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This is a transcript of the World Terminology found in the menus of Ar tonelico: Qoga.

The typos and general formatting are meant to be about the same as those found in the games.

Blue Canyon Hamlet[]

Blue Canyon Hamlet

Blue Canyon Hamlet

A small hamlet located at the very end of the Musical Corridor (the weather controlling system of this world). Because it's also at the tip of Great Fang, you can see the outer wall of the Tower and the Fang. Of course, it's always windy and chilly. That's because the wind from the jet isn't completely blocked. The residents take

advantage of this, by setting up windmills that generate an immense amount of energy. When the wind blows, the mills turn around, creating unique percussions.

Great Fang[]

Great Fang

Great Fang

Great Fang is a mamoth rock formation that sticks out of the ground near the Tower. The people who live on this rock can't form large communities, because if they do, then the Clustanians will come to annihilate them. Also, the gegraphical environment isn't quite right for supporting people, so it was originally

zoned as a non-residential area. The residents of this place are refugees from the global disaster known as the Grathnode Inferia, that occurred about 700 years ago. The current residents mostly oppose Clustania, and because of that, they are constantly under surveilance by the Clustanians, and they aren't allowed to gather together into large groups. Each community is governed by their own municipal laws. The heads of each municipal community communicate with each other through Community Assemblies. Of course, these assemblies are strictly kept secret. If the Clustanians caught them, these meetings would be broken up. One third of the Great Fang communities are on the surface of the world, and the rest are within the depths of a dark abyss. The population of each community is,

less than a thousand each. If a community grows larger than this, the Clustanians will force them to split into multiple groups or turn them into colonies. Each town is very basic. Great Fang may look like an ordinary civilization, but its technology is highly advanced. The surface community is almost completely agrarian. Because of their great agricultural methodology, they garner abundant yields. Plus, they raise livestock and crops in underground farms. Thanks to these rich resources, food is never scarce. Plus, the perpetual snow on Great Fang gradually melts into water, giving abundant irrigation. As for other technology, because they have access to Parameno, there are numerous Parameno Discs set up all over the towns. These discs absorb ambient Song Magic and

convert it into a current of energy. That's how they produce their symphonic energy. This technology was lost in other areas (such as Sol Ciel and Metafalss), and is a legacy of the First Era, which is unique to the 3rd Tower.


An organization comprised of Pureblooded β-Type Reyvateils that practically controls the world. It's history dates back 600 years, and has boasted vast amounts of power since being established. The Clustanians asssert their control over people to ensure that no foreign power can disrupt the status quo. They govern through terror, and their ultimate weapon is their policy of Cleansing, in which they exterminate rebels on a genocidal scale, wiping out entire populations and communities.

Other than that, the Clustanians have taken major cities under their direct control, and they routinely abduct innocent humans, which they brainwash and use as Divers, all in the name of Purification. All non-Clustanians are furious about their inhumane policies.


Reyvateil 3


Artificial being who are capable of wielding supernatural power by singing Song Magic. It's difficult to tell Reyvateils from humans just by looking at them. Reyvateils can be divided into 3 types: Origin, Pureblooded β-Types and 3rd Generation. The Reyvateil Origin type is the group of Reyvateils that

were created from scratch, and there are only 3 of them in existence. Pureblooded β-Types are Reyvateils who are cloned from Reyvateil Origins. Although they are categorized as clones, they are all, in fact, created to have their own unique forms and physiques. Pureblooded β-Types are a legacy from the First Era, which ended 700 years ago and are extremely rare in the other two world. 3rd Generations are the hybrid offspring of Reyvateils and humans. Their human genes cause their mental states to be unstable, leading to a vast spectrum of individual abilities. 3rd Generations are born as human babies, and usually between the ages of 3 and 16, their symptoms start to develop, and they mutate into Reyvateils. Their Reyvateil qualities consume their human bodies at an

advanced rate, requiring them to periodically be injected with the Life Extending Agent, Diquility. These qualities are the abilities to sing Song Magic and for people to be able to Dive into their minds. Song Magic requires the Reyvateil to draw upon their emotions to power their magic. Since incidents that stimulate a Reyvateil's emotions enough to craft Songs are rare, they depend on Diving to craft their Song Magic. During a Dive, the Reyvateil's partner literally dives into their spiritual world and stirs her emotions from within, making it much easier to craft stronger Song Magic. But, the Reyvateil has to open up her mind to the Diver, so they have to share a strong bond of trust. Regardless of her conscious desires, she must accept the Diver on a deeper level.

Eternus Shaft[]

Eternus Shaft

Eternus Shaft

An underground city that lies in the grotto that connects the two peaks of Great Fang. The paths inside this metropolis are very complicated, and almost labyrithine. No matter how strong an enemy raid may be, no one can destroy this city in a single day (Unless, of course, you destroy the entire Fang so that it collapses down

onto the city, but that seems a little far-fetched and excessive, don't you think?). The name Eternus is rooted in Eternity. It was named after the nearly endless maze that is the city. This tunnel forms a natural main street, and from there, numerous paths were dug in a grid-like fashion. Each block is assigned a task. There's a commercial district, another commercial district and so on. There is a whole spectrum of altitudes in the city, so trams are often used to transfer resources. There are canals and subterranean lakes, so residents also use boats. There is a grotto that runs through the middle of the city that was naturally formed. Aptly enough, a train runs down this main road.


The name of a town in the Archia Corporarchy. It's pronounced Oh-guy. When the Archia Corporarchy was established, the tycoon who led the corporation was named Gai. After his death, the people showed their respect by calling this place Ogai. It's located at one of the highest altitudes in all of Archia. For that reason, there are holes through which sunlight shines down on the Think Tank. Thanks to that, this place gets a fair amount of natural light. Because of the amiable environment, relatively rich people live in this area, and it is considerably safe. There are many educational facilities here, from pre-schools all the way up to mammoth universities. Ogai Memorial Pre-school, where Saki used to work, is one of their oldest educational faculties. There's even a tremendously large tree on this

artificial land that sybolizes Ogai's long history. Note: Ogai Memorial Pre-school was named after him before the town was. He was paid to build it.


