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Translation for the dialogue of the CD Ar tonelico Hymmnos Musical Cocona -Two Songs, Two Feelings-.

Track 1: Mission[]

{BGM: Prologue}

Cocona: A harsh world where natural land no longer exists. It was in a land abandoned by the Goddess called Metafalss where two Maidens created a breathing green continent. The people that had finally obtained their ideal land, Metafalica regained their hope and the Reyvateils that suffered for so long were finally released from their pain.

Cocona: But the world is very wide. I heard it goes beyond even the farthest edge of the horizon. This desolate world that has forgotten the Songs is waiting the time for its revival somewhere. It waits for the time when a single ray of hope descends upon the land again.

{End BGM}

Cocona: Heave-ho! *grunting* *gasping* *sighing*

Cocona: With this I've finished packing up. Next is the airship's maintenance, right? Huh?

Luca: Cocona!

Cloche: Your preparations are complete, correct?

Cocona: Luca, Lady Cloche! You came to see us off!?

Cloche: Indeed. You are going to depart on a long journey to carry out a great undertaking, correct? We would never miss out on bidding you farewell.

Cocona: Yeah!

Luca: Cocona... You really have to go? Won't you be sad or lonely?

Cocona: Come on, don't make that face! I'll come back once I'm done, so please take care of Cro while I'm out!

Luca: Okay!

Cloche: Rest assured we will.

Croix: What's all that? You're talking like I was a kid or something.

Cocona: Cro!

Luca: So late, Croix! Getting here so late to see Cocona off, even though you're her guardian?

Croix: Sorry about that. I got orders to do some work, and it took longer than expected.

Cocona: You shouldn't push yourself so hard, Cro. We could've done it together.

Croix: Don't say that. Besides, I wanted to give you this.

Cocona: This is... your hair ornament?

Croix: Yeah. It's a farewell gift now.

Cocona: Huh!? You're giving me this!? Are you OK with that?

Croix: This is so you'll be okay whenever you start missing this world. So don't protest and take it with you.

Cocona: Argh, why you're still treating me like a kid!?

Croix: Because you're still one.

Cocona: What!? Cro, you're so boo, boo!

Croix: Ahaha! Sorry, sorry! That's right; it's time for you to choose your own path. You can't always be a little kid after all. I'm the one who knows it the best, as I've been at your side all this time.

Cocona: Cro...

Croix: So... I won't stop you. I'll believe in you and wait for you to come back. But since you're my only family now, make sure to not worry me, okay?

Cocona: Yeah! But it's fine! I'm very strong and I've got a reliable engineer with me!

Luca: Hmm, and who's the engineer?

Cloche: Hmm, indeed. I have yet to see that person...

Sasha: That's me! *gasping* Sorry for making you wait, Cocona! The airship's maintenance is complete! We can take off when you're ready!

Cocona: Good job, Sasha!

Luca: Ah right, I've got a present for Sasha too! I'm sure it'll help you in your business! Okay, here you go!

Sasha: Huh? An abacus?

Luca: Yup! But it's not any old abacus; it's... a legendary abacus!

Cocona: Legendary? How it's that?

Luca: Mrs. Lahr gave it to me when I was getting fed up with my job... But from the time I got it, I was in a very good mood!

Sasha: Whoa! It sounds amazing! Thank you!

Luca: Don't mention it!

Croix: It sounds so fishy...

Luca: What!?

Cloche: And I wish to give you this as well.

Sasha: Whoa! A Gergo mascot plush! Thank you so much!

Cloche: Hmm... *whispering* you told her it was a very rare item, correct?

Cocona: Yup, I did.

Croix: Huh? You said it was very rare?

Cloche: Ah, it's nothing for you to concern yourself about! We were just talking among ourselves! And it's true, this is for you as well, Cocona.

Cocona: Ahh, Gergo is really cute! Thank you, Lady Cloche! I'll always treasure it!

Cloche: *giggles*

Cocona: Okay... we gotta go now.

Cloche: Yes.

Luca: Take care out there, okay?

Cocona: Yeah. Sasha, can you get everything ready?

Sasha: Okay!

Cocona: So, everybody...

Croix: Cocona!

Cocona: Huh?

Croix: Make sure to come back safely to us.

Cocona: Cro... Yeah! I promise I'll come back! And until I return, I'll always keep your hair ornament close to me!

Croix: Okay. It's a promise.

Luca: Cocona... Never forget it; we'll always be at your side, no matter how far apart we may be. I'll be praying so you and Sasha'll be safe every single day!

Cloche: That is correct. We will always hold you both in our thoughts.

Cocona: Luca... Lady Cloche... Okay! Thanks!

Luca: Umm, Cocona... I made a song because I wanted to give you a present today. All our feelings ride into it, so please listen closely to it!

{Song: leat ptrapica}

Ar tonelico Hymmnos Musical Cocona: Two Feelings, Two Songs

{leat ptrapica continues being heard as if it came from a radio}

*airship sounds*

Cocona: Isn't that the song Luca made when we left?

Sasha: Yes! It's a very precious song containing Luca's and everyone's feelings, so I recorded it into a Teleon! That way, it'll feel as if everyone was with us no matter how far apart we get.

Cocona: Sasha, are you really okay with this? Coming with me while leaving alone the shop that your granny left you as a memento?

Sasha: It's fine, Cocona! I'm not completely okay with it, but if the world's finally regenerated, it'd be embarrassing if I was the only one who did nothing and just stayed cooped up in the shop instead of helping!

Cocona: You're a very strong girl, Sasha. Hehe! It's really reassuring to have you here!

Sasha: Hehe!

Cocona: And honestly, it'd be impossible to go into this mission without you. In the first place, if you hadn't made this airship, I wouldn't be able to go to where I've gotta carry out these goals.

Sasha: Tilia's Tower, right? What sort of place could it be?

{End Song}

Cocona: I don't know. But Jakuri entrusted me with the key for regenerating this world. She told me that if I can give it to Harvestasya in Tilia's Tower, we'd be able to save this whole world.

Sasha: Save the whole world...?

