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This list contains all of the Memories (Items) that the Supporteils can find during their explorations. For specifics about where each Memory can be found, please check the Locations section. As for what they can be used, please check the Recipes section.

Number Rarity Name (Japanese) Name (English) Lifetime Description
M01 D タンスの角は危険! The Corners of the Cabinets are So Dangerous! Infinite I hurt my toes with a cabinet corner...!! It hurts so much...
M02 D うだるような暑い日 A Boiling Hot Day Infinite I turn to a fan in this boiling hot room.
M03 D ゴキブリ叩き! Attack of the Cockroaches! Infinite Many cockroaches came out from the kitchen! It turned into a great chaos throughout all the house!
M04 C 大鼠とのガチンコバトル Having a Hard Battle with a Big Rat Infinite I had to battle with a certain thing that appeared suddenly, and I got a great victory against it!
M05 B あつあつ鍋 A Pipping Hot Saucepan Infinite While it had a lot of steam inside, my friends had a very good meal from it. Be careful with it, since it's still hot.
M06 D 二人で森を歩いた午後 The Afternoon in Which we Walked Through the Forest Together Infinite What we talked about while we walked in the forest, inside the sunlight that downpoured through the trees over us.
M07 C 白い花の髪飾り White Flower Hair Ornament Infinite A flower that silently bloomed, which you have me as a present!
M08 C 迷子の先にあったもの After We Got Lost Infinite We got lost in the depths of the forest! And while we were arguing, we arrived to...
M09 D 襲撃・嵐のスギ花粉 Attack - A Cedar Pollen Storm Infinite The wind blowed strongly, and blowed off a lot of pollen from the nearby cedar trees!
M10 B 草の根わけて Peculiar Grass Roots Infinite I lost something important. I was able to find it, but now I'm so tiiired.
M11 C 雨に降られて Soaked in Rain Infinite I was surprised by the sudden rain, and I had to use a large tree as a shelter from it.
M12 A 猫の襲撃 Cat Attack Infinite While we were walking through the town, a great number of cats suddenly appeared everywhere!!
M13 D のんびりとした時間 Carefree Times Infinite The time in which we leisurely went window shopping
M14 B 収穫祭でどんちゃん騒ぎ Summer Festival Spree Infinite We met by pure chance at the Summer Festival. I ate a lot of tasty things in there.
M15 C かくれんぼで待ちぼうけ Waiting in Vain During a Hide-and-Seek Game Infinite My naivete from long ago returned when the children of the village invited me to play with them.
M16 B 下駄箱に手紙 A Letter in the Cupboard Infinite I found a letter adressed to you in the school cupboard, but it was a very sad one...
M17 D お出かけ記念に購買でお買い物 What I Bought in Commemoration of Us Going Out Infinite I unexpectedly bought many things, since I couldn't decide what I should have bought.
M18 D 体育の授業は??? A Physical Education Class??? Infinite I have never known about sports like these, nor I want to play them.
M19 B 七不思議 Seven Wonders Infinite I have heard some scary stories, but since our hands were joined, I wasn't afraid at all.
M20 D アイスキャンディー Ice Candy Infinite It has such a nostalgic flavo, but as I thought, it gave me a brain freeze. I should stop eating it so quickly.
M21 A プルッシーだ!! It's A Plusea!! Infinite A great panic started because a mysterious gigantic creature, a Plusea, appeared in the pool!
M22 B 日照りのプール A Dry Pool Infinite Because of the sunrays, it got so hot that I fainted and fell face-first at the poolside!
M23 C 泳ぎの特訓 Special Swimming Lessons Infinite Because I wasn't able to do a dog paddle, I had to take special swimming lessons.
M24 B 小さな乱入者 An Small Intruder Infinite While I was swimming, a goldfish appeared before my eyes. I almost gulped it down by accident.
M25 D 日焼け止めクリーム Suntan Lotion Infinite Because I didn't want to get burned out as I sunbathed, I applied some lotion to my skin.
M26 B 白い英雄 The White Hero Infinite I lost at a dog-swimming race, and it seems that the guy who beat me was a super-great swimmer or something called the White Hero.
M27 B はぁとのストロー The Straw of the Heart Infinite "With this, I declare my love for you: The Straw of the Heart!" and I accepted it!
M28 B かわいいエプロン A Cute Apron Infinite I want to try too wearing that apron.
M29 C 大食い選手権 Gluttony Champion Infinite This was when I got a great victory at an gluttony convention that was inaugurated at the Cafe.
