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Translation of Spica's Hymmnos Musical. Translation by aquagon.

Track 1 - Gossip[]

(BGM: Someone's Dream ~prologue~)

Narrator: There is a world protected by the great Songs,
and this is that world, Sol Ciel.
While it once was a world that boasted a very prosperous civilization,
both destruction and creation repeated over and over in it.
The survivors of these incidents had inherited the destiny of clinging
to the few non-decaying, gigantic towers from their ancestors for their survival.
Because of the work of Lyner and his friends,
this era of chaos came finally to an end.
Now, this world has been enveloped in a song of peace,
and is filled with more liveliness than ever before.
This is a place where the people with new dreams and hopes gather.
A civilization found in a floating artificial city, called...

(BGM: Someone's Dream)

Spica: ...Firefly Alley! 
Come and taste the specialty of Firefly Alley, the Kitty Candy!
Would you like a Kitty Candy?
Boy: Miss Spica! Hi!
Spica: Ah, hi!
What would you like today?
Boy: Give me a Kitty Candy, please!
Spica: Okay! It'll be 12 Leaf~.
Boy: See you later! Bye bye!
Spica: Thank you! Bye bye!
Ayano: Seems like your business is thriving here, Spica.

(BGM: Conglomerate Alliance ~Tenba~)

Spica: Ah, President Ayano!
Long time no see! Would you like a Kitty Candy?
Ayano: Who cares about the price, I just want to eat a bucket's worth.
Spica: Oh, that isn't peaceful at all.
What do you wish today?
Ayano: Do you have any interesting information you can give me?
Spica: Fufu... As busy as always, I can see.
Ayano: Ah... well, things have been pretty busy since all these problems were settled.
It's been a year already, huh?
A year since we finally got this peace we enjoy today, but it's so boring now.
Spica: That's something more like I expected to hear from you, President.
It might be okay because most people don't recognize your face but,
what would happen if anyone found out that the President of Tenba
herself is always roaming around the city and eating up Dokkoi Sets?
Everyone would be surprised if they knew, right?
Ayano: Hmm. The same goes for you. On the surface, you still feign to be always having that smile,
and being a normal girl who always sells Kitty Candy in the streets,
but actually, you are pretty much an information broker
and a supplier of extremely rare Grathnode Crystals.
You're pretty much living the dream of everyone out there.
Spica: Huhuhuhu!
These compliments are more than I deserve.
Ayano: Hmph. Aren't you a cheeky girl, huh!
Although it seems you don't have anything interesting to tell me today.
Well, Spica. I've been meaning to ask you this since sometime ago,
but why did you think it'd be a good thing to be a part of the underworld?
Spica: Hmm... I remember that Misha once asked me the same thing, but...
Why do you wish to know about it?
Ayano: What? You never thought it'd be interesting for anyone to listen to your story?
It's simply because I'm curious about it.
Spica: Impressive. Are you so much of a gossip-listener?
Does this mean that our almighty President goes to such lengths just to 
hear interesting things?
Ayano: Let me be. Every once in a while, it serves well to relieve some boredom.
And anyway, I won't go away until you tell me about it.
Spica: Oh my.
At any rate, it seems like this well be a very slow day...
Well, but only for a short time. I've got an appointment this afternoon, okay?
Ayano: Hahahahaha!
You actually don't have any, right?
Spica: Hehehe.
Well, then please, come with me.

Track 2 - Ambition[]

(BGM: A Requiem's Melody)

Spica: Since I was a child, I always yearned to be like the demon that appeared 
in the school play.
Yes, I said the demon.
As I knew it as "the one who always gets whatever it wants", okay?
These words always were at the bottom of my heart, and never were dislodged from there.
The one who always had what everyone wanted.
It would be so great, that everyone would come and serve me!
That is a wish I have never been able to give up, because I longed for becoming like that ever since I was a child.
I might have spent all my childhood dreaming about these cute dreams, but I wouldn't continue having that only in my dreams forever.
To keep myself alive, I came to this place, Firefly Alley, and began selling Kitty Candies.
And something that happened in there made me think that destiny wanted me, a boring and normal person, to be there.
Oh... how nostalgic.
It has been around seven years since I stood in that place.

(BGM: Fenrir)
(*cuts away*)

Young Spica: Would you like a Kitty Candy?
(Hmm... Business is no good now. I'm useless?)

(BGM: Fenrir)
(*cuts away*)

Young Spica: (Everyday, every single day, I make Kitty Candies and go around selling 
them, and the days end exactly like the previous one).
(How something as boring like this could be called life?)
(I don't want to be all my life doing this.)
(Ah... if I could just reach the dream I held so dear in my heart, but now...)

Man: Hey, miss!
Could we talk a second?

Young Spica: (I'm useless, huh?)
(Even if I became a speck of the dirt in the land, I'd be still as useless as I'm now).

Man: Hey, miss!
Are you listening!?

Young Spica: (I can't destroy my enemies through singing, nor can I force them to run away).
(Is God telling me to give up on life now?)

Man: Hey, miss! Please don't ignore me!
Please, I beg you!

(BGM: Tick-Tock Man)

Young Spica: What is it with you now!?
Some people are trying to think about important things, and you come just 
to ramble around and annoy me!

Man: But you weren't listening to me!

Young Spica: Oh, then you are customer?
Would you like a Kitty Candy?

Man: Nah, I'm not here for that...

Jemi's Boss: He's here, and he's running away!

Man: Argh, crap!
Seems that even going around calmly and pretending to take a day off is suspicious around here...
Hey, miss!
Do you know a good place for hiding!?

Young Spica: (What is up with this man?)
(Now that I look at him better, he's being chased by some soldiers and looks quite poor...)
(Is he a thief or something?)

Man: Do you know, miss!?

Young Spica: Err, on the other side of that shop, there is a door leading to a back alley!
I think it should take you pretty far away from here...

