are always shining, filled with our longing
Ah, the sails we embrace by our arms
Soaked in melodies of the wind, are fluttering

燕と共に詠(うた)を謳えよ 一緒に
Under the blue sky
Together with the swallows, let us sing
The song of people's hope

我等を招く永嶋(とこしま)は 傍らと成っている
嬉しくて誇ろう 旅が今終わっても
The faraway island that beckons us is drawing near
Oh voice of joy
Let us be proud, even if our journey ends now
Another will begin anew

Getting off the ships and whilst smiling
We hold hands and exchange words with people
And say "Nice to meet you" friendly
This land, certainly it is Paradise

愛しき世を 旅立つ者には
明日(あす)が來れば もう一度就こう
何場所(どこ)へと征ける 嗚於(おお)同朋(とも)よ
To us who travel our beloved world
We know no such thing as "The end"
Once tomorrow comes, we shall depart again
We can go anywhere, oh, always together

un fragment du passé[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Lazy




Cyuie cyuie…キミ達が知らざる我が希望(ひかり)
Jefea jefea…待つる幾星霜に呑まれて
Yanje yanje…謳っても聴こえず者ばかり
Merfa merfa…詩は葬られた



Rete rete…私を忘れさせれば良い
Cremia cremia…翼が此の度遂に折りた
Morto morto…存在の季節はもう終末
Netvear netvear…友よ…今別離(わかれ)…

sss TTTT[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Chorus: Lazyloid

Wish. Sometimes it comes true. Sometimes it doesn't. And when it doesn't, it leaves you with a strangely bitter aftertaste.

ma teerbb, ma teeybb

tra fee waat viby ee

tra fee heets viby ee

fee ma teerbb fee ma teeybb

fEE aa mbYEE

SAac tAA rAE fccc sIIby, qt nc sss TTTT

SAac tAA rAE fvvv mIIby, qt nf vvv TTTT

SAac tAA Tsss SAac tAA Tsss

fIIby waat fIIby heets mbYEE

fEE sss TTTT mbYEE Tsss viby

Anco Noi Træn[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Fernialoid

Originally, I gave this Song a Japanese title which means "Last Will," but later changed it into a more mysterious-sounding one.

fwal en fwal dyya mea
fernia na hierle gaya
Fou paks wa ene rre shen rol maya
den pilt, yasra hartes ciel

kiala sheak, irea weak
en karf, sol et doodu
keen art rre spitze lusye
pitod sarla echrra tes eterne

hyear vianchiel rosa
biron tanta tou fhauri fee
hyear melifan spiritum
rana zenva anw glasden ciel
Was ki ra acra coall
Was ki ra acra waath

walasye, van rete mea
Was zweie ra na rete yora
gyuss la yanyaue erphy, erra
yesse li tonelico enesse, erra

ryewa frawrle, wefa lirle, exali ptrapile, tafane quivale
manafeeze, sos fedyya afezeria

melenas near, ridalnae varda mea
crushue, plina ar ciel

Amala'i Mahpayïnlug[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Chorus: Akatsuki Reiji


O Children blessed in prosperity and power, you whose lives were by the Mother of all brought about
So that existences and knowledge thrive eternally, your place you must fulfill
Let the Song ring, oh, to the great Planet, to our glorious Mother who reside beyond the likes of us
So that in return shall we be bestowed with the strengths worthy of a Hymn being exalted

From beyond the Eastern mountains came the Goddesses, as if, arisen were the Towers of offerings
And by their magnificent purification were the curtain of darkness raised
O Goddesses, by Mother herself conceived, bless us Children of belauding with your divine abundance
May it be that all who sleep be awakened into lives, be they humans, be they beasts

Even though on our shoulders carry self-wrought evil sins
By Mother and her Goddesses are we given the rights to live and prosper
Long to sanctify Mother, us dwellers of the vast land find our eyes wide open
Supreme be her power, and hallowed be her name, Ciela


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Lazyloid

Sazarlenum rudjewerllra won fluy
Mulakikayant cellensiance
Acra suwisyant eetorgatyunla...

Quelvitim numencia muneeejyel
Zweievitum yazetanieeya?
Acra suwisyant eetorzzarhou...

Quelnatanacaquerasi eurleg ag mikemmanaf
Yanttussufajasu zeit suwiscyuie?
Jyelirsim ween sphaelanshell
Tufwalaullatouwaka eux pakswisat?

