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Track 1: Scene 1 - Beginning[]

{BGM: Conspiracy}

Misha: I was very glad to have met Lyner again, even though it was for a very short time. After we escaped Firefly Alley, we were very relieved. But Tenba... no, Bourd stubbornly followed us. And then...

*wind sounds*

Aurica: No, it's enough already! Lemme go, or you're gonna fall too!

Lyner: I can't do that!

Misha: Lyner!

Lyner: Ughh... Ahh...!


Lyner & Aurica: Aaaaahhhh!!


Misha: Lyner!!

Bourd: Okaaay, that's victory for ya! Bwahaha, okay guys, let's back off now!

Radolf: Do you think I'll allow you to do that!?

Bourd: Oh! Shouldn't ya focus in searching for 'em instead of fightin' me?

Radolf: Kgh...!

Bourd: Come, let's go! Misha!!

Misha: I heard you already!


Misha: Please, find Lyner.

Radolf: Okay, leave it to me. I'll find him, no matter what.

Bourd: Don't ya have any church-ish stuff waiting? Congregating apostles, offering prayers, gathering donations...

Misha: Lyner's not gonna die so easily!

Bourd: If he's still alive, next time I see him I'm gonna smash him right before ya!!

Misha: (It's okay... Lyner is alive...)

{Song: Singing Hill - Harmonics EOLIA -}

Misha: (He has to be... There's no chance he'll die like that!)

Bourd: Come! Time to head back, hurry up!

Misha: I know, I know!

Misha: (As soon as he's got a chance, he'll come for me... So... So make sure to come, okay? Lyner!)

Drama CD Ar tonelico: The Girl Who Continues Singing at the End of the World Side Misha

Track 2: Scene 2 - Encounter at Midnight[]


Misha: (Several days went by from the time I was forced to go back to Tenba. I still don't know what happened to Lyner... While I asked the guards about it as if it had nothing to do with me, none among them knew anything...}

{BGM: Whisper}


Misha: No... They're doing their rounds over there...


Misha: (*sigh*... My patience's starting to run out... Ever since I reencountered Lyner, I couldn't stand being separated from him again. It's like he had served as the impetus that made me decide to escape, and that led me to my current situation. But anyway, it didn't seem like he knew that well the girl that fell with him. He acted like that when the Ikaruga went berserk too... why did he decide to get himself in danger to the point of even risking his own life over her?)

Misha: I should only be thinking about myself now! If I get found, things are gonna get very dangerous for me!

Girl1: Ohoho, things are gonna get dangerous for you? If anything's interesting, I'll do it no matter how irritating it gets!

Misha: This isn't a game! Don't joke around! Hmph!

Girl1: What?

{End BGM}

Misha: Aaahh!!

Girl1: Agh!

Misha: Wha-wha-what!?

Girl1: You scared me!

Misha: That's what I should be saying! Why did you show up outta the blue!? D-Damn...

Girl1: Because it looked so fun! What're you doing?

Misha: Huh? Uh... nothing! Nothing at all! O-Okay, see you later!



Misha & Girl2: Agh!!

Misha: Owie...

Girl2: Are you okay? Looks like you dropped right on your behind.

Misha: (This is awful... Looks like she's got friends around...)

Girl2: Are you hurt? Can you stand?

Misha: *gasp* Y-Yeah! I'm fine, completely fine!

Misha: (Ugh... To think this little escape ended up failing so badly...)

Girl2: You're a Reyvateil, right?

Misha: Now I look at you better... you're Reyvateils yourselves too, right?

Girl2: I'm sorry. I didn't think a little girl like you'd be working at Tenba too.

Misha: A... little girl?

Girl1: Ah! Now you mention it, she really looks like a kid!

Girl2: Stop staying up until late!

Misha: H-How rude! I'm not a kid!

Girl1: You're a complete kid!

Misha: Don't judge people from appearances!

Girl1: *gasp* Nah, that's impossible!

Girl2: I think so too.

Misha: (No... Don't do this me... I don't wanna accept this, but as long as I look like this, there's nothing I can do about it... Fine... calm down...)

Misha: U-Umm... I'll get going now! See ya!

Girl1: Trying to run away!?


{BGM: The Melting Morning Dew}

Misha: Ahh! What're you doing!? Let me go!

Girl1: Going to play late at night is the start of delinquency! I can't let that go!

Girl2: Yeah. I get you wanna go out and play, but we can't overlook this.

Misha: Egh... (Calm down... calm down, me!)

Girl1: Come, go back to your room, shorty!

Misha: S-shorty...?

Girl2: Maybe she had a nightmare or something?

Girl1: Then this nice miss will sleep with her! Won't that be fine?

Misha: (This girl... is going to do what with me!?)

Girl1: Kids shouldn't refuse! So, where's your room?

Misha: Listen when someone's talking to you!

Girl1: Why're you angry now?

Misha: Whose fault you think it is!? If you had heard from the beginning instead of calling me kid, shorty and all that, you'd have known I wasn't going to play out late or anything like that!

Girl1: What were you doing then?

Misha: Umm...

Girl1: What you say?

Misha: Well, that was... Umm...

Girl1: No way...! Were you going to creep into another girl's room!?

Misha: I was going out, just going out! Why you only think of weird stuff like that!? Ah!

Girl1: Going out? Eh, going out! What, going OUT!?

Misha: Egh...! U-Umm, I wasn't gonna do that...!

Girl2: Wait a second. You said you were going out. Seriously?

Girl1: You shouldn't go out! You wouldn't do what to do if anything found you!

Misha: And you shouldn't go out of your way to stick your nose in my problems!

{End BGM}

Misha: No! It's the guards!


Girl1: Ah, wait a sec!

Misha: Agh! All that was a lie, all of it! I was just playing around! Hihihi! Nighty night!



Misha: *sigh* That was the worst... To think I'd be found out so quickly, and on top of it I'm beyond exhausted...


Lyner: You're really amazing, right Misha?

Misha: Huh?

Lyner: You know so much, have so much information, and additional you're so energetic too!

Misha: I've made a lot of effort to meet you again Lyner. If I could do many things, I'd be able to support you in many more ways!

Lyner: Huh? For me? ...It's kinda embarrassing, but it really makes me happy.

*end flashback*

Misha: I shouldn't keep it a secret from Lyner...

Misha: (And about the girls from yesterday... it's everything going to be okay? If word got out about how they found me, I won't be able to get away anymore!)


Girl2: Good morning, late-stayer.

Misha: Huh!?

Girl1: Mornin', all-nighter!

Misha: *gasp* You're the girls I met yesterday...!

Girl1: Hmm. I knew it, you're really short.

Misha: Ugh! Stop being so rude!

Girl2: Hey, why are you making her angry now? Do you mind if we sit next to you?

Misha: Suit yourselves.

Girl2: Thank you.

*setting trays on table*

Girl1: Well, the mess hall's packed tight around this time! I was so worried about getting here late!

Misha: Oh yeah? In any case, can you be quiet while we eat?

Girl1: Bon appetit! Aumg... Tasty!!

Misha: Be quiet while you eat! But more than saying that... You got any business with me?

Girl2: No. Hey, eat more slowly!

Girl1: Mmghgmghgmgh! *gulps down* Nice! I always lose out to hunger!

Misha: It didn't look like you lost to me...