Man: Thank you! And you can keep this if you keep quiet about this!

Spica: Wait, sir!!

Jemi's Boss: So he was there!
Hey, Jemi!
Do something already!

Jemi: U-understood!

(First chorus of EXEC_HYMME_WINDILING/.)

Jemi: I'll restrain you now!


Man: Arghh!
Jemi's Boss: You missed!?
What are you doing!?
Jemi: Waah!!
I-I'm sorry...
Jemi's Boss: Now isn't the time for talking, because of you, failure! Go after him!
Jemi: Yes!
Jemi's Boss: Wait!!
Young Spica: What was that all about?
It seemed that they were attacking that man, but...
they failed and he escaped?

(BGM: My World is as I Wish)

Spica: And more importantly, within my basket I had a lot of Kitty Candies.
And inside, there was a tightly closed bag of money too.
The very first money I had gained without doing anything related to the Kitty Candies.
When I saw that, my heart began racing, and a realization hit me.
Yes, information!
Even better, secret information!
If I can gather a great quantity of secret information, I'll be able to gain not only money, but a great collection of things related to it!
It was as if was being told that I couldn't give up my dream.
I would live, no matter what!
It was like God was telling me to continue living to the end!
And at that moment, if I ever rose as the demon...
No, that title wouldn't fit me well enough anymore...
Yes, I would be the Queen...
Once I became the Queen of the Underworld, I'd try getting everything on my hands!
From that day on, I went walking around Firefly Alley while selling Kitty Candies, listening to the rumors spoken by the adventurers going and coming from the airport, the Tenba employees at the doors of the restaurants. And 
since several of the Melders who bought candies were smiling women, I could also listen to their gossip and to the rumors of the children that also came to buy them.
And by making many strategies and thinking a lot, I began going more frequently to Kitty Town, and that way I began to gather a great quantity of information and habits.
And so, a certain day in which something sad happened, I ended finding something which everyone worried about in the same grade.

(BGM: Scars)

Spica: The Grathnode Crystals that are so precious to the people of this world.
They have ranks from Levels 1 through 4, but Crystals from Level 3 and upwards were so rare that pretty much no one could get their hands on them.
With this, I had found the things that every Grathmelder would die for, and as a bonus, I lived in the very same place where the Tenba HQ was located, Firefly Alley!
If I could find a method in which I could procure a constant supply of Grathnode Crystals for myself, I would surely become richer than anyone else!
And while I was walking around with these thoughts in my head...
Ilya: *sob*
Spica: I heard a voice coming out from a back alley, and when I peeked in to see, I saw a boy sat down, crying in there.
Were my eyes deceiving me, or that boy was one of the kids that had bought Kitty Candies from me recently?
Young Spica: Ilya?
Is that you?
What's wrong?
Ilya: Miss Spica... it's my dad... he got very badly injured while working...
Young Spica: It's really such a bad wound?
Ilya: The wound seemed to be no big deal, but from that day on, he's gotten all 
numb and can't move anymore!
Young Spica: Well, how did that happen?
What kind of job does your dad do?
Ilya: Huh... I... I don't know very well, but he works for various companies, 
and for various people. And these people also tell him about other companies...
H-huh...? Wasn't this... something I shouldn't say to strangers? 
Young Spica: (Was that a slip of the tongue and he said something he shouldn't?)
(And besides...)
And did your dad take you with him?
Ilya: No.. because the client told my dad he shouldn't take me!
And all because he met that guy...!
Young Spica: (And that's how he ended in this kind of situation.)
(Huh? Hasn't this kind of thing been happening a lot recently?)
Ilya: And the medicine my dad needs to get better is only sold in Nemo! I've gotta go there!
But I can't go there all alone!
What do you think I should do?
Young Spica: (Hmm, maybe if I help up this kid and his father, I'll be able to get some 
good information.)
Then, what do you think about going with me?
Is that okay with you, Ilya?
Ilya: Really?
Young Spica: Yes, really!
Let's go together and buy the medicine for your dad!
Now that's decided, let's go quickly! There's no time to lose! Okay?
Ilya: Yeah! Thanks, Miss Spica!
I'll go and get ready as fast as I can for the trip!
Please wait, okay!
Spica: So, what reason did I have to end up going with Ilya?

(BGM: Airport Paradise)

Spica: Just because I thought that, by helping someone, I could get some good info from them. And doesn't traveling to some ancient ruins all the time make you feel all stressed?
So well, I went and got ready for the trip. And yes, you can be sure I carried a few Kitty Candies with me, too.
If I ever ran short of money, I could feed off them.
And then, when I arrived to the place we were supposed to meet at, I saw Ilya calling and waiting for me.
Ilya: Miss Spica! Over here, here!
Spica: Upon looking at how happily he was waving his hands to me, I noticed he 
was carrying some artifact I had never seen before.
Young Spica: S-sorry to make you wait!
Hey, Ilya. What's that thing in your hands that looks like a small box?
Ilya: Hmm, this? I got it while I was getting ready.


Ilya: (I'll put this in. And I'll need some money, too.)
Okay, I'm ready! Let's go!
Young Krusche?: Huh? Ilya?
Why are ya carrying all that around?
Where are ya going?
Ilya: Hmm, I gotta buy some medicine for my dad, so I won't be able to go play for a while.
Young Krusche?: Hmm, and where are ya going?
Ilya: Err... I planned to go to Nemo, but..
Young Krusche?: All alone?
Ilya: Yeah. Ah, but Miss Spica told me she was going with me, too.
Young Krusche?: Spica?
Ah, you mean the Kitty Candy seller lady?
She doesn't feel like the kind of person that would take advantage of a kid, but I'm still worried...
Ah, right!
Wait a bit!
Ilya: (Dad, wait for me.)
(I'll bring back that medicine with me, no matter what!)
(That's why I'll do my best!)
(We'll both do the best we can!)
(Everyday, until I get back!)
Young Krusche?: Sorry for the wait!  Huh, Ilya? You've gotten your hands rolled up into fists! What happened?
Ilya: Huh!? Ah, looks like I got carried away!
Young Krusche?: Hmm?
Ah, right!
Here you go!
Ilya: What's this?

