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# Translation batch: 2011-09-26

# Costume translations for Type Mayuru at http://artonelico.isisview.org/mainsite/

# - slime
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">やっ、ぬ、ヌルヌルして…あっ!やぁっ!!</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">No, it's so slimy... Agh! Noo!!</talk>

OLD: <talk face="tundere">もぅ…私だって、恥ずかしいのに…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="tundere">No... It's so embarrassing to me.../talk>

OLD: <talk face="warai">なんだかカッコイイ着物だね。刀とかが凄く合いそう。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">These clothes are pretty cool. It looks like it'd be great with a sword.</talk>

# - jage
OLD: <talk face="warai">この服、なんだか気に入っちゃった。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">For some reason, I quite liked these clothes.</talk>

# - obontaitu
OLD: <talk face="gakkari">オボンヌは可愛いけど、かぶるのはちょっと…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="gakkari">Funbuns are pretty cute, but wearing one on the head it's a little...</talk>

# - wedding
OLD: <talk face="iroke">こ、これって、その…そ、そういう意味、なのかな?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">D-does this... mean what I think it means?</talk>

# - torute
OLD: <talk face="iroke">ハッピーバレンタイン!チョコの代わりにこれで我慢してね。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">Happy Valentine! I'll endure this in exchange for chocolate, ok?</talk>

# - rai
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">え、えっと…豆ぶつけちゃイヤだよ?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">U-umm... you know you shouldn't be thinking perverted things, right?</talk>

# - totori
OLD: <talk face="warai">とってもメルヘンで妖精さんみたいだね♪</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">I look like a fairy out from a tale♪</talk>

# Costume translations for Type Maya at http://www.geocities.jp/retorogeme1/

# - lilim
OLD: <talk face="iroke">え、えっと…悪魔っぽく、イタズラしちゃっていいの?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">U-umm... since I look like a demon, should I play some pranks on someone?</talk>

# - yosino
OLD: <talk face="iroke">涼しさと同時に露出もアップ!下ばかり見ちゃイヤだからね♪</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">Looks like both the coolness and exposure level went up! Please, don't look below my skirt♪</talk>

# - china
OLD: <talk face="po">ほらそこ、腰のヒモに注目しないの。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">Hey, don't look at below my waistline.</talk>

# - obontaitu
OLD: <talk face="ikari">…これ、どういうつもり?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="ikari">...What do you plan to do with this?</talk>

# - torute
OLD: <talk face="warai">チョコの代わりにチョコ風の服を着てみたの。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">Looks like I've been wearing a chocolate-styled dress in exchange for chocolate.</talk>

# - rai
OLD: <talk face="tundere">これって服というよりは下着の部類に入るよね?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="tundere">Should we classify this as clothes or underwear?</talk>

# - totori
OLD: <talk face="warai">とってもメルヘンなんだ。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">Looks pretty faitytale-ish.</talk>

# Costume translations for Type Marino at http://manken730.blog136.fc2.com/

# - lilim
OLD: <talk face="tundere">…ど、どこから突っ込めば良いのか考え中です。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="tundere">...I-I think that it'd be better for us to not think too deeply about this.</talk>

# - perker
OLD: <talk face="raku">そういえば、パーカーを実際にかぶる人って少ないですよね?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="raku">By the way, there aren't actually many people wearing parkas, right?</talk>

# - yosino
OLD: <talk face="tundere">何でも丈を短くすればいいという考えには同意しかねます。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="tundere">I agree with the opinion stating that it shouldn't be so short.</talk>

# - moga
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">モガ…考えてみると死語ですよね?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">Oldmodern, also meaning "flapper"... wasn't that an obsolete kind of slang?</talk>

# - rai
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">…懐かしいと思ってしまうのは私だけでしょうか?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">...I'm the only thinking that this looks embarrassing?</talk>

# - totori
OLD: <talk face="warai">事務的な私にメルヘンな服は、果たして良いのでしょうか…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">I wonder, it's good for someone as practical as myself to wear fairytale-like clothes...?</talk>

# - y
OLD: <talk face="iroke">この服は、私にとっては寝巻きです。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">This is no more than sleep-wear to me.</talk>

# Costume translations for Type HX at http://85074781.at.webry.info/

# - seifuku1
OLD: <talk face="po">…なんだか、凄く気に入りました。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">...For some reason, I really like these.</talk>

# - dosanko
OLD: <talk face="po">私に厚着は必要ないのですが…可愛い、と判断します。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">While I don't really need to wear thick clothes... I've determined that they are cute.</talk>

# - lilim
OLD: <talk face="tundere">…恥じらいを通り越したため、どう反応すれば良いのか不明です。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="tundere">...I don't really know how I should react since it's so terribly embarrassing.</talk>

# - pajama
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">…耳とアンテナのせいで、帽子がうまくかぶれません。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">...Due to my ears and antenna, I can't really wear caps.</talk>

# - perker
OLD: <talk face="iroke">こういう服を着れば、私も普通の女の子に見えるでしょうか?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">Do these clothes make me look like a normal girl?</talk>

# - yosino
OLD: <talk face="raku">浴衣に下着は禁物と言いますが…これの時も同じですか?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="raku">While it's said that wearing underwear under a yukata is taboo... would that also apply to this kind?</talk>

# - neriko
OLD: <talk face="po">受信感度が上がっているようです。さすが塔がモデルですね。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">My reception has greatly risen. The Tower is an incredible model.</talk>

# - foru
OLD: <talk face="po">ロボットの私にも、こういう服は似合っているでしょうか?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">Do these clothes fit even a robot like myself?</talk>

# - moga
OLD: <talk face="raku">モガがモダンガールの略だとわかる人は、何人いるでしょうか?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="raku">How many people do actually know that Oldmodern refers to the "flappers"?</talk>

# - kiri
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">この服は胸の大きい長い金髪の女性が一番似合うと判断します。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">I have determined that these clothes would fit the best girls that have a large chest, and gold, long hair.</talk>

# - miko
OLD: <talk face="raku">このヒラヒラのついた棒で生贄を撲殺する巫女の衣装ですね。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="raku">This is the outfit used by the priestesses that use this fluttering rod to beat sacrifices to death, right?</talk>

# - hymmnos
OLD: <talk face="raku">服の模様が文字になってるみたいですが…解読不能ですね。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="raku">Looks like the pattern of these clothes take the form of a letter... But I'm unable to decipher it.</talk>

# - jage
OLD: <talk face="ikari">動きやすい服ですが、オシャレではないと判断します。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="ikari">I've determined that these clothes are easy to move in, but lack style.</talk>

# - china
OLD: <talk face="po">動きやすいとは思いますが…際どいデザインだと判断します。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">I think that they make moving easier... but I've determined that they have quite a suggestive design.</talk>

# - obontaitu
OLD: <talk face="gakkari">頭部のアンテナが隠れて、受信状態が悪くなっています。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="gakkari">Since this hides the antenna in my head, it greatly worsens my signal reception.</talk>

OLD: <talk face="raku">…何を受信してるかはトップシークレットです。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="raku">...what I receive is top-secret information.</talk>

# - wedding
OLD: <talk face="iroke">わ、私にこのような服は、その…に、似合い、ますか?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">D-do these clothes, umm... f-fit m... me?</talk>

# - torute
OLD: <talk face="raku">チョコレート風の衣装、ですか…言ってもらえれば作りましたのに。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="raku">These clothes are chocolate-styled, but... if I have to say anything, they were cooked instead of weaved.</talk>

# - sweter
OLD: <talk face="iroke">…勿体無いくらい特盛りの愛情を感じます。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">...I can feel so much love from this. It's more than I even deserve.</talk>

# - rai
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">私ならばこの衣装でなくても、電撃を飛ばすことが可能です。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">Even if I wasn't wearing these clothes, I could send you flying with an electroshock.</talk>

# - sitagi
OLD: <talk face="ikari">…こういう時は、引っ叩いた方が良いのでしょうか?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="ikari">...Should I be slapping you right now?</talk>

# - totori
OLD: <talk face="warai">私のボディの硬度が高すぎて、この服は違和感があるようです。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">My body is so hard that these clothes make me feel uncomfortable.</talk>

# - t
OLD: <talk face="raku">…この服の場合、下半身は何もつけない決まりなのですか?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="raku">...Isn't obvious that I'm not wearing anything below these clothes?</talk>

# - y
OLD: <talk face="iroke">男物、ですね…少々恥ずかしいです。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">A man's shirt... it's a little embarrassing.</talk>

# Costume translations for Type Lita at http://snowtone.seesaa.net/

# - yosino
OLD: <talk face="gakkari">太ももまで蚊にやられること間違い無しの浴衣だな…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="gakkari">This is the kind of yukata that would let mosquitoes to peck even my buttocks...</talk>

# - rai
OLD: <talk face="warai">これってアレだ、ほら、だっちゃとか言う…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">Wearing this, I feel like wanting to scream "Hiyaah!"</talk>

OLD: <talk face="gakkari">え、危険だったか!?悪い、黙るよ…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="gakkari">...Huh!? That was dangerous!? I'm sorry, I'll be silent now...</talk>

# Costume translations for Type Rudje at http://blog.livedoor.jp/sinobu_01/

# - yukata
OLD: <talk face="warai">浴衣と言えばお祭りだよ。連れてってほしいな〜。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">If this is called a yukata, then it means that it's for a festival. Please, take me there~.</talk>

# - dosanko
OLD: <talk face="po">ん〜、ポカポカだよぉ〜。マフラーが気持ち良い〜。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">Hmm~, it's so warm. The scarf feels so good~.</talk>

# - lilim
OLD: <talk face="iroke">えへへ〜、今の私は悪魔だから、Wizzにイタズラしてもいいよね?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">Ehehe~, since I'm a demon now, should I play some pranks on you, Wizz?</talk>

# - yosino
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">しゃ、しゃがんだら、えっと…見えちゃう、よね?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">I-I think I'll crouch, umm... you didn't see anything, right?</talk>

# - neriko
OLD: <talk face="po">むしろお仕置きしてください〜。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">Please, prepare yourself to be punished~.</talk>

# - foru
OLD: <talk face="warai">スカートと一緒にエプロンもヒラヒラして可愛いね〜♪</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">The flutter of the skirt and the apron makes it so cute~♪</talk>

# - kiri
OLD: <talk face="po">ど、どうかな?ちょっと、かっこつけ過ぎ?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">W-what do you think? Isn't it too cool?</talk>

# - obontaitu
OLD: <talk face="warai">わ〜、オボンヌのきぐるみ!凄く可愛いよ〜♪</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">Whoa, a Funbun suit! It's so cute~♪</talk>

# - maria
OLD: <talk face="warai">えへへ〜、悪い魔女さんがWizzをさらっちゃうぞ〜♪</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">Ehehe~ The evil witch is gonna kidnap Wizz♪</talk>

# - rai
OLD: <talk face="po">がお〜、雷様だよ〜♪</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">Roar~ I'm the thunder~♪</talk>

# - totori
OLD: <talk face="warai">意外と私に似合うんじゃないかなぁ、これ。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">This unexpectedly may suit me.</talk>

# - t
OLD: <talk face="warai">わぁ〜、オボンヌだぁ!でも、私は食べる方が好きかな〜。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">Whoa~, a Funbun~ But I don't really want to be eaten~/</talk>

# - mizugi
OLD: <talk face="iroke">ねえねえ見て見て〜。セクシ〜かな〜?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">Hey, look look~. Am I~ sexy~?</talk>

# - y
OLD: <talk face="iroke">…す、少しなら、えと…見てもいいよ?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">...S-should I... let you look just a little></talk>

# Costume translations for Type Kouten at http://blog.ff-net.net/

# - seifuku1
OLD: <talk face="po">ふむ…なにやら派手派手で、少し恥ずかしいのぉ…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">Hmmm... for some reason, it's a little embarrassing due to its showiness...</talk>

# - yukata
OLD: <talk face="warai">浴衣と来れば祭りじゃ。ほれ、おまえも踊らぬか。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">A yukata always means a festival. Come, and dance too.</talk>

# - sailor2
OLD: <talk face="po">ふむ…スケバンのようなスカートを履いてみたかったんじゃが…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">Hmm... I once wore a skirt like this, and appeared to be the boss of a gang...</talk>

# - slime
OLD: <talk face="ikari">…これと裸の違いを、説明してくれんか?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="ikari">...Could you explain me what difference this has from being naked?</talk>

# - dosanko
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">服は良いとして、わしはどうも手袋は合わんよ。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">The clothes are very nice, and the gloves are nice touch.</talk>

# - bath
OLD: <talk face="ikari">こ、これは服ではないじゃろ!!</talk>
NEW: <talk face="ikari">These aren't even clothes!!</talk>

# - lilim
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">この髪型にこの角は、少々邪魔じゃ…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">With these horns on my hairstyle, I feel a little like a demon...</talk>

# - pajama
OLD: <talk face="tundere">むぅ…なんだか恥ずかしくて、眠れそうにないんじゃが…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="tundere">Hmm... somehow, it feels so embarrassing, that I think I will be unable to fall asleep...</talk>

# - perker
OLD: <talk face="iroke">わ、わしには少し若々しすぎやしないか?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">D-does this make me look far too young?</talk>

# - yosino
OLD: <talk face="raku">浴衣の丈まで短くしてしまうとは…わしとしては少し悲しいぞ。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="raku">It makes me sad to see... how short the skirts of the yukatas have become.</talk>

# - mummy
OLD: <talk face="ikari">…おぬしも、一度着て恥ずかしさを知っておくんじゃな。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="ikari">...This is the first time I have known how embarrassing is to wear something so revealing.</talk>

