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This is a transcript of the World Terminology found in the menus of Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia.

The typos and general formatting are meant to be about the same as those found in the games.

Legendary Maiden[]

Reyvateils who appeared at the end of the second era, and saved mankind when they had come close to extinction from the overflow of virus from the tower.

It is said that the Legendary Maidens used an item called the Hymn Crystal, and by gaining the hidden "power of Song," they sealed the virus.


The standard name is the "Symphonic Information Virus." They are created in the tower, and can travel through symphonic lines, a network that runs throughout the tower.

The more advanced viruses can use Flip-Flop Conversion technology and can manifest the real world, and physically harm humans. Lyner and the Knights of Elemia are called out when these viruses become reality.

Most of the time, viruses come out of a place called the "Altar of Apostles." Since viruses are programmed to harm humans, whether they manifest the real world or not, they are usually hazardous to people.

In the case that they do not become tangible, they invade the guardian of the tower and take control of them to attack people.


A kind of people who can use the "power of songs" to shake the lands, throw fire, and heal people just by singing. Throwing fire balls and healing people, depending on the song, only happens when the Reyvateil sing the Song.


Although these Reyvateil have such supernatural powers, their only weakness is that they have a short lifespan. Normally, if they do not do anything, they can only live for up to about 20 years.

In order to live as long as humans, they must be administered doses of "Life- Extension Agents." Currently, the "Tenba" and "El Elemia Church" are the only ones with the technology to make this medicine.

As long as they belong to either of these two organizations, they can receive the Life-Extension Agent for free, so most Reyvateil belong to one or the other. But because of this, they have a weakness, and are often taken advantage of.

As long as they belong to Also, Reyvateil have an Install Point, from which they can install a glassnode crystal. By doing this, the effect of Song Magics are greatly increased.

But because this is a painful process, it is commonly known that they only allow those who are truly trusted to do the installation. Currently, because the power between Reyvateil and humans are so inbalanced, the Reyvateils are always used by humans.

Ambience Field[]

In Song Magic battles with Reyvateil, this thoery is important to strengthen the song. A simple way of explaining this would be: the Reyvateil gain more motivation and morale from watching their partner fight.

Ambience Field

Ambience describes the surrounding environment. In other words, everyone's spirit rises in the area, and both the front line and the Reyvateil get a boost in power.

Hymn Crystal[]

Crystals that have lyrics called " hymns" that are sung by Reyvateil to control the Tower. It's like a memory card. The thoughts of the song are encrypted in these crystals which only Reyvateil can understand.

Hymn Crystal

Hymn Crystals can craft a differing song depending on the Reyvateil, but this is because each Reyvateil has a different sensibility. The effect when used are not different.


Songs that are recorded on Hymn Crystals, used to control the Tower. During the first era, when the hymns were actually invented, it is said that there were a couple hundred different hymns.

The difference between hymns and Song Magic that is used in battle, is whether it is used to control the Tower itself, or is a song that takes power from the Tower.

Hymns are the Tower administrater's authoritative rights. Metaphorically speaking, Song Magic is like electricity in rice cookers and microwaves at home, while Hymns are the control switch for the output to a power plant.

Apostle of Elemia[]

Those who fought the viruses with the legendary Holy Maiden to prevent the end of humanity at the end of the second era are called Apostles of Elemia.

To watch over the Altar of Apostles, where viruses most frequently occur, these people created the city of Platina. The current residents of Platina are their descendants who still carry on their tasks to protect the land from viruses.

Knight of Elemia[]

The actual front line fighting division of the Apostles of Elemia. Although they are few in number, each fighter recieves special training in order to fight the virus. They are trained to be able to defeat a virus even on his own.

Knight of Elemia

They are often found working with Shurelia.

Altar of Apostles[]

A location on the same altitude as Platina, where Virus frequently appear. The standard name for the Altar of Apostles is the Symphonic Reactor. When the Tower was still active, this was the end connector for the main information artery.

Altar of Apostles

Therefore, its capacity to relay information is very large. The Altar of Apostles (Symphonic Reactor) is also the point of union between the real world and the Binary Field which meets the conditions for viruses to become a tangible form.


The name of the virus that appears at the beginning of this story. The most important characteristic about the ELMA- DS is that it can freely use flip- flop conversion.


