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Track 1 - Scene 1: Beginning -Part 1-[]

{BGM: Silver}

Shurelia: Well, it has been quite some time since we last Dived, Lyner. What kind of story would you like this time?

Lyner: Hmm, last time we had to fight a lot, so something calmer would be great now, right?

Shurelia: Oh, I see. Very well, let's have a calm tea ceremony story then.

Lyner: Err… we don't have to go so far on the calmness front...

Shurelia: Oh, is that the case? Umm...

Mir: You really never change, huh?

Lyner: Uh? Wha...!?

Shurelia: You are...!

Mir: Long time no see, huh?

Shurelia: Mir! Why are you here!?

Mir: I'm just passing by on the road to do some stuff, so don't get so wary. I'm not really in the mood for fighting.

Lyner: Huh... Long time no see. You seem to be doing very well.

Mir: The same goes for you two. You're just like always. Did you grow so fond of the virtual world already?

Shurelia: And it was your fault that it ended up turning into a whole mess, so we are redoing it now!

Mir: Oh, didn't you enjoy it? Would you've liked better getting into a story the humans made so long ago?

Lyner: Well, the story itself was pretty fun. I got dragged around a lot though.

Shurelia: Well, excuse me for trying to get you into that time's mood! But did you think I would have made you accompany me to go shopping in a supermarket or something?

Mir: *giggle* You wouldn't have, as you'd get embarrassed from anyone seeing you do that.

{End BGM}

Shurelia: But that's... I would have done that no matter how embarrassing it was for me!

Lyner: Whaaat!? But the story was so interesting! Being part of The Singer Angel was pretty cool, and I hoped we could do something like that again! Isn't that right, Lady Shurelia?

Shurelia: B-But...! It got changed up because Mir hacked it!

Lyner: Ah, it was so fun! It's great you could make a story like that!

Mir: Huh?

Lyner: I don't care if it was done through hacking; the story itself was fun, right? Lady Shurelia?

Shurelia: B-But that's... Well, maybe.

Lyner: Yeah! Mir, make another story please! That way, the three of us can play together again!

Mir: I-I don't really want to... Besides, it's not like I came to play with you...

Lyner: You don't have to say that. Please!

Mir: I-I refuse.

Lyner: Huh? Why?

Mir: It's too bothersome... Besides, why are you two Diving now?

Lyner: I-I see... It's too bad...

Mir: Ugh...

Shurelia: Lyner, please leave it in my hands. I can make something more fun than any story Mir could hope to write!

Mir: What...?

Shurelia: Looks like Mir has already run out of ideas, so it's impossible for her to make any more stories!

Mir: ...I'm not out of ideas...

Shurelia: You would do well to not overexert yourself.

Mir: I'm not overdoing anything!

Shurelia: Please, leave it to me. Plus, it would be pretty pitiful to be asking someone who can't come up with any new material for help, don't you agree?


Mir: Agh! Forget it, I'll make it!

Shurelia: Huh?

{Song: Singing Hill -Harmonics EOLIA-}

Mir: You'd make whatever you could even if it turned out to be a boring mess. So I'll make a story no matter what!

Shurelia: Huh?

Mir: Calm down. I'll make sure it's interesting enough for you. *giggles*

Drama CD Ar tonelico -The Girl Who Continues Singing at the End of the World- Side Shurelia

Track 2 - Scene 2: Beginning -Part 2-[]

{BGM: Drops}

Narrator: That was a school that seemed to be completely normal at first glance, to which normal students went every day to learn. There, they received classes from normal teachers and lived a normal school life. However, there was a girl centuries ago that broke the normalcy this land had enjoyed. No one remembers about this anymore. And the one who would notice that these events were about to repeat themselves was...

*something falling down*

???: Agh! I can't do that! What should I do? I broke its head!


Reira: Ah, umm... It's the teacher!


Teacher: Ah, sorry! I arrived late due to Mr. Kust!

Reira: Umm, err... Aren't those Raina and Orika?

Teacher: Yes, they are. I don't care about Harase, but seems like Motomiya can actually be a great student if she applies herself.

Reira: What about Raina?

Teacher: He's a lost case. Students who don't want to do anything are hopeless. I get angry just from remembering him!

Reira: Umm, but...

Teacher: What? Did the cat get your tongue? You're so much more prim and proper to your little sister!

Reira: Y-Yeah, I know... Sorry for every day...

Teacher: Why? You both are model students!

*paper scrapped*

Teacher: I'm sure you will be glad once I have finished grading the tests.

Reira: Ah, really?

Teacher: Make sure to come later to school again, so you can see your perfect score.

Reira: Ah, I'll try to keep being a student everyone can look up at...

Teacher: Oh, did I get the nail on the head? You're the student whose performance I'm looking forward to the most.

Reira: Okay. W-Well, it's time for me to go, so...

Teacher: Oh, yeah. Take care on your way home.

Reira: Okay! Excuse me!

*walking, door opening*

Reira: *sigh* Didn't it break while I was carrying it?


Reira: What!? Who's got so much free time they're putting cat ears on a girl-shaped doll?


{BGM: The Melting Morning Dew}

Reira: Ah, it's Orika and Raina!

Raina: Were you in the teacher’s room?

Reira: Yeah!

Raina: Was he still making a fuss?

Reira: N-No! Of course, he wasn't!

Orika: Really?

Reira: Orika, he said you can really do well if you apply yourself!

Orika: *giggle*

Raina: And what about me? What he said about me?

Reira: Ehh!? Um... he said you're the slow learner type, so you can also do well though it'll take you longer than everyone else!

Raina: Hmm... Now you say it, that's true! Teach's amazing!

Reira: Ehehe... Hey, let's go home! It's going to get dark soon!

Orika: Oh? Reira, where did you get that doll?

Reira: Ah, umm... from the math classroom, but... I dropped it.

Raina: Are you serious? If Teach ever learns about this, you're gonna get in a lot of trouble.

Reira: I'll fix it tonight and return it to its place tomorrow! Ah yeah... Miu asked me to do an errand for her.

Raina: Can't you do that whenever you want?

Reira: No, she asked me to do it today, as it's buying something that comes out only once in a while. Goodness, she has such weird hobbies...

Orika: Well, we can go with you part of the way! I've also gotta do some stuff!

Reira: Are you also going to buy something?

Orika: Nope! I'm going to see a movie! See?

Raina: What? What it says? "Nearby Future Occult Fantasy Exciting Robot and Ghost Grand Parade"?

