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Original translation by Miz Teiwaz Artonelico, posted originally here

Track 1[]

Track 1
  BGM: Singing Hill ~Harmonics TILIA~

Tilia: Eight eventful years have passed since the planet's revival.
The Third Tower of Ar tonelico - that is to say, my tower - was destroyed
three years ago. Well, a lot's happened, right? Anyway, the people who
used to live in the Third Tower now live in villages around the place the
tower used to be. Aoto and I have been leading a lovey-dovey life as
husband and wife there, too! Oh, man, look at us two lovebirds!

*ahem* Well, anyway, our life together is nice, but we're about to set out
on a journey to look for a new home. Where? In the first and second towers
of Ar tonelico - in other words, the towers where my sisters are the

Aoto: Tilia, we're about to reach Sol Ciel.
Tilia: Yes. I wonder if big sis Frelia is already there?
Aoto: Probably. Still, I never would've figured we'd be going around with
  Miss Shurelia and all them to look for a new home.
Tilia: But, they promised they'd help me find a new place to live instead
  of the Third Tower when I got better.
Aoto: Yeah. I wish we could've gone around alone like it was our honeymoon,
Tilia: But we've been married for eight years. I think it'd be a little odd
  to be going on our honeymoon now.
Aoto: Yeah, but, I mean, you were...
Tilia: Or are you just uncomfortable around my sisters since you owe them
  so much?
Aoto: Psh, you're kidding, right? I couldn't hate someone who cares so much
  for you.
Tilia: Really?
Aoto: Really. Anyway, it'll be nice to have someone who knows their way around
  Sol Ciel and Metafalica, so I guess it's fine... this time.
Tilia: Aoto, you seem like you're unhappy about something.
Aoto: Unhappy? Well, maybe disappointed, but...
Tilia: Mm?
Aoto: Huh!? Uhhh, well, uh, hey, look at that! We can see Sol Ciel already!
Tilia: Wow, you're right! ...I can't wait to see my sisters!

"The song is the seed of life..."

Drama CD Ar tonelico 3: The Girls' Song Pulled the Trigger of the World's Demise
 ~ side Tilia After Story

Track 2[]

BGM: Airport City Nemo
*airship noises, crowd babble*
Tilia: Wow, there's so many people! I wonder what kind of place this is?
Aoto: All I know is it's a city called Nemo. Geez, there really are a whole
bunch of people. Are we really gonna be able to find everyone here?
Tilia: Aoto, lemme ride on your shoulders.
Aoto: C'mon, that would stand out TOO much!
???: Aoto, Tilia!
???: Frelia, please, people are going to stare at us!
Aoto: Huh? That was...
Tilia: It's my sisters!
Frelia: We finally found you two! It's been a while, hasn't it?
Tilia: Yeah! It's good to see you again, Frelia, you too, Shurelia!
Frelia: I'm glad you're looking so well. How have you been, Aoto?
Aoto: Pretty good, thanks to you all. ...Oh, Shun's here, too?
Shun: Of course. It's my duty to protect Frelia, after all. How has life been
for you now that the Tower is gone?
Aoto: Well, there's lots of things that're kinda inconvenient about it, but
we've been having a lot of fun.
Shun: I see. Well, Frelia's been worried about you two - whether you've been
having a hard time of it.
Aoto: Oh, really...? Well, uh... anyway...
Shurelia: Tilia, have you been able to make any new friends?
Tilia: I've been getting along really well with everyone in the Blue Canyon
Hamlet. I've been chatting with the other wives of the town a lot, too.
Frelia: Wow, it's like you're just another one of the ladies!
Tilia: I got to know the baker really well, too! Sometimes he'll give me
agepan fresh out of the oven!
Shurelia: You sure do love agepan!
Aoto: *sigh*
Shun: What's the matter, Aoto?
Aoto: Oh, no, uh...
Shun: I know you must be lonely without Tilia, but they haven't seen each other
in quite a while. Please let them have their time together.
Aoto: Oh, nah, that's not that problem...
Shun: Oh?
Aoto: Well, uh... uh.
Shun: No need to be bashful! ...In any case. Lady Shurelia. I think we should
be on our way soon.
Shurelia: ...oh, right! This is the city where the church that worships us as
the Goddesses of Elemia is based - the Church of El Elemia. I'm sure it'll
be a real scene if someone from the church finds us here. We should probably
leave the city.
Tilia: Well, we should probably go somewhere other than Platina, then. I got
to see it with you two last time.
Shurelia: Right, we went around in matching Funbuns t-shirts, didn't we?
Tilia: It sure was work making holes for your wings, wasn't it, Frelia?
Shurelia: I would never have guessed those shirts would be so strong and-
Aoto: Heeey, I thought we were in a hurry, here?
Shurelia: Oh, yes! Well, why don't we go to Karuru village, then? It's fairly
close by.

BGM: none
*walking sfx*
Aoto: So this is Karuru village. It's nice and quiet.
Tilia: It sure is. Well, I guess we're moving here!
Aoto: Huh!? Already? We just started! Why don't we look around a little more
Shurelia: Yes, Karuru is small, but there are a number of interesting things
here. For example... this store.
Tilia: "Handmade Music Boxes - Fluffy Fuzzy Brain Happy"?
Frelia: That's such a cute name, isn't it?
Shun: Frelia, didn't you hear the second half of the name?
Frelia: Um, anyway, why don't we go inside?

*door, bell jingling*
BGM: Demon World ~ Castle Aurica
Aurica: Welcome!
Shurelia: Hello, Ms. Aurica.
Aurica: Huh? Lady Shurelia? Oh, wow, everyone's here!
Tilia: Ciao~
Aurica: Oh, wow, it's been such a long time!
Aoto: Looks like you've been doin' okay! Hey, wait, is this your shop?
Aurica: Yep, it's my very own music box store! This is the main location of
Fluffy Fuzzy Brain Happy!
Shun: Main location... So, there are other locations, too?
Aurica: In Nemo City and Firefly Alley, and in Platina, too!
Frelia: Wow, you're a real capable artist!
Aurica: I think you mean a cute and capable artist!
Shun: Hm, calling yourself cute? You must be quite self-confident.
Aoto: Hah... hey, uh, can we hear what this music box sounds like?
Aurica: Sure, lemme just see what effect it has first, okay?
Aoto: Effect?
Aurica: I make these music boxes through Grathmelding, so each music box has
the power to grant some sort of effect on its listener. Hmm, let's see,
for example...

