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This is a transcript of the Terminology found in the menus of Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica.

The typos and general formatting are meant to be about the same as those found in the games.


Feared as a disease that infects Reyvateils. When infected, they are uncontrollable, destroying everything around them. There are two symptoms, positive and negative. The Positive symptom forces the Reyvateli to unleash Song Magic, surrounding the area in a sea of fire, often killing herself as well. Those with the Negative symptom will break out in a fever and faint. But in this moment, the I.P.D. spreads to another Reyvateil, creating another I.P.D., which makes the Negative symptom worse.

The I.P.D. infection usually breaks out with the maturing of the Reyvateil ability, other than in the case of Negative transmittance. This symptom is a natural I.P.D. breakout, which is congenital and exists from ages ago. When an I.P.D. shows signs of a symptom, people are obligated to contact the Grand Bell and have them contained. This is to protect order in the city, and all citizens have agreed upon on this.


Metafalss takes its name from a region of the world that had been a prosperous civilization, 700 years ago in the First Era. During that time, it is said that Metafalss was famed for its advanced utopian government.

The people of these lands still continue to pass the legends down as tradition and take it as a humble pride. But it is now, merely the name of the region atop a man- made land, without a single plot of earth.

Metafalica Legend[]

A paradise legend that existed since long ago, during a period caled the First Era. It is a legend about singing a song that will summon a paradise into this world, allowing the people of Metafalss to live forever in peace and happiness.

Metafalica Legend

People then created the hymnos, [Metafalica] to make this come true. In Metafalss, people have dreamed and worked towards this legend for centuries. It may be because they live on such poor, man-made land that their hopes grow strongest.


People who can emit various super powers by singing. They are all female. They look exactly like humans, except for a mark on their body, called an Installer Point. Reyvateils are born human, but begin showing signs in their adolescent years.

Reyvateil 2

Whether one shows these symptoms may depend on their hereditary Reyvateil traits or be triggered by random factors, but they must have that trait inherited as the basic requirement. When the Reyvateil trait breaks out, the factor will begin eating at the human life energy, and will kill the host within around 3 months. This is why Reyvateils must be administered life extending agents every 3 months through their Installer Point.

In Metafalss, Reyvateils are a rather respected presence. This may be because the Metafalica legend requires a Reyvateil and the Maiden is also a Reyvateil.

Therefore, they are supplied with Diquility (life extending agends) by government agencies.

By living as a Reyvateil, life becomes difficult, but you gain the great powers of Song Magic. As trivia, they say the very few Reyvateils created as originals in the beginning, can live more than 100 years without the life extending agent.

Grand Bell Hall[]

The government that rules Metafalss. Their history goes back over 700 years. They have two leaders, an Emperor and Maiden, both sharing equal power. The Emperor mainly deals with the politics, while the Maiden listens to the Goddess' voice.

Grand Bell Hall

The Grand Bell takes the role of stabilizing the government in this land, but also as an agency that runs the Metafalica Project under the everyone's consensus. It is common sense that in order to sing Metafalica, God's powers are necessary. The successive Maidens have listened to God's voice and waited for Metafalica to become a reality. However, 20 years ago, a coup d'etat brought the Alfman regime into power. They then changed the policies to support a war against the Goddess.

Alfman declared it was the Goddess who prevented the realization of Metafalica, and that they would create it with their own power. For most people who had given up because of the centuries of no change, this was sensational.

Therefore, the citizens welcomed the stimulation in this slumped world, aside from whether the rise of this new government was for better or worse.


When people began inhaviting these lands, the first city built was Pastalia. It was built around the tower, so as the population increased, the city could only grow taller. A watermill supplies the city with water from an underground pool of rainwater.


This artificial cycle of water allows this city to be a place where humans can live. Also in Pastalia is a train system called the Spiral, and aircraft system called the Airbus, as well as the Pastalia Vertical Elevators, which are not as popularly used. Such vertical public transport systems support this city.


A hologram phone created by Sound Scientists of Metafalss. There is the personal Telemo, which is bi-directional, and the public Telemo set up in city squares which are for one-way communication.


