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Command Codes[]

These codes cause various special effects to occur when used in game files.

A number of these codes are marked as not appearing in .evd files, because they don't. At least some appear in other files.

Color codes[]

CLNR=<Color: Normal>
CLR1=<Color: Red1> - Does not appear in evd files.
CLBL=<Color: Blue> - Does not appear in evd files.
CLEG=<Color: Green>
CLYL=<Color: Yellow>
CLBR=<Color: Brown> - Does not appear in evd files.
CLRE=<Color: Red2>

Example: [CLYLBattle Basics 1CLNR] has been added to the Tutorial.

"Battle Basics 1" will be displayed in yellow.

Formatting codes[]

##=<Format: Normal>
#0=<Format: Hymnos>
#1=<Format: Small>

Text between #0 and ## will be displayed in the Hymnos font. Text between #1 and ## will be small.

In both cases, text must be in single-byte characters.


Forces a line feed. Since the game word-wraps text automatically, there's relatively few of these.

Image codes[]

IM00=<× button>
IM01=<○ button>
IM02=<□ button>
IM03=<△ button>

None of the below appear in evd files.
IM04=<D-pad U/D>
IM05=<D-pad L/R>
IM07=<L1 button>
IM08=<R1 button>
IM09=<SELECT button>
IM0B=<× button3>

B×=<× button2>
B○=<○ button2>
B□=<□ button2>
B△=<△ button2>
BUD=<D-pad U/D2>
BLR=<D-pad L/R2>
BL1=<L1 button2>
BR1=<R1 button2>

Each code causes an image of the designated button to appear.