BGM: Pocoscon
Aurica: Yeah, this one makes it so you don't feel hungry, even if you haven't
eaten for days!
Frelia: It makes it so you don't *feel* hungry?
Aurica: Yeah, a lot of people don't pick up on that difference, which is really
tough. I've even had people complain because of it before.
Aoto: Uhh... I think I can guess why.
Aurica: They said they kept on using this for a few days and ended up collapsing
and being taken to the hospital. Of course they did, since it only keeps
them from FEELING hungry.
Tilia: What? Don't tell me there's lots of other dangerous ones like that
just laying around here?
Aurica: It all depends on how you use it! Oh, the other one I got a lot of
complaints about was... this one. It keeps you from feeling sleepy.
Aoto: You got off with just complaints on that one? Normally you'd get shut
down for something like that.
Shurelia: Please, look inside the lid of that music box - I think you'll
understand then.
Aoto: Huh? *kchak* Uh... I see. So you were prepared. Hey, have a look.
Tilia: What's this, a warning? ...wow, there's a lot written in here.
Shun: "Warning - when using this music box, you will only feel like you
don't have to sleep. If you keep using it, you could die. Please make
sure to sleep~" ...mmm. Such a frightening warning, to mix frank discussion
of death with such a cute style.
Aurica: Well, it's just 'cause most people don't catch on as fast as you
all do.
Frelia: Wow, just what I'd expect from a genius beauty girl artist.
Aurica: Tee-hee!
Aoto: Uh, well, looks like there's lots of music boxes with dangerous effects
in here, but it's a pretty interesting place! We could come visit any time
we wanted if we lived here. Whaddya think, Tilia?
Tilia: Mmm, that could be nice, as long as there's a music box that makes
anything you eat taste like agepan!
Aurica: I've got one right here! I know, why don't I give it to you in honor
of your visit?
Tilia: Aurica, you're the best! I love you!! You're my goddess!!!
Aoto: Oh, c'mon, you're getting too into it now! 
*stomach grumbling*
Tilia: ...I guess talking about agepan made me hungry.
Frelia: Oh, it's about time for dinner, isn't it?
Aurica: Oh, well, let's all go out for dinner!
Tilia: You know any good restaurants around here?
Aurica: Yep! Just trust in my gourmet instinct!
Frelia: I don't think a gourmet could have come up with BBQ Soda... Well,
where's this restaurant you want to take us?
Aurica: Mm, well, you know how this village has this really tall pillar in the
middle of it?
Aoto: Oh yeah, I remember seeing a really big one.
Aurica: Well, there's a store at the top of it. The food and the view is just
the best, I'm sure you'll love it!

Track 3[]

Track 3
  *sfx: walking*
Aurica: Hmmm hmhmmm hmhmmm hmmm hmmmm~ Aaaand there! Here we are!
  BGM: The Sky
Aurica: This is Tower Guardian! ...uh, what's the matter?
Aoto: ...*pant pant*
Aurica: Ummm, you look really tired... Are you okay?
Aoto: This thing is way too tall!
Tilia: Ahhh...! This is the worst... I... can't take... another step...
Aurica: You guys sure are out of shape.
Shurelia: We're used to it, but I'm sure it's hard on people who aren't.
Frelia: Thanks for letting me ride on your back, Shun.
Shun: You're very light, Frelia, so it's no problem at all.
  BGM: fade out
  *sfx: restaurant sounds*
Shun: In any case, there are quite a few people here who seem to be
  adventurers of some sort.
Aurica: That's because adventurers always flock to Karuru village!
Woman: Oh, Miss Aurica, welcome!
Aurica: Good evening, Naru! Looks like you're pretty busy tonight.
Naru: They're all here to see me tonight. After all, I'm known far and wide
  as the shopkeeper beauty at the top of the tower!
Old man: Hehehe, she meant to say the old maid shopkeeper, right?
Naru: Be quiet, grampa.
Shurelia: I see Mr. Pochama is in fine spirits as ever!
Naru: Yes, thanks to you all... Oh, anyway, since there's so many people here