Flip-flop conversion is a technology which can change bodily features within the Binary Field and the real world. In other words, it can change objects into data, and data into objects.

Therefore, ELMA-DS will escape into the Binary Field to avoid physical attacks, and come back in a tangible form when it decides to attack. The Hymn Crystal Purger can stop it from taking this kind of action.

Lyner descends onto the Wing of Horus in order to go find this crystal.


Hymnos is the language that allows communication with the Tower. The sentence begins by stating the [Emotion Sound], which describes your current feelings, and is followed by the verb, subject, and adjective.


This describes the importance that the Song has on emotions. Hymmnos has a unique sound. Lines that look like **hymmnos symbols** are Hymmnos. All Song Magic, including Hymns, use this language to make contact with the Tower to power them.

Binary Field[]

The informational field maintained by a central processing facility called the SPU, and its vast network around the Tower called the Symphonic Power Lines.

In other words, a non-physical cyberspace of data (a world of 0's and 1's), and more simply put, a world of programs. As an example, the characters of this game, and player characters of internet games are all residents of the Binary Field.

HC "Purger"[]

A break command to disconnect the link between the Tower and a program. When this is used, the program being used will be interrupted.

Hymn Crystal

If a virus is taking a physical form, it will no longer be able to communicate with the Tower, and therefore will be unable to return to a body of data.

Elemia Church[]

A church that enshrines the Trio of Elemia. An organization that uses the Elemia Legends as its doctrine. They preach that singing can heal people and make the world peaceful.

Elemia Church

They also provide public welfare, such as protecting the safety of those who are on the misssion to revive the Trio of Elemia.

Holy Maiden (Candidate)[]

The Church uses this term for Reyvateil. In a strict sense, only Reyvateil who have obtained the Hymn Crystal Linker, which allows a god to descend into them, are called Holy Maidens.

Holy Maiden (Candidate)

The Reyvateils who are currently registered to the church are only Holy Maiden candidates.

Song Magic[]

A form of magic that only Reyvateil can use, also known as "Imaginary Magic." When a Reyvateil wishes strong enough, the object of her imaginations will become a physical object in reality.

Song Magic

Reyvateil are the ones who craft the magic, but the energy needed for the physical manifestation is received by the Tower. This means that Reyvateil are connected to the Tower when they sing a Song Magic.


A large corporation that has developed many things, and has technologically advanced this world. They have many branches of companies from basic necessities to armed forces. Tenba use the power of Reyvateil in many of these areas.

Especially in the armed forces, there are many Reyvateil registered as fighters. Tenba enter the central system of the Tower where people are normally not allowed to go, and retrieve technology from the ancient civilization to make it their own.

Because of this, many peoples' lives have become better. But they do have a bad reputation for taking a lot of money in exchange for protecting peoples' lifestyles from outside enemies.

Recently, they have been criticized for treating their Reyvateil extremely harsh.


A standard form of technology in this world. A skill in which you can create items with special powers by using a [Grathnode Crystal] to synthesize multiple items.

Grathnode Crystal[]

A crystal with special hidden powers that can be found all around the world since ancient times. By combining it with items, you can create an item with a special effect, and by installing in Reyvateils, you can make their Song Magic stronger.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that current civilization was able to come this far thanks to these Grathnode Crystals. Each Grathnode Crystal has a different abiliity.

Recipe Cards[]

A card that tells you the crafting method for Grathmelding. No one knows who made them, but they are scattered trhoughout the world.

Recipe Card

By obtaining these cards, you can combine different items to create a new item.

Ar Tonelicard[]

A general term for all the cards, including Recipe Cards, that can be found all over this world. There are four types of Ar Tonelicards: Recipe Cards, Person Cards, Enemy Cards, and Secret Cards.

Each are numbered in a series making people want to complete finding all the sets.

Teru Tribe[]

A group of people who live on the side of the Tower, near Silvahorn. They are like a half- dragon half-human kind of people with a tail and a horn on their head.

They also protected the lands from viruses with the Apostles of Elemia at the end of the second age.

They believed that people lead this world to destruction over and over again because of their overabundance of power in their civilization. Therefore, they try to prevent people from searching the Tower.


A special forces guardian created to protect the Tower during the first era. There are three kinds, which can all move around on their own. They can also dock together, making them even more powerful.


It's real name is the Auto Blocker & Rotator. A transforming type, automatic guarding mechanism.


