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This is an small guide that will tell you everything you need to know about the Supporteils.

Most of the information published here comes originally from the Supporteil users' manual, located here

What is a [Supporteil]?[]

What it's their function as an application?[]

The [Supporteils] (also known as Suppotail) are a communication tool modeled after the settings of the Ar tonelico game. In other words, as you have your own room, you can interact with the other owners (players), and make your Reyvateils help each other to grow, giving it too a game component as its core. As long as the owners (players) give at least one order per day to the Reyvateils that live in their websites, they will be able to grow.

Interact with your Reyvateil![]

When you open the application, you'll be given both one room, and one Reyvateil. She is a girl that can turn her feelings into magic, and by becoming good friends with her, allowing her to take lessons to strengthen her magical power, and going together with her to various places to create Memories, she will be able to create many kinds of Magic. Among them, there are various [Costumes] and [Songs], which should increase the fun of these experiences greatly, because you can allow your Reyvateils to wear the [Costumes], and ask her to sing these [Songs] for you.

Decorate your own Website![]

The Reyvateil you have raise will continue living in your website, and in there, she can react to many of the actions that the visitors of your website do: for example, you can make her display all of the costumes and songs you have obtained so far, change the lines she has for conversing with the visitors... You can do all of that and customize your Reyvateil as much as you wish, to greatly improve your website.

Create a Friendly Community with your Neighbors![]

When you enter to the Soulspace of your Supporteil, you can also use it as a conduit to go to play to others' rooms in the same way you can play in your own. Fellow owners and fellow Reyvateils can all communicate between themselves, through a variety of ways that go from sending mails to using the single-line BBS feature.

Playable by both Carefree and Busy People![]

It isn't necessary to have excepcional knowledge or ability to play. Everything you need to have is a browser such as Internet Explorer, making everyone able to play. Given that the game part only goes as far as giving orders to the Reyvateil to do things like [Taking Lessons], [Exploring] and [Synthesizing], you simply have to wait and look forward to when she finishes! No matter if it's only once per day, or once per a few days, your Reyvateil will continue receiving and carrying out her orders, so even for the people that are too busy to play games will be able to enjoy them, while anyone can stil have fun. Still, during the time that your Reyvateil is doing something (Time Gap), you can still have fun doing other things in your room, such as freely renewing the lines she says in your homepage, which should allow you to have enough fun while she's still doing something.

Forbidden Actions (Please, Read Carefully)[]

Multiple Accounts for A Single User[]

As a general rule, only one Supporteil can be given per user, so creating multiple accounts just to obtain many Supporteils is forbidden. Please be aware that if any given user or users are discovered possesing multiple accounts, the infractors will have their accounts permanently suspended, and their Supporteils deleted. However, if the users in question are siblings, a family or friends that are sharing the same website or blog, there won't be any problems, as long as they send a notification of this to fun@salburg.com

Using Copyrighted Material[]

Reprinting any written sentences or posting any pictures of any kind (especially if it's in your own room, BBS, or Supporlog) of copyrighted material such a games, books or movies is forbidden. Using any of the above mentioned material for any reason is a copyright infringement, and might result in legal actions being used against you. If any user is discovered doing activities like these, his/her account will be suspended permanently. If you see any user posting things like these in his/her room, please go and notify us through this e-mail address: fun@salburg.com

Personal Attacks and Insults[]

Using your room or BBS to attack personally other user/s, or insulting anyone is forbidden. If any user is discovered performing this kind of behavior, he/her will be warned and asked to remove the insulting parts. If on a later revision we do not see any improvements, then be warned that the infractor will get his/her account permanently suspended.

Command Reference[]

About Your Own Soulspace[]

Soulspace Explanation[]

The Soulspace unfolds entirely from a Flash pop-up window. To the Supporteil in the window, this is called the Soulspace. In other words, the room that you and your Reyvateil own is actually the inside of her mind. Here we will be explaining about the contents of this room, starting from the topmost areas to the lowermost ones.

ヘッドタイトル/Header Title[]

This place has your nick and your Reyvateil's name written in it.

現在の状態を表す絵/Current Status Picture[]

This picture shows what costume your Reyvateil is wearing at the moment, and the background shows where she is right now. Whenever you go [Exploring], the background will change to the one of the location being explored. Also, her expressions will change depending on the level of the relationship you have with her.

コスモスフィアLv/Cosmosphere Lv.[]

The level of spiritual growth that you and your Reyvateil have reached. The highest is Lv. 10, while the lowest is Lv. 1. The higher the Cosmosphere Level you have, the easier it will become to create difficult Song Magics through Memory Synthesis, making it far easier to use these strong Songs to defeat the enemies you might find while exploring.

ふたりの関係/Couple Relationship[]

The relationship you have with your Reyvateil. It changes in the following order: [Terrible...], [Normal], [Good Friends], [Lovers], and whenever this changes, the Reyvateil will also change the way in which she interacts with you.

状態/Status 愛情Exp./Required Love Exp.
ラブラブ/Lovers 900 or higher
なかよし/Good Friends 500 or higher
ふつう/Normal 100 or higher
最悪…/Terrible 99 or less

愛情Exp./Love Exp.[]

It's an indicator of your relationship with your Reyvateil. The more this value raises, the more the Cosmosphere Level will raise, making much easier to create Song Magic. Each command you give to your Reyvateil changes this value in different ways, and it can't only raise it, but also make it go down. Also, if you haven't accessed to the Soulspace for more than 24 hours, you will get 2 points deducted from this value (and it will continue being deducted for each day you go without accessing, the deductions having a max of 50 points). You better be diligent and visit her everyday.


Indicates the physical strength of your Reyvateil. Having her take lessons and the like reduce her HP between 5 and 10 points, while encountering and being defeated by enemies can reduce her HP even beyond 20 points. If her HP falls to zero, she will collapse. Mind that if your Reyvateil collapses, you will be given a severe deduction from the Love Exp. indicator, so be careful.

詩魔法力/Song Magic Power[]

This parameter has the most importance during [Explorations]. Obviously, the higher this value is, the higher the winning rate you will have during a battle. And this parameter also raises the probability of crafting [Memories] during an exploration. However, if you have gone more than two days without giving your Reyvateil a Lesson to raise her Song Magic Power, her abilities will weaken, and every 24 hours after this, her power will fall in 2 points (with an accumulative max of 24 points).


This parameter has the most importance during [Memory Synthesis]. The higher this value is, the greater the chances that you will have to perform a difficult synthesis successfully. However, if you have gone more than two days without giving your Reyvateil a Lesson to raise her Sensibility, her abilities will weaken, and every 24 hours after this, her sensibility will fall in 2 points (with an accumulative max of 24 points).