Cocona: Yeah. But... Can I actually complete a task like that? I mean... I can't even use Song Magic while we're in Tilia's Tower! And even if I could use it, and I asked Cro to Dive into me for a while, what I've got isn't of high level or anything...

Sasha: It's okay! I brought something especially for these times! Besides, remember that Jakuri chose you because no one else can do it. I guarantee that!

Cocona: Sasha...! You're right, as Jakuri'd have gone herself to Tilia's Tower otherwise! But Pureblooded β-Types can't get too far away from Metafalss, so that's why she asked me...

Sasha: That's right! But Jakuri didn't do that because she was crazy either. So let's all do our best together!

Cocona: Yeah! Thanks, that's really improved my mood!

Sasha: I'm glad! Ah, looks like the clouds are clearing up!

Cocona: Ah, it's true! Ah! Sasha... can you see that...?

{Song: Singing Hill -Harmonics TILIA-}

Cocona: That's Tilia's Tower...

Sasha: It looks kinda scary... it's completely different from our own Tower...

Cocona: It kinda looks like it's alive...

Track 2: Encounter[]

Cocona: Huh?

Sasha: Anything happened?

Cocona: What's that!? Looks like something's coming our way!

*shooting sounds*

{BGM: Emergency!}

Sasha: What is it!?

Cocona: An unmanned fighter!? Looks like we're its target!

Sasha: This is terrible! We have to get away! Please grab on something tightly, Cocona!

*screaming and shooting*

Cocona: Are you okay, Sasha!?

Sasha: Yeah!

Cocona: It's coming straight for us! What're we going to do!?

Sasha: Watch out!

*beam firing*

Sasha: It got our Flipper!

Cocona: Ugh, it's getting boo-er every second! Sasha, grab on tightly!

Sasha: Okay!



Shukure: The airship that gave off the response of carrying an unidentified Reyvateil has been shot down and it has crashed into the Great Fang area. It seems there are no further threats.

Shukure: Understood. I will follow its traces.


Shukure: We will follow the signal left by the downed airship. We have been ordered by the General to go and capture alive any unidentified Reyvateils we find.

Karyou: Understood, Lady Shukure.


Cocona: Ugh... *gasp* Sasha! Sasha, are you okay!?

Sasha: ...Uh? Cocona...

Cocona: Are you hurt anywhere?

Sasha: No, I'm okay.

Cocona: Look... The fighter from before is flying around the place... If they look around here, they're gonna find us! Let's find somewhere to hide!

Sasha: Okay! Ah, wait a second, please. The luggage we brought...

Cocona: We don't have time for that now! If they find us, they're gonna take us away!

Sasha: Ah... okay!

Cocona: Okay, let's hurry!

Karyou: Stop right there!

Cocona & Sasha: *gasp*

{BGM: Σ}

Karyou: Lady Shukure, I'm sure there is no possibility for mistake. One of these girls over there is indeed the unknown Reyvateil we are searching for. However, we didn't receive a report about there being two of them.

Sasha: I'm... I'm human!

Cocona: Sasha...!

Shukure: Who are you? I am Shukure, commander of the first division of the Clusternian Army.

Cocona: You're the one who attacked our airship!?

Shukure: It is quite helpful that you got out alive from that experience. After you undergo Purification, we will allow you to live and find you some useful purpose. But in any case, I'm surprised... to think a repulsive human would be here as well.

Cocona: Huh? What're you saying now?

Karyou: Lady Shukure, we haven't received any orders about keeping that filthy inferior being alive. It is so bothersome. We should just eliminate her now.

Sasha: *scared sound*

Cocona: Hold it a moment...!

Karyou: I won't turn a blind eye to any filthy humans invading our land!

Sasha: Ahh! No!

Cocona: I won't let you sing!


Karyou: Agh! What...!?

Shukure: *gasp* (This Reyvateil... is exceptional...)

Sasha: Cocona...!

Cocona: What you think you're doing!? Trying to kill a defenseless human with Song Magic outta the blue!?

Karyou: I have no need to answer to you! Don't get in our way!

Cocona: *gasp*

Shukure: Fall back!

Karyou: Huh?

Cocona: What?

Shukure: Karyou, I will be the opponent for this girl. You are ordered now to go back to base and report the situation.

Karyou: But Lady Shukure...! I can just make the report via Telemo and...!

Shukure: Retreat at once!

Karyou: But...!

Shukure: Do not make me repeat myself! I excuse myself from having to fight with a burden on me!

Karyou: Ugh... Understood... Please, take care...

Cocona: What are you planning?

Shukure: I have heard that you truly are an unidentified Reyvateil. I see... you are no normal person.

Cocona: A truly unknown Reyvateil? I've been hearing that from a while ago, but what that means?

Shukure: What kind of power is hidden within that little body of yours? You are not just any normal Pureblooded β-Type, are you?

Cocona: I don't really get what you wanna say, but I'm not a Pureblooded β-Type! My parents are humans!

Shukure: What did you say!? Then does that mean you are a Third Generation!?

Cocona: And what'd be the problem if I'm one!?

Shukure: If that is the case, it means I have been overestimating you. To be my opponent, you must be nimble and agile! *breathes in*

Sasha: She's going to sing Song Magic!

Cocona: You can't be serious! She's really gonna use Song Magic without any kind of support!? There's no way she can sing fast enough for that!


Sasha: Cocona, watch out!

Cocona: Agh!! So fast...!

Shukure: You deserve commendation for having avoided that attack. However, you will be unable to escape from me!

Cocona: Grr..! Sasha, get away!

Sasha: Ah, okay!

Cocona: (This girl's so strong...! If I get caught here and they find out about the Heart of the Land Jakuri gave me, it's the end...!)

Shukure: Your stamina has limits as well, correct? Just allow yourself to be captured already!

Cocona: Ugh!

Shukure: Agh!

Sasha: Cocona!

Track 3 - Withdrawal[]

Cocona: What was that just now? It felt like something was coming here!

Shukure: This is not good... This presence is...

*Antibody voice*

Sasha: I hear something...

