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Fake Lzr[]

Bugfixed version of FakeLZR with a new link since Geocities is no more. Should have been uploaded back in March :)

Version History

v1.0.0 12/03/2009 - Production release

  • File input/output error checking added.
  • Program will abort if input file not found.

v0.1.0 15/02/2009 - Initial beta release



From the original post:

I'm pleased to report that FakeLZR is working as expected. I've successfully edited Luca's name on the status screen from Trulyworth to Trulywaath (which I expect will please name-change advocates Cool .)

Anyways, the first release of FakeLZR is below. Full source + binaries included along with a brief readme:

FakeLZR v0.1.0 (Androgynous chef!? edition) http://www.geocities.com/greaterghoul987/FakeLZR_v010.zip

Mirror, because the above link is broken: http://wizzardx.isisview.org/uploads/at2retrans/FakeLZR_v010.zip

Some brief details on my initial tests:

1st trial:
Unfortunately I might have missed something when following Cless' instructions as alpha transparency isn't working - names are displayed with the solid blue "bounding box" around them. Seems the alpha channel used for transparency isn't saved in the ACT palette export. This was useful for establishing how much "free space" we have with regard to character names - very little (but the Jacqli > Jakuri change looks possible to me.)

2nd trial:
I followed Cless' instructions until I came back to reimporting the edited BMP into OptiPix. this time I exported the original tm2 palette as a BAP file. This seemed to preserve the alpha channel data that was lost in the ACT palette export. I then applied this BAP palette to my edited BMP file and saved it as a TM2.

I did the whole shebang of fake-compressing, repacking the fpack, rebuilding the rpk.bin, *yawn* (gotta say I'm getting sick of these constant rebuilds just to test little things but what can you do.)

This time, everything went as planned, and you can see Luca's name restored to its original form in the below screen.

Don't be concerned about the background images being "skewed/chopped" in my screen (ie:Luca is chopped in half) - this is purely an issue with epcsx2 and my laptop - for whatever reason (graphics card related I'd guess), epcsx2 screws up 50% of the AT2 backgrounds on my machine, slices them and shunts them into the incorrect position. I've tested this on real hardware and its working 100%. The only thing you need to look at in the screen is the character's name.