Musynknhaf tou narramahafenfocsnuih
Aa mijadurazash art errapakensefanl
【あゞ 無限拡げる樹林に囚われし】
Rezethpasi ROSENGARTEN der nogllezeeth
Ya retafwalyrjaki kialahymmne
【嗚々 響かせ給え黄金の旋律を】

Aureemma nyasrinatanaselenati kialahymmne


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Lazyloid

Seven years
The reason why I continue to long for you

Seven years
The reason why you have forgotten me

Is because I want to give "colors" to this world

━━idesy ides
irs li care solla yeeel vezlett amharzta
livian ar fenelica
meit yazet meycray ciellenne
en oisen omnis dorre
Once upon a time
in a world far beyond the horizons
soared a tower
that desired the sky
and watched over the lands

In that world, the Sun would never set
because it was a land where the Sun never rose
There stood an old tower that desired the sky
whose stone walls were embraced by moss

何処へも唯《nel clalliss》
There was no sound, there was no voice
Silence was swallowing everything
Here was white, and there was black
Everywhere was just monochrome

Atop the summit of the tower
there was a lone Princess
The boundary reflected in her eyes
were but a desolated world

Was au ga whai syllre tou ar care...
Wee yea ra yanwe rre faura chs ar ferxs...
For what? For whom?
I do not understand why I was born to this world...
Outside, beyond the window
I have but only one precious friend, a little bird...

Was ki ra biron ceilier rythmos mea...
Was touwaka ra yazet rre dyldea geaf yor...
The little bird who fell in love with the Princess
I will continue to sing my song...
She continued to sing day after day
So as, to wish for your happiness...

【Es veangyr quereth id vesserena es thalladt z adath w cersandt】
The little bird sang her song of happiness to the Princess

Nobody could have predicted
that one day would a man come
with charming elegance
Prince of the neighboring country

His face was beautiful, his eyes were gentle
Even his voice was like angels' chirping
The Princess was immediately bewitched
forgetting the little bird, and seven years went by

Was nyasri ga hierle yorr na hartes sin mea...
Was jyel ga na irs trex io anw hueaf manaf mea...
The little bird was lonely, even until her last moment
You no longer love me anymore...
The moment of her fluttering toward Heaven
There is no longer any meaning in this worthless existence of mine...

【El vanadar】
【Adel aradt】
The reason why I continue to long for you
"I love you"
The reason why you have forgotten me
"I love you"

the little bird
had her wings torn by wind
and fell to the ground
Her broken body was
kissed by hungry ravens
Her flowing drops of scarlet blood
dyed that world in "colors"

rone care, rone fenelica
espio harra felret
chs maiel
And thus
in another world, another tower
they would walk pass by each other
as total strangers


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Lazy

Farewell. Till the day we meet again.

Innna her thell wirtamarls hverre zayea sradye endia
Was au ga na reen trex min rre zynyefs omn rriulia
Deep in this hollow silence where all roads cease to continue
The only sound I can hear is my own endless sigh

Wee jyel ga bengnuih ciellenne ubitio etealuear gyussre
fari Ma zash gagis enrer retera near sarla en geaf vie
Always bathed by the love of twilight, yet
always forgetting the song of life and happiness

Was ene gaya na yumi nene cyurio rre mea muir titilia phizrye meit blume tou habils en na yant asyar tes feagh lir
Fane fatele id houd mea, ridalnae marta id fernia, Fou apea erra sorrc erphy enerel yanje sos vvi ssvid zetsfy polona
For what reason am I jealous of the little flower that blooms proudly, without fear of being dissolved into the morning light?
Father kindly embraced me, irreplaceable mother smiled, such precious memories let me survive through times of loneliness

Ween her vonn lof art lequera apflere rol EL=ELREITTSEL
Was quel ga gyen uzmoto eodeal der firga corle
Deep in this dark place whom people regard as Land of Despair
I build up my empty tomorrow from fragments of yesterday

Ma lau ga kearryier rre neen celetille lusye siss corpu mea
fari Wee yasra gagis murfan rre li mahin urr elle fhauri creu
I am scared of that the bright light would erase my body, yet
I am also a little relieved, knowing that a hand would reach out from the bright mirage

Was au gaya na sapon omnis cupla rre mea crannidale xl syllre kierre veid imeko ferxs semp nor phyue nor yanwe
Cyuie enesse gauzewiga, lyrnya ieeya galido, Nn num ga hieg forgandal rre vianchiel leuft mea em beja noglle
I simply do not remember the sins I had committed since my birth, a moment neither cherished nor cared by childhood friends
My sorrowful feelings despair, my little wishes disappear, nothing but to mourn for that my pure heart is already tainted black

Og mehrza iv airh yart merra json
So... Farewell


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Fernia Namanac

悲しかった時 痛みを分けて
腹立った時 拗ねた私の
側にいて いつまでも一緒に
When I was sad, we shared the pain
When I was angry, I sulked
You were always by my side
and we passed the gentle days together

夜明けより 温かな貴方の
笑顔が好き 頬キスをした
強くて 心地よかった
How I loved your smile, warmer than daybreak
and how I kissed your cheek
Your arms that embraced me tight
were strong, were pleasant

でも今 望むとしても無駄
無慈悲に経つ 月日の流れ
変わらない この感情
But now, even my wishes are meaningless
I continue to live all alone
Mercilessly, days pass by
My feelings remain unchanged
but you are not here anymore

