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First Testament: Book of Aurica, Chapter I: "Letter to My Beloved Older Sister" - 7

First Testament: Book of Misha, Chapter I: "Diary of the Priestess Subservient to Veda" - 9

First Testament: Book of Aurica, Chapter II: "Epistle from the Kyle Contract" - 11

First Testament: Book of Misha, Chapter II: "The Song Offered to My Already Deceased Lord" - 16

First Testament: Book of Eolia, Chapter I: "The Apocalypse of El Elemia"

First Testament: Book of Aurica, Chapter III: "More than a Pious Singer, I Am the Release of Mother" - 22

First Testament: Book of Misha, Chapter III: "The Era of Divine Sounds -The Kingdom of Depravity-" - 26

First Testament: Book of Mull: "The Era of Divine Sounds -Prayers for Atonement-" - 29

First Testament: Book of Eolia, Chapter II: "The Era of Divine Sounds -Message to Our Descendants-" - 32

Second Testament: Book of Luca, Chapter I: "The Legend of Metafalica, First Passage -The Crimson Mark that Begins Everything-" - 35

Second Testament: Book of Chroche, Chapter I: "The Legend of Metafalica, Second Passage -Gods and Blades-" - 37

Second Testament: Book of Luca, Chapter II: "The Legend of Metafalica, Third Passage -The Land of the Apocalypse-" - 41

Second Testament: Book of Jakuri, Chapter I: "Diary on the Investigation of Land Creation of the One that Rules over Protection" - 44

Second Testament: Book of Frelia: "Letter from a Foolish Ena Monk to the Naive People" - 48

Second Testament: Book of Jakuri, Chapter II: "Forbidden Book -Record on the Research about the Power of Feelings-" - 52

Second Testament: Book of Chroche, Chapter II: "The Legend of Metafalica, Fourth Passage -The Land of the Cursed Maiden-" - 55

Second Testament: Book of Chroche, Chapter III: "Guidelines for when We Have Reached the End of Days" - 58

Second Testament: Book of Jakuri, Chapter III: "Legend of the God Killer" - 60

Second Testament: Book of Luca, Chapter III: "Excerpt from Collection of Myths and Fairytales: "The Bridge to the Heavens"" - 64

Second Testament: Book of Homura and Mio: "Recommendation for the Sublimation of Souls" - 67

Second Testament: Book of Genesis: "Legend of Metafalica, Fifth Passage -At the Very End of a Long Ending-" 69

Third Testament: Book of Mute: "Unpublished Letter to My Beloved" - 77

Third Testament: Book of Sakiya Rumei, Chapter I: "Ancient Myths -Volume of the Descent of the Gods-" - 79

Third Testament: Book of Crimson and Azure: "Tale of the Crimson and Azure Telia" - 82

Third Testament: Book of Sakiya Rumei, Chapter II: "Of Gods and Humans -Humans-" - 86

Third Testament: Book of Ar Ru: "Of Gods and Humans -Gods-" - 89

Third Testament: Book of Telia, Chapter I: "Genesis of the Cluster World -Birth of a Nation-" - 90

Third Testament: Book of Telia, Chapter II: "Genesis of the Cluster World -War with the Gods-" - 03

Third Testament: Book of Rikka-Ryosha: "Excerpt from the Journal of the Mayor of Archia" - 97

Third Testament: Book of Cocona: "Tale of the Expedition of Tatsuminanomikotokokona" - 99

Third Testament: Book of the New World: "Monolith of the Hymneth Coast in Sol Cluster" - 104

Third Testament: Apocryphal Book: "Laws of the Holy Empress from the Era of the Songs that Conversed with the Gods" - 107

Postscript - 109

Hymmnos Timeline for the Ar tonelico Series - 110

Message from Lassally to Our Beloved Children[]

To my precious children, and to their children, my grandchildren.
A long time ago, the Gods sealed away the entirety of this world.
It has been said that this was the final divine decision of the Gods, who were at the brink of losing their lives at the hands of the very life forms they themselves had given birth to.

The beginning of all this was brought about by the hands of the people.
It was a Tower tall enough to be thought of as a construction made by the Gods, which was enough to give the people delusions of having surpassed the powers of the Gods.
The Tower brought supreme bliss to the people, but on the other hand, it also brought envy and destruction to them.
And it was due to these things the Tower brought forth that this world was led to its demise.

A gigantic horn that was coiled around the Tower was blown, and as in cue, several anomalous creatures were released.
The people lost the land, and just as the ground under their feet became a hellish sky, they lost almost every single place they could live in.
The entirety of the skies then dried up, and those who tried to head to the Heavens were burned to death from dozens of thousands of lightning bolts.
Such was the extent to which this world had sunk into an infernal sea of clouds over a single night.

The Gods decided they had to redo this world. So they killed all the people and started to build a completely new world.

However, some people who could establish conversations with the Wills of these Gods and who appealed to them to regenerate the world together appeared.
These people were nine Singing Priestesses, their three Guardians, and twelve Attendants that came from the common people.

The nine Singing Priestesses crafted many Songs to converse with the Gods, which they used to call forth miracles, and with their power they saved the people.
And their feelings were so unfathomably wide and profound, that they enveloped this world and even reached the divine hearts of the Gods.

The people regretted their deeds, and the Gods forbade the people.
It was upon a triangular ship that washed ashore the Cluster coast that both parties conveyed their will to each other.
And ever since that day, the Gods and the people have been connected by deep bonds.

I am a person who has been ordered by the Gods to convey this to all the children of the future generations.
Everything I will speak of is the entirety of the these conversations that took place between the Gods and the people.
Let us engrave this deeply into our hearts, and ensure this land is never lost again in the future.
May praise be given to the Gods!
May praise be given to the Singing Priestesses and their Guardians!
May praise be given to the Songs that Conversed with the Gods, the Hymmnos!

Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea.

First Testament[]

Book of Aurica, Chapter I: "Letter to My Beloved Older Sister"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_PURGER/.

To my beloved Sister Claire.
Following the precious teachings of our Lords of Elemia, I feel joy, sadness and I continue loving the people close to us.
My feelings for you, Sister, who is a relative for me even though we share no blood relationship, have become an especially conspicuous, large flame, which continues giving warmth to my heart.

Under the guidance of our Lords, I am now facing against Elma, the incarnation of darkness that is attempting to wreath this world in black flames.
This demonic beast of black clouds that appeared upon the candlestand of great flames cannot be exterminated even with the powers of the Guardian Lynel.
Therefore, we must call upon the great powers of our Lords.
And thus, having been ordained by our Lords to accomplish this grand role, I now am here.

Ah, Sister Claire. Didn't you tell me?
That "as long as you live every day as energetic as possible, your dreams will become a reality for sure".
When I was bestowed the Hymmne Crystal upon me, the vision it imparted on me surpassed by far my wildest dreams.
It was something recklessly valiant, no matter how much it may or may not resemble the "Saint" I wished for.

The pure and pitiable pure white figure of a "Saint" had disappeared inside me this time.
To me, it felt like the many pebbles I had piled up had instantly crumbled away.

I resolved myself to Sing this "reckless lullaby".
However, I am confident that this lullaby is instead for awakening all the people.

I have also awakened something.

The demonic beast before my eyes also became fearless.
When the first through the third singing voices echoed throughout my heart, they were sung through my mouth just as they were.
At the same time, flames shining in red and blue light enshrouded the demonic beast, and upon seeing this, Guardian Lynel charged at the demonic beast.
It was as if Guardian Lynel was being protected by my Song.

Next, the fourth through the sixth singing voices shook my heart, and they were sung through my mouth just as they were.
When I did that, a ring of golden light imprisoned the demonic beast, and when the Attendants saw that, they all started charging at the beast in their own way.
Someone shouted "sei, sei, sei!", and when I turned to look at the shape of whomever was stabbing the beast, there was the figure of the chief that brought together the Gods' army.

Ah, his figure looked so gallant. But Sister Claire, this caused me to have these thoughts.
That this renowned head of the Gods' army is being protected by my Song now.
Yes, this is the duty of the "Saint", of the Singing Priestess.

I still haven't stopped shivering.
I felt that something dark rose as well, and it is that if I stop singing now, everyone present here will die. And I felt happy upon sensing that.
Ah, this must have been the fearsome psychological attack employed by the demonic beast.
But I swept away the dark temptation from inside me and continued singing to the end.

Thus was the demonic beast felled.
While I felt the lingering scent of dark clouds inside my heart, I felt that I had reached a sort of ecstasy as well.

Dearest Sister Claire, does this make me superhuman? Or does this make me a deviant?

Book of Misha, Chapter I: "Diary of the Priestess Subservient to Veda"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_PURGER/.

Once upon a time, back in antiquity, inside a rocky area surrounded by a single crystal, there was a Singing Priestess that had the mission of continuing the Sing eternally.
A servant of Veda who was also a girl known as the Lullaby of the Gods, she was called Misha.

However, in the midst of her long cycles of death and reincarnation, Misha found a single crevice of light and successfully used it to crawl to the outside.
Amongst the 33 girls that had received the humble mission from Veda, Misha was the first and last one to have this sort of "miracle" happen to them.
And in that world of light, she was bestowed with three trials.
The first trial went for a short time, but it consisted of having been forced into a cruel situation while she was in the hands of the soldier who created that crevice of light, Vordeaux.
But even so, I am compelled to say that even that was a small piece of a dark path to traverse in order for the course of destiny to correct itself.
And this is because that soldier Vordeaux was the catalyst for Misha to meet her Guardian, Lynel.

This encounter with Guardian Lynel was quite the shocking affair for the Singing Priestess Misha.
This in itself was her second trial.

This is because Guardian Lynel and Singing Priestess Misha had spent their childhood together, and although they had been such good friends that had even made a vow to each other, the Guardian drew a complete blank on her, having forgotten about the Singing Priestess entirely.
Additionally, the Guardian was already bringing with him a Singing Priestess that could be thought to be an impostor and was rejoicing in debauchery.
Misha thought this path would continue for a while longer. She wondered when the path would lead her to a grandiose world of light.
But this path definitely would lead to a world of light. During the second trial, a large black shadow was produced by Misha's heart, and this in turn created many days of fighting against it from dawn to dusk.

Afterward, Misha traveled with Guardian Lynel and returned to her place of birth, the crystal city of Em Phena.
However, her third trial awaited her there.
The honorable and longest-lived matriarch of Em Phena spoke thusly:
"That person may be a false Singing Priestess. She should undergo the Trial of the Moon so we may test if she is saying the truth or lies."
More than the Trial of the Moon itself, she had been branded as false by the honorable matriarch she believed in, so she had to overcome the Trial of the Moon alongside the forgetful Guardian that could have been an impostor himself, which caused her a great shock.

However, Misha was a genuine Singing Priestess. She had been bestowed with a tenacious heart by her Gods, and successfully managed to overcome all three trials.
While the Guardian could not remember anything about her himself, Misha had seen with her own eyes that he was a true Guardian.
Therefore, when they encountered the greatest obstacle in the Trial of the Moon: the immortal and cunning executioner Flute, they easily dispatched him in a single strike.
With the three trials now overcome, Misha herself had climbed the stair toward becoming a Singing Priestess.

And thus the time came.
In the deepest recesses of the Tower that served as the source of power of this world, a cloud of darkness was rising unbeknownst to the people. Day by day, its darkness grew greater, and it had now produced a jet-black demonic beast.
In order to subjugate it, the Guardian had descended from the Heavens, and was now returning to them.
Verily, the Guardian had descended to beckon the true Singing Priestess Misha and had her craft a Hymneth: a Song that Conversed with the Gods.

Despite the pressure of the unending trials and duties, her heart was never discouraged for even a single instant.
Inside her heart, her heavy duties continuously gnawed at Misha, and she knew that wishes (that were forbidden to her) wriggled about in the deepest reaches of it.
Ah, but Misha accepted all of them. That was not brainwashing from the darkness. The light that was close to that darkness was a great source of power.
The crystal absorbed the light that was close to the darkness, and it gave form to a single Song.
Yes, she learned that Song.

What defeated the jet-black beast was the opening of the feast on the road to the underworld, which even evil creatures and spirits must partake in.
Regardless of her own power, the power sleeping in the crystal, the power of the curse from a foreign land, and the power of the pity for a ruined world were all absorbed into her, which she combined to strike at the demonic beast with.

Tonight, Misha becomes a Dancing Priestess: one who has tasted both light and darkness, and one who defeated a demonic beast alongside the Guardians.
And on this day was when Misha received her first divine revelation as a Singing Priestess.

Book of Aurica, Chapter II: "Epistle from the Kyle Contract"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_LINKER/.

There once was a woman called Aurica who was born in the village of Skuwat as the daughter of a horse farmer.
Ever since she was very young, Aurica had realized there was something "special" inside herself, and due to it, she suffered unjust persecution at the hands of the villagers.
It was so terrible, that she strongly sealed away that "special" something, which caused Aurica to become more incompetent than anyone.

At least, that was what she herself believed.

However, the Gods do not betray their faithful believers.
Aurica was guided by that "special" something, as she was appointed to a position of a special existence.
And the one who appointed her was Falss, the Bishop of the El Elemia Church at the time.

Unfortunately though, the El Elemia Church of that time had fallen into depravity.
And that had been caused by that Bishop himself. Bishop Falss was a servant of darkness. He served not the Gods of Elemia, but instead the ruler of the demonic beasts that lurked in the darkness was his Goddess.
The one who could bring forth clouds of darkness, spit flames from her eyes, and had a pale and delicate skin: the Goddess of Darkness.
Falss had planned to use Aurica as a sacrifice to Mull, the Goddess of Darkness.

The time had come.
Because the Goddess of Darkness Mull desired Aurica as her sacrifice.
Falss let out a roar of delight, and returned to his church as fast as his feet could carry him.
By that time, Aurica and her Guardian Lynel had gone to collect the Holy Grail Linker, which would lead to her death.
That crystal was kept in a floating rock that was also called the Raptor's Nest.
They had to brave such great dangers to collect it, but unhappily it would become a catalyst of disaster to Aurica.

Falss then declared a Holy War.
And now he had become the King of Darkness, Falss led the Elemia Church Crusaders to climb the Tower.
They headed to a ruin in the Tower called the "Altar of Apostles", which their own Church called the Holy Land.
That white army of knights was so ferocious that they came to be known afterward as white demonic beasts.

They destroyed any neighboring houses they came across, and only desolate land remained in the wake of the white demonic beasts.
The El Elemia Church from the time was truly rotten to the bone.

Aurica existed at the very center of this all.
She was forced to bear the role of a false Saint, and forced to drink from the Holy Grail she had found herself.
The Song it contained instantly ran throughout her head.
A Song she had never heard before and the feelings it contained.
It was definitively a work created by the Gods. She keenly felt like she had become Goddess Eolia.

Aurica the Sang the "singing voice" that was gushing forth from her heart.
She Sang according to her thoughts, her body moved on its own, and she wildly danced about over the Altar of Apostles.
When her heart had reached its zenith, she felt something wriggling about somewhere.
It was then that Aurica saw it. Deep inside her heart, "something" that wasn't her own heart was wriggling about. She keenly felt it was herself at first. But the next instant, she became aware that it was a completely different something.
Because it was something that resembled her, but at the same time didn't resemble her.
The one who could bring forth clouds of darkness, spit flames from her eyes, had a pale and delicate skin, slender limbs and a small chest. She also had eyes devoid of life.
"Had this been a part of myself, I would have been prepared to relinquish everything, enter the priesthood, and dedicate the entirety of my remaining life to the Gods."
It was the Goddess of Darkness. This way of calling her could not have been more appropriate.

But it was too late by the time she realized it, as the Goddess of Darkness had now come before Aurica.
She opened her jet-black eyes and looked at Aurica. She was so repulsive that Aurica felt like she was going to pass out, but she somehow managed to remain conscious.
Her thin arms touched Aurica's body. They crept over her face, her feet and her chest. Aurica could only bear with it, and she then prayed.

"Ah, my Lords, the Gods of El Elemia! I repent! It was my foolishness that it did not allow me to distinguish your Songs from a heretical Song!
I beseech you! I shall offer my body to you, my Lords! So please, deliver me!"

Her prayers reached the Gods.
Instantly, a bundle of light descended before her eyes like thunderclap, and it tore through the darkness.
The light obstructed the Goddess of Darkness, and she started writhing in agony.
The light then spread in length and breadth, and the wall of darkness crumbled away as much as a pane of glass.

Aurica sat upon that place. Before her eyes, there was the figure of a person that shone dazzlingly.
That shadow cradled the fallen Aurica in their arms, which instantly lifted the veil of darkness from her and brought her back to the world of light.

It was then that Aurica first noticed it. That the person was the one who was thought to be the "Messenger of the Gods": her promised Guardian Lynel.
After a short time, Aurica felt into a pleasant sleep within that peaceful light.

Book of Misha, Chapter II: "The Song Offered to My Already Deceased Lord"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_CHRONICLE=KEY/.

Ah, God.
Please, listen to it, to the screaming of my earnest heart.
Even if any Gods happen to remain upon this world, to me the Lord is no longer to be found anywhere.
If my Lord happened to still be around, I am sure that I would have been bestowed with no trials like the ones I have had to undergo.