(BGM: The Melting Morning Dew)

Young Krusche?: I call this the Carillon Organito!
And it's the latest item I made myself!
Ilya: Whoa! You're as skilled as always!
And how do you use it?
Young Krusche?: Well, do ya see it has a socket here, right?
There's a switch that gets turned on when a Grathnode is inserted on it, 
and then, it'll play a magical song depending on the Grathnode's trend.
For example, if you put a red Grathnode on it, the item will emit an attack melody.
And if you put a blue Grathnode in, it'll play a healing song that will refresh you. That sort of thing.
Ilya: Whoa!? This item's so amazing!?
Young Krusche?: It's called the C-A-R-I-L-L-O-N O-R-G-A-N-I-T-O!
It was a pain in the neck to make it! At least remember the name!
And of course, it's price is one million Leaf!
Ilya: Eh!?
Young Krusche?: Haha! Just kidding, just kidding!
It's something I made as a test of sorts, so have it as a present for your trip.
If ya ever encountered a monster during it, it'd be pretty dangerous, right?
Ah, and take this too. These are some healing Grathnodes I managed to gather up.
Make sure to get back on one piece.
See ya later!
Ilya: Thanks! We'll go play once I get back!
Young Krusche?: Yeah! It's a promise!

(*end flashback)

Ilya: And this is what my friend gave me.
Look, she even gave me a Grathnode!
Young Spica: Ah, it's true!
Ah, these are some beautiful shards, but as for if they came from a Grathnode or something else...
Ah right... I didn't even think about the possibility of getting attacked by monsters.
I should come up with something, too.
Wait up, maybe we should go to the store and look around.

Track 3 - Departure[]

Shopkeep: Welcome.
Young Spica: What?
There isn't anything good here, huh?
Mr. Shopkeet? How much for this?
Shopkeep: Ah, that whip's worth 2000 Leaf.
Young Spica: Hmm, isn't that a bit expensive?
Couldn't you make it a bit cheaper?
Shopkeep: But it's because that's the latest product from one of our best Grathmelders.
I can't do that.
Young Spica: It wasn't necessary to say that.
Wasn't it a bit unnecessary?
Hmm... ah, right!
If you sell me at a lower price, I can sing for you here in exchange!
Shopkeep: Oh? Even if you do that...

(BGM: Pocoscon)

Young Spica: Please sell it cheaper~
Shopkeep: W-wait! That could me get in trouble if you do it here at the store, Miss!
Young Spica: I love healing songs~
Please sell it cheaper~
Shopkeep: Whoah! Understood! How about 1700 Leaf, then!?
Young Spica: 1500...
Shopkeep: 1500 Leaf!? That's too low!
Young Spica and Ilya: Please sell it cheaper~
I love healing songs~
Shopkeep: Okay, understood! With us giving you the best possible discount, we'll settle 
it at 1500 Leaf!
Young Spica: Huhuhu, thank you.
Here you go.
Shopkeep: Thank you for your patronage...
Boo hoo...
Young Spica: Hyah!
I knew it, a whip fits a Queen the best.
Ilya: Miss Spica, you're amazing and cool!
Young Spica: T-h-a-n-k y-o-u!
And it's almost time for our flight to arrive at Seagull Port, right? Let's go!
Sir, I've really taken a liking to this shop. I'll be coming in the future, okay~?
Shopkeep: Please, never come back to this store!

(BGM: Good Night!)
(*BGM fades)

Ilya: Whoa! Look, Miss Spica! The airship's finally coming to the airport!
Young Spica: It really is! Let's hurry!
Man: Hey, the woman there. Wait.
Young Spica: Huh? Me?
Man: Yeah, you.
Hmm, there's no mistake.
Young Spica: (Where I've seen his face before?)

(BGM: Wriggling Presentiment)

Young Spica: (Ah! That's the Tenba security guard that was chasing that man back then!)
Jemi's Boss: Wouldn't you happen to be the woman that was selling Kitty Candies the other day, when we had surrounded that tenacious man?
What did you tell him?
Where has he gone to!?
Young Spica: No matter if you talk to me like that, I talk with lots of customers everyday, so I don't know what you're talking about!
Jemi's Boss: Don't play the fool with me!
I saw how that guy put something in your basket while you two were talking.
Young Spica: Aren't Kitty Cadies very popular!?
Anyway, I don't remember what you're talking about!
Ilya: Miss Spica... if we don't hurry, the ship's gonna leave without us!
Jemi's Boss: Are you trying to run away?
You won't do that!
Now come with me!
Young Spica: Wait! Please let me go!
Ilya: What are you doing, you cretin!? Let Miss Spica go!
Jemi's Boss: Aghh!!
Young Spica: Let's run!
Ilya: Okay!

(BGM: Valkyrja)

Jemi's Boss: Wait!
Young Spica: How bothersome! Now we're getting chased by Tenba!
I can't even keep myself hidden!
Ilya: Miss Spica, over here! Over here!
Young Spica: Ilya! Where are we going?
Ilya: There's an entrance to a pipeline over there!
Dad told me we can use it to board the ship without being seen!
Young Spica: That's some wonderful information!
Ilya: Look! It's there!
Young Spica: There's no one over there! We're so lucky!
Ilya, jump in! Hyah!
Ilya: Hyah!
Young Spica: We did it!
Spica: It was quite noisy, but I must say that beginning a journey by getting out from a secret exit is something that sounds much like me, no?
This way, we were able to leave Firefly Alley and begin our journey.