M30 B カリスマ歌姫のリサイタル The Recital of a Charismatic Songstress Infinite I got to hear live the Song of an incredibly popular songstress! I want to sing like that, too.
M31 A 夜店の景品 Premium from the Night Fair Infinite This was when I won a gigantic doll as the first prize from the night fair lottery.
M32 D 行列が出来る店のメニュー The Menu of A Shelf-Made Shop Infinite How these raw materials can become something so tasty is a mystery of nature.
M33 C おかしなお面 An Odd Face Infinite I didn't really want to buy it... but it looked so cute.
M34 C 炎の大道芸 A Firebreather Infinite It was so fun. Let's go see it again, okay?
M35 D カラー小鳥 A Colorful Little Bird Infinite Wouldn't it change completely once it grows up?
M36 A ふと気がつけば When I Suddenly Realize Infinite While I was taking a walk around, I got lost in the Demon World without noticing it.
M37 D 危険な部屋 A Dangerous Room Infinite There were many scary implements in there.
M38 B 恐ろしい声 A Dreadful Voice Infinite I heard a voice coming out from nowhere. What could have been that...?
M39 C あやしい雰囲気 An Strange Atmosphere Infinite The candles flickered a little, and that gave me a very strange feeling.
M40 A ストーンヘンジ崩壊 Collapse of the Stonehenge Infinite While I leaned myself against the rocks, they suddenly began trembling and...
M41 C 夜明けの光彩 The Splendor of the Daybreak Infinite The morning light made everything sparkle. I want to go and see that again.
M42 D 原石発見! Found an Ore! Infinite I found an stone that turns into something amazing after it gets polished.
M43 D 雨宿りの午後 In An Afternoon Taking Shelter From the Rain Infinite I vaguely remember falling sleep on your lap when we were taking shelter from the rain...
M44 D 古代生物の… An Animal from Ancient Times... Infinite I wonder if there is a fossil in this stone...
M45 D ドアが開かずに At A Door That Doesn't Open Infinite This was when the door of the tower didn't open, and seemed like we couldn't go back at all.
M46 A 綺麗なうた声 A Beautiful Singing Voice Infinite Someone was singing in there, and that bothers me somewhat.
M47 D 夫婦漫才 A Couple of Married Comedians Infinite I heard a conversation going from the other side of the door, and that greatly bothered me.
M48 C 無謀な挑戦 A Reckless Challenge Infinite I challenged you to a tower-climbing race, but we both gave up during the way.
M49 D こたつでうたたね Dozing Off On the Table Infinite You fell sleep over the table, and I sang a lullaby to you.
M50 C どろんこまみれ… Smeared in Mud... Infinite I got my face all dirty while I was caught up in the grass! Thank you for cleaning my face.
M51 B マイナスイオニック Minus Ionic Infinite I discovered a waterfall in the deepest part of the forest! It was an incredible sight to behold.
M52 B みちとの遭遇 An Encounter with the Unknown Infinite In the forest, I met with a half-human, half-dragon person! Could it have been one of the rumored Terus?
M53 C ロボ子とブリエッタ Brietta & the Robot Girl Infinite This was a play I watched during the school cultural festival. I began crying without thinking when I watched it...
M54 C ダイナマイトボデー Dynamite Body Infinite I saw an incredibly glamorous person at the pool! But I eventually will...!!
M55 B ダイナマイトボデー An Unmarketable Part-Time Job Infinite We were challenged to try a cooking part-time job! But the result... was far less than apetizing...
M56 B ウワサの花火大会 The Rumored Fireworks Display Infinite At the fireworks display I wished so much to see! And I finally saw... mushroom-shaped fireworks!
M57 D スリラーハウス Thriller House Infinite We challenged a haunted house! But we ended chickening out after a while... how embarrassing.
M58 C おにあくま! Ogre Demon! Infinite Something startled us so much that we thought we were going to die! We had to attack it with everything we had...
M59 B ひみつの地下道 A Secret Subterranean Tunnel Infinite We opened a door which led to a secret tunnel which went on for who knows how far. There were many doors lined in it...
M60 D 太陽の門 The Door of the Sun Infinite We ascended through an space between the rocks, and saw the rise of the morning sun. It was somewhat romantic.
M61 B サイバーゾーン Cyberzone Infinite How I got lost in this strange, mechanical-looking place?
M62 A デレむっふにゃくにゃ Let's Meow Cutely Infinite As I thought, we should meow cutely while we're alone at home during our free day!