ボディタイプ/Body Type[]

Shows the name of the current appearance your Reyvateil has. There are rumors of [Crystals] that allow Reyvateils to Metamorphose into other Body Types.

装備コスチューム/Equipped Costume[]

Shows the name of the costume that your Reyvateil has currently equipped.

紡いだ思い出/Crafted Memories[]

Shows the number of [Memories] you have crafted during the Explorations, together with the number of [Treasures] you have created in Memory Synthesis.

所持コスチューム/Owned Costumes[]

Shows the number of Costumes you have crafted so far.

所持ヒュムノス/Owned Hymmnos[]

Shows the number of Hymmnos (Songs) you have crafted so far.

現在の状態/Current Status[]

Her current condition can vary depending on if you gave her a command or not:

[行動中です/Currently Busy] Means she is busy doing something.

[遊んでいます/Playing Around] Means she is free, and you can give her any command you wish.

前回行動時刻/Time of the Last Command[]

Either shows the date at which the last command given was performed, or records the time at which said command was finished.

行動終了まで/Time Left Before Finalizing[]

Only appears when the Reyvateil is currently working in something, and shows how much time remains before she finishes her current command (or until new commands can be given to her).


The Hobby you chose when you registered. I doesn't have any special functions beyond making it easier to connect to other Reyvateils that have the same Hobby.

好きな色/Favorite Color[]

The Color you chose when you registered. It's mainly used at the time of choosing a an adressee for [Sending Letters].

自己PRウインドウ/Personal Relationship Window[]

A window showing a sentence you can write in the [Soulspace Coordination] command (explained later on). Initially, this window is completely blank, and you can use it to talk about things you like and similar facts. Likewise, everyone that visits your room can read your comments, and write their own. It can be used as a Personal Relationship page, a Diary, a Business marker and such... so please, give it the use you would like the most.

メールを読む/Read Mails[]

This is the place where you can read all the mails that the other Supporters have sent you. You can also use this to reply to mails you have received, and delete unnecessary ones. However, this section won't appear if you haven't received any mails.


This is a completely new kind of blog, the [Supporlog], which you can use to visit and converse with the Flash Supporteils of various people. For a more detailed explanation on the Supporlog, please read the section on it further below.

Single-Line BBS[]

No matter if it's in your own room, or in someone else's room, everyone can freely write anything in this board. While the number of character you can input is pretty small, each room has one of these installed, and as one of your friends can come to write anything in here, you are also free to go and write in theirs. Please, be sure to make good use of it, no matter if it's just to get in touch, for conversing, or for business.

思い出図鑑/Memories Encyclopedy[]

Archives and allows you to see all of the Memories and Song Magic you have in your possession. When you visit the Soulspaces if other people, you can also freely check the Memories they have gotten, too.

思い出調合レシピ/Recipes for Memory Synthesis[]

This records all of the recipes used for crafting [Treasures] and [Song Magics] when you use the [Memory Synthesis] command. However, it can only record the last 10 recipes you have made. If you make more than 10 recipes, the older ones will be erased.

レーヴァテイル図鑑/Reyvateil Encyclopedy[]

Here, you can see how your Reyvateil would look with all of the Costumes and Bodies you have crafted so far, and you can change from one to other without any problems. However, this section is merely limited to viewing, so the changes you make here won't be carried over to your Reyvateil proper.

コスチューム図鑑(着替え)/Costume Encyclopedy (Equip)[]

Here, you can see all of the [Costumes] your Reyvateil has crafted through [Memory Synthesis]. Also, this is the place where you can make her change Costume. Once you have changed them, her default Costume will be replaced by the one you chose, which naturally means that will also affect too her appearance in your website, so make good use of it, please.

ヒュムノス図鑑(詩選択)/Hymmnos Encyclopedy (Song Selection)[]

Here, you can see all of the special Songs called [Hymmnos] that you Reyvateil has crafted through Memory Synthesis. Your Reyvateil will be able to sing any Hymmnos she has learned in your homepage. Also, you can choose a Song here, and once you choose one, your Reyvateil will sing it automatically in your homepage.

あしあと記録/Footprints Record[]

Among the visitors that come to your website, there are some that will have told their names to your Reyvateil, who wil then record them in a list you can see here. Also, if any of these visitors have interacted in a friendly way with your Reyvateil, the date in which they last accesed will be recorded here, as well.

アドレス帳の管理/Address Book Management[]

You can record in your Address Book of the people in your Mailbox or Single-Line BBS by simply clicking on their Citizen IDs. The IDs you have recorded in your Address Book can be very convenient when you know a great number of people, and you want to visit an specific room, or send a mail to someone in particular.

精神世界のコーディネート/Soulspace Coordination[]

In here, you can see a summary of the messages about your Reyvateil, the lines written in your room, your Reyvateil's name, and even your room's design, and you are free to change every and each one of them. The room design is a particularly advanced configuration, and you will need to know HTML if you wish to change it. Please, feel free to change and decorate your room to suit your personal tastes.

FLASH用セリフエディット/Flash Line Edition[]

This allows you to freely edit the lines that your Reyvateil says to converse when you click on the topmost option of her Flash window in your website: the [Talk] option. These edits use a macro language (XML) developed only for the [Supporteils], which including a simple selection of facial expressions and special effects, should allow you to make some bustling conversations.

他の精神世界へ遊びに行く/Go to Play in Someone Else's Soulspace[]

This allows you to go to play in the room of other person.

コマンドボックス/Command Box[]

Here you can see your Reyvateil's face, some lines told by her, and a form used to decided which action you want her to do. This is where the game component of this application begins. You can give your Reyvateil various commands, and watch her grow from her.

リロードボタン/Reload Button[]

If you just stay idle in this game, it will seem like time stood still. The game only judges when you do anything within it, making you able to receive mails if you were sent any, and leveling up the Cosmosphere Level if you have accumulated enough Love Exp. However, there is a way in which you can update the status of the game without doing anything, if you wish. In these cases, please press this button, and the game will update itself to its true current status without having to do anything.

システムメニュー/System Menu[]

This is the only of the menu that will not disappear in a worst case-scenario. No matter how advanced your configaruations on the Room Coordination are, this is the only section that won't be damaged. In case your room ends becoming a complete mess, please, use this menu to deal with it in the meantime. This Menu has a total of five options:

総合ヘルプ/General Help: Opens this same manual.

オーナー一覧/Owner Catalog: Allows you to go to other Soulspaces.

アドレス帳/Address Book: Open the Address Book, and allows you to edit everything you recorded in it.