Track 4 - Encounter[]

(BGM: Sacrificial Song)

Spica: We finally managed to get to Nemo, but the Tenba security guard was already awaiting for us there.
I might have fought against those that got on my way, but that wasn't what I should have done in that place.
So for a while, we hid from our pursuers.
Ilya: That guy's still following us.
What we're gonna do?
Nemo's the only place where they sell Tranquilizers...
Young Spica: We won't be able to go shopping at Nemo like this, huh?
Ah, right!
You said one of your friends could Grathmeld, right, Ilya?
Ilya: Yeah.
Oh! When she gave me that item, she also let me borrow the Recipe Card for the Tranquilizer!
She told me that if we showed it to a shopkeeper, we could pay for that item with just finding the ingredients!
Young Spica: That's right! We can just find the ingredients and then go back!

(BGM: Audhumla)

Young Spica: Now that's decided, we just need to get out of Nemo!

Ilya: Miss Spica, what are you doing by letting your hair down?
Young Spica: Hmm, I'm just getting ready! If I let my hair down, I'm sure we can deceive them for a while!
Ilya: Oh! This is the first I've seen you with the hair down, Miss Spica.
It's true! You look like another person!
I have the feeling that if you left your hair like this and put on some make-up, you'd look much more cuter!
Young Spica: Hmm, really?
Ilya: Yeah! Hehehe!
That shocked face you have it's cute, too!
Young Spica: What was that!? Stop saying these weird things and acting so energetically!
Well, now! It's time to stop playing around and get going!
Ilya: Yeah!
Spica: It might have been a bit improvised, but somehow we managed to slip by and escape.
We left the city of Nemo and we both entered into a forest that stretched as far as our eyes could see.
Young Spica: *huff* *huff*
Looks like we did it.
Let's rest for a bit.
Ilya: It feels as we've been running all this time.
Young Spica: *sigh*
Ilya: Miss Spica!

(BGM: Tick-Tock Man)

Nyo?: Nyooo!
Young Spica: Ah, what a cute animal!
Ilya: No! What are you doing!?
That's a monster, Miss!

(BGM: Berserkr)

Young Spica: What!?
Ilya: Ah right, the Carillon Organito!
Err... the Grathnode, the Grathnode!
Young Spica: Ilya, hurry up! It's going to attack!
Ilya: Wait! Agh, any of these will do!
It doesn't work...
Ugh, work! Begin working!
Young Spica: Argh, enough already! What are you doing!?
What should I do now?
It's very fast!

(Song: To a Pleasant Place ~Moderate~)

Ilya: Huh? The Carillon Organito shone just now!
Dian: Come, run now!
Come here, quick!
Young Spica: The monster stopped moving...
So you thought you could startle us by first putting that cute face, huh!?
Dian: Ah, you shouldn't do that, Miss!
Ah, you have angered it...
Young Spica: Eh? I screwed up?

(BGM: Vidarr)

Dian: Now I can't stop it with just my songs!
Looks like there's no other way...
I'll leave this to you!
Aigil: Miss, please lend us your whip.
Young Spica: O-okay...
Aigil: Let's go!
Lorzer: Very well.
Aigil: Miss, this is how you use a whip!
Rafile: You two, do your best!
Dian: Rafile, why aren't you joining them?
Rafile: That's because my role is playing music to cheer others as they fight!
Aigil: This ends here!

(BGM: Malta Living)

Aigil: Ahahaha! The monster got so scared of us that it ran away!
Lorzer: We're done, Dian.
Dian: Thanks, Lorzer.
Aren't you hurt?
Lorzer: There's no problem at all.
Aigil: Really? Then you made me worry for nothing?
Aren't you hurt or anything, Miss?
Hmm, are you okay?
Young Spica: Y-yeah.
And, umm...
Aigil: What's it?
Young Spica: I'd be really glad if you could let me go...
Dian: Aigil, you shouldn't keep a lady like this for such a long time..
Aigil: Ahahaha! Sorry for being so rude, Miss.
I'll give back your whip.
Spica: Ah, okay. Thanks.
Umm, who are you all?
Dian: We are the music troupe Euphrosyne.
We travel to all sorts of places while playing songs and telling stories.
And I'm the leader of the troupe. I'm called the Singing Knight Dian.
These are my musicians: The Strings Knight Rafile, the Percussions Knight Lorzer, and finally, our Storyteller, Aigil.
Young Spica: Ah, thanks for having saved us while we were in trouble.
Ilya: Thanks.
Dian: I'm glad you two didn't get injured.
By the way, what are you doing in this place?
Young Spica: We went out to collect ingredients for a medicine for his sick father, but...

(*time passes)

Aigil: That's quite some trouble.
Kid, what's your name?
Ilya: It's Ilya.
Aigil: Ilya? That's a good name!
We'll be going on ahead until we get out of this forest.
If the other guys are okay with it, we could give you a ride in our carriage.
After all, you could get attacked by monsters again anytime.
You don't mind, right?
Dian: Of course. Come now, Ilya. Get on the carriage. Come on.
Ilya: Ah, thanks, Mr. Dian!
This is the first time I've ever rode a carriage! It's great!
Aigil: Miss, could you tell me your name?
Young Spica: My name is Spica.
Aigil: Spica!? It's such a beautiful name!
Well then Spica, please get on the carriage.
Young Spica: Get to such a height? All by... myself?
Aigil: Oh my, oh my! How rude I'm being to a lady!
Please, step on me to get on the carriage.
Ah, then I'll take you on your kind offer. One, two, three...
Aigil: Wagh! Her shoes are sharper than I thought...
Young Spica: I wonder, huhuhu! Thanks.
Aigil: No, don't mention it. Ahahaha!
Well, is everybody in there?
Dian: Yes, we're all ready.
Aigil: Okay, okay, calm down. I'll be counting on you two, Demina, Ados!
Now, it's time to depart!