Girl1: Nah, you're seeing wrong things!

Girl2: Well, what about first introducing ourselves?

Misha: I refuse.

Girl1: Whoa, what a cold reply! That's bad, you know! Kids should be energetic and happy!

Misha: I'm telling you, I'm not a kid!

Girl2: Hmm... There, there... But we don't know how to call you, so talking to you is pretty difficult.

Misha: And why you wanna talk to me?

Girl2: You were caught by the guards last night, right? Or better said, by us.

Misha: Ugh...

Girl2: Could you tell us your name?

Misha: It's Misha.

Girl2: Misha, right? My name is Maya.

Girl1: And I'm Yuo! Pleased to meetcha!

Misha: So, what? Are you planning to rat me out?

Yuo: I'm gonna stuff myself up!

Maya: So worrying about if we were going to report you was what had you so anxious?

Misha: "It's our orders!" That's what had been worrying me all this time until a moment ago.

Maya: I knew it.

Yuo: It was like seeing a bunch of scaredy cats.

Misha: You’re pretty lenient, huh? But that's not what I was expecting. More importantly, looks like I've caused you a lot of trouble. Sorry about that. You didn't want to do anything bad to me.

Maya: It's fine. Nothing happened after all.

Yuo: Eh, you? It's fine because it's kinda what I said, right?

Misha: What do you mean?

Maya: Ah, that wasn't me, okay? The one that said that was Yuo!

Yuo: Ahahaha... Looks like I'm always rubbing people the wrong way, huh?

Misha: Anyway, I'm glad everything ended well.

Maya: But it seems something bad happened to you... Misha, was it?

{BGM: Peaceful Song}

Misha: Well, yeah. I didn't think I'd get found so quickly.

Yuo: Eh!? But crashing into someone like that make you stand out a lot!

Misha: I was so concentrated on the guards that I didn't pay attention to what was behind me.

Yuo: So you tried to protect yourself so much you left yourself open, huh?

Misha: It really seems like it. But since you were the ones who found me while I was trying to hide so hard, don't tell it to anyone.

Yuo: You got it!

Maya: But why were you trying to get out in the first place? Normally anyone would quit Tenba.

Misha: My circumstances are somewhat special. I didn't get into Tenba just because of my own achievements.

Yuo: Eh? So you're one of these special circumstances people? Well, it's pretty mysterious they let a kid work for Tenba anyway.

Maya: Yeah. We might end up doing some dangerous jobs.

Misha: I've said it many times, but don't treat me like a kid!

Yuo: And like always you won't accept it, huh?

Maya: But you've come to greatly dislike it, right? That's why you don't have other option but to run away.

Misha: Yeah. Besides, there are things I have to do out there.

Yuo: Hmm, it kinda looks like you've madly fallen into love to me.

Misha: And since I've got to do these things, that's why I wanted to get out of here.

Maya: I see. In that case, you should hurry.

Misha: Huh?

Maya: I'll help you.

Misha: You'll help me... to get out of here!?

Maya: It was our fault you failed to escape in the first place. So this is an apology for that. Besides, I tend to stick my nose into other's problems.

Yuo: I've also thought about getting out. It makes sense we'd like to get from a place that's as unpleasant place to us Reyvateils like this, huh?

Maya: You have a reason you must run away for, right? It may not amount to much, but if you think they can help you, wouldn't you want an acquaintance like me to give you a hand?

Misha: Well, you may be right about that, but...

Maya: Then it's decided?

Misha: But you didn't you say you tend to stick your nose into other's problems?

Maya: Yeah. A lot.

Yuo: And I'll say it now in full: I'm sticking with you two!

Maya: I knew it.

Yuo: Leaving your friends behind is so crueeel.

Maya: Ah! It'll be fine! After all, I've been serious ever since I saw her! ...Maybe.

Yuo: I'm extremely serious! Really, really!

Misha: I'm that case, please help me.

Maya: Okay. Leave it to me.

Yuo: I was planning on going along from the beginning!

Maya: So, what time and where should we meet up at?

Misha: Huh?

Maya: Well, weren't you in a hurry?

{End BGM}

Yuo: So you're gonna hurry, huh? Then let's eat up as fast as we can and let's go at full speed!

Misha: I know we have to hurry, but... No way, we're doing it tonight!?

{BGM: Good Night!}

Track 3: Scene 3 - Escaping Again[]


Misha: *sigh* I wonder if everything will be okay after what happened yesterday.

Maya: Well, no one has said anything about you trying to escape. It should be okay.

Yuo: Are you actually a coward?

Misha: I'm just being cautious.

Yuo: But you're the kinda girl who strikes while the iron's hot, huh?

Misha: That's... not completely false. But I don't think I'd be actually striking iron though.

Yuo: Ehh? So you were not gonna strike iron!?

Misha: I'm very anxious now.

Maya: I can't say I understand how you feel, but everything will be okay.

Yuo: Yeah! Even though she looks like this, Maya's actually very strong!

Misha: Why're you talking about her like that?

Yuo: It's nothing! It's just I'm not really good at this magic using stuff!

Misha: In that case, wouldn't they have forced you to Dive and craft magic?

Yuo: Oh, I was. But I still can't use magic at all. And besides, everyone's who Dived didn't like at all what they saw.

Misha: What kind of Cosmosphere you have?

Yuo: Who knows? But I've heard about some people calling it murderer's Cosmosphere. That's why everyone's left it halfway through and why no one Dives with me. It's so painful and sad...

Misha: So the guards I saw yesterday were...

Yuo: That's one of the guys that Dived into me.

Misha: I guessed as much. But are you really that strong?

Maya: Me? Well, I think I'm kinda good. I'm always doing my best to help people.

Yuo: That's why you joined Tenba?

Maya: Yeah. I used to live in Nemo, so I thought about joining the Church... but that place was filled with too a godly atmosphere, that it didn't have actual goals. I actually had a lot of trouble when I left Nemo, as I made my little sister cry a lot.

Misha: Huh? You've got a sister? But Tenba doesn't really have any major goals either, you know?

Maya: But I thought it'd allow me to help more people than if I joined the Church.

{BGM: City in the Sky}

Yuo: But lately she's been seriously thinking about the Church!

Misha: Huh? Really?

Yuo: Maya's becoming a pure-hearted maiden!

Misha: She's becoming what...?

Yuo: Looks like she's falling in love! Ah, right, right! The flames of love have ignited in her heart over Cardinal Radolf! In short, he's the one that makes the fire of love burn in her!

Misha: What!? Radolf?

Maya: H-Hey, Yuo!

Yuo: Ever since he helped her in Karulu Village, she's been all head over heels for him!

Maya: No... Well, umm...

Yuo: Cardinal Radolf... He's like a super-idol to the Reyvateils in Tenba!

Misha: Is that true?

Yuo: Well, you know! He's gotten pretty popular because he treats Reyvateils so nicely! They go all "Lord Ra, Lord Ra, please pat my head, please stroke my cheeks!" And he has other good points too! But well, I'm gonna pass on an old man like him.

Misha: Though he isn't really that old.

Maya: You know Lord Ra?

Misha: I helped him fend off some Tower Guardians, and he let me ride on one of the Church's airships.

Yuo: You fought the Tower Guardians!?

Maya: You rode an airship with him!?

Yuo: Huh!? That's the part you get hung up on?