It is true I was given life upon this world as the Lullaby of the Gods.
And although I have dedicated everything to this role, I once gained the same kind of freedom the people from the Lower World enjoy.
It is true that these actions may have not been approved by my Lord.
However, even if this may be the divine punishment for it, I suffered from such mistreatment that it burned my heart more greatly than the flames from Hell, and even though it has been reduced to ashes, these flames have not abated in strength or intensity.

Ah, God.
If my Lord happens to still be around, please listen to my humble plea.
This Singing Priestess was told this statement by Lynel, the Guardian that ought to respect her the most, who must risk his life for her! "May you not Sing for me?"

There is no Singing Priestess who may reject such a request from a Guardian.
Naturally, I planned to keep such feelings within the deepmost recesses of my heart.
That was something temporary.

Guardian Lynel must save one of the pillars of the Gods of Elemia, the protector of this Tower: Goddess Eolia, and during that time he bestowed upon me a duty that only I can fulfill.
But although my heart understands it rationally, on the other hand I am now as a little bird trapped in a dark cage.

Ah, God.
Please lend your ears to the nonsense your humble servant says because of being an imperfect human.
I do not intend on running away from my role as the Lullaby of the Gods.
If carrying out my duty is inevitable, I shall submit my body to it out of my own free will.
However, this duty is unfathomably painful to me.
At the least, I wish my feelings were accepted by him. At the least, I wish he embraced that heavy load with me and supported me.

The Guardian is the only person who may protect a Singing Priestess.
I now return to being a humble servant of Veda, the Lullaby of the Gods.
The Song for this purpose had already been carved into my body by the time I had drawn my first breath.
There is nobody else who can shoulder this duty in this world any more.
I shall gladly Sing this Song.

Although separated from her own Guardian, the lonesome Singing little bird shall still Sing while believing in the Guardian.
The Guardian has sealed away his side of the memories we shared together, and the vows we exchanged are now locked away into the darkness.
But even so, I believe someday the time will come when they are released into the light.
And he will then return to this place, take my hands, and save me.

Ah, God.
If my Lord happens to still be around, I wonder what will he feel once he has heard these bitter screams.
He may think it is just the nonsense of a little girl who has been sullied by earthly life.
But it is because I have lived through earthly life that the power of these feelings has become so grand, and I think that you, my Lord, should be more familiar with such happenings than anybody else.

So, is this ultimately a trial? I question so because I shall transform these feelings into power, into strength to save this world.
Is it because my power is so minuscule that I have to use such painful, strong feelings as the source of my power?
Or is it because the world is now being threatened to be devoured by such a large calamity?

I beg and pray for my Lord to be watching upon me.
Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea.

Book of Eolia, Chapter I: "The Apocalypse of El Elemia"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_SUSPEND/.

Oh, all the creatures that live upon this land. Oh, my beloved Singing Children.
To spare this land of trials from suffering through any more tribulation, and to quell the one who possesses grand omnipotent powers, by body shall become one with this world, and I promise to return peace to all of you.

Hearken, my beloved Singing Children.
At some point in the past, this world came to be supported by you, Singing Children.
At some times, these powers caused you to be worshipped as Gods, but at some times, these powers caused you to be oppressed as well.
However, at some point your pure hearts touched my own heart, and glimpsing at these hearts brought me great peace, became my support to lean on, and gave me acknowledgment that my existence had value up to today.

And now, this world is threatened to be covered in a pitch-black darkness.
However, that pitch-black darkness originally came from my own heart, and my heart alone will be the one to put a stop to it.
That is one of, and at the same time all of you, my beloved Singing Children.

Light and darkness have always been one and the same upon the world.
I am the Maiden of Light that gave birth to you, Singing Children, but on the other hand, I also gave birth to a Maiden of Darkness who possesses a power equal to your power. However, light and darkness still remain the same. Similarly, she is no different from you, my beloved Singing Children.
It is my wish that all of you feel this same way, but when I look at this world, I find it difficult for that to happen.

Therefore, I ought to absorb this darkness and fall into the blackest depths with it, and I have resolved to Sing this Song to do so.
The Singing Child of Darkness is a beloved life to me. To kill her would be the same as killing any of you, Singing Children of Light.
Therefore I shall put her to sleep within my motherly arms, akin to how she was born from the cradle, and by placing her into a deep, peaceful sleep, I shall bring peace to this world.

That will be seen as losing your mother to all of you, the Singing Children of Light.
Upon losing their mother, these children shall also lose their beautiful cries.

The whole world is made upon a delicate balance.
For the world of light to be born, a world of darkness must be born as well.
Consigning the darkness to oblivion and creating a world of only light is a role only Mother can accomplish.

The Singing Child of Darkness shall now return to the arms of the Mother who gave her life.
The Singing children of Light shall leave the side of Mother, and head toward the world of light without any fear.
In exchange, they shall lose the power of light. Even if they Sing the Songs of light, the seas shall no longer part, the clouds shall no longer come, and the people shan't be healed.
This world shall head to a new era.

Once the time comes, mother shall Sing that Song.
And its Melodies from the First to the Fourth shall be played one after another.
This world shall head to a new era while shedding away the old era.
As painful as this may be, there is not such a thing as unconditional love.
Therefore, I as your Mother shall tell you everything about what these Melodies do to fulfill my final duty.

When the First Melody is played, the Singing Children of Light shall lose their powers and everything within their sight will be snatched from them.
A complete silence shall govern over your hearts then.
However, that is not the end. Only you, my precious children shall realize that.

That shall be brought forth by the Second Melody.
Once that Melody commences its flow, all the fires that burn in this lofty Tower that has been your ancestral home will be extinguished, and it shall be the final sound to play from the enormous Horn that towers high upon the Heavens.
That silence may disturb the hearts of these children of mine that are not pious.

The 650 Singing Children that are struck by grief over this shall lose their lives.

And when the Third Melody is played, this land that was protected by me shall peacefully start crumbling away.
That shall be as silent as a dragonfly, but shall definitively creep upon you.
The enormous bonfire that protects the land will extinguish with nobody ever realizing it.
Just like the other bonfire that was extinguished by the Singing Child of Darkness.

The Fourth Melody shall be silence itself.
That Melody shall cause all the Singing Children to be lost.
However, that shall not be death. It shall be life. It shall be purification and neutralization.
And now the role of the Singing Children of Light is complete, they shall be repeatedly born anew as normal life forms.

Ah, my Singing Children!
These Melodies shall truly lead the world to a new order!
Only those Singing Children with pure hearts shall be able to realize the true meaning behind these Melodies.
Otherwise, only a road in which this world falls into the true, blackest darkness awaits.

And when those who oppose these meanings, those who do not understand them, appear, I shall descend upon this world once again.
I pray that this world may truly be saved by the hands of my precious Singing Children.

Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea.

Book of Aurica, Chapter III: "More than a Pious Singer, I Am the Release of Mother"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_RE=NATION/.

I shall craft the tones of Elgar for them to be listened by your descendants.
Hereby I pledge so before my Lords the Gods of Elemia and Bishop Radolf.

I ply to my Lords so they may extend a hand to us roaming little birds forevermore.
It is so regardless of how mistaken our actions may be or however manner of jet-black darkness wounds our hearts, we may beseech for repentance and call for salvation, and have these feelings responded in kind.
And I shall now ply for a mysterious Song to be allowed to sprout within my heart.

This document is a record that has been written to be left for the next generations, so nobody ever forgets the wide hearts of the Gods.
I am fully willing to offer my own body and heart to the Gods of El Elemia I worship, so peace may reach this land.
However, this was as well one of the times in which were were being tested.
In this occasion, a Godless Time came upon us in a single instant, and we lost all our powers.
The threat of darkness now gone, the price we had to pay for peace to come to this world was losing our Songs, which to us Singing Children are akin to our very lives.

Although peace had now come to us for the time being, when I lost the power of Songs, I somehow felt anxious and in danger.
This was a peace that was gained from our Mother having sacrificed herself.
Was this truly what the feelings from Heaven ordained, or was it a test for us?
After a short time wondering to ourselves, we took a decision: that this was not the road we ought to take.

Our motherly Goddess: Eolia from the Gods of Elemia, had saved this world by sacrificing herself.
However, just how many miracles did our Lady Eolia grant us up to this point?
Furthemore, just how arrogant would we be if we presumed to exchange the peace of this world for our Lady's freedom before we even had time to become bored with it?
Just how much is the seal upon the Singing Child of Darkness, Mull worth when weighed against the many miracles our Lady Eolia has granted us?
No, it would be more proper to say that we should make it our problem. As we cannot rely any longer on the seal of our Lady Eolia, we ought to face this problem ourselves.

When I took this decision, it seemed to have similarly solidified the same will upon my Guardian.
Me and the Guardian took the hands of each other, and we decided to embark upon a quest to find the miraculous Song that would summon the honorable soul of Eolia back to this world.

We first departed on a journey to search for our companions.
The same companions that long ago had fought at my side and that of my Guardian to protect the world.
To do so, we had to climb down this Tower that rises above upon the Heavens, and search this enormous cross shaped land from tip to tip.
One was found at the very ends of the Tower, in a floating island that was the closest place to Hell.
Another was found inside a Church rising upon an enormous city of merchants in the very center of the world.
And the last one was at the very ends of the cross shaped land, roaming around the ruins of a small village.
At first, we all rejoiced upon reuniting with each other, but that feeling soon changed into disappointment.
None of our companions had the same heart they used to have long ago any longer.
It crushed me in the inside. But neither me or the Guardian were yielded to this.
All by ourselves, we embarked on a journey to the very summit of this world, and it was such a difficult journey that it felt our bodies and our hearts would be frozen solid.

However, it is possible these feelings were noticed by our Lords.
And these feelings then possibly reached our Lords. To our companions that fell into depravation.
A miracle had occurred.
Each of them, one after another, had a change of heart, and they followed us to support us in our journey.

Ah, it was such a marvelous occurrence!
It is said the power of feelings and the power of love purify the hearts of the people, and when conveyed to this world, it can purify the world itself as well, but it never occurred to me that I would witness it.
We were no longer alone. By let all our hearts connect before the Lords and unifying them in a single feeling, we can cause a miracle!
Moved by this miracle, the Lords then spoke to me while holding these feelings. It was about the Song of Miracle.
The Song of Miracle "Re-Nation" had been hidden away by the Lord of Evil Falss who worshipped the false Lord.
He had hidden it away using illusions, but such things had not even a hair's breath of power over us thanks to the divine protection of the Lords.

Ah, the shining Song of Miracle! Such wonderful feelings!
Thanks to this Song, I departed on a journey to a mysterious world. It was a beautiful grassfield with small brooklets, a blue transparent sky and many, many little rabbits.
The rabbits approached me and spoke to me through feelings. They told me, "please, awaken Eolia from her sleep".
The rabbits then took me to a place under a mysterious aurora.
In there was our Lady, Eolia under a deep sleep. She was curled up, and was sleeping peacefully and with a pleasant expression on her face.
I then told her kindly:

"Morning has come."

In an instant, our Lady Eolia descended upon this land once again, and in that instant we were bequeathed the power of Songs.
Can there be any greater miracles upon this world than this one?
The world managed to regain the power of Songs and the Lady that is the foundation of our hearts.

A single ray of light had now shone into this world in which despair is so prevalent.
Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea.

To you, and to me.
A miracle may happen to anybody. And anybody can cause a miracle.
As long as there is a pure heart at the center of these feelings.

Book of Misha, Chapter III: "The Era of Divine Sounds -The Kingdom of Depravity-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_HARMONIOUS/.

That is a story far more ancient that the Era of the Songs that Conversed with the Gods.
It is the story of the feelings from the Singing Child of Harmonious, Misha, and our mother Mull, that are worshipped as a Song of the Gods.

Back then, the living Goddess had split into and given birth to two halves.

One was the Singing Children of Light. Another was the Singing Children of Darkness.
However, this meant not that they were aware of their powers from the outset. Therein lies a deep, sorrowful story.

Back then, the chosen people had built a tremendous prosperity.
Embracing the kingdom shining upon the enormous continent floating on the skies, they built a solid royal family under the protection of the Goddess in there.
The Goddess was called Eolia: She supported this continent floating on the skies, and was revered by everyone as the one who granted power to the Songs.
Eolia wished so this world may shine brighter with every passing day.
And a certain day, her feelings gave birth to two girls.
Eolia had given birth to these two girls. And she then gave them the names Rune and Mull.
Rune and Mull had both inherited the will of Eolia, and were raised to support Eolia in her duty to bring further prosperity to this "Era of Shining Songs".

Eolia, Rune and Mull were revered and loved by the people, and they rejoiced in leading this shining kingdom floating upon the skies to further prosperity, to the degree it was even said to be the sole paradise that existed upon this forsaken world.
This was especially true for Mull, who loved the people and crafted a Song of prayer so people would always be happy.
That Song was loved by the people, and it came to be respected and especially called Harmonious.

However, the greed of the people was truly boundless.
The people demanded from Eolia and the girls that they give birth to more Runes and Mulls.
The power of Songs was the dominion of the Gods. Although Eolia, Rune and Mull ruled over this world with their tremendous power of Songs, the people were not satisfied with this, and they demanded that they give every single person their own individual God.

Eolia had second thoughts about this, and thinking it would be fine if it led this world to prosperity, she gave birth to Gods possessing the power of Songs one after another.

And once every single person had been given their own God, the wishes of the people were granted.
The people called these Gods that existed only for each individual person Rebatils, and greatly rejoiced as they thanked Eolia.
Eolia looked at this situation, and this arrangement worried her. She wondered whether the balance between people and the power of Songs had not crumbled away already.

Not much time went by before these worries actually came to pass.
The people boasted the power of Songs was their own power, and oppressed the Rebatils that were supposed to be their individual Gods.
Indeed, before the possibility of freely wielding this tremendous power, their hearts steadily changed.

The people used the power of their Rebatil Gods as if it belonged to them, and ultimately started wars that made use of that power.
Several people and Rebatil Gods perished in the course of these wars.
The Rebatil Gods repudiated this violence and displayed their anger at it, and thus decided to separate themselves from the people.
However, now the people had tasted this sweet honey once, there was no way they would allow the Rebatil Gods to leave so easily.
In order to bring back the Gods to their side, the people employed violence to put them in a lower position than themselves.

And the one that was put at the front for this was the daughter of Goddess Eolia: Mull.
The people deceived the pure-hearted Mull, and putting her to sleep with drugs, they robbed her of her freedom.
Mull would afterwards be forced to remain asleep with drugs while the people used her powers however they wished.
As the mother of the Rebatil Gods, Mull could control them through her own Will.
The people repurposed that power as their own, and stole Mull from Eolia.
The Harmonious that gave happiness to the people was ridiculed and burned to ashes.
Mull was then no longer a Goddess that granted happiness to the people, as she had now become a slave that offered happiness to the people.

Book of Mull: "The Era of Divine Sounds -Prayers for Atonement-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_RIG=VEDA/.

That is a story far more ancient that the Era of the Songs that Conversed with the Gods.
It is the story of the feelings from the Singing Child of Harmonious, Misha, and our mother Mull, that are worshipped as a Song of the Gods.

Long before them, the shining country of the Gods crumbled away before the evil power of the people.
While Goddess Mull, the daughter of Goddess Eolia was under the control of the people, she possessed a tremendous power, and using it, she exacted revenge upon her controllers.
As a result, this shining kingdom collapsed overnight.
Mad with rage, Mull's power caused half of the land from the floating continent to collapse into the infernal clouds below.

The Rebatil Gods separated themselves from the people and declared them their enemies, and thus the people were thrust into hellish days in the midst of a pandemonium, and thus they submitted to the Gods once again.
Having witnessed the change of heart of the people, our Lady, Goddess Eolia immediately forgave them. However, Mull did not extend that same forgiveness to the people.
Afterwards, Mull and the Rebatil Gods under her command continued to bring terror of being attacked and slaughtered to the people.
Goddess Mull had been possessed by dark emotions as a consequence of the people's evil hearts.
Tragically, her heart was so pure, that a single drop of ink was enough for it to extend throughout all corners of her being, and it had now changed into a jet-black heart.

Goddess Eolia attempted to converse with Goddess Mull to save the people.
However, Goddess Mull had been enveloped in the blackest darkness down to the bottom of her heart, and she paid no mind to any of the words Goddess Eolia said to her.
Far from it, the blackness of Goddess Mull attempted to attack Goddess Eolia through the roots of their hearts.
Goddess Mull aimed to make Goddess Eolia into her underling, to exterminate the people.

Goddess Eolia cried, saying things could never go back to how they once were.
And she decided alongside Goddess Rune to seal Goddess Mull away.

Goddess Eolia Sang a lullaby for Goddess Mull.
Goddess Mull could do nothing to struggle against it, and was enveloped by the Song of Eolia.
And then, Goddess Mull fell into an eternal sleep.