Track 5 - Journey[]

Dian: So, how far will you two be going?
Young Spica: Actually, we left Firefly Alley, be we aren't really familiar with the land here.
Do you know any places where we could get any ingredients for making medicine?
Dian: Do you know what ingredients you need?
Ilya: Here. They're all written in this Recipe Card.
Dian: Rafile, could you take a look at it?
Rafile: Yeah. Let me borrow it for a while.
Ah, I'm sure we have these ingredients among our belongings.
Hey, Lorzer, give them these.
Lorzer: Hmm...
Here you go.
Ilya: You're gonna give them to us? Thank you!
Young Spica: This is great!
Now, go and put them in my bag.
Ilya: Okay!
Huh? Miss Spica's bag only has food inside?
Isn't it a bit empty?
Young Spica: Huh? T-this is...
Rafile: Hmm, right. Now you've got all the other ingredients, the only thing you still need is a Grathnode Crystal.
You will get a better medicine the better the Grathnode you use to make it, but what level would be the crystal you'd like to use?
Young Spica: There's a place where we can get good Grathnode Crystals?
Rafile: Yep, there is. There's a village after we pass the forests called Karulu, but if you go even further, you'll find a ruin called the Singing Hill. 
If you go there, you might find something nice.
If you want Level 1-grade Grathnodes, you can even buy them at the shop in the village.
Young Spica: Of course we'd like to make the best medicine we can! Right, Ilya?
Ilya: Yeah! I want dad to get well as fast as possible!
Dian: I see. But the Singing Hill rarely sees visits from people, so it's a nest of monsters.
Wouldn't it be dangerous for you two to venture on it alone?
Spica: No, we'll be fine!
Ah, I might have committed a mistake before, but no matter how I look, I can do things when they need to be done!
Dian: Okay then.
Ilya: That's great!

(BGM: A Single Breath)

Ilya: With this, we'll be able to make and give dad a great medicine.
Spica: You've gotten tired, huh? You shouldn't try to overdo yourself.
Dian: Ah, you're tired too, Spica?
Please, feel free to rest for a while.
We'll make sure to wake you up once we've arrived.
Young Spica: Ah, thanks.
(I got some nice information in the most unexpected of places!)
(A chance of being able to find a way of getting good quality Grathnodes!)
(This is something I can't miss... no matter what...)

(Song: The Singing Voice of Every Tree)

Rafile: Huh? Did the item Ilya has on his hand suddenly shine? Hmm, let's see...

(BGM: The Melting Morning Dew)

Dian: Hey, Rafile! You shouldn't touch the belongings of others without permission.
Isn't that quite rude on your part?
Rafile: Yeeeeah.
But Dian, you're always grabbing and playing around with me instruments without telling me, no? I know about it!
Isn't that right, Lorzer?
Lorzer: Yes, that's right.
There are even traces that he has manipulated my instruments, but given that you've even played around with your own lute at many points, you have no right to criticize Rafile like that, Dian.
Dian: Y-you all knew about it?
Aigil: Stooop!
Good, good! Good job!
Okay, Spica, Ilya! We've arrived at Karulu!

(BGM: The Sunset Glow is Bright Red)

Ilya: Heave-ho!
Dian: Ohh!
Come Spica, let me give you a hand!
Young Spica: Okay, and thanks!
Aigil: Agh, damn... that's what I was supposed to do...
That Dian is always and always getting the good parts because of his pretty face...
Dian: If you follow straightly that road, you'll arrive to the Singing Hill.
Please, make sure to be very careful there.
Young Spica: Thanks for worrying about us.
We'll be okay.
(Yes. Since I'm going to be the Queen, I can't let such a place to get me scared.)
Ilya: And where will Euphrosyne be going next?
Aigil: In our fierce battles, we'll continue going from here to there, and then to the cities we've visited previously...!
Dian: Well, we aren't in a hurry, so there's enough time to choose our next destination.
Well, everyone, shall we get going?
Okay, Ilya, Spica. May you be well.
Lorzer: Take care.
Aigil: Hey, Rafile! Don't just stand there, and come to say good-bye to our guests!
Rafile: Aw! I'm telling you it hurts!
Ah right. While you were sleeping, Ilya's orgel-shaped contraction began shining whenever we sang!
It looks like a very interesting item. Can it make music?
Ilya: Huh?
Rafile: If we ever meet again, please show it to me!
Ilya: O-okay. I'll do it!
Aigil: Okay you both, make sure to take care!
If fate allows it, we'll meet again!
Ilya: Good-bye! Take care too, Uncle Aigil!
Aigil: Guoogh!
Call me "misteeeeeer"!
Young Spica: They were quite the interesting group, huh?
They even wear masks all the time.
Come, let's try heading to the Singing Hill now.

Track 6 - Songstress[]

(BGM: Sky)

Ilya: Miss... Miss... Miss Spica, wake up!
Please wake up!
Young Spica: Ugh...
It's morning already...?
Dian: (If you follow straightly that road, you'll arrive to the Singing Hill.)
Young Spica: If anyone had said it that way, they would have believed that by "straightly" he meant it was close enough to go without getting exhausted...
I was fooled by his smile...
To the point I even ended up falling asleep on a hill...
Ilya: Err... Miss Spica?
You thought the Carillon Organito was broken, but yesterday, mister Rafile said it suddenly shone as they were singing.
And when we were attacked by that monster, I saw it too when it began shining because of Euphrosyne's songs.
Young Spica: Huh?
What could that mean?
Doesn't that mean it is broken then?
Ilya: Hmm, I don't really know...
Young Spica: Well, we should just finish getting ready.
Ilya: Okay...
But anyway, I'm hungry too...
Young Spica: *sigh* ...I see.