愛込めて 私の頭を撫でた貴方は
残された暖かさは 孤独の心が
癒せぬ ただ傷つく
You, who used to fondly caress my head
are now into the dazzling light
The warmth you left behind cannot heal this loneliness
but instead, it wounds my heart

昼は並木道を 歩きながら
安らかに 笑って話した
当然だと 思ってしまった
At noon, we used to walk on the roads, under the trees
as we leisurely laughed and talked
Those irreplaceable seasons
I misunderstood them as something natural

今 いくら後悔をしても
それが判っても 諦めないよ
変わらない 並木道
And now, no matter how much I regret
someone who departed would never come back
Knowing that, I still refuse to give up
The roads remain unchanged
but I walk alone

行く先なく彷徨って 戸惑う私の涙
You, whose smile was so pure
are now into the interval of faraway tomorrow
Without aim, I wander, my tears of bewilderment
can never turn into vestiges of yours

愛込めて 私の頭を撫でた貴方は
残された暖かさは 孤独の心が
癒せぬ ただ傷つく
You, who used to fondly caress my head
are now into the dazzling light
The warmth you left behind cannot heal this loneliness
but instead, it wounds my heart
Soon, I too will disappear...

Other songs[]


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Lazy

Written in celebration of ilutiern's 15th birthday.

Je suis ici, je suis à tes côtés
Donc ne pleure plus, ma chérie
Quand tu es seule, quand tu es triste
Je serais ici pour toi

Je suis heureux parce que je t'ai rencontrée
Je suis heureux parce que tu es ici avec moi
Et même si je dois mourir demain
Je ne t'oublierai jamais

"Sorella" - è la parola più preziosa

Nous sommes nés dans ce monde
Un monde rempli de mensonges cruels
Mais nous continuons à vivre
Pour découvrir le sens de l'amour

Vas-tu me laisser te protéger, toujours?
Vas-tu me laisser être avec toi, toujours?
Je t'aime, ma plus belle sœur
Laisse-moi t'étreindre
Laisse-moi illuminer tes rêves

Hãy quên đi mùa đông dài
Vì hoa hortensia đang khiêu vũ trong gió xuân
Và đôi tay chúng ta mãi mãi không chia ly
Cho dù năm tháng có trôi qua


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: 《目》

"A girl in a house with blue eyes and a red flower & A boy travelling with red eyes and a blue flower."

「《》ヲ還セェ」 床ノ脇デェ 誰ガ呟クゥ?
寝醒メ瞬ィ 顔ニ爪痕ォ 恒ニ残ルゥ
Who is it that is whispering "Give back my eyes" to me by my bedside?
Upon waking up, on my face there are always fingernail marks

「必ず帰るよ」と 貴方が言ったが
"I will certainly return" - so you said, but now
Alone, I sit silently, embracing my knees

はなびらがふ夜に と成る魂魄
蒼き《》は何も 映る訳無んじゃ
強く握っても 掌の朱
貴方の跡形は 唯視えない
On the night when flower petals dance, my soul turns into that of a demon's
My blue eyes no longer reflect anything anymore
Even if I hold the red flower strongly in my hands
Your vestige can no longer be seen anymore

「仮ニ壱ツゥ 瓣堕タラァ 指デ謝レェ」
其ノ朱キ《》ェ 此ノ腐朽屍骸ィ 遺言ハ刻ムゥ
"For each flower petal that falls, you will pay back with one of your finger"
Those red eyes carved such will upon this rotten corpse of mine

「永遠に待つよ 蒼い萎れても」
"I will wait for you forever, even until your blue flower withers"
But now, I can no longer keep this promise anymore

ハナビラガフ夜ニィ 想ノ蝋燭枯ルゥ
未ダ待チ侘ルゥ ニ成ル妾ァ
軈テ貴方ガァ 帰ル百夜行ゥ
遡ヶ朱キ《》ヲォ 髑髏殻ァ 刳リ出スゾォ
On the night when flower petals dance, the candle of my emotions also goes out
Yet I am still waiting for you, as a demon
And then, once you return on the night of living demons
I will gouge those red eyes out of your skull


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Lazyloid

henpara ka ku=kakar tarap
atuy tomotuye hine nis un rikin
wa mikemike nociw sonno ne
One day the dream I weaved
will cross the sea and ascend to the sky
becoming a shining star

dei-tey-i HYMMNE-ne fon-re;
ba-fa-iz-an en-wa-fen-eq hau-hau-iz soh-nh;
In the interweaving melody
my neverending dream overflows, and then

ikokanu yan!