The people once again revered Goddess Eolia as a Goddess, and the few remaining survivors from the people lived in close contact with her.
In order for the revered soul of Goddess Mull to continued sealed in an eternal sleep, Goddess Rune was imposed with the duty of continuing to Sing eternally at the very heart of the enormous Tower that was the source of their powers.

And thus peaceful times came once again to the people.
However, the sealed Goddess Mull still seethed with flames borne from grudge and resentment.
And so, when the people had forgotten their abominable history, she made her move once again.

The Goddess of Darkness Mull, who possessed a tremendous, wicked might. With the aid of a few influential people whose hearts had been bewitched by her, her seal was broken.
The Goddess of Darkness Mull once again made her bid to eradicate the people.
Her powers having grown to even greater heights than before, Goddess Mull used them to plunge the people into the innermost depths of terror.

The people were once again reminded of their fierce past: of how they were attacked by the Rebatil Gods, and how Goddess Mull slaughtered them.
And during these times, a single young man rose from amongst the people.
That young man, who was known as the Guardian, had received the divine protection of Goddess Eolia, and brought about a result that can only be described as salvation.
While at first he aimed to exterminate her, he lived through many experiences, and upon learning of the past, the heart of the Guardian matured, which caused him to start questioning the situation.

Goddess Mull had been driven into the darkness by the people, and was a pitiful creature.
And by allowing her to dream of the second coming of a world of shining Songs, like the ancient world where she coexisted with them, the Guardian saved Goddess Mull.

The Guardian exposed everything in his heart to Goddess Mull, and Goddess Mull once again accepted the love of the humans.
For a time long enough to span centuries, Goddess Mull had not received any love from the humans.
And now, Goddess Mull felt she had seen a single ray of light that showed her that they could once again build a world of shining Songs, together.

And to purify her own heart herself, Goddess Mull Sang a Song.
The heart of Goddess Mull, which had been locked away in darkness.
By the Will of the Goddess herself, a single ray of light illuminated that darkness.

The world of shining Songs was now in the process of returning here.

Oh people who live now, may you always be humble.
Respect the Rebatil Gods, and respect yourselves as well.
The world of shining Songs shall be eternal as long as you do so.

Book of Eolia, Chapter II: "The Era of Divine Sounds -Message to Our Descendants-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/.

Praise be upon the bright, shining Songs!
The many karmas that have been born upon this world of shining Songs in the past have all been purified here and now!

Goddess Eolia has regained the entirety of her divine authority, and has returned to her grand work of Singing for this world.
This world is now regaining the shape from centuries ago, from the epoch known as the Era of Divine Sounds.
Oh chosen people, may you never commit again the same mistakes.
Every single creature upon this world is now a creature chosen by the Gods.
Therefore, may these calamities never encroach upon us again.

May praise be eternal under the protection of Goddess Eolia, Mull, and the reincarnation of Rune.
These in themselves are the prayers of the Gods and their Song.

The heart of the Song will also be divinely revealed to us through the vows inscribed in the Song itself.
For the harmony between Gods and the people to be maintained, Goddess Eolia is making this Song into a Song of Vows to be Sung by three people.
That is, it is established that it will Sung by Eolia, Misha, and Aurica.
Additionally, it being Sung by Misha, who is the reincarnation of Rune, Aurica, who served as the medium for Mull, also makes it Song for the second coming of the Gods.

Oh myriads of lives, how many blessings have you received from the Gods 'til now?

This world was received a grand divine protection.
The Three Goddesses have promised that they will protect us forevermore.

However, it is possible for it to be blown away by the darkness that exists within the hearts of people.
Oh chosen people, may you never grow proud, may you always be humble.
Be harsh upon yourselves, by gentle to your fellow people.
And may the Songs of Light always be within your hearts!

May this world last an eternity.
Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea.

Second Testament[]

Book of Luca, Chapter I: "The Legend of Metafalica, First Passage -The Crimson Mark that Begins Everything-[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_SOL=FAGE/.

Back when the whole world was ruled by despair and decadence, there was a girl who lived in a certain impoverished village.
That girl was called Luca. Her mother was Reisha, whose mother in turn was Ruena.
While Luca helped with the work in the village, she also went to the nearby town of Rakshak to work, making her a woman who demonstrated filial piety.
But as she worked as a spiritual healer, this earned her prejudiced gazes from the people.
Luca was a strong woman, so she kept earning her keep day after day in spite of that gossip.

A certain while Luca was tending to business in Rakshak, she met her neighbor from her childhood days, Chroah.
While Chroah and Luca yearned for each other, they were also somewhat hesitant when it came to declaring so in front of the Gods.
Chroah somehow had brought along with him the Maiden, Chroche, who was said to be the most precious life upon this land of Meta Falss.
Chroah told Luca:
"Please allow this precious life, the Maiden to stay at your home for a single night."
Initially, Luca politely turned his request down. Immediately, Chroche told her:
"Oh Luca, why are you refusing? Whichever manner of accomodations your loving heart can provide to me for a single night is enough to me, I am not demanding a luxurious bed or filling meals from you"
Luca cried in response to her feelings, and she brought Maiden Chroche to her home.
Once she returned home, her mother Reisha was surprised. As soon as she learned the current Maiden would be staying at her home, she choked with tears of joy.
Additionally, Legris, one of Chroche's Attendants was an old acquaintance of Luca's mother Reisha, but him being present there as well was yet another surprise for Reisha.
However, this encounter in itself would be what would throw the destinies of Luca and Maiden Chroche into chaos.

That night, Reisha and Legris allowed themselves to reminisce upon stories of the past.
It was then that a surprising truth came out from Reisha's mouth: that Luca was not her real daughter.
Luca, who overheard this by chance, then harshly criticized Reisha. "Why did you continue lying to me? You are one who bears a deceitful heart and has turned her back upon the Gods!"
While baffled, Reisha responded to her:
"Please do not think of me as an evil woman. It was all done in accordance with the will of the Grand Bell, the temple of the Goddess."
These words only infuriated Luca more, and she ultimately ran away from her home all alone.

Thanks to a divine revelation from the Goddess, Luca learned that the origin for her own soul was in the ancient city of Ena.
Upon reaching Ena, Luca realized someone was there while she was admiring the ruined temple that towered above the city.
"You must be Lady Luca. I have eyes that see through to the truth. I am one of the envoys of the Gods that once protected this decaying city. Tonight will become a day to celebrate for the world."
It was a man dressed in a white garment. That man treated Luca with reverence, and prompted her to follow him.

Afterwards, the man in the white garment stopped and showed Luca a mural that rose before their eyes.
"If you are the legitimate Maiden of the Goddess, the words written upon this stone tablet should rise inside your mind as if they had been carved into your heart itself. And you should be able to Sing them as well."
Luca was perplexed upon hearing his words. She was just a foolish commoner. She never had any reason to believe she was the Maiden of the Goddess.
Luca told the man in the white garments:
"You must have mistaken me for someone else. I am not the Maiden of the Goddess. I am just a lowly peasant."
However, the man in the white garments merely urged Luca to read the mural.
"Shortly after you were weaned, your true mother who knew all of this passed away. Come now."

A puzzled Luca then read the stone tablet. When she did so, a Song revived inside her heart, as if it had been there from a long time ago.
Luca was unable to resist Singing. It was as if the Goddess were controlling her heart and made her to Sing rather than doing it out of her own will.
The main in the white garment said: "The Goddess has acknowledged you, my lady. The Maiden that is the true savior of this world is none other than you."

And the man in the white garment respectfully bowed before Luca.

Book of Chroche, Chapter I: "The Legend of Metafalica, Second Passage -Gods and Blades-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: METHOD_REPLEKIA/.

The words of Chroche, the daughter of Arche.
"What we ought to truly revere is our own feelings, our ideals. The Goddess is a false idol."
Chroche, the most precious life, the Maiden of the holy ground that coexists with the Goddess, the Grand Bell, was the ruler of this world.
However, that was false, as the one who actually had power over the world was the king that arose amongst the commoners, Alfman.
Chroche was the puppet of Alfman. As her feelings were false as well, she was forced to say statements that ran contrary to her own will, and spent day after day regretting it.
Chroche gazed at the moons every night while holding her regrets deep in her chest.

"Ah, Goddess. Please forgive me for saying words that are lies to my own heart."
However, she erased these words from her own heart before they had a chance to reach the Goddess.
"No Gods exist upon this world. The only things that truly exist are a false idol and my own inner strength."

Thus, the King of Commoners Alfman finally ordered her to proclaim a declaration of war to secede themselves from the false idol called the Goddess.
That edict soon spread throughout the entire world, and it caused great expectation and a tinge of unease to sprout within the hearts of people.
Then, a certain person said:
"Due to the famine, we had to sell our cereal, our crop fields, and even our livestock. We are already your slaves.
What else can we offer to you? Even if we used our bodies for it, we would be unable to even as much as scratch one of the envoys of the Goddess."
Alfman proclaimed in response to this:
"That precisely is why we must fight the Goddess! The false idol we call the Goddess is the source of all evil upon this world!
She is the one who obstructs the realization of our utopia, Metafalica! The two times that the creation of Metafalica was attempted in the past, it was obstructed due to divine punishment from the Goddess!
Everyone, it is time to rise! We shall not keep prostrating ourselves under that unreasonable coercion!"
The people showed the apex of excitation upon hearing the words of Alfman. The world had become one, and it opposed the Goddess.

Maiden Chroche had been forced up into an aloof position by Alfman and the portions of the populous that believed in him, which she was completely unable to climb down from.
Her own heart convinced her that this was more immoral than turning her back on the Goddess.
The War on the Goddess was said to be a Holy War, and it would be waged with the Song of Replekia that was called a true divine weapon, which only Chroche could handle.
And the holy light released by Replekia would instantly raze the castle of the false Goddess to the ground.
Chroche questioned her own soul, her own Goddess on this.
"If my own heart falters, I shan't be able to provide good results regardless of which choice I make. May my deeds lead the people to happiness."

When the castle walls opened, the droves of people pushed against each other into the Grand Bell Hall towering as high as the Heavens.
Everyone was praising at the same time the most precious soul upon this world, Chroche. Yes, it was like the King of Commoners Alfman said, the people were exhausted of the invisible, oppressive rule of the Goddess.
That day, Chroche controlled Replekia for the first time, and Sang the Song to do so to commence the War Against the Goddess.
The time had finally came.
The Maiden Chroche Sang Replekia.
Instantly, everything started shaking as the clouds covered the skies while thunderclap tore them asunder.
As their gaze was fixed upon these skies, the Maiden was transforming from a person to a God.
Her back was enveloped in resplendent wings, the ring upon her head symbolizing the sun shining in rainbow colors.
Chroche then strongly shouted:
"I shall now lead the people to a land of freedom! May the thunder of divine punishment and the scorching flames befall upon the false idol known as the Goddess!"
Instantly, the rays of light enshrouded the whole world, and that light then transformed in a blink of the eye into pillars of flames.
Soon they became a single, gigantic arrow, which Maiden Chroche focused in direction to the distant, lofty heavens.

When Chroche was holding her breath, about to issue the final order, a single woman blocked her sight.
It was the girl from the impoverished farming village, Luca. Luca was the daughter of Reisha, and Reisha was the daughter of Ruena.
Luca told Chroche thusly: "We must not go to war against the Goddess. The Goddess certainly still loves this land, and there must be a proper reason for why Metafalica is not allowed.
I, Luca, am the Maiden of the Goddess, and I am the one saying so, so I cannot be mistaken. So please, still your heart."
Chroche was terribly astonished upon hearing these words, and she shuddered.
But by that point, the heart of Chroche was still controlled by her inner Goddess.
Whether she heard her words or not, and while still unsure about whether she did, the order had been issued.
The world was covered in a white light, and like a majestic dragon rising to the lofty heavens, it just kept rushing upwardly.

But despite being a false idol, there was a reason for the Goddess being considered as such. Everyone came to painfully know it thanks to Her counterattack.
Chroche instantly found herself being grabbed by the neck by the attendant that served as Priestess of the Goddess, Rhaki.
Rhaki declared thus to Chroche:
"I am an envoy of the Goddess. The one who uses Replekia, the dark weapon that was sealed away in the distant past, is one worthy of the death penalty."

Chroche instantly understood the tremendous power of the Goddess, but believing in her inner Goddess, she shouted her reply.
"I am Chroche, the one who is the most precious life. Therefore, I shall save all the people and aim for the realization of the eternal land of Metafalica.
No one can obstruct me from reaching my destination. If you are going to obstruct me, my Guardian Jakuri shall bear her fangs against you."
As soon as she said these words, Jakuri restrained Rhaki.
Then, to fulfill her own duty, Chroche headed to the Bell Strike Hall.

Book of Luca, Chapter II: "The Legend of Metafalica, Third Passage -The Land of the Apocalypse-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_METAFALICA/.

These are the words of Luca, the daughter from a poor farming village. Luca was the daughter of Reisha, and Reisha was the daughter of Ruena.
However, Luca was the daughter of Arche as well.
"I do not have eyes that allow me to ignore the truth. With my heart confused as if I were roaming amidst the mist, what kind of power of feelings should I invoke?"

The War Against the Goddess was caused by the hubris of the people.
The angered Goddess sent her envoy, Rhaki to the surface, and the people shivered in fear of her tremendous power.
However, the people were saved by a hair's breadth by the light of hope.
Chroche, the most precious life, escaped from Rhaki thanks to Jakuri ambushing her, and headed to the Bell Strike Hall to create the Metafalica utopia for the people.
And the Maiden of the Goddess that was compensating Chroche, Luca headed for the Bell Strike Hall as well.

Both reached the Bell Strike Hall, the summit of this world where men lived.
There stood a man wearing black garments. The man wearing the black garments told the two:
"The time is finally upon us. The Two Maidens shall now Sing and give birth to our utopia, Metafalica.
I have descended upon this land to tell this to you. It was to convey this truth to you, the Two Maidens."
Luca spoke to the man wearing black garments:
"I was born in a poor farming village. I have never even thought about a Song that would lead the people to the utopia."
Chroche told the man wearing black garments:
"I have lived through a harsh training thus far, and I have done everything to finally reach this day. Please bestow the Song upon me."
The man wearing black garments replied back to their queries negatively, and announced thusly:
"This Song is not one that can be Sung by either of you alone. Otherwise, this world shall perish."

Both shivered in fear upon hearing this reply, and both ended up undergoing the baptism equally.
The baptism for the descent of the Song of the Goddess Meta Falica was carried out through the man wearing black garments offering prayers to each of them.
Upon undergoing the baptism, Luca could see the figure of the Goddess. After undergoing the baptism, Luca said:
"If I had to say something, I would describe it as a miraculous sight. Within the inside of my eyelids, the Goddess in my inner heart shone brightly, and She engraved a Song deep within my heart alongside the wailing thunder.

Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea."
However, Chroche was unable to see that same kind of sight. Chroche panicked, and said: "Come now, the descent of my inner Goddess was successful. Let us transform this world into a utopia at once."

The two then stood upon the altar, and both lined their backs against each other.
They both gripped the other's hands to allow the power of their feelings to course between them, and closed their eyes.
Luca and Chroche then began singing the Song.
However, the only one who had the Song truly gushing forth from her heart was Luca.
Although Chroche had undergone the baptism as well, the fact that no Song was gushing forth inside her instilled a feeling of crisis in her.
"If what happened here became widely known, it would compromise everything that exists upon this land of Meta Falss. And that is because all the people had come to believe in the power of my Songs."
Luca still kept Singing while not being privy to her own feelings.
Feelings are everything when it comes to the Songs of the Gods, and if a Singing Child ignored the feelings in them, it would lead to something terrible happening.
And that soon came about.

When the First Singing Voice was heard, the land shoke and a light brighter than the sun itself was released from a ruin not far from Ancient City Ena.
That was reflected off the roof of the Imperial Family Tomb, and it started sketching an enormous island upon the air.
Then when the Second Singing Voice was heard, that enormous island was covered in light and it took form.
And within that light, they saw that several squirming things had been born at the same time as the island.
Like a large swarm of insects, that group of creatures started descending upon Meta Falss.
These creatures were called "Spirits", and their power was evident by the enormous quantities of Symphonic Power they radiated.
The people prostrated before them and recognized they had relinquished all authority to the Spirits, but even so, they did not bring any salvation to the people.
The people had their hands tied with rope, and some were brought back to the island where the Spirits were born, while others were thrown into the infernal sea of clouds.

But this was not the end of it. The Song still continued.
And when the Third Singing Voice was released, the Singing Child of God was beckoned to that enormous island.
A ray of light and transparent glass stairs descended from the island, which extended all the way down to the Bell Strike Hall.
The next instant, one of the Singing Children of God that were the two Maidens was devoured by a beast that had a body like shining crystal, which had descended from the stairs.
That beast shone brightly, and by binding together countless arrowlike protrusions it had on its body to form wings, it flew back to the island at the speed of light.

It was thus that this world lost one of the Maidens and that many were robbed of their lives.
Guardian Chroah, who saw all of these events happen from close by, said: "Who could ever have said that Metafalica is a utopia?"

Book of Jakuri, Chapter I: "Diary on the Investigation of Land Creation of the One that Rules over Protection"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_SPHILIA/.