  BGM: Close Call
Woman customer: Ah, ahhh, ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!
Aurica: Hm? Did something happen?
Female adventurer: A blue wolf... It's a blue wolf...!!
Male adventurer: What, a blue wolf?
Male adventurer: What did you say!?
Male adventurer: Wow, it's really a blue wolf!
Female adventurer: I heard the blue wolves were all gone... I can't believe
  there's still one left!
Shun: ...huh? ......Are you all talking about me?
Male adventurer: W-woah, no way! He can talk!?
Male adventurer: Is it a new kind of blue wolf!?
Pochoma: D-don't worry, we'll send the blue wolves straight to hell with my
Naru: Nooo!! The store's gonna burn down if you do that!!
Tilia: Looks like we've caused quite a fuss... Now what should we do?
Aurica: Oh yeah, I remember now, there used to be this story in Karuru about
  blue wolves that you couldn't beat with regular physical attacks. They
  probably think Shun's one of those.
Naru: Attention, all adventurers! If you can help us save our humble store,
  then your dinner is on the house!
Female adventurer: You mean you're treating? Well, in that case...
  *sfx: weapons being drawn*
Shurelia: Please, wait a minute! You've got it all wrong!
Frelia: Please, listen, everyone! Shunnie isn't a blue wolf, he's my very
  dear friend!
Female adventurer: Fr... friend?
Frelia: Yeah. He's always watching out for me, and he's always so kind!
Shun: Get back, Frelia! No matter what you say, they're not...
  *sfx: weapons being put away*
Shun: Eh!?
Male adventurer: Huh? Well, why didn'tcha say that before instead of gettin'
  everyone all riled up?
Aoto: I can't believe they believed you that easily...
Male adventurer: Well, why wouldn't we believe it if a cute little lady says
  he's her friend?
Female adventurer: Sorry for drawing our swords on you like that.
Frelia: Oh, don't worry! I'm just glad you understand now.
  *sfx: people mumbling, walking back to seats*
Shun: I don't see anything to be glad about here.
Frelia: Oh, everyone makes mistakes. You'll forgive them, right?
Shun: Well..... If you want me to, Frelia.
Frelia: Thank you, Shunnie!
Aoto: Shun... Aren't you being kind of easy on Frelia?
Shun: Yes, I know it myself, but... I can't help it.
Tilia: Anyway, I'm pretty hungry, so let's hurry up and eat.
Naru: Oh, I totally forgot! Please, sit anywhere you like.
  *sfx: shuffling chairs*
Tilia: This is a pretty amazing place to have a restaurant.
Aoto: Yeah... It sure is a chore getting up here, too...
Tilia: Not really. Actually, this pillar used to be part of a large network
  of pillars erected in a parabola.
Naru: ...a parabola?
Shurelia: That's right. The Tower releases a great deal of Symphonic Energy
  towards the ground from its top. The parabola that included this pillar was
  erected in order to prevent that energy from reaching all the way to the
Naru: Oh, really!?
Pochoma: Mmm, yes, ahhh, those were the days...
Shurelia: Th-that was hundreds of years ago!
Naru: Stop talking like you remember it, gramps!
Shurelia: It seems it's all buried beneath the rocks now, but if you went
  digging, I'm sure you'd find the rest of the parabola.
Pochoma: Naru! Quick, get my pickaxe!
Naru: Look, gramps, if you keep trying to destroy this shop, I'm not gonna
  forgive you!
Shun: Well. Even if we were able to dig it up, we probably wouldn't be able to
  do anything with it, right?
Shurelia: That's right. All you could do is condense the Symphonic Energy it
  collects and fire it somewhere.
Aurica: Condense it and shoot it... so if I ever got a rival I couldn't beat,
  all I'd have to do is blow them away in one blast! Wow!!
Aoto: Don't try to destroy your competitors by force!!
Shurelia: Oh, no, you wouldn't be able to fire it off that effectively.
  It was only meant to be strong enough to reflect the energy back into the
  sky, so...
Pochoma: Curses!
Naru: *tch*
Male adventurer: Excuse me! We haven't gotten our food yet...
Naru: Oh, I'll be right there! Aurica, let me know when you're all ready to
  order too, okay?
Aoto: Oh yeah, this is the kind of place lots of adventurers hang out around,
  right? Where are you guys headed to next?
Male adventurer: Oh, us? Yeah, we're headed out to explore the Singing Hill
  first thing in the morning!
Tilia: Singing Hill?
Male adventurer: It's this ruin you can get to if you just walk a little ways
  from here. We're gonna be treasure hunting!
Female adventurer: We'll probably only be able to find Yuteria, though.
Frelia: Yuteria?
Aurica: It's a kind of metal. You can turn it into lots of different things
  through Grathmelding! Like strings for musical instruments!
Tilia: The Singing Hill... It was shut down so long ago. I can't believe it's
  still around.
Shurelia: Don't worry. It's only an old ruin now.
Tilia: Still, I can't believe such a dangerous place is a famous adventuring
  spot now.
Shun: A dangerous place? Is it difficult to access...?
Tilia: The Singing Hill used to be a biotechnology laboratory, long ago. But,
  you knew that, right?
Male adventurer: Uhhh, no? Did you guys know that?
Male adventurer: Uh, that's the first I've heard of it.
Female adventurer: I'd only heard it was an ancient ruin.
Pochoma: Huh! I knew it all along!!
Naru: Stop lying to our customers, gramps!!
Frelia: What makes it such a dangerous place?
  BGM: Memories of Ancient Times
Tilia: Well, all the creatures we know in the world were research subjects
  there, once. They did genetic research on them and exposed them to all
  sorts of environmental stress to see what kind of effects it would have on
Aurica: Hahaha, no waaaay!
Shurelia: No, it's true. All of the monsters that inhabit Sol Ciel in our time,
  like Poms, are descendents of test organisms that escaped from the Singing
  Hill when it was closed down.
Aurica: Huh!?
Tilia: Which means the prisoners might still be around somehow, too.
Male adventurer: Prisoners...? You mean they experimented on humans?
Tilia: That's right. There was a top secret program to use death row inmates
  as test subjects.
Shurelia: Huh? I don't think I've heard...
Female adventurer: Wouldn't that cause all sorts of problems, though?
Tilia: Well, one of the reasons they closed down the Singing Hill in the first
  place was because the existence of that program was leaked. But, they never
  found out what happened to the prisoners. They say they became such dangerous
  organisms they were kept in a super-top secret area so nobody would ever
  find them.
Aoto: And they never found them, even after the scandal broke?
Tilia: Because everyone involved in the program committed suicide. But, anyway,
  according to the data they left behind, those things are practically immortal,
  so I bet even now...
Male adventurer: ...they're still lurking around somewhere in the Singing Hill?
Tilia: If you run into anything weird, like a moving wall or something, you'd
  better run away, fast.
  BGM: none
Male adventurer: ...hey, what're we gonna do now?
Female adventurer: What do you mean? We can't turn back after coming this far!
Male adventurer: But, just think, if we ran into one of these things......
  What could we even do about it?
(Male adventurer: Maybe we'd better give up?)
Aurica: W-we never knew it was such a scary place, so we went there all the
  time with Lyner...
Aoto: Uh, was that story really true?
Shurelia: Well, it was a popular urban legend, long ago.
Aurica: So, it's not true, right?
Tilia: Well, there's no proof that it's true or not, so you can't really say
  it's not.
Frelia: Yes, that's true.
Shun: I'd be inclined to think it's not true based on the fact it's an urban
  legend, though.
Aoto: .....Well, it looks like those guys over there are pretty worked up about
  it... I... uh, don't think we could tell them it's just an urban legend now.
Shun: Indeed. Well, let's just keep our peace, then.
Aurica: Oh yeah, Aoto, what are you all going to do now? Do you want to go
  see the Singing Hill?
Shurelia: Well, we're going to go tour Firefly Alley with Misha tomorrow, so...
  Would you like to come with us, Aurica?
Aurica: I need to go back to the Church tomorrow, so I can't... that's too bad.
Tilia: That's okay, we'll all go together next time.
Aurica: Yeah! Oh, right, if you're going to Firefly Alley, you'd better not
  wear a skirt.
Tilia: Huh? Why's that?
Aurica: Well, you see...

Track 4[]

Track 4
  BGM: Screaming Seagull
Shurelia: I'm sorry, Misha, for asking you to do this on such short notice...
Misha: Oh, this is no problem. Firefly Alley is practically like my backyard.
Aoto: It sure is windy here, though... It's just like the Blue Canyon Hamlet.
Tilia: I can see why you wouldn't want to wear a skirt here.
Misha: It's not just windy in Firefly Alley; there's also lots of places with
  multiple levels. It's common sense to go around in pants instead of skirts.
  So, instead, look at the girls' hair.
Shun: Hm? Now that you mention it, there are an awful lot of young girls with
  pinwheel-shaped hair pins...
Misha: The wind is always very strong here, so people have thought of a lot of
  different accessories that take advantage of it.
Frelia: Oh, they're so cute!
Tilia: I dunno if I'd like something spinning on top of my head like that all
  the time.
Misha: You get used to it pretty quickly. So, anyway, what do you want to see
Girl: Ummm, excuse me... You there, with the wings!
Frelia: Me?
Girl: Yes! Those are such beautiful wings... could you tell me where you
  bought them?
Frelia: Um, well, I .... I'm sorry, these are actually part of my body.
Girl: Huh? You mean it's not a new model? Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be
  so rude!
Frelia: Ah... she left... what was that all about?
Misha: She probably mistook them for one of those.
Shun: I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about. Would you mind
Misha: It would be easier just to show you. Look up, everyone.
Aoto: Huh? Is there an airship or...

  *sfx: flapping sound*
  BGM: Whirlwind
Aoto: Huh!? What the hell's that giant flying squirrel thing!?
Misha: Look closer. That's actually a human. They're wearing a special cloak
  that lets them glide.
???: Oh, that looks like it feels so nice! But, why are they flying around
  through the city?
Misha: Firefly Alley is a really big city, so it can take a long time to get
  around on foot.  If you use one of these, though, you can ride the wind
  to anywhere you want to go in a flash.
Frelia: It looks like that's a pretty normal way to get around here. It's
  a little hard for me to believe, but... Oh wow, oh wow! I wish I could fly
  around on my own wings, too...
Shun: Frelia... Please, just promise me you won't try that. You'd most
  certainly fall.
Misha: I'm not good with heights, so I've never tried it.
Tilia: You'd be dead for sure if you fell.
Aoto: But it looks really fun! We could do that every day if we lived here...
Tilia: Aoto, please! Anywhere but here!
Misha: Oh, don't be so quick to say no to Firefly Alley. Oh, I know, let me
  tell you a little bit about Firefly Alley.
Tilia: Urban legends?
Misha: Well, something like that, but nothing scary.

