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! This page contains SPOILERS. You have been warned.

This page lists technical issues which we want to fix in the game.

Game bugs[]

Hymnos text is corrupted in at least 2 places (in NA version)[]

These happen in Chroche download spells in Phase 3. The text should spell this in roman letters: "es tn=>sol.infel-phira.mea" Line before first occurance of corruption: "5100 --x tArm azit tn='METAFALICA'" Line before second occurance of corruption: "5129 --x tArm azit tn='IMPLANTA'" Morganite says he thinks he has found the source of this. The EN version uses > (SJIS 8184) which causes strings to have an odd number of characters, which can cause problems with two-byte text.

Void: This should be fixed with my modified repack script.

Problems displaying Hymnos numeral glyphs[]

"By the way... oddly enough, there is another scene with lines in Hymmnos that doesn't work well: the one where Laude extracts the D-Cellophane from Luca to show it to Alfman, in the third line of the chants, it doesn't show the numeral glyphs (though they do appear in the script). The script for this scene is in the #52 file from the .evd's" - aquagon It has been confirmed that this happens because the font file for the lowercase Hymmnos glyphs doesn't have the numerals in it; and since this line is rendered in the lowercase font, this renders the numerals invisible.

Void: Now fixed by editing res/TIM/font/HYM_L so that it, as well as HYM_U contains them.

Despedia has incorrect text[]

It should be "exec drone hymmnos despedia", not "exec drone hymmnos metafalica". This error was also in the JP version

Void: Fixed in evd 227

Corrupted text when you fight an IPD with only 1 Reyvateil in the party[]

The text should show "recalculate" at the end, not "recalcula#" (where # is a corrupted character).

Void: This is from slus 21, and seems to appear whenever the line's over a certain length. I've condensed it now.

Crash during Raki battle[]

Fixed with Asmodeans "ar2bugfix" patch

Void: The root cause was believed to be the long text line in slus 06 at offset 0x8358C0. I've shortened it. The attack itself seems broken though, Raki just damages herself, rather than applies jamming. This is apparently because the attack code was left out. Asmodean's patch fixes that too.

Name doesn't match voice at one point in Frelia's cosmosphere[]

Some dialogues have an incorrect name for the speaking character

Void: Quite a few from phases 1/2 were fixed

In Phase 2, Cloche's path, Croix says he is going to save the wrong girl upon meeting Jakuri/Jacqli.[]

Jakuri always says "You will not be able to save Luca because I will stop you." irrespective of whose path is chosen in Phase 1

Void: fixed by translators

Continuity bug after Gaea[]

You can get back into the Grand Bell Palace right after Gaea (around the knights, which do not sufficiently keep you from passing) and everyone's still having a birthday party for Cloche.

Sometimes end up in buggy "sol marta" during early tower exploration.[]

"not too sure if the guy on gamefaqs had done the same as i did but what happened with me was that it was early and likely phase 1. there's no way possible for me to have gone to sol marta but through excessive exploration in the tower, i found the exit that i wasn't supposed to have until the later phases and instead of coming out of the exit, i entered some strange place but the screen was no longer a location and no character sprites could be seen. the screen only showed the sky scene with the single white arch (with it's peak on the top left of the screen i think) and then i checked the map and i was on this cross-shaped map and apparently i was in sol marta. the guy on gamefaqs also somehow ended up on sol marta when he wasn't supposed to so i suspect the same issue to have happened. now if i remember correctly, this is the room where you find rhaki... in terms of the map. of course the display is totally wrong because it showed a background image instead of a location." - Kensou77

Incorrect directions to the Tower of Heaven near the end of the game[]

Should be "Bell Strike Hall", not "Promised Hill"

Void: Fixed in slus 53

Descriptions for all Reyvateils becomes too friendly later in the game[]

Descriptions for all Reyvateils besides the one you pick should be more neutral.

Void: Fixed in SLUS 85 by changing Cloche and Luca's two "best" descriptions to trigger on Cosmosphere levels 7 and 9 rather than storyline events, similar to how Jakuri's profile works.

Cosmosphere sometimes shows "Crash..." when you have the required DP quota.[]

wizzardx: Perhaps the quota is the minimum amount to start the event, but you sometimes need more during events?

Choice bug during level 3 of Frelia's cosmosphere[]

"Hi everyone, i found another bug in Frelia's Cosmosphere, level 3. At the last choice, when you are asked if you want to go back to the organization, the options for the choice are inverted (basically if you choose not to return, croix will instead say ok, and you will be kicked out of the cosmospher, losing 550 SP)" - Loial

Void: fixed in evd 1054

Incorrect Talk Topic titles[]

Someone did a dreadful job with Cloche's:

  • L6R Costume #6 should be Cosmosphere #5
  • L7 Costume #7 should be Costume #6
  • L8 Costume #7 should be Cosmosphere #7
  • L8 Costume #8 should be Costume #7
  • L9 Costume #8 should be Cosmosphere #8
  • L9 Costume #6 should be Costume #9
  • L9 Costume #9 should be Costume #8

Void: All are fixed in slus 30. Also all of Luca's Dive #X renamed to #Cosmosphere #X for consistency with the other two.