# - neriko
OLD: <talk face="ikari">こ、これは!!!わしに何をしろと!?アマテラスビーム!</talk>
NEW: <talk face="ikari">T-this is!! What are you forcing me to do!? Amaterasu Beam!</talk>

# - foru
OLD: <talk face="bikkuri">これまた西洋風なデザインじゃな。わしに似合うかな?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="bikkuri">Quite a western-styled outfit, huh? Does it fit me?</talk>

# - moga
OLD: <talk face="warai">おおっ、わし好みの服じゃ!</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">Ah, how much I like these clothes!</talk>

# - kiri
OLD: <talk face="warai">昔のマジシャンのような服装じゃな。わしは嫌いではないぞ。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">These clothes make me look like a magician from long ago. I am rather fond of them.</talk>

# - kimono
OLD: <talk face="po">どうじゃ、自分で言うのもなんだが、似合うじゃろ?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">Even if I do ask this myself, does this fit me?</talk>

# - hymmnos
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">表現しがたいが、色々と際どいデザインではないか?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">I am rather bad at expressing myself, but this has quite a suggestive design, no?</talk>

# - jage
OLD: <talk face="gakkari">なんというか、特徴の無い服じゃのぉ…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="gakkari">For some reason, these clothes seem to lack any distinctive traits...</talk>

# - obontaitu
OLD: <talk face="tundere">この珍獣の被り物はなんじゃ!?わしを笑いものにする気か!?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="tundere">What is this rare animal-fashioned headgear!? Are you trying to make a fool of me!?</talk>

# - wedding
OLD: <talk face="iroke">に、似合っているかのぉ…似合ってれば嬉しいのじゃが…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">D-does I look good on this...? I will be very happy if that is the case...</talk>

# - torute
OLD: <talk face="warai">チョコのイメージか。わしは甘い物は苦手なんじゃがな…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">Evokes the image of chocolate, huh? I dislike sweets...</talk>

# - sweter
OLD: <talk face="po">ふむ…おまえの愛情が溢れるほどに伝わってくる服じゃな。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="po">Hmm... these clothes transmit your overflowing love.</talk>

# - maria
OLD: <talk face="raku">わしは裁判にかけられるような間抜けな魔女とは違うぞ。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="raku">I am not like these stupid witches that were killed in trials.</talk>

# - rai
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">雷様の衣装か?それにしては、少々露出が過ぎる気もするが…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">Clothes modeled after the thunders? Besides, I think that they are far too reavealing...</talk>

# - sitagi
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">…も、もう少しシンプルなデザインは無いのか?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">... D-don't you have something with a simpler design?</talk>

# - t
OLD: <talk face="bikkuri">な、なにやら奇怪な生物が描かれておるのぉ…。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="bikkuri">For some reason, it has an strange animal drawn on it...</talk>

# - mizugi
OLD: <talk face="kanasii">こ、こんな布着れが水着だと!?</talk>
NEW: <talk face="kanasii">T-these mere pieces of cloth are a swimsuit!?</talk>

OLD: <talk face="ikari">…ハレンチな。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="ikari">...How shameless.</talk>

# - y
OLD: <talk face="iroke">やれやれ、女に男物のシャツを着せるとは…スケベなヤツじゃな。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="iroke">My my, making a woman wear a man's shirt...? You are such a lecher.</talk>

# - kappou
OLD: <talk face="warai">うむ、やはりワシには着物が一番じゃ。</talk>
NEW: <talk face="warai">Hmm, like I thought, kimonos are the best clothes for me.</talk>


# Translation batch: 2011-09-25

# The layout on this page seems to have changed a bit since last time:
# http://ar-tonelico.jp/ap_suppo01.htm

OLD: サポーターズナビ

NEW: Supporters' Navi

OLD: アルトネリコ・サポーターズリンクとは、

NEW: The Ar tonelico Supporters' Link

OLD: 【アルトネリコ】を応援する皆様へ積極的にその情報を配信するサービスです。

NEW: is a service that allows us to actively distribute information about every site related to [Ar tonelico].

OLD: ※サポーターズリンクから提供致します画像、イラストには必ず

NEW: *Every image sent from the Supporters' Link will be published.

OLD: ※アルトネリコサポーターズリンクでは、バンプレストからのゲーム情報等は行っておりません。

NEW: *The Ar tonelico Supporters' Link doesn't send any information for games produced by Banpresto.

OLD: 予めご了承ください。

NEW: Please, keep this on mind.

OLD: 参加資格

NEW: Requirements for the Applicants

OLD: 参加資格は、以下の一点のみです。

NEW: All of the requirements are outlined below:

OLD: ご自身のホームページをお持ちであること★

NEW: The applicant must have his/her own website.

OLD: ホームページの内容は問いません。<b>『アルトネリコを応援したい』という気持ちでOK!

NEW: The contents of the website are irrelevant. The only thing it needs is to [be supportive of Ar tonelico]!

OLD: 参加条件

NEW: Conditions for the Participants

OLD: 参加条件は、以下の1点のみです。

NEW: All of the conditions are outlined below:

OLD: トップページに、ガスト指定のバナータグを貼ること★

NEW: The main page of the website must have a banner created by Gust.

OLD: バナータグはこちらの指定通りのタグで貼り付けてください(システム上の都合です)。

NEW: Please, make sure to affix the banner using the tag and codes you were given (they are predetermined by the system).

OLD: バナー例

NEW: Banner example:

OLD: この他にもブログ用・ビッグサイズバナーなど多数ご用意しております。

NEW: There are also other sizes, including large ones, for usage in blogs.

OLD: 注意!)ここの画像をそのままホームページに貼り付けないでください。

NEW: Warning! Please, don't just save and upload the picture on other server to affix it.

OLD: その状態で貼り付けても、サービスは受けられません。

NEW: If you affix it in that way, you'll be denied from the service.

OLD: 参加方法

NEW: How to participate:

OLD: 下のフォームに必要事項を記入し、送信ボタンを押してください。

NEW: Please, fill all of the required fields in the form below, and click on the "Submit" button.

OLD: 登録が完了すると、ご記入頂きましたメールアドレスに、

NEW: Once the registration has been completed, a mail will be sent to the address you provided,

OLD: バナーの貼り付け方、画像のダウンロード方法等が記載された詳細説明が届きます。

NEW: containing details on how to add the banner, and how to access our official picture repository.

OLD: そのメールの指示に従い、ホームページの更新をしてください。

NEW: Please, update your website according to the instructions in the mail.

OLD: ↑ここには

NEW: Beginning here:

OLD: バナーを掲載するページのアドレスを記入

NEW: URL of the website where you will put the banner.

OLD: トップページの場合のみ、ファイル名を省略できます。

NEW: You may omit the filename in case you're affixing it to main page.

OLD: 登録内容の変更等に使用します。半角英数8文字以内

NEW: This will be used for updating your registration data. Requires a minimum of 8 characters.

OLD: (メルマガ)

NEW: (Mail Magazine)

OLD: 希望する

NEW: I wish to receive it

OLD: サポ通(ガストゲームズ・サポーターズ通信)は、日頃のサイト更新情報を中心としたコンテンツのメールマガジンです。ほぼ毎週刊行です。

NEW: Suppornotes (Gust Games Supporters' News) are a mail magazine that have as their heart informing about the habitual updates on the site. They are habitually sent weekly.

OLD: (メルマガ)

NEW: (Mail Magazine)

OLD: 希望する

NEW: I wish to receive it

OLD: 必要ない

NEW: I don't need it

OLD: りりにゅ(ガストゲームズ・リリースニュース)は、新作ソフトの最新情報が掲載されたメールマガジンです。新作ソフトがあり、その最新情報がある時に不定期に刊行されます。

NEW: Releasnews (Gust Games Release News) are a mail magazine focused on sending the lastest information on the games we produce. They are sent only whenever a new game is in production.

OLD: 送信する

NEW: Send
# Moving onto the second page:
# http://ar-tonelico.jp/ap_suppotail02.htm

OLD: サポーターズリンクに加盟ください。

NEW: Please, participate on the Supporters' Link.

OLD: サポーターズリンクに加盟すると、『さぽている』の他に公式リリース情報や最新ゲーム画像(640pixel×480pixel)や、MP3等を無料で手に入ります。

NEW: If you do so, you'll be able of accessing other services aside of the [Supporteil], such as the official release music (MP3) and image (640x480 px) repositories, free of any charges.

OLD: 【サポーターズリンク加盟はこちら】

NEW: [Click here to participate in the Supporters' Link]

OLD: 『さぽている』の専用タグをホームページに貼り付けるだけ!

NEW: You just have to add an exclusive tag for your [Supporteil]!

OLD: 下のタグを自分のホームページに貼るだけで『さぽている』が遊べます!

NEW: Once you have added the tag written below to you website, you can begin playing with your Supporteil!

OLD: さぽているここから

NEW: The Supporteil code begins here.

OLD: さぽているここまで

NEW: The Supporteil code ends here.

OLD: にサポーターIDをいれてください。例)

NEW: Please, make sure to replace the xs with you Supporter ID number. Example:

OLD: さぽているの導入方法

NEW: Introduction to the Supporteil

OLD: さぽているが導入されたら、あとはレーヴァテイルが説明!

NEW: Once you have been introduced to the Supporteil, an explanation about Reyvateils will follow.!

OLD: ホームページに自分オリジナルのレーヴァテイルが表示されたら、あとは、レーヴァテイル がいろいろ説明をしてくれます。レーヴァテイルと遊んだり、コミュニケーションをとったりすると、いいことが,、あるかもしれません。

NEW: This will display your own original Reyvateil, who will also explain you various things about the Reyvateils. The more you play and communicate with your Reyvateil, the more you might be to hear about them.

OLD: ※一部のブログ等、JavaScriptが不許可なページではご利用できない事があります。ご利用のブログ規約等によりご確認ください。アトリエシリーズのサポーターの皆様も参加できます。

NEW: *Some blogs are set on websites that are unable of running JavaScript. Please, make sure that your website supports it before registering. Atelier Series Supporters can also participate.

# Moving onto the third page:
# http://ar-tonelico.jp/ap_suppotail03.htm

OLD: 『さぽている』で遊びたいのに、ホームページがないから遊べないといった、

NEW: It has been said that you can't play with your [Supporteil] if you don't have a website,

OLD: ユーザー様に朗報!

NEW: but we have good news for everyone!

OLD: なんと『さぽている』がホームページがなくても遊べちゃいます!

NEW: You can still play with the [Supporteils] even without one!

OLD: もっと身近になった『さぽているLite』で自分だけのレーヴァテイルをつくっちゃおう!

NEW: You can make your own Reyvateil with the even closer [Supporteil Lite]!

OLD: ここでは、『さぽている』の案内役『まりの』が『さぽているLite』の参加説明をします!

NEW: Here, the guide to the Supporteils, [Marino], will explain you about the [Supporteil Lite]!

OLD: 初めまして、まりのです。

NEW: Pleased to meet you, I'm Marino.

OLD: この度は「さぽているLite」の参加説明をお聞きくださってありがとうございます。

NEW: Thank you for coming here to listen how to participate in the [Supporteil Lite].

OLD: 「さぽている」は、想いから詩を紡ぐ少女

NEW: This game consists in living alongside a Reyvateil: 

OLD: レーヴァテイルと共に暮らし、彼女の心の中

NEW: a girl that can create Songs from her feelings

OLD: 「精神世界」に入り込み、詩魔法を紡いだり…

NEW: and by entering into the [Soulspace] inside her mind, you'll be able to create Song Magic...

OLD: いろんな「コスチューム」を紡いだり、はたまた

NEW: all sorts of [Costumes], and even

OLD: 「身体」を紡いだり!そして…

NEW: [Bodies]! Well then...

OLD: 貴方とレーヴァテイルがなかよしになったりする環境

NEW: we're offering you an environment for you

OLD: を提供するものです。

NEW: to establish a good relationship with a Reyvateil.

OLD: しかし…貴方にはまだ、相手となるレーヴァテイルが

NEW: However... you still don't have a

OLD: おりません。

NEW: partner Reyvateil.

OLD: そこでまず、貴方には、相方となるレーヴァテイルを

NEW: So first, we will present you with the configuration for the Reyvateil

OLD: 設定して頂きます。

NEW: that will become your partner.

OLD: 設定は簡単ですから、ご心配なさらぬよう。

NEW: The configuration is rather simple, so don't worry much.

OLD: 下にある『ご登録はこちら』ボタンをクリックすると設定画面が表示されます。

NEW: Click the button labeled [Register here] to bring up the configuration screen.

OLD: あとは、ご登録するだけで『さぽているLite』が遊べます。

NEW: Then, you'll be able to play with your [Supporteil Lite] when you have finished the registration.

OLD: おっと!大事なことを言うのを忘れていました!

NEW: Ah, and I almost forgot to tell you something important!

OLD: 『さぽているLite』は正規版の『さぽている』にくらべ以下の制限があります。

NEW: Here are the limits the [Supporteil Lite] has in comparison to the normal [Supporteils]:

OLD: 紡いだ詩は聞けません。

NEW: Can't sing the Songs they have crafted.

OLD: 最新楽曲の試聴などが聴けません。

NEW: Can't sing the trial versions of the lastest songs made.

OLD: レーヴァテイルとお話する「セリフエディット」は使えません。

NEW: The [Line Edits] for conversing with her can't be used.

OLD: ポテログに一部制限があります。

NEW: The Supportlog is partially limited.

OLD: 一早情報がありません。

NEW: There aren't any instant Gust update notifications.

OLD: 骨の髄まで『さぽている』を遊びたいのなら

NEW: If really want to play with the [Supporteils] in full,

OLD: 正規版『さぽている』に登録

NEW: you should register for

OLD: してはいかがかと…

NEW: a normal [Supporteil]...


