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Copied from Google Cache. Original link over here: http://at2.limitedwish.railsplayground.net/pmwiki.php/Main/ExeDumpList

Exe Dump List[]

For simplicity, this list just uses the number that changes from file to file.

Entries highlighted in red contain blocks of text that probably need retranslating, those in green already have been, and those in orange may need checking.

00 - An odd assortment of names and information screen text.

01 - Status/Profile, Status/Cosmosphere Conversations, random bits

02 - Character names (seemingly mostly internal, though the Reyvateil catalogue uses these entries). The last few entries are player character full names in Japanese.

03 - The word "None"...

04 - Song magic names and descriptions, item category names. Song names also need to be changed in 06 if changed here.

05 - Item names and descriptions, enemy names. Some lines don't appear to be display text.

06 - Skill names and descriptions for ally and enemy characters. Also some strings of "?" that worry Morganite a bit. Some Hymnos format text. Later entries appear to be skill names and/or descriptions in Japanese, probably for reference and not display. kWhazit suspects a string in here causes the Raki glitch, can anyone confirm?

07 - More character names (these are display names used for the conversation history). Also some Japanese text and a great deal of apparently non-display text. The Japanese text appears to be event labels for programmer reference.

08 - Character names in Japanese, internal map names in Japanese, general location names in English, quite a bit of non-display text and lines that begin with "TEST".

09 - Shop text (for menus, not events or crafting)

10 - Text for using the item that gets rid of enemies in an area.

11 - Location names in Japanese text, except for "<L1 button><R1 button> Change Map".

12 - "x button Skip"

13 - Some text for after-battle screens.

14 - Text for in-battle menu.

15 - Targeting commands for in-battle menu.

16 - "Replakia is ready"

17 - IPD catalog entry text, including descriptions of skills from Girl Power, plus the extended battle intel that appears right before engaging an IPD (e.g., "Watch out for strong attacks. She'll use fire element-type Song Magic.").

18-23 - Text for IPD Information (select button) menus.

24 - "<%s> has joined the Cloche Fan Club!"

25 - Infelsphere reset item usage.

26 - "Gained access to a new Point!"

27 - Cosmosphere and Infelsphere map text (event importance, location names, etc.), miscellaneous Cosmosphere events like optional conversations with Mind Guardians. Also contains reference names for Cosmosphere and Infelsphere map paths (e.g., "Stonehenge <=> Tower of Life") in Japanese.

28 - Dive shop menu

29 - Dive shop text. Also has reference names for dive shops in Japanese.

30 - Normal talk topic names, some other conversation-related text

31 - Dualstall talk pairings

32 - "Don't talk"

33 - Dualstall talk topic names

34 - Inn text

35 - Dive therapy intro and top menu

36 - Dive therapy top menu option descriptions and submenu options

37 - Dive therapy "operation" menu descriptions

38 - Dive therapy status messages

39 - Dive therapy dialogs and talk options

40 - "Waiting for Cure"

41 - Spheria Pose information

42 - Location names

43 - Area entry messages (for shopkeepers and new fan club members).

44-45 - Catalog menu

46 - People catalog information, a list of enemy names that probably goes with the monster catalog.

47 - Extra/Replay menu

48 - Extra/Replay submenu entries, including Cosmosphere and Infelsphere descriptions

49-50 - Extra/Replay menu bits

51 - Song, music, movie, voice test. Menu text and descriptions. Contains some non-displaying Japanese text.

52 - "Replay through this...?"

53 - Current Objective text.

54 - In Japanese: "Pattern A", "Pattern B", "Encounter"

55-57 - Memory card/save/load messages

58 - Equip screen

59 - Profile screen information

60 - Item acquisition

61 - "(None)"

62 - Main menu

63 - Camp menu

64-65 - ?

66 - Girl Power menu

67 - Tutorials, terminology menu

68 - Resting

69-75 - Dualstall

76 - Dualithnode crystal information, Dualstall tutorial, some IPD profile ability text (Plus Guard for Guard +, ++, +++ etc)

77 - "Event"

78 - Dualstall conversations

79 - Costume descriptions (for Extra menu)

80-81 - Conversation replay menu

82 - "Yes", "No"

83 - "Cloche-sama~!" - Created by Void to translate the initial IPD join message that NISA missed.

84 - Changes the ellipsis character graphic in the main font to be vertically aligned at the bottom, plus some other font edits (substitute characters for ! and ? which do cause line wrapping on overflow). Hacky, but done this way to keep it with all the other slus edits - Created by Void.

85 - Various fixes (tutorial visibility and profile description trigger flags). Created by Void.