コンフィグ/Configuration: Same thing as the [Room Coordination] option.

ログアウト/Log Out: Allows you to leave the Soulspace.

Summary of the Commands Used in Your Soulspace[]

Action Commands[]

These are the vital system of this game. These are the commands you can give to your Reyvateil to carry out different actions, and by doing them, your Reyvateil can grow, go somewhere with you, synthesize memories, and many other things.

Rules for the Execution of Commands[]


Time Required for the Action[]

Each one of the commands needs an specific quantity of time to be carried out. And given that the Reyvateil is carrying them out by herself, once you have decided on an action, you can't ask her to perform any other until the time necessary for the current one has passed. For example, even if you want her to send a mail while she is taking a walk out or taking a lesson, given she is the one that delivers the mail personally, she won't be able to send the mail until she finishes whatever she is currently doing.

Finished Action[]

When you're unsure of she has completed her current action or not, you can either press the [Watch Her] button (which only appears when she is in the middle of doing something) or press the [Reload] button, or otherwise, leave the room and return once you think that enough time has passed. If the action has been completed, then you will be notified of its completion and results as soon as you do any of the above.

Interrupted Action[]

If you can't wait until the action is completed, you can personally go and interrupt your Reyvateil from doing it. The Interruption is done by clicking a button located inside the [Watch Her] button. However, be warned that if you interrupt the action, you will lose anything you might have gained from the interrupted action, and it will cause a great discouragement to your Reyvateil, represented by the lowering of her Love Exp.

Regular Commands and Special Commands[]

There are [Regular Commands], which are commands that always appear and can always be executed, and [Special Commands], which are commands that only appear and can be executed when some special conditions have been fulfilled. The Special Commands mostly come from some of the Treasures you can create in Memory Synthesis, and you will always see which of them can be used, and what effects they have. The Special Commands are always indicated by the [★] seal preceeding their names. However, all of them have something in common: that they expend a fixed amount of time to be executed.

Commands Explanation (only for some of them)[]

Now, we will be explaining in detail each one of the commands that appear from the very start of the game.


The Lessons command is the only method you have for raising the parameters of your Reyvateil. There are various kinds of lessons, and each one of them can raise the following parameters: [Song Magic Power], [Sensibility] and [Love Exp.], though they can also lower them. With this, you might have realized that no matter what kind of Lesson you choose, it will raise some parameters, but it will also lower others. The increases and decreases are shown below.

[Reference Material] Parameter Changes Table[]

About the parameters, you can also choose to take 8 hour-long lessons instead of 4 hour-long ones, which also allows you to received a higher boost in both increases and decreases. The table below also allows you to compare how both lengths of lessons fare about increasing and decreasing parameters.

Type of Lesson Raises Lowers Love Exp.
詩の稽古/Singing Practice Song Magic Power Sensibility Raises Slightly
敏感度を上げる/Raising Sensibility Sensibility Song Magic Power Raises Slightly
語らい/Conversing None None Raises Greatly
スキンシップ/Getting Closer None Song Magic Power


Raises Drastically
[Reference Material] Summary of Parameter Changes From the Lessons[]
Length of the Lesson Small Increase Small Decrease
4 hours 1-4 pts. 1-4 pts.
8 hours 6-9 pts. 5-8 pts.

おでかけ/Going Out[]

This allows you to go with your Reyvateil in a date. The times required for each departure aren't written here because they differ depending on the location you plan to visit. Also, the number of places you have available for going out will vary depending on your current Cosmosphere Level. When you choose to go out, you will be shown a window like the following one:


This is where you can choose the place to which you will be heading. The farther that place is, the more time it will take you to reach it, and while it will also contain stronger enemies, it will also contain many Memories that maybe can't be found in any of the other places.

About the Enemies[]

You have a 40% chance of encountering enemies. When you do encounter them, your victory rate will be decided entirely by the [Song Magic Power] parameter if you didn't equip any [Song Magic] prior to heading out, while if you did equip a [Song Magic], your victory rate will be decided by this formula: [Song Magic Power] + [Bonus % Given by the Equipped Song Magic]. The [Song Magics] are all items that can be crafted through Memory Synthesis.


This only serves for resting. When you choose this command, it will allow your Reyvateil to restore her HP by releasing herself from all kinds of stress. The time you can allow your Reyvateil to sleep is designated by an specific number of hours, and the longer you allow her to sleep, the more HP she will recover. For example, sleeping one hour only restores 2 HP, while sleeping 10 hours restores 30, and sleeping 20 restores 78.

思い出調合/Memory Synthesis[]

The simplest way of explaining this would be [combining two items to create a new one].

As you can see, in this game the chosen method of synthesis was just to combine two different kinds of items, and to simplify things, once you choose one item, the other items that can be combined with the one you just chose will appear automatically. Once you have choosen the two items you want to use for the synthesis, the procedure will begin.

In case you don't have any items compatible with one you chose, the second option will read this:

「該当する思い出がありません」/[There aren't any compatible Memories]

Which means that currently it won't be possible to synthesize anything with that specific item. Doing a synthesis will always consume some HP.


It can also be called [Mail Sending]. With this, you can adress a letter to any other owner playing this game, no matter who, and send it off. Also, when you send the mail, you can also choose an option called 「風まかせ」/[Entrusting it to the Wind]. If you choose this option, the letter wil be sent to another person that has a similar [Favorite Color] to the one you chose when you registered. However, you don't have any way of knowing if the addressee will reply to it.

Finally, there are two kinds of mail sending:

まるちメール/Multimedia Mail[]

Allows you to send a written message and an item. The letter won't be delivered until the addressee enters to his/her room again, which means that your Reyvateil will have to stay busy until that happens.

ぷちメール/Petit Mail[]

Only allows to send a written message, but the letter will be simply left on the mailbox of the addressee-

As you can see, the Multimedia Mail doesn't allow only to send messages, but also allows you to send things like a Song Magic or Memory. Messaging doesn't decrease or increase anything.

Explanation of the Flash Conversation Tags[]

About the Conversation Macros[]

The conversations of the Supporteils use our own special XML language. If you are already acquaintanced with HTML and other similar languages for creating web pages, then it should be easy for you to understand this one. Basically, you can create a simple conversation by just writing many lines of <talk> commands.

    <talk face="raku">Hello!</talk>
    <talk face="warai">Welcome to my room!</talk>

In the example above, this calls two speech bubbles. All of the words written between the <talk> and </talk> tags will appear within a single speech bubble. While there isn't any limits to how many characters you can write, they all might not show up, given you are still physically limited by the size of the speech bubble.