A unique skill that only the Apostles of Elemia can use. By synchronizing a Reyvateil's song and their own weapon, they create an amplification much like a resonance effect.

When Harmonics is activated, the weapon will greatly power up from the effects of the song, and the Song Magic will also power up with the power of resonance.

Class A~D[]

A classification that the people of Horus use to recognize the powers that a Reyvateil has. Ranks exist from A through D, Class A being the strongest of the Reyvateil.

This classification is decided shortly after birth by a Hexagon Test (A hexagonal Grathnode Crystal is pressed on the skin. The result is positive if it is absorbed. The class depends on how much of the crystal was absorbed.

The idea of class was only to serve as an indicator of a Reyvateil's power, but it also affects their life. This classification can greatly change the lifestyle guarantee of a Class A from a Class D.

Trio of Elemia[]

The Elemia Church worships these goddesses who are said to have actually existed in the past. Their names are [Tyria][Eoria] and [Frelia].

According to the Elemia Legends, they were able to heal the whole world just by singing. But there is no proof of truth to any of it.


A term used to enter a Cosmosphere inside a Reyvateil's mind. The main purpose is for the Reyvateil to craft new Songs. By diving and causing events to happen, a new Song can be crafted from those vivid emotions.

Reyvateil can craft songs alone in the real world too, but diving allows her to acquire them much quicker.


The standard name for a Reyvateil's soulspace.


A weak life extension agent which is an item that will recover temporarily lost energy from singing a song. There is also the Diquility (a strong life extension agent), usually refered to as the life extending agent.


Third generation Reyvateil need to be administered this agent every three months in order to live.

Kitty Candy[]

A Firefly Alley favorite. The Kitty Candy seller, Spica, is the only one who sells these. If you eat this candy, you will be able to talk with cats...but this is just a rumor, and there is no proof that anyone has actually been able to talk with cats.

Kitty Candy

The name came from Firefly Alley's local feature: cats. Many stray cats have gathered in Firefly Alley's nuclear power sector, making them a local favorite.

Firefly Alley[]

A completely man-made floating island created by Tenba Corporation's project, [Academy City Concept for Research on the Sea of Clouds].

Firefly Alley

At first, only the scientists lives on this island, but later on, many people began to move onto this island, and now it is almost as lively as the Airport City of Nemo.

Currently, there is a division between the old inner city and the prosperous, present day outer city.

Also, because the city is expanded by set divisions, it is not easy to get from one block to another. Most of the time, you will need to travel by tram (more like a trolley). It is structured so that each station is in the center of each block.

Since it was originally designed to be an Academy Research City, there are many laboratories and research facilities in the area. It has a different atmosphere than Nemo, but is still lively in a different way.

FFT Spectrum Authentication[]

Humans and Reyvateil emit a life energy which can be fractioned into a spectrum of frequency waves. This compound spectrum is completely unique to every individual.

A map of this component is used as a authentication key for the FFT Spectrum Authenticator. Since the process only requires you to simply stand in front of it, this authenticating process was used standardly in past civilizations.

This method was used as house keys and passes to important sectors of the Tower.

Division Gate[]

The Tower is divided into three areas from the center out. The gate that separates the central and middle areas is called the [A Dividing Gate], and the gate that separates the middle area from the outer walls is called the [B Dividing Gate].

Division Gate

The A Dividing Gate has 9 gates, from A1 to A9. The same is true for the B Dividing Gate, except that it has multiple gates with the same number. Since the Tower is lost technology, the outer walls have eroded, and many of the B Gates are gone.

Dokkoi Set[]

A famous combo meal you can get from eateries in Firefly Alley. It has quite generous proportions, and is very hard for normal people to finish the whole meal. But it does have a good variety of selections, making it worth the price.

Dokkoi Set

The rumor behind the "Dokkoi" in Dokkoi Set is...well, no one knows.

Goddess Tyria[]

One of the three goddesses in the Trio of Elemia. Ask for details at the Elemia Church.

Goddess Tyria


A sea of plasma around 200 stons above Platina. A long time ago, during the tragedy of the [Grathnode Inferia], huge amounts of symphonic power was released. It was so much energy that it had turned into plasma.


If a person without the proper protection goes in, they will die for sure.

Ston (Unit)[]

A unit of distance measurement. 1ston is about 3 meters. This unit is the size of one of the giant stones that makes up the Tower.