# Translation batch: 2011-09-23

# From here:
# http://game.salburg.com/suppotail/room/index.php?guestmode=SP20888

# Another status line:

OLD: 二人で『ふるふる村』へ

NEW: We're going to the [Furufuru Village].

# From here, when not yet signed in:
# http://game.salburg.com/suppotail/room/index.php?mode=items&address=SP20888

OLD: "送信"
NEW: "Submit"
# Starting on the registration guide, over here:
# http://ar-tonelico.jp/ap_suppotail01.htm

OLD: アルポータル-アルトネリコ総合情報ファンサイト-

NEW: Ar Portal: Ar tonelico Integrated Information and Fan Website

OLD: ユーザーズプラザ

NEW: User's Plaza

OLD: さぽている

NEW: Supporteil

OLD: HP/ブログがある方はこちら

NEW: If you have a website/blog, click here.

OLD: HP/ブログが無い方はこちら

NEW: If you don't have a website/blog, click here.

OLD: サポーターズリンク

NEW: Supporters' Link

OLD: サポーター情報変更

NEW: Supporter Information Update

OLD: さぽているを導入する

NEW: Supporteil Introduction

OLD: バナーの変更

NEW: Change Banner

OLD: 公式画像庫へ

NEW: Official Image Repository

OLD: パスワード紛失申請

NEW: Lost Password Form

OLD: サポーター退会申請

NEW: Supporter Withdrawal Form

OLD: 世界終焉の引鉄は開発者も弾きまくる!

NEW: The Developers That Even Stop Repelling the End of the World!

OLD: トウコウスフィア

NEW: Toukousphere

OLD: サポーターズレビュー

NEW: Supporters' Review

OLD: サポーターズレビューについて

NEW: About the Supporters' Review

OLD: レビューはこちらから

NEW: Reviews

OLD: フラッシュコスモスフィア

NEW: Flash Cosmosphere

OLD: 天覇ニンゲン研究所

NEW: Tenba Human Laboratories

OLD: アンケートキャンペーン

NEW: Enquete Campaign

OLD: 1周年記念祝辞ページ

NEW: First Anniversary Commemorative Page

OLD: ボイスメッセージ

NEW: Voice Messages

OLD: サイトオープンお祝いメッセージ

NEW: Site Opening Celebration Message

OLD: 彼女はレーヴァテイルと呼ばれる、

NEW: She is a Reyvateil,

OLD: 「想い」を「魔法」に変える種族。

NEW: a member of a race capable of changing her [emotions] into [magic].

OLD: 様々な経験、体験、そして思い出…

NEW: Undergoing several experiences, memories...

OLD: それらをかけ合わせ、大きな力を持った魔法に変えていきます。

NEW: and combining them, will allow her to transform them into a magic of great power.

OLD: そんな彼女と1つ屋根の下、一緒に住んでみませんか?

NEW: Wouldn't you like to live under the same roof as one of them?

OLD: 貴方のホームページに貴方だけのレーヴァテイルがお邪魔します。

NEW: She will be a Reyvateil only for yourself that will greet you whenever you go to your site.

OLD: レーヴァテイルは、貴方のカスタマイズによって自由に喋らせることが出来ます。

NEW: Also, you'll be able to freely customize her dialogs and speech patterns.

OLD: そして、カスタマイズによって、訪れたお客様との交流がどんどん出来る様になります。

NEW: And through these customizations, you'll be able to interact with your visitors as well.

OLD: 貴方のホームページを彩る一員として、是非ご登録ください。

NEW: If you want a person to color your website, please make sure to register.

OLD: いろいろな事ができる『さぽている』

NEW: Things that [Supporteils] are capable of doing:

OLD: アルトネリコの最新ニュースをGET!

NEW: Obtaining the lastest news about Ar tonelico!

OLD: レーヴァテイルとの生活、そして交流!

NEW: Living and interacting with a Reyvateil!

OLD: 思い出調合で詩魔法、コスチュームも増やそう

NEW: Through Memory Synthesis, you can increase her Song Magic and Costume repertories.

OLD: ボディをも変えるモノが存在する!?

NEW: And there are even items capable of changing their bodies!?

OLD: 個性的なキャラに愛着が沸

NEW: By filling your own character with love,

OLD: 育てた子を、自分のサイトでお披露目!

NEW: as if you were raising a child, you'll be able to promote your website!

OLD: 他のオーナーとのメールも自由にやりとり!

NEW: Freely interact with other Supporteil Owners through mails!

OLD: 掲示版などで交流活動が可能!

NEW: Interact with others through BBSs and similar services!

OLD: 【ご注意】

NEW: [Warning]

OLD: 『さぽているLite』は一部機能を制限しております。ご理解のほど、よろしくお願い致します。

NEW: The [Supporteil Lite] is a limited version of the normal Supporteils. Please, keep this on mind.

OLD: アルトネリコでおなじみのコスチュームチェンジをすれば、ちゃんと反映してくれる。

NEW: Similarly to how the characters can change their costumes in the Ar tonelico series, if you change your Supporteil's costume, it'll be reflected at once in her status screens.

OLD: 育て方でパラメーターが変動!自分だけのレーヴァテイルを育てよう!

NEW: Her parameters will change depending on how you raise her! Raise your Reyvateil in the best way you can!

OLD: 詩魔法を覚える事ができたり、コスチュームをつくり出せたりします。

NEW: She is capable of learning new Song Magics, and creating new Costumes.

OLD: このブログパーツ最大の特徴である「詩魔法」と「コスチューム」。

NEW: This blogpart has both [Costumes] and [Song Magic] as its most important feature.

OLD: 両方とも、ゲームパートを頑張って数を充実させることで、貴方のホームページも大いに彩ることが可能になります。

NEW: If you two work your best in the game part, it'll be possible for the blogpart to greatly enhance your website.

OLD: ヒュムノスを覚えれば、ゲーム中やOVA特典のヒュムノス曲をホームページのBGMとして再生することが出来るようになり、コスチュームが増えれば、見るも楽しいコスチュームプレイが可能に!レーヴァテイルも文章も部屋も、あなた色に染め上げてください。

NEW: If you learn new Hymmnos, you'll be able of using the Hymmnos songs from the games and the OVA as BGM for your website, and if you create new costumes, you'll be able to play while looking at many nice costumes! Please, make sure to give your own touch to her room and dialogues, too.

OLD: 【ご注意】

NEW: [Warning]

OLD: 『さぽているLite』は一部機能を制限しております。ご理解のほど、よろしくお願い致します。

NEW: The [Supporteil Lite] is a limited version of the normal Supporteils. Please, keep this on mind.

OLD: 「おでかけ」から帰ってきたところ。

NEW: Once you have returned from an [Exploration],

OLD: パラメーターが上がったり、アイテムをゲットしたり、『愛情』ポイントが上がればもっとレーヴァテイルが心を開いてくれるかも!?

NEW: your parameters will rise, and you'll get items. But you will also open up your Reyvateil's heart the more [Love] Points you get!? 

OLD: さぽている内では、オーナー同士で

NEW: Also, within the Supporteil game, you'll be able

OLD: 簡単なメッセージのやりとりや交流を楽しめます。

NEW: of interacting with other Owners through simple messages.

OLD: アルトネリコ関連の最新情報を、レーヴァテイルが

NEW: Your Reyvateil will also inform you whenever

OLD: 教えてくれます。

NEW: there are news related to Ar tonelico.

OLD: オリジナルレーヴァテイルが最新情報をその場でお知らせ!

NEW: Your original Reyvateil will personally tell you whenever there's anything new!

OLD: アルトネリコ関連商品の情報など、気になる情報を公開します!

NEW: She will tell everyone whenever any news related to Ar tonelico come up!

OLD: 【ご注意】

NEW: [Warning]

OLD: 『さぽているLite』は一部機能を制限しております。ご理解のほど、よろしくお願い致します。

NEW: The [Supporteil Lite] is a limited version of the normal Supporteils. Please, keep this on mind.

OLD: さぽているのご利用は、バナーを貼り付けるのと同じくらい簡単です。

NEW: Using a Supporteil is as simple as adding a Banner to your page.

OLD: 貴方の部屋にも是非。

NEW: Please, make sure to go to your room, as well.

OLD: (一部のブログ等、JavaScriptが不許可なページではご利用できない<u>事があります</u>。

NEW: (Some blogs <u>are made in pages that are unable</u> of playing JavaScript codes.

OLD: ご利用のブログ規約等によりご確認ください。アトリエシリーズのサポーターの皆様も参加できます。)

NEW: Please, make sure your blog supports JavaScript before using the blog Part. The Supporters from the Atelier Series can participate, as well.)


# Translation batch: 2011-09-21

# From here: http://game.salburg.com/suppotail/room/index.php?mode=hymmnoses&address=SP20888

OLD: 謳う丘

NEW: Singing Hills

OLD: 歌を讃える詩。ゲーム「アルトネリコ」のオープニング曲。

NEW: The song that praises songs. The opening song for the game [Ar tonelico].

OLD: バグを消去する効果がある。オリカ版。

NEW: It has the effect of eliminating viruses. Aurica's version.

OLD: バグを消去する効果がある。ミシャ版。

NEW: It has the effect of eliminating viruses. Misha's version. 

OLD: 特定のレーヴァテイルを封印する。

NEW: Used for sealing an specific Reyvateil.

OLD: 塔とリンクする。リンクした後は別の詩で制御できる。

NEW: Used for being linked to the Tower. After the linkage, you can control it through other Songs.

OLD: 塔を休止状態にする。管理者も休眠状態になる。

NEW: Puts the Tower in Sleep Mode. This also Suspends the Administrator.

OLD: 塔を再起動する。全てのリソースが使用可能になります。

NEW: Reboots the Tower. This also reenables all of its resources.

OLD: 想いの紡ぎ手は、人々の心を癒す詩として創ったらしい。

NEW: Apparently, the hands that crafted its feelings made it as a Song for healing the hearts of the people.

OLD: 効果は不明。しかし、なぜだか心が満たされる。

NEW: Its effects are unknown, but for some reason, it makes my heart feel satisfied.

OLD: 効果は不明。だけど、なぜだか誰もが人に優しくなれる。

NEW: Its effects are unknown, but for some reason, they make everyone be nicer towards each other.

OLD: そよかぜのうた

NEW: Song of the Breeze

OLD: ゲーム中でクレアが大切にしている歌。

NEW: The song that Claire treasured so much during the game.

OLD: ヨークオブラブ

NEW: York of Love

OLD: クレアが紡いだ愛の歌。ちょっと歌詞はシビアな内容。

NEW: A song of love crafted by Claire, but the contents of its lyrics are a little severe.

OLD: 光の防御壁を創り出す。ラードルフにIn Loveなフェイマ作曲。

NEW: Creates a protective barrier of light. Composed by Radolf's lover, Fayma.

OLD: 体力を回復する。オリカの一番初歩の詩魔法。初歩でこれかよ!

NEW: Heals the body, and it's Aurica's first elementary Song Magic. This is where she started!

OLD: 防御と回復を同時に行う。男声まで混ざる最強の詩魔法!

NEW: Raises defense and heals, both at the same time. The strongest Song Magic, which even has male voices joined in!

OLD: 詩を讃える詩2。ゲーム「アルトネリコ2」のオープニング曲。

NEW: The song that praises songs 2. The opening song for the game [Ar tonelico 2].

OLD: IPDの精神世界を復元して回復する詩。

NEW: The Song for restoring the Soulspaces of the IPDs.

OLD: あなたのココロ、さらけ出されますよ?綺麗にしてますか?

NEW: Would you expose your heart to everyone? Without leaving anything hidden?

OLD: いつでも大勢で歌ってくれる!ご飯の時でもトイレでも!

NEW: The crowd that will always sing for you, no matter if they are eating or in the bathroom!

OLD: ジャジャジャジャ!!ジャは邪ですよ!忌々しい方にどうぞ。

NEW: E-E-E-E! Because E is for Evil! In such a provoking way...

OLD: コワレロコワレロ!!この世界全部コワレロ!!な詩!

NEW: A Song that goes like... DIE DIE!! All of the world, DIE!!

OLD: 身も心も浄化されていく…。ああ、とっても神々しい…

NEW: It purifies both body and soul... ah, how sublime..

OLD: 優しくゆっくり眠れる子守唄。懐かしくて暖かい!

NEW: A gentle lullaby for sending you off to sleep. It's so nostalgic and warm!

OLD: 永久に結ひて

NEW: Eternally Bonded

OLD: おかあたーーーーーん!!と叫びたくなる歌ですね。

NEW: It's the kind of song that would make you scream "Moooommyyyy!!", no?

OLD: 延々続く子守唄。早く寝ないと永遠の眠りが待っている!?

NEW: A lullaby that goes on eternally. Why don't you fall asleep quickly instead of waiting for the eternal sleep!?

OLD: とってもやる気がない大陸創成。んーがーー…

NEW: A Song of land creation that completely lacks any willingness to be sung. Nn i ga...

OLD: さあ、塔を作ろう!!レンガを積むより詩の方が楽ちん!?

NEW: Okay, let's create the Tower!! Wouldn't it be easier to create it with a Song instead of doing it by stacking up bricks!?

OLD: みんなで仲良く歌って踊ろう!世界人類皆兄弟!!

NEW: Let's become good friends as we sing and dance! We, all of the people in the world, are bothers and sisters!!

OLD: 想いと想いで会話をする詩。通じ合ってるね!

NEW: A Song for conversing directly from feelings to feelings. I can understand you!

OLD: 史上最も過激なヒュムノス。兵団を制御するわけだしね。

NEW: The most radical Hymmnos in all of history. This means that it's used for controlling the Armies.

OLD: こころ語り

NEW: The Heart Speaks

OLD: 詩で恋を語ります。精一杯謳うから、全力で聴いてよ…?