Orika: It's going to be earth-shattering! Don't you think so too?

Reira: Umm, I'll abstain from commenting...

Raina: But what I wanna know... why are you combining stuff like "exciting" and "robot" in there?

Orika: Because I really like them!

Reira: It's getting late. Are we going to be okay?

Orika: Ah, right! I've also got to hurry and buy a steel plate because the one I had got broken!

Lyner: It's for your mom, huh?

Orika: Hey let's hurry, you two! Night's not gonna wait for us!


Reira: Hey, you can't run in the hallways! Urrghh!

Track 3 - Scene 3: Modern Girl -Hikikomori-[]

*door knocking*

Reira: I'm back, Miu. I'm going in.

*door opening*


Reira: And you're still glued to the PC.

Miu: Welcome back.

Reira: Ugh, at the least turn the lights on!

*typing and clicking*

Miu: The monitor's light is enough already.

Reira: You never go anywhere but this dark room? Miu, you're still into that?

Miu: I'm hiding from God, so it's fine.

Reira: That's not what you should be saying! And here you go: it's the book you asked me to get for you.

Miu: Thanks.

Reira: I've also got some homework from the teacher for you.

Miu: *sigh* How annoying.

Reira: Make sure to do it! If you don't, everyone is going to know you're a hikikomori!

Miu: At the least half the world will...

Reira: I refuse to accept that! Is it so fun for you to be shut inside your room?

Miu: Don't you wanna try it, Sis?

Reira: I won't! At the least open the window or something! Look, your body is getting all pale from the lack of sunlight!

Miu: You want me to open it while I'm still naked?

Reira: If you know that would be awful, you should swallow your ego at least a bit and put on some clothes!

Miu: It's too much, so I won't.


Reira: *sigh* If you're doing nothing but that every day, it'd be better that you went back to school.

Miu: You win.

Reira: Good grief... Ah, yeah. Do you have some glue?

Miu: Yeah. What are you going to use it for?

Reira: Hmm, for this.

*something getting set down on a table*

Miu: This is...

Reira: It was in the school, but I brought it with me.

Miu: You broke it?

Reira: It wasn't on purpose! I bumped into it, and it fell down...

Miu: That's not what I'm talking about! This could be very bad...

Reira: A lot! If it belongs to the teacher, who knows how badly I'm going to get scolded!

Miu: It's not that! Yeah... Look at this.

{BGM: Whisper}

Reira: Huh? What you got on the screen... isn't this same doll?

Miu: That doll was, you see, made for sealing an evil spirit.

Reira: For what? This cat-eared doll was made for that?

*typing and click. computer sounds*

Miu: "Hama". That's this doll's name.

Reira: You know so much and so many details about it, as expected. But a seal, for real? Wouldn't they have used something that looked more like an amulet or something?

Miu: There are evil spirits so powerful that they resist normal evil-warding charms. That's why they needed dolls possessing strong energies for them to be sealed. And that doll is one of these.

Reira: Hmm, well, there are many stories like that.

Miu: Even if you repair it, its powers sharply drop once it has been broken.

Reira: But nothing will happen as long as no one learns I broke it.

*box opening and closing*

Reira: Just like this.

Miu: You're beyond irresponsible. But you might have released the evil spirit it was sealing when you broke it.

Reira: You should just get out of the room more if you've gotten so used to things like evil spirits.

Miu: Are you serious?

Reira: Of course I am! Raina and Orika are very worried about you too!

Miu: I'm worried too... Something could appear at the school tomorrow!

Reira: Stop talking about the doll already! And if you know that, you should go to school too!

Miu: Don't you believe me?

Reira: How old you think I am?

Miu: Barely out of diapers.

Reira: What did you say?

Miu: Very experienced.

Reira: Goodness... you're unbelievable...

Miu: (Really, this girl doesn't care... about how longer our lives will last...?)

Track 4 - Scene 4: The Mysterious Teacher in Practice[]

*talking. steps*

Reira: Good morning!

Raina: Ah, mornin'...

Reira: Oh, are you exhausted? It's so rare to see you like that!

Raina: No, it's not that. I just forgot to do my math homework...

Reira: What are you going to do!? You're not going to get off so easily if the teacher finds out about it!

Raina: Please, Reira! Lend me your notebook!

*door opening*

Orika: Mornin'!

Reira: Orika? What happened? You're in such good mood today.

Orika: Hihihi, the movie I showed you yesterday was so interesting that I couldn't just leave things hanging there!

Raina: So you went after all! How was the movie?

Orika: Amazing! The ghosts of the robots the protagonists rode were roaming all over the city in search of love and...!

Raina: Stupid, stop the spoilers! I won't be able to enjoy the movie when I go see it if you continue!

Reira: Huh? You're into that sort of thing too, Raina?

Raina: Huh!? Well, I'm not really that much into it... but robots are a man's romance... so wouldn't you like to go with me to watch it?

Reira: Huh? Us two...?

Raina: W-Well... only if you want, Reira...

Reira: U-Umm... I wouldn't mind it, but... Right! Did you do your homework, Orika?

Orika: Come on, don't dampen the good mood we had going! I wanted everything to feel so nice a little more...

Reira: Homeroom is about to start. You know, no?

*school bell. door opening*

Reira: You see? He's here!

Raina: Oh man! I'm not even halfway done...!

Teacher: *clearing throat*

Raina: T-The mood feels so awful...

*strike on table*

Reira: Hii...!

Teacher: Class... Good mooorning!

Everyone: Huh!?

{BGM: Tick-Tock Man}

Teacher: Are we going to get good results today? Yeah, of course we'll do! Wonderful ones! Ahahahaha!!

Reira: T-The teacher is... laughing...

Raina: No way... Has he snapped?

Orika: That's because you broke that doll!

Reira: What does that have to do with anything!?

Teacher: Hmm? You three seem to be in good spirits like always... So your teacher will have to tickle you a little bit!

Reira: Egh!! He's coming here... I-I'm sorry! I'll be quiet!

Teacher: Oh, Harase? What are you doing?

*grabbing papers*

Raina: Ah, t-teach... it's nothing... It's just that...

Teacher: Oh, so you forgot to do your homework, did you?

Reira: R-Raina...!

Raina: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I thought I would do it, but it was so hard and...

Teacher: It was so hard and...?

Raina: Uuu... uuuuughhhh!

Teacher: Mwahahahaha! Ahahahaha! I see, I see, it was too hard for you! I thought you would be able to deal with it though!

Raina: …Wha!?