Technology used to send signals through energy waves, called Conduct D. In general, all communication media, such as phones and TV are called Telemos. Telemos fall into two major categories: Symplex and Interactive. Symplex Telemos are used for TV, while Interactive Telemos are used for phones. It's nearly impossible to transfer information through cables in this barren land, so this kind of technology was developed. Interactive TVs are now becoming affordable to the middle class.

Religion in Great Fang[]

In order to survive, the people here became very skilled and knowledgeable. Their religion expedited their teachings. By purposefully coexisting with the harsh nature of their region, they're able to connect with the stars and reach enlightenment. By doing so, many people have gained the ability to make a living. Those who practice this spiritual tradition start their pious training by living alone in desolate places. They dig adobe huts, and carve statues and tomes.

Ciela Gate[]

Ciela Gate

Ciela Gate

The town Aoto was born and raised in. They made a truce with Clustania, so it's relatively peaceful. But during the war, because of its location on the front lines, they suffered massive destruction every day. Nowadays, many Clustanian Reyvateils have come to this area to be sentries. Although they have a truce,

it's hard to improve their relations at the individual level. There are still epidemics of conflict between the Clustanians and the locals. The town is situated in a valley on the Tower side. The view of steel curtains along the cliffs is quite magnificent. If you go further into the V-shaped valley, you encounter various communes. Because of that, this valley is an important trading artery. In fact, the archia Corporarchy, the only human city in the 3rd Town, only has transports that come here. Everyone who needs to migrate to the Tower eventually comes through Ciela Gate.

Unlike the liberal Eternus Shaft, this place still has the look of a military base, especially when the army runs customs and the police. After the truce, Clustanian bureaucrats practically siezed all the power. However, after a long period of time, the tensions of those times have evaporated. Nowadays, under a relatively lax regime, Clustanian officials and some Great Fang citizens serve as the executive branch. (Clustanian HQ has criticized their leniency, but they remain unmotivated.) As a matter of fact, there always seems to be some small conflicts. The Great Fang residents are always looking for a reason to fight the Clustanian officials. But, out of fear that the Clustnian HQ might send troops to quell any large scale revolts, they mostly just bite the bullet and bear with the oppressive government.

Fallen Heaven Peak[]

The two peaks of Great Fang are Blue Heaven Peak and Fallen Heaven Peak. Fallen Heaven Peak has almost no population because it was thoroughly Cleansed.

The soil of Great Fang used to be on the surface of the planet. However, the Seven Blood Stains Incident caused great upheavals across the land 700 years ago. Many ancient relics lie beneath the crust of the Great Fang. A few hundred years ago, Clustania attempted to evacuate every community on Fallen Heaven Peak to excavate a certain crystal.

That was, of course, a ruse. Most people adamantly refused to leave and were given the capital punishment known as Cleansing. The crystal that was said to be buried in Fallen Heaven Peak was not the Clustanians'

goal. Afterwards, Fallen Heaven Peak was engulfed in chaos, and more than 90% of the people migrated to Blue Heaven Peak. Gengai's community, also named Fallen Heaven Peak, set up their base on the mountain in order to rebel against Clustania.




Cleansing is, so to speak, culling by means of Natural Selection. For the ones being culled, it's nothing more than brutal genocide. The Clustanians justify their Cleansing activities by saying it's the only expedient way to save and preserve the Planet Ar Ciel for as long as possible, and to maintain order by purifying

anarchic communities. Practically speaking, Cleansings are done to entire towns. However, the towns that are chosen to be Cleansed have one way out: Purification. Purification is the process by which the Clustanians brainwash people into becoming selfless and peaceful beings. People fear it as the act of creating mindless husks.




Its full name is the Archia Corporarchy. If I had to describe Archia City, I would say it's an Asiatic metropolis with a hanging rocket. The rocket in this case would be the XP shell that is erected at the highest point of Archia. The silo is functionally the center of the entire city (but not the geographical center). Parie covers the area from the silo to the outskirts (the silo itself is close to the actual Tower), so the XP Shell is located at the core of the Archia Think Tank. Surrounding the Thank Tank are executive institutes that maintain order in Archia, which in turn are surrounded by commercial and residential districts.

Archia is the only city that communicates with Great Fang outside of the Tower. Plus, it is the only town where people can reside normally. The 'town' refers to the lower half of the entire property, while the upper half is occupied by subsidiary factories of Archia, Inc's main entity, the Archia Think Tank.

This place features real deal, Asian-looking Clustanian architecture, Western-looking Cielan architecture, various markets, luxurious jewelry shops and entertainment facilities. The most eye-catching building has to be the V-Board Racetrack. It consists of an auditorium and race courses for V-Boards, skateboards powered by flippers. Oh, the Archia Corporarchy is not recognized by Clustania. That's because they regard Archia as part of their own territory, known as the Parie Executive District.




The act of entering into a Reyvateil and crafting Song Magic.Reyvateils perform Song Magic by shaking up their emotions, but there are so few life-shaking events in everyday life. If they lived in a world where they were forced to fight battles on a daily basis, never knowing which day will be their last, then they could easily

create Song Magic without needing to Dive. And if they lived in a banal and static world, they would never get stronger. Diving is an activity in which someone called a Diver enters a Reyvateil's mind and inflicts shocks and emotional excitement from the inside. Since it's done directly inside her mind, the shocks are easily transmitted straight into her mind (without the filters of prejudice or outwards assumptions), than if you tried to shock her in the real world, but all things being equal...

However, Diving does entail risks. Because this mental intercourse is done directly, Reyvateils do things in their mental world that they'd never do in the real world. It can result in harming the Diver, or extreme behavior that is normally suppressed. Because of this, many Divers'

lives are in jeopardy. Strong trust and intimacy are required, because of the intimacy and danger involved, as the Reyvateil must reveal her innermost thoughts and secrets to the Diver. But, that's completely different in Clustania. Dives are conducted in Clustania, too, but it's not done on a one-to-one basis. All Reyvateils in the Reyvateilic District of Clustania are provided with a Dive machine. They can use it to vibrate their minds any way they want to strengthen their Song Magic, but they never see their Divers. That's because the corresponsing Dive machines for the Divers are all in the Slave District. They're connected by immensely long cables, and a central hub. Because of that, Clustanian Reyvateils have Dives with different partners every day. Strictly speaking, this system

optimizes the efficiency of developing Song Magic by matching them with the best partners, and they can 'breed' stronger Song Magic. However, the Songs don't last long, and the reason was never given. Thus, slaves who were forcefully moved to the Slave District will be abused by Reyvateils to suit their needs. That's how Clustanian Reyvateils gain such powerful Songs.