Cocona: Yeah... It sounds like voices or something...

Shukure: They are here...!

Sasha: Ahhh!

Cocona: What are those!?

Shukure: It is the end... To think there was an Antibody colony in this place!

Cocona: Antibody?

{Song: jUmbAdjA}

Sasha: These voices... they sound just like Hymmnos...

Cocona: They're gathering one after another...!

Shukure: This is a terrible situation... They are going to devour us!

*Antibody voices*

*fighting sounds. Cocona and Shukure shouting*

Cocona: What!? This is just like fighting a giant or something!

Shukure: More than a giant, it is like fighting against a demon. They have no particular weaknesses!

Cocona: *gasp* Let's run away, Sasha!

Sasha: Okay!

Shukure: Wait there! I won't allow you to escape--!


Cocona & Sasha: Ah!

Sasha: Miss Shukure!

*glass shattering*

Cocona: Is that... a Telemo?

Sasha: Miss Shukure! Cocona, Miss Shukure is...!

Cocona: *gasp* Sasha, run away now!


Cocona: Hang in there, Shukure!


Cocona: She's lost consciousness...

*falling sound*

Cocona: More and more of these things are gathering...!

Sasha: Cocona! Hurry! We can hide in this place! It's safe down here!

Cocona: Okay!

*running and gasping*

Cocona: No! I won't get there in time!

Sasha: Cocona! Please hurry!


Cocona: Was that... artillery!?

{End Song}

Sasha: Cocona, please hurry and get inside!

Cocona: Ah, right!

*gasping and running*

Cocona: Sasha, where did you get that?

Sasha: I made this just in case anything happened. But I didn't think I'd ever have to fire it myself...

Cocona: Sasha, you're trembling...

Sasha: I'm... I'm scared... My body just moved on its own...

Cocona: *gasp*... Gimme your hand...

Sasha: Okay...

Cocona: Thanks. You saved my life.

Sasha: Cocona...

Cocona: Come, let's hurry!

Sasha: Okay!

*gasping and running*

Track 4 - Strategy[]

*bandaging sounds*

Sasha: That should be enough. We don't have really potent medicines right now, but luckily Miss Shukure's wounds aren't that wide.

Cocona: It's a real help you've become a medic too, huh?

Sasha: I'm not really the type to do a hands-on job like that...

Cocona: *giggle* ...But...

Sasha: Huh? What happened?

Cocona: A little ago, when it seemed I was going to get blown away by this girl... She had a Telemo too, but it got broken, right?

Sasha: But... that means...

Cocona: If she had a Telemo... Why did she order the other girl to leave to file the report?

Sasha: Ah! I'm sure that was for... Ah, she's regaining consciousness!

Shukure: Agh!

Cocona: She's woken up?

Shukure: *gasp* ...Where am I!? Answer me!

Sasha: Ah! You mustn't move so much! I've just given you first aid!

Shukure: First aid...?

Cocona: You got beaten up, remember? And besides, we even got trapped inside this cave. I'm sure the outside's still swarming with the Antibodies we saw before.

Shukure: Reinforcements shall come here at any moment! Agh... My Telemo is...!

Cocona: You dropped it when the Antibodies blew you off, and it broke there and then. If you've got no other ways to get in contact with anyone, you'll be trapped in this cave just like we're.

Shukure: What did you say!? This is such a shameful situation... If the General ever gets word of it...!

Sasha: Miss Shukure...

Cocona: We're in the same situation! We can't let ourselves get killed in a place like this! But neither my martial arts abilities nor your swordsmanship could do anything against these demons out there... But I think I've got something...

Sasha: Cocona... Did you get any ideas?

Cocona: Yeah. I don't know if it'll really work, but couldn't we use the satellite you made and brought in our airship?

Sasha: Ah, yeah!

Cocona: If we had it, I'd be able to use Song Magic too!

Shukure: Wait just a minute! Have you ever used Song Magic?

Cocona: Just once... But I haven't actually manifested it.

Shukure: You say you have never manifested it? How foolish. Did you not learn anything from the fight we just had? Defeating these creatures with ordinary Song Magic like that is impossible!

Cocona: I know that! I know it, but... If we don't do something...!

Sasha: I might be able to do something.

Cocona: Huh?

Sasha: I'll modify the functions of the artificial satellite we brought along. By eliminating its weaker points and changing a few internal components, I can give it a large boost! That way, I can temporarily raise its efficiency to a 350%, and that should be enough for your Song Magic!

Cocona: A 350%!? That would be far stronger than any Song I'd normally sing! And it means I could be able to sing at full power even with the level I've got now!

Sasha: But... we can actually only use it once... I'd have to modify components located very deep inside the satellite's structure, so it's very probable... Its core'll become unable to work right after the Song's finished.

Cocona: Huh!? But then.... No, I can't do that! You worked so hard to make it... I'll manage somehow just with my own strength...

Sasha: It's okay! I'm sure we can find the materials for making satellites in this world too! It might take me some time, but I'm sure I can make another for any other time we might need one! So please, do what you must, Cocona. I'm an engineer after all, and that's how I'll give my best to help you!

Cocona: But that means that failure's not an option... But yeah, I'll do it! I've gotta do it! Shukure, if we work together, we can...!

Shukure: You say you want us to cooperate!? Surely you jest!

Cocona: Shukure...

Sasha: Miss Shukure...

Shukure: As far as I have heard from you two, you are saying that me, a Pureblooded β-Type has to rely on the powers of a mere Third Generation!? What can a middle-of-the-road Song Magic like yours accomplish that mine cannot!?

Cocona: Hey! What're you saying!? If we continue like this, you won't be able to get outta here either!

Shukure: I know that... without you having to tell me!

Cocona: But then...!

Shukure: Be silent! I am an honorable Clusternian Reyvateil! I would rather choose death than having to accept assistance from and work with inferior beings like yourselves!

Cocona: How can someone be as boo as you!? That's really what you want!?


Cocona: Looks like this world's really different from the one we came from... It isn't just for women; even Reyvateils themselves get segregated over here...

Sasha: Cocona...