NEW: A conversation about love through a Song. Because I sing with all my heart, would you listen to me with all of yours...?

# If you visit one of the "room" URLs without first logging in, you get a few new messages.
# From this URL: http://game.salburg.com/suppotail/room/index.php?mode=items&address=SP20888

OLD: <b>正しいサポーターIDと<br>パスワードを入力してください。</b>

NEW: <b>Please, input a correct Supporter's ID and Password.</b>
OLD: もしくは長時間放置した場合、セキュリティ保護の為自動的に<br>ログインが切断されますので、この画面に来る事があります。<br>その際は、再度ログインしてください。<br>

NEW: If you leave your Supporteil unattended for too long, your session will be automatically logged out for security reasons, and you will arrive at this screen. If that happens, please log in again.

# When you speak to Marino initially, she gives you a pop-up registration form, with these Japanese texts.
# Example URL: http://game.salburg.com/suppotail/room/signUp.php?Uid=SP99999
# And here is the Japanese text, from there:

OLD: <font class=title2>★このサイトのオーナー以外の方へ★</font>

NEW: This is for the Site owener

OLD: この「さぽている」で遊ぶためには、

NEW: To play with a [Supporteil],

OLD: 「アルトネリコ・サポーターズ」</a>に登録する必要があります。

NEW: you'll need first to register as an [Ar tonelico Supporter].

OLD: 入会金、年会費等一切無しで、登録してすぐに遊ぶことができます。遊んでみたい!という方は、是非

NEW: It doesn't have any registration or maintenance fees, and once you registered, you can begin playing immediately. If you want to play, please continue reading.

OLD: >こちら</a>へ!<br>

NEW: here!

OLD: <b>■オフィシャルサイト「アルポータル」へ■</b>

NEW: Official Site [Ar Portal]

OLD: <font class="font2">レーヴァテイルの名前</font>

NEW: Reyvateil's Name

OLD: <font class=fonts1>※最大6文字まで</font>

NEW: *Max of 6 characters.

OLD: <font class="font2">オーナー(貴方)の名前</font></td>

NEW: Owner's (Your) Name

OLD: <font class=fonts1>※最大6文字まで</font><br></td><tr>

NEW: *Max of 6 characters.

OLD: <font class="font2">趣味</font></td>

NEW: Hobby

OLD: <option value=0>読書</option>

NEW: Reading

OLD: <option value=1>スポーツ</option>

NEW: Sports

OLD: <option value=2>ゲーム</option>

NEW: Videogames

OLD: <option value=3>グラスメルク</option>

NEW: Grathmelding

OLD: <option value=4>昼寝</option>

NEW: Napping

OLD: <option value=5>音楽</option>

NEW: Music

OLD: <option value=6>絵</option>

NEW: Drawing

OLD: <font class="font2">自分の呼ばれ方</font></td>

NEW: How You Wish to be Called

OLD: <font class=fonts1>※最大6文字まで</font></td><tr>

NEW: *Max of 6 characters.

OLD: <font class="font2">好きな色</font></td>

NEW: Favorite Color

OLD: <option value=0>赤</option>

NEW: Red

OLD: <option value=1>オレンジ</option>

NEW: Orange

OLD: <option value=2>黄色</option>

NEW: Yellow

OLD: <option value=3>緑</option>

NEW: Green

OLD: <option value=4>青</option>

NEW: Blue

OLD: <option value=5>藍色</option>

NEW: Indigo

OLD: <option value=6>紫</option>

NEW: Purple

OLD: <option value=7>白</option>

NEW: White

OLD: <option value=8>黒</option>

NEW: Black

OLD: <option value=9>灰色</option>

NEW: Gray

OLD: <font class="font2">ルームタイプ</font>

NEW: Room Type

OLD: <option value=nemo>type.ネモ</option>

NEW: Type Nemo

OLD: <option value=hotaru>type.ほたる</option>

NEW: Type Firefly

OLD: <option value=imufena>type.イム・フェーナ</option>

NEW: Type Em Pheyna

OLD: <option value=pratina>type.プラティナ</option>

NEW: Type Platina

OLD: <option value=tent>type.サバイバル</option>

NEW: Type Survival

OLD: <option value=tatami>type.わびさび</option>

NEW: Type Simple

OLD: <font class="font2">キャラクター容姿</font>

NEW: Character's Appearance

OLD: >type.マヤ<br>

NEW: Type Maya

OLD: <font class=font1>魔法力重視<br>(詩魔法が得意)</font>

NEW: Gives priority to Song Magic (expert in Song Magic)

OLD: >type.マユル<br>

NEW: Type Mayuru

OLD: <font class=font1>敏感度重視<br>(アイテム調合が得意)</font>

NEW: Gives priority to Sensibility (expert in Item Synthesis)

OLD: >type.洛紗<br>

NEW: Type Raksha

OLD: 1>平均<br>(どちらもそこそこ)</font>

NEW: Balanced (Average at everything)

OLD: value="     登録する     ">

NEW: Submit


Translation batch: 2011-09-20

# From here: http://game.salburg.com/suppotail/room/index.php?guestmode=SP20888

OLD:    二人で『霧の住む森』へ

NEW:    We're going to the [Misty Forest].

# From here: http://game.salburg.com/suppotail/room/index.php?mode=costumes&address=SP20888

OLD: スクールデイズ

NEW: School Days

OLD: ステキな学園生活を。

NEW: The wonderful campus life.

OLD: セレモニー

NEW: Ceremony.

OLD: 女の子の憧れv

NEW: The wish of every single girl.

OLD: コルセット

NEW: Corsette

OLD: ハヤリのメイド服。

NEW: The currently in-fashion maid outfit.

OLD: フリルラ

NEW: Flirla

OLD: このままギフトされそう;

NEW: At this rate, I'm gonna be given as a gift.

OLD: ストレッチ

NEW: Stretch

OLD: ダサカワイイ。

NEW: Cutelame.

OLD: 美耶日御前

NEW: Lady Okami

OLD: おかみさんっ!

NEW: Lady Okami!

OLD: スプラッシュ

NEW: Splash

OLD: 90%素肌で出来てます。

NEW: It exposes the 90% of my skin.

OLD: マミー

NEW: Mummy

OLD: 見えそうで見えない…

NEW: I'll be seen, but I won't allow that to happen...

OLD: サマーデイズ

NEW: Summer Days

OLD: 夏服は薄くてドキドキ…

NEW: The summer clothes have such an slim fabric, that they make me nervous...

OLD: 白樺学園

NEW: White Birch Academy

OLD: 冬服は厚くてたそがれ…

NEW: The winter clothes are so warm, that they make me unable to stand out...

OLD: ラグジュアリ

NEW: Ragjuali

OLD: えっと…ステキです。

NEW: Err... it's great.

OLD: メルティクス

NEW: Meltix

OLD: とってもスライミー。

NEW: It's too slimy.

OLD: リクルート

NEW: Recruit

OLD: びしっといこう!

NEW: I'll be a beauty from now on!

OLD: こんいろの水着

NEW: Navyblue Swimsuit

OLD: 10代前半の特権!?

NEW: An special privilege for the first five!? 

OLD: 艶娘

NEW: Glossy Girl

OLD: 夏の風物詩だね。

NEW: It reminds me of summer.

OLD: 点心爛漫

NEW: China Girl

OLD: ちゅーかなうふふ。

NEW: It's so Chinese, hehehe.

OLD: どさんこ

NEW: Hokkaidan

OLD: アタタカワイイ!

NEW: It's so waaaarm!

OLD: ヒュムネティック

NEW: Hymmnetic

OLD: 謳うとき専用か!?

NEW: Exclusively used for singing!?

OLD: 謹賀麗美

NEW: Happy New Year Beauty

OLD: 謹賀新年ですよ~!

NEW: Happy New Year!

OLD: シープスイーツ

NEW: Sheep Sweets

OLD: 良い夢見れるパジャマ。

NEW: A pajama that gives you nice dreams.

OLD: サニーガール

NEW: Sunny Girl

OLD: 眩しいくらい元気な服。

NEW: Clothes filled with so much energy, that they even shine. 

OLD: 愛情特盛りセーター

NEW: Love-filled Sweater

OLD: てんこもり…だね。

NEW: Heaven-filled... isn't it?

OLD: オボンナー

NEW: Funbuna

OLD: オボンヌオボンヌ~!

NEW: Funbun, funbun~!

OLD: ティンクルスター

NEW: Twinkle Star

OLD: 恒例のメリーさん♪

NEW: The Merry Christmas custom♪

OLD: ミルキィエンジェル

NEW: Milky Angel

OLD: メリーさん07年モデル♪

NEW: The Merry Christmas model for 2007♪

OLD: ザッハトルテ

NEW: Sachertorte

OLD: アンケート回答ありがと!

NEW: Thank you for answering the Enquete!

OLD: フォルクローレ

NEW: Folklore

OLD: 民族衣装ってすてきv

NEW: The traditional clothes are so lovely.

OLD: オボンタイツ

NEW: Funbun Tights

OLD: うおおおおおおお!!

NEW: Uoohhhh!!

OLD: ライディーン

NEW: Raiden

OLD: 電撃出しますか??

NEW: Does it give you an electric shock??

OLD: 愛染吉野

NEW: Love-Dyed Pattern

OLD: 勝負ゆかた!?

NEW: A competition yukata!?

OLD: モガスタイル

NEW: Oldmodern Style

OLD: 懐かしきハイカラ。

NEW: The nostalgic high-collared clothes.

OLD: キリリッシュ

NEW: Stylishy

OLD: 少し大人に見えるかも。

NEW: I might look a little more mature in them.

OLD: ソーサルマリア

NEW: Sorcerer Maria

OLD: 魔女か魔女ッ子か!?

NEW: A witch, or a magical girl!?

OLD: よく見ると男物。

NEW: A nice sight only for men.

OLD: 悪魔っ娘。

NEW: A devilish girl.

OLD: 2周年祭はっぴ

NEW: Second Anniversary Happy Coat

OLD: 祝!アルポータル2歳!

NEW: Happy second anniversary, Ar Portal!

OLD: ネリ子ちゃん

NEW: Little Neriko

OLD: みんなのヒロイン!??

NEW: Everyone's heroine!??

OLD: ハーリィスノゥ

NEW: Gray Snow

OLD: 今年のXmasはひと味違う!

NEW: This year's Xmas will be a little different!

OLD: 2009年は洋風で!

NEW: Celebrating the coming of 2009 in the Western style!

OLD: でぃあますたー

NEW: Dear Master~

OLD: 何だかんだでだいすき♪

NEW: I like it, in some way or other♪

OLD: クリスマス・ハート

NEW: Christmas Heart

OLD: レースがカワイイ♪

NEW: The laces are so cute♪

OLD: セイレーン

NEW: Siren

OLD: ゴージャスミラクルボイス!

NEW: A miraculous and gorgeous voice!

OLD: ハイレガー

NEW: Hilegger

OLD: とってもスポーティ。

NEW: Very sporty.

OLD: ストロベリィキッス

NEW: Strawberry Kiss

OLD: アマズッパカワイイ!

NEW: A super-cute amateur!

OLD: ムスメダケ

NEW: Mushroomgirl

OLD: これを着れるのは娘だけ!

NEW: These clothes are only for girls!

OLD: スチュワート

NEW: Schewart

OLD: おでかけ案内上手に!?

NEW: Perfect for being a touristic guide!?

OLD: チャイルデスト

NEW: Childest

OLD: すごく若いです…!!

NEW: They are so young-looking...!!

OLD: さっきゅん

NEW: Sakkyun

OLD: 4周年記念のさっきゅん♪

NEW: Sakkyun's Costume, Commemorating the 4th Anniversary!

OLD: フィルルン

NEW: Filulun

OLD: 4周年記念のフィルルン♪

NEW: Filulun's Costume, Commemorating the 4th Anniversary!

OLD: トトリ

NEW: Totori

OLD: ゲーマガからプレゼント!

NEW: A present from Gemaga!

OLD: ビッグソックス

NEW: Big Socks

OLD: 袋には何が入ってる??

NEW: What could be within that bag??

OLD: ぽかぽかはんてん

NEW: Warmth Livery Coat

OLD: 新感覚のこたつネコ!

NEW: A table cat that gives a new sensation!


# Translation batch: 2011-09-18

# A few few more prompts from Mihoka, during guest login:

OLD: <talk face="warai">へぇ、Wizzって言うんだ!よろしくね!!</talk>

NEW: <talk face="warai">Hey, it's you, right Wizz? Pleased to see you again!!/talk>

OLD: <talk face="raku">それじゃ、こっちに来て。</talk>

NEW: <talk face="raku">Well then, come over here.</talk>

OLD: <talk face="raku">うん、ダイブだね。それでは…</talk>

NEW: <talk face="raku">Okay, let's Dive. So now...</talk>

OLD: <talk face="warai">質問タ〜イムッ!!</talk>

NEW: <talk face="warai">it's question time!!</talk>

OLD: <talk face="warai">あなたは私のマスターかな?</talk>

NEW: <talk face="warai">Are you my Master?</talk>

OLD: <option tag="iie">いや、友達ですよ</option>

NEW: <option tag="iie">No, I'm a friend</option>

OLD: <option tag="hai">そうだよMihoka</option>

NEW: <option tag="hai">Yes, Mihoka.</option>

OLD: <talk face="warai">ああ!なんだ、Wizzさんだったんだね!</talk>

NEW: <talk face="warai">Ah! So it was you after all, Wizz!</talk>

OLD: <option tag="hai2">その通り!</option>

NEW: <option tag="hai2">Of course!</option>

OLD: <option tag="iie2">名前変えた</option>

NEW: <option tag="iie2">I changed my name.</option>

OLD: <talk face="warai">いらっしゃい、ゆっくりしていってね。</talk>

NEW: <talk face="warai">Come in, feel as if you were at home.</talk>

OLD: <talk face="gakkari">名前を変えるの?私、覚えるの得意じゃないんだけど…。</talk>

NEW: <talk face="gakkari">You changed your name? Well, remembering things isn't my forte, but...</talk>

OLD: <textbox param="!system_guestname" maxlength="6" value="名前を入力してね♪"/>

NEW: <textbox param="!system_guestname" maxlength="6" value="Input your name♪"/>

OLD: <talk face="iroke">では、二つ目の質問!『秘密の合言葉』はな〜に?</talk>

NEW: <talk face="iroke">Then, it's time for the second question! What is our [Secret Password]?</talk>

OLD: <textbox param="!system_log_on" value="サポーターパスワードは?"/>

NEW: <textbox param="!system_log_on" value="Which is your Supporter Password?"/>

# Some extra translations for this page:
# http://game.salburg.com/suppotail/room/index.php?guestmode=SP20888

OLD: 二人で『いのちの塔』へ

NEW: We're going to the [Tower of Life].