mosir pinu kane an
haru kor pase sinotca
eika pet hawke apto
nuwean raka raytamanum
sasuysirpakno ukomoykarpa an=renka uweymekkarpe okay
Mother Earth is whispering
the majestic song of her blessing
of brimming rivers, of gentle rains
of bountiful crops, of drops of souls
of how we share eternal hopes

chef-i-tes-ny gee-wei-ir euz;
a-z ih-iz=aa-ne tyoi-re foue-i;
Being invited by the future
people dwell in the land of beginning

hetak horippa=an ro
nupuri suyesuye yakka pirka
Come, dance together
so that we may even shake the mountains

ruyanpe ios sirpirka
an=kutsam ciheysen kasu wa yaksok nupka ta
somo ikeske no wenpuri sak uwetunuyse
After the rain there will be sunshine
our singing will cross beyond the horizon and echo to the Promised Hill
without malice nor hatred

hetak sinotcaki=an ro
tanukuran marapto ohor kusu
Come, sing together
because tonight the banquet is long

i-tes=wa-fen-ny gee-wei-ir euz;
vie-tes-iz YAKSOK-ne OKA-re ih-rey-i;
Now, being invited by the world
We walk on, heading to the Promised Hill


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal & Chorus: Fernialoid

銀河の名残に 木霊する少女の想い出
遥かな幼き頃 約束は始まりを告げた
Echoing through remnants of the galaxy were her memories of childhood days
of the day when she made a promise, everything began from that day

舞い散る花びら 道標になり
風が運ぶ枯葉 足痕を消し
Flower petals fluttered, becoming her signposts
Dry leaves scattered by the wind erased her footsteps

Wee ki ra walaka anw dor, lapo fandel parith walasye
den Fou au gagis houd murfanare rre lurrea irs hopb
As I walk on this land, I have met so many nice people
but why do I still feel unease in my heart?

窮みなく広がる 荒野を越えて
緋に染まる空 血の雨が降る
As she crossed the wilderness that stretched beyond horizon
the sky turned scarlet and began to rain blood

Wee paks ra zenva hao dend, coall marfo forlinden
den Was lau ga nhaf ware cexm gatyunla re degle
Crossing this mountain and I will be returning to my beloved village
yet what that welcomes me is a ruined hell

最早旅の果て 斯く帰る場所は
故郷より地獄 荒ぶ焔の饗宴
愛しき村人も 幼馴染《東雲》も
歪んだ屍骸と 皆殺しされた現
At the end of her journey, she finally came back
just to find hell in place of her village, a banquet of flame
Her dear villagers, her childhood friend Talam
everybody was murdered, their corpses were mutilated

Was yant ga vit clemezen fayra tanta rol reveris
idesy yeeel memora ferda syec sphilar, sapon
Was quel erra skit enerel pitod yor, amariare Talam
den Was jyel ga rre titilia ieeya yanje na fulual, van fao
Upon seeing the insane flame dancing like nightmare
I am reminded of the distant memories that dwelled in my heart
I promised that I would always be by your side, my beloved Talam
but now that little wish can never be granted anymore, not even with a miracle

瀕死の《東雲》から貰う 遺愛となる浅葱の指輪
魔女《災厄》が殲滅の 基因であると伝える最期
She received a pale blue ring from Talam, who was on the verge of death
who told her that this massacre was the work of the witch Calamila

Was nyasri ga werlwe rre prooth papana tienar biron zarle
yetere na netvear, Was guwo ra geeow der saash manac sos
dople nuboisu ruinie ubiestobo denera, nel fogabe nel handeres
I cry in the rain of blood that refuses to cease
but I am not giving up, and I swear by the name of the Gods
that I am going to kill, to kill, to kill, to kill the evildoer, without mercy, without fail

復讐が故に 再び旅に出る少女の決意
約束の丘へ 天を貫く白き塔が聳つ処へ
With revenge as sole purpose, once again the girl departed on a journey
to the Promised Hill, where stood a White Tower that pierced the heavens

Was jyel gagis presia yasra firga mea, na gauzewiga
Was quel gaya iqwayes zodal phiz yor innna clare shen
en Was zweie ra tek ryusse mea iem, pyuf vinan varda
forgandal marst jass endia near oz Calamila sosar gyenel
Farewell my past, rest in peace, despair no more
Leaving behind your corpse in the bright light
once again I journey, heading for the White Tower
because I need to find a way to end the life of Calamila, the evil witch

潜みゆく陽は 稜線を彩る
僅かな幸すらも 聴されずに
魘われる少女 昏なる穹を
仰げば唯独り 袂を絞る儘
The setting sun dyed its color to the mountain ridges
Unable to receive even an ordinary little happiness
tormented by her own past, looking up to the sky turning dark
all alone, she could only soak her sleeves in tears

viuy zaarn, kuhle rivire, bister gyengyat meso
sacra dorna, rosa shazra, jenhah lyafre oz sa
Was zash gaya sorra zetsfy orviclle heighte mea
Dark oceans, poisonous rivers, wild beasts
Bloody forests, rose thorns, malicious karmic butterflies
Obstacles after obstacles, cruelly they injure me

幻影の渚に 咲き誇る花を
一輪摘んで 《既往花》よ
微風は今も 名なき笑顔で
《銀》に詩を 優しく奏でるか
Along the shore of illusion, she picked up
a single blooming Flower of the Past
and she wondered whether the gentle breeze
was still kindly playing a song to Irea, with a nameless smile?

