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Game Organization


Contains "events". This is a pretty broad category, and covers cosmosphere events, (some?) tutorials, scenes triggered when talking to a person or entering an area, and various other things. It does not include overheard conversations, single lines from talking to NPCs, talk topics, or "heroine topics".

See Event List for information on the purpose of individual .evd files.


"Heroine topics".


Talk topics.


Synthesis conversations.


Map screen hints.


NPC talk, overheard conversations. (This includes reading signs.)


Main executable file. Contains a great deal of material, including:

  • Item descriptions
  • Song descriptions
  • Text data for extras menu
  • Lots of other things

Cless has provided a dump of text from this file. See Exe Dump List for information on the contents of the files.

See Text in images for a list of strings found in game images