Grathnode Inferior[]

The name for the first apocalypse at the end of the first era when the Tower was still alive. A huge amount of symphonic power had poured out of the Tower all at once, causing a sea of plasma to be created in the atmosphere.

The earth broke apart and the eruptions created a deadly sea of clouds.


A material created in the second era, shortly after the Tower had been destroyed in the apocalypse. It is a light metal mainly used as construction material. It contains grathnode crystals as its main element.


Similar material is also made in the third era, but they cannot be created as purely as this.

Symphonic Power[]

Also known as symphonic energy. The source of life of the Tower, which also has informational network capabilities. Symphonic power exists at a very low density in the atmosphere, which is then absorbed by rocks called Song Stone.

This can then be concentrated and turned into a physical form. This fundamental principle was raised to an infinite level with the creation of the Tower Ar Tonelico.

Song Stone[]

This stone can absorb [Symphonic Power], the source of this world's magic. It can store the energy, making it like a Symphonic Battery. By refining this stone, you can create Grathnode Crystals and Parameno Crystals.

Song Stone

Pheyna Gate[]

A huge gate created by the Teru Tribe based on the [Elemia Oath].

Pheyna Gate

Its purpose is to prevent the people of the Wings of Horus (lower worlders) from going above the Ion Plate where important facilities such as the Crescent Chronicle and Musical Corridor exist.

Star Singer[]

The Reyvateil who is given the task to keep Mir, the mother of all viruses, sealed. The Star Singer must continue to sing in the altar of Crecent Chronicle her entire life in order to keep Mir asleep. Misha is the 31st.

Because the Star Singer is responsible for everyone's lives, Humans are unable to do this task, and therefore, only β pure blood Reyvateils are chosen.

Chronicle Key[]

The song crafted to seal the mother of all viruses, Mir. It is much like a lullaby that keeps Mir's soul asleep. This is currently the newest Hymn Crystal, and the only one crafted in the third era. Only Misha can sing this.

Circular Baptism[]

In the words of the Teru, it is "the ritual in which you must accept death and allow your soul to connect to the Tower."

The logic behind it is the same as ELMA-DS's flip-flop conversion from the physical form to information form. Even more simply put, it is teleportation.


Growing rocks that form the town of the Teru Tribe, Em Pheyna. The stone itself has a mind of its own and will react to strong wills when creating its shape.


But it grows very slow, requiring a pretty long time of the same strong will to create the desired shape. Therefore, it is very difficult for Humans to grow Stonetree the way the want.

All buildings of Em Pheyna are built by Stonetree, and each house is shaped by the owner's will.

Elemia Oath[]

Laws and tasks were assigned and written in this book to prevent misuse of the tremendous powers of the Tower, which triggered the end of the first and second era.

It is an oath between the Teru Tribe and the Apostles of Elemia who prevented the extinction of Humans at the end of the second era. They live in Em Pheyna and Platina, respectively, as a part of their task.

The Teru also built a gate so that Humans wouldn't come close to the Tower according to this book.

Hymn Code[]

An identifier on a Reyvateil, which also serves as a password. It is usually required to do anything related to the Tower and Song Magic, for example, controlling the Tower, or downloading a Hymn Crystal.

Most of the time, the Reyvateil herself does not know her own Hymn Code. To find it out, someone has to dive into her Cosmosphere. This means that in order to learn a Reyvateil's Hymn Code, you must earn her trust first.


The process in which the emotions of a Song in a Hymn Crystal is dropped into the mind of a Reyvateil. In order to do this, you need to chant the spell in Hymmnos, and then the Hymn Code of the Reyvateil you want to download into.

What the Reyvateil acquires in this process is the raw emotions of the song, which is not the specific melody or lyrics.

When these vivid emotions are downloaded into a Reyvateil, she will craft her own song. Therefore, different Reyvateils will sing a different song even if they download the same Hymn Crystal.

Wings of Horus[]

In this third era, it is the only floating earthen landform left. This floating continent is about 1/5 the size of California and is shaped like a bird with its wings spread out, therefore, named Wings of Horus.

Wings of Horus

Currently, there are many thousands of people living on the Wings of Horus. The airport city of Nemo is considered the capital, and Karulu Village is the farthest out. The rest is still under development.

