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Summary Blurb[]

Luca has been introduced by Skycat to a couple of young siblings: a boy and a girl who want a Dive Therapy session.
The younger sister doesn't know what Dive Therapy is about,
so upon hearing that it's the technique to have a virtual space made according to her wishes,
she earnestly wishes to meet again with her mother in it.

While it's an obviously impossible request, Luca doesn't turn her down.
Because Luca had overlaid her own image, who had lived thinking of her younger sister, over the boy, who had come to Luca while thinking of his own sister.

What will be unveiled by [Dive Therapy] is
Luca's own heart...
An original sound story that abundantly
depicts the feelings of heroine Luca.

Track 1[]

(BGM: Prologue)

Luca: (Even if I say so myself, I'm confident that my Dive Therapist abilities are second to none. Right now I'm a favorite among the Therapists, so I'm getting a lot of work because people tend to pick me over the others, but well, I think it's just natural for people to choose someone over their peers. But it wasn't all that popular at first, as I had my time as a rookie too...)

(BGM: Sunny Place)

Nana: Luca! Are you done for today?

Luca: Ah, Nana! I've just finished my sessions!

Nana: Nice timing! And it's about lunchtime too! Shall we go eat so we can share our complaints about work and stuff?

Luca: Yeah, let's go! Where're we going to eat?

Nana: We can think about it as we walk around!


Luca: You said complaints, so that means you've had a hard time, right?

Nana: It's because I've gotten some customers who misunderstand what Dive Therapy is about! The pervy old guys are the worst!

Luca: Yeah, I get those from time to time too. I agree they're really annoying, but we've got to bite the bullet and just play along the best we can.

Nana: If they tried going into my Cosmosphere, I'd kick them out right away! Man, I never get good men I can offer my extra services!

Luca: Huh!? Extra services...?

Nana: Hmmhmm, it's adult stuff, you know?

Luca: That's not something you should be doing!

Nana: So you think the same things guys do when I bring up the extra services, huh? You aren't as innocent as you seem.


Nana: So aren't you going to say it's got nothing to do with your fiance?

Luca: I-I tell you! Croix isn't my fiance! Argh!

Nana: Hehe! Yeah yeah, if you say so!

(BGM Stop)

Nana: This place should be good!

Luca: It's Skycat's restaurant, where I used to work at... We could eat here, but...

Nana: It's okay! She's been working here for a while, so she's got to have gotten better at it! Just keep looking and you'll see!


Skycat: Milady! Nice timi--uaaah!

Luca: S-Skycat!?

Nana: I take back what I said...

Skycat: It's because I thought you'd be coming here about now!

Luca: But we're not in a rush or anything like that. And you've got lots of customers that you must tend to, right?

Skycat: Ah yeah, that's too bad. Have you finished work for today?

Luca: Yeah. We were just going to eat somewhere and head back home

Skycat: Ah, say no more! Just from hearing that--!

Luca & Nana: Aaaah!

Skycat: B-But I'm done for today too!

Nana: Maybe we should just go home, yeah?

(BGM: Legend of Ar tonelico II - The Second Tower -)

Drama CD: Ar tonelico II -The Girls' Metafalica That Echoes Across the World-
Side Luca

Track 2[]

Luca: Umm.... I'm Luca, a Dive Therapist! Pleased to meet you!

Nana: Same here!

Roi: Pleased to meet you! I'm Roi! And this here is my little sister... Hey, introduce yourself!

Rue: Okay... I'm Rue...

Luca: Ah... Pleased to meet you.

Roy: I'm sorry, maybe I should've asked before coming here.

Luca: Ah, no! Don't worry about it!

Nana: Umm, Luca. And Skycat too, come over here for a minute.

Skycat: Is anything the matter?

Nana: Just come over here!


(BGM: Leave It Be)

Nana: What's the meaning of this? They're just kids!

Skycat: Oh? So they really are asking for a Therapy session? They said they came here looking for a Dive Therapist.

Luca: But they're kids! I've never seen kids asking for a Dive Therapy session!