Teacher: Don't worry, Harase. You can take as much time as you like to do it and relax.

Reira: No way...! The teacher is always so merciless when it comes to those who don't turn their homework in...!

Orika: Teach! The homework was too hard for me too, so I couldn't do it either!

Reira: Wasn't it only because you didn't want to do it, Orika!?

Teacher: I see, I see! You can take as long as you like to do it too, Motomiya! You can do everything if you put your mind to it after all! Hahahahaha!

Raina: I-I don't get it, but... I'm saved!

Reira: It's a miracle! To think you would be okay after forgetting to do your homework!

Orika: Hihihi, I can do anything if I put my mind to it, so I was praised for forgetting to do my homework!

Reira: He said you were a girl that could do well if you applied yourself!

Teacher: Well then, class... Before we begin homeroom, there is one thing I must announce.

{BGM End}

Teacher: Well, let her in.

Reira: Okay.

*door opening*

Reira: Huh? Who is this person? And it doesn't seem like she's a transfer student...


Teacher: This girl is a teacher in practice, and she will be your homeroom teacher starting today. She is Ms. Misya.

Reira: Huh? Teacher, this is the first time I've heard of something like this.

Teacher: Huh? Hehehe, I'm such a careless teacher to have forgotten about it! Ahahahaha!

Raina: Ugh... This guy smiling is giving me the creeps...

Teacher: Well then, shall we see how she does in her first day?

Misya: Umm, I'm a teacher in practice, and I will be your mathematics teacher starting today. My name is Misya. Pleased to meet you.

Orika: Eh? So she's Missy Misya?

Reira: How rude!

Misya: Don't mind it. I actually feel more at ease like this, so please call me however you want.

Teacher: Hahahaha! Missy Misya!?

{BGM: Tick-Tock Man}

Teacher: It's said that we humans don't possess magic, but well, shall we begin our funny-fun math class!? First, all the kids who did their math homework can turn it in now! Your teacher is going to give you all gold stars!

{End BGM}


{metal placed on a table}

Raina: *sigh* I'm beyond exhausted... Good thing it's time for a meal...

Reira: I'm the same... I don't know why we got a new teacher, or better said why our old teacher turned into a completely different person. But with that juvenile demeanor, of course he became something of a hero for you now, huh?

Raina: Are peaceful math classes so hard?

Reira: I don't really think so, but... By the way, where did Orika go?

*running and gasping*

Orika: Sorry to make you wait!

Reira: Where did you run off to?

Orika: I went to see the teacher to turn my homework in.

Raina: You finished it already!?

Orika: I'm a girl that can do anything!

Reira: No, you're a girl that does well when she applies herself!

*tray on table*

Orika: Huh? What're you talking about?

Reira: That's what the teacher said. But wasn't he acting weird today?

Raina: Well, normally he acts all "We'll approach the unknowns, and those who don't get math might as well die trying!" That's what you meant?

Orika: "Harase, you forgot your homework again?" Kinda like that, right?

Raina: Hmm, but you're like that too, you know? Orika?

Reira: But I really wonder what could have happened... Ah!


Miu: (Something could appear at the school tomorrow!)


Orika: Huh? What happened, Reira?

Reira: Huh? No, it's nothing.

Raina: Well, that scary Teach has turned into a nicer one, so isn't that good? He's gotten very aloof too.

Reira: You might be right about that, but...

Orika: Ah, I know! I bet it's because of Missy Misya!

Reira: Huh? Miss Misya?

Orika: You know Missy Misya's still a student, right? So he wants to show his nicer side to a younger girl!

Raina: Can the teacher even think about such stuff?

Orika: Wouldn't you if you were in his place, Raina?

Raina: Don't compare me with the teacher.

Misya: You three seem to be quite the good friends.

Reira: Eh? Huh? Ah, Miss Misya!

Misya: Good morning, Togasaki, Motomiya, Harase.

Orika: You already memorized our names, Missy Misya?

Misya: You three are special. Motomiya and Harase, you two have quite the reputation of getting detention all the time.

Raina: I knew that's what we'd be famous for...

Orika: And what about Reira?

Misya: About Togasaki, I just remembered her because she was so cute.

Reira: Huh!?

Misya: Just kidding!

{BGM: The Sunset Glow is Bright Red}

Misya: You are one of the two very rare exceptional students we have in the classroom.

Reira: So that's why I stand out? Sorry for having taken that seriously.

Misya: It's fine. I like having lively students.

Reira: *sigh*

Misya: Can I sit here?

Reira: Ah, yes. Please go ahead.

Misya: Thank you.

*plate on table*

Reira: So, what do you think about our school?

Misya: It seems like a very enjoyable place. Especially because it has children as fun as you.

Reira: I feel like that's being directed especially at me. But well, if you ever need anything, please call me!

Misya: *giggle* You're quite the nice girl, huh? Well, I'll take you up on that offer, as I wish to ask you something. I actually heard right as lunchtime began that there was a problematic student in this school. Do you have any ideas about who could that person be?

Raina: Agh, sorry...

Misya: Excepting you two.

Reira: Hmm, may that have been about one of the science club members?

Misya: What kind of person is that student?

Reira: It's a girl that got special facilities installed into the clubroom and that collects chainsaws.

Raina: Oh, wasn't Midoriyama the one that got found doing that three times during three years?

Orika: Wasn't there a rumor about Ayatane being the one doing that?

Misya: Are those the only kind of students that exist here?

Reira: They're just a handful! I wouldn't be here if that was the case!

Misya: I-I see... But just like I thought, problem students are mostly boys, correct?

Reira: Well, yes. As for problematic girls, aside of the one from the science club we just mentioned, the only one I can think of is my younger sister.

Misya: Sister? You have a sister, Togasaki? But it's somewhat unexpected to learn she is a problematic student.

Reira: She's a hikikomori, so she spends every single day shut in a dark room collecting occultism stories.

Misya: And she never gets out from it either, right?

Reira: Yes... She's always been locked up in her room ever since she stopped attending school.

Misya: Huh? So it has been for quite some time, huh?

Reira: It's all because the teachers said there was no problem with that as long as she kept getting good grades... And...

Misya: You are worried about her?

Reira: Yes...

Misya: I see... (I might... actually be able to use this girl...)

{BGM End}

Reira: Miss Misya?

Misya: Ah... Well, may I try talking to your sister?

Reira: Eh!? Are you serious, Miss Misya?

Misya: I'm still a teacher in training, so once my trial period ends, I will be forced to bid farewell to this school. So I thought I could try to have a nice chat with her for a while.