Misha: And it's not like it was only just us two. Lyner knew Radolf from before, so he let us board the airship.

Maya: Lyner?

Misha: Well, umm... He's kinda like my childhood friend, and my first love...

Yuo: Oh, you're cutely lovey-dovey!

Misha: We actually met up again while he was being kept prisoner in the lab a few days ago. We actually managed to get away together as far as the Floating Wharf.

Yuo: Amazing! So you've got a childhood friend that's also your first love! You were eloping outta love, huh!?

Misha: I'd be glad if it was like that, but Lyner doesn't remember me at all.

Yuo: H-He's the worst! He's a demon who doesn't understand a girl's heart!

Misha: No! I won't let you insult him!

Yuo: Huh?

Maya: But if that happened a few days ago...Wasn't he one of the intruders that destroyed the Ikaruga?

Misha: We were the ones who smashed it.

Yuo: You gotta be lying!

Misha: That wasn't a lie. I actually did it.

{End BGM}

Yuo: But... if you actually fought against something like that...

Misha: Of course I didn't that on my own. Besides, Lyner said he was going to fight it, so I only helped him.

Maya: But the Ikaruga was running out of control, right? If you hadn't stopped it, Firefly Alley would have already plummeted into the Sea of Death.

Misha: But... Bourd found us thanks to that, and I was forced to go back to Tenba for now...

Maya: It must've been terrible...

Yuo: But that Lyner guy's pretty strong, huh!?

Misha: I fought with him, remember?

Yuo: You can use magic, Misha?

Misha: At least I'm better at it than you. I've even made magic through Diving.

Yuo: You've even got him to Dive into you!?

Maya: W-Wait, Misha! But it's too early for him to have Dived into you! Shouldn't you have waited until you grew a little more?

Misha: I've told you this a lot, but don't treat me like a kid. And I'm actually eighteen years old, even though I look like this.

Yuo: E... Eighteen!? Even though you're so little!?

Misha: I know you can't help but be surprised about it, and I'm glad about it, if you ever act like that again, I'm gonna blast you with my magic.

Maya: B-But... eighteen...?

Misha: I don't care if you don't believe me, but stop treating me like a kid already.

Yuo: Gotcha.

Maya: But it's true. I felt as if your whole way of speaking and behavior were more like those of an older girl.


Maya: In that case, it isn't strange at all you could fight the Ikaruga.

Misha: Yeah.

Maya: And the way in which it was destroyed really wasn't something a human alone could have done.

Yuo: It's just what I think, but it's because it was turned to scrap, right? That really made hell for the people who had to repair it!

Maya: Actually, the development branch was talking about making a MK2 instead of repairing it, but looks like they don't actually have the means to remake it since they don't have the parts for the engine anymore.

Misha: Huh? But I didn't think we busted it up so badly...

Yuo: Ah, maybe it's my fault! I ended up throwing away a lot of pieces from pipelines to ports without asking because they were all broken up!

Misha: Hey... so why did you join Tenba?

Yuo: Looking for a job's annoying, and Tenba hires anyone as long as they're Reyvateils, you know? You get a salary, three meals a day and the Life Extending Agent, so I thought it was the best job ever! But now I think I really regret it...

Maya: All Reyvateils around here think that same way too. It's true that most humans in Tenba don't consider us anything more than tools.

Yuo: Yeah. Well, can't do anything about 'em thinking like that.

Misha: Why? Why are you willing to put up with this? You could quit if you wanted!

Yuo: About why...

Misha: Since they're treating the Reyvateils so awfully, why you're putting up with that!?

Maya: It's true... It's just like that.

Misha: Then come with me!

Maya: But... you know, even though I have to suffer through all that mistreatment, I can manage to help a lot of people, as much as time allows me.

Misha: But to let yourself get all hurt for helping others... that sounds so stupid!

Yuo: Hey, Misha... You went too far!

Maya: Yeah, it might seem like that...

Misha: Then--!

Maya: But... If everyone was in trouble and there wasn't anyone who could help them, what think would happen?

Misha: That's... Umm...

Maya: I don't want to see anyone getting hurt. Besides, it makes me happy to do my best for others and to hear them tell me "thanks" afterwards. Don't you think it's worth to continue doing this even if it's just for a small reward like that?

Misha: Are you... like that too?

Yuo: Eh? Ah, well, about me...

Maya: *hushes* Be quiet!


Misha: What?

Maya: Look over there.

{BGM: Wriggling Premonition}


Yuo: Shit, it's filled with Guard Bits.

Maya: This isn't good. We're going to get attacked if they find us.

Yuo: If it were normal guards, we could have gone through this just with greeting 'em or something...

Misha: I think there'd be some problems with that though...

Maya: We'll, let's try going through. They can call reinforcements, so there'd be no end to a fight with them.

*computer sounds*

Yuo: Huh?

{BGM End}

Yuo: B-B-Behind you!! Dodge it!


Yuo: Kyeeh!! It really attacked us!

Misha: Goodness, get serious! To think I'd be getting caught from behind right after yesterday... Agh, how infuriating! I'm gonna get rid of them all at once!

*alarm ringing*

Misha: Egh!

Yuo: No!

Maya: Misha, hurry and get rid of them!

Misha: There's no time to gather enough power for destroying all these!

{BGM: Berserkr}

*grunting and running*

Yuo: There's more and more of them!

Misha: Because the alarm's still ringing!

Yuo: B-But... All the bits in Tenba are gathered here now or what!? Egh, I didn't wanna know that! What we're gonna do now!?

Maya: I think I've got an idea...

Misha & Yuo: Huh?

Maya: We're about to reach the entrance to the pipeline. Once we get there, I'll buy you enough time so you can escape.

Misha: Don't play hero! There's no way you can beat all these things!

Maya: I'll be okay. Once you've gotten away, I'll run away.

Misha: But...!

Maya: Yuo told you, right? I'm actually pretty strong.

Yuo: It's there! That's the pipeline's entrance!

Misha: Are you really going to be okay!?

Maya: Leave it to me!

Yuo: Ah, I-I can't really use anything beyond the basic Flame Shot, but...

Maya: It's enough for me. Well, Misha, do your best.

Misha: Thank you!

Maya: I'm glad I could help you! Let's go, Yuo!

Yuo: O-Okay!

Maya: Egh!

Misha: (I gotta hurry... If I don't, these two...!)


{End BGM}


Misha: ...This is the walkway... And I can't cover my eyes like this...!

{BGM: Vidarr (variation)}

Yuo: What're you doing, Misha!? Hurry and get away!

Maya: Yuo, your magic!

Yuo: Ah, okay!

Maya's Song Magic: Was ki ra walasye chs mea en rasse waats yora pat sos ar ciel.

Yuo: Ughh, hyaah!


Yuo: If it can at least stop 'em...


Yuo: No, it can't!

Maya: Yuo, get away! Hyah!


Maya: I did it?


Maya: Ngh, it's no good...

Misha: It's no use! They're too many! You two, please buy me some time!

Yuo: We told you we'd be fine. Just go already!

Maya: Yuo!!


Yuo: Aaagh!! My hair...!

Maya: Enough...



*song blast*

Maya: Misha's we can't keep doing this any longer! Hurry!

*magic gathering*

Yuo: Uh...? Eh!? Whoa, it's gigantic!!