  BGM: Melody of a Requiem
Misha: Actually, Firefly Alley is constantly having its inside hollowed out,
  like a donut.
Shurelia: Really? I've never heard of that.
Misha: The city's always expanded by adding to the outside parts. Over time,
  it became harder for sunlight to reach the inner portions of the city, so
  now it's mostly just ruins and empty houses.
Aoto: Mmm, yeah, it wouldn't be nice to live somewhere dark like that.
Tilia: You couldn't dry out your futon or your laundry.
Misha: Well, I suppose that's one reason. That means it's easy to find a nice
  place for a really good deal, though.
Tilia: Well, that doesn't sound too bad.
Aoto: But, hardly anyone lives there now, right?
Misha: That's right. That's why the central districts are full of stray cats
  now, and people call it Cat Town.
Aoto: C-cat Town?
Shun: I see. The cats must think it's heaven since there aren't any humans
Misha: All the cats that live there listen to this one boss cat who's named...
Aoto: Who's named...?
Frelia: He must have a really cool name!
Misha: Who's named... Negoro!
Shun: Mmm... such a cute name, lacking any dignity at all.
Frelia: It makes it sounds like he spends all day napping in the sun.
Tilia: I like cats! Hey, Aoto, why don't we go check out the central districts
  sometime? I want to go see Negoro while we're at it, too!
Misha: Unfortunately, they say Negoro only shows up in front of a single
  human who can talk to him. 
Aoto: What? You mean he's a talking cat?
Misha: Oh, of course not! This person made a special candy to help her talk to
  cats, and when she licks it, she can understand what they're saying. And
  that candy is...
Aoto: Don't tell me it's the Kitty Candy Spica was selling!
Misha: Exactly! Kitty Candy was originally the candy that person used to help
  them talk to cats. That part sounds like it's out of a fairly tale, though,
  doesn't it?

  BGM: none
Tilia: But, there's really a Cat Town, right?
Misha: Yep! There really is a Cat Town and a Negoro. But, Negoro really
  doesn't show his face in front of humans very often.
Tilia: I see... As a cat lover, it wouldn't be so bad to live in Cat Town.
Misha: *giggle* Sounds like you're starting to turn around.
  sfx: rumbling
Misha: ...Oh no! Quick, everyone, grab on to something! It's gonna tilt!
Frelia: Tilt? ...aaaahhhh!
  sfx: metal groaning
Shun: Frelia! Watch out!!
Aoto: Tilia! Grab on!!
Tilia: I've already got hold of Shun.
Aoto: You- whoaaaah!
Shun: Mmm... seems like it's settled down.
Frelia: Yes. Oh, wow, what a surprise...
Aoto: Ahhhhh... geez, what the hell was that?
Shun: It felt like the entire city tilted to one side... is everything okay?
Cat: meooooooowwww
  BGM: Silver
Frelia: Look, it's a kitty!
Cat: Mew, meooooowwww
Tilia: Firefly Alley tilts back and forth like a pendulum when the winds blow
  it around, doesn't it?
Misha: Huh? How did you know?
Tilia: This little one here told me. Thanks! Give my regards to Negoro!
Cat: mrow, mrooooow
Aoto: Y-you could tell what the cat was saying!?
Tilia: I can perceive high-frequency waves, so I can talk to most animals.
  Oh, didn't I tell you before?
Aoto: Like hell you did!
Shurelia: D-does that you can understand bunnies, too!?
Tilia: Yes, I can.
Shurelia: That's not fair! I'm an Origin, too, but...
Misha: *giggle* You really love rabbits, don't you, Lady Shurelia? Anyway,
  that's about as far as I can take you today. So, what do you think of
  Firefly Alley?
Tilia: I think it's the best, aside from the tilting and the flying squirrels.
Misha: Oh, you get used to the tilting pretty quickly. If you end up coming
  to live here, there's lots of other places I can show you. Well, I'll
  see you around!
Tilia: *sigh* Well, where are we going to, next?
Frelia: Next we'll be going to my place, Metafalica! Luca and Cloche said they'd
  take us around, so I hope you'll like it!

Track 5[]

Track 5
  sfx: *airship engine*
Tilia: After we left Sol Ciel, we headed for the capital city of Metafalica,
  Inferiare. Luca and Cloche came to pick us up when we arrived, but...

  BGM: Sunlight
Cloche: This is the central district of Inferiare. Isn't it beautiful?
Aoto: Well, it's certainly, uh... It feels really upper-class.
Luca: Of course! This is the best area in all of Inferiare!
Frelia: Well, Tilia, what do you think of Inferiare?
Tilia: It's too normal, it's kinda boring.
Cloche: W-well, you're awfully open with your opinions, aren't you? And this
  town is our pride and joy, but...
Tilia: Oh, not the city, I meant the continent is boring. Metafalica is a
  continent born of people's feelings, so I was sure it would be full of
  strange and wondrous things.
Cloche: Crafting a continent isn't a game.
Tilia: But it only happens once. I would've expected it to be full of fantasy,
  fairy-tale like things that expose the true feelings of the people who
  crafted it. Like... agepan trees!
Shun: That sounds just like Gaea.
Luca: Wait, you mean there really were agepan trees!? Man, I wanted an
  agepan tree, too...
Cloche: Metafalica was created by combining the minds of all the IPDs into
  one, so one person couldn't make that happen all by themselves. Besides, Luca,
  you're not an IPD.
Tilia: What a waste.
Aoto: *sigh*
Shun: Hm? Aoto, is something wrong?
Aoto: Huh? Oh, uh, it's just that everyone around us has such fancy clothes on.
  I feel kinda underdressed.
Shurelia: Wow, everyone really does have really nice clothes, don't they?
Tilia: There's lots of outfits I wouldn't really want to wear, though. Like
  those flourescent colored clothes that are so bright they make my eyes
Frelia: Metafalica has a thriving fashion culture.
Luca: I dunno if you can call this fashion. It's just kind of weird.
Aoto: Huh? Did you say something?
Luca: Hm? No, nothing at all!
Frelia: Really? You look a little flustered.
Cloche: A-anyway! Look, this is the first place we wanted to show you.

  BGM: none
Luca: Okaaaay, everyone! Feast your eyes on what's in front of you!
Tilia: Is that... a park?
Aoto: Huh? But there's a shop smack in the middle of it. Oh, uh, I know,
  there's seats outside, so it's a restaurant, right?
Luca: They usually call that terrace seating, you know.
Tilia: There's no place for such fashionable lingo in Aoto's head.
Aoto: Hey, I can't help it! We never had any restaurants like that back in
  Blue Canyon Hamlet. I dunno any fancy jargon like that.
Shun: I wouldn't exactly call it jargon, but... that's not a restaurant, so
  don't worry.
Frelia: Anyway, let's go! It's been a while, so I bet you'll be surprised.
  sfx: walking
Aoto: ...what's this, a general store?
Cloche: Hello!