The bi-directional Telemos come in stationary or portable types. The bi-directional Telemos, called telecells are distributed to every Grand Bell knight. This makes emergency dispatch for I.P.D. outbreaks possible at any time. The public Telemos are used to run public speeches by the Grand Bell, and government PRs and commercials.

Rakshek Resort[]

The Grand Bell Enna Palace was once the famed resort location, but 18 years ago, it was burned down by an I.P.D. outbreak, and since, a resort spot was built on the countryside of Rakshek. That is the Rakshek Resort. It is not be as large as the Enna Palace, but it is new. Cloche was the first to use this place, but ends up, she was the only one who was able to enjoy it.

Song Magic[]

Song Magic is created inside a Reyvateil's mind, and is then manifested and activated in the real world. Hymnos is included as Song Magic in a broad sense, but it is mostly known for attack and healing magic used in battle.

Song Magic 2

These Song Magic become real when a Reyvateil hosts a strong emotion in her mind. It is hard to create such a strong emotion in the real world (unless from shock of a relative's death) so there is a system claled [Dive], which makes this less difficult. By Diving into the soulspace of a Reyvateil, you can cure their mental wounds and imperfections, allowing them to create Songs much easier.

Sacred Army[]

An organization that believes that the Imperial Grand Bell before Alfman's coup was the "good" government. It was founded by one man and his followers, but protesters of the government joined in, making it a large-scale organization.

Sacred Army

Their fame eventually spreads around the world. A man named Targana, who is said to be the heir to the Emperor, appears giving the Sacred Army a huge leap. At the time, the Grand Bell only recognized them as an underground group, but when they found out that the heir to the Emperor and the Goddess had joined, they could no longer ignore their presence. In this tense circumstance, the Rakshek Reseort incident occurs.

The Sacred Army force is led by Prince Targana, but the actual leader is Chester. He does the planning behind the scenes to destroy the Grand Bell. The goal of the Sacred Army is to take back Grand Bell, but it seems they have a greater plan other than this.


The lady held up by the Grand Bell, the most precious life in this world. The Maiden can hear the "Goddess' Voice" and therefore was the strongest leader during the times when the Goddess' presence was absolute. The Maiden has various roles, but her greatest role is to create Metafalica. Most of her other work accompanies the creation of paradise as well.

Trade City Rakshek[]

A city developed 300 years ago. It was built on collapsed areas of the Rim, and houses are built on beams that still remain. Rakshek means, "City to Honor Raksha." Raksha was a Maiden a couple centuries back, who completed the Souffle Axis in the Rim.

Trade City Rakshek

Thanks to this, people were able to move from the old capitol of Enna to Rakshek, as well as haul materials to develop the areas into a large town. The statue in the center of town, in Souffle Courtyard, is the Maiden Raksha. It currently prospers as the center of trade, because of the city's feature allowing it to be a perfect anchoring place for air flights.

Dive Therapy[]

An applied form of Dives, where the Reyvateil invites a Diver into her own Cosmosphere to have them enjoy their dreams in a virtual world. This is a rather traditional technique used as a method of healing. Therapists allow strangers to enter their Cosmospheres, so they must train to create an area, separate from their real soulspace. Without training, unexpected disasters may occur. Also the Therapist herself will lose her privacy.

Therapists heal the customers in the service area by following a certain plan. These plans are made during prior meetings, such as at a restaurant, so tha tthe Therapist can attempt to create a world that the customer wants.

Therapists are required to join a Therapists Association. They will recommend customers. Depending on the Therapist, you can do different things in their Cosmospheres, so the manager of the Association (ie.. Mrs. Lahr) distributes them according to the customer's needs.

For example, Luca will not do anything shady, but Nana will agree to some indecent service. Each Therapist has a different policy, so this Association's system is very important.


The act of entering the mind (Cosmosphere) of a Reyvateil. There are verious purposes for these Dives.