Maya: What a large magic...! Is she even higher than a B Class...?


Maya: Misha, watch out!


Maya: Agh!!

Yuo: Maya!!

Misha: Ugh...! Get outta my sight!!

*launch. explosion*

Yuo: Whoa!!

{End BGM}

Yuo: Ouch... Wha...!?

Maya: No way...

Misha: I got them all... right?

Yuo: You got 'em all... in a single blow?

Misha: Are you okay, Maya!?

Yuo: Ah...! Maya!!


Maya: I'm ok... Agh...! It hurts... No...

*approaching footsteps*

Misha: No, it's the guards... Yuo, carry Maya!

Yuo: Huh?

Misha: Yuo!

Yuo: Ah, okay!


Misha: I'm done. The wound is gone, but what about the pain?

Maya: Thanks. I'm okay now.

Misha: Really? I'm glad...

Yuo: The guards didn't follow us, right?

Misha: I'm sure they're still heading to the Terraced Fields, trying to catch up with us.

Maya: Yeah, you're right. But on the other hand, who'd have thought we'd end up running away through that reverse port.

Misha: Maya, are you really okay?

Maya: I'm used to getting wounds like these.

Misha: Thanks.

Maya: This is the second time you thank me, Misha.

Misha: I'm just grateful because you protected me. And also, I'm sorry. It's my fault you got hurt.

Maya: Don't worry about it.

Misha: But...!

Maya: Huh?

Misha: I'm a little angry. You even went to the point of using your body to shield me, and if things had gone badly, you could have even died!

Maya: Yeah, I know.

Misha: Then why?

Yuo: That's just the usual for her. Maya's always been like this. If her feelings tell her to dash off, her body follows. That's always gotten her hurt.

Maya: Of course not--!

Yuo: Of course you do that! You even acted recklessly and got yourself a nice wound while protecting that kid at Karulu from the monsters!

Maya: But in the end I managed to send them running away. Isn't that good? And that wound ended up healing after a little time passed. And that also let me meet Lord Ra.

Yuo: But...

Maya: I'm just acting I'm a way that satisfies me. I might be reckless while doing that, but I don't care what happens to me as long as I can keep on helping people.

Misha: This girl... may be just like Lyner.

Yuo: By the way, Misha, why didn't you run away back there?

Misha: Ah, t-that was because...

Maya: If you had run when we told you, you'd have finished crossing the Terraced Fields by now.

Misha: You're not going to laugh at me, right?

Yuo: Laugh at you?

Maya: Why we'd do that?

Misha: Well, you know... I actually... have a fear of heights...

Yuo: Sorry Misha, can't hear you.

Misha: Ugh! I'm telling you I'm afraid of heights! I don't like high places!

Yuo: Huh?

Maya: You don't like high places? But how you did manage last time you escaped?

Misha: Last time, Lyner held my hand... And covered my eyes to help me not see the void below the scaffold... So it was as if was stepping into the night sky...

Yuo: Pftt..! Hahahaha!!

Misha: D-Didn't you say you weren't gonna laugh!?

Yuo: Ahaha, you're scared of heights!

Maya: K-Knock it off, Yuo! P-Poor her, having you laugh at h-her... Heheh...

Misha: Even you, Maya... Don't you two have your own fears too!?

Yuo: Well, not really. But you're a kid after all.

Maya: Liar. Even though you're afraid of pigeons and--

Yuo: Agh! Don't tell her!

Misha: P-pigeons!? Ahahaha, someone afraid of pigeons!?

Yuo: Pigeons are bad news! If you lower your guard around 'em, they steal your food! Ugh, you spilled the beans! I should tell everyone you talk to your aloe plant everyday even though you told me to keep it a secret!

Misha: W-What!?

Maya: No... Hey! You shouldn't have done that! Stop!!

Yuo: You even named it "Radolf" and...! Okay, okay! Ouch, ouch, don't pull my hair, Maya!

{BGM: Cirrocumulus Clouds Flowing}

Misha: Hehe... Ahahahaha! You're so funny! I've never seen you two open up so much!

Maya: Oh, yeah?

Misha: You two're good friends, right?

Maya: If we were...

Misha: Huh?

Maya: What would happen to you, Misha?

Misha: Huh? Me?

Maya: When you get happy enough, it makes you not want to go anywhere for a while. If that happened, you'd end up staying at Tenba for even longer. And I'd like to become even better friends with you.

Misha: B-But...

Yuo: We don't have to hurry today. All this happened in the middle of that ruckus, you know?

Misha: But...

Maya: But... what?

Misha: But... I've never played or made friends with girls of my same age.

Yuo: But that means you played with boys, right?

Misha: I haven't! I almost never had any chances to actually play at all!

Maya: So that means we'd be your first female friends, right?

Misha: Umm... maybe you're not the first ones. There's actually a girl called Krusche. Ah, but I never really hung out with her! But maybe, we're actually friends after all...

Yuo: Oh oh. So you've got friends?

Misha: I was keeping it a secret! Especially from Krusche herself...

Maya: Well, then it's decided we're going to be your second and third friends, okay?

Misha: But I don't really know anything about playing or hanging around...

Maya: Friends aren't just for that.

Misha: Even if we only talked, I think I wouldn't be able to talk about girly stuff.

Yuo: We won't talk about that.

Misha: Besides, I may end up disappearing all of a sudden.

Yuo: Oh...

Maya: If that happens...

Misha: Ugh...

Maya: No, even if that happens, we'll be able to enjoy together when we meet again.

Misha: Maya... Yeah!

Yuo: And if that happened, it'd mean you'd have been able to escape, right? There's no way we wouldn't be glad for you! Right?

Misha: Yuo...

Yuo: And besides, we'd be saying it was so fun! That this scary, exciting, heart-racing trip was the beginning of it all!

Maya: Scary?

Yuo: That Misha was all "I'm scared of high places! It's so scary I'm shaking!"

Misha: I wasn't so scared! Hmph! (But we three ended up talking a lot. We went through some hard experiences, but I thought I was having so much fun... I only thought about the words Lyner told me, and even now I'm worried about him. I'm sorry, Lyner. Please wait for me a little longer. Until I can get a chance to get away...)

Track 4 - Scene 4: Attack[]

{BGM: The Melting Morning Dew}


Yuo: Yay! Really, working outdoors while the sky's all sunny is the best!

Maya: Yeah! I'm more of a rainy days person though.

Yuo: If I had to climb up the Silvaplate while it's raining, I'd just make a guard do it and go to sleep instead.

Maya: You should be more proud about your work. Don't you want to tell her anything, Misha? ...Misha?

Yuo: Ah, look! She's over there.

Misha: *huffing and puffing*

Yuo: Misha!! If you don't hurry, we're gonna leave you behind!

Misha: I know! I know that, but...! Ugghhh!

Yuo: Ah, she sat down!

Misha: Sorry...! I need to catch my breath...! Wait for me...!

Maya: They strengthened the security a few days after you recklessly escaped, so it became impossible for you to get out afterwards. Because of that, you were forced to take part in the Tower explorations like another Tenba member.

Misha: *huffing and puffing* Yeah... Ugh, I'm fine now. Let's hurry! *sigh*


Yuo: You've got no physical condition, huh? Misha?

Misha: My body's not really good at handling loads...

Maya: By the way, you had any reason why you had to be in Tenba in the first place?