  BGM: Like the Sand and Wind
Sasha: Oh, Clo's here! Welcome!!
Aoto: Sasha!
Tilia: Ciao! Long time no see!
Sasha: Miss Tilia's here, too! It's good to see you all again! But, why
  are you all here today?
Cloche: She said they're here to find a new place to live now that the Tower
  of Harvestasya is gone.
Sasha: Oh, I see. This is a wonderful city, so I can't recommend it enough!
Aoto: It must be a nice place if you decided to settle down here. So, I see
  you've got a general store instead of a workshop like you had in Arkia, now.
Sasha: I started out as a general merchant, anyway, so it's actually more like
  it's gone back to normal. I do have a little shop in the back that's just
  enough to make small satellites, though!
Frelia: Wow, building satellites in such a little workshop, that's our Sasha!
Tilia: You could have built a much better workshop than that, though. If
  you're worried about making noise, there's lots of cheaper places with more
  space you could have gone, right?
Aoto: Oh, yeah. It's even smaller than your place in Arkia... heh, did you
  really have to build in it the middle of a park?
Luca: No, you've got it wrong. The shop, and all the park land around it, all
  belongs to Sasha! She could have built as big a workshop as she wanted without
  having to worry about the noise from it.
Aoto: Whoa, you really have that much land? Well, why didn't you build a
  bigger store, then?
Sasha: Oh, no, I run the shop by myself, so it would be really inconvenient if
  the store was too big. And, a bigger workshop would be a lot harder to clean
  up. Besides, I couldn't build a big, noisy workshop in the middle of the
  best neighborhood in the city.
Aoto: I guess so. Still, are you sure it was okay to turn all this into a
Sasha: Of course! I mean, anyone can come visit a park if they want to, no
  matter how old or young they are!
Frelia: Yeah! I really like this park, so I come walking here with Shunnie
  a lot.
Shun: It's a wonderful place where people of all ages gather. It wouldn't be
  wrong to call it the most popular place in Inferiare.
Sasha: It makes me so happy to hear you say that! Just like Clo crafted
  Metafalica as a place where everyone could live happily, I wanted to make a
  place everyone could enjoy, even if it wasn't so grand.
Frelia: I see... so this park is somewhere that's packed with Sasha's feelings,
Sasha: Oh, um, it's, it's not that big of a deal! I, I guess, I wanted to be
  just a little bit like Clo...
Aoto: Oh, man, she's such a good girl I can't even look straight at her.
Cloche: Oh! I'm so happy she's grown up to be such a wonderful person!
Luca: Hey, come on! The Holy Maiden can't cry like that in public! I know
  how you feel, though.
Girl: Hello!
Sasha: Oh, welcome!
Girl: Umm, there's this kind of candy I'm looking for...
Sasha: Yes! What is it?
Girl: Ummmmm...
Shun: We should be going. I wouldn't want to get in the way of Sasha's work.
Cloche: Ah, yes. Well, Sasha, we'll be back later.
Sasha: Okay! Oh, Miss Tilia, since you're here in Inferiare, you should go
  see the Fancy Shop! The Fancy Shop is like heaven for any girl!
Cloche: Oh, yes! You can't come to Metafalica without visiting the Fancy Shop.
  Yes, let's go to the Fancy Shop next!
Luca: Oh, I can't wait! It's really close to Sasha's store, too! There's lots
  of really cute Geroggo stuff, I'm sure you'll love it! Well, off we go!
Tilia: ......
Aoto: What's up, Tilia?
Tilia: If we lived here, we could get Sasha to teach our kids for us.
Aoto: What, are you gonna turn her into your private tutor?
Tilia: Well, I don't think I could expect much from her father.
Aoto: That wouldn't be too good for me if you did, anyway. Hey, come on,
  they're gonna leave us behind. Let's go.

  BGM: City in the Heavens
  sfx: lots of girls in the fancy shop
Shurelia: Oh, look at all the cute stuffed animals!
Cloche: This is the girls' paradise in the heart of Inferiare, the Fancy Shop!
  Well, enjoy it all you want!
Aoto: What's there for a man like me to enjoy in a girls' paradise?
Luca: Why not try what Shun's doing?
  sfx: even more girls in the fancy shop, Shun quietly complaining
Luca: See him over there, surrounded by girls petting him?
Aoto: ...... I wouldn't mind being a digital animal now, either.
Frelia: Oh, look at all the Geroggos lined up on the shelf over here!
Shurelia: Geroggo? You mean this stuffed animal?
  BGM: Leave it Be
Cloche: What!? You mean to tell me you don't know about Geroggo!? Not a single
  person alive in Metafalica doesn't know about Geroggo!
Aoto: Well, uh, I've heard of it from Cocona, I guess, but I didn't know there
  were so many kinds.
Luca: Here we have all of the limited edition Geroggo releases. It's a series,
  they've put out a new one every year since the creation of Metafalica.
Tilia: Hmm... this is the tenth year since the crafting of Metafalica, isn't it?
  ...There's ten different kinds, then?
Luca: Yep! Look, they've got them all lined up in the showcase over here!
Aoto: ...what's with this all-black Geroggo?
Luca: Ah, the ground-breaking first entry, Dark Geroggo! And the one next to
  it with the curly hair is Leghairoggo. They had problems with how creepy it
  was, though.
Tilia: I think it's more gross than just creepy.
Cloche: The next one is Geroggoroll! It can roll up into a ball, but... you
  can't tell it's Geroggo then, so it didn't do so well.
Shurelia: Hmm? Is that another Dark Geroggo next to it?
Luca: That's Shadowroggo! But, it looks almost exactly the same as Dark Geroggo,
  so it didn't do too well.
Aoto: Yeah, I guess so, huh.
Luca: But the next one with the tires on its front legs is called Gero-gogo!
  It was really popular. Especially with kids! ...But, they were maybe a little
  too popular, which was also a problem...
Shurelia: What's this five-piece "Gero 5"?
Cloche: It's just a set of five normal Geroggos with different colors.
Aoto: Pfff... Geez, the makers should apologize to the fans.
Cloche: Oh, but another popular one was the teary-eyed Confessiorogo! A lot of
  people just couldn't forget its cute, teary-eyed figure! I even bought
  three of them, myself!! Oh, and the one next to it was also very popular.
Aoto: Next to it? Uhhh, that's a lady wearing a Geroggo hat, right?
Luca: Yep, it's the Geroggo girl, Geroggo-tan! There was a huge line of men
  waiting outside the Fancy Shop when this came out.
Tilia: A bunch of men lining up outside a girls' paradise... my mind is
  running away with that idea!
Shurelia: Don't think such weird things, Tilia!
Aoto: "Another popular entry in the series was..." Huh? Is that a Lady Cloche
Luca: Heh... Take a good look at the face.
Tilia: ...oh! Just her face looks like Geroggo.
Cloche: Well, they used my love for Geroggo as an excuse to get me involved...
  It's called...... um...
Luca: Lady Geroche. Hehe. I don't even have to tell you it was a huge problem,
Aoto: I can't imagine what would possess someone to make this thing.
Tilia: I think it's pretty cute! It's got that whole grotesque-cute vibe going
  for it.
Cloche: I'm not sure if that was supposed to be a compliment...
Shurelia: Um, the one next to it looks just like this candy they sell in
Cloche: Oh, that's this year's special model, Gerobuns! They came up with
  their own special mix between Platina's Funbuns and Geroggo.
Aoto: Geez, don't these people have any morals?
Tilia: Morals don't pay the bills.
Luca: Oh, but there was this really big scandal when some Knight from Platina
  wrote in all these letters of protest about it!
Shurelia: Lyner did that...?
Aoto: Wow, their entertainment culture is as amazing as their fashion...
Cloche: W-well, our fashion and entertainment haven't usually been all that
  related, you see...
Shun: ......
Aoto: Oh, hey, Shun's back! You're pretty popular, huh?
Shun: First I was mistaken for a blue wolf, and now a pet... what a pain.
Aoto: Heh, well, it's better than having everyone be scared of you, right?
Shurelia: Why don't we go somewhere else, now?
Aoto: Oh yeah.
Tilia: Ohh...