The words of the one who rules over the protection of Chroche, Jakuri.
"The wordly desires in the hearts of people are extremely pitiful."

Deathlandia was an accumulation of worldly desires.

Every single person has their own world, and their soul cannot tolerate many other souls.
As the waveforms of people are ultimately immature, they are quite small in scale.
If the Goddess had any reason for obstructing the creation of Metafalica, most likely it was this.
In other words, no matter how pure their hearts are or how purely they wished for it, in the end the souls of the humans are so far removed from the Wills of the Land that they simply cannot compare to them.

And this Deathlandia is itself the culmination of it.
We are just a single being who had a deep interest into this world, and who infiltrated into this valuable land, Deathlandia and returned alive from it.
And I am now allowing my pen to run free here to leave behind a record to the future generations of what I found during my exploration of Deathlandia.

No people lived upon that place. It was inhabited by anomalous beings.
As for what I mean by anomalous beings, it doesn't refer entirely to demons and spirits. If I had to describe them, I would say they were creatures with an appearance cute enough to be loved by children.
Of course, a book cannot be judged by its cover, as this was Deathlandia. The common sense of the world we live in does not apply here.

Upon getting through the sole village that existed in Deathlandia, beyond it only lied a demon-infested area.
This demon-infested area was similar to something, as whenever words were uttered, it would change its situation to become similar to what the words uttered were in response.
While this was something that could never occur in the world we normally live in, it was a natural occurrence in Deathlandia.
I thought then: "this is just like a human's heart".
A changing heart that sometimes stills itself temporarily. At times accepting, at times rejecting, the same place could end up having a completely different map depending when and who it interacted with.
And a decisive something happened as well. No matter how much you tried to roam about, it was impossible to walk beyond a certain region.
It was just like roaming inside a deep forest, getting lost inside it, and ending up circling around the same places over and over.

There was that we tried making several hypotheses to try and crack this mystery.
And we finally happened upon a single solution.
That was that this Deathlandia in itself was a world that came from a single soul.
Even this land that we live upon was created and maintained by life forms that coexisted with us for several centuries, millennia, and who possessed a virtue that far outstripped ours, but this Deathlandia was just a single human.
Just how much of an arrogant idea could Metafalica be?
This hypothesis was correct in almost everything.
And the reason was because the Infelsphere Platomine that traveled alongside us ended up becoming the key to this whole situation.
Infelsphere Platomine had the role of serving as the connection between the heart of the Maiden that had become Deathlandia and us.
And thanks to this, we could directly talk to the Maiden that had become Deathlandia.

This hazardous task was left in the hands of the Guardian of the Maiden, Chroah.
I did not know the full particulars behind it, but it is certain that he blazed the trail we ought to follow.
However, it was still a mentally straining work in extreme.
It seemed that he had been becoming progressive more mentally ill every time he went to talk with the heart of the Maiden to open the road in Deathlandia.
I cannot imagine at all what sorts of events could have transpired, but if there are any Gods out there, I suppose I must express my gratitude to them for having to deal with that sort of role myself.

It was in this way that we continued advancing through the roads Guardian Chroah opened for us, and we finally reached the core of this place.
Indeed, it was the place that should be called the Heart of Deathlandia, the burial chamber of the Heart of the Land.
It was the same thing to Deathlandia as the inside of a human heart.
This burial chamber was the final destination of the Maiden's soul, and it was our final destination as well.

I had to quell the Maiden that had become Deathlandia, and I Sang a single Song in this place that was at the very bottom of her heart to do so.
That Song was an extremely simple Song to me: a Song that brought calm to the hearts of people, and that removed any worldly desires and darkness from them.
Thanks to it, I created a place where the heart lost its fear and where it could expose its entire self freely. It created a room where there was nothing to fear and where she could feel at ease.

I had lived through this same sort of circumstances before, so it was natural I already had with me a Song that had effect on Deathlandia as well.
I conversed with the heart of the Maiden that had become Deathlandia, and I gained her permission.
The Maiden was complete once again as well. Her heart had been released from her worldly desires and darkness.

In exchange for it, I received a Heart of the Land, which was a shard from her Heart.
At the same time, Deathlandia lost the reason for its existence, and it disappeared as if it had been a mirage.

The world holds various mysteries that we have never seen before, but which can still exist in reality.
This Deathlandia was just another embodiment of them.
I think this was a good lesson on how unfathomably large this world is, and on how truly foolish we are to try to create something like it.

Book of Frelia: "Letter from a Foolish Ena Monk to the Naive People"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_HIBERNATION/.

This letter is a prophecy from a monk who knows of the ancient Gods to all the people who reside upon this land.
Please, I humbly request for this letter to be the salvation of this land.

In ages long past, Three Singing Goddesses existed upon this world.
The names of these Goddesses were Eolia, Frelia and Tilia.
Eolia was the eldest amongst them and was the user of the strongest magic, while Tilia was a Goddess that was born to use Songs to converse with this planet.
However, only a scant amount of people knew about the existence of Frelia and the great power she possessed.
Indeed, Frelia was bestowed with a pitiful duty, as she was a sleeping Goddess.

Immediately after she was born as a Goddess, Frelia was placed into a gigantic ark and launched into the sky.
After all, the duty of this Goddess was to look down on this land from the ark high in the sky, and build upon it a new kingdom for the Gods.
Goddess Frelia was sealed within that enormous ark, and she spent her days there dancing and singing.
Her dance gathered light upon a single place and used it to give shape to land.
And her Songs breathed life into the land, giving the people who lived upon it a place to live in.
As a Goddess, Frelia merely continued dancing for several decades in order to create land.
Within this enormous ark that was inhabited by nobody else, where nobody else could see her.

It was thus that the land of Meta Falss was born.
We came to reside and live our days upon the land that was created by the Goddess. There must be no days in which we do not express our gratitude to Goddess Frelia.

After she finished creating our land of Meta Falss, the Goddess fell into a deep sleep. It was such a deep, profound sleep that nobody would be able to awaken her.
Many centuries passed afterward, and the people forgot the existence of the Goddess.
And now having forgotten completely about the gratitude they owed to this land, they are falling to depravity.
The people have turned to cursing this small land, and are despondent at their own situation. They question, "Why did the Goddess only give us this small, thin land?"
And these feelings of wanting to create new land with their own hands led to a foolish project being made.

Ah, why are humans such foolish creatures?
The people nowadays are zealously working on that foolish project, Metafalica. Fortunately though, that project has never ended in success.
However, in the unhappy case that Metafalica becomes a success, that shall lead to the demise of this world.
Before the people pour their greed into Metafalica, they should read this letter and question their own hearts first.

Firstly, causing whatever manner of miracles upon this land is solely the domain of the Gods.
And the same applies to Metafalica.
Regardless of whether Metafalica is a success or not, everything is within the hands of the Gods, so it would be ordained by them.
Secondly, the creation of land is an act reserved to the Gods. No matter how small or large, for something akin to it to be done by the hands of humans is unthinkable.
Keeping in mind this second point, humbly contemplating it should suffice for anyone to understand it themselves.

Should this letter bring peace to this world, that would be the most wise choice, and the one that would lead us to a bright future.
However, should the people foolishly insist on the realization of Metafalica, that will lead the world of humans to its demise.

That time, a man clothed in white garments will appear in Ena.
That man is the person who will encounter Goddess Frelia later on. However, the encounter between this man and Goddess Frelia shall mean the demise of this world.

The man clothed in white will coincidentally be the spokesperson for my letter, and shall convey this to the people in as loudest a voice as possible.
That the Maiden of the Goddess rejects Metafalica.
The man clothed in white will defitively be the envoy of the Goddess, as he shall constantly be accompanied by a man of pure, noble blood.
Wearing a golden armor upon his body, with fluttering gold hair, and wielding a sword shining like a mirror, he shall be the legitimate envoy of the Goddess, the one who inherited by blood a duty that has been passed down for centuries.

Their encounter with the Goddess shall happen sooner or later if the people do not prevent it.
And through the man clothed in white, or the judge for the world, the Goddess shall be recounted the deeds of all the current people.
The Goddess shall listen to his recount, and she shall decide to put an end to this world.
That shall be carried out through a beautiful melody.
That melody shall be unlike any other the people may have heard ever since this world was created, and they shall be enthralled by its sound.
However, that melody shall be more removed from beauty the more the people are filled with worldly desires, and at the same time it shall become a Song that will fill them with excruciating suffering.
These ones shall attempt to flee from the Song of the Goddess, but the grand size of their worldly desires shall make them crave that same Song, and ultimately they shall collaborate in bring about their own demise.
The system of the Goddess is clever enough to exceed anything devised by human thought.

The people shall fall into a sleep lasting from dawn to dawn and from dusk to dusk, while their souls shall all congregate in a single place.
These souls shall never awaken again, nor shall they never sleep again.
However, their fusion with other souls shall steadily cause them to lose their egos, with this becoming as painful from beginning to end as receiving a poisoned arrow to those who stubbornly cling to their egos.
That shall prove fruitless, as after 87 days, they shall all become a single pure feeling, and that shall bring peace to this land.

The souls of the people shall return to the world, and using their power, the Goddess shall be reborn.

The reborn Goddess shall create a new paradise upon this land. Because that paradise will be for the Gods.
It will just be a temporary one for the construction of a new order and the reconstruction of the world.

Book of Jakuri, Chapter II: "Forbidden Book -Record on the Research about the Power of Feelings-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_HARMONIOUS_FUSION/.

what do living creatures live for?
Are we living creatures, or are we not?

Humans all possess life force, and that life force is not just mere energy.
Regardless of the Scalar they possess as energy, they also have feelings that act as vectors for it.
That is something that must be constantly released freely into a specific range around themselves.
And it must also have correlation to a certain degree with the energies from other vectors.

In order to verify this, I carried out an experiment by making use of a chance I had.
And for the verification to take place, I tried causing an influence on the life force of a certain third party.

The former was done by the generations that came long before the people currently living upon this world.

No, it would be more correct to say it was done on them.
The experimental subject had been locked up inside a certain small, dark box.
I'm not talking about a physical space, but a spiritual one.
Life force is so powerful that, if it's not released freely into a specific range like I hypothesized previously, its energy will become friction and will cause effects upon the physical world.
Its effects will also change remarkably depending on the vector's directionality.

If evil people do this freely, these impulses will be consumed by their actions, and even if it causes damage, it won't be significant.
However, what would happen if their feelings were detached from them, and these feelings were unable to be interfered by others in a period of time long enough to span decades?
For that period of time, the energy that couldn't be freely released would generate something similar to friction energy inside that frame, increasing entropy.
Furthermore, what would happen if it was done in such a small space that the physical body is robbed of any freedom, including its five senses and the freedom to move about?
The answer is obvious. The power of darkness would overtake the life force, and compression would increase its strength in a series-like fashion.
If the movable range is decreased to the minimum possible limit, the energy would become boundless, and its method of emission would change depending on the directionality of its vector.

In other words, the feelings of people are simple if we look at them from a strength perspective. If they are robbed of their freedom, they would be assaulted by a deep rage and sadness.
In short, this method of energy increase definitively only leads to a path controlled by darkness.

The energy controlled by the darkness possesses a strong negative power, which is to create matter from where there is none, kill people merely by having enough space to do so, and make the life force of other people negative through resonance.
I'm quite sure this power was used since the times of ancient civilizations as curses and maledictions, as several references to "boxes" can be found in ancient literature.
While the verification experiment I carried out wasn't that sort of thing, it ultimately demonstrated similar effects to it.

This is what the verification experiment was about.
Inside Infelphira, the sediment of the collective consciousness was compressed into a single place and recycled into subconscious energy, or in other words, vector zero energy. The status of the energy waiting in the preeliminary stage is undoubtedly the same as it too.
In other words, it could be said that Infelphira itself had become a "box" too.
Normally, its processing is carefully managed to the point it makes it impossible for it to be controlled from the outside. However, if there is a Will in the inside, it is possible to use it.

In other words, it was verified by what happened during this incident.
The long years of mistreatment magnified the vector energy of hatred to the point it exceeded its processing capabilities, and it continued steadily increasing.
And there also was an existence who could release that energy to the outside, which existed inside the "box".
It was thus that Zodoma could be materialized.
Compared to my verification experiment, it was far smaller in scale, to the point I could even call it cute, but it was obviously still a cursed life form who could release its effects upon its surroundings.

I was satisfied with having verified it, and I then Sang a Song to neutralize it.
It is essential to clean things up after completing an experiment after all. This is one of the commandments for those who explore the mind.

Book of Chroche, Chapter II: "The Legend of Metafalica, Fourth Passage -The Land of the Cursed Maiden-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: METHOD_IMPLANTA/.

That Maiden was a liar.
Although it may have not been by her own will, she sacrificed large numbers of people for it.
That is why she has awaited for the time to apologize for it, and to atone to those people.
And now the time has come. Even if it may put her life at risk, the day for atonement is now here.

Once upon a time, there was a poor country. There was so little land in that country that it was impossible even to harvest enough food to feed everyone in it.
The king at the time, Alph grieved over this crisis, and feared this would lead to the death of all his subjects. Thus, he gave Maiden Crache an order.
"The girls who carry a mark on their arms are cursed witches. You must imprison all of them and execute them as criminals."
Crache stubbornly refused to comply with that order, but King Alph would have none of that.
Thus the kingdom commenced a large-scale witch hunt. Crache oversaw the operation as its leader.

Many innocent women were brought before her, and were afterwards buried alive.
However, like King Alph said, this saved the lives of the remaining people.
Although there were less people now, all of them were able to share their food with each other and the deaths from starvation were reduced.

Many praised Crache for her actions. However, she herself was plagued day after day by worry and suffering.
"I am sure this saved the lives of the remainder of the populace. However, the sacrifices made in their name were excessive.
Culling people through a reason such as calling them witches is no more than an attempt to justify yourself."
King Alph just imposed a severe punishment upon her in response to Crache's musings.

Crache was unable to direct these feelings anywhere, and she cried all to herself in her room.

A day while Crache was on official business, a couple of men who called themselves envoys of the Gods appeared before her.
They were a man garbed in white, and a man with fluttering golden hair and who had an armor upon himself.
They gave Crache a single piece of advice. "Allow us to say this with our utmost respect to you, Our Holy Maiden Crache. The God of this world has overlooked all of the evil deeds the current kingdom has committed.
If your government remains this way and it does not undergo a radical change, God shall mercilessly bring this kingdom to ruin."

Although she reported this advice to King Alph, he like always just imposed a harsh punishment upon her.
While looking at the nightly moon, Crache whispered a prayer to God next to her windowsill.
"Oh God, if there is any way for me to be forgiven, please tell me. What path should I follow?"
The moon answered her:
"You must act however you think you should. You must never lie to your own heart.
This kingdom is now beyond saving. However, you still have one final role to play.
If you fulfill it, you shall be able to open the door to a new kingdom that will last for a thousand years for this land."

The next morning, Crache awakened to a great disturbance outside, and she doubted her own eyes when she looked through the window.
All the people were noisily collapsing upon the streets one after another. According to reports from her personal guard, an epidemic had suddenly spread throughout the whole kingdom.
The city was already covered in mountains of corpses, to the point it was difficult to even see the people who still remained alive.
It was said that, upon seeing this situation, King Alph took with him only his closest followers and fled in the early hours of the morning.
Crache thought, "What God had told me is now happening.
And it is now that my own atonement shall begin."

Crache went alone to the cathedral and offered her prayers. They were her own acknowledgment of her repentance for the sins she had committed.
And she repented in front of God for all the lies she had been hiding thus far.
Crache always had a bandage on her right arm, which she removed for the first time in front of God. Below it, there was an engraved mark.

"Oh God, I repent for having killed so many girls through these false witch trials. And I reveal myself as yet another one of the women bearing these marks.
Please, forgive me. And I shall accept for this transgression the imposition of the punishment dictated by our laws upon me."
As soon as she finished saying these words, Crache stabbed herself with a sword.
The consciousness of Crache faded away. "This shall not mean that all my sins have been washed away. However, this is the minimum I must do to atone for them."
However, God did not allow this. God descended in front of Crache, and Sang a single Song.
"Oh Crache, sorrowful daughter carrying her own sins. Your sins are not ones that shall disappear just by you bringing about your own death.
These are sins that can only be washed away in their entirety, purified by a Song. Come now, stand firm. And Sing."

Crache stood up once again. The floor had already been stained red, and even though merely sitting up caused her consciousness to start fading away, Crache still stood up.
And she then started humming a single melody.
That melody resounded far and wide, reaching throughout the whole kingdom. The land was filled with Crache's delicate voice.
Upon hearing her voice, the people started feeling as if the plague that was causing them so much suffering was completely fading away.
And then, one by one, nervously and timidly, their bodies awakened and stood up.

Having returned from the terror of death, the people shared their bliss with each other and dedicated their thanks to God.
Crache watched over them from high in the sky all alone, and with feelings of peace filling her, she departed for the Heavens.

Book of Chroche, Chapter III: "Guidelines for when We Have Reached the End of Days"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: METHOD_METAFALICA/.