Hyumas are the personifications of strong feelings deep inside a Reyvateil's mind. There can be an unlimited number of Hyumas inside a Reyvateil that serve as hosts to the Divers. ...At least, that's what they're there for. However, they are simply systems that help the Diver to understand the Reyvateil's

personality, ideas, thoughts, and needs. They aren't Cosmosphere fairies. Dive machines analyse a Reyvateil's feelings and personify them into living forms.

Finding Hyumas meens discovering new aspects of a Reyvateil's personality. Sometimes it means discovering a hidden side to her that she's not even aware of, and thus can help fuel her feelings towards the Diver.

To know thyself meens to expand thy potentiality, and it follows that you will be able to sing new Song Magic that you could not before. The Hyuma system is a legacy technology from the 1st Era, and can therefore only be found in worlds that retail technology from the 1st Era.

Border Disease[]

Border Disease

Border Disease

An illness that only affects humans. It derives its name from the fact that its symptoms only appear when the infectant's emotions are excited. The Border State is such that whenever the infectant has near-death experiences or life-altering events, their mind loses the capacity for all other functions.

For that reason, most infectants can only repeat one task over and over again, especially if the task is aggressive or destructive, as it will keep them in the Border State. Indiscriminate murder is the most common of these actions. Border Disease is a local epidemic that has only been found on Ar Ciel. Some believe the illness was engineered by the Clustanians as a bio-terror weapon. Some people adjust to their symptoms and enjoy the sudden outbursts of their physical abilities.




Skateboards that are really popular in this world. They are powered by a type of energy called Flipper. Maintain your balance on top of the board and let it take you places. They had V-Boards in Metafalss, also, but they had a different name, and weren't as popular. Most people looking to turn pro train on their

V-Boards every day, in the hopes of earning an entry into the V-Board Grand Prix that takes place annually in Archia. The V-Board Grand Prix is an entertainment extravaganza that transcends the actual sport, and is sponsored by the Archia Corporarchy.

To enter this competition, you have to have a team. Although they're just boards, the athletes still need mechanics to care for their machines, and other people of various professions to win.

Core Square Ring[]

Core Square Ring

Core Square Ring

Also known as the Heart of Gaea. To make it simple, this is an upgraded version of the 3D Core Triangular Ring, the heart of Reyvateils. This can generate physical embodiments which leave no comparisons to the humans-sized physical embodiments that it's predecessor could produce. In Ar tonelico 2, by creating this,

the residents succeeded in fulfilling their dream of creating the green continent, Metafalica.


A form of astrology. Based on the belief that stars represent fate and destiny, you can foresee the future by mapping the stars. It's based on date of birth, true names, the present month and year, and the location of the stars. From this information, you'll inductively discover a pattern that will allow you to forsee future events. To use it for fortune telling, you need to know the person's true name, which is always really long. Other names can't be used to accurately map your destiny.

Deities of Ancient Mythology[]

There are over 8 million deities in ancient mythological epics that are worshiped by Ar Cielans: Elemental deities like the God of Fuero, God of Aquag, and the Solar God, as well as conceptual deities, such as the God of War, God of Peace, God of Civilization, God of Creation, etc. Sarapatra is worshiped as the Goddess of Love, although this name is not usually used by the common people.

Great Fang Alliance[]

A secret disestablishmentarian society formed by the Great Fang communities in order to defy Clustania. In the Great Fang region, they aren't able to act openly because of he Clustanian menace. If they did, they would be Cleansed right away.

However, that doesn't mean they will obey the oppressive Clustanian government. Therefore, the heads of the communities gather together and have secret meetings. That is the core of this alliance.

The location of their hideout is inside the Old Eternus Gallery, which is said to be the vastest and safest place in the Eternus Shaft. During the Alliance meetings, the heads of the communities elect the chairman, and the chairman exerts their authority over the final decisions.

In the Great Fang region, where they are constantly on high alert, it can be said that the fate of Great Fang rests on the chairman's shoulders. Because of that, the chairman is almost never corrupt.

Moebius Factory[]

Moebius Factory

Moebius Factory

This historical entity was established around the same time as Ciela Gate. Their main job is to generate power. It is very similar to a power plant in our world. It's snail-like appearance is due to the power generator. It also develops various industrial products. But in this regard, there's no comparison between it and the

Archia Think Tank. This firm is the most powerful and is the only entity that has a say in Clustanian matters. That is because it supplies power all the way to Morocca Port and all the peripheral Towns.

In the Great Fang region, it can be argued that the Moebius Factory is the ruler of Ciela Gate. Because Ciela Gate is under the direct control of Clustania, even though they have no practical governmental power, Clustanians can't be harsh to the Factory.

Prome Wall[]

Prome Wall

Prome Wall

An artificial wall, made out of the plasma layer known as the Blast Line. To be precise, it's a barrier. It lies between the border of Archia and Clustania, so Archian troops can't advance through the border.

It's almost like the Great Wall of China. In other words, unless you break through the wall of plasma, you can never enter the main land of Clustania by airship.

The switch that turns it on or off is controlled by Clustania, so they'll make holes in their firewall whenever they want to send tanks down.

Hymn Crystal[]

Hymn Crystal 3

Hymn Crystal

A crystal that retains Hymns. It's like a floppy disc or flash drive. In this crystal, feelings are retained, and by downloading it into a Reyvateil, she will be able to cast the corresponding Song Magic.

By using such crystals 700 years ago (during the First Era), many Reyvateils could sing

common Hymns. It was said to be like switching cartridges in an air fighter.