Misha: I had, but nothing came out from it.

Yuo: Are you a hikikomori?

Misha: Don't.Call.Me.That!

Yuo: Ouch! You spanked me! That's sexual harassment!

Misha: Shall I kick you next?

Yuo: I'll endure it!

{End BGM}

Maya: Hehehe... You're an expert at it, eh? Misha?

Misha: I'm not really...

Maya: Oh, you're denying it?

Misha: Let's just drop it already. (It hasn't been even two days since I met them, but I've come to appreciate, and feel a comfortable familiarity while I'm with them. Of course, I'm still worried about Lyner, but...)

Maya: Are you okay, Misha? Are you still tired?

Misha: No, I'm fine! I just was thinking a little.

Yuo: About Lyner? What a devoted maiden!

Misha: Well, that isn't really wrong...

Yuo: Whoa! She's not denying it!

Maya: I'm jealous.

Yuo: Oh yeah? But her feelings are unrequited.

Misha: Don't say that!


Yuo: Ow!

Maya: Ehehe! Okay, let's hurry!


Misha: What was that...?

Yuo: It came from above... No way...! It's an enemy!?

Maya: Let's go, you two!

Misha: Ah, wait! Maya! Let's go, Yuo!

Yuo: Yeah!


{BGM: Bifrost}


Yuo: *huffing and puffing* What's this!? Monsters... And Guardians too!

Misha: Maya! Maya! Where are you!?


Yuo: Misha, behind you!


Misha: Egh!

Maya: Misha, get down!

*magic. explosion*

Misha: Ahh!


Maya: Are you two okay!?

Misha: Maya... How did this happen!?

Maya: It was already like this when I got here...

Yuo: Why aren't any soldiers or guards around!?

{End BGM}

  • *lasers*

Yuo: Uaaagh!! What you think you're doing!? Hyaah!!

*magic. explosion. robot walking*

Yuo: Auu! I knew it! It didn't do anything!

Maya: Let's think of a way to get away from this place!

Misha: Yeah. Everyone, run away! We can't do this with just the three of us!


Misha: Aagh!

Maya: Misha!

Misha: I-I'm fine...

Yuo: Let's hurry! They're surrounding us!

Maya: It's okay.

{BGM: In the Nick of Time}

Maya: I'll act as decoy and lure them away from you!

Misha: Stupid! That's too dangerous!

Maya: Run away, everyone! Hurry!

Misha: Agh, fine! Everyone, hurry and get away from here now! Yuo!

Yuo: No! I can't just leave Maya like this! Egh!

Misha: Ah, Yuo!!


Maya: Aaagh!

Misha: Maya!

*robot walking*

Maya: Crap...!

Misha: Run away!

Yuo: Maya!

*lasers. explosion*

Yuo: Aaghh!!

Maya: Yuo! Yuo!!

Yuo: Ugh...

Maya: Hang in there! Yuo! Yuo!!

Misha: Look out!


Misha: Are you okay?

Maya: Misha... Yuo is...!

Misha: I know... But...

*electronic roaring. flapping*

Maya: Misha...

Misha: It's okay.

*machinery. robot walking*

Misha: Everything's gonna be okay. (What should I do?)

*electronic roaring. flapping*

Misha: (Save me, Lyner!)

*electronic roaring. sword slash. eagle scream. explosion*

Maya: Huh...?

Misha: Huh? Y-You're...!

Ayano: You three have done a good job.

Misha: P-President!

Ayano: Are you injured?

Misha: Yuo is...

*machinery. robot walking*

Ayano: Don't get in our way!

*sword slash. explosion*

Ayano: Hmm. She's the only who got injured?

Misha: Maya is...

Maya: I'm fine. It isn’t a deep wound.

Ayano: Don't overexert yourself. Let's go back to Tenba for now. Are you okay, Misha?

Misha: Yeah. You saved us.

Ayano: No. More importantly, we're in great trouble. One of the Hexagonal Plates has fallen.

Misha: One of the Plates!?

Ayano: I'm sorry Misha, but wouldn't you come to the Plate's crash site with me?

Misha: But...

Ayano: If it's about these two girls, don't worry. I'll get them hospitalized once we get to Tenba so they may get treatment.

Misha: Ugh...

Maya: Go. I'll be going with Yuo.

Misha: Ah... Okay. I'll go visit you once I get back!

Ayano: It's decided then. Come, let's hurry.

*hatch opening*

Track 5 - Scene 5: Reencounter and Farewell[]

{BGM: Wriggling Premonition}


*debris falling*

Misha: This is awful... Everything's destroyed.

Ayano: It might be just natural for this destruction to come from something that large falling here.

Misha: Things in the Upper World are pretty bad too... That's why this happened, isn't it...?

Ayano: Hmm? Looks like Bourd and some other people are here too.

Radolf: The cruelty you have shown to the Reyvateils is inexcusable! We'll finish you off here!

Misha: (That's... Radolf! And... Lyner too!?)

Bourd: How amusing. Let me make this place your grave then!

Misha: No... If they fought now... He'd beat Lyner and the others!

Ayano: Stop this instant, you two!

Misha: Eh!?

*debris falling*

{End BGM}

Bourd: Ugh... President!

Jack & Lyner: Misha!

Misha: Lyner... and... Harm!? (What... What's Harm doing here?)

Jack: Misha... you...!


Jack: Ugh!

Bourd: Tenba's valuable Reyvateils are desirable things ya can't just easily approach.

Ayano: This isn't time to be fighting. We've been made into victims too, so our positions are exactly the same now.

Bourd: President!

Ayano: I excuse myself for the rough greeting. I am Ayano Raizer Elduke, President of Tenba. Regardless of your personal reasons, I'm grateful for the relief efforts you have conducted for Tenba. Allow me to express my thanks. I'm also hearing all the time about you, Cardinal Radolf, and your achievements as a Church combatant. But could I request you to not be too hard on us just for today?

Radolf: Such a self-serving request.

Ayano: I agree it's extremely self-serving. I made this request fully knowing it. Won't you accept it?

Radolf: Kgh... Very well. For the sake of both parties, we'll retreat now.

Ayano: I appreciate your prompt understanding. Well, we'll be on our way as well.

Bourd: Aye.

Jack: Misha!

Misha: Harm...

{BGM: Sigh of Town}

Misha: (I want to go back to Lyner... And I've got to tell Harm about my body!)


Maya: Go. I'll be going with Yuo.

Misha: Ah... Okay. I'll go visit you once I get back!

Misha: (What am I doing? I've got to go back with Lyner! He's right before me and at my side!)

Jack: Misha... you... Is that really you?

Mish: Ugh...

Ayano: What is it, Misha?

Misha: ...Nothing...

Ayano: I see.


Misha: (No, I can't now. I've got to keep a promise. And besides...)

Ayano: You two go back ahead. For now, I'll be going to the Silvaplate to check the situation from above.

*debris falling*

Bourd: Pftt... Bwahahaha... How surprisin'! Who'd think ya'd choose to go back to Tenba! Ya finally got to see Tenba's greatness?

Misha: More importantly, what was this facility for?

Bourd: For experiments used to strengthen the Reyvateil's powers, of course!

Misha: You... What you think we Reyvateils are!?

Bourd: What're ya gettin' mad over now? And since ya chose Tenba now, Misha, I'm extreeemely happy. But these guys are a thorn on my side. We've gotta get rid of 'em soon.