There are no objects that cause miracles. The people is who cause them.
Therefore, there is a truth that must never be omitted when talking about the grand miracle known as Metafalica.

None of the legacies left by our ancestors were meaningless.
The Song that causes the miracle of Metafalica was found to be one from the beginning.
However, that was a cursed item that would only summon forth a Deathlandia.
Still, the difference between a curse and a miracle is thin as a sheet of paper. And the only one who may command it is the hearts of people.

If a third Metafalica is ever needed, may these facts never be forgotten.
This document has been written for the benefit of the people who shall live then.

First, there is not just a single Metafalica that calls forth a miracle.
It is actually composed by two separate Songs that support each other and which can become a single melody.
These two Metafalicas have each their own separate set of trials that must be overcome to be obtained, but the one that is known as Method has especially harsh trials to overcome before it can be obtained.
And these trials mustn't be overcome solely by the Singing Child of the Method part: they must be overcome by both Singing Children.

Method exists within the hearts of the two Singing Children.
In order to awaken it, the two must embark in a long journey through their hearts.

The travel through their hearts is climbing through an enormous Tower. This Tower will attempt to lead the hearts of the two astray.
When they have just passed the entrance, the two will appear to be girls that are friendly toward each other. However, the higher they ascend through the Tower, the crueler they shall become toward each other.
They shall become old women, they shall become monsters, and finally they shall become demons. That is the way they shall regard each other.

However, they must not attack the demons. They must accept the demons.
Attacking the demon would be like attacking yourself.
Due to the magic of that demon, I was turned into a white piglet. And my partner was burned in the abdomen by their scorching flames.
However, there is nothing to be afraid. These were no more than illusions produced by ourselves.
This Tower exposes our true shapes and worldly desires. And that is not foolish in the slightest, but an exceedingly normal thing.

Here, all worldly desires and evil thoughts must be purified to then prepare for the next trial.
In order for Metafalica to be created, the Singing Child of Method must connect her heart with those of the people.
Their number may range anywhere from the thousands to the tens of thousands. And for this connection to take place, the Singing Child herself must expose everything in her own heart.
The people shall look at you with harsh eyes then.
If you were deemed inadequate in the trials of the Tower, the people shall thrust you into the depths of the abyss even if you managed to conquer the Tower.
However, if were deemed adequate in the trials of the Tower, the people shall accept you.
For example, even if the people tell you to die, do not falter, as these are words directed to your outward appearance and concepts.
Be frank and show everything you have to offer to them. Their voices will surely change into ones of support for sure.

This is the final signpost for the creation of Metafalica.
I ply that the world where a third Metafalica is not needed shall continue existing forever.

And in the improbable case that it is needed, may the Singing Maidens appropriate for the task climb the Tower.

Book of Jakuri, Chapter III: "Legend of the God Killer"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_DESPEDIA/.

That woman held the power to control the Army of God.
There only was one person who could control the Army of God: it was the one who knew the Numbers of God.
These Numbers were 1921456.
She obtained these Numbers, and Sang. When she did, the King of the Army of God instantly followed her every command.

A bit earlier, that country had been occupied by the Army of God.
God had grown irate toward the people due to them not repenting, and decided to erase this land.
God said:
"This world has now reached a turning point. The people of this country that have been chosen will be led to the land of the Gods.
You shall undergo the Sublimation of Souls. If you do not do so, my faithful servants, the Army of God, shall exterminate you."

The people stood firm, and resolving to keep living their own lives, they rejected the Sublimation of Souls.
Therefore, God dispatched His own army to the land.

A single ray of light descended from the Heavens, and it steadily grew larger before the eyes of everyone.
When looking at it more carefully, they saw that inside there were countless creatures that resembled white, small, shining suns.
They descended upon the land, and started spewing black flames everywhere around themselves, the flames becoming their arms and legs.
The white suns then became Guardians that had human faces!
The next instant, they fired dazzling beams of light from their faces, destroying 57 houses.

This ignited the people.
They held swords, those who couldn't get swords held hoes, and those who couldn't get hoes held wooden staves.
And the War started.
Clouds of dust rose upon the land that stretched beyond the far horizon, with the people flooding to the point they covered the land.
Their footsteps were like thunderclap, raising clouds of dust that were like blazing flames.
The faces of the people, filled with madness, now resembled demonic beasts, as they seemed now like they had lost all sense of sanity.
A division of chariots then rushed in from within the clouds of dust. These fierce chariots were powerful enough to destroy even the hardiest fortress in a single attack.
The people that were ablaze in their counterattack against God let out a war roar in unison when they saw the white suns from the Army of God over the horizon.
Although they could brandish their swords and axes around, and easily fling the surrounding enemies away, these enemies would soon stand up again and have numbers added to them.

The Army of God continued advancing until they reached the horizon. And then, they stood in front of the people as if they were an enormous white wall.
However, the people started attacking them fearlessly, with an energy that exceeded their endurance!
Not even God could stop them. There was nobody upon this land that could stop that crowd of crazed, angered beasts.

The Army of God stood down in silence. And then, one of their units stuck their neck out and looked around.
After looking around, the soldier from the sun fired a ray of light. As if sweeping from left to right, their light left flames upon the land where it touched it.
The surface of the land exploded, and the crazed beasts that were stepping upon it were instantly were sent flying. Just as if they were mere garbage!

This mere instant was enough for the world to lose one third of its human population.
The people were terrified by the power of the Army of God. And to protect their own lives, they thought they should consult the Forbidden Black Witch.
The Forbidden Black Witch was a fearsome life form that was sealed away for a long period of 400 years due to enclosing half the world in darkness.
Dressed in a black tight dress and with fluttering black hair, she was fearfully called the Black Witch by the people.

Normally, nobody would seek contact with the detestable Black Witch, but there was no one who rejected the idea now.
The chief that brought the humans together told the Black Witch this:
"I'd have never thought the time we'd ask you for help would ever come."
The Black Witch merely laughed before replying:
"Yes. The world changes after all."
Upon saying this, the powers of the Black Witch were unsealed.
During the course of her long life, the Black Witch had learned the Numbers that controlled the Army of God.
These were the Numbers of God, which were 1921456.

The Black Witch stood in front of the Army of God.
"Okay then, how shall I cook you up?"
She started singing a Song containing the Numbers of God.
The Army of God instantly became her faithful servants.
The people rejoiced and praised the Black Witch. But she then put a stop to their celebration.
The Witch then realized that there was someone controlling the Army of God from the shadows.

That someone was constantly watching to ensure that the Army of God could not be controlled through a Song.
The Black Witch turned around and told loudly to the people:

"Listen, everyone! These creatures are no Army of God!
My Song shall render this false Army of God powerless. During that time, you ought to go and annihilate all of them!"
Everyone raised a war cry once again. Their loud, joyful voices reverberated until they reached the horizon.

This was when the true battle began.
The Black Witch Sang, and this left the Army of God unable to release beams of light.
Afterwards, it was just a matter of the crazed beasts destroying them.

To the right there were sounds of metal being crushed, while at the left there were sounds of heavy arms falling to the ground.
It was like the very sight of Hell having become a reality.
The land became a sea of beasts and Army of God soldiers. Their roaring became loud enough to be hear even in the farthest of stars.

After three days and three nights, the battle ended in the victory of the people over the Army of God.
For three days and three nights afterward, the people were intoxicated in their victory and once again changed back to humans from beasts.
The people who had suceeded in secceding from God decided they should make the Black Witch the new queen of this country, and went to her home.
However, the Black Witch was nowhere to be found now.

The Witch had departed all alone in a journey.
She had left in order to perform the last rites on the true sinner who had usurped God and had created this whole situation.

Nobody ever saw the Black Witch again afterward.
There is no way to know if it was for the better, or for the worse.

Book of Luca, Chapter III: "Excerpt from Collection of Myths and Fairytales: "The Bridge to the Heavens""[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_VIENA/.

Once upon a time, there was a poor country. That country was called Metafali.
Metafali had a lot of people living inside a small land. Naturally, in this situation there wasn't enough food for everyone.
In addition, the people were also running out of places to live bit by bit.
And as if this bad environment wasn't enough, the weather in this land wasn't stable.
Droughts and flash floods were frequent, so the crops the people raised every year weren't enough to meet all their needs.

The Priestess of God, Luca, was always praying and Singing for this land to be prosperous.
However, no matter how much she did it, the crops never became more abundant, and the disasters never ceased.
Luca was struck by grief at how powerless she was, and the people steadily stopped relying on her as their Priestess.

A day, Luca's patience finally hit its limit.
"This is so strange. I've prayed this much, and yet no miracles have manifested. Isn't there a God anymore? Maybe I should quit this job already."
The people no longer believed in God, so no one ever came again to make requests from Luca.
Nothing good would come from her remaining there any longer.

So, Luca made up her mind. She would go search for God.
And if God truly existed, she also had some complaints she wanted to tell Him.
Thinking no time like the present, Luca prepared her luggage that same day and departed on her journey in search of God.

Going to a place with lots of people was the best for gathering information. So, she soon found herself in the capital of this country, Pastali.
Upon talking to the people of the city, she found herself in the possession of a surprisingly large amount of information.
From what she heard, apparently there used to be long ago a bridge in this city that led all the way to the Heavens where God lives.
No one knows if it was because of an evildoer's actions or some inevitable circumstances, but the bridge was nowhere to be found now.
However, rumors said that the bridge still slept somewhere deep in the city's underground.

Luca immediately said she wanted to go to Pastali's underground.
However, the people of the city just laughed at her. Everyone just believed it was mere superstition.
They said, "Oh my! Look just how far the Priestess of God has fallen! No one ever relies on her for anything anymore!"
Her mood soured, Luca left the city. And she headed to the underground all by herself.

Deep inside the underground, she found a peculiar man.
It would have been too much to say it was a man though, and he was a priest.
The priest was surprised when he saw Luca. However, he quickly composed himself as Luca told him: "I've heard a story about the bridge to the Heavens being here."
The priest answered by laughing.
"Yes, it is indeed here. However, it could also be said it's not here either."
Luca was stumped upon hearing that unexpected riddle.
"Aren't you pitiful, sir?"
The priest replied irritated:
"So quick of wit. It's a riddle. The bridge is definitely here, but since I'm not giving it to anyone, it's the same as if it were not here."
Ah, I get it. Thought Luca:
"So if we compete in a riddle contest and I win, you'll give that bridge to me?"

The priest laughed loudly while saying he accepted. "However, if I win, you'll become my servant and I'll put you to work until you die."
Luca accepted without stopping to consider the consequences, and the riddle contest started.

The priest then spoke his riddle:
"My God never preaches to man out of His own mouth. What does this mean?"
Luce pondered the answer for a short moment, but the answer appeared on her mind right away.
But as the answer sounded so terrible, she temporarily refrained from speaking it.
But she also thought she had to say it.
Yet she also thought she shouldn't.
This repeated over itself several times, until she ultimately decided to get over with it and say it. It didn't matter anymore if it was a wrong answer.
"Because He's God, He scatters all around His word. That's all I have to say."
The priest was paralyzed instantly. And he then begrudgingly said:
"Okay, I'll do as promised. I'll give the bridge to you."
As Luca's answer was so unexpected to him, he had lost all interest in continuing.

Upon obtaining the bridge, Luca gave her thanks to the priest and left for the tallest place in Pastali: a courtyard with an enormous bell, and she set the bridge in there.
And what happened after she did? The bridge extended quickly until it reached the Heavens, to the point it was impossible to see where it ended anymore.
The Heavens really existed.

And Luca abruptly started walking upon that bridge to go and meet God!
While climbing the bridge, Luca suddently started remembering her encounter and conversation with the priest.
"I wonder who taught the priest that riddle. No way it was God, right?"

Book of Homura and Mio: "Recommendation for the Sublimation of Souls"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/.

The world was created by myriads of Gods.
It is said these Gods continue living even now, to watch over and protect us.
Even if the Gods and us are the same in the respect of being living creatures, they are a kind of life form different from us.
And the differences between them and us arise in the weight of our souls.

We humankind must increase greatly the weight of our souls.
This is because the world is demanding increasingly more radical changes, even though we humankind are repeatedly going through the cycle of death and rebirth, which increases the weight of our souls although at a slower pace.
These radical changes are not merely limited to the outside, as they must occur correspondingly in the inside as well. I am talking here about the souls of the people.

It is said that the current souls of the people have begun to deteriorate at a rapid rate.
That is a consequence of having lived so many years upon this sterile land while chasing after the utopia in a way akin to one chasing after a mirage.
However, an unreachable illusion by itself provides no virtue to the human heart.
In comparison, the reality before our eyes is no more likely to produce reasons to be hopeful.

Therefore, my recommendation to the whole of humankind is the sublimation of the soul to reach the true utopia.

Although it is called the sublimation of the soul, it is nothing to be afraid. That is to say, it is no more than a technique to cast the physical body aside and attain many more boons.
The method for it is also simple, concise, and easy. Nobody shall need need to do any kind of hard physical work, and nobody shall need to do any kind of hard mental work.

You shall just need to entrust yourselves to my Song.
If you do so, firstly the sky shall crack like a broken pane of glass and the land shall fall into darkness, both of their roles already finished.
These are no reasons to be afraid. These are just the preparations for releasing you from the miniature gardens you all are imprisoned in.
Afterwards, everything up to the horizon shall crumble away, and everything shall become a true void. That itself shall be the time of supreme bliss.

Following that, this land we walked upon shall fall into the sea of clouds starting from its extremes to its center, it being now unneeded.
This is no reason to be afraid. Because the main culprit of us being bound to the land shall collapse.
The land shall become the sky, and everyone shall attain true freedom.

Finally, everyone will cast aside their bodies as if they were clothes, becoming heavy objects that will fall down. That shall be as pleasant as breaking free from bindings.
Do not worry. Casting aside the body being dreadful is just an idea. Fearing the unknown is no more than an evil idea. That is the time when the true release shall begin.

Once the release begins, the world shall become red. The consciousnesses of everyone shall be fused to become a large consciousness, and will experience a feeling of ecstasy.
Afterward, we shall depart for the black, empty Heavens; and by adapting ourselves to the perfect void, we shall attain eternal peace.
The only ones that shall fear this situation are those whose souls are truly light in weight, and those who need wordly desires to exist.
Once found, I shall use the embodiment of the Gods that is like a dragon created from large trees to devour these people.
If these lightweight souls shall cause an evil influence on the sublimation of the world, not even a single residue of them shall be suffered to exist.

Once the purification is complete, the aspect of the world shall change in its entirety.
I shall Sing the Song that blesses the world and open the way to a new era.

Everyone shall become a single world.

Book of Genesis: "Legend of Metafalica, Fifth Passage -At the Very End of a Long Ending-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/.

Once upon a time, there were two Singing Priestesses. Their names were Chroche and Luca.
They were each said to be the Priestess who would save this world by a different Church, and were treated with reverence and respect.
However, both Churches advocated for the creation of the same utopia. This utopia was called Metafalica.

Both of the Churches which longer for Metafalica were constantly fighting over who was in the right.
Even though they were Churches with the goal of saving the people, they caused a tragic situation in which they fought and hurt people.

Their respective Priestesses got along pretty poorly as well.
The Priestess of the Pastali Church, Chroche constantly denounced the Priestess of the Ena Church, Luca.
Whenever she held a speech, she would loudly proclaim her own legitimacy while at the same time denouncing the Ena Church as heretics.
Therefore, the Ena Church faced constant persecution and attacks from the Pastali Church.

The Priestess of the Ena Church, Luca never attacked the Pastali Church, nor did she denounce their Priestess.
Rather, Luca constantly went to the extreme of asking everyone to not talk badly about Priestess Chroche.
Therefore, the purity of Priestess Luca touched their hearts, and this continuously earned the Ena Church more believers.
However this was just in appearance, as inside the people of the Ena Church went around making themselves pass for people of the Pastali Church and harming people.
Therefore, the Pastali Church was falsely accused of unspeakable crimes, and there was no end to the people imprisoned due to this.

Then a day, the two Churches discovered ancient documents.

By mere chance, they both discovered them nearly at the same time, and both of these documents had the same thing written on them.
It was a guide leading to the creation of the Metafalica utopia.
For the creation of the Metafalica utopia, it was necessary to obtain two precious orbs: one found at the farthest ends of this world, and one found in a place not existing upon this world.

Both Priestesses scrambled to be the first to the finish, and departes in search of the two precious orbs.
The two Churches occasionally fought over this, stealing false precious orbs from each other and attempting to make each other fail.
One of the precious orbs was found at the farthest ends of the world, and it fell into the possession of the Pastali Church. The Pastali Church rejoiced and sneered at the Ena Church. However, their joy was short-lived.
This was because, for some reason, Priestess Chroche was unable to touch the precious orb.
The Pastali Church thought it must be a counterfeit, and sent it to the Ena Church. As soon as they received it, Priestess Luca could put a hand on it as if it were natural.
And this gave Priestess Luca a revelation.
This precious orb ended up geing genuine. And Priestess Luca had gotten one step close to the realization of Metafalica.