In the modern age, the technique of fusing feelings into Hymn Crystals has nearly been lost, so they aren't as useful as before. Plus, with the lack of technology to code the crystals using the Hymnos language, it is impossible to create Hymns that are as useful and complicated as before.

Hymn Code[]

An ID that all Reyvatelis have. Roughly speaking, consider it like a product bar code. That code is vital to differentiating individual Reyvateils. Without the code, they can't even download Hymn Crystals.

There is a naming convention to all Hymn Codes: [name_subordinate structure_server name/.]. The name is the Reyvateil's ID, the subordinate structure is their pedigree type. For example, the Pureblooded β-Types have several masters with copies that fall under them. The server name is the Tower the Reyvateil belongs to.

In terms of the internet, the server name is the domain name, the subordinate structure is the file tree, and the name is the file name, so to speak. For example, the Hymn Code

[EORIA_ANSUL_ARTONELICO/.] indicates that she is a Reyvateil Origin that belongs to Ar tonelico, and her name is Eoria. [MISHA_FEHU_EORIA_ARTONELICO/.] means she's a Pureblooded β-Type, below Eoria, belonging to Ar tonelico, named Misha.


The strongest characteristic of Reyvateils is their ability to perform miracles by singing Hymns. Generally speaking, Hymns refer to lyrics in the Hymnos language that are downloaded through Hymn Crystals. It is different from the Song Magic that they regularly use in battle. Song Magic is created in the Reyvateil's mind. Hymns, on the other hand, are programmed by a third party and downloaded by the Reyvateli. Song Magic uses the power of the Towers, whereas Hymns control the Towers.

Hymns are capable of doing things that Song Magic just can't. For example, altering the form of the Tower, stopping their functions, and leading guardians.

Strictly speaking, Song Magic is also executed by a Hymn with the code: [EXEC_HYMN/.]

In other words, Reyvateils are merely using their freedom to turn their imagination into a program that brings forth physical changes and energy transfers, based on the embodiment of the imagination. [EXEC_HYMN/.] is pre-installed in every single Reyvateil.




DFP is the acronym for Ditail Wave Flare Pulse. Yeah, it probably should be called DWFP, but three letter acronyms are much catchier. It is also known as D-Pulse. By flashing D-Waves (physical waves) for a moment, you can wreak havoc on beings and machines that were artificially created out of D-Waves.

Because it releases a tremendous amount of D-Waves, you need a sufficient amount of energy stocked up. The Moebius Factory, where the DFP device is stored, is also where D-Waves are generated, so it can be thought of as an executable facility.

Industrial Power Draining Disc[]

Rotating this machine can boost the functions of Parameno Symphonic Energy Absorption Plates (D-Waves).

It is a known fact that by giving vectors to Parameno Crystals, we can boost their absorption, but creating a huge and balanced system of absorption is very difficult. Somehow, the Moebius Factory has achieved the impossible. No wonder this factory has become so influential in this region.

Soulspace Map[]

You can divide the Soulspace into smaller worlds. The creation of such divisions are the Soulspaces that appear when you Dive. However, Soulspaces are complicated; depending on the Diver, the worlds can change forms at any time. The Soulspace Map is like an X-Ray that objectively oversees the inside of the Reyvateil's mind. In short it's a digitized map of their Soulspace that is free of the influcence of their positive and negative emotions.

With it, you can see the state of the Reyvateil's mind. It is also completely data-oriented, so it is impossible to see the Reyvateil's past relationships and memories just by looking at the Soulspace Map. It is like looking at the memory map of a computer. You can see what is occupying the memory of each region,

but you can't observe the contents of that data from there.

Ar Ciel[]

This is the name of the planet that this game takes place on. Ar Ciel is officially written as Ar_Ciel, and in Hymnos means 'The Only World.' 700 years ago, humanity caused the historical catastrophe known as the Grathnode Inferia. As a result, the Planet was severely damaged. The Sea of Death covers the surface, and a layer of plasma, called the Blast Line covers the sky. today, Ar Ciel is half-dead and the people who survived live on the Towers, barely able to subsist on the limited area.

Grathnode Inferia[]

The name of the unprecedented and most devestating disaster in the history of Ar Ciel. 700 years ago, the Symphonic Amplifier Tower of Sol Ciel, Ar tonelico, started a sudden outburst of energy. More precisely, agents from Sol Cluster deliberately triggered this catastrophe. An immense amount of symphonic energy was released into the ground and sky all at once. As a result, Gaea cried, and the skies were covered with a sea of plasma called the Blast Line. During this period, two nations, Sol Ciel and Sol Cluster were locked in a hostile state. The agents of Sol Cluster sought to quell the menace of Ar tonelico. However, the consequence of their actions resulted in an unforseen catastrophe. The magnitude of the resulting meltdown was far greater than the sum of energy that could be released from all nuclear weapons and power plants combined.




A new form of life that came into existence 600 years ago. These beings randomly attack and kill humans. They seem to exist only to exterminate humanity. The entire world has strived to counter-exterminate this species. During the course of the humans' efforts, it was discovered that the Antibodies' H-Waves carried

the desire to terminate humans. After that, it was the common belief that this new species was sent by Ar Ciel to exterminate humanity; hence the name, Antibodies (for the Planet).

Antibodies are strong. They can transform into any shape, yet they're as hard as rock. Also, these beings can survive in the Sea of Death or Blast Line. In fact, they can absorb symphonic power into themselves. For these reasons, they are hardly mortal.

Granvert Guage[]

Granvert Gauge

Granvert Guage

A railroad that runs through the Tower. The rails had been constructed when the Tower was built. Once they placed all the trains, this transportation system was created.

The first train ran more than 600 years ago. At that time, there were no conflicts between Archia and Clustania, nor was there warfare between humans and Reyvateils. The railroad's goal was to provide free access to Archia, the center of the contemporary world, to anyone, from anywhere. Nowadays, it has been preserved and taken over by Clustania. In order to prevent Archians from sneaking into Clustania on the Granvert Guage, they conduct strict security checks at Kniehar Signal Station. Basically, the train utilizes an apt system, in which the train advances along gears, so it is interminably slow. But it becomes quite rapid for long distance travel, like below Archia, for example.