Misha: I see...

Bourd: Kghwahahahaha...! Ya got to like Tenba so much!?

Misha: It's because I've got friends now. Besides... (I'll kill you as soon as I find a chance and the best place for doing it!)

{End BGM}

*door opening*

Misha: Maya.

Maya: Misha! You're back.

Misha: I promised you. How's Yuo?

Yuo: Ow...

Misha: So... you're awake!

Yuo: Yeah... But I've only got energies for going to the bathroom... But well, being confined to the bed is so... Ow...

Misha: Just behave yourself and go to sleep. But I'm glad. You seem to be recovering well.

Maya: I'm sorry. It was my fault...

Misha: Maya...

Yuo: Why are you apologizing?

Maya: Because... you covered me, Yuo!

Yuo: Now... well, Maya... How're you feeling?

Maya: I'm in pain... I'm so bitter... I'm so scared... I don't really know...

Yuo: I knew it. This is the first time you've felt like that, right?

Maya: You knew it, Yuo?

Yuo: Of course! Ow... Ehehe... Looks like I can't even talk like I always do. And that... hurts, yeah?

Maya: Yeah, it hurts.

Yuo: Don't you feel that pain pressing against your chest?

Maya: Yeah, I feel it.

Yuo: I've always been feeling that. All the time you've been doing the same thing I did today. But... it really hurts. Which means you also hurt the people you're protecting.

Maya: Was I... wrong?

Misha: No.

Maya: It hurts so much... Did you do this so I'd do something, Yuo?

Yuo: Lately... No... You've always been helping other people without caring what happened to you, Maya. And that's... always scared me.

Maya: Why that scared you...? Didn't we become good friends...?

Yuo: That was because...

{BGM: Elegy}

Yuo: Because you didn't know what was to be scared, so I...

Misha: Yuo, I don't think Maya will get what you want to say if you aren't being straightforward with her.

Yuo: Whenever I saw how you got hurt, I couldn't stand it. And someday, you wouldn't just get hurt from that... so as long as it was at your side, I wanted you to realize that even if it was only slightly.

Maya: I'm sorry, Yuo.

Yuo: Don't apologize. All this happened because I was a coward.

Maya: But...

Yuo: If you realized it, that's enough to me.

Misha: Hey, Maya... I want you to listen to me without getting angry... but I think it'd be for the best if you left Tenba.

Maya: Why...?

Misha: It's true you've managed to notice something important out from this, but I don't think you'll be able to change your behavior right away. You've always acted out your feelings of helping anyone who's in trouble without even thinking, right?

Yuo: Your body always does what your feelings tell it, yeah?

Maya: B-But... But... I don't...

Yuo: You don't want to quit Tenba, huh?

Maya: So I really was wrong?

Yuo: No. You just... No... How can I put this? I'm very bad at thinking, but... I think you just pushed yourself too much. So you should rest for a while. It's not quitting, it's resting. And... take that time to think about the kinda stuff you'd like to do on your own. We'll always be around.

Maya: Yuo…

Yuo: The only reason I haven't left Tenba yet is because you were there.

Maya: Me?

Yuo: Yeah! After all, you're...! Oww...

Misha: Calm down, Yuo. Okay?

Yuo: Y-Yeah...No matter how much I wanted to quit Tenba, I was worried about you. You're stronger than me, and you always worried me so much...

Maya: So that was why...

Yuo: U-Umm... So umm... If you quit Tenba, I'll quit too.

Maya: Yuo... You've been holding that in all this time?

Yuo: N-Not really! I wasn't holding anything!

Maya: But I... want to keep on helping people.

Misha: Maya.

{End BGM}

Maya: So I'll... I... I'll... leave Tenba.

Yuo: Ohh! Kgh...! Really...?

Maya: You've always been at my side, and so I want to help you.

Misha: These have always been your true feelings, huh? It makes me so happy!

Yuo: This time we'll have to rush the meal again, huh? We'll get going right...

Maya: Forget about it.

Yuo: W-Why?

Maya: I won't abandon my responsibility due to being the one that got you injured. Besides, I got hurt too.

Misha: Yeah. It'd be better if you two stayed with Tenba until you get better.

Yuo: But she'd be sure to recover faster than me!

Maya: I'll just feign I'm sick then. I've overexerted myself so much that I can be allowed that, right?

Yuo: Y-Yeah! Ah, but... if that happened, Misha'd...

Misha: Most likely, I'm the first one who'll be leaving the company.

Maya: So then...

Misha: I met Lyner! He got all the way to the place the Hexagonal Plate fell over!

Yuo: He really put up well with falling off an airship, huh?

Misha: But... Now Bourd knows about it, I think the decisive time's coming, as he considers Lyner as an enemy.

Yuo: Gotcha.

Misha: Yeah...

{BGM: At the Other Side of Memories}

Maya: So that means you'll need a charm!

Yuo: Ah, yeah! You've got it, Maya?

Maya: Of course! Misha, hold your hand out.

Misha: L-Like this?


Misha: This is... a ring?

Maya: Great! It fits your size!

Yuo: It's not exact, but you'll get older after all, right?

Misha: But what this is for...?

Maya: It's an amulet. It's so you can get back to Lyner safely.

Yuo: I actually brought it back from one of the Tower explorations, so I planned to surprise you with it.

Misha: Maya... Yuo... Thanks! I'll treasure it!

Yuo: You better do! I won't forgive you if you lose it!

Maya: As if you weren't going to lose it yourself.

Misha: Hehehe, well... it's time for me to go.

Maya: I see...

Yuo: Kgh... Uh... Take care.

Misha: Huh?

Yuo: Take care out there, and do your best, Misha.

Maya: Good luck, Misha.

Misha: Yeah. I'm going now!

Yuo: Try to...! Ow... T-Try to bring back some souvenirs. I'll be waiting for 'em!

Misha: Okay, leave it to me!

*walking. door opening*

Misha: But because I know that... No...


Bourd: Oh, Misha? What the hell're ya doin' here?

Misha: Bourd!

Bourd: Gonna get hospitalized or somethin'? But ya don't seem hurt or anythin'.

Misha: I was just visiting someone sick. And no matter what I look like, I'm perfectly fine.

Bourd: Hmph! I thought I could use ya for experiments. If ya were hurt so badly ya became useless. And looks like the only injured from the attack a bit ago were some Reyvateils. The guards ran away very quickly, so that's got us lotsa Reyvateils we can use for experiments! I'm so glad I've got something I can look forward to checkin' when I get back!

Misha: Are you serious...?

Bourd: Won't that benefit ya too? And more importantly, we've got stuff we gotta take care of now. Looks like Lyner and his friends've started climbin' the Tower.

Misha: And so you want to pre-empt them?

Bourd: Ya hit the nail straight in the head! I'll make you finish 'em off.

Misha: There's no one else who'd be allowed to do that... is that it?

Bourd: That's just what I thought I'd hear! Ehehe! Things're gonna get really fun!

{BGM: Conspiracy}

Misha: (As long as this guy's around... Everyone will continue suffering... I've gotta finish him off, no matter what!)

Track 6 - Scene 6: Last Battle[]

{BGM: Conspiracy} (continuing from the previous track)


Bourd: So it's time? Hey, Misha! Ya know what you've gotta do?