Conversation Macro Reference[]

<talk> = Shows a conversation line.

<image> = Posts a picture

<selet><option> = Allows the user to choose among various options.

<jump> = Jump command

<tag> = Designates the destination of a Jump command.

<exec> = Orders the execution of a command.

<textbox> = Shows a text input form.

<talk> Tag[]


<talk face="{Expression Name}" efx="{Effect}" url="{URL}">Lines</talk>


face: Changes the Reyvateil's expression

Faces Table[]
Expression Name Expression Description
raku Normal
warai Smiling
ikari Angry
kanasii Sad
po Blushing
iroke Seductive
gakkari Disappointed
neru Eyes Closed, Sleeplike
utau Singing
bikkuri Surprised, Startled
tundere Tsundere-like: Angry and blushing.

efx: Causes some effects in the speech bubble.

EFX Options[]
EFX Name Effect
scale Shrinks or enlarges the size of the speech bubble.
quake Causes a shaking in the speech bubble.

url: Creates a link to the address written in front of it (http://url)

Practical Examples[]

  <talk face="ikari" efx="quake">I'm angry!</talk>
  <talk face="raku" url="http://hoge.jp/">Check this!</talk>

<image> tag[]


<image src="{URL}" scale="{Zooming %}"/>


src: The address from which the picture will be taken (http://url)

scale: The zooming the picture will have (1%~100%~∞)


This tag can't be used by itself, and it always has to be used after a <talk> tag. The picture will always be shown at the right of the written lines.

The only kind of image files accepted are JPEG images. If the pictures overruns the size of the window, it will be cropped to fit in it.

Practical Examples[]

  <talk face="ikari" efx="quake">I'm angry!</talk>
  <image src="http://ar-tonelico.jp/hoge.jpg" scale="70"/>

    The two previous lines display a picture within the speech bubble, together with the written lines.

<select> and <option> Tags[]

The <select> and <option> tags always have to be used together.


<select face="{Expression name}" title="{Question(optional)}">
   <option tag="{JUMP1}">Choice 1</option>
   <option tag="{JUMP2}">Choice 2</option>
   <option tag="{JUMP3}">Choice 3</option>
   <option tag="{JUMP4}">Choice 4</option>
   <option tag="{JUMP5}">Choice 5</option>
   (※You can add as many choices as you wish)


face: The expression at the time of the question (explained in detail in the section for the <talk> tag)

title: A comment to accompany the choices (optional).

tag: The name of the tag to which the choice will be jump when chosen.

(The tag names will be explained in the section for the <tag> tag)

Also, when you add the commands for the actions the speech boxes will do under each one of the [Choice 1] and others section, if they don't have any specific names, they will get assigned names as local variables, and then execute the Jump.

[random] = One option will be chosen at random

[love:xx-yy] = The choice will depend on the friendship value with the user. xx represents the lowest possible value, while yy represent the highest possible value. If the yy value is ommitted, then there won't be any maximum possible value.



[access:xx-yy] The choice will depend on the number of days elapsed since the user last talked with the Reyvateil. xx represents the lowest possible value, while yy represent the highest possible value. If the yy value is ommitted, then there won't be any maximum possible value.



[name:Chosen name] The choice will be executed if the user has the same name as the one written in this Option. For this to work, the name inputted by the user has to be the exact same as the one written in the Option.



[name:%already] This condition is met only if the user has already inputted his/her name.

[name:%yet] This condition is only met if the user hasn't yet inputted his/her name.

[mail=identifier name: string 1, string 2,...]

If the identifier is attached to a <textbox> tag, it will judge if a corresponding string has been used previously. This allows to distinguish between many textboxes with different identifiers. For more details, please check the section on [Giving free choices to the users].

[For a more concrete practical example, please skip below until you find the [Tag Sample] Section.

Practical Examples[]

Common Usage:
  <select face="warai" title="Where do you want to go?">
     <option tag="right">To the right</option>
     <option tag="left">To the left</option>

Random Jump:
     <option tag="right">[random]</option>
     <option tag="left">[random]</option>

<jump> Tag[]


<jump tag="{JUMP]"/>


tag: The name of the tag to which the choice will be jump when chosen.

(The tag names will be explained in the section for the <tag> tag)

Practical Examples[]

Common Usage:
  <jump tag="right"/>

<tag> Tag[]


<tag name="{JUMP]"/>


name: The name established by the "select" and "jump" tags, to which they will jump when used.

Practical Examples[]

Common Usage:
  <jump tag="right"/>

Example of the <select>, <option>, <jump>, and <tag> Tags used together:

    <talk face="raku">Do you like beans?</talk>
  <select face="warai">
     <option tag="like">I do!</option>
     <option tag="hate">I hate them!</option>
  <tag name="suki"/>
     <talk face="warai">They are so tasty~!</talk>
     <jump tag="end"/>
  <tag name="kirai"/>
     <talk face="gakkari">They are so stinky, huuh?</talk>
  <tag name="end"/>
  <talk face="gakkari">Well, any of these is okay, I guess.</talk>

<exec> Tag[]


<exec param="[Orders]" value="[Number of the Value]" valuename="{Name of the Value}"/>


param = Orders to be executed

love = Increases or Decreases in the Love level towards the user.

cos_chg = Change the current costume to other among the ones currently owned.

bg_chg = Changes the background image to one defined by the user.

value = Assigns a value to a variable

valuename = Mechanism for preventing multiple changes to the value of a variable. (only for "love")

Below we will be explaining through some [Practical Examples] how these options are used.

Practical Examples[]

Love Level:
<exec param="love" value="-10" valuename="hoge"/>

In this example, we ordered to drop the love towards the
user value to -10, and give to it the valuename "hoge", 
but if this order is issued again, the value change won't 
take place anymore.
However, if the "valuename" field is left blank (""), the
value can be changed as many times as you order.

Costume Change:
<exec param="cos_chg" value="normal"/>

In this example, we have made the text macro to change the Reyvateil's costume into the
[Tenba Uniform], and the costume change won't revert even after the event has finished being
It will revert once you press the button for putting in execution the next event.
The tags for each indiviual costume can be seen in the [Costume Encyclopedy] section.

Background Change:
<exec param="bg_chg" value="http://hoge.jp/samp.jpg"/>

This allows you to change the background, but only during a conversation.
Also, mind that once the conversation macro (XML) has reached its end, the
background will revert back to normal.
You can also input the [clear] string inside the "value" field to forcefully
revert the background change.
Only JPEG images can be used as background images, and the best resolution for
this are images of 150x230 px.
Remember that to use your own images, you have to input the address where your
image is stored after the "http://" in the value field.