The Pastali Church was bewildered. Doubts about Priestess Chroche being a genuine Priestess were raised, and many of their faithful converted to the Ena Church.
Chroche was unable to conceal her shock, and she finally fell asleep.

Chroche laid on her bed every day. However, a girl started appearing near her bedside, and the same girl appeared day after day.
Even though Chroche thought it was just a dream, she steadily grew curiouser about her.
A day, she did not think the dream was such any longer and had the idea of moving through her own will in it. When Chroche did so, she appeared.
The girl introduced herself as Infeli.
The girl told her: "You have the qualifications as well. However, there is something you must do for it."
Chroche jumped to her feet. She said: "What must I do? I shall do anything for that purpose, even offer my own life."

Infeli told her: "You must love Priestess Luca, and share your bed and food with her."
Although Chroche had been quite shocked already, this left her stunned. And it was then that she awoke.

To Priestess Chroche, Priestess Luca was the person she despised the most. And she thought Priestess Luca thought the same way of her.
For her to do something like love Priestess Luca to the point of sharing her bed and food with her, it was completely impossible.
However, Chroche had already made plain that she was willing to die to accomplish this goal, so she tried facing herself once again.
If she died, she would be unable to accomplish anything. Furthermore, the Pastali Church was at the border of collapse now. So, wouldn't it be better to make an attempt at things before dying?

Priestess Chroche headed to the Ena Church. And then, she announced she would cease being a Priestess and that she wanted to live there with Priestess Luca.
Priestess Luca put a condition before accepting that. That condition being that Chroche would become her slave.
Chroche then lost her position as a Priestess and became the slave of Luca.
But believing this was her final hope, Chroche submitted herself to Luca.

However, something unexpected happened afterward.
Priestess Luca did not treat Chroche very harshly.
Naturally, it was pretty difficult for her at the start. There were even many times where she got slapped.
However, there was nothing of the malice she used to have during her days as Priestess, and rather she earned the adoration of the people for her kindness.
Even Priestess Luca was forced to admit that her initial impressions of Chroche were mistaken.
While she initially had her own pile of pent-up grudges and resentments as well and wanted to hurt Chroche, the way Chroche did not oppose her and instead honestly set on doing whatever she was told caused Luca to gradually open her heart.

Despite that kindness, there had been nobody who could have opened the heart of Priestess Luca before she did.
The bitterness and harshness inherent to her Priestess duties mean she had nobody she could speak to in a frank manner. And the same was true of Chroche.

Therefore, when Priestess Luca first opened her heart to Chroche, both slowly started becoming friends.
Because they both became capable of sharing their feelings with each other.

However, the remaining precious orb was still nowhere to be found.
The Ena Church had actively been looking everywhere throughout the world for it, but it was hopeless.
It was then that something worthy of inducing despair ensued.
An epidemic spread throughout the world. Although Priestess Luca prayed and Sang every day, it had next to no effect.
And to make matters worse, even Priestess Chroche was afflicted by the epidemic and collapsed.
The Ena Church then tried to separate Priestess Luca and Chroche, as it would have been terrible if the epidemic was contagied to Luca.
However, Priestess Luca staunchly refused to abandon the side of Chroche. She always, always kept tending Chroche in her illness.

A day, Chroche spoke to Luca: "It is possible I only have a few days remaining.
Allow me to pray at the least once for the people before I perish. I may not be a Priestess any longer, but I wish to pray for those who are suffering in this world."
Luca was opposed to her request, but upon watching Chroche supplicate to her, she held Chroche's shoulder and led her to the chapel.

While struggling to breathe, Chroche Sang a Song of prayers. Her voice was so beautiful that even Priestess Luca was entranced into listening to her.
And then, a miracle happened. Everyone who was suffering due to the epidemic started feeling better and better thanks to the Song.
Once she finished Singing, Chroche collapsed. The body of Chroche then shone with a brilliant light, and once it dimmed, a single orb fell next to her.
And it was one that connected to the precious orb that Priestess Luca had with her.

Once the Ena Church learned about this, they were greatly astonished. It was not unreasonable either, as the precious orb they had spent years trying to locate had been finally found.
But at the same time, they grew fearful upon realizing this meant that Chroche was a legitimate Priestess of the Gods. And then they tried to plot against her: they would state that Chroche had stolen the precious orb and hidden it.

When Luca learned of this, she contained the people of the Ena Church by the sword, and supporting Chroche, they both fled the chapel.
The place Luca chose for them both to hide was the Pastali Church, which had now been reduced to ruins.

Luca tended to Chroche until she was nursed back to health, and talked to her about the precious orbs.
Chroche was overjoyed. And she told Luca: "We now are in possession of the two preciosu orbs. You must Sing now to create Metafalica."
However, Luca rejected the idea, because she believed the second precious orb to have been produced by the feelings of Chroche. "This is not mine to have."

Luca then apologized to Chroche. "I always misunderstood you, and I kept saying terrible things to you.
But after living together for so long, and after seeing everything about you and accepting about you, I had the thought that you and I are both the same.
We are both humans with blood flowing through our bodies, we are girls, and we continue to care about the peace of this world."
Chroche thought the same. That drove her to honestly relay her thoughts to Luca:

"I am glad that we met. And I am truly happy that I could get to know you..."

They both climbed the Singing Hill. And strongly joining their hands, they overlooked the city below them.
May every single person who lives upon this world live in eternal happiness.
And although nobody knows who first did it, they started Singing. Although they were not Singing the same Song, they somehow formed a beautiful harmony.
They tighlty gripped the precious orb they each had obtained and that was clenched in the hand of their counterpart.

Their voices rose upon the mountains, crossed the valleys, and reached the ears of the people.
Every single person stopped all the work they were doing, ceased speaking, and just allowed their voices to fill their ears.

And as if it were to support their voices, somebody started Singing as well. And that Song instantly spread all over the world.
The whole city began Singing. As if it were enveloping this world, the greatest Song in this world had now commenced.

Firstly, some small changes started manifesting. However, gradually but surely the world started changing.
An enormous tree that thus far would have been impossible to grow started growing. The rivers that had been dry for several years had water flowing through them again.
The wastelands become abundant with plants at once, and a refreshing wind started blowing throughout them.

During this time, the people continued Singing without pause.
Luca and Chroche continued Singing as well, for a long, long time. While tightly gripping the hands of the other, they continued supporting each other and Singing over several days.

Thus was the utopia that was the dearest wish of the people: Metafalica, been born upon this world.
It was born not out of the hands of a single person, but out of all and each of the hands of each who live upon this world.

That was born from hearts with a strong belief. That which was the most revered in the world.
This land you step upon now, and the fruits you gratefully eat every day are both the miraculous results of your strong belief.

cEzE hymmnos!
I ply that these feelings may be transmitted down the generations eternally and forevermore.

Third Testament[]

Book of Mute: "Unpublished Letter to My Beloved"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_CUTYPUMP/.

To my beloved darling.
I'm healthy and working my hardest. Clusternia treats humans pretty harshly, so I'm bein' treated real coldly by 'em too.
But when I think 'bout ya, darling, it feels like everythin' gets easier.
Besides, there's sumthin' I've gotta do no matter what. And that's beatin' the shit outta the Archia Chairman, Raffaelle!

I haven't told you about it yet, darling, but as it's no good to keep secrets between us, I'm gonna tell ya.
My Papa is actually Dr. Loudness. Surprised? I've talked lots 'bout him to ya!
And now, Papa's gone to some faraway country in the boonies. But he didn't that 'coz he wanted!
That Raffaelle bastard pushed Papa into it!

Back when Papa was doin' research in Arkia, Raffaelle was a researcher who worked below him.
But looks like Raffaelle was a pretty cunnin' bastard, as Papa fell to a rung lower in the ladder than him, and was demoted to bein' shipped to these faraway boonies.
Yeah, I'm damn sure Papa's all proud to be doin' that. I mean, it's needed to save this world from the Antibodies.
But I'm never gonna forgive how Raffaelle drove Papa out to gain more power for himself!
Papa sometimes sends me messages from that faraway world. But when I read 'em, it sounds pretty awful: it's in the boonies, the food's crap, and it sounds like there's enough violence to go 'round.
The cherry on top's that he went all gaga over some cocky, dark girl, so it sounds like he's havin' a real hard time over there.
But still, I was pretty glad whenever I got his messages. But lately I haven't gotten any of 'em.

I thought that Papa just was all busy and couldn't send 'em. But I've heard nuthin' from him for half a year, so I've gotten really worried.
I can't stand it anymore! Papa's the only family I've got, so if he's run into some kinda trouble over there, what should I do...?

So I made up my mind. I'm gonna give Raffaelle what he deserves!
That's why I've enlisted in Clusternia. I've heard that they're makin' preparations to invade Arkia.
But there's no way Clusternia'd let any old human join 'em! It'd be impossible for half-baked Revatail like myself!
If you're not some big shot they can use, yer out!
But I remembered Papa Installed a Hymmne Crystal into me when he was still 'round.
Ya know, when I first Sang the Song from it, my body got as muscular as I've got it now. I was shocked enough to be traumatized from it for a while.
Papa was shocked too, and told me to never Sing that Song again.

But I thought I'd be able to enroll into Clusternia if I used it. It's now the only Hymmnos I've got as a memento from Papa.
And sure enough, I was able to join the Clusternian Army when I used it! Ever since, I've been aimin' to attack Arkia from Clusternia to get revenge for Papa.

And that means that my body gets all muscular only for a bit of time thanks to the Song.
Ya've only ever seen me in my macho form, darling, so I thought I wanna show you my true, itsy-bitsy form someday...
But it's too embarrassin', so I'm not gonna do it!

That's why I was gonna tell you on this letter fi--
(*Editor's Note: the letter was left unfinished at this point. Most likely, the writer agonized over continuing it before ultimately stopping.)

Book of Sakiya Rumei, Chapter I: "Ancient Myths -Volume of the Descent of the Gods-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_EP=NOVA/.

Long, long ago, there once was a Goddess called Sakiya Rumei.
Apparently, that Goddess was a disciple of the one who created the humans.
Although Sakiya Rumei lived at the side of her master for some time, one she was unable to continue doing so.
The reason for this is that humans that her master had created had broken their own miniature garden.
The inside of that miniature garden was this world, Ar Ciel.
Afterward, the Gods held councils. Day after day, they held a council.
Why were they holding them? Naturally, it was to decided what they should do about the humans.

The final decision they reached from these councils was that the humans were made defectively, and they should all be erased and remade from the start.
However, when Sakiya Rumei heard the decision reached by the council from her master, her heart rustled painfully.
It was because she loved the humans.
It was then she told her master:
"I, Saki, shall descend to the human world, and request them to please not break this world any further!"
Although this worried her master to no end, Sakiya Rumei was the type of girl to not change her mind once she had resolved to do something, and her master reluctantly dispatched her to the surface.
It seems Sakiya Rumei was overjoyed to hear this, and she descended to the surface.

Many events happened to her afterward. And she also got in all sorts of problems. All because Sakiya Rumei knew nothing about the humans.
And because that Goddess also thought all humans were good children. However, the reality was quite unlike her thoughts. So it appears she went through many hardships.
But it may have been because of them that she met him by pure chance: a young man that seemed to be the savior of this world.

And how did she find him? Of course, through pure instinct.

That young man was a lad called Aoto, who lived in small frontier village.
And by guiding that young man, Sakiya Rumei thought she could erase all conflict from this world.
It goes without saying, but conflict was what led Ar Ciel to being broken.

However, while she was troubling herself about how to guide him, Sakiya Rumei somehow got captured by the humans! Was not she supposed to be a Goddess?
It was worthy of astonishment. Furthermore, it was not even the humans, but moving dolls created by them.
Still, destiny is quite incredible. That was what served as the chance for Sakiya Rumei and Aoto to grow closer, and was what led into their journey to save the world.
Indeed, guiding the humans is the specialty of the Gods.
But still, she was unexpectedly found by Aoto when she was captured, and they could only elope to escape their pursuers.
There is no way to know if this was a strategy decided by the Goddess or just something that happened by chance.

Anyhow, that was what led Aoto and Sakiya Rumei to travel together.
However, their problems started soon after. Their doll pursuers were quite persistent, they were attacked by a clown, and the road they traversed was quite perilous, making it a difficult journey.
And as you may be imagining, this finally happened in the midst of all this.
The doll pursuers sent a threat saying they should surrender Sakiya Rumei unless they wanted their cities destroyed.
Naturally, even Aoto was forced to hand Sakiya Rumei over because all the people in the city had been taken hostage.
Well, it was inevitable. But as Aoto was so admirable, he decided afterward he would rescue her.

He finally found Sakiya Rumei in the base of the dolls.
But he ended up like a cornered rat, as they were found immediately after.
Naturally, it was because the place was filled with dolls, as it was their base.

Although it seemed everything was over for Aoto, he managed to bring her to place where it appeared other humans would rush running to help them.
However, that does not mean they ran away immediately. They had after all had come to a place where there was no other choice but to fight.

When Sakiya Rumei saw both sides fighting, she remembered something. She herself had come to put a stop to all fighting.
Fighting was not good. Even though humans should be kinder and wiser, they did not seem any different from cats now.
It was then that she had an epiphany, and gathering all her courage, she loudly shouted:
"Please, stop fighting!"

Did you know? When Gods honestly pour their feelings out, they become Songs.
And this time, this happened as well: these feelings became a Song. When they become a Song, they can bring forth some sort of power.
What do you think happened this time? There is nobody who has managed to correctly guess it.

It was cakes. Yes, cakes. Somehow, all the dolls were transformed into cakes.
All the people around were astonished. Even Aoto himself was astonished enough to have fallen over and be unable to stand up.
It was cakes, after all. Surprised?

Such was the story in which such events took place, and in which Aoto and his friends saved everyone.
Aoto and Sakiya Rumei went on many more journeys afterward, and although they truly saved Ar Ciel in the end, that is a story for another time.
We shall stop here today.

Book of Crimson and Azure: "Tale of the Crimson and Azure Telia"[]


Once upon a time, there was a female knight called Akane.
That girl was recognized by the king for her prowess, to the point she could even be called the right-hand woman of the king.
She was always flawless in performing her duties, and was a constant threat to the neighboring country.
However, as much as Akane commanded respect from her peers and the people, there was just one thing from her that elicited eye-rolling from them.
That thing was a friend of Akane.

She only had a single person she could call a dear friend, which was a girl called Soma.
That girl was infamous enough in the kingdom to be despised by everyone, and thus was ostracized by the people. This was because the king had proclaimed Soma to be the Cursed Child.
Akane had been a close friend of Soma ever since they were children, and she had no intention of abandoning Soma regardless of what anyone said. However, if the king himself had proclaimed she was a Cursed Child, it was equal to saying she would not be allowed to live upon this kingdom anymore.
Akane continued to shield Soma, to the point she was doing so daily.
However, this caused Soma to be filled with feelings of regret. Therefore, she decided to leave the kingdom so as to not cause her friend any more trouble.

Akane was sad at this turn of events, but as the feelings of Soma were so strong, she was unable to go against them.
However, this ended up becoming a crossroads of fate for them both.

Several years passed, and a certain day, Soma returned to her kingdom.

However, Akane could give no credit to her eyes when she saw Soma again, as she had brought a barbarian from the neighboring country with her!
It was law that none of these barbarians were to be allowed entrance into the kingdom. However, Soma sneaked him in through a backdoor.

They were discovered shortly later, and Soma was apprehended. She then was dragged in front of the king.
The king was greatly enraged, and ordered Soma to kill the barbarian young man she had brought in. However, Soma refused to follow these orders, and instead pleaded to the king.
"Please, I request that you cease your attacks on the neighboring country! That country has done us no harm, and its people are kind and gentle! So why must we attack them?"
Her ply just infuriated the king further, who said:
"The existence itself of that country is evil and cursed! The fact you brought a barbarian from there to us cannot be anything but an omen for disaster! Perish together, you ignoramuses!
At the same time that order was issued, Soma and her friend were apprehended by the royal guards. However, something terrible happened then.
Somehow, Soma invoked an incredible power.
Her feelings were excited to the utmost to protect her friend from the neighboring country, and that broke a seal placed deep upon her heart.
The king understood immediately that he was bearing witness to the prophecy of the "Cursed Child" becoming true.
However, Soma summoned a demon due to the seal being broken. That demon caused the whole castle to tremble, and all the soldiers scrambled about to escape from it.
Only the king remained, screaming wrathfully at the top of his lungs in an attempt to rally his soldiers again. However, no soldiers now remained who could obey him.
Even the king slowly started feeling fear, as the castle continued trembling and roaring cracking sounds were heard, to the point anybody would wonder if the castle would fall apart.
But it all stopped the moment the king attempted to flee.
Soma had consumed all her energy and collapsed to the floor. She spent all her force into the demon summoned by her feelings.

The king instantly grew confident and approached Soma and her friend with the intent of killing them with his own hands. However, he saw his course of action obstructed.
All because Akane was standing in front of Soma.
To save her only friend, Akane was pointing her sword to her own king. Everyone in the kingdom wondered in disappointment, "Why is she willing to abandon everything to save the Cursed Child?" The king said:
"Soma is the Cursed Child. She brought in a barbarian, caused our soldiers to flee, almost brought this castle down, and betrayed you, Akane! Could there be any greater curse than hers!?"
Akane paid no mind to his words, and carrying Soma on her back, she left the castle.