終に辿り着く約束の丘 偉大なる塔眺めて
尊き聖域に輝ける精霊 刻を忘れる様に漂う
In the end, she finally arrived at the Promised Hill, looking up at the great Tower
she saw holy spirits shining above the sanctuary, drifting as if to forget the existence of time

躊躇なく澱まず少女は 階段上り頂向き
蝋燭が燈す歩廊を抜き 女神が在す陬へ
Without faltering, without hesitation, the girl went up the stairs heading to the summit
passing through corridors lit by candles, she reached the room where the Goddess is

hyear grow near, her didalia sanctum irs ee mea
sik gott, ene amyure, fatere yorr dest omn lonfa
Insolent fool! How dare you set foot inside this sacred palace!
Go away! Repent! Lest you destroy your own soul!

Was ki ra na lurrea, dewee folten nosaash
en wearequewie jouee sos yehar quowjaz
But I have no fear, I prostrate before the Goddess
and ask her for the power to carry out justice

軈て少女の志を認め 懇願の諭旨が判る女神
魔が猛襲を防ぐ奇しき 《加護》の綴る術を賜う
Eventually, the Goddess understood her request by witnessing her determination
and bestowed the way to weave a divine protection that would ward off evil magic

Was zweie ra haliyer dius pauwel, an sorr grandus
yanwe fowrlle xava mea, vaffa vonn gauto chs dauan
As I respect the divine power, I am protected
The power heals my wounds, and clears away the dark clouds, invoking daylight

硝子の森羅を 駆け抜けて到る
《氷晶》の砂漠 魔女が住まう元へ
Thus, she ran through the glass forest
into the desert of ice crystals, where lived the witch

Was wol gagis ordirga talfato rre Calamila gyas gyenel urr
At last, I have met the evil witch Calamila!

ubiestobo mea, neath revm wasa badoe
jastil deleir rum, pat nozess la envied wim
Killing me? What a wild dream, burning with determination!
Come, my flame of demise! Reduce that idiotic girl to ashes!

憤怒の鼓動が高鳴る 死合の挑戦が開始
《7昼7夜》継続の鬨 復讐の剣対禍が炎
The battle of death began in the ringing pulse of anger
It lasted seven days and seven nights, sword of revenge against flame of disaster

到頭勝者は唯一 浅葱の指輪を擁す者
After all, only one winner emerged - the one who possessed the ring

handeres rre mea, foul cyurio
yetere xe reen, aa lequera wim
omnis layy et discest xl nnoini
dhezeall oz ther zayea ptrapica
How could I have lost? Impossible!
But listen, girl of righteousness
everything is but a great lie since the beginning
You are just the prisoner of that memento!

elna kierre iem, Rrha yant ga pilt
rre mea gaunji, kyll pakz hyzik
oz Talam, yaha enw chiess anw
rre maun has nepo der prooth
en ween mahin has ar burle titil
Suddenly, I realize in terror
that am torturing, cutting into pieces
the body of Talam, as I laugh and kiss
her bloody eyelid
and in her hand is a pale blue ring

Rrha yea ra merra enerel pitod yuez, inferia
We promised, that we will always be together, my love

同胞を刻薄に屠る 忌避なき運命気づけば
少女は頻り指輪の 妄想へ常しえに繞り繞る
Realizing that slaughtering her own brethren is an unavoidable destiny
again and again she would return to the delusion of the ring, eternally

精霊は囁き 七瀬は騒めき
《星》の遠望 邂逅を瞻り
懐かしく寛ぐ 響き渡る旋律
灼たに麗かに 那由他の《宙》へ
Whispering of spirits, the seven currents astir
Looking from the distant star, watching over fated encounters
she felt at ease upon hearing a nostalgic melody
that resounded vividly and beautifully through a tresvigintillion universes

  • 《東雲》 is sung as talam
  • 《災厄》 is sung as calamila
  • 《既往花》 is sung as idesy frawr
  • 《銀》 is sung as irea
  • 《加護》 is sung as dilete
  • 《氷晶》 is sung as colga
  • 《7昼7夜》 is sung as hept dyya hept nuih
  • 《星》 is sung as taal
  • 《宙》 is sung as wa-fen


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Lazy

Do you still remember those days?