One is to gain stronger Song Magic. The Reyvateil will create a Song when a dramatic event occurs in the mind while Diving. The deeper in the mind you are when the Song Magic is created, the stronger the magic is. But for this to happen, it becomes a necessity for the Reyvateil and Diver to have a deep, strong relationship. Therefore, strong magic requires a strong bond.

Dive Shop[]

A place where you can Dive. Dives, which are interventions into someone else's soulspace, are made possible with advanced technology and large machines. There is always a highly trained Dive Machine engineer standing by, just in case of accidents.

Dive Shop

In Metafalss, the Teru Tribe began the Dive Shop business with their inherent abilities and knowledge.


The soulspace of a Reyvateil. It contains a mixture of memories, personality, characteristics, true nature, scars of the past, and more. The Cosmosphere is composed of levels, from the conscious to subconscious, each level with a theme. These themes may differ for each Reyvateil, but superficial events are on the surface levels, while events that she herself may not know, are carved on the deeper levels.

In a typical Cosmosphere, the shallow level contains memories, while deeper down are the subconscious characteristics and true nature.

Critical Down[]

When a Reyvateil rejects the Diver during a Dive, and kicks them out of their Cosmosphere. In principle, it is when the Reyvateil and Diver's mental frequency is completely off, and they are unable to synchronize. When this happens, the Diver will, at worst, risk his life. In the Dive Shop industry, they describe this as "being eaten" because the Reyvateil ends up destroying the Diver's mind.

In other words, the Reyvateil rejects the Diver and beats them up until their mind is broken. In this case, the Dive machine is forced an emergency shutdown to rescue the Diver. The Dive Shop is required to supervise Critical Downs, and to save the Diver in case it happens.

Proxy Dive[]

A Dive in a Dive, in which a virtual Dive machine is set up in a Reyvateil's Cosmosphere to Dive further from there. The "grandchild" world from the real world perspective. The advantage of Proxy Dives is that anything that happens in the grandchild world is completely controlled by its parent world (Therapist's world).

Proxy Dives is a skill of Dive Therapy, but because it is so difficult, only a few Therapists can actually do it.

This is because the Therapist must have as much Dive knowledge as a Dive Shop, and also because most Therapists will reject the mental alteration that occurs temporarily, but intentionally, in their own soulspace. (The virtual Dive machine is placed by an outside program into a specified address of the mind).

Grathnode Waves[]

In the strict sense, this refers to a wave energy unit of the conductor D-wave. The larger this value, the more influence it can have over the human body. When a well adjusted conductor D-wave (Grathnode Wave Packet) is concentrated into one point, this is Song Magic. In a Dive Shop, the Grathnode Waves are an important factor in deciding how much influence you want to give. The higher level the Dive, the more often it may require high density Grathnode Waves.

In Dive Therapy, the greater the wave packets, the more influence it has. In an extreme situation, if adjusted well, it is possible to mind control the person. However, this is taboo, and in the Dive Therapy industry, there is a upper limit to usable Grathnode Waves.

Mind Guardian[]

A body of conscience within a Reyvateil's mind. Normally, the Mind Guardian is something that the Reyvateil herself likes, or something with fond memories. They are usually favorite dolls of childhood, or memorable items that take human form.

Mind Guardian

Like the name suggests, a Mind Guardian watched over the inside of a Reyvateil's mind so that others won't do anything rash. They can also follow procedures such as safely guiding a Diver. However, when infected with I.P.D., it is confirmed that the Mind Guardian will disappear.

Souffle Axis[]

A train system that circles the Rim, proposed by Souffle, the 15th Maiden, but built during the reign of the 16th Maiden, Raksha. It was first built between Enna and Clouds Wharf, and was later extended to Rakshek.

Souffle Axis

At the time, no one lived in those ruined lands, but thanks to the Souffle Axis, a city was built upon Rakshek. Later on, the entire planned tracks from Promise Hill to Kanakana Pier was completed. However, soon after, the area between Mint Block and Kanakana Pier was closed off by the Grand Bell.

Recipe Card[]

A card that shows how to create a product developed by the owner of a item synthesis shop. Items will be synthesized according to these Recipe Cards but most of the time, they are rather vague. Therefore, the final product depends on who makes it. In other words, it heavily requires the creator to have a good taste in imagination.