Reira: Oh...

Misya: Besides, I'm very interested too in what kind of girl your sister is, Togasaki.

Raina: Reira, what're you gonna do?

Reira: (What should I do? It's true that maybe Miss Misya could be able to have a pleasant conversation with Miu, but...)

Orika: Let's take her up on it, Reira.

Reira: Orika... But...

Orika: You're always thinking you'd like Miu to come back to school too, right?

Reira: Y-Yeah, you're right about that, but...

Orika: And both me and Raina want Miu to come back to school soon too!

Reira: Orika...

Raina: Yeah... Well, Reira, let's do it.

Reira: *sigh*

Misya: Is it no good?

Reira: Miss Misya, would you please talk to my younger sister?

Misya: *gasp* Are you fine with it?

Reira: I want to get Miu to come back to school.

{BGM: The Sunset Glow is Bright Red}

Reira: So help us, please, Miss Misya.

Misya: Okay, leave it to me. Well then, tell Miu that I'll meet her tomorrow after school.

Reira: Okay!

Orika: After school?

Misya: Tomorrow I have work to do on the PC. Besides, it would be better to do it after all students have gone home.

Orika: Yeah, you're right! And it's true I could go there too...

Raina: Orika?

Orika: Let's go tell Miu while on the way back home!

Reira: Yes, you're right. (Though telling her that may be very problematic...)

Track 5 - Scene 5: Let's Fly Off to the Outer World[]

Reira: And so, we want you to come to school with us tomorrow!

Miu: Fine.

Reira: Huh!?

Miu: I'll go to school.

Raina, Orika & Reira: Seriously!?

Reira: Were you missing going to school so badly!?

Miu: I hate studying. Plus, even if I'm getting called a hikikomori, I've actually been going out for walks a lot. You never saw me because I do that while you're at school.

Raina: So you hate it? But how you're doing homework so easily then?

Miu: That I hate it and that I can do it have nothing to do with each other.

Reira: So it's just because you're being selfish!

Orika: Now, now! She's already said she's coming to school tomorrow! Isn't that good enough?

Reira: *sigh* I know she's got her reasons, but still... That's a pretty big first step to take, huh?

Raina: Yeah! Ah, by the way, something amazing happened at school today! You know the math teacher, right?

Miu: Yeah. What about him?

Raina: Well, he became so cheery that he seemed like a wholly different guy! He even went and greeted us all with a "good mooorning!", you know?

Miu: Out of the blue?

Raina: Yeah! You're sure to see him doing that while you're at school tomorrow!

Miu: Sis, what happened to the doll you showed me yesterday?

Reira: Ah... I forgot to return it...

*getting doll out from backpack and putting it on a table*

Reira: There was so much stuff going around...

Miu: This doll was broken yesterday, right?

Reira: I didn't break it! I just made it fall!

Miu: And the teacher became a different person today, and a teacher in practice came for who knows why, huh? How suspicious...

Reira: What is suspicious? I remember you said this doll was for sealing evil spirits or something like that. As if anything like evil spirits existed.

Miu: Look at how both events fell into place after each other! Don't you think it's strange?

Raina: Now you mention it, it really seems weird...

Miu: And that teacher is acting the complete opposite of how he always had!

Raina: What that means then? That the evil spirit the doll was sealing is--!

Orika: Raina! Let's go home already! It's gonna get dark!

Raina: Huh? B-But we've just arrived here and...!

Orika: Don't make Miu don't want to go to school. She has to meet the teacher in practice, remember?

Raina: Ah, sorry...

Orika: So having said that, sorry everyone. I have to get home!


Reira: I have to phone Miss Misya, so wait a bit while I do that, Miu.

{BGM: Your Feelings}

Orika: See you at school tomorrow, Miu!

Miu: Okay...

Orika: I'll be waiting for you! It'd be absolutely awful if you didn't show up...

*steps. door closing*

*phone ringing*

Misya: Good evening. Who is it?

Reira: Good evening. It's Togasaki.

Misya: Ah, Togasaki, I was waiting for your call! So, how did it go?

Reira: Very well! She has said she will be going to school tomorrow!

Misya: Great! I was a bit anxious, as I didn't know what I would do if she refused!

Reira: Well, I'd have taken the night to let the issue cool down a bit, and leave it for tomorrow.

Misya: Well done anyway. Now it's time for me to do my best, right?

Reira: Yeah.

Misya: Well then, see you tomorrow.

Reira: Ah, Miss Misya!

Misya: Yes? What is it?

Reira: Um... I'm sorry.

Misya: Why are you apologizing?

Reira: Because... When you said that you wanted to talk to Miu, I got worried... Since you're not a full teacher yet...

Misya: Don't worry about it.

Reira: But... There was no other teacher else aside of you that told me that before... So Miss Misya, please take good care of Miu!

Misya: I'm getting worried, as you're going so far to ask me to look out for her.

Reira: I don't think that will change no matter how many days pass. But when I heard you were holding my sister in your thoughts, I thought I had found a reliable friend. Not one like Raina and Orika, but an adult friend in which I could place my trust.

Misya: No... I-I'm not...

Reira: Ah, sorry! I've said too much! Please take good care of her tomorrow!

Misya: W-Wait, Reira! Um... I want to tell you one last thing... If Miu happens to greatly change after she has talked with me, what would you think?

Reira: If it allows her to live a normal life, I'd be okay with it. Besides, no matter how much she changes, she'll always be my little sister!

Misya: I see...

Reira: Well, Miss Misya, excuse me.

*phone being hanged*

Track 6 - Scene 6: First Time Going to School in a Long Time[]

*chatter. door knocking. door opening*

Misya: Ah, Togasaki! You came early, I see!

Reira: Yes! Raina, Orika and my sister are heading this way now.

Misya: I see. I'm looking forward to meeting her! It'd be great if she was cute girl like you though.

Reira: M-Miss Misya?

Misya: *chuckling* Just kidding.

Reira: U-Umm... I want to say something that may sound strange, but please ignore it if you wish.

Misya: Something strange?

Reira: Yes. My sister really likes to dabble into occult stuff.

Misya: Yes, you told me about that yesterday.

Reira: Yes, but she said that it seems like something strange has been happening lately at the school...

Misya: Huh? And what do you think about it, Togasaki?

Reira: I don't think there's anything strange going here! There's always something fun going on, and there are fun people like you here too, Miss Misya!

Misya: I see...


Reira: Ah! Thanks, Orika!