Skycat: Maybe they've got a must contact?

Luca: There's no way that happened!


Roi: U-Umm....

Luca: Ah, please wait a moment!

Nana: Hey, you two!

Skycat: What?

Nana: Ah... Luca, what should we do?

Luca: Hmm, let's first listen to them, and then refuse their request politely.

Nana: Nice idea! Let's do that!

Skycat: But what would make them ask for a session?

Luca: Maybe they're just asking for it because they're curious. So once we explain to them what a Dive Therapy session is all about, they should get the idea it isn't anything fun or interesting at all.

Nana: I see. In that case, leave it to me!


(BGM Stop)

Luca: Sorry to keep you waiting!

Roi: No, it's okay! So, what about the Therapy session?

Nana: Before that, there's something we need to talk about.

Rue: It's about what kinda world we want, right? I'll tell you!

Nana: That comes after this. First, we want to make sure that you two fully understand what Dive Therapy is about.

Roi: What do you mean?

Nana: It isn't something that's done for playing around.

Luca: N-Nana! You're being too direct!

Nana: It's fine! I'm a Therapist too, remember!? So well, it'd cause us a lot of trouble if you did it just for playing around.

Roi: Of course I know that! We didn't ask for a Therapy session just so we could play around!

Nana: But you don't seem like the type that needs Therapy. For starters, it's unheard of for children to receive Therapy!

Roi: I-I get that, but... Umm...

Luca: It doesn't seem like you're asking it out from simple curiosity... But you two really don't seem like you actually need Therapy right now.

Roi: U-Umm... It's true we want to have a Therapy session, but... How should I explain it?

Rue: Dive Therapy's all about making a world your customer wishes for inside your Cosmosphere, right?

Luca: Well, that's not wrong. But that's not all there is to it: it's also listening to the customer's worries, giving them advice, playing with them... In any case, its final goal is to let the customer relax.

Skycat: Maybe we could also call it solving releasing the mind from its worries?

Nana: That's not wrong either, but, you know...

Luca: Well, that could be the easiest-to-understand way of putting it. But anyway, I think you're still too young to be trying it. Besides, a session is pretty expensive too.

Nana: Yeah, that's right.

Skycat: So if you're going to the point of asking for a Therapy session, maybe you'd be better off just buying something you like with that kind of money.

Rue: I don't need anything like that!


Rue: I wanna have a Dive Therapy session!

Roi: R-Rue, hey! Calm down!

Luca: Why are you so fixated on Therapy? You must have a reason for wanting it so badly.

Roi: U-Umm...

Rue: Because there's a world I want you to make for me...

(BGM: Twilight)

Luca: What do you mean?

Rue: I know I'd be talking to a fake, but there's a person I really wanna see. So I've got to have a Dive Therapy session, no matter what.

Luca: W-Wait a minute! You said you want to meet someone?

Rue: Yeah... So I came up with the idea of having a world where I meet her made for me.

Luca: Huh!? Are you serious!?

Rue: So can you do something like that?

Luca: I-It's true we have the ability to make any kind of world the customer wants, but that's...

Rue: I'll understand if you can't make completely like I want... But that's still fine! So please!

Luca: N-No, I can't! No matter how many times you ask, I can't do that!

Rue: If it's the money, it's okay, I have enough! Look!

*coins falling*

Rue: It's just about 5000 Leaf, but I think that should be enough to pay for a single session!

Luca: Aahh...

Rue: If that's not enough, I'll do my best to keep saving until I can pay for it!

Luca: No, that's not the problem here. Umm...

Skycat: M-Milady! Nana!

Nana: Come over here a second!

Luca: W-What?

Nana: Just come! Sorry, we'll be back in a minute! Please wait for us!

Roi: O-Okay.


Skycat: Don't just ignore them, Milady! They look so pitiful!

Nana: I don't want to get to the point where they beg for it. To think that little girl diligently saved up that much money for it, and we'd end up dashing her hopes like that!

Luca: But it's obvious that a Dive Therapy session isn't the right way to go for her.