Cocona: But it's okay. We'll use Song Magic and escape from this place no matter what happens. Sorry, but I'm not gonna be committing suicide with you!

Shukure: Urgh...!

Sasha: *sigh* U-umm, I'll be going out for a sec. I have to go and get back the satellite's parts after all.

Cocona: It's too dangerous out there for you to go alone! I'll go with you!

Shukure: Stop it, you both! You cannot act as if you could do here whatever you wanted!

Cocona & Sasha: *gasp*

Shukure: Have you even grasped the kind of situation you are in at the moment? Do you really think I will allow you to act however you see fit as long as I am here?

Cocona: What're you saying now? Weren't you saying you chose death over working with us?

Sasha: Cocona...

Shukure: It is true I said as much. However, I am still bound to my duties as a member of the Army as long as I live, which I intend to carry out with all my strength. It does not mean either I have relinquished the idea of capturing you both though.

Cocona: Nothing you're saying makes sense--!

Shukure: Be quiet! I shall not accept any orders from that human there! I do not mind what happens from now on either. That human may just go by herself to pick up the parts and remodel the satellite!

Cocona: Wait a sec! We can't let Sasha go out all by herself! In that case, go and escort Sasha while she picks up the parts!

Shukure: Why should I lower myself to doing such a degrading task as protecting a human!? And besides, you are an objective I ought to capture! I cannot take my eyes away from you!

Cocona: It's so bad if I go with her then? If you won't go with her, I'll accompany Sasha instead, even if I gotta fight you for that. I'm not afraid of you.

Shukure: *gasp*

Cocona: What're you gonna do, then?

Shukure: *gasp*... If I see you are gone once we have returned, I shall kill this human on the spot. Understood?

Cocona: I'm not gonna run away. I'll never run away.

Shukure: Urgh...


Cocona: Sasha, sorry I can't go with you... But don't worry.

Sasha: Okay. I don't have any reason to worry anyway, Cocona.

Shukure: Are you ready? Let us depart then.

Sasha: Okay!

Track 5 - Understanding[]

{Song: Let's Seek Happiness}

{End Song}

Sasha: Let's walk around, seeking happiness~

Shukure: Be quiet. Have you forgotten the kind of situation you are in?

Sasha: Oh, yeah. I'm sorry...


Shukure: So you humans sing as well?

Sasha: Huh?

Shukure: Even though it is meaningless for you, as the humans' songs possess no power of their own.

Sasha: That's true, but I really love songs, even if they're not Song Magic.


Sasha: Huh? Miss Shukure?

Shukure: You are quite airheaded, are you not?

Sasha: Huh?

Shukure: You are far too optimistic. I said a moment ago I was going to kill you, yet you are still singing in an airheaded fashion right at the side of the person who just threatened you.

Sasha: It's just you remind me of a person I know, Miss Shukure.

Shukure: What...?

Sasha: That person's a Reyvateil too. She's in the highest position possible and she's always being respected by everyone, but she always was all alone and sad. But now, she's...

{BGM: Echo of Bells, Voices of Prayer}

Cloche: Many people have cried... There have been many sacrifices made... So many sorrowful things, and hardships... We always wanted to run away from all of these... But even then... we still moved forward. But even then, we continued with our lives. And even... if we were surrounded only by darkness, we recklessly lived on. Everyone here should know what I am talking about. And that is why I want to say this as loudly as I can! Every resident of Metafalss knows the same pain, sorrow and happiness. Thanks to that, no one has to suffer alone whenever there are hardships. Thanks to that, you can share your happiness with everyone else. Because of that, we managed to survive in this difficult world, and arrive at this point... We could do so only because everyone helped each other, and supported each other... And we can continue living in such a way from now on, as well. That is all I wanted to say to everyone. Thank you for believing in us... and for having waited for us!

*cheering and screams of "Lady Cloche!"*

Sasha: That person changed a lot! She met lots of people, managed to gain a mutual understanding with them, and now she's got many friends! And Cocona is one of these friends... I'm sure you're the kind of person that treasures friends too, Miss Shukure. If you and Cocona could understand each other, I'm sure you'd be good friends.

Shukure: What are you saying? That girl and I are completely different. Mutual understanding is impossible for us both.

Sasha: That's too bad... huh?

{End BGM}

Sasha: Ah, that's our airship! We're here!

Shukure: Wait a second.

Sasha: Huh?

Shukure: Don't say a word. You will alert the Antibodies if you do. We must reduce our presence as much as we can.

Sasha: Oh...

Shukure: Understood? You will obey my orders from this point on.

Sasha: Uh, okay. Let's do our best.

Shukure: These things have yet to notice us. Go in silently.

Sasha: Okay...


Sasha: *sigh*

Shukure: Don't sigh like that!

Sasha: *breathing*

Shukure: It won't take you long to pick up the parts, correct?

Sasha: Yeah, but... We didn't notice it when we ran away, but the airship got very badly damaged... I hope the parts'll be fine...

Shukure: As long as there were no explosions, everything in the cargo hold should be undamaged, correct?

Sasha: It wasn't there. I designed the airship to have a failsafe device that prevented energy releases that could cause explosions, so it's impossible it could have exploded anywhere.

Shukure: You say you were the one who designed this airship?

Sasha: Yeah!

Shukure: This is quite impressive for a human like yourself. *gasp*

Sasha: Miss Shukure? Ah, the wound you got before...!

Shukure: Go ahead! I shall stand guard here!

Sasha: Ah, okay! I'll do it as fast as I can!


Sasha: Umm, the next one is...

Shukure: Ugh...! (It is just like I thought... The pain will not just go away like that for a wound as large as this... I just hope the Antibodies will not come and attack us...)


Sasha: Yeah, it works! Next is...

Shukure: (No... This is strange... Why the Antibodies we encountered a little ago are not attacking now...? Maybe they just haven't realized we are here? Or maybe... they attacked because something else acted as a stimulus!?)

Sasha: Yeah, it's okay!


Shukure: Huh? Again...?

Sasha: *gasping* Sorry for keeping you waiting!