Wee ki ra kierre merra tanta an fee
mahin rinc yuez shyfac yorr fernia
Was quel gaya rre titilia clyncye revm
poto meso elle gyuss mea, van houd
There were times when we let the wind carry us freely on the sky
Our hands entwined, I believed in your gentle smile
Such times are now fragments of an innocent dream inside my heart
Even if I try to hold them, they still spill off my hand

Fou jyel ga accrroad phiz enter sarla
oz yeeel idesy firga willie memora
Was yant ga wearequewie answa tim
sos coall tou rre clare dyya sol
As I entrust my body to the melody
of fading memories that belong to distant past
I pray that I could rewind time
and go back to those bright shining days

Was au gagis rre zetsfy rivire na fogabe omnis
Was zweie ra den na rete
I understand that time does not forgive anyone
But I just cannot forget

Hyear faura whou zassyen anw quivale ciel
presia famfa en messe wart mea
Was touwaka erra yanje irs here
hymme sos pagle <infel coall> eetor
Oh little bird that soars on the Winter sky
Please roam this world and convey a message for me
In order to say "Welcome home" again
Forever will I sing for that person's return

Wee yea ra ene foul enrer

Was ki ra merra crushue et revatail hymmne
lulurnya an shyun grlanza eazas en echrra
Was touwaka ra selena sarla meycray tes yor
syec ture enclone erlla zaarn yos ryusse
The fantasia that we have crafted together
carries both happiness and sadness, interweaved
Its melody takes root far and wide through music
no matter to which ocean you travel, it will reach you

zenva 1836 yasra sheak 60 milra weak
galado 5 caan oz chanti phyue frawrle
Was zweie ra van yorr rete memora mean
biron tasyue hymmnos sos yanyaue ar yor
1836 days, 60 months
As of now, five years have gone by
Even if you have already forgotten our memories
I will still dedicate this song to my precious you

Songs unrelated to Ar tonelico[]


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Lazyloid


All that is left of you, let them be passed unto me
Even if I have to trample upon the laws of Creation
I shall still protect your innocent eyes
From the nightmare named Humanity

If there exists sin, there shall exist punishment
Even if punishment exists, sin shall still be born
As such, in this merciless world
There is nothing uncertain nor unexpected

May the remains of your corpse rest in peace
In the darkness that knows no hatred
And I shall forever wait for you here
Till when time exists no more

Memories you have left behind, like a bell ringing inside my heart
Like a prison that captures my freedom
Yet, even in the deepest depths of Hell
I shall still believe in your smile

Lost in the whirls of time and space
What am I searching for, what am I looking for?
Even if this is just a dream
Please, never do you wake me up

Let me apologize for your soul
For the cruel responsibility of an existence
And I shall forever wait for you here
Till when time moves on no more

May the remains of your corpse rest in peace
In the darkness that knows no hatred
And once light returns to my eyes
May it be you who shall be
By my side

Septet pentru Principesa Moarta[]

Originally composed by ZUN
Lyrics & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Lazyloid

Noaptea este colorat în roşu de lunii plinei
Dorinţa mea doreşte corpurile moartele voastră

Principesa trandafiria, tu cine nu ştii nimic
Poţi să plângi în timp ce râzi la feţele astea

Persoana ale cărei numele chemaţi acum iubeşte şi e iubită
Umblu pentru să umplu setea mea însă nu sunteţi nicăieri văzut

Copila a ţepei, figura ta sub luna dansează la fel ca un miraj lucios
Sper că rugăciunea noastră să planeze la Principesa moarta şi cântă un parastas

Fiind prins în cursă de o singurătate amară
Tu ai numai un craniu ca prietenul tău

Luna frumoasa este pe cerul seninul mă rânjeşte nemilos fără mila
De ce zilele continuă să treacă şi să rănească rana vechea mea?

Diseară în asta ţara iluziei văd visul fericiri dar era chiar un vis
Ce culoarea va purta luna mâinii? Mereu aştept un răspuns cu aripi sparte

Copila a ţepei, figura ta sub luna dansează la fel ca un miraj lucios
Sper că rugăciunea noastră să planeze la Principesa moarta şi cântă un parastas


Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Mayu

Vogessocita das vogort
Necciaseita das nesarye
Li su treuficiata jungfrita das
Intrau staetlhee ma cealharye

Lhanee en cismuciu mevorri su cyua
Fau ma elleatti nulhe
Traunagarche li sitlhicco
Ma dreega cie aftorro li leufenn

Vangarita geten fel
Brealhee fau sving lec li cemi folta
Husclorta su leufon cie trita
Ambrita hann fau lec munaete

Cyss leuft erafoe?
Lieve mevet orlete?
Ailhitecuree, leufenn cie goltorto ceche

Hierdu cie pesotti en fioru
Fyscree cie aelhorri en fioru
Lec munaete null filito aivu
Varresse staetlhee ma cealharye

Li neurallu, li myllagee
Aelhortlhann aelhorrilhann fel
Jungfrorro compficti, jungfrorro jurecata
Hann ma mevvi asperoedu aivu

Hellfire of Times Past[]

Originally composed by ZUN
Lyrics & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Lazyloid

Elrendelnek engem sokszor, hogy az álomba visszatérjek
Mert ha követném a skarlát holdat, az igazságra rájönnöm
I have been told so many times to return into my dream
Because if I follow the Scarlet Moon, I shall realize the truth

Ez a lángolásnak a földalatti nekrofantáziájaban belül
Még rívok holt utazásának, ami esik hópelyhekként
In this burning Subterranean Necrophantasia
I am still crying for the Corpse Voyage, that which falls like snowflakes

Életnek és halálnak a határait átmentem, tudok hallani
Fájdalmas örvénynek a hangját ami falja a lelkemet
Having crossed so many Borders of Life and Death, I can hear
The sound of a grievous vortex devouring my soul

Talicskám kerekei gurulnak gurulnak, amíg elviszi halottakat
Azután lesz itt bárki, aki a utolsó sajnálatomat adja?
The wheelbarrow's wheels revolve, carrying the deads away
In the end, will there be anyone left to offer me my Last Remote?

