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An exploration in this area requires a total of 14 hours.

List of Memories that can be found in this Location:

Number Rarity Name (Japanese) Name (English)
M40 A ストーンヘンジ崩壊 Collapse of the Stonehenge
M41 C 夜明けの光彩 The Splendor of the Daybreak
M42 D 原石発見! Found an Ore!
M43 D 雨宿りの午後 In An Afternoon Taking Shelter From the Rain
M44 D 古代生物の… An Animal from Ancient Times...
M45 D ドアが開かずに At A Door That Doesn't Open
M46 A 綺麗なうた声 A Beautiful Singing Voice
M47 D 夫婦漫才 A Couple of Married Comedians
M48 C 無謀な挑戦 A Reckless Challenge
M60 D 太陽の門 The Door of the Sun
M61 B サイバーゾーン Cyberzone
M62 A デレむっふにゃくにゃ Let's Meow Cutely
M67 B 面白可笑しい逸話 A Funny Anecdote
M81 D 鉱石採集 Collecting Ores
M82 D 開けゴマ! Open Sesame!
M100 B 絶対ダメ!! Absolutely No!!
M111 B 畑仕事は楽しいな! Working in the Fields is Fun!
M112 C 運動会大騒動 A Great Riot During the Athletic Meeting
M114 B ハイレグ?ビキニ? High-leg? Bikini?
M118 A つながる想い Connecting Feelings