Nana: But if you go and let them down, you'll just end up looking like a bad woman!

Skycat: Ah...

Nana: Umm...

Luca: Hmm... What should we tell them? We've already given them a detailed explanation on this.

Nana: Maybe we should stay here and make Skycat turn them down them for us or something like that.

Luca: Well, let's at least hear them to the end and see what we can do.

Nana: You're still going to do that at this point!?

Luca: If we just turn them down now, they're not going to listen. But if we listen to what they want to the end, we might be able to convince them in some way or another. If even after that I find it's impossible to persuade them, I think I'll give up and do what they want.

Nana: *sigh*... I wonder if it'll go well...

Luca: So Nana, are we just going to turn them down?

Nana: Of course we can't!

Luca: You see? There's nothing else we can do!

Skycat: You're really up to the ears in trouble, huh?

Nana: Just go and turn them down for us then!

Luca: Again, there's no other way out of this for us! So, let's go!


Luca: Sorry to leave you waiting so much!

Roi: Ah, no, don't worry!

Luca: Umm... Rue, was it?

Rue: Yeah.

Luca: Anyway, let's listen first to what you want me to do. I'll decide on whether I can or can't do it afterwards.

Roi: U-Umm... It might be weird for me to say this now, but are you okay with this?

Luca: First tell me what you want. I'll then decide based on what I hear.

Nana: Well, we're professionals here too. It'd be harmful to our pride if we stepped down so soon.

Skycat: Then wouldn't it be better for you to accept it already?

Nana: This isn't the time to be playing the straight man!

Luca: T-Then, please tell me exactly what you want me to do!

Rue: Okay! The world I wanna get made is...!

Track 3[]

(BGM: Leave It Be)

Nana: Why did we take their request?

Luca: But...!

Nana: No buts or ifs here! I mean... She's still a kid, no matter how you go about it! She must've gotten something we said wrong or something! Agh...


Nana: Ah, Skycat! What happened to these two?

Skycat: They went home while saying they'd go to the Dive Shop tomorrow. Roi even told me to say Milady he's counting on her.

Luca: He really looks like a really reliable older brother, huh?

Nana: That's not the point here! Because we accepted such a ridiculous request, we've gotta deal with them tomorrow!

Skycat: It's okay! Milady can come up with something by tomorrow, right?

Nana: Luca... You've got any plans to get outta this mess tomorrow?

Luca: Ah... After what they said, I couldn't just turn them down!

Nana: I really wanna fall into despair's depths now...

Luca: *sigh*

Nana: Well... it's not like you don't know what they were talking about, right?

(BGM: Reisha's Lullaby -Whistle-)

Rue: What I want is a world where I can see my mom!

Luca: Your mom? But in that case, you can just go to your home and...

Rue: She isn't there.

Luca: Huh?

Rue: My mom died a long time ago.

Luca: *gasp* So that's what happened... I'm sorry to hear that... So in other words, you want me to use Dive Therapy to create a world where you can talk to your deceased mother?

Rue: Yeah. Ah...! B-But I know that won't be my real mom! You can't ever meet again those who've died after all.

Luca: U-Umm... You know...

Rue: So it's okay if I can't talk to her or play with her! But still...

Luca: You'd be okay just with seeing your mother's face then?

Rue: I wannna hear her Songs. My mom always let me hear her Songs.

Roi: Mother was a Reyvateil. Rue's still a kid, so we're both human.

Rue: She was so amazing! She sang so many Songs, and could use magic too, and she was so kind and strong! So please, let me meet my mom one more time!

Luca: It's not like I don't understand how you feel, but... Now we've had this talk, I don't think I'll be able to do what you're asking me....

Rue: B-But Dive Therapy is all about making a world the customers want, right? So I'd be okay with just a world where I can see my mom!

Luca: B-But even if you put it that way...

Roi: U-Umm... Leaving aside whether you can do that, couldn't you at least give her a normal Therapy session?

Luca: B-But... that's....