(*monster growls)

(BGM: Sleipnir)

Young Spica: Huh? Eehh!?
So you came out!
This time I won't be beaten!

(*whipping sound)

Young Spica: (Ah right... the songs of Dian and the others could tranquilize the monsters, didn't they?)
(Shouldn't I be able to do the same thing?)

(*BGM cuts-out)

Young Spica: The thirst-quenching water flows purifying everything.
And with its gentle sound, I should sleep peacefully...

(BGM: Sleipnir)

Young Spica: Aah! I knew it, I can't!
Okay, then get ready!

(*whipping sounds)


(*whipping sounds)

(*monster growls)

Young Spica: Looks like it's doing nothing...
Ilya: Miss Spica! Look out!
Claire: You two over there! It's dangerous, so get away!


Ilya: I knew it, the Carillon Organito was shining!

(*song blast and monster screaming)

Ilya: Ah, it stopped shining!
What could have made it do this?

(BGM: The Sunset Glow is Bright Red)

Claire: *sigh* That was a close one, huh?
No matter how much I look, you two don't look like adventurers, but...
Are you okay?
Young Spica: (A cute girl...)
Who are you?
Claire: I'm Claire, an employee from Tenba.
Young Spica: Tenba!? You came all this way to get on my way!?
Claire: Huh? What are you talking about?
Young Spica: Huh? Didn't you come from Tenba to chase after me?
Claire: I don't know what you might have done, but it isn't related at all to my current assignment.
You seem to be quite cunning, so you should calm down a bit.
Young Spica: Wait! Don't make me look as if I had done anything wrong!
To begin with, Tenba got an understanding and was chasing with all their energy due to that!
Claire: I don't know what happened, but it has nothing to do with me.
I felt you wouldn't be able to fight, and since you had a child with you, I just jumped in to help without even thinking.
My help was quite good to you, huh?
Young Spica: Of course! I'd have been beaten if the fight had lasted any more...
b-but just because I'm fighting on an empty stomach!
Ilya: Miss Spica, please be honest.
Ah... Miss, thanks for helping us!
Claire: Ah, don't mention it. Huhu.
You're quite honest, aren't you?
Ilya: Hehehe.
My name's Ilya.
Young Spica: Argh! What's it with Ilya now?
And now she's strong just because she's cute.
Claire: Huh? Did you say something?
Young Spica: Not~a~thing~!I haven't said anything~
Claire: Ah, right.
There's something I want to ask you both.
Currently, I'm in search for a masked music troupe that travels through the entirety of Sol Ciel.
Haven't you heard anything about them? I reckon their name was Euphrosyne.
Ilya: Ah, it's them!
Claire: Huh?
Do you know something about them?
Young Spica: Yes, the only thing we know is that we traveled with them until just yesterday.
Claire: Really?
Then, where have they gone to?
Young Spica: Okay then let's see... any further information would be... this!
Claire: What does that hand gesture mean?
Young Spica: Oh, you don't know? If you want the information, you have to give something of equal value in exchange for it.
Claire: What!? Are you an information broker or something?
I'm surprised.
Young Spica: Well, that's work for you.
I'll receive anything you will to give me.
So, what will you do?
Claire: And after I've made you the favor of saving your life.
Very well, then...

(*writing sounds)

Claire: You can take this to the Tenba HQ, as I have written a letter there and signed it.
Once there, find a man called Crew Atha and give him that letter.
If you're hurting for money so much, you should go and claim your payment as soon as possible.
Young Spica: Okay, I acknowledge I've received your payment.
According to what the Euphrosyne members said, they seemed to be going further to the north of Karulu Village.
However, they seem to be going all over the place, so you might want to hurry up if you want to catch up to them.
Claire: Really?
Thank you! It's a great help!
Ah, right. You said your name was Ilya, right?
I'll give you this bread loaf.
Ilya: Oh!
Claire: You were hungry, right?
Ilya: Thank you, Miss!

(*stomach grumble)

Claire: And Ms. Information Broker, what's your name?
Young Spica: Huh? Ah, I'm Spica!
Claire: Okay, I'll remember it, Spica.
You're quite the interesting information broker.
Hu, well, see you later.
Young Spica: Thank you for your patronage! I'll be expecting to see you again!

Track 7 - Search[]

Spica: After we said good-bye to Claire, we began walking again.
It seemed pretty likely we'd come across some strong monsters, so I think we decided to go on as cautiously as possible.
After a while of walking, we finally saw some ruins covered in rubble.
Young Spica: Ah, so this is the Singing Hill! Come, Ilya! Let's do our best at searching for some good Grathnodes!
Ilya: This place's really abandoned, huh...?
I don't know why, but it's scary...
Young Spica: What fainthearted things are you saying?
Didn't you want to make some great medicine for your dad?
Come, let's do our best!
Ilya: Yeah... Yeah, you're right!
I've gotta do my best!
Thanks, Miss Spica!
Young Spica: Okay, then let's get going!
Ilya: Yeah!
But then, why aren't you walking yet?
Young Spica: Huhu, because once we get some good Grathnodes on our hands... huhuhu
Ilya: Miss, that laugh's giving me a bad feeling, but I don't know why.
Young Spica: And getting told that was pretty rude too...

(BGM: Shooting Star)

Young Spica: Ah, this place is falling apart everywhere. We have to be careful.
Ilya, are you okay?
Ilya: Yeah, I'm fine!
Ah, Miss Spica! There's a something over here!
Young Spica: Ah, really!? I'll be heading there right now!
Ilya: Look, this really looks like a treasure chest!
Young Spica: Does it have anything inside?
Oh, it's making me so excited!
Let's try opening it!
Ilya: Yeah!
???: Wait a sec!!
Ilya: Eh!? You scared me!

