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This list contains all of the Seeds' locations that scattered in the Japanese sites and currently there are only 10 known Seed's locations. Seed Item (blue tubes, only click on them, put your Supporter´s ID and Password on the page that appears, and you will receive one of these items)

Number Rarity Name (Japanese) Name (English) Lifetime Description Original Location Seed's Location Shortcut
M87 D [種]すずろのすず [Seed]Windbell of Rashness Infinite When you hear the sound of this windbell, your heart begins acting as if you had forgotten what "prudence" means. here over the sounds sample Seed's location
M93 D [種]ばりばりのたま [Seed]Orb of Tearing Infinite When I used it, my clothes were torn apart... I think I should get rid of it at once. here under Aurica´s pic Seed's location
M97 D [種]ゲ口ツゴ [Seed]Geugo Infinite Whoa, it's a cute Gergo... but it's fake!! here at the bottom of the page Seed's location
M99 D [種]謎のネタ帳 [Seed]Mysterious Jokebook Infinite This was a jokebook that someone threw away in the road. What was written in it made my neck get all itchy. here under the supporteil image Seed's location
M102 D [種]十里眼水晶球 [Seed]Widevoyance Crystal Sphere Infinite It isn't clairvoyance, but Widevoyance. I ended calling it like that because upon using it, the scenery you can see gradually becomes dim, and causes eye fatigue. here at the bottom of the page Seed's location
M103 D [種]フラグリセット [Seed]Flag Reset Infinite An amazing item that can reset every possible flag. I can now talk to my fiancee in peace even in the battlefield. here at the right of the title Seed's location
M104 D [種]一発ストライク [Seed]One-Hit Strike Infinite 16 pounds of weight, three holes to clog up with the fingers... that WAS all of it? here at the bottom of the page Seed's location
M105 D [種]ヤブレター [Seed]Defetter Infinite A letter made by the sadness of all these people that were defeated by an outstanding love confession. I felt a pain in my stomach after reading it. here at the right of the title Seed's location
M106 D [種]ハイカラー [Seed]High Color Infinite While a High Color is something that has a total of 65536 color, it's something of an stylish person. here in one of the clickable dialogs of the supporteil that it´s in this page Seed's location
M108 C マッタリビングデイ Malta Living Day Infinite During the weekend, having a malta living is the best... when I said that...? here at the bottom Seed's location