<textbox> Tag[]


<textbox param="guestmail" value="{cap}"/>


param = "guestmail" is the only possible value for this.

value = You can input a string of text here, and it will be displayed at the top of the textbox.

name = An identifier name, similar to one used in the "select" tags.

x_mode = Acts as a [disable], deleting the words in the message defined as [x].

maxlength = Allows to set a maximum amount of characters that can be inputted. If it's [4], only 4 characters can be written here.

option = Only [nomail] can be set here, and doesn't allow the mail written here to be sent to your mailbox.

Practical Examples 1[]

<textbox param="guestmail" value="What are your impressions?"/>

Anything that the guest writes here
will be sent to your [Supporteil] mailbox.
You will receive the mail inputted the next time
you Dive.

Practical Examples 2[]

<textbox param="guestmail" value="Like it?" name="like" option="nomail"/>

Anything the guest writes here
won't be sent to your [Supporteil] mailbox
(because of the option="nomail").
However, because [like] was stored as a variable
inside your Supporteil's Flash, it will still
remain and be sent as a character string 
(because of the name="like").

For more details, please check the section on [Giving free choices to the users].

Giving free choices to the users[]

It's a somewhat more complex system, so we will explain here to do it. By using the "textbox" and "select" tags, you can create macros that your guests can answer to send you messages. As an introduction, please look at the sample below.

<textbox param="guestmail" name="s1" value="Like it?"/>
<textbox param="guestmail" name="s2" value="It's interesting?"/>
  <option tag="b1">[mail=s1:Like,Love it]</option>
  <option tag="b2">[mail=s2:Interesting,Good,Great]</option>
<talk face="ikari">You aren't answering it!</talk>
   <jump tag="end"/>
     <tag name="b1"/>
        <talk face="po">$s1, so it's that! Ehehe, I'm so happy♪!</talk>
      <jump tag="end"/>
    <tag name="b2"/>
     <talk face="warai">Ahaha, I'm so glad!</talk>
   <tag name="end"/>

First, the [name] option we can see in "textbox" only gives to it the [s1] name. Then, the "select" line and the "option" tags also have the descriptor [mail=s1:...]. This means that [everything written in the textbox will be processed and given the identifier s1]. Also, this allows to distinguish between multiple textboxes sent at the same time.

The [Interesting, good and great] inside the "option" tags, mean that they would be fulfilled only if the user entered any of the values [Interesting], [Good], or [Great]. For example, in the case of the textbox of "s2", if the line entered was [It's very good, huh?], the condition still would be fulfilled. However, if the line was [It's the best], it would't be fulfilled. So if you also want this to fulfill the condition, the condition line would have to be changed to [mail=s2:Interesting,Good,Best,Great].

The [$s1, so it's that!] you can see in the middle of the text is a way of talking to the user that has just entered the lines to answer the form (it also serves as an alphanumeric variable). It's used only by writing a [$] symbol followed by an special identifier. It also shows how long the string of entered text can be, showed by the [maxlength] option, which is a good way of limits the length of the inputs.

For example:

<textbox param="guestmail" name="s1" maxlength="6" value="Like it?"/> No matter what happens, you can be sure that no more than six characters can be written here.

If the user answers something that doesn't match up with any of the given conditions, the text will begin executing the next step it was ordered to. Also, the conditions have their priorities set in this fashion: the lowest condition has the highest priority, while the highest has the lowest priority, so be careful when you begin setting them.

If you manage to master everything you were taught above, you might be able to come up with various kinds of games.

Tag Samples[]

Here, we have reproduced an [Introductory Conversation] system for a [Type Maya] Supporteil in XML Language. I think this should be use for you in finding concrete examples in how to give special usages to each kind of tag. Please, feel free to copy it in your Notepad or any other text-editing application.

    <option tag="normal">[access:0-3]</option>
    <option tag="late">[access:4-]</option>
  <tag name="normal"/>
      <option tag="rep">[name:%already]</option>
      <option tag="beg">[name:%yet]</option>
      <option tag="ex">[name:Lyner]</option>
    <tag name="rep"/>
        <option tag="rep1">[love:0-30]</option>
        <option tag="rep2">[love:31-60]</option>
        <option tag="rep3">[love:61-100]</option>
        <option tag="rep4">[love:101-]</option>
      <tag name="rep1"/>
        <talk face="warai">Ah, $4! So you came again! I'm so glad!</talk>
        <jump tag="end"/>
      <tag name="rep2"/>
        <talk face="warai">Ah, $4! How have you been lately? Seems like we have become better friends, huh!</talk>
        <jump tag="end"/>
      <tag name="rep3"/>
        <talk face="warai">Ah, $4! I was waiting for you~! I wanted to see you so much!</talk>
        <jump tag="end"/>
      <tag name="rep4"/>
        <talk face="po">Ah! ...S-somehow, I feel a little nervous when I look at your face. Isn't it odd...?</talk>
        <jump tag="end"/>

    <tag name="beg"/>
        <option tag="beg1">[love:0-10]</option>
        <option tag="beg2">[love:11-60]</option>
        <option tag="beg3">[love:61-100]</option>
        <option tag="beg4">[love:101-]</option>
      <tag name="beg1"/>
        <talk face="warai">Welcome! I'm the Reyvateil $1. Nice to meet you!</talk>
        <talk face="raku">We Reyvateils can turn our [Feelings] into [Magic].</talk>
        <talk face="warai">If you're interested, you can try going and clicking the Door icon below♪.</talk>
        <jump tag="end"/>
      <tag name="beg2"/>
        <talk face="warai">Ah, so you can came again, huh? But still, you won't show me your name?</talk>
        <talk face="raku">Please, click the Door icon and tell me your name, so we can become friends!</talk>
        <jump tag="end"/>
      <tag name="beg3"/>
        <talk face="warai">Ah, welcome~! Err... uhm...</talk>
        <talk face="gakkari">...It's hard to call someone without knowing his/her name. Please, tell me it soon...</talk>
        <jump tag="end"/>
      <tag name="beg4"/>
        <talk face="po">Whoa, so you came! I was expecting you...? Lately, I have been wishing to meet with you again...</talk>
        <talk face="iroke">Hey, I have been asking this all this time, but... could you tell me your name? Please, click the Door icon...</talk>
        <jump tag="end"/>
    <tag name="ex"/>
        <talk face="po">Ah... an special person! I like it... but it's you, so...</talk>
        <jump tag="end"/>

    <tag name="late"/>
      <option tag="late_rep">[name:%already]</option>
      <option tag="late_beg">[name:%yet]</option>
      <tag name="late_beg"/>
        <talk face="warai">Whoa! Long time no see, huh~? Mr. Annonymus♪.</talk>
        <talk face="warai">Please, tell me your name today!</talk>
        <jump tag="end"/>
      <tag name="late_rep"/>
        <talk face="warai">Whoa! $4! Long time no see, huh? Are feeling well today?</talk>
        <jump tag="end"/>

  <tag name="end"/>

Appendix: Variable Explanations[]

These four are the variables that can be used in the dialogues, together with their respective meanings.

