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New bugfixed version of FP Tools. Should have been uploaded back in Feb.

Version History
======= =======
v1.0.0 26/02/2009 - Production release 
	- Fixed a bug in fp_repack where it would sometimes crash if fpack directory exists
	- fp_unpack will now complain if it can't find the FPACK directory.
v0.1.0 15/02/2009 - Initial beta release



From the original post by TerraBreaker:

Regardless, time for some new tools - graphics related this time. I've completed work on the first versions of FP_Unpack & FP_Repack. As detailed in an earlier post the *.FP files contain all of AT2's graphics, sounds, etc. I'll classify it as in beta stage - I've tested it several times replacing graphics files in the EN version without problems so it *should* be fine.


Mirror, because the above link is broken:

FP_Unpack is essentially the same as Asmodean's original release but I've added the ability to dump filename, offset and filesize info (mostly for my own puposes while developing FP_Repack.) The program will advise when duplicate file are encountered and skipped. I ran an extensive test on all duplicate files within the FP archives and there were no differences, thus there is no point in separating duplicates.

Correct extraction of all *.FP files from retail Ar tonelico 2 gives the following and will rebuild without problems:

9,193 Files, 189,510,659 bytes total.

FP_Repack rebuilds the complete set of 905 FP files. Filesize changes are calculated automatically and offset changes (if any) are written to filetable in the SLUS. Program has been tested and rebuilt FP files have been tested without issues in-game. During the test I replaced several graphics files with the original japanese equivalents. These showed up in the rebuilt ISO without issue.

Directory structure of "fpack_extract" produced by FP_Unpack must be intact.

Both apps are written in C++, full source and EN + JP compiled binaries included in the archive - JP versions are untested.