OLD: 運動会大騒動

NEW: A Great Riot During the Athletic Meeting

OLD: 保育園で大運動会!でも、みんなはしゃいで大変な事になっちゃった!

NEW: The athletic meeting caused a great riot in the infirmary school! And while everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun, this was something extremely serious to me!

OLD: オトナの時間

NEW: Time for the Adults

OLD: マスターとカクテルバーでドキドキ。心も酔わせてもらっちゃった。

NEW: I was very nervous to be at a cocktail with Master. Even my mind ended getting drunk in it.

OLD: ハイレグ?ビキニ?

NEW: High-leg? Bikini?

OLD: マスターはハイレグとビキニ、どっちが好みなのかなぁ…。

NEW: I wonder, Master's tastes are more in favor to high-leg leotards or bikinis...?

OLD: 黄昏カフェへようこそ!

NEW: Welcome to the Twilight Cafe!

OLD: いらっしゃいませ!黄昏カフェへようこそ!って今バイト中なの♪

NEW: Welcome, come in to the Twilight Cafe! I said that because I'm in my part-time job now♪

OLD: あやしい男にご用心
NEW: Beware of Suspicious Men

OLD: 夜中に一人で歩いていると、あやしい男に声かけられるゾ!用心用心…。

NEW: A night in which I was walking alone, a suspicious man tried to talk to me! Be careful, be careful...

OLD: 詩魔法選手権!!

NEW: Song Magic Champion!!

OLD: 魔界の詩魔法選手権開催だって!毎回すごい爆発三昧なんだって!!

NEW: We began a tournament to decide the Song Magic Champion of the Demon World! I ended concentrating in causing amazing explosions every time I could!!

OLD: つながる想い

NEW: Connecting Feelings

OLD: 世界の中心に触れるとみんなの想いと繋がるんだって。今日触ってきた!

NEW: The feelings that tie together everyone with the Heart of the World, and today I could feel them!

OLD: [宝物]翡翠のオルゴール

NEW: [Treasure]Jade Orgel

OLD: 翡翠のクリスタルで出来たオルゴール盤。綺麗な半透明。

NEW: An orgel disc made out from a jade crystal. It's clean and translucent.

OLD: [宝物]ネネット

NEW: [Treasure]Nenet

OLD: 昔大流行した、第一紀に作曲された名曲らしい。

NEW: A supposedly-famous melody, which was composed and made extremely popular during the First Era.

OLD: [宝物]月奏のサーキュラ

NEW: [Treasure]Tsukikanade Circula

OLD: 昔、月奏が持っていたというお守りらしい。トランスできるとか。

NEW: Some kind of charm that the Tsukikanade used to carry a long time ago. Will it allow me to reach a trance?

OLD: [宝物]星詠のアンク

NEW: [Treasure]Star Singer Ankh

OLD: 歴代の星詠が身につけている装飾品。いろんな危害から護る。

NEW: An ornament that the successive generations of the Hoshiyomi have always carried. Protects from many kinds of harm.

OLD: [宝物]ゆうわくのチッス

NEW: [Treasure]Alluring Kissss

OLD: 微妙にイヤ感がプンプンする、あまりオススメしないチッス。

NEW: A kiss that it's subtle, yet unpleasant and angry, and despite all of that, one that can't be truly advised to attempt.

OLD: [宝物]インストーラー

NEW: [Treasure]Installer

OLD: インストールの痛みを和らげるというらしいが…現実逃避グッズ?

NEW: An artifact that supposedly reduces the pain inflicted by an Install, but... wouldn't using it be attempting to escape from reality?

OLD: [詩魔法]クリニクル

NEW: [Song Magic]Chronical

OLD: HPが0になると、自動的に現れて回復してくれる!

NEW: When my HP reaches 0, this will automatically restore it to full!

OLD: [詩魔法]フレイメア

NEW: [Song Magic]Flamia

OLD: 炎の玉(顔面付き)が現れて敵に特攻する攻撃魔法!

NEW: An attack Song Magic that materializes a fireball (with face included) to specially attack the enemy!

OLD: [宝物]神楽の勾玉

NEW: [Treasure]Jewel of the Dance for the Gods

OLD: 割ると中から生き霊が出てきそうな、ドンヨリアイテム。

NEW: A heavy item, capable of separating living beings from the vengeful spirits.

OLD: [詩魔法]樹氷玉

NEW: [Song Magic]Glacial Ball

OLD: 氷の玉(顔面付き)が現れて敵に特攻する攻撃魔法!

NEW: An attack Song Magic that materializes an ice ball (with face included) to specially attack the enemy!

OLD: [宝物]コスモプロトコル

NEW: [Treasure]Cosmoprotocol

OLD: 精神世界と現実世界の接続に必要なデバイスドライバ。

NEW: A device driver indispensable for connecting the Soulspace with the real world.

OLD: [宝物]ボッタクルアメ

NEW: [Treasure]Rip-Off Candy

OLD: 一粒12リーフもするくせに、バケツ一杯買わせようとするらしい。

NEW: It might say that only one of these costs 12 Leaf, but that seems only an excuse to buy a bucket's worth of them.

OLD: [宝物]インフェル・ネーア

NEW: [Treasure]Infel Near

OLD: 詩を増幅すると思われるロッド。実際は使ってみないとわからない。

NEW: I think that this rod is used as an amplifier for the Songs. But in truth, I don't know how to use it, nor I want to try it.

OLD: [宝物]クルーエンニュロース

NEW: [Treasure]Cruennyuros

OLD: 何となく凄そうな宝物でしょ?実はこれ…

NEW: It wasn't supposed to be some kind of amazing treasure? And it actually turned out to be...

OLD: [詩魔法]頑固親父

NEW: [Song Magic]Stubborn Father

OLD: 世の中で4番目に強いヤツなだけあって、攻撃力はなかなか。

NEW: Because of being the fourth strongest person in the world, it has a great attack power.

OLD: [詩魔法]我愛弥

NEW: [Song Magic]Wo Ai Ni

OLD: 愛のオカリナぶーぶー吹けば、誰もが苦しみ倒れ出す。

NEW: When the Ocarina of love is blown, everyone will collapse from the pain.

OLD: [詩魔法]シルフのダンス

NEW: [Song Magic] Sylvan Dance

OLD: 我が身を犠牲にしても暴風を吹き荒らす妖精の魔法。実はマゾかも。

NEW: The magic that invokes a fairy whose windstorms will lay waste to everything, even if it costs me my own life. Maybe I'm actually a masochist...

OLD: [宝物]オボンヌみぃつけた。

NEW: [Treasure]A Funbun Fooound

OLD: 調子に乗って勘違いしてしまったお土産シリーズ。

NEW: In a whim, I ended joining too in enjoying the souvenir series I misunderstood before. 

OLD: [クリスタル]金色の噴水

NEW: [Crystal]Golden Fountain

OLD: 金色に輝く綺麗なクリスタル。見知らぬ人の想いが封じられている。

NEW: A beautiful crystal that shines with a golden light. It has sealed within the feelings of an unknown person.

OLD: [宝物]パイプニカ

NEW: [Treasure] Pipenica

OLD: この世界に広く存在する、パイプオルガンのようなハーモニカ。

NEW: An harmonica resembling a pipe organ, which are very widespread in this world.

OLD: [クリスタル]黄昏の天界

NEW: [Crystal]Twilight Heaven

OLD: 緋色に輝く綺麗なクリスタル。見知らぬ人の想いが封じられている。

NEW: A beautiful crystal that shines with an scarlet light. It has sealed within the feelings of an unknown person.

OLD: [宝物]ドッコイクラウン

NEW: [Treasure]Dokkoi Crown

OLD: 王冠なのだけど、微妙に欲しいような欲しくないような…

NEW: It's a crown, but I don't really know if I want or not it, because it looks like a questionable honor...

OLD: [宝物]インバートあいす

NEW: [Treasure]Inverted Ice Cream

OLD: 虚数空間のアイス!?ってことは、だんだん冷えて固まったりする?

NEW: An ice cream out from imagination!? At least doesn't it seem it gets gradually colder and harder because of that?

OLD: [宝物]レッドラゴたんJr.

NEW: [Treasure]Red Draggy Jr.

OLD: 赤いドラゴンの子供だって。マスコットみたいのを目指したんだって。

NEW: A red dragon baby. I have on eye on it because it seems so much like a mascot.

OLD: [詩魔法]金丹

NEW: [Song Magic]Cinna

OLD: 笛吹少女が現れて、おはやしで体力回復してくれる。

NEW: A girl playing a flute appears, and it slowly replenishes my strength.

OLD: [詩魔法]桃源金丹

NEW: [Song Magic]Arcadic Cinna

OLD: 次女、桃源ちゃんが、疲れた身体を癒します♪

NEW: The middle one, little Arcadic, comes and heals my tired body♪

OLD: [詩魔法]極楽金丹

NEW: [Song Magic]Paradise Cinna

OLD: 長女はしっかり者。なんと疲れを半分に抑えてくれるのだ!

NEW: The reliable eldest one. Somehow, the tiredness I felt has been reduced to half of how it was!

OLD: [宝物]ヒュムネミーア

NEW: [Treasure]Hymmne Mea

OLD: 私に詩を!と言っている。それは分かったが、どんな形してるんだ?

NEW: It means "Sing to me!". I know that, but, what shape does this item have?

OLD: [クリスタル]彩音撫子

NEW: [Crystal]Ion Cutie

OLD: 紺色に輝く綺麗なクリスタル。見知らぬ人の想いが封じられている。

NEW: A beautiful crystal that shines with a deep blue light. It has sealed within the feelings of an unknown person.

OLD: [宝物]ポコポコパン

NEW: [Treasure]Pokopokopan

OLD: くまの顔の形をしたあんパン。ちょっと美味しそう!

NEW: A pastry shaped after a bear's face. It tastes rather good!

OLD: [宝物]サメーソ

NEW: [Treasure]Sharkie

OLD: 伝説のチェーンソーを手に入れたぞ!と思ったら微妙に海外製!

NEW: I finally got the legendary chainsaw! Or at least that was what I thought while I saw this strange and foreign-looking artifact!

OLD: [詩魔法]ドラゴンフェルノ

NEW: [Song Magic]Dragoferno

OLD: 究極のドラゴンが現れて、風だか炎だかで敵をやっつけてくれる。

NEW: The ultimate dragon appears and attacks the enemies with either wind or fire.

OLD: [クリスタル]琥珀の麒麟

NEW: [Crystal]Amber Kirin

OLD: 琥珀色に輝く綺麗なクリスタル。見知らぬ人の想いが封じられている。

NEW: A beautiful crystal that shines with an amber light. It has sealed within the feelings of an unknown person.

OLD: [詩魔法]マイヒーロー

NEW: [Song Magic]My Hero

OLD: 究極のクマが現れて敵を踏んづける。でも本当はトラなんです。

NEW: The ultimate bear appears and tramples the enemies. But it actually is something like a tiger.

OLD: [宝物]天使のかつら

NEW: [Treasure]An Angel's Hairpin 

OLD: これを装備すれば誰もが天使になれる!?輪っか付きなんだって。

NEW: Anyone can become an angel if they equip this!? It seems to have attached something like a halo. 

OLD: [宝物]言霊の譜面

NEW: [Treasure]Score of the Power of Words 

OLD: 音符が書いていないのに何故か謳える不思議な楽譜

NEW: A mysterious score that, while it doesn't has any notes written in it, it can be still somehow sung. 

OLD: [宝物]アルシエル球

NEW: [Treasure]Ar Ciel Sphere

OLD: この星の地球儀らしいけど、真っ白であまり面白くない。

NEW: This artifact seems to be a globe of this planet, but since it's completely white, it isn't very interesting.

OLD: [詩魔法]スラッシュソード

NEW: [Song Magic]Sword Slash

OLD: 剣がザクザク落ちてくる。当たれば痛いが当たらなければ意味がない。

NEW: Many swords fall down upon the enemies. If they hit, they will cause a lot of damage, but if they don't, there isn't any point to this.

OLD: [詩魔法]アナライザー

NEW: [Song Magic]Analyzer

OLD: 思い出が出そうな場所がわかっちゃう魔法。思い出ザクザク!

NEW: A magic that allows me to know the place in which we can find memories. Let's gather a lot of them!

OLD: [詩魔法]ライフウォーム

NEW: [Song Magic]Life Warmth

OLD: 竪琴弾きの少女が、眠る貴方に子守唄を歌います♪

NEW: The harp-playing girl sings a gentle lullaby as you sleep♪

OLD: [詩魔法]ライフリフレッシュ

NEW: [Song Magic]Life Refresh

OLD: 強力な竪琴(ちょっと大きめ)で壮大な子守唄を奏でてくれる。

NEW: Plays a magnificent lullaby for you using a powerful (and somewhat bigger) harp.