Mindazonátal legmélyebb szomorúság szakadékába
Még nem tudok elfelejteni az a harmadik szemét
Yet, come what may, even in the deepest depths of sadness
I still cannot forget her Third Eye

Végül fog jönni, majd fog szúrni pokoltüzek köpenyét
Az a napig folytatom a alvásomat benne, várok örökké
Elhagyatott alvilág altatódalom
Sooner or later, She will come and tear through this Hellfire Mantle
Till that day, I shall sleep inside her, eternally waiting
Lullaby of Deserted Hell

songe de la fee[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Fernia Inoria
Vocal: Fernia Inoria

Viens, entre dans mon ciel
Je te veux
Come, enter my world
I need you

Mon corps ne connaît plus mes bras quoiqu'ils sont ici
Mes jambes semblent comme si elles soient amputées
Mais ma tête reste intacte, ainsi je rêve un songe
Afin que je crée un ciel entier pour moi-même
My body no longer knows my arms even though they're still here
My legs feel as if they were amputated
But my head remains intact, so I dream a dream
In order to create an entire world for myself

Dans ce ciel, je suis une jeune fille
Qui vole librement sur les nuages
Écoute! Comme les oiseaux, je chante
Vois! Comme la fee, je danse
In that world, I'm a little girl
One who flies freely above the clouds
Listen! Like the birds, I sing
Look! Like the wind, I dance

Et je cours vite dans les champs de blé
Et je prends un hortensia avec mes mains
Et je firle l'eau d'un rivière avec pieds nus
Et je saisis plumes d'hiver sous ciel neigeux
And I run fast through the wheat fields
And I pick up an hortensia with my hands
And I feel the water of a river with my bared feet
And I catch feathers of Winter under snowy sky

C'est vrai que j'ai perdu ces que tout le monde a
Cependant pourquoi je dois être pareille à eux?
Tu sais? Même si je n'ai que mon imagination
Je désirerai encore une enesse heureuse
It is true that I've lost everything which everyone else has
But for what reason must I be the same as them?
Did you know? Even if I have nothing but my imagination left
I will still desire a happy emotion

Si tu aimes quelqu'une, elle t'aimera
Si tu aimes autrui, autrui t'aimera
Si tu aimes le ciel, le ciel t'aimera
Si tu m'aimes, je t'aimerai
If you love someone, they will love you
If you love others, others will love you
If you love the world, the world will love you
If you love me, I will love you

Et je remplis les poumons par l'arôme des herbes fraîches
Et j'entends le murmure des petits ruisseaux en bonheur
Et je reviens chez moi pour me réfugier de la bruine soudaine
Et j'observe curieusement une perce-neige qui fleurit tôt
And I fill my lungs with the aroma of fresh grasses
And I listen to the murmur of small streams in happiness
And I return home to take shelter from the sudden drizzle
And I curiously watch a snowdrop blooming early

Un ciel merveilleux où
Je vis fièrement
A wonderful world where
I live proudly

Tujezumi keyede[]

Lyrics & Composed: Ethnic folk music
Vocal: Lazyloid

Sung during the parting between lovers, Tujezumi keyede is one of the seven farewell songs (keyedet kirose) written in Kemutye language. The language is long extinct, only the songs are passed down orally through generations. The lyrics remain undeciphered.

Zlakos letesto mesvana, zlakos nuku-yuguve toniva
Rusa tose nesjeri tone meni zuuyu eto jenne kiya fusami
Xisodeye tarenete edometo, xisodeye reyelona joseana
Toleretelo numori neji-sekone lemotomalote vivi

Volgame dasaeva tedure lurunana tivuto sedo
Fossita motezte koneyo utu jatiri tonnasnemi

Kemutye etolit tujezu ziloaket tujezu
Yedonto kununkaya temos veye hetelo azi
Susana rasatmi letest juskani
Mije-susane yuyut tezerori dimosto tiikena

Losaere sketo sketonise, losaere kusahorkato tullene?
Vijuake ontelo kinke fusa lenri sekinao

Kiduto leyadu leyo niz' kasotuo jeva ayazi
Minna luitelo menita fektasoza zlalukantelo

Kemutye etolit geneto katnasot geneto
Nisetoge nenlemet rukato lejelina lelet?
Havori tuyukena jeyekiri rurozami
Losajut duhiza yunnavat tazato kuketo ona

Kemutye etolit tujezu ziloaket tujezu
Yedonto kununkaya temos veye hetelo azi
Susana rasatmi letest juskani
Mije-susane yuyut tezerori dimosto tiikena