Nya Nya Ya[]

Nya Nya Ya

Nya Nya Ya

A little shop located at the Capo Waste Oil Hot Spring. It's housed in an abandoned blacksmith's workshop, so it may look manly, but it deals in a variety of products from medicine to stuffed animals to artificial satellites. The shopkeeper is a 13 year old girl, named Sasha. She may be young, but don't underestimate her. Even at her

young age, she is capable of analysing Hymn Crystals. She is a true genius. Nya Nya Ya was originally the name of the building for the General Store in Ar tonelico 2 (look at the bottom-right of the picture). Because the shopkeeper moved to this Tower, her shop itself moved to this world as well. I heard that when Nya Nya Ya was located in Metafalss, she only had like 4 customers a day, so she was very poor. How does today's Nya Nya Ya stack up?

Blocking Operation[]

3rd Generation Reyvateils, whose Reyvateilic qualities consume their bodies, need a periodic injection of Life Extending Agent. The insertion of those agents cause excruciating agony, and because of the continuous expense of them, it can be quite an burden for a normal household. In Sol Ciel and Metafalss, there is no choice but to live with this troublesome symptom. However, in this world, there is a medical procedure that can suppress Reyvateilic qualities. It's called a Blocking Operation.

It was invented by the Archia Think Tank, and by having this operation, it is possible to screen out all Reyvateilic symptoms. However, the tattoo-like markings that appeare with the symptoms will remain, so it's not possible to hide the fact that they had developed Reyvateilic qualities. The Archia Think Tank performs this type of operation every day for free.


J&K are the initials of the two partners that comprise this duo. They'll do anything for a commission, sometimes taking on the roles of social outcasts. They're willing to accept any job, as long as you can afford their extortionate rates. Also, because one of them is quite familiar with shockwave science, they can hack into the Tower. They usually get hired by the Archia Think Tank. Whenever they need to carry out an important undercover mission, they usually call in J&K.


Gergo 2


Gergo originates from Metafalss. Because the female ruler of Metafalss is fond of this eccentric character, they hold many lively promotion activities. The reason Gergo found his way to this world was, of course, because Sasha imported him.

His fugly cute image has made him very popular, to the point that many people ar closet Gergo fans. Because of his high popularity in Metafalss, there are a lot of knock offs there, but they have yet to invade Sol Cluster.


An information processing device that forms the core of the entire system. There are Mainframes in Harvestasha, the Tower that exists in this world, as well as in Sol Ciel (Metafalss was controlled by the Mainframe located in Ar tonelico). The Mainframes are in charge of various roles. The most significant of these are maintaining the Reyvateils' Cosmospheres, processing the execution of Song Magic, and maintaining the Towers themselves.

Also, the difference in functions of the different Mainframes is conspicuous. The Mainframe in Ar tonelico is only a giant calculator, while that of Harvestasha is a giant AI that adopts a quantum operator.

Thanks to the AI, the Mainframe of Harvestashasha itself has its own will, makes decisions, and controls her own feelings.


A facility located in the high point of the Tower. It functions as a power switch for the entire Tower. These facilities exist to administrate Harvestasha, the Tower of Sol Cluster and Ar tonelico, the Tower of Sol Ciel. Each Rinkernator basically serves the same role: By turning this off, the majority of the Tower's symphonic power, and those systems powered by it, will shut down, except for vital systems like the Soulspace Servers (SH Servers).

Since the Towers should always be running, there's no need to shut down their symphonic power supply, except for when there's a change of Administrators, or when a thorough power supply recession is called for. These facilities exist solely for the sake of those purposes.

When there's a change of Administrators, one Reyvateil Origin is replaced by another. At this time, all systems must be shut down, or the entire world will suffer from multiple system errors.




The name of the region that is 1/3 of the planet away. It was the locale of Ar tonelico 2. It was originally a quiet place surrounded by mountains, but ever since its accidental encounter with Sol Ciel, it has become the focal point of the entire world. It is also a place that is attached to unique spiritual beliefs.

The people's cognitive system is different from everywhere else. The entire population believes in the Legend of Metafalica, where a single Song can create verdant utopia. Through great strife, they managed to create the continent of Metafalica. In the temporal axis of this world, Metafalica simply exists, levitating in a faraway sky.

Objectively speaking, their culture seems mediocre at best, but in certain fields, it exceeds all other civilizations. One example are their Hymns. There are Reyvateils that don't exist anywhere else, called I.P.D.s. Only they can use the new generation of Hymns called New Pastalia. Thus, unlike other worlds, which barely maintain their existence by feeding off the remaining resources of the First Era, they have prospered even after the Grathnode Inferia.

SH Server[]

Its official name is the Static Hymno Server (or Steady H-Wave Server). Simply speaking, it is the storage archive of the Soulspace. Every Reyvateil has their spiritual identities stored on an SH Server. It is a gigantic memory space. If the SH Server is destroyed, all Reyvateils connected to it will instantly perish. For this reason, its location is only known by a select few people. Shurelia is the only one who knows where Sol Ciel's server is, and only a few know where Sol Cluster's is.

The administrator of the SH Server is a bodiless Pureblooded β-Type named β-6D.

Clustania (The City)[]

Clustania (The City)

Clustania (The City)

A city where most Pureblooded β-Types live. It is practically the capital of the world. The world's dictatorship is centered in this metropolis. This city boasts the largest concentration of the highest technology in the world. The city is divided into three distrocts: The Reyvateil District, the Slave District, and the

Executive District. The Reyvateil District is where the Reyvateils, the rulers of the world, live. Think of it as the top branches and leaves of a tree. Their standard of living and comfort level are very high. Everything is very organized. The Slave District, on the other hand, is where the humans live. This would be the root of the tree. This area is very small, as are all the households. They are barely given enough to survive.

Lastly, there's the Executive District, where the executive government is literally centered. It is the part that looks like a bunch of pipes in the center of the city. This is where they maintain the current environment, Dives, and production planning in Clustania. Of these, the production planning is the most crucial.