Shukure: Oh...


Shukure: Agh! The airship is...!

Sasha: Watch out, Miss Shukure!

Shukure: Agh, ahh! *gasping*

Sasha: It's going to fall down!


Track 6 - Two Feelings[]

Cocona: Huh?

Shukure: *gasping*

Cocona: Ah!

Shukure: Give me your hand!

Cocona: S-Sasha!!


Shukure: *gasp*

Sasha: Cocona... the satellite parts... are safe... aghh!

Cocona: Sasha...! How you got that awful wound in your back!? What is it!? Anything happened out there!?

Shukure: She pushed me away... when one of the airship's wings collapsed... over me...

Cocona: No...! SHUKURE!! How're you gonna help Sasha now!? I told you to protect her no matter what!! Why!?

Sasha: Co-Cocona... It wasn't Miss Shukure's fault... I-I'm fine... *gasps in pain*

Cocona: Sasha...! I gotta apply first aid so you can get better...!

Sasha: Okay... Please...


Cocona: Shukure...?

Shukure: How foolish.

Cocona: Let's change guards. And it looks like you've got pretty badly injured too. Gimme your hand.

Shukure: I am fine, so no thanks.

Cocona: What!? Why're you acting like that!?

Shukure: Quiet down. The Antibodies will notice our presence otherwise.

Cocona: Ugh...

Shukure: I have made a guess about our current situation. Or rather, I have observed that they seemed to be attracted to something.

Cocona: Ah... What you mean by that?

Shukure: That it seems as if they were reacting to some sort of strong energy.

Cocona: Ah...! Some sort... of strong energy...?

Shukure: Back when you were with that human, the Antibodies surrounded and attacked us suddenly. Have you brought anything into our world by any chance?

Cocona: You're saying that the Antibodies reacted to us?

Shukure: What is your reason for having come here?

Cocona: Ugh...! I haven't brought anything to this place...

Shukure: There is no problem in that case.

*fire cracking*

Shukure: How is that girl doing?

Cocona: Sasha? She's still awake, but the wound on her back's pretty bad... And looks like she's sprained her ankle too. I've managed to give her a stop-gap treatment, but she's still in a lot of pain, so I've to get her to a doctor in this land as fast as I can.

Shukure: I see...

Cocona: Huh? I didn't expect that... Have you started caring for Sasha? But you said you didn't care for humans...

Shukure: I never said I did! Whatever happens to a human, it is of no consequence to me.

Cocona: But Sasha covered you!

Shukure: She did that on her own.

Cocona: Sasha did that because she was worried for you! And you only made your wound even larger on your own!

Shukure: I will take care of it myself.

Cocona: Ugh! Argh! Enough already, just show me the wound! We'll need you to fight with all your power if we wanna get outta here alive!

*wrist slap*

Shukure: I have never said either I would take part in the strategy you two concocted.

Cocona: One of my Reyvateil friends sang for me. She said that a single person's power can't accomplish anything on its own, that the songs are magic and seeds of hope, and that songs themselves are crafted by feelings, which can even make wishes true! The feelings of thinking about someone, the feelings of wanting to do something... really powerful Song Magic is actually crafted from gathering all these things!

Shukure: You have nothing to teach me about feelings. Songs are made from science. To us Reyvateils that were born to sing in a rich variety of forms for battle, singing Songs is a duty. Nothing else. I shall just carry out the duty I was bestowed with, for such a work is the greatest source of pride to me. Therefore, I cannot sing with a Reyvateil as naive as yourself! I will fight on my own.

Cocona: Shukure... Please, at least do it for Sasha...

Shukure: I shall rest for a moment...

*fire cracking and walking*

Shukure: (Yes... Such is the way in which I think... I am a proud Clusternian Reyvateil. From the instant I was given life, I have carried out my role. Being able to work as a subordinate for that person is my greatest pride. I swore as much that day...)

*swordfighting and screaming*

???: You...

Young Shukure: Ah! General Akane!?

Akane: I wish you to spar with me.

Young Shukure: Huh? Um... um, with me?

Akane: Do you refuse?

Young Shukure: No! But General, if you want a better opponent... I think there would be many others who would do better than me.

Akane: Not many get the chance to face me in a swordsmanship contest. It seemed like you were also the same, as you are always alone.

Young Shukure: Oh...


Akane: Let us begin.

Young Shukure: Ah, understood! Agh!

*sword clash*

Young Shukure: Ugh!

*sword clash*

Shukure: (My abilities with the sword were really low. It seems now just like I dream that I could have the honor to spar with her... who was so far high above me in ability...)

(BGM: Invisible Wall)

Shukure: (But I still stood up, and faced her without showing any sort of fear.)

*sword clash and scream*

Young Shukure: *gasp* ...I surrender...

Akane: Thank you very much.

Young Shukure: Umm, please forgive me! You called for me, yet I was so inadequate as your opponent!

Akane: You aren't taking the proper distance from your opponent. Are you unable to trust in your sword?

Young Shukure: Huh?

Akane: It would be good that you took it in account so you may protect yourself, but in time you will come to believe in yourself. You must continue thinking that you are necessary, as such people are the ones my army needs the most.

Young Shukure: *gasp* Can I really... do it?

Akane: What is your name?

Young Shukure: I am Shukure, milady.

Akane: Shukure, if it pleases you, I would like us to spar again together.

Young Shukure: Y-Yes!

Shukure: (And then I saw her figure as she departed, and I always continued looking at her shining back and to the road she was showing me: the road to believe in myself, which had been hidden from my sight up to that moment.)

{End BGM}

Shukure: Huh...? Did I fall asleep? I had such a strange dream...

*Sasha humming and tinkering*

Sasha: Umm... now the relay system program... Did it turn out well?

Shukure: Was not your wound quite serious?

Sasha: It's okay! And more importantly, I have to finish putting the satellite together. Thank you very much! And sorry for worrying you...

Shukure: Do not feel like that! I just did not want to make something like this as if I were a human! Do not push yourself, and allow your wound to heal itself!