Roi: I know we're asking for something absurd here... But I think you could at least do that much for Rue!

Nana: N-No! You can ask as much as you want, but we can't! You know that there's zero chance you'll be satisfied with a session like that, and besides, kids can't have Therapy sessions!

Luca: Judging from everything I've heard until now, what you're asking me is beyond the Therapy limits, Roi. Even you understand that what you're asking for is unreasonable, right?

Roi: Y-Yeah, I get it. But...

Luca: If you had told Rue that before you came here, there would've been no need for us to be having this sort of talk.

Roi: I'm sorry about that...

Rue: Oh...

Roi: But I still want you to let Rue have a Therapy session! None of the other Therapists even listened to us because we're kids! So please, I beg you! Please let my little sister have a Dive Therapy session!

Luca: E-Even if you do that...

Rue: Please! I wanna hear my mom's song one more time!

Luca: N--

Nana: I'm telling you!

(BGM Stop)

Luca: ...It'll be under some conditions attached, but maybe it'd be... okay?

Roi: Huh?

Nana: Luca!? Are you serious!?

Roi: You'll let us have a Therapy session!?

Luca: It'll be under some conditions, but if you're okay with them...

Rue: Aaah... We did it!

Roi: I-In that case, what're your conditions?

Luca: Hmm... I intend to carry out the Therapy session to the utmost of my abilities. However, first I wish for you two to understand that I don't think I'll be able to make the sort of world Rue wants for sure. You realize what this means, right?

Roi: Of course. Once Rue has gotten one Therapy session, I think she'll too.

Luca: I see. Then...

Rue: You'll do a Therapy session for us?

Luca: Yeah, I'll do it.

Rue: Yaaaay!

*restaurant noises*

Nana: So she wants to hear her mom's song once more, huh? Well, I'm with you in that I'd like to do something to help them. But what are you really going to do? Don't tell me you're really going to make their mom show up in some way.

Luca: Of course that's impossible! They've got nothing to lose with this, so there's no problem. Besides, we didn't tell them that you can't actually force someone else into a Dive. Rue seemed to at least understand that much.

Nana: I see. But then, what kind of world are you gonna make for them?

Luca: Hmm, I still haven't decided on it, but I was thinking about making a best-of mix from all the worlds I think they could enjoy.

Nana: Like a piece from every single of them? Wouldn't that have the opposite effect? They're kids, so that'd only get them to snap at you and say you're trying to trick them.

Skycat: Hmm, that's true. Kids are aware enough to notice something like that, you know?

Luca: Stop making me nervous! Aagh... Hmm...

Nana: But anyway...


Nana: To think she saved this much up. This is about enough for a session, right?

Luca: It's about enough for a session and half the payment for another one. They didn't need to bring so much.

Nana: Maybe they were thinking badly of us, as they were asking for the impossible in the end. Well, it's two people Diving at the same time, so...


Nana: No one can save them, you know?

Skycat: Huh? Now you mention it, aren't Dives supposed to be one-on-one?

Nana: Yup. Normally, your mind would be crushed if you let any other people in.

Skycat: Don't do something so dangerous, Milady!

Nana: It's fine! Remember we're both Dive Therapists, so we'll manage it somehow!

Luca: Besides, we're only letting them Dive into a region especially made for Therapy, so it's perfectly safe!

Skycat: *gasp*... You don't look the part, but you're really professionals, huh?

Nana: Can't you praise us in an honest way?

Skycat: But I've gotten a better opinion of you, Milady.

Luca: Huh? Why?

Skycat: For having agreed to do Therapy for them. It was such an unreasonable request, and yet you didn't refuse it to not let these kids down, right?

Nana: I think the same as Skycat. Luca, you're unexpectedly softer around kids, huh?

Luca: Well you know... It's just that when I saw how Roi was acting...

Nana: Huh? Wasn't that because you didn't want to see Rue crying?

Luca: It was because he was so desperate to do it for his little sister's sake!

Nana: Hmm... Now you mention it, you're right...

Luca: You see? In a way, I understand how he feels.... (Because I'm an older sister too...)