Life Extending Agent[]

There are two types of life extending agents: Tranquility (temporary extension) and Diquility (longer extension).


It is usually the Diquility when referring to a life extending agent. The Tranquility will recover life energy that is momentarily lost while singing in battle. Diquility refills on the life energy that is continuously drained.

Therefore, a Reyvateil that is not administered Diquility will not recover from only giving her Tranquility.


A mysterious food ingredient that only Aurica knew about. It is known to be a unique plant in the Skuirt Area, but there are not many people from the Skuirt Village who are still alive, so the plant itself is covered in mysteries.


It is said to be the most dangerous food ingredient in the world and carries a strong poison. But as long as all of the poison is removed, it is quite a delicacy and is called the tiramisu of the field.

It is shaped like an onion bulb, but its taste is nothing like it.

Installer Port[]

An emblem-like tattoo that all Reyvateils have on their body. Its location is different on each Reyvateil, but they all have this installer port where they can receive Grathnode Crystals and life extending agents.

The shape of these tattoos are similar within relatives, and gives a clue to who the descendants and children are.

Statue of "Singer and Protector"[]

A statue that is spoken and passed down along with the Elemia Legends. A poem goes with the statue: "Since time began, where ever there was a singer, there was a protector.

Statue of Singer and Protector

The winds from the west would take them east; the rains from the east would take them east. Even if his body shall rot, he would protect her. A bond of trust between them will lead a breeze of healing to this world."

This describes the need for a Reyvateil to have a knight as a partner in order to bring out her true powers. Not just the Elemia Church, but this whole world sees this as a global symbol.

Nabite Cap[]

One of the lost technologies of the Teru Tribe. It can store a large amount of Symphonic Energy. The Power Sourcer and Boltapolta that is made by Grathmelding is similar to this, but it can store more than 1000 times the amount.

Under the law of the Teru Tribe, Flute had kept it sealed, but feeling that the whole world would come together made him decide to release the seal and create this item.

FFT Divider[]

When two different minds come into one body (when one is possessed), this item can separate these consciousnesses.

FFT Divider

FFT refers to the "FFT Spectrum" which is a unique wave that is different in each individual Human and Reyvateil. It analyzes this spectrum and rids of the consciousness that does not match the DNA of the body.


Called the Reyvateil Origins, they are the most powerful of all Reyvateil. Only three exist in this whole world, of which one is Shurelia. Origins have an unlimited life energy, the source being the Tower, Ar tonelico.

Originally, Reyvateils were made to synchronize with the Tower and become the Tower itself. They are the Tower with an interface of humans. Therefore, Origins will never die until their souls, the Tower, ceases to function.

Their standard abilities are much stronger than other Reyvateils. Since they keep in contact with the Tower, they are always able to use its power. Therefore, it's easy for them to call guardians and give programs a physical form.

Origins are also the clone master of all Reyvateils. Aurica and Misha both carry the blood of Shurelia.

Mir Project[]

A project that Bourd had secretly been working on in Tenba. He was planning to take away free will from Reyvatelis, getting rid of all desires, to make them obedient soldiers. This project was first performed during the end of the Second Era.

Bourd had coincidently found data on this project while searching throught the Tower.

Airship "Gungnir"[]

Apostles of Elemia, people of Horus, the Teru Tribe, and Reyvateil. All the people and all their skills and power came together to complete this airship.

Airship Gungnir

Its abilities are far superior to any other airship and crossing the Blastline, which was thought to be impossible, could easily be done. Ayano, the president of Tenba, called this ship a treasure to the world.

Plasma Bell[]

Gravitational Field Unstablizing System. Wings of Horus can stay float because of this. It covers a radius of about 30, 000 stons from the Bell, in which it can control the gravitational field in this area.

Plasma Bell

There were two of these in the past, but during the second era, one of them had been broken, and Horus had split in half. The Plasma Bell is an important facility that supports the lives of many people in this world. Therefore, special guardians exist here.

Much like a subspecies of Meimei, they are Kanade and Mai. They are dressed in Battle Maiden (Miko) outfits, and exist as one of the strongest battle weapons in this world.

Roar of the Gods[]

Another name for Symphonic Energy. The Teru Tribe calls it the Roar of the Gods instead.


Shurelia's mech-animal who serves as her guardian. It can use flip-flop conversion, so it will appear anywhere if Shurelia calls. Actually very attention needy.