Sasha: Ah, okay! But I'm fine! This is my job, after all. I told Cocona to rest a little, but she wouldn't go no matter how much I told her. And if I made even a single mistake during the remodeling, the satellite would be unable to work before it even activated.


Shukure: An abacus? You are doing the calculations with that thing?

Sasha: It's a legendary abacus!

Shukure: Legendary...?

Sasha: Yeah! Errors aren't an option here, because Cocona won't be able to sing if I get even one thing wrong! ...Okay, looks like everything's fine. And yeah, I can't do something like remodeling a satellite with an abacus, but this one is an amulet I got from a friend.

Shukure: Are you taking me for a fool?

Sasha: It's okay! I'm being serious!

*abacus dropping to the ground*

Sasha: Owie...

Shukure: Come, do not push yourself.

Sasha: I'm fine... I won't collapse from something like this... I want to actually feel that I'm needed here...

Shukure: You are quite professional as well, huh?

Sasha: Not at all! I'm just a simple engineer! That's all.


Sasha: I'm a coward...

Shukure: How so?

{BGM: Inexpressible Feelings}

Sasha: In reality, I'm always afraid when I'm alone, and that's why I came along with Cocona.

Shukure: I see...

Sasha: I'm sure Cocona has already realized it, but I want her to think I'm necessary to her too...

Shukure: You are being so naive.

Sasha: Yeah, I know! But I'm really happy I could be with Cocona! And that's because I really like her!

Shukure: I do not understand you. Ever since I was born, I have never been close with anyone.

*tinkering stops*

Sasha: Cocona doesn't have a dad or a mom either.

Shukure: Huh?

Sasha: Her parents got caught in an incident when she was little and died. She lost her family, her friends and her home back then...

Shukure: *gasp*

Sasha: That's why Cocona understands loneliness so well! I really like her because of that, and I think she really understands the kind of pain you're suffering!

Shukure: The pain I am suffering?

Sasha: If you two could come to understand each other, I think you'd turn out to be wonderful friends!

Shukure: It is not like we cannot understand each other...


Sasha: Miss Shukure?

Shukure: It is time for us to change guards. Does she not have restraints on her heart as well?

Track 7 - Trust[]

Cocona: When it's gonna stop raining...? The Gergo Lady Cloche gave me is gonna get all soggy... And Cro's hair ornament is gonna get all wet too... Hey, everyone... Will I be able to sing tomorrow? Could I do it like Luca? Can I actually complete this mission? I'm scared... Lady Cloche... Luca... Cro... Everyone...

{Song: To My Homeland...}

{End Song}

Shukure: You...

Cocona: Ah...! Shukure...

Shukure: You both are quite strange people, you know? Singing songs that possess no power of their own... wasting energy in such a pointless effort.

Cocona: Hmph... Huh? Are you better now?

Shukure: My health has nothing to do with you. I have come just to change guards.

Cocona: I'm fine! I won't just rest while Sasha is still working so hard! Besides, I'm so nervous I wouldn't be able to sleep... If I failed while singing my Song, I'd be wasting all the efforts Sasha's making into launching that satellite.

Shukure: That girl said the same thing: that if she failed, you would be unable to sing at all. You both share a relationship of great trust, huh? Even though you are a human and a Reyvateil.

Cocona: That has nothing to do with it! Sasha's the gentlest and most hard-working girl I've ever known! I really respect her! So I don't think that Reyvateils are amazing or humans are inferior, or anything like that! After all, we both can sing: not Song Magic, but you can sing songs as long as you've got the feelings for it, and that can cheer people up! That's the kind of power they have!

Shukure: You see it like that because you are living in a fantasy world, yet reality is not so soft on anyone. And you should know it better than anyone, don't you?

Cocona: Huh?

Shukure: I heard from that girl that you no longer have a home where you can return to.

Cocona: *gasp*... It's not just the place where I was born...

*explosion and screaming*

Cocona: (It reminds me of these flames and pain... I felt them myself... All those memories that were pretty much burned into me...)


Man: It's the IPD containment squad!

Man 2: They're coming!


Young Cocona: It's hot... I'm scared... Where's... everyone goin'?


{BGM: Dimly Lit}

Young Cocona: Everyone's... gone... *sob* Daddy...! Mommy...!

*debris being moved*

Croix: Watch out!


Croix: *grunting*

*debris being moved*

Croix: Are you hurt?

Knight: What happened, Croix!? Are ya okay!?

Croix: I found a kid right beside a house that was about to collapse!

Young Cocona: Mister...? Who're you...?

Croix: I'm one of the Grand Bell Knights. What's your name?

Young Cocona: *gasp*

Croix: It's okay. Come; give me your hand...

Young Cocona: *sob*

Croix: Yes, that's it. I don't mind if you do it slowly. Come, stand up.

Young Cocona: *sobbing*

*standing up*

Croix: Great, just like that.

*cloth wiping sounds*

Young Cocona: Cocona...

Croix: Huh?

Young Cocona: My name's... Cocona...

Croix: Okay. Come with me, Cocona.


Cocona: (Luckily the knights were dispatched in time, and back then I was saved by one of them: Croix, and he raised me. Cro was really gentle to me, but I couldn't help getting anxious pretty often too.)

Young Cocona: Hey, Cro. There's nothing I can do?

Croix: What is it now?

Young Cocona: Ah right! I wanna be a Grand Bell Knight too! That way I can get all strong and go in all these dangerous missions in your place!

Croix: I don't know how long ago I wished for that same thing.

Young Cocona: And it's because I don't want to be a load on you...

Croix: A load...? Why'd you think you're a load?

Young Cocona: Because I've got no place to go back to...

Croix: You've got one: here.

Young Cocona: I've got no other place than here...

Croix: *sigh* You really think I'm planning to chase you out or something?

Young Cocona: But...

Croix: Cocona... It's true that the place where you were born might not exist anymore, but... Listen, this place will be your home for as long as you wish it to be. I'll be your family. Or is that no good for you?

Cocona: *cries* Crooo!! *cries

Croix: There, there... Don't cry...