Misha: I have to continue singing.

Bourd: That's right! Make sure to kill 'em. Failure's not an option.


Bourd: Hey, guys.

Lyner: What!? Bourd!

Bourd: What a surprise to meet ya'll here.

Radolf: Bourd! What are you doing here!?

Bourd: Nothin'. I just got orders to keep you from climbin' the Tower.

Lyner: W-What!?

Jack: How sleazy a company... Can Tenba be!?

Bourd: But I couldn't care any less about that stuff! When Mir revives, annoying stuff like Tenba and the Church are gonna go away!

Lyner: ...Mir!?

{End BGM}

Bourd: But more importantly, ya pissed me off to no end. Ya put a wrench into all my plans! Lyner Barsett!!

{BGM: Fefnir (variation)}

Bourd: I won't be satisfied until I've killed ya with my own hands... We'll settle this here and now!!

Misha: (This is the worst... To think this guy would have such an awful goal... But... I've gotta put an end to him!)

Misha's Song Magic: Wee wol ga syast mea, wi wol weel biron tes ar ciel, en hopb ween gyas sos foul inna haf yor.

Krusche: What!? Misha's singing!

Jack: Misha! What's happened to you!? You gave up your body and soul to Tenba!?

Misha: (Stop! Don't say anything else!)

Bourd: Hmph, looks like ya know each other well. Interesting! That makes it even more exciting!

Radolf: ...You have gone insane.

Bourd: Well, I'm gonna beat ya to death while lookin' at yer sad and disappointed faces!

Krusche: What're gonna do now, Lyner?

Lyner: We'll have to beat them!

Aurica: But if we fight, that girl will...

Lyner: Aurica, don't use Red Magic! We can't let get Misha get caught up in the blast, so please support us with Blue Magic instead!

Aurica: Ah, okay. Got it!

Radolf: We have no choice... but to defeat them!?

Jack: Dammit... What an awful mood...

Bourd: First, let's let the song get ready. Go, guards!


Lyner: Everyone, they're coming!

Jack: Tch... Let's take out the trash!


Krusche: Hey!

*chainsaw revving up*

Jack: You can send as many of these guys as ya like, but they're useless for anything but buyin' ya time!

Bourd: Ya got a large mouth. So I'm gonna shut ya up first!

Radolf: I won't let you do anything!


Bourd: Oh!


Bourd: What's up, Church dog!? Ya really thought ya could match me!?

Lyner: Hyaah!


Bourd: Pathetic!


Bourd: You're never gonna beat me with attacks like these!

Lyner: Damn it!

Krusche: Get away, Lyner! Hyaah!

*chainsaw revving up*


Bourd: Hey brat! Go and sleep for a while!


Krusche: Aaagh!

{End BGM}

Misha: Krusche...!

Jack: You bastard... Now you've done it!!


Bourd: Ya think ya're gonna stop me with that toy!?


Jack: Uagh!!

Misha: Harm...!

Bourd: So ya're gonna get on my way, ya idiot!?


Radolf: Agh!!

Misha: Radolf!

Lyner: Damn you...!

Bourd: Ya still don't get it!?


Lyner: Aghh!!

{BGM: Fefnir}

Misha: Lyner...! No... If things continue like this, Lyner and the others are going to...! Huh!?

Maya: (It's an amulet. It's so you can get back to Lyner safely.)

Yuo: (Do your best, Misha.)

Misha: (No... I can't fire yet...)

Bourd: Kwahaha...! Hahaha! Ya idiots are so weak! Ya really thought ya could beat me--!


Bourd: Agh...! What...!?

Jack: And you spew too much shit for being in the middle of a fight...

Bourd: Ya recovered so quickly!?

Krusch: Hey old man! Over here!

*chainsaw revving up. crash*

Bourd: Wagh! Bitch! Coward enough to attack me from behind!?

Krusche: Isn't that fine? I'm just a brat, right?

Bourd: Damn you all! Ah!

Aurica: Agh!

Bourd: I see how it is... It's because of your magic, right bitch!? Ya got in my way for long enough!

*drill spear spinning*

Aurica: Noo!!

Radolf: You won't touch her!


Bourd: You!!

Radolf: You've even inflicted harm upon a Church Reyvateil. I will make you atone for that sin here and now!

Bourd: Ya'll are useless, always! Reyvateils are nothin' more than tool to be used and disposed!

Lyner: I'll make you shut up!

Bourd: Ya sicken me!

*crash. drill spinning*

Bourd: Good bluff... But how're ya gonna defeat me? Misha chose Tenba by her own will!

Lyner: That can't be true!

Bourd: It's true!


Lyner: Agh!

*drill spinning*

Bourd: Lights out for ya, Lyner Barsett!!


Lyner: Argh...!

Misha: Lyner!! Don't lose!

Lyner: Hng! Now... Hyaaaah!!


Bourd: Aaaaagh!!

Lyner: *huff-puff* This is the end... you lost, Bourd...!

Bourd: Khg... shit...! Misha... That's amazing...

*magic charging*

Bourd: Hey Misha! Ya charged it long enough! Release it already!

Misha: ...Not yet! This level won't be close to enough for this!

Bourd: Wha..!? Ya... defy me...!?

Misha: I told you before that I'm never going to follow your orders!

Bourd: ...Kgh!? N-No way...!!

Misha: Bourd... We Reyvateils aren't as stupid as you think! You don't know how hard it was to endure everything... And not only me... We all Reyvateils in Tenba... We had to keep on enduring... Just for this very moment!!

Bourd: H-Hey! W-wait a sec!!

Misha: Farewell, Bourd...

{End BGM}

Misha: See you never again!!

*magic blast*

Bourd: Aaaaaaaaghhhhh!!!

Misha: (It's over... Everything ends with this...)


Lyner: Misha!


Lyner: Misha, are you okay?

Misha: Lyner! (You're so badly beaten up...)

Misha: I'm sorry... *sob*... I made you... *sob*... worry so much! I'm sorry, Lyner! I'm sorry!

Lyner: Thank you, Misha!

Misha: Huh?

Lyner: It must've been very painful.

Misha: (Lyner... you noticed!)

Misha: ...Lyner!! *cries*

Final Track - Scene 7: Ending[]

Lyner: Misha. How are you? Have you calmed down now?

Misha: Yeah. I'm okay now. Thanks.

Lyner: I see. You went through some awful things, right?

Misha: I'm okay!

Jack: Really? If you've got anythin' else you wanna say, don't just hold it in.

Misha: Come on, I'm telling you I'm really fine! Besides, you also got Krusche here!

Krusche: I'd like you to not talk about me like you just noticed I'm around.

Misha: Hehehe... That's fine. But still, thanks Krusche.

Krusche: Oh man...

{BGM: The Sunset Glow is Bright Red}

Misha: Anyway, looks like you've got many friends, huh?

Lyner: Well, many things happened here and there.

Misha: Yeah, kinda looks like it.


Misha: Ah, and it looks like you're fine too, huh?

Aurica: Umm, thanks for what happened at that time... It was my fault that...umm...

Misha: Huh? Isn't this girl too gloomy?

Lyner: U-Umm, she's not like that!

Misha: Oh yeah? Ah, don't worry about it! Many things happened, but we managed to get back together, right? Radolf!

Radolf: Hmm?