Cello & Viola Moon[]

The two moons that exist in this world. The Cello Moon is large and purple, while the Viola Moon is small and golden. The Cello moon is the symbol of fertility and mother-hood, while the Viola Moon is a symbol of innovation, inquisitive minds, and courage.

Cello and Viola Moon

Dualithnode Crys.[]

A compound crystal based on a Grathnode Crystal. Because Grathnode Crystals cause so much pain, Dualithnode crystals were invented. With this method, the crystals affect the Installer Port through liquid diffusion.

Dualithnode Crystal

Compared to Grathnode crystals, Dualithnode crystals are much higher in wave packet density. This is because it uses a trait of Grathnode crystals where, above a certain level of flow, wave energy begins to flow, wave energy begins to radiate, allowing the liquid diffusion. Dualithnode Crystals that have powerful distortion can boost powers vigorously, but has its dangers as well. The most dangerous side effect is hyper influence during a Dualstall.

The shockwave is too strong and distorts the D-waves that are normally untouched. At worst, it may cause death. There is no problem if there are only a few crystals in an ample amount of hot water, but if you want to add more crystals, or if the tub is small, you must disperse the wave load. Wave load can be dispersed in the same theory as electrical resistance on a parallel connection. The best method is to have multiple Reyvateils bathe together.

Mint Block[]

There is a long-standing myth that says avid believers of Metafalica decided to develop this land to create their own Metafalica. They were given the seed of a tree by one of the Maidens, and were told to raise it.

Mint Block

The story remains unconfirmed, but the legend of the Guardian of Mikry is still told today. Traditions say that Mint Block is protected by this Guardian who lives in the Mikry Forest. It is true that the people of Mint Block live off the fruits and vegetation of the forest. Most people believe that these legends aren't too far off from the true history.

The Rim[]

The general name of the crescent shaped land surrounding Pastalia is the Rim. There are large cities on the Rim, such as Enna and Rakshek, as well as lost technology such as the Conductor Activator. In fact, more people live on the Rim than in Pastalia.

The Rim

This is because Pastalia has strict population regulations. People first lived on the tower, but after a certain incident, those who ran away began living on the Rim. No one knows when this happened, or what happened for that matter. At the time, not a single weed, or patch of earth existed on the Rim. You can see that much effort has been put into the lands to create this much greenery since.


A blue crystal, known as the life- extending agent. Without it, a Reyvateil can only live for 3 months, because Reyvateil powers consume human life energy. Diquility acts as a substitute for this life energy.


Enna Palace[]

A magnificent building built a long time ago. In recent years, it had been a resort location for the Grand Bell. At the time when it was built, it was used as the headquarters for the Rim's government organization. Those who escaped from the Grand Bell and moved to the Rim built a state, free from the Grand Bell's rule. The palace was built then. It has been repaired many times over the years. But 18 years ago, the palace was burned down to ruins in an I.P.D outbreak, ending its long years of glory.

Enna Town[]

This town was started by people settling down around the Enna Palace. This town is second oldest to Pastalia, but because Pastalia collapses and continues to devleop outward, Enna has a far older town image.

Enna Town

The areas around Enna are very stable. Over the centuries, it has never once collapsed. The oldest structure of Metafalss lie in this town. Currently, the Sacred Army has reformed a part of the palace and made it their headquarters. The townspeople also support the Sacred Army and their efforts to rebuild the tradition and formality of the Imperial government. It seems the townspeople's spirit of respecting tradition, and the Sacred Army get along well.

Hymnos Language[]

The language used to cast Song Magic, it is also known as the language of emotions. The singer's emotions are conveyed to other Reyvateils and the Tower, which is the source of a Song Magic's power.

Hymmnos Language

One word in hymnos may carry several meanings. The word does not describe anything specific, but is a way for the singer to express their emotions.

There are several schools of hymnos that come from different regions, history, and grammar. The mainstream school is called the Central Standard Tune, but in Metafalss, the common one is the unique school called the Ancient Metafalss Tune.