{End BGM}

Cocona: But well, in the end I couldn't join the knight squad. I wanted to get stronger somehow, so I hoped to be able to learn fencing or martial arts from them.

Shukure: A knight squad? If that is the case, that would make you member of an army as well.

Cocona: If I had to say how it is, it was just because I just liked to help however I could. I wanted to help the person I loved the most, and protect the place where he lived.

Shukure: What a simplistic motivation.

Cocona: That may be true, but doesn't that go for you too? Aren't you a gentle girl too? When you asked your subordinate to retreat, wasn't that because you didn't want to get her in danger?

Shukure: Ugh! That was because...!

Cocona: That order of filing a report was no more than an excuse. If that was truly your intention, you could have done it just using a Telemo, no?

Shukure: Be quiet! That wasn't... that wasn't the case! I thought that my power alone would be enough for this...

Cocona: Do you really think so? Even though you say you're enough on your own and that you'll fight alone, that'd be absurd to me. Don't you have someone too? A person you love and that's precious to you?

Shukure: That I love... and that is precious to me...?


Akane: (In time you will come to believe in yourself. You must continue thinking that you are necessary, as such people are the ones my army needs the most.)


Shukure: I...

Cocona: That would make us the same, right?

Shukure: Ugh...!

Sasha: *gasping for breath*

Cocona & Shukure: *gasp*

Cocona: Sasha...? Sasha!!

{BGM: Phaze Shift}

Cocona: What happened!?

*flames cracking*

Cocona: What a high fever! Maybe it was because of the wound! We've gotta take care of her now!

Sasha: *gasping for breath* ...I'm... I'm okay... The satellite is complete... I just have to launch it...You can sing... Whenever you wish...

Cocona: Sasha... Got it... I got it, so leave the rest to me! Rest a little!

Sasha: Okay... Please, take care of the rest...

{End BGM}



Cocona: Looks like her fever's started to go down... I'm so glad...

Shukure: What do you intend to do now?

Cocona: It's not what I plan on doing. It's what I gotta do. It might be too soon, but first I must let Sasha rest a little. Once dawn comes, I'll do it.

Shukure: Then you should know this is a lost battle! This is nothing more than suicide! Yet you say you have the resolve to throw your life away!?

Cocona: I don't. But I'll still have to place everything into deciding to risk my life. And what about you?

Shukure: I...

Cocona: We've come to this point, so I won't force you to help us. But I'll still sing, whether you lend us your strength or not, I'll still show you we can carve out our own path.

Shukure: *sigh*

Cocona: You should take the path you think it's the best too...


Shukure: I...


Cocona: Sasha... Wake up, Sasha...

Sasha: Huh...? Cocona... Good morning.

Cocona: It's stopped raining.

Sasha: Huh? Yeah.

Cocona: Sorry... I wanna let you rest more too, but it's time.

Sasha: It's okay. I feel a lot better. Besides, things are going to get pretty hard for you, Cocona... I can't do anything beyond making the satellite work, but please... sing a wonderful Song, okay?

Cocona: Yeah! We've got this far, so I won't let anxiety get to me now! After all, you designed and made this for me! It's now my turn, so I'll do my best! We'll get outta here together!

Sasha: Yeah!

Cocona: Okay then, let's get ready.



Sasha: Cocona...

Cocona: Hmm?

Sasha: Miss Shukure... is actually a very nice person. She's just really shy and stubborn, so I'm very worried for her.

Cocona: Yeah, I know.

Sasha: Oh...

*steps and grabbing something*

Cocona: Come, let's go.

Sasha: Okay!


Sasha & Cocona: Huh?

Cocona: Shukure...

Shukure: I have orders from my superiors to capture you and bring you back alive. Therefore, I shall go with you. As a proud Clusternian Reyvateil, I shall protect your life.

Cocona: Shukure!!

Shukure: Please do not misunderstand me. This will just be for as far as I think I will be needed here. And it does not mean that the human will not be hunted anymore.

Sasha: Miss Shukure...

Shukure: Let us go now. Go and show me the power you say that songs hold.

Cocona: *gasp* Okay.

Track 8 - Fighting Together[]

Cocona: Let's go!

Sasha: Okay!

Shukure: I am always ready!


Shukure: Stop!

*Antibody voices*

{Song: jUmbAdjA}

Shukure: They are here... They have started!

Cocona: Sasha, leave this to me! Please get the satellite ready!

Sasha: Okay!

Shukure: Well then, shall we begin too? Hyaaah!

*slashing, grunting, and hitting*

Cocona: It's no good! They're still as strong as ever, no matter how much we hit them!

Shukure: Isn't the satellite ready yet!?

*Antibody screech*

*hit and screaming*

Sasha: Ah! The satellite...!


Sasha: Ah, good...! It didn't break!

Cocona: Are you okay, Sasha!?

Sasha: Yeah! But the attacks are so intense that I can't set the satellite up!

Cocona: Ugh...! Okay, I'll go there now!

Shukure: Wait a moment!


Shukure: Watch out!

*beam charging and Antibody roaring*

Sasha: Cocona!

Cocona: Huh...? Aghhh!


Cocona: Ah!


*growing sound*

Cocona: Shukure... You got wings...?

Shukure: Why are you just spacing out in there!? Hurry while I am blocking the attacks with my wings!

Cocona: Ah! Okay! Sasha, Shukure will be supporting us, so get the satellite going!

Sasha: Ah, yeah!

*energy sounds, grunting and hitting*

Sasha: I have the satellite on standby! I'll launch it now!


Cocona: Whoa... These wings are so beautiful and gigantic... I've never seen a Song as amazing as this before... I've gotta sing too...

*computer sounds*

Sasha: It'll be seven seconds before the relay activity starts...! Five, four, three, two, one...!

Cocona: I have to sing...

Sasha: The relay's been established...! Sing, Cocona!

Cocona: *gasping*

Sasha: Cocona...?


Shukure: Egh! What are you doing!? Hurry!

Cocona: *gasp* Right... Hurry... I've got to hurry and sing...!

*beam and grunting*

Cocona: I've got to sing... I've got to sing... I've got to sing... I've got to sing...!