  BGM: Tep Tep Tep
Aoto: Did you find something you like, Tilia?
Tilia: ...This ring.
Luca: Wow! I'm kind of surprised Tilia likes accessories like this.
Tilia: No, see, I lost the ring Aoto gave me before when my body turned into
  water, so...
Cloche: What? You didn't get a new one?
Tilia: No. See? Nothing on my finger at all.
Luca: Wow, really! Geez, Aoto, you're terrible.
Cloche: You buy her a new one right now!
Aoto: Hey, uh, actually, I...
Tilia: Not here. I won't accept a ring that doesn't cost at least 5000 Leaf!
Aoto: *under breath* You selfish little brat...
Luca: I think you could probably stick another zero on the end, though!
Aoto: You're gonna make me go bankrupt!!
Shun: Hahahaha! Seems like you're having a rough time, Aoto.
Frelia: Mmmm...
Shun: Hm? Do you want one two, Frelia?
Frelia: Mm. They have my size, but I can't find anything in your size, Shunnie.
Shun: I don't think they have any rings to fit non-humans. They'd probably
  have a collar, though.
Frelia: Oh! Then, why don't I buy matching collars for me and Shunnie-
Shun: Absolutely not! That would be a major problem.
Aoto: Frelia wearing a collar... Hey, that might work pretty well!
Luca: Hmph!
Aoto: Ahhhhh!!! Hey, you stomped on my foot!
Luca: Well, you deserved it!
Shun: Aoto, don't think about such things again. If you ever do...
  sfx: *schwiiing*
Aoto: A-all right, all right! Hey, come on, let's go? Where are we off to next?
Cloche: Next we're going to take you to see the Metafalica Operational
  Administration Bureau's Emergency Preparation Department Special Duty
  Division inside the Grand Bell.
Luca: They're a special IPD society that rushes to the scene and uses the power
  of their strong emotions to calm things down whenever something happens on
  Metafalica that requires emergency response. They're really popular with
  the people, and you can't get in their group unless you're a super elite!
Aoto: That... sounds like a pretty uptight place.
Luca: Full of people up on their high horses, right? Well, that's what you'd
  think, but... Hmm?
Cloche: Oh, nothing! Well, let's go.

Track 6[]

Track 6
Cloche: Well, here we are. Inside this door is the special office of the
  Metafalica Operational Administration Bureau's Emergency Preparation
  Department Special Duty Division.
Luca: We'd better be on our best behavior so they don't look down on us.
Aoto: That's gotta be impossible for someone like you with no dignity or
Shurelia(?): Why does hearing those words make my heart ache so?
Shun: Is it okay for us to go in now? They seem to be holding some sort of
Aoto: Are they in a meeting?
Luca: No way! Come on, let's go in!

  sfx: door opening
  BGM: Unpreparedness is One's Greatest Enemy
IPD: Lady Cloche definitely looks the best in regular clothes! See, they almost
  look like they're part of her body!
IPD: I think the clothes she wore in her last speech are the best! I've started
  adding something similar to my wardrobe, too!
IPD: No, no, no! Her best outfit is definitely Pepenna! It's just the perfect
  mixture of beautiful and cute! Ohhhh, I just want to give her a hug!!
  sfx: IPDs fangirling over Cloche
Aoto: ...what's with these girls?
Tilia: They really don't look elite, do they?
IPD: Hmm? Unauthorized personnel are forbidden from- huh? Lady Cloche?
Cloche: Nice work, everyone. I see you're indulging yourselves as usual.
  BGM: Clanging March!
IPD: Lady Cloche! And Lady Luca! What's the occasion for your sudden visit?
Luca: I guess we're here for an inspection?  Ahaha, don't worry about us,
  please, keep on talking.
IPD: Um, thanks for your concern, but... carrying on like that in front of
  Lady Cloche herself is a little...
Frelia: Oh? What are these photos on the table?
IPD: N-n-nooo, those are!
Frelia: Oh, they're all of Cloche, aren't they? Hmm, but she's wearing something
  different in every picture.
IPD: Hmph, so you've found the development photos for our special Lady Cloche 
  fashion booklet!
Luca: That's not part of your official emergency duties, is it?
IPD: Of course not! This is just our hobby! Oh, by the way, Lady Cloche!
Cloche: Hm? Yes, what is it?
IPD: Would you take this token of my appreciation? Oh, and could I get your
  autograph? And a hug!?
IPD: Huh!? Hey, that's not fair! Lady Cloche, me too, me too!
IPD: Lady Cloche, please put on your Pepenna! And then let me hug you!! Oh,
  is that no good?
  sfx: IPDs fangirling over Cloche in person
Shurelia: I can't see them as anything but Cloche fans...
Luca: That's actually the case. The Operational Administration Bureau was
  started from a fan club called the Supports of Lady Cloche.
Shun: I see... I thought I hadn't heard of them lately. So they changed
  their name and moved their headquarters into the Grand Bell.
Aoto: How does a fanclub get such a swank room?
Luca: Oh, but they're all really great! We had this drought a little while
  ago, and they stood around going, "Raain, raaaaaaaain!" And after just
  a minute, there was this huge downpour!
Shun: Indeed, Metafalica can be influenced by the wishes and feelings of the
  IPDs, but to be able to cause such a rain in such a short period...
Frelia: The power of their feelings is in a league of their own, isn't it?
Luca: I know! Why don't we use the opportunity to ask them to make us an
  agepan tree?
Tilia: Oh, yes, let's! And then I'll stay in this land until my dying breath
  and be buried here! Well, I guess I'll turn into water.
Frelia: Was that supposed to be a joke?
Tilia: Hoho.
Frelia: Was that supposed to be a joke!?

  BGM: none
  sfx: door opening
IPD: Everyone, listen up! ...Lady Cloche!? What are you doing here? Oh no, my
  hair is such a mess...
Cloche: Nevermind that. What's the matter?
IPD: Oh, that's right!
  BGM: Vrtra
IPD: There was a fire in the forest outside of Inferiare!
IPD: A fire? Is it out?
IPD: Some civilian Reyvateils were able to put out the fire, but... the area
  where the fire broke out is completely burned down.
Aoto: Well, at least it got put out, right? At least we don't have to worry
  about that.
IPD: What are you saying? This is the hard part.
IPD: We'll head right there, so you go get everyone who's out on patrol, okay?
  This is going to take a lot of work!
IPD: Okay! We'll see you later, then!
  sfx: IPDs running off
Shurelia: ...A lot of work?
IPD: Yes, we, the Preparation Department, will all pray together for the trees
  to grow back. It's a lot of working making trees grow back, isn't it?
IPD: I wouldn't even think of complaining. Well, Lady Cloche, the Metafalica
  Operational Administration Bureau's Emergency Preparation Department Special
  Duty Division has work to do!