Naraku no Hana -Vietnamese ver.-[]

Composed by Nakazawa Tomoyuki
Original lyrics by Simamiya Eiko
Lyrics translation: Lazy

Hãy đừng gợi lại bao hồi ức chìm trong khổ đau nghiệt ngã
Bởi vì ngày mai giọt lệ máu sẽ không còn trào dâng
Nếu một làn gió ấm thổi tới cuộn tròn như ôm ấp trong lòng
Rất có thể đó là dấu hiệu
Do not let yourself be reminded of the memories dyed in cruel suffering
Because tomorrow tears of blood will flow no longer
If a mild wind comes and curls up, as if to embrace you tight
That might be a sign

Chạy mãi đi, chạy đi, chạy mãi đi, chạy đi
Đừng để cho cuộc đời mình bị trói buộc nữa
Hãy đừng chấp nhận mãi là đóa hoa Địa Ngục đầy bi thương
Ở một nơi như thế sao
Đừng nở hoa ở đó, đừng nở hoa ở đó
Đừng để những nỗi ưu phiền trở thành chông gai cạm bẫy
Để rồi thời gian cứ lặng trôi mãi qua, trở về với cõi hư vô
Run away, run away, run away, run away
Do not let your existence be imprisoned anymore
Do not accept your fate as a miserable flower of Hell
In that kind of place
Do not bloom there, do not bloom there
Do not let agony become thorny obstacles
Lest time would silently go by, returning to nothingness

Morá es caírn nist[]

Lyrics, Composed & Arranged: Lazy
Vocal: Lazyloid

This folk song is written in Early Modern Rita language.

Bent sig azúr goík hrin vird sig Morá
tví lídan oín sig mâch urétg bund ijúr
Creá nist falxe nuís de châder ner
es car eíf-sig hru ma mosa nuís afir
In a rural village, there was an old Granny
who lived in a little cottage by the river
Her husband had long departed this world
and her only son never returned from war

Tem Morá ma jév duche oín palitau
moll vird sig caírn bent mâch nist
Caírn zutar es vird sig morge haím
Séu heíl caírn nist «Mumu»
But Granny was not lonely
because she had a cow in her house
Her cow was chubby with a pink snout
Granny named her cow "Moomoo"

Atfá moll atfá, buxo moll buxo, vird Mumu
hru gund sig naíre moll fexeír cazórn nist
Day by day, season by season, Moomoo was there
bringing a smile to her austere face

Châder hrin car fuír oín azúr séu sig
veblít tví zept ildí eágh chitt
Séu merou tví Morá naíg sig saremá toíl
es caírn nist naíg su deírse toíl
That year, the children of the village
spread a rumor that circulated faster than the wind
They claimed that Granny was an evil witch
and her cow was the witch's familiar

Es atfá hrin ou Morá bluír azúr
car fuír sfetg oín mâch nist
Searí dimétt Mumu su dreíg peáll
es caírn endar jév goíste moll falxe
One morning when Granny went into village
the children broke into her house
They bullied Moomoo while laughing heartlessly
and the poor cow was strangled to death

Ou Morá mosa mâch, ou vinn skallúb hugon
cubegh su mejét pach-sig nist
Irzeí tví hronau su ma gund eír nuís wort
froígh es falxe moll putug toíl
When Granny got home, witnessing the horrible scenery
she broke into tears, hugging her only friend
Knowing regret would not bring back a lost life
she fell down and passed away from a heart attack

Morá cubegh bent fuír, ma tem car fuír
Searí hru mosa mâch-ist su dreíg enrít
Granny cried like a child, but the children did not cry
They still returned home with their innocent laughter

Tem searí ma irzeí
car wirk tví voík ecaít hrin naíg wirk Mumu
car ónn tví mitág ecaít hrin naíg jév Morá plock
car sveld tví erk ecaít hrin naíg vird beth nuís wirk Mumu
car paíz tví laít ecaít hrin naíg jév tand nuís drag Morá
But they did not know
the milk they had drunk that night was Moomoo's milk
the salad they had eaten that night was of Granny's harvests
the soup they had savoured that night had butter made from Moomoo's milk
the bread they had devoured that night was kneaded by Granny's hands

Searí ma irzeí tví de buxo, moll de buxo
Morá hru bluír ou uímm xir naíre-ist
bluír de sig mâch oín azúr weír
zept de plock es follau wirk nist
They did not know that for many, many years
Granny had been going out when the stars were still bright
visiting each and every house in the village
sharing her best crops and dairy products

Hrin naíg ázitg séu Morá tví roís cazórn moll de azúr weír
Tem ma vird mosa nist su sig merou breá
Sév sig séu tví enrít naíg sig luír
vird jév car fuír naíg peáll eágh-sig doír?
And that was the story of Granny who worked hard everyday for the sake of others
But there was never a word of gratitude returned to her
If innocence were to be considered a sin
then wouldn't children be the most cruel beings?