Sasha: Cocona...! No...!

*Antibody roaring*

Shukure: Hurry and sing! Hurry!

*beam and grunting*

Cocona: No... No... I can't get the Song to come to me...!

Shukure: Watch out!


Shukure: Aaagh!!

{End Song}


Sasha: Miss Shukure!

*Antibody voices*

Cocona: Huh? No...! The Song's getting away from me...!

Sasha: Cocona, watch out!

Cocona: I can't sing!

Sasha: Aaaghh!!


Cocona: Aghh!

Sasha: Cocona!

Cocona: Argh!

*falling to the ground*

Cocona: It's the Teleon... from yesterday... I'm sorry, Luca... I can't... No matter how strongly I feel about something, it's just like Shukure said... just wishing won't grant you anything... Everyone gets wounded because of me... And this rate... I'm gonna be... Everyone...! *sobbing* I'm scared!!

Track 9 - The Power of the Songs[]

Shukure: Pull yourself... together!

Cocona: Agh!

Shukure: Where did the strength you had until yesterday go!? If you fail while I am cooperating with you, I will never forgive you! I will not stand for hearing you say that you are scared and will not sing! Cocona, were you not going to show me the power you told me that songs have, that they are crafted out from strong feelings!?

Cocona: Ah! Songs are crafted from feelings...

Shukure: That is right! Prove to me that everything you told me is true!!

*object falling to the ground*

{Song: leat ptrapica}

Cocona: Luca...!

Sasha: Cocona!

Shukure: Sing!

Cocona: Sasha... Shukure... Everyone...!

Shukure: COCONA!!!

{End Song}

Cocona: Feel it strongly... feel it even more strongly... I won't hesitate anymore... My feelings and wishes... will be granted for sure!!


Shukure: What a tremendous amount of energy...

Sasha: Cocona, you did it!

Sasha: Cocona, the satellite is at its limit! Manifest the Song now!

Cocona: GO!!!

{End Song}

*explosion and Antibody roaring, roar dimming until disappearing*

Cocona: *gasping* I sang... I really sang...!


Sasha: Cocona!

*glomp and laughing*

Sasha: That was amazing, Cocona! It was so cool!

Cocona: Sasha...!


Shukure: Good grief... You were hesitating so much over a single Song... And thanks to that, I had to go through such a painful experience...

Cocona: Shukure... Why you got so beaten up...?

Shukure: Because I just did what I was supposed to. I am an Army member after all.

Cocona: Shukure... Your Song Magic was amazing too! You seemed like a Goddess descending!

Shukure: Cocona... the Song you crafted was quite beautiful too...

Final Track - Promise[]

Shukure: I will accompany you until we reach that area. There are many excellent physicians in the human cities.

Cocona: Are you okay with that? Weren't supposed to capture us?

Shukure: We are both quite in a bad shape, don't you think? Even if we fought, it would just degenerate into quite the unsightly quarrel. My pride would not stand for that in the first place.

Cocona: *giggle* Thanks!

Shukure: It's not like...!

Cocona: I can trust what you're going to say! *giggles*

{BGM: Where the Warmth Lies}

Cocona: But I'm glad... That way we can help Sasha, and you've also turned into a very special person to me!

Shukure: These are not my intentions...! But it's okay...

Cocona: *giggle* Hey, Shukure... can I ask you that again? Do you have anyone that's precious to you?

Shukure: Ugh... Yes. I do have a very precious person, and even if our paths happened to be completely different and we couldn't reach each other, I would still love them.

Cocona: So that means singing's not just a duty to you, right? Because you're actually singing for that person you love!

Shukure: For the person... I love...?

Cocona: Yeah! Just like I do!

Shukure: ...Yes. You are right.

Sasha: Ah, Miss Shukure! I wanna give you a present for taking care of me!

{End BGM}

Cocona: Ah, that bag... is the one you had in the airship! When you got it back?

Sasha: I'm sure you'll really like it too, Miss Shukure!

Shukure: Wh-what is this!? This thing feels so disgusting...!

Cocona: Ah, it's a Gergo! But why...?

Sasha: I've got many of them!

Cocona: What!? Why, why!?

Shukure: I do not wish to have something with such an uncanny appearance!

Cocona: Wait a sec! How awful, calling Gergo like that! It's so cute! That you don't get its cuteness is the greatest boo in the world! Ah, so cute! Why don't you get it...?

Shukure: *giggle* In exchange, I would like to give you something as well.

Sasha: Huh? Okay!

Cocona: *giggle* She's really shy and stubborn, huh?

Shukure: Well then, it is time for you to go. The Clusternian Army troops should be coming at any time, and if they find you, they will detain you for sure.

{Song: yart yor, en}

Shukure: Cocona, I will keep whatever you have stealthily brought with you into this land a secret.

Cocona: Huh?

Shukure: And I will not forget you two either. If we ever meet again, I will capture you.

Cocona: Huh? Fine.

Sasha: This is good-bye then... Thanks, Miss Shukure.

Shukure: Good bye...

Cocona: It's said that a long time ago, the Songs had rare and extraordinary powers. By singing them, the people could heal diseases, enrich the land, fly through the skies and transmit their feelings to everyone. However, things are different now. Everyone in this small world has forgotten about the Songs. A world that doesn't have a sky, land or sea. A world that just exists in there silently. A single girl descended upon that world and entrusted hope to the person she loved, for the sake of the beloved person she still didn't know and for the world itself.

{End Song}


Cocona: *sigh* Who'd think this road would go on for so long?

Sasha: Yeah, you're right...

Cocona: Sasha, are you okay? I think we'll be arriving at a city anytime now...

Sasha: I'm fine right now. But I'm a little tired. Can we rest a little?

Cocona: We've been walking for a good while, huh? Yeah, let's rest for a while! I'm actually all exhausted too!

Sasha: Okay!

*relief sighs*

*bird and wind sounds*


Cocona: Sasha...? Sasha... you fell asleep?


Cocona: Let's do our best, okay? Our journey has just started...

*snoring. birds singing*