Reira: Miss Misya! This is Miu. She's my sister.

Miu: I'm Miu Togasaki. Pleased to meet you.

Misya: Y-You are... completely unlike your sister, huh? I'm the teacher in practice, Misya. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Reira: Well, Orika, Raina... Wait in the classroom while me and Miu talk to Miss Misya, okay?

Orika: Ah... Okay.

Misya: Ah, no... There are a few things I'd like to talk with Miu in private, so could you wait in the classroom as well, Togasaki?

Miu: Sis... Weren't you going to talk with her too?

Misya: You don't have to feel so uneasy. Everything will be fine. I just want to talk with you for a while.

Reira: Okay. If Miss Misya says that, I have no problem with leaving.

Miu: Sis...!

Reira: I'll come to pick you up later, okay?

Miu: Ugh... okay...

Misya: Come, let's go in.

*steps. door opening and closing*

Raina: Are you okay with leaving Miu alone like that?

Reira: She's with Miss Misya.

Raina: But... Miu looked so uneasy...


Reira: But she has to bear that for a little. She's really got to change to have a better future.

Raina: Y-You might be right about that, but...

{BGM: Malta Living}

Teacher: Class! Who would think we'd meet in a place like this!

Raina: Ah, Teach!


Teacher: Do you have any business with me? Then you should go ahead and tell me! Fiiiire away!!

Reira: It's not that! It's just that Miss Misya is talking to my younger sister, and that's why we're here!

Teacher: I see! So she's talking with your younger sister, Togasaki? Then you shouldn't interfere! Weren't you intending to wait until they finished anyway?

Orika: Nah, she told us to wait in our classroom!

Teacher: That's perfect! Then your teacher can finally give you a funny-fun lesson in the meantime!

Raina: Ehh!? Are you serious!?

Teacher: Your teacher has a great problem with you if you happen to think that your teacher is terrible enough to not get promoted anymore... As that's not the case at all!

Raina: That's not what I meant...

Teacher: Really? Sorry about that then! Ahahaha! So Togasaki if you like, I could support you, Motomiya and Harase. What you think about it?

Reira: Really? It'd be terrible if you couldn't continue getting promotions.

Teacher: Then it's settled! Let us hurry! Harase, let's race to the classroom! Ahahaha!

Raina: Hey, getting a head start is cheating!

{End BGM}

Reira: Let's go, Orika.

Orika: Okay. Hey, Reira, if Miu started coming to school from tomorrow on, what'd you think?

Reira: That's similar to a question Miss Misya asked me. I wouldn't really think much about it if she started doing so, as that would happen just because Miu decided things would be like that.


Orika: I see! But Miu wouldn't be the one who decided to do it...


Track 7 - Scene 7: My School Was Cursed[]

Raina: Agh... It's no use...

Orika: It's all gobbledygook to me too!

*passing pages*

Reira: Argh, look here, Raina. You just have to use this formula.

Raina: Huh? I've never seen formula before!

Reira: You should have learned it last year! And you Orika... you aren't even looking at the right page! You still haven't learned that?

Orika: Er, yeah?

Teacher: Hahahaha! Would you like to be a teacher next year, Togasaki? Ahahaha! I'm sure you'd make a fine one!

Reira: I'm just a student and I get exhausted just from thinking about having to do this every day, so I'll respectfully decline.

Reira: (I wonder if Miu is okay... She's been all uneasy ever since I broke that doll... But that's just because the things Miu knows about occultism make her think like that... )

Raina: Agh... I don't get it... Reira, explain this to me too please.

Reira: You should get a general idea if you take a look at everything I've got in my notebook. Anyway, I'll be going to the restroom for a while.

*steps. door opening and closing*

Reira: (I decided to leave it in Miss Misya's hands. While I'm not being a doting mother, am I being spoiling her too much as an older sister?)

*steps. weird noises*

Reira: It's bit dark over here...

{BGM: Whispers}

Reira: Everyone's gone home by now... It gives me a bad feeling...

Reira: (I know we had to stay even after it got dark... But could it be true there are ghosts roaming around? No, no! Of course that's not possible! I have to go to where Miu is...!)

Reira: Kyah!


Reira: Ow... I'm sorry! I was in a hurry and--!

*ghostly noises*

Reira: Huh...!?

Reira: (I phased right through this person!)

(BGM: Wriggling Premonition)

Reira: Agh! Nooooo!

*ghost noises. running*

Reira: G-Get away from me! Don't come here! Don't come! Don't come! DON'T COME!!

*door opening*

Orika & Raina: Aaaaahhhh!!


Reira: R-Raina! Orika! I-I j-just saw a ghost...!!

*ghost noises*

Reira: T-They were in the classroom too!

Raina: Run away, Reira!

Reira: Aren't you coming with me!?

Raina: Look down! It's because of that!

Reira: I don't care! Just hurry! Ah... Miu is...


Teacher: liTtlE BirDs... whY Are yOu rUnNing AwaY? aNd i juSt hAd StARteD tEaChING yoU...

Reira: Is that... the teacher?

Raina: He started acting weird ever since these things started showing up!

Orika: What should we do?

Reira: I have to find Miu now!


Raina: Great! Looks like they haven't gotten to the higher floors yet!

Reira: Miu! Miu, come out! Miu!!

*door opening*

Reira: Huh?


Raina: What's this!? The windows are all broken and the classroom is all a mess!

Reira: Miu... where are you!? Miu! Raina, she's not here!

Raina: Yeah... Reira, let's go!

Reira: But Miu is...

Raina: She's with Miss Misya! She's gonna be fine, yeah?

Orika: You two, hurry!

Raina: Reira!

Reira: Okay!

Raina: Ok, let's go down through the stairway opposite to this room!


Reira: (Is this... my fault? Did this happen because I broke that doll?)


Reira: (Do evil spirits exist for real?)

*ghost sounds*

Raina: They're over there too!?

Orika: What should we do? We're surrounded!

*opening door*

Miu: Over here.

Reira: Miu!

Miu: We have no time! Hurry!

{End BGM}

Reira: I'm so glad! You're okay, right?

Miu: At least for now.

Raina: *gasping* But... What're we gonna do now? We're gonna get caught by these things at this rate...!

Miu: It's fine. I've got a bunch of protective charms I bought via mail order, so they won't be able to enter this place so easily.

Raina: Why you've got that stuff?

Miu: Maybe Sis knows why.

Reira: It's... because I broke that doll, right?

Miu: How many times I told you that!?

Reira: Who'd be thought that something as unrealistic as this could happen!?