OLD: [詩魔法]ライフシャワー

NEW: [Song Magic]Life Shower

OLD: 最強の竪琴(人間よりでかい)で子守唄を、って無理だろー!

NEW: That she plays a lullaby with the strongest harp (even larger than a person) should be impossible!

OLD: [詩魔法]???

NEW: [Song Magic]???

OLD: 5日ごとに思い出を生み出す、バーチャルリアリティ魔法その2

NEW: Every five days, it creates a Memory. The virtual reality magic, part 2.

OLD: [詩魔法]塔結線

NEW: [Song Magic]Tower Connection

OLD: なんと、史上最強の「塔」とリンクして、敵を殲滅するぞ!

NEW: This somehow links me with the historically strongest [Tower], and annihilates all the enemies! 

OLD: [宝物]幻の鳥オボンヌ

NEW: [Treasure]Illusory Bird Funbun

OLD: ついに見つけたぞ!お菓子の元になった鳥!

NEW: I finally found it, the bird that became the model for the famous sweets!

OLD: [宝物]D3細胞

NEW: [Treasure]D3-Cell

OLD: シュレリア様が恥ずかしがる超増殖型サイバネ細胞。

NEW: The cybernetic cell that propagates super-easily, which Lady Shurelia was so embarrassed about.

OLD: [クリスタル]沙羅双樹の鷹

NEW: [Crystal]Sal Tree Falcon

OLD: 鷹のような形のスタチュウが2対!コイツは壮観だ。

NEW: Two opposing statues shaped liked falcons! It's an spectacle to just look at them.

OLD: [宝物]イケてない服

NEW: [Treasure]Shoddy Clothes

OLD: あまりのイケてなさに、ついつい脱いでしまう危険な服!

NEW: Their shoddyness it's so great, that I run the risk of getting naked all of a sudden if I wear them!

OLD: [宝物]トゥンデレーヌ

NEW: [Treasure]A Tsundere Animal 

OLD: カワイイ小動物。しかし下手なことをすると噛まれるぞ。

NEW: It's a cute little thingie, but if you do anything stupid to it, it'll bite you.

OLD: [クリスタル]サイバネメタル

NEW: [Crystal]Cybernetic Metal

OLD: 中に情報回路が見えている。光の流れが美しい宝石。

NEW: I can see some information circuits within it. It's a beautiful jewel through which the light runs.

OLD: [宝物]ズルムケ

NEW: For Sneaky People

OLD: 小悪魔の顔をした像なんだけど、幸運を呼ぶんだって。

NEW: It's something like an statue modeled after an imp, but despite that, it attracts good fortune.

OLD: [宝物]デデデン太鼓

NEW: [Treasure]"Dededen" Drum

OLD: 髪飾りにもなる太鼓。いい音出すよ!

NEW: Huge drums that can be used as hair ornaments, and plus, they sound so nice!

OLD: [宝物]ソネッタエルガル

NEW: [Treasure]Sonnettael Girl

OLD: 伝説の、悲劇のレーヴァテイルの歌を奏でるオルゴール。

NEW: An orgel that plays the song of a legendary and tragic Reyvateil. 

OLD: [クリスタル]アルキルの涙

NEW: [Crystal]Alkyl Tears

OLD: 黄金色の液体が封入された玉。光に当てると虹色に輝く。

NEW: An orb that has a golden liquid sealed within itself. It shines in rainbow colors when it's exposed to the light.

OLD: [宝物]バイナリヤランド

NEW: [Treasure]Binary Field-land

OLD: 全ては架空世界の架空の遊園地です。何があっても大丈夫!?

NEW: All of this is an imaginary amusement park in an imaginary world. But it'll be okay to make something like this!?

OLD: [宝物]いけてないチケット

NEW: [Treasure]An Uninteresting Ticket

OLD: 題名は「若奥様は見た!深夜1時の頭無し蠅男」

NEW: The title of the play is: [The Mistress Saw It! The Brainless Scrub Late at Night]

OLD: [宝物]愛のグラスノ

NEW: [Treasure]Grathnode of Love

OLD: 今日も愛を確認するためにインストール!

NEW: Today we will Install again to confirm our love! 

OLD: [宝物]まほろばの玉

NEW: [Treasure]Ideal Land Orb

OLD: 見ていると懐かしいような雰囲気と匂いがアタリを包み込むよ。

NEW: When you look at it, a nostalgic atmosphere and odor enshrouds you. 

OLD: [宝物]思い出の学生証

NEW: Student Card Filled with Memories

OLD: 懐かしい青春の1ページ。その記念の一品としては最高のモノ。

NEW: A nostalgic page of my youth. This item is the largest commemoration of it.

OLD: [クリスタル]永遠の海

NEW: [Crystal]Eternal Sea

OLD: 只ひたすら静かな、そして包み込むような光を湛えた宝珠。

NEW: A jewel filled to the brim with a light that quietly enshrouds you.

OLD: [宝物]ぬるぬるジェル

NEW: [Treasure]Slimy Gel

OLD: ちょ…ちょっと…やあっ!…な、なにこれ…ぬるぬるするよう…

NEW: W...w...wait... noo! ...W-what is this...? I'm getting all slimy...

OLD: [宝物]愛情一本ネクタイ

NEW: [Treasure]A Necktie of Love

OLD: 出勤前には愛情一本!貴方も私も一日元気にがんばろう!

NEW: A necktie of love tied before going out to work! Today, we will do our best, you and me! 

OLD: [宝物]フリフリーノ

NEW: [Treasure]Flifleeno

OLD: フリフリの素!水につけるとフリフリが!!…って、フリフリって何よ

NEW: The origin of Flifli! A flifli with water!!... But, what is a Flifli?

OLD: [クリスタル]くれなひの勾玉

NEW: [Crystal]Crimson Jewel

OLD: ちょっと変わった、大和時代を思わせる勾玉。

NEW: It has changed a little, but it's a jewel that makes you think about the Yamato Era. 

OLD: [宝物]ほかり

NEW: [Treasure]Hokari

OLD: なんだかね、とっても暖かいの。ほかり!ほかり!…そんなふりかけです。

NEW: I don't know what is it, but's pretty warm. It's the kind of thing that would make you spout... Hokari! Hokari!

OLD: [クリスタル]一瞬の海

NEW: [Crystal]Blink Sea

OLD: きっと、飽きっぽいんじゃないんですかね?いや、よくわかりませんけど。

NEW: Surely it's something very ephemeral, huh? No, I don't know it well either, but...

OLD: [宝物]日の生まれいずる布

NEW: [Treasure]Cloth of the Daybreak

OLD: この布を使うと、結構煌びやかなものが出来るらしい。そしてワビサビ。

NEW: When you use this cloth, you can see how dazzlingly it shines. It has quite a simplistic beauty.

OLD: [宝物]思い出のラブレター

NEW: [Treasure]Love Letter of Memories

OLD: 思い出すな…学校に通っていた頃の、初恋の相手…うふふー。

NEW: I remember it... The first I love I had during the times I went to school... hehehe. 

OLD: [宝物]ぴちぴち繊維

NEW: [Treasure]Energetic Fiber

OLD: なんかムリムリ感ただよう生地、これでいいの?

NEW: This material somehow gives me an unpleasant feeling, but it's okay like this? 

OLD: [宝物]咲き乱れる花

NEW: [Treasure]Profusely Blooming Flower

OLD: 目がくらむような花、ちょっとまぶしすぎる。

NEW: This flower left me dazzled, so it's a little too radiant for me.

OLD: [宝物]チクチクハート

NEW: [Treasure]Prickled Heart

OLD: 傷つきやすさと不器用さのつまったはぁと。

NEW: The sensitivity and awkwardness of a closed-off heart.

OLD: [宝物]青い小鹿

NEW: [Treasure]A Little Blue Deer

OLD: 臆病でぷるぷるしてる置物、かわいいけどたまにウザイ。

NEW: This ornament is filled with timidity, so it's cute, but pretty annoying at the same time.

OLD: [宝物]にょっプレス

NEW: [Treasure]Nyo Press

OLD: 何を隠すか謎のにょっとした物体、粘着力は抜群。

NEW: This the object that the mysterious Nyo, which hides something, has in its body. It's notorious for its viscosity. 

OLD: [宝物]おしゃべりハマ人形

NEW: A Talking Hama Doll

OLD: ヒモを引っ張ると喋るハマの人形…あれ?渋いオッサンの声がするのは何故?

NEW: A Hama Doll that talks whenever you pull the cord on her back... huh? Why does it have the voice of a middle-aged man?

OLD: [宝物]奥さん、米屋です

NEW: [Treasure]Madam, This is a Rice Shop

OLD: お米屋さんを召喚できる不思議なお米券。奥さんじゃなくても使えるけどね。

NEW: The mysterious rice ticket with which the shopkeeper was able to call me. I'm not the wife of anyone, yet it still used that way of speaking, huh? 

OLD: [宝物]対同姓プロテクタ

NEW: [Treasure]Anti-rival Protector

OLD: 好きなあの人に、他の女の子が寄りつかなくなる!ス・テ・キなアイテム♪

NEW: If you give this to the person you love, no other girl will be able to approach him! A WON-DER-FUL item♪!

OLD: [宝物]解ツン剤

NEW: [Treasure]Anti-tsun Medicine

OLD: ツンな部分を解消してくれる薬。ツンデレ絶滅の日は近い…?

NEW: A medicine that erases the Tsun part of a person. The day of extinction for the Tsunderes in near now...?

OLD: [宝物]悪魔のブラ

NEW: [Treasure]A Devil's Bra

OLD: 付けると胸を小さくすることが出来るブラ。…誰が使うの?

NEW: A bra that can only be worn by girls with an small chest... Who would wear it? 

OLD: [宝物]恋する耳栓

NEW: Earplugs of Love

OLD: 愛しのあの人の声以外は聞こえなくなる耳栓。どこでも二人の世界を作れる。

NEW: Earplugs that make you unable to hear besides the voice of your loved person. With it, we two could create our own world. 

OLD: [宝物]緑の羽根の地球儀

NEW: [Treasure]Green Wings Globe 

OLD: この世界の真理を探究できる、素晴らしく哲学的な地球儀らしい。

NEW: A incredibly philosophical globe-like artifact which allows you to learn the truth about this world.

OLD: [宝物]恨ミックスリピーテッド

NEW: Grudgix Repeater

OLD: くりかえしくりかえしくりかえし恨みの声がする拡声器!もういやーー!!

NEW: A megaphone that repeats repeats repeats incessantly things with a voice filled with grudge! Enough alreadyyyy!!

OLD: [詩魔法]思い出の種撒き機 

NEW: [Song Magic]Memory Seed Scatterer

OLD: なんと2008年開催メタファリカフェスタの「さぽているの種」を作れる!!

NEW: Somehow, it allows you to create the [Supporteil Seeds] that were given during the 2008 Metafalica Festa Event!! 

OLD: [クリスタル]ミャロリアーゼ

NEW: [Crystal]Myaloliaze

OLD: なんだかとっても可愛く甘えてきそうなクリスタル。…って、どんなのだ?

NEW: Somehow, it's a cute and sweet-looking crystal... but, in which way?

# A few translations from this page:
# http://game.salburg.com/suppotail/room/index.php?mode=costumes&address=SP20888

OLD: 着替え部屋

NEW: Dressing Room

OLD: 現在『Mihoka』が紡ぎ出したコスチュームの一覧です。

NEW: A catalog of all the Costumes that [Mihoka] has crafted so far.

OLD: また、ここで好きなコスチュームに着替えることができます。

NEW: This also allows you to change her into the Costume you like the most

OLD: 天覇制服

NEW: Tenba Uniform

OLD: 総合企業天覇の制服。

NEW: The uniform used by the Reyvateils working for the Tenba Conglomerate.

OLD: 天守聖衣

NEW: Holy Guardian

OLD: 古くからの歌巫女服。

NEW: The clothes used by the singing priestesses sinc very ancient times. 



OLD: りりしい甲冑の騎士。

NEW: The gallant armor worn by the knights. 



OLD: りりしい甲冑の騎士。

NEW: The gallant armor worn by the knights. 
OLD: バブルパッション

NEW: Bubble Passion
OLD: これは衣装…なの?

NEW: Are these even clothes... in the first place?


# Translation batch: 2011-09-16

# Some extra translations for this page:
# http://game.salburg.com/suppotail/room/index.php?guestmode=SP20888

OLD: 遊んでいます

NEW: Playing.

OLD: 暇そうにしています。

NEW: Not doing anything.

# More translations for this page:
# http://game.salburg.com/suppotail/room/index.php?mode=items&address=SP20888

OLD: マイナスイオニック

NEW: Minus Ionic

OLD: 森の奥で滝を発見!大迫力でただただ壮観だったよ。

NEW: I discovered a waterfall in the deepest part of the forest! It was an incredible sight to behold.

OLD: みちとの遭遇

NEW: An Encounter with the Unknown 

OLD: 森の中で、人と竜とのハーフに出会った!これが噂のテル族?

NEW: In the forest, I met with a half-human, half-dragon person! Could it have been one of the rumored Terus?

OLD: ロボ子とブリエッタ

NEW: Brietta & the Robot Girl

OLD: 学校の文化祭で演劇を見てきた。思わず泣いちゃったよ…。

NEW: This was a play I watched during the school cultural festival. I began crying without thinking when I watched it...

OLD: ダイナマイトボデー

NEW: Dynamite Body

OLD: プールで超グラマーな人発見!わ、私だってそのうち…!!