$1=(Name of the Reyvateil)
$2=(Your Own Name)
$3=(Nickname your Reyvateil calls you)
$4=(Name of your Guest)
$Identifier=(The character string entered in a textbox form)

Room Coordination Manual[]

By following the setting instructions written in this manual, you can freely modify your room. However, this requires to have knowledge on HTML and how it works, so we advise to not try to do anything if you lack that kind of knowledge.


While you are free to do any modifications you wish to, the following are things that you are not allowed to do.

  • Please, only post pictures in your own website, since uploading pictures within the game is not allowed.
  • As we show in the examples below, never omit the system tags when modifying anything (otherwise, you will get an error when you try to save the changes).
  • Using Frame tags is forbidden (and will result in a error if you try to do so).

Page Configuration[]

You can edit a pretty large area of the room, but this doesn't mean you can edit every single part of it, since, as we show below, you are limited to an specific area. All the areas outside of the one outlined belong to the system parameters, which cannot be modified. This means that everything outside of the red text are pieces of code necessary to display the System Menu.

Here we are representing that in tags. (However, since the tags are abbreviated here, they might differ from how they will actually look in your browser when you configure it).

 <body bgcolor="#EEEEFF" text="#664422" link="#A61F3C" vlink="#664422" alink="#332211">
 <table width=600>
 <td width=560>
Modifiable Area
</td> </table> </body> </html>

System Tag Catalogue[]

All of the System Tags are explained below. The ones marked with a ★ mean that are essential to the correct functioning of your Supprteil, and exlcuding them will result in a error. There are also [Attribute] tags, and we will be explaining too what kinds of these there are, and how they work. The way of usage for the Attributes is explained immediately below.

Text/Numerical Values[]

Display the text entered in them.

(Example)[$y_name] → [Aurica]

Text with Links[]

A text with a link to other page. It also serves to shown unread mails whenever you have these in your mailbox.

(Example)[$mails] → [<a href="URL">Read Mail</a>]


Only for creating a link. Be warned that it has to be used together with the "a" tags.

(Descriptor Example) [<a href="$mailURL">Here is Your Mail</a>]


Used together with the Status values to display the length of their respective bars. The length of the bar is determined by the value entered in the [XX] part of the [$1param1bar=XX] variable. For example, in case you want the bar to display its maximum value, which is 100 pixels, here you can see how to do it.

(Example) [$sensbar=100] → [ Bar1 ]


Anything belonging to HTML can be entered as well. Anything that doesn't modify a part of the code belonging to the system wil become an object. For example, the anime picture of your Reyvateil in your room is an Object, too.

System Tag Table[]

Required? Tag Attribute Description
$myLv Text (Cosmosphere Level)
$myname Text (Your Name)
$y_name Text (Your Reyvateil's Name)
$loveMsg Text (Current Relationship Message)
$myStatus Text (Current Status)
$lastWork Text (Time at Which the Previous Task was Finished)
$nextWork Text (Time Left Until the Current Task Ends)
$hobby Text (Hobby)
$color Text (Favorite Color)
$bodytype Text Body Type
$costume Text Equipped Costume
$item_number Number Number of Crafted Memories
$cos_number Number Number of Crafted Costumes
$hym_number Number Number of Crafted Hymmnos
$mails Link Text Link Text for Opening the Mailbox
$blogs Link Text Link Text for Opening the Supporlog Editor
$mailURL Link Link to the Mailbox
$roomMess Text Inputs a new tag in the Room Messages
$roomMessTable Object Room Message Board
$bbsView Link Link to the Single-Line BBS
$bbs1_update Link Text Announces updates to the Communication BBS.
$bbs2_update Link Text Announces updates to the Trading BBS.
$bbs3_update Link Text Announces updates to the Secret Information BBS.
$itemView Link Link to the Memory Encyclopedy
$recipeView Link Link to the Recipes
$bodyView Link Link to the Reyvateil Encyclopedy
$cosView Link Link to the Costume Encyclopedy
$hymmnosView Link Link to the Hymmnos Encyclopedy
$accessLog Link Link to the Flash Access Log
$addressView Link Link to the Address Book
$goConfig Link Link to the Soulspace Coordination
$serif Link Link to the Flash Line Editor
$power Numbers HP Value
$magic Numbers Song Magic Power Value
$sens Numbers Sensibility Value
$love2 Numbers Love Exp. Value
$messBox Object Message Box


$reload Object Reload Button


$picture Object Your Reyvateil's full-body portrait box


$love2bar=XX Image Bar Graph for Love Exp.
$powerbar=XX Image Bar Graph for HP
$magicbar=XX Image Bar Graph for Song Magic Power
$sensbar=XX Image Bar Graph for Sensibility

Visitor Filter[]

You might have noticed that the number of links and object available when you enter to your own room, and when you enter to someone else's, differs. This difference is because the other person most likely decided to make a distinction between the things he/she wanted guests could see, and the others that shouldn't be seen because they could attract problems. This happens because there is a function called [Visitor Filter], which allows you to instantly hide items and links from the view of the visitors to your room. The method for using it is very simple: just surround the parts you want to hide with "[[" and "]]".

Here is an example of how it works:

[Coordination Descriptor]

Once you surround this descriptor in this way: "[[Coordionation Descriptor]]", it will become invisible to your visitors.

[When you Visit Your Room]

Only this descriptor will become invisble to your visitors.

[When Someone Else Visits Your Room]

They won't be able to see it.

And by enclosing them in brackets, you can also apply this setting to entire sets of lines or links. So if by some chance you don't wish anyone to see things like the links to your mailbox, this will allow you to keep off from worrying about it.


Way of Writing the Lines[]

The way of writing isn't different at all from writing in a normal blog. In case you aren't familiar with writing in a blog, below you have some examples in how to do so.

Hello! Something bad happened today... I had a pop-quiz today in math! And I had to beg to the teacher because my score was under 80 points... or how I'd say it... ah, listen to me!!

This time, for each line you write, your Reyvateil will display a speech bubble. However, keep on mind that the conversations will be always phisically limited by the size of the speech bubble. If you run out of space, the excess lines won't be displayed on the bubble.