Orika: Oh, yeah! What about Missy Misya?

Miu: Maybe she'll be coming here any moment...

Reira: Any moment...? No way! You're telling us she left this room!? She's going to get caught by them and--!

Miu: You're wrong!

Misya: So this is where you were hiding.

Miu: Ugh!

Misya: So this is where you were hiding.

Reira: Miss Misya?

Raina: But where's her voice coming from?

Misya: Uhuhu...


Misya: Charms with such a lowly amount of power are useless against me.

Orika: She came out from the wall!

Reira: Miss Misya...!

{BGM: Whisper}

Misya: Remember what you did previously, huh? Little Miu? It really was painful.

Raina: What did you do, Miu?

Miu: I recited the spell in one of the charms.

Reira: So then... Miss Misya's actually... what that doll was...!?

Misya: Ah, so you knew about the Hama doll? It's just what you think: you were the one who awakened me from my slumber, Reira.

Reira: No... Then you're... an evil spirit!?

Misya: Well, aren't you rude. I'm not an evil spirit or anything.

Miu: Who was the one who tried to possess my body then?

Misya: I think I can be allowed that much. After all, you spend your lives having such fun times all because of me. I was the one that was sacrificed to placate the catastrophe that was ravaging this land.

Reira: Sacrificed?

Misya: It happened a long time ago though. However, I finally was released and got another chance to live as a human being. And I just needed to get a hold of that girl's body.

Raina: You think we're gonna let you do that!?

Misya: Oh, are you planning to get in my way?

Raina: You think we're gonna let an evil spirit like you do whatever they want!?

Misya: Such a good and energetic child... But...


Raina: Aaaaghhhh!!

Reira: Raina!

Misya: He is fine. I just made him fall unconscious for a little while.

Reira: How awful. Why you've done something like that!?

Misya: Ugh...

Reira: I thought you were the very first person that showed concern to Miu and that was going to be a friend I could trust in, Miss Misya!

Misya: Stop.

Reira: It's a lie you're an evil spirit, right? You're not really an evil spirit, Miss Mi--!

Misya: Shut up! Stop already! I'm not a human!

{BGM: Sigh of Town}

Misya: It's obvious I could never actually show concern for any human! I was only deceiving you, Reira! Don't say I'm your friend or anything like that!

Reira: Miss Misya...

Misya: Do you understand now? So stop already. Please...

Miu: Are you seriously an evil spirit?

Misya: How many more times do I have to say it!?

Miu: You're in pain. Suffering and agonizing so much over what a person says... yet you seriously say you're an evil spirit?

Misya: That's... That's... because it was Reira the one saying that, and she was who let me out...

Miu: But you clung to my sister to possess my body. You're contradicting yourself!

Misya: That's because...

Miu: Because what?

Misya: Shut up... Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!! I know that without you telling me! I don't want to do horrible things! But... but... I want to be human again! I want to get out and live as a human! So... So... I'll take over your body!

Reira: You won't!


Misya: That doll!

Reira: I'll use it to seal you again! You won't get your hands on Miu!

Misya: You think it can actually seal me after it got broken?

Reira: It's good enough to me if it can at least stall you.

Miu: Sis, throw it at her!

Reira: Okay! Take thi--!

*strike. fall*

Reira: Ugh...


Reira: Aaagh!

Miu: Sis!!

Orika: Reira!

Reira: Ouch...

Orika: Give it up, Reira. Don't get in Missy Misya's way.

Reira: Orika...?

Miu: No way... Is Orika being controlled already?

Orika: Huh? Me? Missy Misya, you've got a pretty poor endgame, you know? And after all the trouble I went through to help you.

Miu: Wh-what are you saying?

Orika: Can't you feel it coming from the lockers?

*locker doors banging*

Orika: They were so desperate to get to you, Miu!

Miu: Ugh! Feels like there are so many of them...

Orika: Hihihi, so for now, I'll destroy this doll.

*doll being smashed and kicked into the floor*

Reira: Orika, why're you doing this!?

Orika: Hihihi! Oh, I've found it!

Miu: An orb?

Orika: There was a jade orb inside this doll, see? You didn't know it was there, right? It's so pretty! But...

*orb rolling on the ground*

{BGM: Conspiracy}

*orb being shattered*

Orika: It's been finally smashed... Uhu... Ahahahaha! Ahahaha! Ahahaha!

Reira: Orika? What happened to you!?

Miu: Someone.. is controlling this girl!

*ghost sound*

Misya: Uhuhu... Congratulations...

Reira: That voice...


*stepping on doll remains*

???: Huu... I am finally free after so many centuries.

Reira: A person came out from the orb...!

???: Well done, you woman... You may fall asleep now.


Orika: Ugh...


Reira: Orika!

Misya: No, she's wearing a priestess garb... Sis!

Priestess: How many centuries has it been, Misya? Aren't these two pitiful? I am a Priestess. The same Priestess who drove away the catastrophes several hundred years ago.

Reira: You're the same as Miss Misya?

Priestess: I intended to remain silent and observe the situation for a little more time, but I really did not care for your attempts to reseal Misya.

Misya: Why... are you here...?

Priestess: I have been watching over you. I desired yet another sacrifice like myself, and thus I was looking for it. During the long time I spent sealed, your attachments to the world of the living made you into something similar to an evil spirit, and thus I continued observing you.

Misya: I never noticed it...

Priestess: My seal was placed through a great amount of willpower, so someone with a piddling amount of power could have never noticed my presence. It was inevitable you never noticed me. Well then, shall we place you into a human body and show them our moving reunion?

Miu: You're after my body too!?

Priestess: Huhuhu... While you would be a desirable prospect, you already belong to Misya.


Reira: My body feels...

Priestess: I will make your body mine now.

Misya: Reira's body!?

Priestess: They are both sisters as well. Don't you remember?

{BGM: At the Other Side of Memories}

Priestess: While it was for a short time, we still spent many days as sisters.

Misya: I haven't forgotten about it. You played with me every day, didn't you?

Priestess: Huhuhu... Since we slept for so long in there, we do not know how it is having a true body, and I do not know anything about men. Therefore, I destroyed the doll Misya was sealed in and I will now attain the body of the older sister. But if we take this man into account, no problems should remain now.

Misya: *gasp*

Priestess: Come now, Misya. Let us be like sisters once again... no, do you not want to enjoy a fulfilling life at my side as true sisters?

Reira: I won't let you do that!

Priestess: So lively. However, what can you do?

Reira: Agh!