  BGM: none
Frelia: Well, there they go. And they were so happy to see you, Cloche.
Cloche: These girls' feelings are part of this continent, too. So, whenever
  something happens, they drop everything and rush to the scene.
Tilia: So Metafalica is safe as long as they're around, right?
Cloche: That's right. Well, we should be going to our last stop, the Meta
  Falss Historical Archive on the Rim.
Aoto: The Rim... There's still something left of it?
Luca: Yeah. It was a miracle that just a little bit of the land around the
  museum was left.
Tilia: The Rim... that's the place... you dropped to save me, right?
Luca: Yeah. ........It was also our home. Heh, the building closes when it
  gets dark, so we'd better hurry!

Track 7[]

  BGM: Light
Aoto: Huh... it's pretty small, but it's got a lot of stuff in it.
Luca: Well, we really wanted to bring in a lot more, but this is all we could
  manage... So, this is only a small piece of the history of the Rim.
Shurelia: There's still a lot of interesting things here, though... What's this
Cloche: Ah, that's from when we got permission to drop the Rim right before
  we crafted Metafalica. They refused at first, but fortunately they came to
  understand after we discussed the matter further. We took this photograph
  for posterity after that.
Tilia: They refused at first?
Cloche: Ah... Yes. It wasn't so easy for them to cast aside the land of all
  their memories, even if it was for the sake of creating their utopia.
Tilia: ...I see.
Frelia: Tilia... Hm, maybe the museum wasn't such an interesting place to
  visit after all.
Aoto: Nah, that's not it. See, she's studying all the displays pretty carefully.
  Hey, Tilia, don't run off on your own.
Tilia: Is the pod in this photograph...
Shun: Yes. Frelia crafted that two years ago to save you.
Shurelia: Frelia kept dancing night and day to craft this.
Frelia: Oh, this is nothing!
Tilia: You dropped most of what was left of the Rim to save me?
Frelia: Mm-hm. I needed that much Symphonic Energy to create that pod.
Tilia: ...
Shurelia: What's the matter, Tilia?
Tilia: The Rim was a very important place to all the people who lived here,
Frelia: Yeah. Everyone moved to the continent, but the Rim is their homeland,
  full of memories.
Tilia: Was... was saving me really worth destroying such an important place?
Aoto: ...Hey, what're you talking about?
Shun: Tilia! You shouldn't say such things.
Tilia: But... to let such everyone's home fall just because no-one lives there
Cloche: Tilia, I think you've misunderstood something. Do you think we were
  acting on our own wishes when we dropped the Rim?
Tilia: Weren't you?
Cloche: We weren't.
  BGM: Reisha's Lullaby (whistle version)
Cloche: We got permission from everyone who used to live here first.
Luca: Just like we crafted Metafalica, the utopia of Meta Falss, you revived
  the land, the utopia of every human on Ar Ciel. When they found that out,
  everyone was happy to use the Rim to help save you!
Tilia: But...
Luca: Tilia, are you happy to be able to live like this?
Tilia: Yes...
Luca: Then, don't say it's not worth it. We wanted to save you, even if it meant
  we had to give up our important birthplace. Okay?
Cloche: Besides, there was another reason why the people of the Rim were
  willing to go that far to save you. Your big sisters came to the people and
  begged them to help save you.
Tilia: What? I... I never heard about that! Aoto?
Aoto: Hey, me neither. Really?
Frelia: Hm, I wonder? I don't really remember.
Shurelia: Me, neither. It's not like we did anything really special.
Tilia: But, you begged them, for me...
Shurelia: It was for our dear little sister. That's a small price to pay to
  see you safe and sound.
Frelia: That's right. The important thing is that you're well now!
Shun: As you can see, Tilia, your body is made up of the wishes of the people
  of the Rim, as well as the feelings of your sisters. Can you still say that
  your existence has no meaning?
Tilia: ......
Frelia: I was really looking forward to fulfilling our promise - to help you
  go find a new place to live together. So, I'm very happy right now!
Shurelia: And I am, too. It makes me very happy to think we can all make up
  for the time we all spent apart now. So, don't say it wasn't worth it to
  save you. Just the fact that you're here with us makes us very happy.
Tilia: ......Sorry... for what I said before.
Shurelia: It's okay, as long as you understand how we feel!
Tilia: But, what should I do?
Frelia: Hm?
Tilia: I mean, you're both my very important sisters, so I can't decide between
  living in Sol Ciel or Metafalica. Why can't we all three live together?
Frelia: Oh, is that all? You don't have to decide right away. You have all the
  time in the world to think about it, right?
Shurelia: That's right. Besides, no matter which one you choose, the other can
  be your home away from home!
Tilia: Yeah. I'll just think it over for a while.
Shurelia: Of course, I can't help but recommend living in Sol Ciel!
Frelia: Hahaha, that's no fair, sis!
Shurelia: It's nothing of the sort. I'm simply giving my honest recommendation!
Aoto: The three of them, huh? Hahaha, it's like they totally forgot about me.
Shun: Ah- excuse me. I completely forgot to watch out for you this time.
Aoto: Ha. Well, Tilia looks really happy, and that's really all that matters.
  For now.
Shun: Hm?
Luca: Well, it's a good thing you wrapped up that conversation, because it's
  almost closing time. Well? Did you like it?
Tilia: Yes. I'm a lot more at peace with myself, too.
Luca: Thank goodness! Well, let's go home!
Aoto: Huh? What's that?
Cloche: Oh? What do yooooUUUU!?
  BGM: Clanging March!
Tilia: Hm? Is something there?
Aoto: Yeah, look at the book in this display case. I get the feeling I've seen
  something like that before...
Tilia: Yes, me too, now that you mention it.
  sfx: uneven steps
Cloche: Oh, n-n-n-no, that's not something you need to pay any mind to, so,
  sfx: running
Cloche: Noooo, don't loooooook!!!
Aoto: WHOA!! Look at the girl on the cover! I saw a girl wearing the exact same
  outfit in Inferiare!
Tilia: You're right! What kind of book is this?
Shurelia: Oh, there's a placard. "This book is a work that has had great
  influence on the culture of Metafalica. Its title is 'Cutie Lovely Family:
  Miu-chan's Spring', by... Mir?" Why did Mir...!?
Tilia: You mean... The normal clothing of the girls in Inferiare is actually
Aoto: Uh, I... see.. What the heck is going on here?
Luca: W-well, uh... lots of people here really love cute things like Geroggo,
  right? So, look! People just got really carried away since it was cute, okay?
Cloche: They're just wearing it because it's a cute outfit! Like something out
  of a fashion magazine! It's not like they're cosplaying or anything!!
  Please don't get the wrong idea about Metafalica!!
Shun: I had no idea that such culture had had such an impact...
Frelia: This book is such an amazing find, though! Maybe I should read it the
  next time I'm here.
Tilia: Just when we'd finally all had a nice, heartwarming talk...
Aoto: Well, we found out something, uh, pretty interesting, so let's just
  leave it at that.