NEW: I saw an incredibly glamorous person at the pool! But I eventually will...!!

OLD: 不向きなバイト

NEW: An Unmarketable Part-Time Job

OLD: 2人で料理のバイトに挑戦!結果は…世にもおぞましきものが…

NEW: We were challenged to try a cooking part-time job! But the result... was far less than apetizing...

OLD: ウワサの花火大会

NEW: The Rumored Fireworks Display

OLD: 念願の花火大会に!遂に見ちゃった…きのこ花火!

NEW: At the fireworks display I wished so much to see! And I finally saw... mushroom-shaped fireworks!

OLD: スリラーハウス

NEW: Thriller House

OLD: おばけ屋敷に挑戦!そして、チキンウェイから帰還…。恥ずかしい。

NEW: We challenged a haunted house! But we ended chickening out after a while... how embarrassing.

OLD: おにあくま!

NEW: Ogre Demon!

OLD: 急にいなくなったと思ったら脅かすんだもの!思い切り叩いちゃったよ…

NEW: Something startled us so much that we thought we were going to die! We had to attack it with everything we had...

OLD: ひみつの地下道

NEW: A Secret Subterranean Tunnel

OLD: ドアを開けたら地下道がどこまでも続いていた。扉が沢山並んでた…。

NEW: We opened a door which led to a secret tunnel which went on for who knows how far. There were many doors inside it... 

OLD: 太陽の門

NEW: The Door of the Sun

OLD: 2人で石の間から昇る朝日を見たよ。ちょっとロマンチックだった。

NEW: We ascended through an space between the rocks, and saw the rise of the morning sun. It was somewhat romantic.

OLD: サイバーゾーン

NEW: Cyberzone

OLD: なんだか、妙に機械的な所に迷い込んだよ…?

NEW: How I got lost in this strange, mechanical-looking place?

OLD: デレむっふにゃくにゃ

NEW: Let's Meow Cutely

OLD: やっぱり休日は家で2人でデレむっふにゃくにゃよね!

NEW: As I thought, we should meow cutely while we're alone at home during our free day!

OLD: テストでしょぼり

NEW: Tests Are Ridiculously Hard

OLD: 遂にやっちゃった!…テストで…0点…

NEW: At last I did it! ...But I scored... a 0 in the test...

OLD: 憧れのゴハン

NEW: A Long-yearned Meal

OLD: ああ、一度は食べてみたかったよ…本格和風懐石!そして遂に!

NEW: Ah, I wanted to try eating that at least once... a genuine Japanese-style entree! And at last I could!

OLD: 踊り子さんコチラ

NEW: The Dancer is Here

OLD: マスターったら、お祭りの踊り子さんに鼻の下伸ばして…プンプン!

NEW: He may be a master, but when the festival dancer reached to under my nose... it made me so angry!

OLD: 興醒めの宴

NEW: Banquet of the Kill-joys

OLD: 怪しい屋敷の奥で行われていたのは…怪しい宴!

NEW: This happened in the main room of a suspicious mansion... it was such an strange banquet!

OLD: 面白可笑しい逸話

NEW: A Funny Anecdote

OLD: あっはっは!なんかね、扉の向こうの話を聞いてたら可笑しくて!あっはっは!

NEW: Hahaha! The conversation I heard from the other side of the door was so funny! Hahaha!

OLD: [秘蔵]ぽかぽんかいろ

NEW: [Treasure]Clumsiness Circuit

OLD: ハッキリ言って相当暖かい。一瞬で体中が燃焼する。

NEW: That I was explicitly told that made me feel warm, and the following instant, I felt as if my entire body was burning.

OLD: [秘蔵]剛性グラスニック

NEW: [Treasure]Rigid Grathnic

OLD: グラスノ線を編んで創った合成繊維。超高強度で転んでも傷1つ無い!

NEW: A synthetic fiber made out from knitted Grathnode wires. Thanks to its great resilience, you won't get hurt at all if you fall down!

OLD: [秘蔵]3次元プレッサー

NEW: [Treasure]Tridimensional Press

OLD: 3次元のモノを二次元に潰してしまう、超強力なアイロン!

NEW: Because this turns tridimensional things into bidimensional one, it's a superpowerful iron!

OLD: [秘蔵]フリップフロップリン

NEW: [Treasure]Flip-Floppudding

OLD: 食べると何でも逆さまにしてしまうちょっと怖いプリン。超腐りやすい。

NEW: An scary pudding that seems to be the inverse to every other kind of food. It rots away very easily.

OLD: [秘蔵]ねんねこねこ

NEW: [Treasure]Bed-time Kitten

OLD: 寝ていないところを見たことがない、只ひたすら寝続けるねこ。

NEW: Though I didn't even look at it when I couldn't sleep, it still allowed me to continue sleeping as usual.

OLD: のんべえ到来

NEW: The Arrival of a Heavy Drinker

OLD: よっぱらいオヤジの悪夢、怖かった~、ちゃんと守ってね。

NEW: I had a nightmare about a drunk man... I was so scared... please protect me from it, okay?

OLD: どんぐりを拾ったよ

NEW: When We Went to Gather Acorns

OLD: 子供みたいに夢中になって拾っちゃったね。

NEW: We seemed to be in a child-like dream when we were picking them up, no?

OLD: 道に落ちていた物体

NEW: What was Dropped in the Way

OLD: アレって何だったの?見ないほうがいいって遠ざけてたけど…。

NEW: What was THAT? It could be better if I don't look at it, and stay away from it, yet...

OLD: 忘れた教科書

NEW: A Forgotten Textbook

OLD: 先生に怒られても置いて帰ればよかった、重かったのに。

NEW: Even if the teacher gets mad at me for going back to pick it up, it's too important to me.

OLD: 綺麗な石を投げてみた

NEW: When I Tried Throwing Away a Beautiful Stone

OLD: 簡単に潜って拾われちゃった、水に入れると透明に見えたね。

NEW: When I simply threw it away into a river, I saw how beautifully it sparkled as it fell into the water.

OLD: 思いを込めた料理

NEW: Cooking Brimming with Feelings

OLD: 今から愛情を注ぎたいと思います、えいっ!やーん…マジマジ見ないで。

NEW: I think that from now on, I'll pour all of my love into it, ah! Tada... don't even dare to look at it.

OLD: 夜光リングは古い…

NEW: The Nocturnal Luminescence Ring is so Old...

OLD: あんなのにだまされちゃダメだよ、高いだけで振っても意味なし。

NEW: Even if I'm not deceived by it, it doesn't have any meaning to put the same level of effort to touch it as the height at which it's located.

OLD: ダークファンタジー

NEW: Dark Fantasy

OLD: 小悪魔っぽく振舞って見せたのは、貴方の好みに合わせたんだからねっ。

NEW: Because I saw you acting like an imp, I thought that this would fit your tastes.

OLD: 鉱石採集

NEW: Collecting Ores

OLD: 石の重さやなめてみた感じまで調べたよね、結局宝石は見つからなかったけど。

NEW: I felt that I could know which rocks had jewels by weighing them, but in the end, I couldn't find any jewel ores.

OLD: 開けゴマ!

NEW: Open Sesame!

OLD: 思いつく限り呪文を唱えたのに結局開かなかったね。

NEW: As soon as I thought it, I said this spell, yet the door still didn't open.

OLD: 言い訳は聞かない

NEW: I Won't Listen to Any Excuses

OLD: ねぇねぇ、このベッドの下に隠してあった本なんだけど…説明してくれる?

NEW: Hey, hey! Would you care to explain... what was this book that you had hidden under your bed?

OLD: 掃除中のこと

NEW: In the Middle of Cleaning

OLD: 部屋を掃除してたら、思い出のアルバムが出てきてつい見入っちゃった。

NEW: While we were cleaning, I found an album of our memories together, and I immediately gazed at it.

OLD: 女神の泉?

NEW: The Spring of the Goddess?

OLD: 森の中で泉を発見!今度来た時は斧でも沈めてみようかな?

NEW: I discovered a spring inside the forest! When I go back there, should I try throwing an axe in?

OLD: ウサギの鳴き声

NEW: The Cries of the Bunny

OLD: きゅっきゅっと鳴くうさぎを始めて見た。ウサミミをつけた人にも見えたが…。

NEW: I suddenly began seeing a bunny crying "kyuukyuu", but I also saw the person who hurt it...

OLD: [種]すずろのすず

NEW: Windbell of Rashness

OLD: この鈴の音を聞くと、自重という言葉を忘れて心の赴くまま行動してしまう。

NEW: When you hear the sound of this windbell, your heart begins acting as if you had forgotten what "prudence" means.

OLD: ウインドウショッピング

NEW: Window Shopping

OLD: 懐が寂しいからウインドウショッピング。でも欲しい気持ちは抑えられない!

NEW: Because we didn't have any money, we went window shopping. Still, I can't hold off the feeling of wanting to buy everything!

OLD: 保健室のベッド

NEW: The School Infirmary Beds

OLD: あんなに硬いマットレスなのに、横になると落ち着くのはどうして?

NEW: How can anyone lie down and relax in mattresses as hard as these?

OLD: 部活勧誘

NEW: Invitation to the Club Activities

OLD: オボンヌ研究部からの勧誘があったよ…もう少しまともな部活がいいな…。

NEW: I was invited to join to the Funbun Investigation Club... but honestly, that's something I'd rather not do...

OLD: 臭っ!?

NEW: Stinks!?

OLD: 塩素の臭いが恐ろしいほど強かった!ヤバイよこのプール!!

NEW: It had a dreadfully strong chlorine small! This pool is dangerous!!

OLD: プール大会に参加!!

NEW: Participating in a Meeting at the Pool!

OLD: したんだけど…顔面から飛び込んだせいで即棄権という結果に。恥ずかしい。

NEW: I got an start edge, but... since that was because I jumped in face-first, I ended forfeiting at once. It was embarrassing.

OLD: [種]ばりばりのたま

NEW: [Seed]Orb of Tearing

OLD: 使った瞬間、私の服が弾けとんだ…今すぐ処分するべきだと思う。

NEW: When I used it, my clothes were torn apart... I think I should get rid of it at once.

OLD: 裏メニューへの道!

NEW: The Way of the Secret Menu!

OLD: パフェを連続五杯食べて、裏メニューの特盛りパフェの注文権をゲット!

NEW: Because I managed to eat five parfaits in an straight sitting, I got the right to order the extra large parfait of the secret menu!

OLD: 線香打ち上げ花火

NEW: Firing Fireworks with Incense Sticks

OLD: 線香花火を打ち上げるというまったく新しい花火登場!…見てて寂しかった。

NEW: A completely new way of shooting off fireworks: using incense sticks, has appeared! ...But it was lonely watching them by myself...

OLD: 心臓バクバク

NEW: Throbbing Heart

OLD: 夜店を回っているうちに神社の裏に来てしまい、ちょっとドキドキ…。

NEW: While I was walking around the night fair, I ended going to the rear-side of the temple. I got a little nervous in there...

OLD: [種]ゲ口ツゴ

NEW: [Seed]Geugo

OLD: わぁ、可愛いゲロッゴ…って、偽者じゃん!!

NEW: Whoa, it's a cute Gergo... but it's a fake!!

OLD: 魔王の玉座

NEW: The Throne of the Demon World

OLD: 魔王の玉座を目の前にしてドキドキしたけど、近くで見たら安っぽかった…。

NEW: I was a little nervous because of having the throne of the demon world in front of me, but once I got close to it, it was so shabby-looking...

OLD: [種]謎のネタ帳

NEW: [Seed]Mysterious Jokebook

OLD: 道で拾った何者かのネタ帳。後頭部が痒くなるようなことばかり書かれてる。

NEW: This was a jokebook that someone threw away in the road. What was written in it made my neck get all itchy.

OLD: 絶対ダメ!!

NEW: Absolutely No!!

OLD: ラクガキ発見!誰の仕業かわからないけど、二人で綺麗にしたよ。

NEW: I discovered a graffiti! I don't who was the one that made it, but the two of us ended cleaning it up.

OLD: [種]渦巻きパンツ

NEW: [Seed]Coiled Panties

OLD: 見た目はただの縞パン。しかし線をたどっていくと辿り着くのは…。

NEW: What I saw was only an stripped pan. But when I began following its lines, I ended reaching a pair of...

OLD: [種]十里眼水晶球

NEW: [Seed]Widevoyance Crystal Sphere

OLD: 千里眼ならぬ十里眼。十里先の景色が映るが、ボヤけてるため目が疲れる。

NEW: It isn't clairvoyance, but Widevoyance. I ended calling it like that because upon using it, the scenery you can see gradually becomes dim, and causes eye fatigue.

OLD: [種]フラグリセット

NEW: [Seed]Flag Reset

OLD: あらゆるフラグをリセット出来る凄いもの。戦場で婚約者の話をしても安心。

NEW: An amazing item that can reset every possible flag. I can now talk to my fiancee in peace even in the battlefield.

OLD: [種]一発ストライク

NEW: [Seed]One-Hit Strike

OLD: 重さ16ポンド、指を引っ掛ける三つの穴…これって、アレだよね?

NEW: 16 pounds of weight, three holes to clog up with the fingers... that WAS all of it?

OLD: [種]ヤブレター

NEW: [Seed]Defetter

OLD: 告白に見事敗れた者達の悲しみがつづられた手紙。読んでると胃が痛くなる。

NEW: A letter made by the sadness of all these people that were defeated by an outstanding love confession. I felt a pain in my stomach after reading it.

OLD: [種]ハイカラー

NEW: [Seed]High Color

OLD: ハイカラーとは65536色発色の事だけど、ハイカラさんの事でもある。

NEW: While a High Color is something that has a total of 65536 color, it's actually something of an stylish person.