*piling wood pieces*

Priestess: Oh my... know your place!


{BGM: Loki}

Reira: Ugh... my body hurts...

Miu: Forget about it! Run away!

Priestess: Such a beautiful sisterly relationship... However, there is nothing you can do against me.



Reira: Agh...! Auughh!

Priestess: Having someone take over your body must feel quite terrible.


Priestess: So... I shall make you lose consciousness for just a little time. But well, it is not like you will ever be regaining consciousness though.

Reira: Aagh! Aughh! Aagh!

Miu: Sis!


Priestess: You should just go to sleep as well!


Reira: Uggh... aghh...

Priestess: Hmm... Uhuhuhuhu... Ahahahaha! Yes, Misya! First I shall give you a body! You can get it whenever you wish now! And I will do it a second time to gain a body of my own!


Reira: Aaghh... Aghh..

Misya: Stop!


Priestess: Wha-What...!?

Reira: *cough* *cough*

Priestess: Misya...

Reira: Miss Misya...?

Priestess: Ugh... What does this mean!?

Misya: Please... don't harm this girl!

Priestess: Why now?

Misya: Why? That's because... W-Well, let's do this: I'll forget about getting a body, so you can use Miu's body however you wish!

Priestess: What idiocy are you spouting now? Up until now you were trapped and suffering, and now you finally have a chance to gain freedom, you say you are intending to let it escape you just like that!?

Misya: I'll search for another girl. So please, don't touch Reira!

Reira: Why...? Why you're letting me go...?

Priestess: You say you are intending to let such a splendid opportunity go to waste? If what you are saying is that you plan to let such a wonderful body go, can I ask what in the world you have in that head of yours!?

Misya: Even if it's not Reira's body, as long as we can find a human's body--!

Priestess: I have been watching over you for such a long time. I ought to grant your wish. I do not care if that involves even using pawns like these girls! It was in this way that I created the greatest opportunity for you, so why...? Why must I be the only one? I thought you wanted to remain as my little sister, so that was why I decided to make you capable of obtaining a body first! And you are now willing to throw all that away!?

Misya: Enough... That's too much... To think you would do this for the few days we spent together...

Priestess: That is not the case. I have thought this way for the many centuries I have been watching over you. Are you saying I would protect a little girl I barely knew for only a day!?

Misya: ...!

Reira: *ragged breathing*

Priestess: Enough... Further talking is pointless. Move aside! Once I possess this girl, the problem shall be solved!

Misya: Ugh...! Please, don't touch Reira!

Priestess: I am telling you to move aside!

Misya: Why won't you listen!?



Priestess: Agh! Wha-What are you doing!? Let me go! Let me go!!

Misya: Forgive me... for not noticing you were watching over me... But... I can't let you hurt this girl!


Reira: What's this light...? Miss Misya, what are you going to do!?

Priestess: Kgh! Absurd... Are you intending to challenge me to a fight!?

Misya: I don't want to because you were protecting me... So I'll seal you. None of us will be getting a body.

Priestess: Ngh! How preposterous... I possess powers far greater than yours!

Misya: The gap between our powers is close enough that I can seal you!

*light beams*

Priestess: Agh! How ridiculous...! Why, Misya!?

Misya: I'm sorry...

Priestess: Egh... no, no... NO!!!

*light disappears*

Misya: *gasping*


Reira: Mi-Miss Misya...!

Misya: Ngh... Run away... I'm trying to keep that woman away...

Reira: Why...? Why did you do that!? Why did you push yourself so far to protect us!?

Misya: That's... because...

Reira: Why!?

Misya: Because... of what you said... That I am...

Reira: Huh?

Misya: Don't worry about me... Yes... Hurry and run away!

Reira: But I can't just run away with you like this... Miss Misya!

Miu: What're you saying, Sis!?

Reira: Miu!

Miu: You seem weakened.

Misya: I might seem like that...

Miu: Yeah. Now you're like that, I can easily finish you off with my charms. Both you and the Priestess.

{BGM: Phosphorescence}

Reira: Miu, Miss Misya protected us!

Miu: She only protected you! I'm still her target, I'm not?

Misya: Kgh... Yes... Once Reira was safe... I'd have gone after your body!

Reira: *gasp*

Miu: Oh, yeah? In that case...!

Reira: Stop! Miu!


Reira: A Hama doll... Miu, where did you get...?

Miu: It's a stuffed replica of the doll. I bought it via mail order, but it should be very effective for this occasion.

Misya: Kgh... What you plan... to do with it...?

Miu: No one else can keep away the Priestess but you. But if I drove you away with this doll...

Reira: But you don't have to drive Miss Misya away too...

Miu: Yeah... But if we leave her like this, the Priestess will come out again. So we have to seal her. You want to erase the Priestess too, don't you?

Misya: Ugh...

Miu: You must decide what you'll do now.

Misya: Yes... What should I do...?


Track 8 - Scene 8: Ending?[]

Reira: A week went by since the ghosts appeared. Everything went back to normal, or better said, our lives went back to how they used to be.

Teacher: Harase! Motomiya!

*desk slam*

Teacher: You failed the short test again! Why are you satisfied with never being able to pass even a single test!?

Raina: No, it's not that...! I thought I was studying very hard, but...!

Orika: Ehh, I failed the test again? It's so super-very-bad!!

Teacher: You two!! Don't you know the concept of reflecting on your mistakes!?

Reira: *sigh* Unbelievable...

Reira: Miss Misya isn't around anymore. At that moment, she chose to seal herself into the Hama doll. The same doll she was supposed to hate and destroy. And when we looked at the class roll next day, she was gone. Not even a single sign of these events remains anymore. And the one that was perhaps the greatest victim in all this, Miu ended up refusing completely to go back to school ever again after all that happened. She ended up becoming a hikikomori even worse than before, and since I made her go, she hasn't talked to me again.

Reira: *sigh* Now I think about it... that was inevitable, huh? Why did Miss Misya save me back then? In the end, I could never find out the reasons she had for what she did in the end, so that question still remains within my mind.

{BGM: Drops}

Miu: Several centuries ago, a girl was sacrificed in the spot where the school is now. However, that girl was unable to accept that end she never desired. After she died, that girl started looking for an adequate person to make into her new body, and she started attacking people. So in the end, the girl that was supposed to become a sacrifice to placate the disasters ended up becoming a disaster herself and was sealed away into a jade orb. But since the people were unable to keep her strong powers in check, they chose another sacrifice and through it, they managed to fully seal her away. In other words, the first sacrifice was the Priestess, while the second one was Misya. Or so it seems at least.