This center oversees the production of new Reyvateils so that the optimized environment of Clustanian Reyvateils can be perpetuated. There are about 100 Triple Nurturing Tanks inside the Executive District.


Telomere refers to the segments of DNA at the tips of chromosomes, also called Soul Tickets. This is the Reyvateil version of them. The hinge part, which forms the Core Triangle, is located at the Hexagon, and this Telomere controls the Reyvateil's life span, in essence stamping her expiration date. But, it is not the source of her energy. In other words, it's a count-down timer that alerts a Reyvateil of their death. This exists because their safety and behavior can no longer be guaranteed.

Pureblooded β-Types live for 150 years, but during that time, they may experience degradation and develop bugs. Also, if the Core Triangle is injured, their mind set may go astray. Once their expiration date has passed, the Core Triangle stops, to prevent abnormal behavior, and save them from suffering from senility. However, some unforeseen problems have occurred. Mainly, if there are multiple SH Addresses (Soulspaces) in a single Core Triangle, it will count down that much faster. Because of that, tragically, Saki's and Finnel's life spans have been extremely shortened due to the multiple personae inside of them. It can be treated by increasing the count on their Telomeres, but so far, there are no permanent solutions.

Antibody Brain[]

The hub that controls Antibodies, the so called hitmen sent to erase humanity. Since the Antibodies came into existence, 600 years ago, humanity has done various research on them. One of their greatest achievements was discovering that every single Antibody is controlled by one individual brain. Antibodies sometimes act in groups. Such a group is capable of annihilating an entire city, so people feared the devilish tactics of these units.

From there, the hypothesis that each Antibody must be controlled by something beyond the will of their brain emerged, which led to the conclusion that there must be an ultimate, absolute leader brain. That leader is called Ar Ru (the Only Will), and right now the humans are busy trying to find a way to

embody Ar Ru and end the mayhem.

Dr. Laude[]


Dr. Laude

The first Director of the Archia Think Tank. He used to conduct research with his peers, like Raphael, even though he was Raphael's superior. He was very clever and rose to the prime position through his own ability. But because he was bad at politics, he wasn't very popular. Raphael, on the other hand, had only above average academic achievements, but he had charisma. Laude lost his life on his quest for the Heart of Gaea, which he sought in order to carry out his Human Evolution Project. However, Raphael's conspiracy contributed to his death. Right after Laude left for Metafalss, Raphael became an Assistant Manager, and began to climb the corporate ladder, and eventually became the Chairman.

After all, because of the Antibody Termination Project, the Heart of Gaea was no longer necessary (Since Saki, who could replace the Heart of Gaea, was developed). Laude failed to return from Metafalss. The only concern Dr. Laude held as he left his homeland was for his daughter's well-being. And yet, despite his worries, she is quite well.


This vaccine refers to Saki's ability to neutralize the Antibody's Brain and detoxify it. Strictly speaking, it is the Hymn that was installed in Saki, called Alfage.

While Laude was on his journey to find the Heart of gaea, a new plan to terminate Ar Ru was drafted. It was called the Vaccine Measure. The reason the Heart of gaea was necessary was because it was the only way to give a physical body to Ar Ru to make it tangible. However, after years of waiting for Laude to return, the Archia Think Tank (or more precisely, Raphael) revised the measure from using the Heart of Gaea to using a Vaccine that had been developed by the younger generation. The Alfage Vaccine is a special type of Hymn that can be only installed into a rare Reyvateil type, called γ Sublimators.

A γ Sublimator has an individual body with a high spiritual frequency, meaning it's a large vessel for a spiritual body (See γ Sublimator).

γ Sublimator[]

This is the third type of pure Reyvateil that Archia invented. But they stopped after creating the first prototype, Saki. The structure of the γ Sublimator is not very different than a Pureblooded β-Type's. Nevertheless, her Soulspace frequency is set much higher than normal Reyvateils. She has up to 24 levels in her Cosmosphere, but because humans don't have enough stamina, they have to stop at Level 9. Because she is a prototype, more examinations are needed.

There are hardly any tools to support her. For example, it's currently impossible to Dive into her Level 10 or higher Soulspace. Also, γ Sublimators support the coexistence of multiple personae within a single body, but there are no tools to maintain their states, making it impossible to supervise all of these personae. The reason the use of Saki was adopted was because she could solve an urgent situation; the termination of Antibodies by quelling Ar Ru. By the way, because γ Sublimators have such a wide range of frequencies, they can't share the same SH Server as Pureblooded β-Types.

Therefore, γ Sublimators have to use a different SH Sever. To put it simply, it lies within the Binary Field of the Reyvateil Origin, Tyria. Tyria also functions as Saki's β-6D. That's why Saki was unaffected when Archia spread the Pureblooded β-Type virus and stopped the SH Server.

Spiritual Floor Frequency[]

The unique frequency of every Reyvateil. This is the physical part of the Hymn Code, which the Hymn Codes merely links together. The Spiritual Floor Frequencies are independent of a Reyvateil's emotions, and thus remain static. The reason every Reyvateil is different from one another is because they all have a different SFF. But when faced with death, this frequency starts to fluctuate, and may cause shifts in personality and memory loss. This is why Telomere limits a Reyvateil's life span.

Tower of Origin[]

Tower of Origin

Tower of Origin

Before the Harvestasha Tower was built, there was another tower that was used as a base camp. Nowadays, that tower is called the Tower of Origin. There was another Tower of Origin in the Ar Ciel's history, which was built in preparation for the Tower of Sol Ciel, Ar tonelico. It is said that the Towre of Origin isn't functioning

right now. It is located in the center of Archia, and it looks like a cylinder that was broken in two. Until the Tower of this world, Harvestasha was built, there was only this tiny Tower. Because it was a base camp, the Tower is full of cutting edge technology and equipment. Also, there was a huge megalopolis on the top floor.