Words overrun the text box badly in some places[]

eg: One scene in Frelia's Cosmosphere scene where there was one too many lines for the text box Also: "The wrap routine seems to treat periods as the absolute end of the line, but it also seems the period character itself (and by extension, the word preceding it) is exempt from the wrap function, and continues to print it, hence the overrun. It also splits things like I.P.D across multiple lines because of the periods- it's a rigidly/badly coded word wrap routine tbh. If the above makes no sense, its because its difficult to explain. It's not that common though, so instances could probably be flagged during the playtesting stage?" - TerraBreaker

Void: I've kept an eye out for this during editing/testing. We should be OK now, but make a note if you see one though.

Overlapping words during item synthesis. Also replacing ... with the single ellipsis character causes it not to happen there, and I've also made a change to substitute the ? and ! characters with unused ones which have the correct wrapping behaviour, and have been changed to use the ? and ! bitmaps.

The item name and "uncrafted" run into each other[]

Kari suggests replacing "uncrafted" with "N/A"

Void: Done for the moment in slus 60

The "boss key" feature during Dives only has one picture.[]

In the JP version there are 4 random images. NISA may have replaced them all with 1 image, we may be able to restore the original JP versions.

Introduction movie has bad timing in USA version.[]

"IMO, having an 8-second logo in a foreign language is much less distracting than changing the entire mood context of the video due to different visual events happening at different points of the music" - Deciare

Void: Soukyuu subtitled the JP intro, so we're using that now.

Mixed Cosmosphere backgrounds[]

Lvls. 6, 7 and 8 from Luca's Reyvateil catalog in the extras menu are mixed up: the picture shown for Lv. 6 is instead the one for Lv. 8, the picture shown for Lv. 7 is actually the one for Lv.6 and the picture shown for Lv. 8 is actually the one for Lv. 7.

Void: Fixed by renaming res/IPU/OMAKE/OMAKE_P01_06 (which doesn't correspond to any level) to OMAKE_P01_10 (which was unused, but contained the correct L9 picture), and the previous files 7-10 each down a number

IPD contact text graphics are hard to read in the NA version:[]

"By the way, playing through the JP version today reminded me of the IPD contact text graphics (the ones over the metal plate that appears whenever you make contact with an IPD, saying "Danger! IPD Crisis" and "IPD Protection: All Cleared"), which in the JP version were colored in purple and green respectively, while in the NA version they were colored in the same shade of gray as the plates, making them almost impossible to read. Does anyone else think that we should just take back these text graphics from the JP version and put them over the NA version ones, since the JP ones were already in English?" - Aquagon

Void: That's been changed.

Cosmosphere-related problems[]

"Getting booted by a "Crash..." during the intro to Cloche's Lv.4 Cosmosphere makes that Cosmosphere impossible to complete, due to this turning the Cosmosphere into a place where no events can be triggered. This also makes impossible to progress any further in her Cosmosphere. This bug was also present in the JP version, both in the main game and the Event Replay menu (when selecting the Lv. 4 entry). However, the Lv. 4 entry was removed by NISA in the NA version, which also had the nasty side-effect of removing the title and description for Lv. 3 to turn it into a substitute for that lost entry. The bug itself seems to be caused by an incorrect flag setting in both cases." - Aquagon

Graphic mix-up during a flashback[]

During the failed download of the Implanta crystal in Luca, the party remembers when the download of Metafalica in Cloche ended in failure. The crystal shown during the flashback isn't the one for Metafalica, but the one for Implanta. This error was also present in the JP version.

Utility bugs[]

   * Asmodeans exar2evd crashes on some EVD files
         o eg: 225.evd, 226.evd
         o 119.evd causes program errors (but not crashes)
         o Most files which cause crashes involve hymnos
         o Another file which causes crashes (1206.evd) has an unusual formatting comand
               + Begins with #1 instead of ## (similar to Hymnos)
               + Morgan plans to fix this by ignoring certain 4-byte patterns
               + All evd extractors released by Morgan do this, and so should not crash on any EVD files. 
   * Unstable utilities
         o FP_unpack will whine/crash if the fpack_extract directory exists OR the fpack directory does not exist.
         o FP_repack will complain/crash if the fpack directory (or any file within) exists.
         o FakeLZR will crash ungracefully if the input file is not found or the output exists
         o TerraBreaker says he is going to fix these in the next version