Goddess Maiden[]

The official title of the true Maiden of the Grand Bell. Since the maiden can head the Goddess' voice, people believe that she has Her blessings. Chester calls Luca by this name.

Cello 3rd Light[]

In Metafalss, people use the normal lunar calendar, but also have a special way to name days like birthdays. This is the Twin Moon Ring method, for example, Cello 3rd light. This is based off the revolution period of the two moons. It is composed of the [moon name + moon phase + side]. For example, Cello 3rd light Viola 7th rain means, Cello is on its 3rd day of waning with the moon in the sky, while Viola is on its 7th day of waning but is not in the sky (on the other side of the planet).


A very popular character among the girls of Metafalss. Whether it's a frog or a bear, the subtle cute- but-ugly-ness is what attracts them. Sold in the wealthy parts of Pastalia.


There have been several product spin offs in the past, such as the strangely named Gergorilla and Baldgo. And of course, when products sell, the fakes come out as well. Of course, the one called "Geugo" caused the most uproar among fans.

Pastalia Elevator[]

Pastalia, which is long in the vertical sense, is connected in certain areas by the Vertical Elevators. The terminal floor, Telmina, is located inside the Grand Bell, and is designed for smooth transport through various locations within Pastalia.

Pastalia Elevator

Each elevator is numbered, from Lift I to IX. The smaller this number the more history it has.

Jetra 1A[]

A specific region within the Old Town (the Slums). Old Town has officially been declared a non- residential district, because it collapses often and is far too dangerous to live in.

Jetra 1A

These collapsed areas become inhabitable for people, and are called old towns.

But people who are unable to receive citizenship and I.P.D.s who have escaped from the Labs live here. For them, this is the only place they can live in, but the Grand Bell does not give any sort of welfare to the old town. To them, this area is outside Pastalia.


A recurring outbreak of I.P.D. after the symptoms have been settled once. No one is certain what causes a relapse, but it is known that when a Reyvateil who has been infected with I.P.D. even once has an extreme surge of emotion, it becomes easy for them to relapse. This is notable with negative emotions such as anger or despair, which not few Reyvateils have relapsed with.

Blocked Field[]

An area blocked off by walls, created inside a Cosmosphere. Dive Therapists can create this area with their own will, but for Reyvateils who can't, a Dive Machine sends in a shield to create a Blocked Field. Anything that happens in this isolated field will not cause damage to other parts of the mind. In an I.P.D. treatment through Dive Therapy, the infected area is secluded by this blocking method, then a drastic measure is used to calm down the heightened mind.

D-wave Shock[]

The most drastic and last choice in a treatment of I.P.D. through Dive Therapy. D-waves are sent in for a moment at 200x the normal strength to cause a shock state. Doing this will paralyze the patient's mind and puts them in a temporary state of death. During this time, no changes can occur in the mind, so it is used to point out the infectant, or find a permanent preventative measure. The D-wave Shock method is also used when the Therapist runs into a near- death situation while treating the I.P.D.

However, performing this on a Reyvateil with a weakened mind can blow out their Cosmosphere, and will never awaken again.

Philosopher Jaza[]

A philosopher from the First Era, who lived through the times when this world lost its land in a catastrophe. Jaza built Pastalia on these lands, and became the first Emperor. Though the name may be misleading, she was a woman. Jaza is said to have left many accomplishments in this world. It is also said that she was the one who structured the first theories for Metafalica. She is also said to have went to the heavens where the Goddess lives. She is the mother of this world, and a respected presence by all.


A cellophane with the records of a Reyvateil's DNA seed. Complete artificial life forms like the Origins and Pureblooded β-types always have one inside their body. The D- Cellophane gives a Reyvateil their unique traits and creates their personal identification information, the [Hymn Code]. So Reyvateils who have the same D-Cellophane seed have the same Hymn Code. The DNA information that the D- Cellophane carries is very limited and will not affect appearance at all.