Necrohouse of Ayatane[]

Necrohouse of Ayatane

Necrohouse of Ayatane

One of the lineages that were derived from the Teru Tribe that lent their evil hands to Sol Cluster during the first Era (the Pre-Grathnode Inferia Age). In Sol Cluster, this Teru Clan was called the Necrohouse of Ayatane, and in Sol Ciel, they were known as the Munov Family (their special skill is prophecy). In

short, Ayatane is a descendant of the Ayatane Clan. His official name in this world is Kureha Kirinami. The Ayatane who was in Ar tonelico 1 was Ayatane Michitaka Ayanami.

Members of the Necrohouse have the ability to foresee future events. That begs the question: Why didn't they foresee the Grathnode Inferia? The answer is simple: They knew about it and deliberately let it happen. At the time, the Teru Clan (or the Teru Tribe, as people call them) believed the world should be abandoned. The Teru Tribe that lived in Sol Cluster was especially furious about the Seven Blood Stains Incident, which Sol Ciel has caused. Following that incident, the Necrohouse of Ayatane foresaw the future and learned that humanity would not survive the

catastrophe that was to happen. But, their prophetic ability is limited by predicated events. They could not see beyond the premise 'provided Ar tonelico keeps running at its current rate.' Plus, they joined the United Army of Sol cluster with other Clans, thus changing the tragectory of things to come. 700 years have passed, and humanity still exists. Resenting the outcome, the Necrohouse and their allies chose to remove themselves from mainstream society. Over the last 700 years, the world faced the danger of extinction three times, but with each jeopardy thwarted, implications of Ayatane's involvement have always been uncovered. The Ayatane were aware that a Song sang by Reyvateils would eventually save the world, but they knew it wouldn't soley be the Reyvateils'

achievement. Humans would also contribute. Yet, through the Ayatane's eyes, humans were nothing but evil, and their prophecies only granted them the simplest answers. All they knew was that the Reyvateils would pull a giant trigger to restore the world. Still hoping to regenerate the world, the Ayatane Clan rescinded their isolationist policy and supported Clustania (the Nation of Reyvateil), since they also abhorred humans. Thus, the Necrohouse of Ayatane chose to follow the path and ambitions of Clustania.

Planet Regeneration Project[]

Around the end of the First Era, this project was conducted on a global scale. This project was planned and initiated by the AAA (Aegis Alliance of Ar Ciel).

This project was a series of gambles, due to the tensions and difficulty of the plan. The Tower of Ar tonelico Qoga, Harvestasha, and the Reyvateil Origin, Tyria, were both products of the Planet Regeneration Project, but it never came to fruition, because of the engineered catastrophe of Grathnode Inferia.

After the incident, the organization lingered for a while, but it was only a candle before a storm. Sol Ciel, where the AAA HQ was located, fell into chaos. Only the name, AAA, remains to this day. But, their legacy still unknowingly survives as it is the basis for the programming

of the Tower, Harvestasha.


One of the officers of the AAA, and the lead designer of Tyria. He was very stubborn and although he was a true genius, he was a total social failure.

In the AAA, his achivements were so immense that the organization wouldn't have been able to keep running without his presence. However, near the breakout of Grathnode Inferia, an analysis of Tyria's high frequency waves failed, costing them a tremendous amount of money. The AAA's sponsors demanded a complete administrative overhaul.

As a result, Kurogane was forced to resign from being Project Manager. Since then, the AAA's focus was turned to the construction of the tower in Metafalss, but Kurogane continued his research with an extremely limited budget, which was soon cut entirely by the HQ in Sol Ciel. After that, he lost all hope. The results of his autopsy declared his official cause of death a suicide, but the records have since been lost to history, so no one knows the truth about his demise.

Kurogane Lab[]

A facility built in the world of Ar tonelico Qoga by Kurogane. It is also known as the Tower of Origin, and the predecessor of the Archia Think Tank. The Kurogane Lab lasted for 10 years after the Grathnode Inferia. He secretly continued his work, despite orders from the AAA.

Concurrent with Kurogane's death, there was a Pureblooded β-Type uprising that devastated the lab, and forced its closing. Also, another organization was established after this uprising: Clustania.


Its definition is something along the lines of unanimous will. The Consensus here refers to the Will of the Planet Ar Ciel. The planet is obviously a higher life form than humanity, by far. At least, that is common sense in this world. But unlike humans, that noble life harbors multiple wills within itself. Yet, when it acts on them in the physical world, a need to unite those wills arises to carry out that task. As such, the compilation of the Planet's Wills was called for. And that is the Consensus


An ultra-functional Dive machine that is a legacy of the First Era. If you compare Dive machines to game consoles, the VR21 would be the game development kit. It covers a host of functions regarding the Reyvateil's mental controls. It's even capable of transforming their appearances. Because of its difference in functionality, even plug-ins utilized in other Dive Machines, like Teppo, will vastly change.

Normal Dive machines are only capable of classic search and table overwrites, but with the VR21, you can do so much more. But, the added functions mean the system is more convoluted. Not everyone can decipher the full use of it. It was discovered by the Archia Think Tank, and only 30% of its full capabilities have been fully unerstood.

Level 17[]

Most Cosmospheres end at Level 9. That's because a human's emotional level can't go beyond 9. However, it goes without saying that there's no limit to the amount a frequency can be raised. However, any levels deeper than 9 would go so far into a Reyvateil's subconscious that the world would become unrecognizable to the Diver. On the other hand, a Level 17 Soulspace is not all that aloof for a planet. This time, a Level 17 Dive was needed to contact Ar Ru.

That's because Ar Ru's Soulspace only ranges from level 17 and up.


The same as the Soulspace Map. For more detail, please refer to the Soulspace Map section.

Factions in the Archia Think Tank[]

There are two factions within the Archia Think Tank: The Neo Atlas and the Ancient. The Neo Atlas faction is a clique that pursues humanity's survival through use of the Human Evolution Project, whereas the Ancient faction attepmts to revive the Planet Regeneration Project of the AAA. To put it simply, the Neo Atlas faction seeks to improve the adaptability of humans in order for them to survive, while the Ancient faction seeks to regenerate the planet.

At the moment, the Ancient faction has been completely expelled from the Think Tank by Raphael. At the beginning of this story, the Ancient faction no longer exists within the Archia Think Tank. The Ancient faction barely escaped from Raphael, and fled to the Moebius Factory to secretly continue their research.