Track 4[]

(BGM: Startup)

Nana: Luca, it's about time for these kids to be coming here, right?

Luca: Yeah, I know.

Nana: I know it's too late to be doing anything, but... Are you okay? After what these two asked you to do...

Luca: It's okay! Roi is so level-headed we can think of him as an adult too!

Nana: I wonder about that...Ah yeah, it's just like that!

Luca: It's not just that. If we weren't like that, he couldn't have gotten so desperate about doing this for his sister.


Skycat: Milady, I've brought them here!

Luca: Thanks, Skycat!

Rue: Whoa! Dive Shops are really amazing places!

Nana: Oh, is this your first time coming to a Dive Shop? U-Umm... but yeah, that's a natural reaction.

Skycat: Is just like Milady said: looks like they just wanted to see what the place where Dives are conducted is like.

Roi: I've stood in front of the shop several times before, but I never noticed it was like this.

Luca: It's not like you could doch anything about this. After all, Dive Shops aren't the sort of place children should be coming to. That aside, I'm sorry if it's a bit sudden, but do you mind if I check one last thing before we start?

Roi: Is it about the world we'll get to after the Dive starts?

Luca: Yeah. Like I said yesterday, I intend to make it to the best of my skills so Rue is at least somewhat satisfied with it. But about creating the world you asked me to make before...

Rue: You can't do it?
Luca: No...

Roi: Hey, Luca took the time to listen to our whims, so don't be rude to her!

Rue: Okay... I'm sorry...

Luca: No, it's okay! Anyway, shall we start?

Nana: Luca, will you really be okay?

Luca: I think I will...

*Dive Machine starts*
*sea sounds*

(BGM: Lamplight)

Roi: Amazing...

Rue: Whoa! What a big river!

Luca: Rue, that's not a river! This is called the ocean!

Roi: Ah, Luca!

Luca: Welcome to my Cosmosphere! How do you like it?

Roi: U-Umm... It feels really amazing!

Rue: Is this really all fake?


Rue: Hehe, it's so cold!

Luca: This won't affect you in the real world at all, so you'll be fine no matter how wet you get! But still, be careful! It'd be a lot of trouble if your clothes got all soaked!

Rue: O-Okay... I can't get wet because I can't change my clothes here, right?

Roi: But wouldn't it be better for you to go swimming somewhere else?

Rue: B-But I really wanna know how it feels to swim in a place with waves like this!
Luca: *gasp*... Did you like it?

Rue: Yeah! Cosmospheres are really amazing!

Roi: Yeah! But why did you make a world like this?

(BGM Stop)

Luca: Because I thought that I should make a world you two would like to see at least a little. It might look like this, but it took me a long time thinking about whether I should make a simple fairy tale-like world, a flower field or something like this. So in the end, I thought that maybe you'd have liked a world where you could see things that you'd never be able to see in the real world.

Roi: I'm sorry for giving you so much trouble.

Luca: No, it's nothing! This is my job after all!

Rue: U-Umm... So what about my mom?

Luca: Oh...

Rue: Mom's not going to appear?

Luca: ...Shall we go walk around for a little? I'll explain everything.

(BGM: Reisha's Lullaby -Whistle-)

Luca: First I've got to apologize to you. I'm sorry you won't be able to see your mother in this world.

Rue: Why? If you use Dive Therapy...!

Luca: No. Of course I can make a virtual world according to my customers' wishes, but I can't make people for them.

Rue: Even though you can make a world like this one?

Luca: Making an ocean and making people are completely different things.

Rue: So I won't be able to see mom?

Luca: No.

Rue: I won't be able to hear her Songs?

Luca: I'm sorry. That's impossible too.

Roi: So it was impossible after all.

Luca: I'm sorry for betraying your expectations, Roi.

Roi: I'm a little disappointed, but I knew that was impossible.

Luca: And you're disappointed too, Rue, right? I'm sorry I could only make a world like this one.

Roi: Please don't apologize! We're the ones who made you listen to our whims and do this!