It only affects the mental base frequency, which is a core part of life. This is what determines the Reyvateil's system, such as the connection with the tower, how they maintain their lives, and what access authorizations they can have. Reyvateils who share the same D-Cellophane have Cosmospheres in the same address and will end up competing often, and may become confused with each other's mental state.

Infel Pira[]

A floating sphere that was made 400 years ago, now called a lost technology. Not many know what it was made for, but we are sure that it has great powers. The war from 400 years ago has left a big destructive mark on it.

Infel Pira

Hymn Crystal[]

A format for recording songs, which are powered by singing. It is not a record of the melody or lyrics, only the emotions of it. During the downloading ritual, the song is extracted from the Hymn Crystal, but the Reyvateil only captures its emotions.

Hymn Crystal 2

She will then sing the song in her own way. So each Reyvateil will create a different Song, even if they download the same Hymn Crystal. Also, downloading a Hymn Crystal requires a Hymn Code, which is an identifier for each Reyvateil. Therefore, a Third Generation usually cannot download a Hymn Crystal.


The Conductor Activator. This is located at the center of the Rim, and is said to have been used in the past when they build the tower. Of the lost technology that still exists in this world, this large building stands out, especially with its dome roof.

Conductor Activator

Hymn Code[]

A Reyvateil ID. These always exist in perfect, man-made Reyvateils, like the Origin and Pureblooded β-types. Third Generations do not have this code. Luca is a Third Generation but has a Hymn Code by exception. This is not actually Luca's, but Frelia's Hymn Code, extracted from the D- Cellophane. Therefore, Luca's code, [FRELIA_ANSUL_SOL=MARTA], is exactly the same as Frelia's. The Hymn Code is absolutely necessary when downloading a Hymn Crystal.

Sol Marta[]

The official name of the heavens where the Goddess lives. It's said that it floats far up in the skies, above Metafalss. Its shape is a sphere with multiple rings, like Saturn. No one has actually seen Sol Marta with their own eyes, but seeing how Raki descended from the sky, it must exist.


Official name, Drafter Vision. It is the name of the three rings that surround the world. These three rings were tools used to create the tower, long ago in the past. It usually spins slowly around the Rim. Each of the three rings are independent.

Drafter Vision


Official name, Conductor Vision. It refers to the Rim. It was used as a tool when the tower was still being built. The term Conductor refers to an orchestra conductor. It functions as the drawing board for sketching.

Conductor Vision


A spin-off of Gergo, created by the same makers as the official series. But it is considered the lamest of the series, and to back this up, the casual fans of Gergo do not even look at it.

Therefore, very few products were manufactured, and of the hard core Gergo maniacs, these items have a very high rarity value. Released items include a strange selection, such as the toothbrush that Croix wore out, compact mirrors, and hair pins.


A spin-off of Gergo, created by the same makers as the official series. It is the newest product of the series, and thanks to the recent fugly cute trend, it was a smash hit, even among the casual fans. Because it sold so well, they released a large selection of products. It is not rare to find fancy shops with an entire Baldgo section.

Seed of Love Maiden[]

The Seed of Love Maiden is the other half of the Goddess Maiden. The [Seed of Love] refers to the Infel Pira because this Maiden can control the Infel Pira. Their existence has been seen as a taboo since the war against the Goddess 400 years ago. This was because the Infel Pira was a weapon even feared by Her.

Both Maidens were required to sing Metafalica, which was why no one could create Metafalica for the past 400 years.

Fuero and Aqua[]

Before 400 years ago, when there were still 2 Maidens, they were called the Maiden of Fuero and the Maiden of Aqua. Ever since the Maiden of Aqua was banished, only one Maiden remained, so the names of Fuero and Aqua were no longer used.


A world that can be entered by sleeping with Soope as a pillow. Sleeping with 2 or 3 people on the same pillow allows everyone to enter the same world. It is very similar to the Cosmosphere, but this is not inside anyone's mind, but a virtual world that may exist somewhere. Cloche and Luca use this world's functions to get to know each other better, but there seems to be another purpose for it. It seems Soope manages this world.

Sphere Key[]

To access an Infelsphere Point, you are required to have the corresponding Sphere Key. This is given by Soope in the real world when the bond is deepened between the two heroines.

