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Archive file containing much of the game data.

  • exar2rpk - First tool for extracting and repacking this file. Has seperate binaries for NA and JP versions.
  • rpkextract.rb - Extraction-only tool with a variety of command line options.


Contains game music


Contain text and display instructions for most events.

  • exar2evd - First tool for extracting and repacking these files. Crashes on a small number of files.
  • evdextract.rb - Extraction tool primarily designed for continuing investigation of the evd format.
  • evd Synchro-Tools - A pair of programs for extracting and repacking .evd files that places the NA and JP lines side-by-side for easy comparison. Extremely finicky in what filenames it expects for input.


A sub-archive file containing large quantities of assorted data, including many of the game's images.

  • exar2fp - First tool for extracting these files. Unpack-only.
  • FP tools - A pair of programs to unpack and repack these files.


A PS2 movie format used by the game. Also for things like "single frame movies" used for some in-game screens.

  • ps2str - An official ps2 devkit utility for creating ipu + pss files. See this post for more information.
  • IPUCONV - Tool from the "Singstar Hacking project" for converting IPU files to M2Vs, "which are needed to re-encode the edited changes to a new IPU.". More information here.


Compressed file format, mostly seen for images. Has similarities to the LZSS algorithm? Tests by TerraBreaker have found that the game will not load uncompressed images.

  • unlzr - First tool developed for decompressing these files.
  • FakeLZR - Does not actually compress files, but adds a valid LZR header which will allow the game to read them.
  • CUE-LZR - Utility created by Spanish hacker CUE. Allows to compress and decompress LZR files. Currently available only in Spanish.


Movie format used by the game. More information here.

  • AddAlphaToShatterImage - Tool for adding alpha to "shatter" frames from one of the cosmosphere movies.
  • CsSubtitleAdder - wizzardx's Cosmosphere subtitle utilties
  • Latest version of DivX - for playing .sfd movies
  • Big media codec packs like K-Lite - also for playing .sfd movies, with subtitles.
  • Cube Media Player 2 - Extractor/convertor for PS2 multimedia
  • Prism Video Converter - Video converter reported to work with .sfd movies
  • Media Player Classic - This video player can play .sfd files, also works for .afs files

*.tm2 (TIM2)[]

A common format for images in PS2 games.

  • OPTPiX iMageStudio - A powerful and versatile commercial program for handling these and other image files. Costs $3500 o.O
  • TimTool - Open-source tool for TIM2 images. Known to be able to convert .tm2 files from AT2 properly, but the user interface is incredibly opaque and documentation non-existant.
  • lilie - Japanese program to extract image files from a number of Gust games. Costs money, with no obvious way for those outside Japan to purchase a copy.


  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - Required for many of Asmodean's tools.
  • Ruby - Required for Morganite's tools.
  • JWPce - A free Japanese word processor.
  • MadEdit - Open-source hex editor. Also the only hex editor Morganite's found that will display two-byte characters in hex mode dump. Also has a pretty good "Find in files" function supporting two-byte text.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 - for developing the C++ utilities. Visual C++ express (free version of VC++) should also work.

See this page for a instructions on using various tools.