OLD: [種]パン種

NEW: [Seed]Yeast

OLD: パンも作れるかも知れないけど、これは他のパンつくる種です。

NEW: It might be used for making bread, but this is a seed for making other kinds of "pan".

OLD: マッタリビングデイ

NEW: Malta Living Day

OLD: 週末はリビングでマッタリするのが一番…って前にもそんな事言った…?

NEW: During the weekend, having a malta living is the best... when I said that...?

OLD: カラフルきのこ!!

NEW: A Colorful Mushroom!

OLD: 森で見つけたカラフルきのこ!!でもマスターは食べちゃだめだって。

NEW: A colorful mushroom I found at the forest!! But it's just because the Master wanted to eat it.

OLD: マサヨシの味方!!?

NEW: An Ally of Interest!!?

OLD: 正義の味方らしき人が問題を解決してたよ!…いや、問題の当事者だったかも。

NEW: I decided to ask an ally of justice-ish person a question! ...Well, it might just have been because he was interested in the question.

OLD: 畑仕事は楽しいな!

NEW: Working in the Fields is Fun!

OLD: 今日は村で畑仕事を手伝った!疲れたけど立派に育つといいな。

NEW: Today we helped with cultivating the fields of the village! I got tired from it, but I think that they will grow well.


# New Status from guest mode page, over here:
# http://game.salburg.com/suppotail/room/index.php?guestmode=SP20888

OLD: 二人で『ふたりの部屋』へ
NEW: To our [Personal Room]

OLD: おでかけしている最中です。
NEW: In the middle of a stroll.

# Lines from the Memories Encyclopedy, over here:

OLD: >思い出一覧<

NEW: >Memories Encyclopedy

OLD: ここは、おでかけ先で2人で紡いだ『思い出』と、

NEW: >This contains all of the [Memories] we've created on our strolls,

OLD: 思い出調合で紡いだ『詩』の一覧です。

NEW: and the [Songs] we've made through Memory Synthesis.

OLD: (赤い字の詩魔法は、タイトルをクリックすると効果説明を見られます)

NEW: (The red lettered names indicate a Song Magic. Click the title to see a description of its effects).

OLD: >レア<

NEW: >Rarity<

OLD: 思い出or詩名

NEW: MemoryorSong Name

OLD: >寿命<

NEW: >Life Span<

OLD: 思い出or詩の簡単な説明

NEW: Simple Explanation for the MemoryorSong

OLD: タンスの角は危険!

NEW: The Corners of the Cabinets are So Dangerous! 

OLD: タンスの角に足の小指をぶつけた…!!これはイタイ…

NEW: I hurt my toes with a cabinet corner...!! It hurts so much... 

OLD: うだるような暑い日

NEW: A Boiling Hot Day 

OLD: エアコンも無い部屋でうだるあなたとウチワで仰ぐ私。

NEW: I turn to a fan in this boiling hot room. 

OLD: ゴキブリ叩き!

NEW: Attack of the Cockroaches! 

OLD: 台所からゴキブリが大量発生!家中大混乱になっちゃった!

NEW: Many cockroaches came out from the kitchen! It turned into a great chaos throughout all the house! 

OLD: 大鼠とのガチンコバトル

NEW: Having a Hard Battle with a Big Rat 

OLD: 突然現れたアイツとのバトル。見事に撃退!

NEW: I had to battle with a certain thing that appeared suddenly, and I got a great victory against it! 

OLD: あつあつ鍋

NEW: A Pipping Hot Saucepan 

OLD: 湯気をかこみながら仲良く食べました。火傷に注意。

NEW: While it had a lot of steam inside, my friends had a very good meal from it. Be careful with it, since it's still hot. 

OLD: 二人で森を歩いた午後

NEW: The Afternoon in Which we Walked Through the Forest Together 

OLD: 木漏れ日の差す中、貴方と私が歩きながら話したこと。

NEW: What we talked about while we walked in the forest, inside the sunlight that downpoured through the trees over us. 

OLD: 白い花の髪飾り

NEW:    White Flower Hair Ornament 

OLD: ひっそりと咲いていた一輪の花、プレゼントしちゃった!

NEW: A flower that silently bloomed, which you gave me as a present! 

OLD: 迷子の先にあったもの

NEW: After We Got Lost 

OLD: 深い森で迷子になった!ケンカしながらたどり着いたのは…

NEW: We got lost in the depths of the forest! And while we were arguing, we arrived to... 

OLD: 襲撃・嵐のスギ花粉

NEW: Attack - A Cedar Pollen Storm 

OLD: 強い風に吹かれ、近くの杉の木から大量の花粉が!

NEW: The wind blowed strongly, and blowed off a lot of pollen from the nearby cedar trees! 

OLD: 草の根わけて

NEW: Peculiar Grass Roots

OLD: 大切なものを落としちゃった。見つかったけど疲れたなぁ

NEW: I lost something important. I was able to find it, but now I'm so tiiired. 

OLD: 雨に降られて

NEW: Soaked in Rain 

OLD: 突然の雨にびっくり。大きな樹の下で雨宿りしました。

NEW: I was surprised by the sudden rain, and I had to use a large tree as a shelter from it. 

OLD: 猫の襲撃

NEW: Cat Attack

OLD: 町を二人で歩いていたら、突如猫の大群がこちらに!!

NEW: While we were walking through the town, a great number of cats suddenly appeared everywhere!!

OLD: のんびりとした時間

NEW: Carefree Times

OLD: 二人でのんびりとウインドウショッピングした時のこと。

NEW: The time in which we leisurely went window shopping.

OLD: 収穫祭でどんちゃん騒ぎ

NEW: Summer Festival Spree

OLD: 偶然、収穫祭に遭遇。おいしい物たくさん食べました。

NEW: We met by pure chance at the Summer Festival. I ate a lot of tasty things in there.

OLD: かくれんぼで待ちぼうけ

NEW: Waiting in Vain During a Hide-and-Seek Game

OLD: 村の子供に誘われて久々に童心にかえりました。

NEW: My naivete from long ago returned when the children of the village invited me to play with them.

OLD: 下駄箱に手紙

NEW: A Letter in the Cupboard

OLD: 学校の下駄箱にあなた宛に一通の、不幸の手紙が…。

NEW: I found a letter adressed to you in the school cupboard, but it was a very sad one...

OLD: お出かけ記念に購買でお買い物

NEW: What I Bought in Commemoration of Us Going Out

OLD: 意外にたくさんあって、何を買おうか迷っちゃいました。

NEW: I unexpectedly bought many things, since I couldn't decide what I should have bought.

OLD: 体育の授業は???

NEW: A Physical Education Class???

OLD: いままであんなスポーツがあるとは知らなかった。私もやりたいな。

NEW: I have never known about sports like these, nor I want to play them.

OLD: 七不思議

NEW: Seven Wonders

OLD: 怖い話をきかされたけど、手をつないでくれてたから怖くなかったよ。

NEW: I have heard some scary stories, but since our hands were joined, I wasn't afraid at all.

OLD: アイスキャンディー 

NEW: Ice Candy 

OLD: 懐かしいあの味。やっぱり頭がキーンてなりました。急いで食べちゃダメ。

NEW: It has such a nostalgic flavor, but as I thought, it gave me a brain freeze. I should stop eating it so quickly.

OLD: プルッシーだ!!

NEW: It's A Plusea!!

OLD: プールに謎の巨大生物、プルッシーの姿が現れパニックに!

NEW: A great panic started because a mysterious gigantic creature, a Plusea, appeared in the pool!

OLD: 日照りのプール

NEW: A Dry Pool

OLD: 日差しのせいで、熱くなったプールサイドで顔から転倒!

NEW: Because of the sunrays, it got so hot that I fainted and fell face-first at the poolside!

OLD: 泳ぎの特訓

NEW: Special Swimming Lessons

OLD: 犬かきしか出来ない私のために、水泳の特訓をしたこと。

NEW: Because I wasn't able to do a dog paddle, I had to take special swimming lessons.

OLD: 小さな乱入者

NEW: An Small Intruder

OLD: 泳いでいたら目の前に金魚を発見。危うく飲み込みそうに。

NEW: While I was swimming, a goldfish appeared before my eyes. I almost gulped it down by accident.

OLD: 日焼け止めクリーム

NEW: Suntan Lotion

OLD: 日焼けして赤くならないように、クリームを塗ってもらいました。

NEW: Because I didn't want to get burned out as I sunbathed, I applied some lotion to my skin.

OLD: 白い英雄

NEW: The White Hero

OLD: 犬に競泳で負ける。どうやら奴は白い英雄と呼ばれる超速スイマーらしい。

NEW: I lost at a dog-swimming race, and it seems that the guy who beat me was a super-great swimmer or something called the White Hero.

OLD: はぁとのストロー

NEW: The Straw of the Heart

OLD: 「これで貴方もラブラブに!はぁとのストロー」貰っちゃった!

NEW: "With this, I declare my love for you: The Straw of the Heart!" and I accepted it!

OLD: かわいいエプロン

NEW: A Cute Apron

OLD: 私も着てみたいな、あのエプロン。

NEW: I want to try too wearing that apron.

OLD: 大食い選手権

NEW: Gluttony Champion

OLD: カフェで開かれた大食い大会で、見事優勝した時のこと。

NEW: This was when I got a great victory at an gluttony convention that was inaugurated at the Cafe.

OLD: カリスマ歌姫のリサイタル

NEW: The Recital of a Charismatic Songstress

OLD: 大人気!あの歌姫の生詩を聴く。私もあんな風に謳いたいなぁ。

NEW: I got to hear live the Song of an incredibly popular songstress! I want to sing like that, too.

OLD: 夜店の景品

NEW: Premium from the Night Fair

OLD: 夜店のクジの景品で、巨大な人形を当てた時のこと。

NEW: This was when I won a gigantic doll as the first prize from the night fair lottery.

OLD: 行列が出来る店のメニュー

NEW: The Menu of A Shelf-Made Shop

OLD: あの素材があんなに美味しくなるなんて大自然の神秘。

NEW: How these raw materials can become something so tasty is a mystery of nature.

OLD: おかしなお面

NEW: An Odd Face

OLD: あんまり売れていなかったなぁ。…かわいいのに。

NEW: I didn't really want to buy it... but it looked so cute.

OLD: 炎の大道芸

NEW: A Firebreather

OLD: 楽しかったぁ。また見に行こうね。

NEW: It was so fun. Let's go see it again, okay? 

OLD: カラー小鳥

NEW: A Colorful Little Bird

OLD: あれって大きくなると全然変わるやつだよね?

NEW: Won't it change completely once it grows up? 

OLD: ふと気がつけば

NEW: When I Suddenly Realize

OLD: 散歩をしていたら、いつの間にか魔界に迷い込んでいた。

NEW: While I was taking a walk around, I got lost in the Demon World without noticing it.

OLD: 危険な部屋

NEW: A Dangerous Room

OLD: いろんな怖い道具がありました。

NEW: There were many scary implements in there.

OLD: 恐ろしい声

NEW: An Scary Voice

OLD: どこからともなく聞こえてきたあの声。なんだったんだろう…。

NEW: I heard a voice coming out from nowhere. What could have been that...?

OLD: あやしい雰囲気

NEW: An Strange Atmosphere

OLD: ロウソクが揺らめくちょっぴりあやしい感じだったね。

NEW: The candles flickered a little, and that gave me a very strange feeling.

OLD: ストーンヘンジ崩壊

NEW: Collapse of the Stonehenge

OLD: よっかかって体重を預けたら、突然岩が揺れだして…。

NEW: While I leaned myself against the rocks, they suddenly began trembling and...

OLD: 夜明けの光彩

NEW: The Splendor of the Daybreak

OLD: 朝の光で一面キラキラしてました。また見に行きたいな。

NEW: The morning light made everything sparkle. I want to go and see that again.

OLD: 原石発見!

NEW: Found an Ore!

OLD: 磨けば凄いものになるあの石を発見。

NEW: I found an stone that turns into something amazing after it gets polished.

OLD: 雨宿りの午後

NEW: In An Afternoon Taking Shelter From the Rain

OLD: 雨宿りしてるときに寝ちゃって膝枕してもらったっけ…。

NEW: I vaguely remember falling sleep on your lap when we were taking shelter from the rain...

OLD: 古代生物の…

NEW: An Animal from Ancient Times...

OLD: 化石がある石ってあるかなぁ。

NEW: I wonder if there is a fossil in this stone...

OLD: ドアが開かずに

NEW: At A Door That Doesn't Open

OLD: 塔のドアが開かず、何もせず引き返すことになったこと。

NEW: This was when the door of the tower didn't open, and seemed like we couldn't go back at all.

OLD: 綺麗なうた声

NEW: A Beautiful Singing Voice

OLD: 誰が唄ってたんだろう。気になるな。

NEW: Someone was singing in there, and that bothers me somewhat.

OLD: 夫婦漫才

NEW: A Couple of Married Comedians

OLD: 扉の向こうから聞こえてくるやり取りが、凄く気になりました

NEW: I heard a conversation going from the other side of the door, and that greatly bothered me.

OLD: 無謀な挑戦

NEW: A Reckless Challenge

OLD: 塔を昇る競争をし、お互い途中でギブアップしたこと。

NEW: I challenged you to a tower-climbing race, but we both gave up during the way.

OLD: こたつでうたたね

NEW: Dozing Off On the Table

OLD: コタツでうたた寝する貴方に、子守唄を謳ってあげました。

NEW: You fell sleep over the table, and I sang a lullaby to you.

OLD: どろんこまみれ…

NEW: Smeared in Mud...

OLD: 草に引っかかって顔面ゴケ!顔拭いてくれてありがとう。

NEW: I got my face all dirty while I was caught up in the grass! Thank you for cleaning my face.