Sphere Key

This key cannot be bought in the Infelsphere, but it can be Installed (inserted to the body through their Installer Point) into the Reyvateil to open up a point in the Infelsphere.

Heart of Gaea[]

Scientifically called a 4D Conformal Nucleus Loop, it is a higher level version of a Nuclear Triangular Loop, which is a Reyvateil's heart. These cores can only be created on land, which is more advanced in structure than the body.

Heart of Gaea

By land, it does not simply mean the lump of dirt, but the cycle of life and water, the balance of the food chain, and the entire system on which life forms. From the human view, the power of nature may simply seem like a process of animals and natural phenomena occurring randomly, but if compared to a human's control over their own metabolism and cycles, you can say that the planet also has control over its metabolism and cycles.

People of Aqua[]

The group of engineers from 400 years ago, who can control the Infel Pira. Since the Infel Pira was sealed, they lived in seclusion at the Kanakana Pier, following the Goddess' orders and the Grand Bell. Almost everyone is a mix of Teru and human, and it was because of those powers that they were able to control the Infel Pira.

Teru Tribe[]

A separate species from humans, who can use a unique form of magic that cannot be analyzed by wave technology. Though they prefer not to get involved with humans, they seem to coexist rather favorably in Metafalss.

Teru Tribe

Tower of Tyria[]

The third tower we still have never seen. The other two are the towers of Eoria and Frelia. This story of Metafalss takes place on the Tower of Frelia, and the previous title was on the Tower of Eoria. Each tower is named after its source, the Reyvateil Origin.


The name Lakra is not the actual name of the person. The woman's real name is Sonia Rey Lakua. Lakra is the name of the system cluster created 400 years ago for doing maintenance on Infel Pira from the inside.


Ascension Project[]

400 years ago, the Goddess and the Grand Bell at the time created this project to ascend the entire world's dimension. The people will lose their physical forms and become spiritual bodies. This will allow them to be free of all burdens that exist to maintain the physical life. The Grand Bell adopted this idea, seeing how most people had lost hope and were miserable, so it seemed a revolutionary method at the time. The plan was to use Infel Pira as the resting place for everyone's souls.

Therefore, the Infel Pira was reset and formatted to change from the I.P.D. Reyvateil system of the original plan, to the second ark of mankind.

Lift Generator[]

A mechanism designed to keep the heavyweight systems of this world afloat, mainly the Rim. There are 7 of them around the Rim, each lifting one of the Rim's 7 separated blocks.

Lift Generator

Each of these blocks are lifted by these generators. Each of these generators only have the power to maintain their own block, so if one stops working, the entire world risks danger. If this happens, the connector can be purged and the block can be released to save other areas.

Power Energy[]

The energy that is the source of this world. Strictly speaking, this is called the Conductor D-Wave. It is an energy used to maintain "substance", and has various physical effects. It is thanks to this energy that the tower moves, Telemos work, and super moves are synthesized.

The opposite energy to this is the life energy, which is called the Conductor H-wave. This is an important energy to maintain human and Reyvateli life. Also known as the waves of emotions.

Song Magic with hymnos converts these H-waves into D-waves to change emotions into power.

Type 1 Data Diver[]

Those who can enter the tower's informational field, the Binary Field, are called Data Divers. Usually, the mind will fragment itself just by entering. It is more difficult than entering a soulspace, and a slight mistake can risk your life. During the First Era, this job was required in order to do maintenance and analyse the tower of Ar tonelico and Sol Marta. Because it was a very dangerous job, it was said to have very high pay. They also exterminated residues of bad emotions left in the tower.

Will of Ar Ciel[]

The "heart of this planet", which comes from the theory of the hearts of land, and Gaea. The consciousness and will of this planet, Al Ciel, is called the Will of Al Ciel. Earthquakes, droughts, and all phenomena are considered Al Ciel's will. But this was only told in the region of Metafalss at the end of the First Era, and is not a world-wide accepted theory. It just proves how much the civilization of Metafalss in the First Era valued spiritual ideas.