(BGM: Tick-Tock Man)

Young Spica: W-what's this!?
Lyra: I came to pick up that item!
You can't take it away!
Young Spica: Who are you?
And we found it first!
Lyra: How infuriating! When asking someone their name, you should introduce yourself first!
What are you called!?
Young Spica: I'm Spica.
Ilya: I'm Ilya.
Lyra: I'm Lyra. Pleased to meet'cha!
Young Spica: Okay then, we'll be taking this...
Lyra: Feel free to... no! You can't!
Young Spica: *sigh* ...How did you come out out of nowhere like that?
You weren't over there a moment ago?
Lyra: My work is picking up items! If I don't bring them back to the customer, I can't get paid by them!
Ilya: But this is a problem for us, too...
Lyra: And for me too!
If I don't get paid, I can't get a better opinion from Harm and become his bride!
Ilya: Who's that?

(*BGM cuts off)

Lyra: Don't you know Harm?
Young Spica: No, it's normal for us to not know him.
Lyra: Harm is the coolest man in the world~
Young Spica: Err, I didn't even ask...
Lyra: Ah, not even knowing about his coolness is so cute~
Young Spica: I'm telling you I didn't even ask about it.

(BGM: Tick-Tock Man)

Young Spica: Oh well, I'll give you this.
Now, be a good child.
Lyra: Don't treat me like a kid!
Ah, it's so so so...!
What's this?
Young Spica: It's a Kitty Candy.
And it's very tasty~
Okay, open your mouth wide~
Lyra: Ahhhh!

(*gulping down)

Lyra: It's so tasty!
Young Spica:
You see?
Huhu, I'm so glad you like it.
Jemi's Boss: Looks like you're having a lot of fun...

(BGM: Fefnir)

Jemi's Boss: Kitty Candy seller girl!
Young Spica: Y-you!
You came all this way just to chase us!?
Ilya: What a persistent guy! Miss Spica already told you she didn't know anything!
Lyra: What's all this?
Did a bad guy show up?
Jemi's Boss: Argh, these brats are so noisy!
I had to stealthily leave my post at the company just to come and settle this!
I hope you don't mind this!
So which one'll it be? It's clear now you're covering up for that man, so you either admit it right now, or I'll have to haul your ass to Tenba myself for questioning!
So shut up and come now already!
Young Spica: Wait! Don't just say whatever you want!


Jemi's Boss: Augh!
What's a Kitty Candy seller doing with a whip!?
How impertinent!
Young Spica: So you thought I was no more than a regular Kitty Candy seller!?


Lyra: Spica's amazing!
She's amazing at doing that bish-bash thing to that guy!

(*sword swing)

Young Spica: *huff*...*huff*... Do you really think... I'm going to lose against someone like you?
Jemi's Boss: How could you match me hand-for-hand!? Damn, how troublesome!
Jemi: Ah! Y-yes!
Jemi's Boss: Sing!
Give that woman a dose of your Song Magic!
Jemi: No, she's a normal person! And there are even children near her!
Jemi's Boss: Just do it to the point where you don't kill them!
Or do you intend to disobey me!?
Jemi: Understood...

(*First chorus of EXEC_HYMME_MEGAREALICS/.)

Young Spica: A Reyvateil!?
If we get targeted by something like her, then...!

Track 8 - Rage[]


Ilya: Ah, it began shining again!
But more importantly, Miss Spica's...!
Lyra: Spica, run away!

(*song blast)

Young Spica: Uaagh!


Ilya: Miss Spica!
Lyra: I can't even see her hat anymore!
Young Spica: I'm right here...
Ilya: Miss Spica!
You're okay! I'm so glad!
Jemi's Boss: What, she avoided it!? Idiot! Aim better!
Jemi: Sorry!

(BGM: Rumbling)

Young Spica: I'm a bit surprised, but you were the kind of person that was willing to get to these extremes just to do me in?
Lyra: Ah, there's something shining over there!
Ilya: Ah, it's true!
Ah, that's mine! When did it get there?
And somehow, the light seems to be getting stronger and stronger!
Jemi's Boss: Huh, what's this!?
Why is that shining!?
Young Spica: Shut up, you.
Jemi's Boss: Huh?
What didja say?
Young Spica: How much more are you going to be this annoying and persistent?
To the point where you even left the work you were supposed to do for this?
I don't know if Tenba will end firing you over this, but as for me, you've appeared and got in my way wherever I went, and even went to the extreme of wanting to harm me.
And to make matters worse, you even tried to take me away without any proof.
Haven't you had enough already?
Ilya: Ah! Whoa! Somehow, the light has gotten even stronger!
Lyra: What's this? What's happening?
Young Spica: I won't forgive those who get on my way.
Because I won't let anyone to get on the way to my goals!

(First chorus of Xa Ziqt Wac s)

Ilya: It began playing a song!
I can feel magical power coming out from that box!
Spica's feelings are crafting that song!
Jemi's Boss: W-what!?
What's happening here!?
Young Spica: Yes! I'll never forgive those who stand on my way!

Track 9 - Kitty Candy[]

(Song: Xa Ziqt Wac s)

(*song blast and explosion)

Jemi's Boss: Uwaghhh!
Young Spica: *huff*... *huff*...
Ilya: That was incredible, Miss Spica!
You sent them flying away!
Lyra: Ah, it's about to crumble away!
Ilya: Ah, what?
Lyra: This is bad! The Singing Hill has a very fragile ground in the first place!
That last explosion must have caused it to collapse somewhere!
Young Spica: Watch out! Both, come here, quickly!


(BGM: Drops)

Ilya: Ugh, it hurts...
I'm alive, but it hurts a lot...
Young Spica: Ilya, are you okay?
Are you hurt?
Ilya: Ah, I'm okay. It hurts all over, but it's nothing serious.
Young Spica: Ah, and Lyra?
Ilya: She's right here, but it looks like she's fainted.
But it doesn't seem like she's hurt.
Young Spica: Ah, I'm so relieved.
But this is quite a mess, huh?
We're trapped here now...