Misha: You went looking for Lyner, right?

Radolf: I promised you, didn't I? I had to keep it.

Misha: Yeah! Ah, yeah. If you ever go to Firefly Alley, make sure to watch out. You're pretty popular in Tenba.

Radolf: M-Me!? Oh, I see! I must undergo further training!

Misha: I didn't mean it like that! Ah, yeah! Lyner!

Lyner: What?

Misha: You remember when you got angry and started acting all crazy when we at Tenba, right? That you told me you'd never run away even if you ended all battered up.

Lyner: Y-Yeah. But what about that?

Misha: Umm, well... I just feel like I understand now why you do things like these. (Looking at Lyner and Maya, my feelings are very tiny in comparison. But the feelings I had of I wanting to protect Maya and Yuo, and the Reyvateils at Tenba aren't lies at all. Am I getting too carefree? But at least whenever something happens around me, I want to do something, even if it was for other people. That's the kind of person I'd like to be.) I'm fine now, Lyner! Let's keep on going!

*standing up*

Lyner: Are you really okay?

Misha: Yeah!

Jack: Are ya really okay, Misha? If we continue climbing...

Misha: (My past... My duty as the Star Singer... Once we get to Em Pheyna, it's a sure thing all that it's going to come out into the light... Of course it'd be a lie if I said I wasn't worried about it... But...) I'm okay! Let's go! It's gonna get dark if we continue dawdling around!

Lyner: Yeah. You're right. Everyone, let's go!

Misha: (I believe that as long as I've got Lyner at my side, everything will be fine, no matter what. So definitely...) Yeah, everything's gonna be okay!


Bonus Track: Lyner's, Misha's, Maya's and Yuo's Comments[]

Nogawa: Drama CD Ar tonelico: The Girl Who Continues Singing at the End of the Word... Umm, World! Side Misha! Ehh... I just recorded that! Um, I'm Misha's voice actress, Nogawa Sakura!

Asakawa: Aren't you changing roles with Lyner's voice actor?

Nogawa: Hehe! Yeah!

Asakawa: Okay then, I'm Maya's voice actress, Asakawa Yuu.

Tenjin: And I'm Yuo's voice actress, Tenjin Umi. Yeah.

Nogawa: For this drama CD, we three ended up being very deeply involved. And so we're doing some free talk to close it off.

Asakawa: Yes. It's free talk after all. Let's do a good work together.

Nogawa & Tenjin: Yeah, let's do it!

Nogawa: Yeah, like that!

Tenjin: Good work!

Asakawa: Yeah, well done!

Tenjin: And it lasted a long time to, huh?

Asakawa: Yeah, it did.

Tenjin: It was like we were playing around a lot. Or that's kinda like felt about it inside, as drama CDs are always worth a listen.

Asakawa: Yeah.

Tenjin: But I never thought I'd be able to be part of a drama CD, or take part in the same one as a person like Nogawa Sakura, and so yeah, umm... she even got a game, an important role, and while it's too bad, looks like Misha-chan didn't really have much of a chance to shine in it. So if we could learn what kinda stories Misha-chan lived while she didn't show up in the game, I thought it'd be pretty swell. And if had songs, it'd be even better! So we simply let out all these feelings into this CD.

Asakawa: Yeah.

Tenjin: The songs were pretty hard to sing, but actually... But instead of me, the one who actually sang one was Asakawa. How was it, Asakawa-san?

Asakawa: What thing?

Nogawa & Tenjin: Give us your impressions on it!

Asakawa: Ah, okay! Umm... So I had to take a crash course on it... Umm.. The song gave me... a lot of trouble, but... like always, these lyrics have actual meanings, and...

Tenjin: Oh... yeah, yeah, yeah...

Asakawa: So I wasn't just singing: I was actually given these lyrics and was told they had feelings of the sort "I want to save the world", and I had to sing while keeping and mind trying to express these feelings the best I could, but... I think it ended up being very noisy due to thinking all that while I sang.

Nogawa and Tenjin: Hehehe...

Asakawa: And sorry for giving you all problems. Umm... I think we had to scrap the recordings and redo it many times, right? Hehe.

Nogawa and Tenjin: Hehehe!

Asakawa: And while I might be talking too much, but umm... it was great how that girl protected her friends using a song. It felt really fresh and fun, and that's also what I thought while I sang. And while Yuo-chan didn't get a song, she had many things that made her a very bright character. It seemed she gave you a lot of trouble.

Tenjin: I really like bright and romantic characters.

Asakawa: Oh, really?

Tenjin & Asakawa: Hehe!

Tenjin: So it was very fun for me. And since she had this bright and cheery aura all over her from the start, I really got to like her.

Asakawa: And you really made her vitality show. Umm... and look at the infirmary scene where we three were present. It was really amazing.

Tenjin: The stuff Yuo said...

Asakawa: There were a few points where my eyes were wandering all about, because...

Tenjin: We were all thinking "get romantic already!".

Asakawa & Tenjin: Hehehe!

Tenjin: So everyone, what you think? Is there love in there, or are they just friends?

Asakawa & Tenjin: Hahaha!

Asakawa: Yeah.

Tenjin: "I'm so lonely!" It'd be great if there was!

Asakawa: "Yuo!" I had to say her name so many times! "Are you so lonely?"

Tenjin: That'd make her so happy.

Asakawa: I think there was too little.

Tenjin: There wasn't at all.

All: Hahahaha!

Asakawa: There wasn't?

Tenjin: And every time I was worried about something, my mom would come and call me an idiot!

Asakawa: But looks like we all worked well together after all, huh?

Nogawa: Yeah!

Tenjin: Yeah, we turned into great friends! But... it's about time for the drama CD to come to an end.

Nogawa & Asakawa: Yeah.

Asakawa: Are you going to be sad?

Tenjin: I'm going to be so sad.

Asakawa: Be careful to not be too sad.

Tenjin: But maybe we'll come up again.

Nogawa: We could end meeting up again someday.

Asakawa: Yeah, maybe!

Tenjin: And we could continue this free talk!

Asakawa: So I learned a lot while working on this part of Ar tonelico...

Tenjin: And there's a second game about to come out too!

All: Ahahaha!

Tenjin: So then, I'll... Ah, but looks like Yuo-chan is not appearing in it. And that's because she's original to this drama CD, huh?

Nogawa: Yeah.

Asakawa: Yeah.

Tenjin: Yeah. So our romance has taken its first large step when we ate dinner together!

Asakawa: Yeah, we ate together.

Tenjin: Yeah.

Nogawa: What?

Asakawa: Just something I like a lot...

Tenjin: And I like them as much as you, Asakawa-san...

Asakawa: But they were no more than large hamburgers.

Tenjin: Hamburgers.

Asakawa: And we really wanted to eat one, right?

Tenjin: Right, we wanted. I was so glad we ate them. It was so fun.

Asakawa: It was really fun, huh? So looks like we've ended up being friends in a way or another.

Tenjin: Yeah! I'd really like to go where we ate them someday.

Asakawa: Yeah. Eating there was very enjoyable.

Tenjin: Yeah!

Nogawa: Yeah. And so, I hope everyone will continue supporting Ar tonelico from now on! Hope to you again! And thank you to both of you!

Tenjin & Asakawa: Thank you!

Nogawa: Bye-bye!

Tenjin: Bye-bye.