Soma was already at brink of death, as her life had been absorbed by the demon.
Akane thought... that the only way to heal her was climbing the legendary Mt. Telia.
Mt. Telia was an extremely tall mountain that was said to be inhabited by the Gods, and whose peak was said to be inhabited by Hermit Telia, who had the ability to resurrect the dead.
However, everyone who had tried climbing the mountain had spent their strength before reaching the peak and died from exhaustion.
And Akane decided to depart for the mountain at once.
Climbing the treacherous surface and going through dangerous caves, she kept climbing higher and higher. In the road to the peak, she passed through a marvelous stalactite cavern, jumped upon mysterious floating slabs, and crossed several narrow stone bridges.
And finally, although spent and exhausted, she reached the peak.
However, Hemit Telia was nowhere to be seen.
Akane then shouted, calling for Telia. An echo from Mt. Telia answered back to her.
"If you desire to see me, then demonstrate your power! Attempt to put this stone spider to sleep with a Song, and defeat it!"

And before the echo finished saying these words, a rock fell from the sky. It was shaped after a spider, and shockingly enough, it started running around like one.
Akane desperately evaded its attacks, and although she attempted to strike back, she did not even scratch the spider.
When she did, the stone spider strongly stamped a leg against the ground, causing part of the ground to crack and collapse, the pieces from it tumbling down the surface of the tall mountain.
Akane broke into a cold sweat. "This place shall not resist much longer. I must defeat it quickly..."

It was then she remembered what the voice said before: "to put it to sleep with a Song, and defeat it."

Akane Sang, putting her whole heart and feelings into it. She continued to Sing while putting her feelings for Soma into it.
Although that was the first time ever Akane had Sung this Song, it somehow rose from the depths of her heart and she Sang it as it did.
The stone spider then stopped moving, maybe entranced by the Song. Without even waiting a more second, Akane stabbed it into the eyes, finally felling the stone spider.

Akane was refreshed in spirit, as she would be finally allowed to meet Hermit Telia. Telia came out from behind a stone door, and upon seeing Akane, she said:
"Mornin'. Yawn... it's been so long since I last you, Mr. Sun"
Akane looked at Soma, and told Telia "I request for you to use your power to revive her." Telia cheerfully agreed to do so, and saved Soma.
Telia said:
"You are such a wonderful friend. You did not abandon your friend, even if that meant abandoning everything else. You know exactly what I mean, don't you? Hahaha!"
Afterwards, the now revived Soma and Akane lived happily ever after.
It is said that the kingdom where Akane used to live disappeared shortly later, but Soma and Akane lived strong and healthy for the rest of their lives.

Book of Sakiya Rumei, Chapter II: "Of Gods and Humans -Humans-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE/.

The Gods gave the humans a single gift. Was it the the will of the Gods, or a trial ordained by them?
The story I am about to relate is one we would deem as uncoincevable nowadays, but it is one story about a war between humans and Gods that truly happened once.

Back when the world was nearing its demise, the humans were in quite the predicament. And that was due to the war they were embroiled in against the Gods.
Only a brief span of time had transcurred ever since the world had become a hell where life could no longer thrive, and they then were born.
Although they were called Antibodies, their proper name was Ru.
Organic movements done by repulsive shapes, and yet elastic and resistant. They had bodies that had black shining granules scattered all over, seeming as if they contained a shining starry sky inside themselves.

These were undoubtedly the new life forms the Gods had created to exterminate humanity.
Thus was how the curtain was raised on the long-lasting battle between the humans and the Ru.
The Ru were made to instinctively hunt and kill humans, so the humans had no possibility of pacifying them.
They mercilessly slaughtered the humans, causing the human population to sharply decrease.
However, the humans had built a strong civilization by then, and continued developing weapons to counter the Ru.
As the Ru were also life forms that were specialized in comabt, analyzing them was difficult in extreme.
And as if reflecting the disposition of the Gods to extinguish humanity, they were unable to find any weaknesses in them.

However, nothing such as completely perfect being can exist upon this world. And the same was true of the Ru.
Therefore, in order to find a weakness on the Ru, which were nearing perfection, they were forced to take many tremendous risks.

And that was because the method they used to combat the Ru was making use of the Gods themselves.

If the Ru were created by the Gods, the Gods could also quell them.
Therefore, they had the idea that if they used a God whose will had been turned against the other Gods, they could command the Ru, overwrite their instincts, and render them powerless.

Although next to nobody knew about this at the time, a God had truly descended upon the surface back then.
Although it may sound unbelievable, this was an era in which it was no wonder for a close person to turn out to be a God.
Just like there are many types of people, there are also many types of Gods. There was even a Goddess so pure, that the dark side of people was completely unknown to her.
The leader of the humans had his eyes on her, and easily got his hands on that Goddess.

Although the humans had been created by the Gods, they had begun to walk their own path ever since and had been forced to grow on their own.
Children surpass their parents. Therefore, it was natural for the humans to surpass the Gods as well.

Furthermore, just like it happens for the humans, the Gods were not a single monolithic union. There was also a faction that did not agree with the exterminion of humans.
And the Goddess they had managed to capture was such a God.
She loved the humans, and their slaughter at the hands of the Ru only brought pain to her heart.
The name of that Goddess was Sakiya Rumei.
It was then that the humans started working in collusion with Sakiya Rumei to oppose the Gods that sought to exterminate humanity.
And working together, the humans and Sakiya Rumei created a single Song.
That was a Song that would truly converse with the Gods of this world, which was called Flips.
Although many other Songs aside of Flips had been created, it was said this Flips in itself was the most extreme, and most love-filled Song among them all.

This special Song, Flips, was also Sung at a special place.

It was the Land of Origin Musheriel, said to be the place where the Ru had been born upon this world.

The humans were sure they would be victorious against the Gods this time.
They believed that yes, the wisdom of the humans was truly marvelous.
Sakiya Rumei took the feelings of all the humans upon herself, and poured them upon this Song that conversed with the Gods, Flips.

However, this Song hid a secret that nobody knew.
It was that when the singer, or Goddess who Sang it neutralized the feelings of the Ru, she would be annihilated as well.

No matter how much the humans had surpassed the Gods, deicide was still an absolutely atrocious act.
This made them the same as the Gods who wanted to erase the humans, as they were going to kill the Goddess that demonstrated love to the humans.

However, as if she remained in the dark about this truth, the Goddess commenced Singing.
Would this lead the world to its demise, or would it move it toward a new era?
And in the midst of this life or death crossroads, and young human man intervened.
The name of that young man was Aoto.

Book of Ar Ru: "Of Gods and Humans -Gods-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_ViiBaCii_MjiiRA/.

The Gods gave the humans a single gift. Was it the the will of the Gods, or a trial ordained by them?
The story I am about to relate is one we would deem as uncoincevable nowadays, but it is one story about a war between humans and Gods that truly happened once.

We have no way of knowing if the actions of Aoto were for the sake of the planet, the Gods, or the humans.
However, if one thing can be said about them, is that they were undoubtedly for the sake of Sakiya Rumei.

It was the war against the Gods that would define the fate of mankind. It was the war between the humans and the new life form the Gods had created, the Antibodies, or Ru.
After spending many long years and resources into researching them, they finally had devised a method to exterminate the Ru.
It was something they would be capable of doing through the Song of Sakiya Rumei, the Goddess who opposed the exterminion of humanity.

However, Aoto knew that the Song of Sakiya Rumei would erase her own body.
Naturally, Sakiya Rumei was aware of this fact. She was a Goddess, so there was no way she would be ignorant to it.
However, her sacrifice would save the people. And she had an unshakeable belief that these people would regenerate this planet.

However, Aoto would not allow that. And it all can be traced back to the love he felt for Sakiya Rumei.
We have no way of ascertaining now the truth and falsehood about whether that was something good for the world, or something terrible for it.
The one thing that can be said about it is that back then, humankind faced the greatest crisis in their history.

Back then, the world was in favor of the Ru. And it was all because to neutralize the Ru, they needed the leader of the Ru, Ar Ru as well.

Ar Ru released a ferocious attack the instant that Sakiya Rumei stopped Singing.
Ar Ru then Sung a Song that struck dread throughout the whole world.
The Lord of the Ru, Ar Ru bared her fangs to enact revenge upon humanity.

Once again, enormous quantities of Ru flew from their Land of Origin, Musheriel.
The sky was instantly covered by a black curtain, and the world once again neared its end.
When the people bore witness to this sight, some of them secluded themselves into their homes, others fled into the deepest caves they could find, yet others threw themselves from the highest cliffs.
Afterwards, the Ru swarmed upon the cities, repeatedly slaughtering everyone they could find to accomplish their goal of exterminating humanity.

Everyone who lived through these times thought the end of the world had come.
However, that was not the end to everything, as the savior who would expel the Ru already existed upon this world.
Her name was Telia.
Telia was another "Goddess" who had been created by the humans.

Book of Telia, Chapter I: "Genesis of the Cluster World -Birth of a Nation-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_REBIRTHIA=PROTOCOL/.

That Goddess was born to become our land.

Amongst all the Gods of Elemia, she was the one who held the greatest power, and was the greatest of them.
The name of the Goddess was Telia.

Telia was the youngest and last of all the Sister Goddesses composed by her, Eolia and Frelia.
As the youngest Goddess, she was given a mission no other God had, which was the creation of a nation.
And the place where she would undertake this mission was the land located the farthest to the west.
Goddess Telia went along with her father God, God Kurogane, and crossed half the world to arrive at that place.
The group that went alongside Goddess Telia called themselves the Hymmali Fleet, and departed for that land.

There were other Gods already inhabiting that land. And wherever they looked around, only a foggy sky unfolded before them.
God Kurogane then spoke:
"This is where Goddess Telia shall create a nation."
However, Goddess Telia had not been taught the method she would use to do so.
"However, how should I go about creating a nation all by myself?"
God Kurogane answered thusly:
"The nation exists within your own heart, Telia. You shall make it explode out from there."

However, the meaning to his words was difficult to decipher. She had never done something such as making a nation within her heart explode out.
She was completely bewildered as for how she would accomplish that.
God Kurogane then constructed a ceremony site so Goddess Telia could carry out this task.
It was an enormous shrine constructed so only Goddess Telia could enter it.
Within this shrine, Goddess Telia spent day after day training to create the nation.

Having said that though, the world had a lack of Gods. This world being covered by the clouds caused many Gods to be lost as well.
It was due to this that Telia was bestowed other tasks she had to fulfill alongside the other Gods, none of which involved creating the nation.
These included saving those that drowned while bathing in cold water, and gathering and scooping out from Hell several animals who had used the divine treasures.
When scooped up the animals from Hell, she did so successfully in spite of never having done this sort of task before, which earned her the surprised and admiration from the other Gods.

And after spending many busy days carrying out these tasks, as well as training herself, finally the day for creating the nation arrived.
God Kurogane, who was always watching over Telia from outside the shrine, sensed her spiritual power had greatly increased and decided she was ready.
"Oh Telia, the time for creating the nation is upon us. Go and create here a new world for men."
Goddess Telia was overjoyed upon hearing these news from God Kurogane.
"How much have I been awaiting and expecting this day. Let us hurry."

Goddess Telia entered the shrine and stood upon the very center of the ceremony site. And just like she always did, she focused her mind.
"The nation exists within your heart. You must make it explode it out from there."
Telia used her feelings to sketch the nation inside her heart. It was composed by green lands, azure seas, and beautiful skies.
And basing upon these feelings, Goddess Telia commenced Singing. The time was finally at hand.
However, she was unable to properly make these feelings explode out from her.
All of the myriad Gods, beginning with God Kurogane, were quite worried about Goddess Telia.
If the situation did not change, the nation would be created imperfectly and they would be forced to discard this land.

God Kurogane continued watching over Telia, and saying nothing, he entered the shrine.
The other Gods were surprised by his actions, but they were unable to stop God Kurogane.

God Kurogane then walked until he stood in front of Goddess Telia, and told her "look at me".

When Goddess Telia looked at God Kurogane, she saw he was holding a Divine Sword in his right hand.
And the next instant, he plunged it right into his own abdomen.
God Kurogane fell into the abyss of Hell afterward.

Goddess Telia screamed. And at the same time, her feelings exploded.
The death of God Kurogane had explosively moved the heart of Goddess Telia.

Thus was our nation born. Goddess Telia became this nation, and gave birth to an enormous land within this world of clouds and mist.
However, its shape was different from the world that Goddess Telia had sketched with her feelings.
Thus came this world to be inhabited by humans for several centuries afterward, and they made their lives upon it.
It was not here that the true creation of a nation by Goddess Telia commenced though.

Book of Telia, Chapter II: "Genesis of the Cluster World -War with the Gods-"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/.

Goddess Telia created a nation, giving birth to the Cluster Nation at the farthest west ends of the world.
The Cluster Nation firstly originated from the Divine Tree of Goddess Telia, which grew large as a mountain thanks to God Kurogane and her Song, and it later on became land.
However, Goddess Telia was unable to create the nation following her ideals. This was because it was created following the feelings inside her that had been distorted by God Kurogane.

Despite the state of the nation, the Gods soon dispered all over it and the humans started creating their own states within it.
None of these states were like the nation Goddess Telia had imagined, which caused her endless worry. However, upon seeing how all these people lived day after day in happiness, a meager happiness was born inside her as well.

But a day, a new God appeared upon the Cluster Nation.
His name was Nayudaranokami, and he was followed by other Gods such as Soumanomikoto and Soutentei.
Upon seeing them, Goddess Telia immediately understood these Gods were loftier existences than herself.
The leader of the Gods, Nayudaranokami then spoke:
"We shall make this nation ours."
This surprised Goddess Telia, who politely rejected his statement. But when she did, the Gods responded:
"You are unable to create this nation. Only we are capable of creating a true nation."
Telia thought that it was true she was unable to create the current nation according to her feelings. However, the Gods had already begun scattering their own children throughout the nation in spite of that.
"Behold, for these are our new children.
These children shall devour the humans, purify the poison present in the world, consume the stars, and accumulate upon the land when they die.
And their corpses shall become a wonderful land, from which grasses and trees shall sprout and which beasts shall dominate upon."
Now she took a better look at the nation, the creatures the Gods had released were now attacking the humans.
Taking a closer look at them, they were pitch-black creatures that Goddess Tilia thought were repulsive life forms from every conceivable angle.

The outsider Gods then exterminated all the myriads of Gods that had come alongside Goddess Telia, also killing all the humans in the process.
Maybe it was her fortune of having become the nation, but Goddess Telia was left alive.
Several long years passed afterward.
During that time, Goddess Telia attempted multiple times to persuade Nayudaranokami and the others that came with him.

However, Nayudaranokami paid no heed to anything she had to say, and the world of men became a sea of agonizing cries.

A day, a lone traveler arrived at the Reincarnation shrine where Telia was worshipped.
The traveler entreated Goddess Telia to save their nation.
However, the body of Goddess Telia had become the nation itself when she created it, so she was now unable to do anything.
However, the traveler knew this as well. That was why he brought along a Singing Priestes who would Sing a Song that would allow Goddess Telia to move freely once more.
Upon the Singing Priestess Singing that Song, another body was created by splitting from the body of Goddess Telia herself. Thus was her heart able to see from both bodies at the same time.
Nothing had surprised Goddess Telia as much as this.

Now Goddess Telia could move freely, she decided she would attempt doing something she wanted to but was unable to do.
And that was holding a conversation with the Gods that controlled this nation.
In order to create this new nation, the Gods had installed a pillar Goddess. The name of that Goddess was Ar Ru.
Although Goddess Ar Ru was a bit taken aback upon seeing Goddess Telia, she told her coldly:
"This nation already belongs to us. Our children have multiplied many times their former number already, while your children have sharply decreased in number."
However, Goddess Telia did not flinch upon hearing these words, and replied thusly:
"It is true that your children are your own. However, are the humans not your children as well?
To you, the humans are children that were not raised the way you desired. But that is why you kill them, correct? All in the name of creating a new nation?"
Goddess Ar Ru pondered her words, and she thought she was right. "However, at this rate this nation shall have nothing upon it, and the green land you desired, Goddess Telia, will never become a reality" she said.
Goddess Telia then replied: "Then, let us walk together. Let us believe in my children, who have now become your children as well" to Goddess Ar Ru.
After briefly pondering her proposal, Goddess Ar Ru thought it was not a bad plan at once, and agred to it.
Thus Goddesses Telia and Ar Ru Sang together a single Song.

That Song was their vow that both Gods and their respective children would help each other and create together a single nation.

It was this way that this nation started following a new path.
It is said that this nation became an abundant green land afterward.

Book of Rikka-Ryosha: "Excerpt from the Journal of the Mayor of Archia"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: EXEC_Z/.