(*Spica grunting)

Young Spica: Ugh, no way.
It won't move, no matter how much I push it.
Ilya: What should we do?
This doesn't look like a place where people come all the time.
Are we... gonna die here...?
Young Spica: We're not!
I'm sure someone will notice it and will come to save us!

(*stomach grumbling)

Ilya: I'm... hungry...
Young Spica: This is bad.
Looks like I lost my bag somewhere during that last disaster...
(Ah, I remember having some in my pocket...)
(I knew it!)
Ilya, open your mouth.
Ilya: Hmm, it's sweet.
That's one of your Kitty Candies, right? Miss Spica?
Young Spica: Huhu, does it taste good?
Ilya: Yeah, so much I want to eat a bucket's worth of them!
Young Spica: Oh, do you know how much that would cost?
Ilya: Who cares about the price?
Ilya & Young Spica: Hahaha!
Lyra: Aww aww...
Young Spica: Ah, Lyra! Have you come to? Are you okay?
Lyra: Aww... what happened?
Huh? We're trapped here?
Young Spica: Yes...
Lyra: Ah, and where's my mirror?
Young Spica: By mirror, you refer to that thing you have hanging over your chest? Is it important to you?
Lyra: Yeah!
I'm so happy!
It's okay!
Without it, I can't see my destination!
Young Spica: Huh? What do you mean by destination?
Lyra: I can teleport from a place to other!
And with this mirror, I can see where I'm going!
So, let me go and get some help!
This'll end in a flash!
Young Spica: What?
Ilya: She's gone...
Lyra's what?
She has an eccentric personality and can use a mysterious type of magic just like it's nothing... Maybe that girl was a Teru?
Lyra: Over here!
Man: Hey, are ya okay!?
We'll get ya outta there in a second!
Ilya: Miss Spica!
Young Spica: Yes, we're saved!
Man: On the count of three! One, two, three!

(BGM: Chronicle of Gene)

(*heavy lifting)

Young Spica: For a while, we didn't what it would become of us, but we were saved thanks to your help, Lyra.
Lyra: Ehehe, that's nothing!
Ilya: Ah, you forgot this!
No, Miss Spica?
Let's try getting that treasure chest!
Lyra: Ehe! Where do you think you're going?
I'm the one that should open it!
Young Spica: Ah, we're back to square one...
Lyra: But this is the place I was searching first.
And if you want it, I can give it to you!
Young Spica: Eh, really?
We did it, Ilya!
This is a very high-grade Grathnode!
Ilya: Really!? We did it!
With this, dad will get better now!
Thanks, thanks!
Lyra: I'm glad that you were so happy from getting it!
But if you were searching for Grathnodes like these, I always have a lot of them.
Young Spica: Huh!? High-quality Grathnodes like this one!?
Lyra: Yep!
I work in exchange for Grathnodes!
Ilya: That's great, Lyra!
Young Spica: And to think you have so many of these good-quality Grathnodes...
Lyra: Do you like Grathnodes, Spica?
Young Spica: Yes, I do.
Lyra: And you make these Kitten Candies?
Young Spica: These are Kitty Candies, and yes, I make them.
Did you like them?
Lyra: Whoa! I love kittens!
I want to trade my Grathnodes for your Kitty Candies!
Young Spica: Eh? Are you okay with just the Kitty Candies?
Lyra: They're more than enough!
Young Spica: Uhuhu, then if you bring me a loooooot of good-quality Grathnodes, I'll 
exchange them for a lot of these Kitty Candies you love so much!
Lyra: Really? Yay!
Young Spica: Uhuhu, pleased to make business with you.
Ilya: Miss Spica! The people from the Church are waiting for us!
Young Spica: Okay! I'll be going now! Uhuhu...
Ilya: You look very happy, Miss Spica.
What happened?
Young Spica: Nothing at all~
Now, let's go back to Firefly Alley.

Track 10 - Everyday[]

(BGM: Singing Girl)

Ayano: It was a pretty interesting story, but why did you obscure so much the part where the girl from my company appeared?
Spica: Oh my, I did that?
I intended to tell the story better, but looks like I couldn't.
Ayano: Even if you manipulate the narration, it seems like a question of who treats the Reyvateils better, if either my company or the Church...
Spica: Well, I do wonder about that too.
The world's a very wide place, after all.
Ayano: And you might have found a way to get Grathnodes in your hands, yet I never heard about it before, huh?
Spica: Because that's one of my trade secrets~
It's to be expected, right?
Ayano: And anyway, I'd like to meet the Melder girl that made the Carillon Organito you told me about.
I wonder, how did she make it?
I'd really want to know that.
Spica: Well, I don't know either if that came out of a stroke of luck on her part.
Ayano: The some goes for you, to begin with. There are several strange things about that story that I don't know if I should believe or not.
For example, thinking that there are others that manipulate Reyvateils aside of Tenba and the Church sounds like something hard to believe.
Spica: To believe or not depends entirely on you, Mrs. President.
Well then, time to get back to work.
Sorry for bothering you, Spica.
Spica: President Ayano..
Ayano: Hmm?
Spica: You're forgetting about something~
Ayano: What does that gesture mean?
Oh, good grief...

(*sounds of coins falling)

Spica: Thank you for your patronage~!
Ayano: You're really a cheeky girl!
Okay then, see you later.
Spica: Thank you very much!
And besides, President Ayano, the genius Grathmelder you want to meet so much could unexpectedly be right at your side.
Man: Hey, Miss!
Spica: Hello? Would you like a Kitty Candy?
Man: Yeah, but who cares about the price? I want to eat a bucket's worth!
Spica: My, my, that's not peaceful.
Well then, come over here!

[The End]