M63 D テストでしょぼり Tests Are Ridiculously Hard Infinite At last I did it! ...But I scored... a 0 in the test...
M64 B 憧れのゴハン A Long-yearned Meal Infinite Ah, I wanted to try eating that at least once... a genuine Japanese-style entree! And at last I could!
M65 C 踊り子さんコチラ The Dancer is Here Infinite He may be a master, but when the festival dancer reached to under my nose... it made me so angry!
M66 B 興醒めの宴 Banquet of the Kill-joys Infinite This happened in the main room of a suspicious mansion... it was such an strange banquet!
M67 B 面白可笑しい逸話 A Funny Anecdote Infinite Hahaha! The conversation I heard from the other side of the door was so funny! Hahaha!
M68 D [秘蔵]ぽかぽんかいろ [Treasure]Clumsiness Circuit 4 Days That I was explicitely told that made me feel warm, and the following instant, I felt as if my entire body was burning.
M69 D [秘蔵]剛性グラスニック [Treasure]Rigid Grathnic 4 Days A synthetic fiber made out from knitted Grathnode wires. Thanks to its great resilience, you won't get hurt at all if you fall down!
M70 D [秘蔵]3次元プレッサー [Treasure]Tridimensional Press 4 Days Because this turns tridimensional things into bidimensional one, it's a superpowerful iron!
M71 D [秘蔵]フリップフロップリン [Treasure]Flip-Floppudding 1 Day An scary pudding that seems to be the inversion to every other kind of food. It rots away very easily.
M72 D [秘蔵]ねんねこねこ [Treasure]Bed-time Kitten 4 Days Though I didn't even look at it when I couldn't sleep, it still allowed me to continue sleeping as usual.
M73 D のんべえ到来 The Arrival of a Heavy Drinker Infinite I had a nightmare about a drunk man... I was so scared... please protect me from it, okay?
M74 C どんぐりを拾ったよ When We Went to Gather Acorns Infinite We seemed to be in a child-like dream when we were picking them up, no?
M75 B 道に落ちていた物体 What was Dropped in the Way Infinite What was THAT? It could be better if I don't look at it, and stay away from it, yet...
M76 C 忘れた教科書 A Forgotten Textbook Infinite Even if the teacher gets mad at me for going back to pick it up, it's too important to me.
M77 B 綺麗な石を投げてみた When I Tried Throwing Away a Beautiful Stone Infinite When I simply threw it away into a river, I saw how beautifully it sparkled as it fell into the water.
M78 C 思いを込めた料理 Cooking Brimming with Feelings Infinite I think that from now on, I'll pour all of my love into it, ah! Tada... don't even dare to look at it.
M79 B 夜光リングは古い・・・ The Nocturnal Luminescence Ring is so Old... Infinite Even if I'm not deceived by it, it doesn't have any meaning to put the same level of effort to touch it as the height at which it's located.
M80 A ダークファンタジー Dark Fantasy Infinite Because I saw you acting like an imp, I thought that this would fit your tastes.
M81 D 鉱石採集 Collecting Ores Infinite I felt that I could know which rocks had jewels by weighing them, but in the end, I couldn't find any jewel ores.
M82 D 開けゴマ! Open Sesame! Infinite As soon as I thought it, I say this spell, yet the door still didn't open.
M83 B 言い訳は聞かない I Won't Listen to Any Excuses Infinite Hey, hey! Would you care to explain... what was this book that you had hidden under your bed?
M84 D 掃除中のこと In the Middle of Cleaning Infinite While we were cleaning, I found an album of our memories together, and I immediately gazed at it.
M85 C 女神の泉? The Spring of the Goddess? Infinite I discovered a spring inside the forest! When I go back there, should I try throwing an axe in?
M86 A ウサギの鳴き声 The Cries of the Bunny Infinite I suddenly began seeing a bunny crying "kyuukyuu", but I also saw the person who hurt it...
M87 D [種]すずろのすず Windbell of Rashness Infinite When you hear the sound of this windbell, your heart begins acting as if you had forgotten what "prudence" means.
M88 D ウインドウショッピング Window Shopping Infinite Because we didn't have any money, we went window shopping. Still, I can't hold off the feeling of wanting to buy everything!
M89 D 保健室のベッド The School Infirmary Beds Infinite How can anyone lie down and relax in mattress as hard as these?
M90 B 部活勧誘 Invitation to the Club Activities Infinite I was invited to join to the Funbun Investigation Club... but honestly, that's something I'd rather not do...
M91 B 臭っ!? Stinks!? Infinite It had a dreadfuly strong chlorine small! This pool is dangerous!!