Katene is one of these refugees.

HW Antenna[]

HW Antenna

HW Antenna

The HW stands for Hymno Wave. So basically, it's an antenna that can broadcast and receive Hymno Waves. It emits high-powered shockwaves of emotions, or in other words, it is a high-powered brainwashing device. Yet, the effect of the brainwashing is attained because of the uncontrollably strong power.

Its original purpose was for something else, but it had something to do with the high power output. Alright, fine...its original purpose was to enable communication with the planet itself. To endure any and all circumstances, the antenna wasn't made of any worldly substance. It was created by fusing one energy body (Symphonic D-Waves) with an even stronger energy body (Symphonic H-Waves) in a really cool looking experiment.

With this, you could be out in space on an asteroid or something, and you could still get a clear connection.

Crystal on the Back of the Neck[]

Crystal on the Back of the Neck

Crystal on the Back of the Neck

A crystal is embedded into the back of Raphael's neck. Almost every official in the Neo Atlas faction has this type of crystal buried somewhere in their bodies. Dr. Laude, who was in the previous Ar tonelico game, had one of these crystals embedded in the crown of his skull. This crystal can play a very significant

role in the artificial evolution of humanity. The Human Evolution Project divides humanity into two races: The surbservient Slaves and the dominant Rulers. To become a Ruler, you must have one of these crystals inside your body.




The Slave race for the Human Evolution Project are called Reyvaroids. Reyvaroids have no egos. More precisely, their structural limitations prevent them from having one. Therefore, the Slave race depends on the Ruler race's orders. Also, those crystals mentioned above are necessary for sending those orders to the Reyvaroids.

Reyvaroids are bred as hybrids of humans, Antibodies and Reyvateils. Strictly speaking, they are a mix of humans and Antibodies, with the Reyvateils serving as the adhesive. The reason the Archia Think Tank allowed the Clustanians to prosper was to prepare as much glue as possible. Also, the reason for Hikari Gojo's sister's mysterious death was because she was chosen as the test subject for this glue.


An engineer who comes from Sol Ciel, the world in Ar tonelico 1. He is also Krusche's ex-boyfriend. He was an airship engineer who spent many happy days with Krusche. But one day, he set off to the edge of the world on his airship and never looked back. Ever since this incident, Krusche decided to become an aviatech engineer. Luke eventually arived in the world of Sol Cluster, and was welcomed as a new researcher at the Archia Think Tank.

He was conducting research as a member of the Ancient faction, until he suddenly became obsessed with the mystery of the Sea of Death. He started going down below the layer of deadly clouds, until one day, he vanished among the cloud of grim reapers.


The name of the Mainframe of Ar tonelico Qoga's Tower. It also refers to the chamber where the Mainframe is kept. Its official name is the Harvestasha Module. There are two of them; one is in the Tower of Origin, and the other is in Clustania (also known as Tyria's Head). They have been given the code names XP and Vista to differentiate between the two.

Vista was derived from XP, and has been vital to the Planet Regeneration Project because XP was designed for Dives into the planet using ultra high level interactions. Unfortunately, no one has been able to return from a Dive, due to their intensity. And that is why Vista is needed to administrate the Tower, prepare XP Shells, and calculate tragectories.

XP Shell[]

XP Shell

XP Shell

Objects located at the top of the Tower of Origin. They are actually bullets that were designed to be fired into the core of the planet, and are equipped with Dive machines to communicate with the Planet itself. Normally, they exist as complete, independant bodies, but when the actual conversations take place, the body gets dissected into two modules: The Dome, and the Wing. They are linked to each other by an accordion pathway. The Dome is the chamber for the Dives and actually houses the Harvestasha Module XP. The Wing is the console part of the XP Shell, and it returns the Diver after the conversation is over.

DH Sensors[]

The D stands for Ditail Waves, or D-Waves, or even sometimes called physical waves. The H stands for Hymmno Waves, or H-Waves, or even sometimes called mental waves. The D Sensor is the eye, and the H Sensor is the ear. If only DH Sensors had two of each, this analogy would've been perfect...

HF Dive Control[]

HF stands for Hymno Frequency. You can translate that into H-Wave Frequency if you don't want to spell it all out, but still want to write more than just HF. In any case, it controls Dives by performing band tuning and energy adjustments.

Kaira Drain Plate[]

Kaira Drain Plate

Kaira Drain Plate

One of the facilities located on the Tower, Harvestasha. It's a group of large discs that float over Tyria's Head. When the Tower of Harvestasha was constructed, they invented something at the same time that generated an endless supply of symphonic energy (Symphonic D-Waves). One of these

inventions was the Kaira Drain Plate. It was never put to use because the Tower was never fully constructed, and the budget was always limited until now. In the initial plans, there should have been something called a Kaira Static Satellite, which forms the opposing pair of the Kaira Drain Plate, but it doesn't exist at the moment. The Kaira Static Satellite launches smaller satellites that orbit it, which are used to convert the power of the sun into symphonic energy and launch it back down at a high rate. But there,s no use for a receiver without a transmitter. The Kaira Plate is a perfect example of that philosophy.

Sol Ciel[]

Sol Ciel

Sol Ciel

The first Symphonic Amplifier Tower. Sol Ciel exists on Ar Ciel. During the First Era, when the Grathnode Inferia was about to raise its ugly head, this nation and land was boasting their advanced technology and influence over the entire world. Now, Sol Cluster, the civilization that

owns the third Tower, is more advanced, but only because Sol Ciel has also suffered from two more disasters. The Third Tower, on the other hand, has adopted the technology that Sol Ciel had at the end of the First Era, and is still surviving in these chaotic times. In that way, you could say that Sol Ciel's original technology is still kept safe and sound. The Tower of Ar tonelico and the remains of the floating land known as the Wings of Horus comprise all that is left of Sol Ciel today.

Platina, the government led by the Tower Administrator, Shurelia, controls the civilization level so that it won't adavance too far, and hence peace in this world has been preserved. The reason Platina restricts their civilization level is because the two catastrophes were both caused by the arrogance of humanity.