  BGM: none
  sfx: crowd, low airship noises
Cloche: Well, we'd better leave you here.
Luca: Come back and visit any time, okay, everyone?
Aoto: Yeah, thanks.
Tilia: See you later. Ciao.
Luca: Hahahaha! Ciao, ciaoooo!
Tilia: Are you going back, too, Shurelia?
Shurelia: Yes, but not until I see you two off first. Come visit us again,
  okay, Tilia?
Shun: Next time we'll have Croix and the others come see you, too.
Tilia: Yes, I'm looking forward to it.
Shurelia: Oh, and Aoto.
Aoto: Hm?
  BGM: Warmth
Shurelia: Please take care of my dear sister Tilia. Don't ever make her cry,
Aoto: Of course not. She's very important to me, just like she is to you. I'll
  love her just as much as you two do!
Shurelia: ...That was much more than I was expecting from you! I feel better
Frelia: Mm-hm. But, you're pretty amazing to be able to say that in front of
  her, Aoto!
Shun: Just hearing you say it makes me feel embarrassed for her. I see you're
  someone we can rely on.
Shurelia: Hahaha, yes. Well, please take care on the way home, you two.
Frelia: Don't be strangers! Come visit any time you want!
Tilia: Yeah. I'll see you later, sis.
Aoto: See you around, Shun.
Shun: Yes. Let's meet again.

Track 8[]

  sfx: click, lights coming on, engine starting
Aoto: Let's see, if we leave now and make one stop on the way, we should get
  there in about three days.
Tilia: Long trips sure are a lot of work.
Aoto: Well, just leave the flying to me and take it easy in the back.
Tilia: Okay. Oh, there's somewhere I wanted to go before we head back.
Aoto: Sure, no problem... where?
Tilia: The Tower of Origins in the Third Tower.
Aoto: Oh, you mean Arkia? Most of the city fell three years ago, so I hope
  there's somewhere to land the airship...
  sfx: airship take-off

  sfx: door
Aoto: Yeah, good thing we found somewhere to land.
Tilia: Yes. But, it doesn't look anything like it used to, does it?
Aoto: Yeah, it's a total ruin now. Oh, what did you want to do now?
Tilia: I'm going to activate the Tower of Origins' computer systems.
Aoto: Can you do that?
Tilia: Yes, but only for a little bit. I'm going to open the entrance now.
  sfx: door
Tilia: Come on in.
Aoto: Uh, sure.
Aoto: It's totally dark in here, I can't see a thing. Maybe we should go get
  a light from the airship?
Tilia: No, it's okay. ...Yeah. Stop here. I'm going to open the shutter on
  the ceiling. Ma num ra gran oz ar ciel : SHD>>tilievalis_x01
  sfx: shutter opening
  BGM: Pan of Age ~ piano
Aoto: Huh...? Isn't this from the Binary World, the old...
Tilia: Oh, so you remembered. Yes, this is where I used to live, a long time
  ago. Well, there are a few things that are a little different from the
  Binary Field.
Aoto: That's right, that story was about what happened inside the Tower of
Tilia: Yes. But, it's just a ruin now, just like Arkia. Anyway, this place
  is my home.
Aoto: Too bad we didn't come in school uniforms.
Tilia: Heh, yes, maybe. ...But, it's okay.
Aoto: Hm?
Tilia: All I wanted was to come here with you, Aoto. If we move to Sol Ciel or
  Metafalica, we'll probably never come her again, right? So, I wanted to come
  here with you one last time to make memories.
Aoto: Well, there's always the Binary Field, right?
Tilia: I wanted to do it in the real world. I wanted to actually bring you to
  the one place I spent the most time in.
Aoto: I see...
Tilia: But... I totally forgot this place was in ruins, too. I guess our
  memories are turning into an archeological expedition.
Aoto: Ha... So, you wanna make some nice memories together, eh?
Tilia: Aoto... you really are a pervert, aren't you?
Aoto: Hahaha, no, well, uh, I think you might like this, too.
Tilia: And if I don't?
Aoto: Well, if that's the case... you don't have to take it.
  BGM: Memory of Tower
Tilia: Is that... a ring? ...Oh, did you buy that at the Fancy Shop
Aoto: Hey, no way! I bought it way before we ever left. Actually, I thought we'd
  be going around alone, so I thought I'd surprise you and give it to you right
Tilia: Ahhh... So, that's why you looked so disappointed.
Aoto: Well, I'm glad you finally understand.
Tilia: ...it's so beautiful. I'll be happy to accept it!
Aoto: Hey, hang on a minute! Lemme say something first. *ahem* You're not a
  Tower anymore. And, you turned into water and were reborn into a new body.
  So, ...I wanted to propose to you again.
Tilia: *gasp*
Aoto: I don't know where we're going to live from now on, or what our life is
  going to be like. But, as long as I'm alive, I'll be by your side, Tilia.
  And, my gift to you will be to spend my life with you, making lots of
  memories you'll never forget. ....So, Tilia, I want you take this again.
Tilia: ......
Aoto: ...Tilia?
Tilia: ..........I-it's not fair getting all serious on me all of a sudden!!
  H-how am I supposed to respond to that?
Aoto: What, did you want some kind of silly proposal, instead?
Tilia: I don't know, that might be more like you!
Aoto: Haha, well, it might have been easier, too. But, there's nothing wrong
  with me being like this once in a while, right?
Tilia: Just not in front of other people.
Aoto: My serious mode is just for you, Tilia. Well? What do you say?
Tilia: Will you put it on me?
Aoto: Okay.

Tilia: Hahaha...
Aoto: Hm?
Tilia: Well, I was just thinking, I beautiful young bride really does need
  a ring.
Aoto: Ha... yeah, I agree. Well, was that a nice memory?
Tilia: Of course! But, I never thought something that amazing would happen,
  even if I said we'd never be back.
Aoto: ...Not satisfied?
Tilia: No, I'm super satisfied! So much that I could live here!
Aoto: Huh!? I-in the middle of these ruins!?
  BGM: M.S.G.Y.E.C
Tilia: The buildings are really beautiful, we could live here as long as we
  wanted if we cleaned up a bit.
Aoto: Maybe, but, uh... oh, I know! If we're going to live here, you won't be
  able to see Shurelia or Frelia that much, right? Sol Cluster's a long way
  from both of them.
Tilia: Mmm, that's not that good...
Aoto: Yeah, I know, right!? So, you should just leave this place as a shining
  memory in your heart.
Tilia: Yes. I think I'll do that.
Aoto: Ahhh, kinda relieved to hear you say that. But, I guess we still have to
  decide between Sol Ciel and Metafalica.
Tilia: Actually... I've already decided where I want to live.
Aoto: Oh, really? Well, then how about it? I'll follow you anywhere. So,
  where do you want to go?
Tilia: Hehehe, I want to live in...

                          "I shall give you endless earth"

                                    Ar tonelico