M92 B プール大会に参加!! Participating in a Meeting at the Pool! Infinite I got an start edge, but... since that was because I jumped in face-first, I ended forfeiting at once. It was embarrassing.
M93 D [種]ばりばりのたま [Seed]Orb of Tearing Infinite When I used it, my clothes were torn apart... I think I should get rid of it at once.
M94 B 裏メニューへの道! The Way of the Secret Menu! Infinite Because I managed to eat five parfaits in an straight sitting, I got the right to order the extra large parfait of the secret menu!
M95 B 線香打ち上げ花火 Firing Fireworks with Incense Sticks Infinite A completely new way of shooting off fireworks: using incense sticks, has appeared! ...But it was lonely watching them by myself...
M96 D 心臓バクバク Throbbing Heart Infinite While I was walking around the night fair, I ended going to the rear-side of the temple. I got a little nervous in there...
M97 D [種]ゲ口ツゴ [Seed]Geugo Infinite Whoa, it's a cute Gergo... but it's fake!!
M98 B 魔王の玉座 The Throne of the Demon World Infinite I was a little nervous because of having the throne of the demon world in front of me, but once I got close to it, it was so shabby-looking...
M99 D [種]謎のネタ帳 [Seed]Mysterious Jokebook Infinite This was a jokebook that someone threw away in the road. What was written in it made my neck get all itchy.
M100 B 絶対ダメ!! Absolutely No!! Infinite I discovered a graffiti! I don't who was the one that made it, but the two of us ended cleaning it up.
M101 A [種]渦巻きパンツ [Seed]Coiled Panties Infinite What I saw was only an stripped pan. But when I began following its lines, I ended reaching a pair of...
M102 D [種]十里眼水晶球 [Seed]Widevoyance Crystal Sphere Infinite It isn't clairvoyance, but Widevoyance. I ended calling it like that because upon using it, the scenery you can see gradually becomes dim, and causes eye fatigue.
M103 D [種]フラグリセット [Seed]Flag Reset Infinite An amazing item that can reset every possible flag. I can now talk to my fiancee in peace even in the battlefield.
M104 D [種]一発ストライク [Seed]One-Hit Strike Infinite 16 pounds of weight, three holes to clog up with the fingers... that WAS all of it?
M105 D [種]ヤブレター [Seed]Defetter Infinite A letter made by the sadness of all these people that were defeated by an outstanding love confession. I felt a pain in my stomach after reading it.
M106 D [種]ハイカラー [Seed]High Color Infinite While a High Color is something that has a total of 65536 color, it's something of an stylish person.
M107 D [種]パン種 [Seed]Yeast Infinite It might be used for making bread, but this is a seed for making other kinds of "pan".
M108 C マッタリビングデイ Malta Living Day Infinite During the weekend, having a malta living is the best... when I said that...?
M109 C カラフルきのこ!! A Colorful Mushroom! Infinite A colorful mushroom I found at the forest!! But it's just because the Master wanted to eat it.
M110 B マサヨシの味方!!? An Ally of Interest!!? Infinite I decided to ask an ally of justice-ish person a question! ...Well, it might just have been because he was interested in the question.
M111 B 畑仕事は楽しいな! Working in the Fields is Fun! Infinite Today we helped with cultivating the fields of the village! I got tired from it, but I think that they will grow well.
M112 C 運動会大騒動 A Great Riot During the Athletic Meeting Infinite The athletic meeting caused a great riot in the infirmary school! And while everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun, this was something extremely serious to me!
M113 A オトナの時間 Time for the Adults Infinite I was very nervous to be at a cocktail with Master. Even my mind ended getting drunk in it.
M114 B ハイレグ?ビキニ? High-leg? Bikini? Infinite I wonder, Master's tastes are more in favor to high-leg leotards or bikinis...?
M115 D 黄昏カフェへようこそ! Welcome to the Twilight Cafe! Infinite Welcome, come in to the Twilight Cafe! I said that because I'm in my part-time job now♪
M116 D あやしい男にご用心 Beware of Suspicious Men Infinite A night in which I was walking alone, a suspicious man tried to talk to me! Be careful, be careful...
M117 B 詩魔法選手権!! Song Magic Champion!! Infinite We began a tournament to decide the Song Magic Champion of the Demon World! I ended concentrating in causing amazing explosions every time I could!!
M118 A つながる想い Connecting Feelings Infinite The feelings that tie together everyone with the Heart of the World, and today I could feel them!