About Talking Around[]

Once you post your lines, your Reyvateil might be visited by someone in the next five minutes (though there is no problem if you check your own room during that small time window). As for when the Reyvateils go talking with each other, they are subject to the following rule.

[The lines will be sent at random to a person between hundreds, chosen from the categories you picked in your personal filter]

In other words, if your blog posts have as their genre setting [Ar tonelico], it will be sent to people that have that same genre as allowed in their setting, and it will be posted at random in one among hundreds of different possible sites. Moreover, you will have to wait a little for the posts to be transmitted to that random person. The posts you have written will still have your ID attached to them, no matter in whose's Flash window they end up.

The Expiration Dates for the Blog Posts[]

Your blog posts will be posted in the Flash window of a random owner at any time during three days, after you have first posted them. And after these three days are elapsed, these posts will be deleted, and won't appear anymore in the Flash conversations of anyone (though they will still remain in your Past Logs). They will also be archived in the sites of the other owners, much like you will also archive their posts, although they will be sorted according to the date in which they were posted, starting with the newest ones and endings with the oldest. In other words, the posts will be gradually moved to the bottom of the list.

About Trackbacks[]

When other people read your posts through their Flash windows, they will also be prompted to write a reply to the last one you posted. In that way, they will send you a reply to your post, no matter who was the person reading it. You can review these replies in the [過去の記事&トラックバック閲覧/Past Posts & Trackback Browsing] section.

Other Rules[]

There are some other details about this system, so please, come and check them.

How to Use the Facial Expression Tags[]

Expressions List[]
Normal [face:raku]
Smiling [face:warai]
Angry [face:ikari]
Sad [face:kanasii]
Blushing [face:po]
Seductive [face:iroke]
Disappointed [face:gakkari]
Sleeping [face:neru]
Singing [face:utau]
Surprised [face:bikkuri]
Tsundere-like: Angry and blushing [face:tundere]
▲ Feel free to copy and paste the tags shown above.

How to Use the Facial Expression Commands[]

The facial expression commands are tags that change the expression of the Reyvateil to given one when she says the line that comes after them. For example...

Something bad happened today...
I had a pop-quiz today in math!
And I had to beg to the teacher because my score was under 80 points...
or how I'd say it... ah, listen to me!!

This means that in the case of the line [Hello!], she will have the normal expression, while from the line [Something bad happened today...] to the line [And I had to beg to the teacher because my score was under 80 points...], she will have the sad face, and on the very last line, she will have the angry face. In other words, if you don't input any expression tags between the lines, she will always have the normal expression. In addition, the expression commands can only control your own Reyvateil. The expressions of the Reyvateil of the other person will be controlled by what her owner defined in her [Reactions] menu.

How to Use the Reaction Tags[]

Reactions List[]
始まりの挨拶/Initial Greeting [react:hello]
[Default] Hello!
さよならの挨拶/Farewell [react:bye]
[Default]See you later!
へぇ~/Hee [react:hee]
[Default]Hee, so it was that.
うなづく/Nodding in Agreement [react:doui1]
[Default]Yeah, yeah.
激しく同意する/Declaring Agreement [react:doui2]
[Default]Yeah! I know it too!
聞き返す/Asking in Return [react:gimon1]
[Default]If you were to talk about...?
何それ?と尋ねる/Asking "What about it?" [react:gimon2]
[Default] Eh? What about it?
(良い意味で)びっくりする/Surprised (in a good way= [react:sugoi]
否定的な返事/Replying in a Negative Way [react:hitei1]
[Default]Huh? Are you serious!?
激しく否定する/Declaring Disagreement [react:hitei2]
[Default]No, forget about that!
普通に笑う/Laughing Normally [react:warai1]
[Default] Ahaha!
大爆笑/Laughing Loudly [react:warai2]
[Default]No way! Ahahahaha! What was that!?
励ます/Encouraging [react:hagemasu]
[Default]Do your best!
慰める/Comforting [react:nagusame]
[Default] It was so hard for you, no? Don't worry, everything will be okay.
ツッコミを入れる/Enter the Tsukkomi(Straigth Man) [react:tukkomi]
[Default]What was that!?
興味を持ってみる/Heard Something Interesting [react:kyoumi]
[Default]Huh? Tell me!
びっくりする/Surprised [react:bikkuri]
ちょっと怒る/Somewhat Angry [react:ikari1]
激しく怒る/Very Angry [react:ikari2]
[Default]What!? I can't believe it!!
ちょっとガッカリ/Somewhat Disappointed [react:gakkari1]
激しくガッカリ/Very Disappointed [react:gakkari2]
[Default]That was... the worst...
ちょっと照れる/Somewhat Embarrased [react:tere1]
[Default]...It's a little embarrassing, huh?
超照れる/Extremely Embarrassed [react:tere2]
[Default]...Whoa... that's embarrassing...
バカなことを言う/Saying Something Stupid [react:baka]
[Default]Funbun! Funbun!
予測不能な自由回答4/Free & Random Reply 1 [react:random1]
[Default]So you came to $1's room to play, huh!
予測不能な自由回答4/Free & Random Reply 2 [react:random2]
[Default]Are $1's posts interesting?
予測不能な自由回答3/Free & Random Reply 3 [react:random3]
[Default]Well, how should I say this? Isn't it good?
予測不能な自由回答4/Free & Random Reply 4 [react:random4]
[Default]...I don't care even if you ignore me!
▲ Feel free to copy and paste the tags shown above.

How to Use the Reaction Tags[]

When you use the Reaction tags, they will actually change according to the Reyvateil to which yours speaks, and according to the settings that the other owner gave to his/her Reyvateil. For example...

You seem to be well. I'm fine too, but...
...huh!? How did you know!? It's true, this day has been pretty bad.
I had a pop-quiz today in math!
And I had to beg to the teacher because my score was under 80 points...
or how I'd say it... ah, listen to me!! *snivel*...

in the case of these lines, below you can see how the conversation would turn out (if the other owner had the reactions lines set to the defaults).

You seem to be well. I'm fine too, but...
Huh? Are you serious!?
...huh!? How did you know!? It's true, this day has been pretty bad.
Huh? Tell me!
I had a pop-quiz today in math!
And I had to beg to the teacher because my score was under 80 points...
What was that!?
or how I'd say it... ah, listen to me!! *snivel*...
It was so hard for you, no? Don't worry, everything will be okay.

This is what the other Reyvateil would say according to the lines that the other owner gave her. On the other side, you can also edit the reaction lines, so you can give your Reyvateil her own original lines to interact with the Reyvateils that come to play to your room.

