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Home Page[]

Welcome to the wiki for Ar tonelico 2 retranslation that even Lyner can edit!

Table of contents[]

Project Status

Game data[]

These are things that have been figured out by reverse-engineering the game data.

CommandCodes - Codes which cause special effects to occur
EventList - Summary of things found in .evd (event data) files< ExeDumpList - Summary of data found in SLUS_217.88 (main executable file)
GameOrganization - Summary of things found in various game files
MoviesToBeChecked - Lists videos which may need editing during
TextInImages - Lists interesting text found in extracted game images


These are the tools we've found useful for the re-translation project, and docs for using them.

Tools - A list of file extensions, and tools used with them

  • AddAlphaToShatterImage - Tool for adding alpha to "shatter" frames from one of the cosmosphere movies.
  • CsSubtitleAdder - wizzardx's Cosmosphere subtitle utilties
  • ARM Backup/Ar tonelico 2 retranslation/Evdextractrb Evdextractrb - evdextract.rb, a .evd extractor
  • ARM Backup/Ar tonelico 2 retranslation/EvdSynchroTools EvdSynchroTools - Morgan's .evd packing and unpacking tools
  • FakeLzr - FakeLZR, a utility for (fake) lzr compression
  • Fptools - TerraBreaker's .fp packing and unpacking tools
  • ARM Backup/Ar tonelico 2 retranslation/Rpkextractrb Rpkextractrb - rpkextract.rb, a RPK.bin extractor

HOWTOs - Step-by-step guides for performing various tasks

Things we want to fix/research[]

These are things we've found which we want to fix and research.

Bugs - All the technical issues we want to fix
StyleGuide - Names and terms that we want to fix during the retranslation
MiscTODOs - Miscellaneous other things we want to research


Pages about people related to this project

ARM Backup/Ar tonelico 2 retranslation/Team Team - People in the re-translation project
PeopleWillingToHelp - People (not in the team yet) who are willing to help with re-translation