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An exploration in this area requires a total of 5 hours.

List of Memories that can be found in this Location:

Number Rarity Name (Japanese) Name (English)
M01 D タンスの角は危険! The Corners of the Cabinets are So Dangerous!
M02 D うだるような暑い日 A Boiling Hot Day
M03 D ゴキブリ叩き! Attack of the Cockroaches!
M04 C 大鼠とのガチンコバトル Having a Hard Battle with a Big Rat
M05 B あつあつ鍋 A Pipping Hot Saucepan
M06 D 二人で森を歩いた午後 The Afternoon in Which we Walked Through the Forest Together
M07 C 白い花の髪飾り White Flower Hair Ornament
M08 C 迷子の先にあったもの After We Got Lost
M09 D 襲撃・嵐のスギ花粉 Attack - A Cedar Pollen Storm
M10 B 草の根わけて Peculiar Grass Roots
M49 D こたつでうたたね Dozing Off On the Table
M50 C どろんこまみれ… Smeared in Mud...
M51 B マイナスイオニック Minus Ionic
M62 A デレむっふにゃくにゃ Let's Meow Cutely
M73 D のんべえ到来 The Arrival of a Heavy Drinker
M74 C どんぐりを拾ったよ When We Went to Gather Acorns
M83 B 言い訳は聞かない I Won't Listen to Any Excuses
M84 D 掃除中のこと In the Middle of Cleaning
M85 C 女神の泉? The Spring of the Goddess?
M86 A ウサギの鳴き声 The Cries of the Bunny
M108 C マッタリビングデイ Malta Living Day
M109 C カラフルきのこ!! A Colorful Mushroom!