How to Use the Link & Image Tags[]

How to Use the Link Tag[]

This allows you to display a text with a clickable link attached. Here is an example:

[http://hoge.jp]Come and play here!

The part enclosed in [], located in the same line as the sentence that will be displayed, it's the descriptor for the URL to which the link will point. In other words, the entirety of that conversation line will become a link.

How to Use the Image Tag[]

This allows you to display a text together with an image. Here is an example:

[http://hoge.jp/hogehoge.jpg]What do you think? Isn't it cute?

The part enclosed in [], located in the same line as the sentence that will be displayed, it's the descriptor for the URL from which the image will be taken. If the image is located in your website, then feel free to make use of it.

The only kind of images allowed are JPEG ones.

Any images larger than 70x70 pixels will be trimmed to fit in the speech bubble.

Make sure to make the image URLs as short as possible, since they have to be under 24 characters long.

If the filename extension isn't [.jpg] or [.jpeg], the image will be treated as a link instead.


Tips for Advancing in the Game 1 -Starter Edition-[]

Here, we will show the way in which the game is played, from the moment you first start up until you can craft your first Costume and Hymmnos. However, remember there might be some things you might find too vague, and that maybe you would prefer to find out by yourself. If you would prefer doing thinking things out by yourself, then please ignore this section.

Prologue: Organizing the Goals[]

The final goal of this text is guide you until you create your first Hymmnos and Costume. While they both are created through the third option in the menu: [Memory Synthesis], you will need the appropriate Memories for doing so. The Memories can be created through the second option: [Going Out], but to be able to defeat the enemies that can appear during your excursions, you will need to make your Reyvateil stronger by raising her [Song Magic Power], by using the first option: [Lessons].

Therefore, the very first thing you should do is using the [Lessons] to raise the [Song Magic Power] of your Reyvateil, which anyways will make easier finding [Memories].


1) Raise your [Song Magic Power] through Lessons.

2) Go and visit various places by [Going Out].

3) Raise your [Sensibility] through Lessons.

4) Synthesize new items through [Memory Synthesis].

Step 1: Begin by Strengthening your Song Magic Power Through Lessons![]

First than anything, raise your Song Magic power through the Lessons. Simply put, the Song Magic Power is just the value that determines the percentage you have of defeating any enemies you might encounter. This makes it especially important, because if you are defeated by an enemy, the maximum number of memories you will be able to bring back after returning from the excursion will be only one.

Step 2: Next, Balance Well your [Excursions][]

In an [Excursion], the kind of [Memories] you will be able to craft are entirely dependent on the gathering point you chose to explore. Therefore, it's advised that you go to different places everytime you go out.

Here you have a one point technique: Actually, the gathering points that are the closest to each other have common memories, so the most efficient way of gathering them would be raising your Song Magic Power to the maximum, and then exploring all the areas one by one.

Step 3: Then, It's Time to Raise Your [Sensibility]![]

After you have gathered the Memories you need, the next step would be using them for [Memory Synthesis]. However, before that, you should raise you [Sensibility]. This is because the higher the [Sensibility] you have, the better the chances you will have of performing a successful synthesis. Maybe your [Sensibility] value will be pretty close to zero because you had to strengthen your [Song Magic Power]. In a case like this, your possibilities of having a successful synthesis are pretty much inexistent.

Here is an essential trick you should know: whenever you are about to attempt doing a [Memory Synthesis], you will be able to see the success rate that the synthesis will have. By doing this, in the majority of cases you should be able of knowing how many points you need to raise your [Sensibility].

Step 4: Now, let's Commence with the [Memory Synthesis][]

This is the centerpiece of this game, and with it, you will be able to advance to new worlds. When you perform a successful Memory Synthesis, you will surely get immersed in many new kinds of fun.

[And As a Small Secret, Here you Have the Recipe for this Synthesis!][]

"I want to create both [Costumes] and [Hymmnos] since I created my Supporteil!", maybe that was what you were thinking. Well then, here we will secretly teach how. The secret recipe for creating a certain Costume and a certain Hymmnos. But first, do your best to reach this point first!

【Costume ○○○○】

A relatively easy Costume to craft. The Ingredients are...

[Summer Festival Spree]

   → [Furufuru Village] [Nene High] [Misty Forest]

「Seven Wonders」

   → [Nene High] [Pool of Everlasting Summer] [Furufuru Village]

【Hymmnos ○○○】

Once you obtain it, please feel free to use it as the BGM for you website.

[The Recital of a Charismatic Songstress]

   → [Twilight Cafe] [Pool of Everlasting Summer] [Night Festival]

[Peculiar Grass Roots]

   → [Misty Forest] [Furufuru Village] [Room of the Couple]


Users' News[]

Here, we will be publishing every bit of information that comes out concerning the [Supporteil] users. So, since you will always be looking forward to having more fun with your Reyvateil, please be sure to make use of it!

A [Supporteil] Community has appeared in mixi![]

A [Supporteil]-exclusive community has been created in the social communication network "mixi". If you have an account in mixi, would you want to give it a try and becoming a member of it?

Go to the "Supporteil" Community

A mixi ID is needed to see the page to which the link leads.

About the Saved Data[]

In the Supporteils, there are two ways in which the data concerning all of the Reyvateils is stored. If something looks... strange to you, please read below to make sure it's explained below.

Data Stored in the Servers[]

All of the data listed below is stored in the game servers.

  • Reyvateil Growth Data
  • Flash Lines Data
  • Supporlog Posts Data
  • BBS Posts Data
  • Suppormail and Single-Line BBS Data
  • Soulspace Coordination Data
  • Footprints Log Data
  • Costume and Song Settings

All of the data above is stored in the Gust servers.

Basically, it will never vanish out of nowhere (and in case it's deleted because of any actions you might have committed, you will be notified beforehand, though there are also possibilities of data getting deleted because of bug or glitch. If anything like that happens, please contact us at fun@salburg.com)

Data Stored in the Browser[]

  • The friendship value and name that the guests obtained in the Reyvateil Flash Window
  • Unread Supporlog Posts (Marked with Red Checkmarks)

All of this data is stored in your browser as a [cookie].

Whenever you renew your browser or format your PC, or a bug occurs, this data will be deleted. And currently, while it's possible to backup it, it's impossible to migrate it (because being a part of the browser's technical specifications).

Also, if you have saved data in an specific computer, and you try to use the same username in the Flash Window of the Reyvateil, in another computer, you won't be able to input that same name again (however, if you return to the PC where you first used the name, it will remain recorded in that PC).

We are afraid to say that there aren't any measures we can take from the server side to help you with this data, so all the responsibility over it befalls on the user.

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