???: Hey, wait!

Miu: It seems that Misya didn't know that she would be sacrificed so her power would seal the Priestess, and in that case, it'd make sense that the Priestess would come to see her as a cute little sister. And that's why she always kept on watching over Misya. So I think this situation couldn't have developed in any other way. They aren't evil spirits; they were just girls that wished to have what was normal for all people.

{BGM: Cirrocumulus Clouds Flowing}

Miu: That's what my research ended up showing. The answer to which I arrived to in my own way.

???: Hey, Miu!

Miu: What?

???: What have you been doing since a while ago?

Miu: Researching. But it has already come to an end.

???: Ah, I see. Hmm, in that case you should just leave that ill-feeling seal alone. We don't know what could come out from it!

Miu: So it seems you found some use for that imitation stuffed doll, huh?

Misya: I can't do anything aside of talking. It's pretty unpleasant to me!

Miu: But you've got a conversation partner now.

Misya: It's not that! I'm still planning to steal your body!

Miu: I see.

Misya: Then why didn't you try to harm or get rid of me?

Miu: Because you didn't seem too bad of a person to me.

Misya: Huh!?

Miu: You protected Sis, right? Why did you do that?

Misya: Ugh... that was...

Miu: I won't let you ever get bored again if you tell me.

Misya: B-Because... I mean... Reira was the one who let me out, you know? I'd never be able to lay a finger on someone who helped me!

Miu: *sigh*

Misya: W-What!?

Miu: You've got some other reason, right?

Misya: T-That's because...

Reira: (I thought I had found a reliable friend.)

Misya: (I couldn't do anything else after she said that to me...)

Miu: Why?

Misya: It was just because I wanted to! Out of my own whims! There's nothing more to it!

Miu: I see... Hehehe...

Misya: Now what!? That laugh is creepy...

Miu: I'm just happy.

Miu: (Looks like my hypothesis was correct.)


Track 9 - But Was It a Fearsome Tenacity?[]

Lyner: Ah, that was fun!

Shurelia: So you made this story in such a short time?

Mir: Yeah. I've got quite a lot of material at my disposal with this same kind of depth.

Lyner: Amazing! So that means you've got a lot of other stories we can play through, right?

Mir: Y-You really enjoyed it that much?

Lyner: Yeah! It was a one-shot, but the pacing was very fun too!

Shurelia: Thank you, Mir. It was very interesting after all.

Mir: Umm... Agh, don't get so happy about it...! I've got many stories that are far better than this one!

Lyner: Seriously!? Okay! Lady Shurelia, please!

Shurelia: Okay. Since we haven't got such an opportunity in some time, I'd like to enjoy another one too.

Lyner: Great! Ah, by the way, about that last story, Mir... that Aurica at the very end was ridiculously scary!

Shurelia: Indeed. Aurica was very scary at that point.

Mir: Huh?

Shurelia: And the Priestess character that showed up afterwards... The fact that you kept her completely hidden until the very end... made for a very surprising reveal when she finally showed up, huh?

Mir: But that character... Didn't she show up because you hacked the story...?

Shurelia: I would never do something like that! And I was as surprised as everyone else when she appeared!

Mir: Ugh...

Lyner: And this may be the first time someone we don't know has showed up during a Dive... Was she modeled after someone you know, Mir?

Mir: I don't know her...

Lyner: ...Huh?

Mir: I've never seen a girl like her...

Lyner: What do... you mean?

Priestess: Do you want to play again?

{BGM: The Melting Morning Dew}

Shurelia: Huh!?

Priestess: Huhu... Ehehehe... Ahahaha...

Lyner: Egh... Umm... We did wake up from the Dive, right?

Shurelia: Ah... haha... haha... S-Surely, we're exhausted from Diving for too long... There's no mistaking it... Let's rest a little! A-And it's just your imagination! I-I'm not hearing a voice or anything!!

Lyner: I-I see, right? Ah, yeah! This is my Funbun-eating day, so let's go! Let's make haste!


Lyner: Ouch... Please don't hit me on the shoulder.

Shurelia: That wasn't me!

Mir: It wasn't me either!

Lyner: T-Then... Whose hand is...?

Priestess: Huhuhu... Will you play... with me?

Shurelia: Ehh!?

Lyner & Shurelia: Kyyaaaahhh!!

Bonus Track: Shurelia's and Lyner's Comments[]

Masahide: Hi, I'm here again everyone!

Sakai: Hi, everyone!

Masahide: Are you all fine over there?

Sakai: And you're misspeaking from the very start!

Masahide: I haven't misspoken at all!

Sakai: Yeah!

Masahide: I'm Lyner's voice actor, Masahide Fude.

Sakai: And... It was great job!

Masahide: Yeah, it was!

Sakai: And I'm Shurelia's voice actor, Sakai Kanako, who got fully satisfied and ultra-happy this time, working on Lady Shurelia's CD!

Masahide: Fully satisfied and ultra-happy?

Sakai: Yeah, I did.

Masahide: But well... yeah, sorry. Lady Shurelia, umm... your voice as her really stands out, as it's so lively and energetic. Or at least it sounds like that, huh?

Sakai: Yeah, it's all thanks to how she feels like she's all tsunderedere.

Masahide: Pfft! Tsunderedere, huh!?

Sakai: Yeah. Hehe. And this time, while Lady Shurelia has another facet: little Reira, we could give her a greater time in the limelight.

Masahide: And how you think it turned out? Hey, wait a sec. As for tsunderes like the ones that are so liked now, I think it'd be surprising if they tried inviting one to a date or going watch a movie, right?

Sakai: Hey! Yeah. Hmm. It'd be from time to time. Yeah, I think so.

Masahide: Hmm...

Sakai: And it was pretty interesting to those who played through Ar tonelico to see the connections that were all around, right?

Masahide: Yeah. Well, this drama was the Shurelia volume dedicated to the third heroine, right?

Sakai: Yeah!

Masahide: Which means they had a lot of time to do it, huh?

Sakai: Hehehe!

Masahide: Hehe...

Sakai: Who did!? Who!?

Masahide: No one you need to worry about!

Sakai: What!? You've got me so intrigued meow!

Masahide: Hehe! And well, everyone, I hope you'll continue supporting Ar tonelico in the future!

Sakai: Please do!

Masahide: We've got no more time, so this was Masahide Fuse!

Sakai: And this was Sakai Kanako! Bye bye!

Masahide: Bye bye!