This day will become an unforgettable one for me.
This was the day we evacuated everyone from Arkia, from this city that had slanted.
We planted our feet on the surface we regained as soon as we could, and started building what would become the first city upon this new world.
Until I heard the report stating this today, I had spent so many months stressed to the point I couldn't even sleep.
However, I'd like to take this chance to transmit only here what feelings I had to bring this city to this point.
And also, to lay bare what things this city had done to the people in the past.

I was formerly the Supreme Commander of Clusternia. Not many people are aware of this fact.
And I was tasked with the mission of retrieving Harvestasya XP, who was under the management of Arkia back then.
But looking back on it, it'd may be more accurate that it was more a seizure mission than a retrieval one.

That mission ended in failure and I was captured by Arkia. And in exchange for being kept alive, I was ordered to Sing a particular Song.

That Song was the Song to implement a fearsome scheme known as the Human Evolution Project.
Back then my mindset was a completely Clusternian one, but the more I came to pity the humans, the more terrible the whole thing became to me.
It was far more terrible than the things Clusternia imposed upon the humans. And the reason is because this Project was to make slaves that are like complete puppets.

The head of Arkia, Raffaelle and his closest followers are the only ones who have the proof of being part of the Ruler class.
Only these people will be able to control the humans, and all the other people will just do as they are told by the Rulers.
After that, Arkia planned to control the puppet soldiers they had created through this and depart for Sol Ciel.
They'd be disposing of this narrow land and head to Sol Ciel, which has a large floating continent.
I don't know how well Raffaelle knows his history, but it really wouldn't be strange for the people living here to hold both admiration and grudges toward Sol Ciel.
But what point would there be to sacrificing almost all people just to go and pillage an abundant world that belongs to others?

I painfully felt how foolish the things I was doing were after all was said and done.
It's true it wasn't done voluntarily, but I still had a choice to not Sing.
And because I focused so much in my own survival, everyone on this world could have ended up becoming Raffaelle's puppets.

That's why I thought I'd do everything I could to atone.
That's why when I was recommended for the role of the Mayor that would temporarily lead this city after Raffaelle died, I accepted it without thinking.

All because I wanted to make this city of Arkia an easier place to live in, and a model city in all aspects.

Several years have passed ever since, and I realized I was still too naive about many, too many things.
Like for example, the current Arkia Collapse Incident. Even though I had been warned of it in advance and I could have taken measures against it immediately, I didn't do so.
Afterwards, I focused all my effort into saving the citizens, but it was still too little too late.

I have committed many mistakes that have put my citizens directly on harm's way, so it's possible I may not have the qualifications to lead this city anymore.
However, that is not for me to decide. Right after we descended to the surface, we allowed the citizens to express their will once more, and I'd have stepped down from my post if they didn't think I was cut out for it.
But as long as there are people who have put their hopes on me, I'll keep working my hardest for this city and for its people until the day I die.

To those who saved this city and to those who saved its people, you have my most heartfelt thanks.

Book of Cocona: "Tale of the Expedition of Tatsuminanomikotokokona"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: METHOD_HYMMELI/.

That was something that happened in a truly distant past.
There once was a Goddess called Tatsuminanomikotokokona who arrived here, at our Cluster nation.
As a foreign Goddess, she could use witchcraft the likes of which had never been seen upon our nation.

Tatsuminanomikotokokona had been entrusted with a certain mission, and that was why she had come to this land.
That mission was delivering the Heart of the Land, which was said to be the most precious of all jewels upon this world, to a certain Goddess.
However, as the ultimate jewel, there were many who had the Goddess in their crosshairs.
As soon as she set foot upon our nation, Tatsuminanomikotokokona was attacked twice.
The first time, it was at the hands of the evil spirits that dominated the land, which meant they knew that Tatsuminanomikotokokona held the Heart of the Land.
The evil spirits relentlessly pursued her, and the only thing Tatsuminanomikotokokona could do was to finally take shelter in a cave inside the rocky mountains.
However, these evil spirits were decisively struck down by someone, which saved Tatsuminanomikotokokona.
To her surprise, her savior was a woman, who introduced herself as Shukure.
Shukure fought alongside Tatsuminanomikotokokona and they defeated all evil spirits until not even a single one of them was left, and they immediately became good friends.
However, the second time Tatsuminanomikotokokona was targeted, it was by the leader of the nation that Shukure served.
Therefore, Tatsuminanomikotokokona was forced to part ways with Shukure. This was truly painful for the two of them.

Tatsuminanomikotokokona used that parting of ways as a stepping stone and strove to fulfill her own mission. Thus, she continued seeking Goddess Telia.
However, she was unable to find Goddess Telia no matter where she looked. Tatsuminanomikotokokona went around the villages of the lower world and asked all the people she could find.
And she finally found the reason for all this: Goddess Telia had spent all her power ages ago and had been placed into an eternal slumber.
Her resting place was said to be a shrine located inside an icy cliff that was at the top of the tallest mountains of our nation.
Everyone told her she should desist from her mission, but as Tatsuminanomikotokokona was a Goddess, she had no problem with this task. She thanked everyone for their assistance and departed for the shrine.

However, this mountain turned out to be far more perilous than Tatsuminanomikotokokona could have ever imagined.
She had to cross many caves and sheer cliffs, and there were many points at which there was no further road she could follow and she was forced to open it herself.
And once she drew closer to the shrine, she noticed something disturbing.
It was the nation Shukure served, who were after the Heart of the Land she held. Unfortunately, that nation treated the shrine as a holy land.

Tatsuminanomikotokokona decided to survey the nation for some time in order to find a way to sneak through it. When she did, she had an idea.
She understood that devotion to the lord of this nation was absolute. And thus, everyone shouted "Hail Clusternia!" as proof of their devotion.
So Tatsuminanomikotokokona thought she would act as if she were demonstrating her devotion and enter while shouting "Hail Clusternia!"
This sort of the deception was the specialty of Tatsuminanomikotokokona.
But unfortunately, the guard that was in charge of protecting the gates this time was an especially suspicacious one.
Therefore, the guard managed to see through the deception of Tatsuminanomikotokokona and attacked her.
However, battle happened to be the thing Tatsuminanomikotokokona was the best at. Therefore, she easily defeated the guard and entered the nation.

Passing through the nation, and slipping through the shrine where its lord resided, Tatsuminanomikotokokona finally reached the shrine that worshipped Goddess Telia.
Looking down from there, the villages where people lived all seemed as small as granules.
Tatsuminanomikotokokona faced the shrine and started praying. A guardian appeared then, but it was also easily felled by Tatsuminanomikotokokona.
And then, Goddess Telia appeared from within the shrine.
"Who is the one who disturbs my slumber?"
Tatsuminanomikotokokona talked to Goddess Telia about her mission, and showed her the Heart of the Land upon saying she had brought it from a truly distant, foreign land.
Upon seeing the shining jewel, Goddess Telia was greatly surprised.
"Oh my, so this is the Heart of the Land. Having this shining jewel, we can make this world a peaceful, blessed one."
However, Goddess Telia immediately dropped her shoulders. Tatsuminanomikotokokona attempted to console her, and after listening to her story, Goddess Telia spoke thusly:
"I have spent already all the power I had. I shall not be able to manifest a miracle if I use Heart of the Land."
This brought Tatsuminanomikotokokona great despondency. She had surmounted so many dangers, and finally had reached this place.
But Goddess Telia had already lost all her power.
Tatsuminanomikotokokona just stared at the sky with a vacant gaze for a short time.
The nation she ruled over should be beyond this sky. Even if she had eyes that could see through thousands of leagues, she would be unable to see it from there.

However, a flash of inspiration came to Tatsuminanomikotokokona then.
"Should we not receive some power from my nation then!?"
Goddess Telia thought it was a good idea, and that brought her great happiness.
"In that case, I shall show you a miracle. If you do so, I shall make its blessings reach your nation as well."

Tatsuminanomikotokokona then was gripped by dread though.
Just how much power should she take for this? And would the Gods from my nation accept to bestow that much power to us?
If she failed, she would become an embarrassment to her whole nation, and everyone would laugh at her eternally and forevermore.
But when Goddess Telia saw her face, she spoked to Tatsuminanomikotokokona thusly:
"Do not worry. All and every single living creature who breathes upon this nation shall support you. They all are me myself."

Upon hearing her words, Tatsuminanomikotokokona calmed down.
Tatsuminanomikotokokona had come all this way for her nation, and for this world in the end.
And then, Tatsuminanomikotokokona faced in the direction of her nation, and started Singing in prayer.
Her feelings soon rode upon her Song and reached the nation of Tatsuminanomikotokokona.
All the Gods from her nation gladly accepted her request. And they then faced in the direction of Tatsuminanomikotokokona and sent back to her a colossal amount of power.

Tatsuminanomikotokokona received that power and she delivered it to Goddess Telia.
"Bear witness now, Goddess Telia. This is the power from my nation. These are the feelings from my nation. Please make use of them however you deem best."

Goddess Telia was overjoyed, and said:
"Oh, Tatsuminanomikotokokona, and the people of your nation as well. After the world witnesses the miracle, let us live upon it as fellow citizens in the dawn that will make it an eternal nation."
Tatsuminanomikotokokona was overjoyed, and accepted the blessing.

"Our world has essentially no walls upon it. It is now your turn, Goddess Telia. Me and all the people from my nation are supporting you now."

Afterwards, Goddess Telia used the power she received from Tatsuminanomikotokokona to manifest a miracle upon the world.
That was the creation of a truly eternal nation the likes of which had never been seen before, but that is another story.
With this deed, the expedition of Tatsuminanomikotokokona temporarily came to an end.

Third Testament: Book of the New World: "Monolith of the Hymneth Coast in Sol Cluster"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: Ec Tisia

To all our children.
The responsibility of taking care of the world will be left from now on to all our descendents.

Ever since that fateful day in which the ship arrived at Sol Cluster's coasts, a new age came to this world.
Now the Era in Which we Talked to the Gods has come to an end, we must now create a world in which the people will stand by themselves and in which everyone will support each other.

As proof that a new era has come, here we both Gods and humans leave the following written oath.

A long time ago, the Gods created the humans, and the humans grew just as the Gods wished.
However, a certain day the humans started growing astray from the ways the Gods had intended for them.
The humans even went to the extremes of uttering they would carry out deeds that surpassed even the Gods themselves.
The Gods allowed them to do as they pleased. However, all this brought about was disaster.

The humans intended to perfect the power of Songs to the extreme.
For that purpose and to become Gods themselves, they created a Tower that extended all the way to the skies, and singing lifeforms.
They named the Tower "Ar tonelico", and christened the singing lifeforms as Reyvateils.
And thus, these two elements reduced Ar Ciel to rubble.

However, the problem did not lie on the Reyvateils.
The humans had tried to manipulate a fire they had no way of controlling.
And what happened to them was the same that had happened previously to the Gods.
There was no need for the humans to have created the Reyvateils, or the uncontrollable fire that Ar tonelico was.
Similarly, there was no need for the Gods to have bestowed the power of the Songs upon the humans.
Both we Gods and humans have reflected upon these deeds, and hereafter we will seal away that power.
The humans pledge to relinquish the Hymneth that exist upon the land, and create a world without conflict in which everyone will treasure each other's feelings.
The Gods pledge to watch over these deeds, so every single creature dwelling upon this world may be protected from any further disaster.

And here it is decided that this will be the eternal, final farewell between Gods and humans.
Was yea ra chs hymmnos mea.
May eternal prosperity and everlasting happiness be upon both Gods and humans.

Here we pledge,
In Year 3776 of the old calendar,
And Year 0 of the New Light calendar


Lyner Barsett
Chroah Vatel

Third Testament: Apocryphal Book: "Laws of the Holy Empress from the Era of the Songs that Conversed with the Gods"[]

Hymn for the Liturgy: chmod b111000000/n

This is not a story about the Songs that Conversed with the Gods, but given it is a material of profound interest, here I make it public knowledge for everyone.
During the era we conversed with the Gods, in the region we call Cluster, there once was a Holy Empress who was considered the most sacred and most sublime existence among all, who established a Book of Precepts for treating the citizens of the lowest class, who were called Ignoramuses.
This Book has many laws written on it, but the majority of them pertain to the punishments reserved for the crimes of the Ignoramuses.
The existence of a social class of Ignoramuses separate from the ordinary citizens makes it apparent that people used to live in a harsh hierarchical society back then.

Precepts of the Ignoramuses I: Ignoramuses must sleep with their heads pointing on my direction. However, it is better if they fall asleep while standing up.
II: Ignoramuses must never be allowed to enter Clusternia.
III: No Ignoramus may refuse to pay the annual tributes I have decreed, no matter the reason.
IV: No Ignoramus may be allowed to open their mouth and speak in my presence. Spreading germs by doing so is considered a serious crime.
V: Ignoramuses must call my name more than once per day, and also have the duty of chanting "Hail the Empress!" in unison.

The Ignoramuses who do not follow the above precepts shall be subject to Reeducation and Disposal with no exceptions allowed.
The verdict for their crimes shall be rendered solely on trials presided by me, and shall be decided depending on the severity of the crimes.
The Ignoramuses who have been judged as guilty of the most serious crimes shall be dealt the following punishments.

I: they shall be treated as Industrial Waste.
II: they shall be paraded around the city and afterward, they shall be treated as Industrial Waste.

III: they shall become dust cloths, be forced to use themselves to wipe every single nook and cranny of the Sanctuary a hundred times, and they shall be treated as Industrial Waste.
IV: they shall become fodder for my guardians.
V: they shall be ground into dust and become fertilizer for the fields.
VI: they shall become Industrial Waste and thrown like scraps of seaweed into the wind.
VII: they shall instantly become Industrial Waste.

Additionally, the Ignoramuses who committed light enough crimes to be punished with Purification shall undergo Reeducation via brainwashing, but if the work they carry out ever becomes unnecessary, they shall instantly undergo Disposal.


Our current Earth has a countless number of legends. It isn't rare for any given country to have hundreds, thousands even, of legends. This is especially true the older the country is, as even Japan itself has so many legends we couldn't count them all. And all of these legends, regardless of their origin, have the particularity that we can't know how much of them is true and how much is false. Human history was created by being handed down orally and written down after all. These are transmitted from a person to another, so if a person first saw these events or wrote about them and transmitted them to others, the ones listening or reading them should know if they were false or true. However, interesting and fun events can continue being told even after ten generations have passed, when nobody knows anymore if they are true or false. These "stories we don't know if they are true or false" are then compiled and written down as legends of a new era, which only worsens things. It's like some kind of deceptive art was used, as it makes it impossible to verify how much truth and how much falsehood is in them.
We can't go back in time, so we can't actually verify how much truth there is to these legends. If we had some way of verifying that the Kojiki is based on historical fact, that'd be really wonderful.
However, we can actually experience that in a game world. After all, everyone has role-played in that "Period Talked of in Legends" and become heroes who saved the world. And these experiences you played through will be passed down by the people of Ar Ciel forever from a generation to the next. And after a few millennia, the "stories of saving the world" and the "stories of regenerating the Planet" that truly happened upon Planet Ar Ciel will be passed down and collected into a book, which is what this "Kurt Hymneth -The Songs that Conversed with the Gods-" is. By nature, I have no way of checking myself how the history I made myself will be handed down the generations and how it will be considered by the people. Therefore, it should be pretty interesting if there was a way to see that.
It was from these feelings that I tried writing this book, trying to see how the stories of the efforts Lyner, Chroah and Aoto made, of the time when Ar Ciel truly was on the brink of death, would be handed down the generations. The people would have no way of knowing the true events behind each story, all sorts of results could be expected from this: some would be distorted by some kind of force, others would become so different from their original events as to become unrecognizable, and such. However, this is the sort of feeling that legends bring to mind. At times accurate, at times heavily distored, they would still be passed down, right?
The Lorebook for these "Songs that Conversed with the Gods" was also created while keeping in mind how the regions where these legends were passed down and the time period they were written down, and thus their sources, differed from each other. The intention was to put ourselves in the shoes of the people from this world a few millennia later, so we could maybe equate this to looking back upon the adventures you lived in it once more.

Legends are pretty dreamy. They are dreamy because they allow feelings of the sort "if this truly happened in the past, does it mean such a world existed back then?" to run free. Of course there are ones that pure fiction, but I'll never stop believing that several stories are actually dramatized accounts of events that truly happened in the past. We could even bring up here the old adage of "where there is smoke, there is fire".

Tsuchiya Akira

Hymmnos Timeline for the Ar tonelico Series[]

This is a sequential, historical timeline of when all the Hymmnos Songs that have appeared thus far in the Ar tonelico Series were Sung.

Sol Ciel Meta Falss Sol Cluster
EXEC_PURGER/. - Aurica/Misha
EXEC_LINKER/. - Aurica
EXEC_ViiBaCii_MjiiRa/. - Ar Ru
EXEC_DISHADOW_includes.Ex_VANISLAND/. - Jakuri EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/. - Tilia ***
EXEC_Z/. - Rikka-Ryosha
Ec Tisia

*Mistaken Song. This should be EXEC_PURGER_FUSION/.
**Mistaken Singer name. This should be Midir.
***Mistaken order. These two Songs should have been swapped in their timeline positions.