Luca: Even though I said it was under some conditions, this is still a request I decided to go through with. So I must apologize if I couldn't meet your expectations.

Roi: Luca...

Luca: Maybe I'm just no good...

(Stop BGM)

Rue: Thanks.
Luca: Huh?
Rue: For having listened to our whims!

Luca: But I couldn't make the world you asked for. So why...?

Rue: Because you made this world for us. Maybe I can't listen to mom's Songs, but you still worked your hardest to make it, right?

Luca: *gasp*

Rue: That's why I wanna thank you!

Luca: But you're thanking me even though I couldn't do that...?

Rue: But you still made this world for us!

Luca: That means... you're satisfied with this?

Roi: U-Umm... Luca! Since you worked so hard on it, we could play a little in this world? Is that okay?

Luca: Ah... Yeah! Of course!

Roi: Great! Come Rue, let's go!

Rue: Ah... yeah!


Roi: You're gonna trip if you run like that!

Rue: I'm okay, okay!


Rue: Ahaha! I got hit by a wave!

Luca: *sigh*... It's so frustrating... (Because it's very obvious they weren't satisfied with this... Maybe I shouldn't have done this... As after all, I accepted this job knowing it was impossible... But...) No, I mustn't. I can't be thinking that sort of thing right now.

Rue: Luca! Luca, you come play with us too!

Luca: Ah, okay! I'll be there in a sec!

Luca: (But well, at the least it seems they really liked it... They can't help but think this way, right?)
Roi: Hehehe!

Luca: Looks like you really took a liking to the sea, huh?

Roi: Well, you know this sort of place isn't something we could ever see in the real world!

Rue: Yeah! But how big is this world?

Luca: Hmm, I think it's actually very small. This is just a space I'm using for Therapy, so maybe you'd quickly get to a point where you can't walk any further if you started running.

Rue: Hmm, then we can try finding that out?

Luca: Yeah, go ahead! After all, this is the only place where you can do that

Rue: Okay! I'll go and check that out!

Roi: Don't get lost!


Roi: Oh man!

Luca: Hehe. Being an older brother is really troublesome, huh?

Roi: Haha, because she's so energetic.

Luca: But you can never leave her alone, right?

Roi: Yeah. I'm her older brother after all. Are you an older sister too, Luca?

Luca: Ah... well, I've got some experience about that too...

Roi: Some experience?

Luca: Yeah... It's just many things happened... so I'm a little jealous of you two...


Luca: (If Reika were here, we'd be just like these two kids...)


Luca: Huh?

Rue: Whoa, cool! Hey you two, a hole appeared out of nowhere over there!

Luca: That hole is...!

Roi: A hole? I'll be there in a second, so be careful to not fall in!

Luca: NOOO! Get away from that hole! Now!

Rue: Huh? Luca, why are you... Ah...? Kyaaah!!

(BGM: Assault)

Roi: She fell in!

Luca: No!

*running and panting*

Roi: Rue! Are you okay!? Rue!! Luca, what's this hole supposed to be...? It's pitch-black inside, and I can't see anything in it!

Luca: No way... There's no way that... Nothing like this ever happened before!

Roi: Luca...?

Rue: Noooo!

Roi: W-What!?

Rue: No, get away! Get away from me! Noo!

Luca: This is bad! Rue, run away! Hurry, follow my voice!

Rue: W-Where!? Where!? I don't know where to go!!

Luca: Ack... Now it's come to this...


*electric shock*

Luca: Aaaaagh!!

Roi: Luca!

Luca: I knew it... I can't go into my own Cosmosphere...

Rue: Help me... I'm scared... Roi! Roooi!

Roi: Agh... Rue!!

Luca: No! You mustn't jump in!

Roi: *gasp* Let me go please!

Luca: You mustn't go in there too! That hole leads to somewhere in my Cosmosphere!

Roi: But I've gotta...!

Rue: Let me go! Let me gooo!!

Roi: Rue! What's happening!?

Rue: No! Noooooo!!!

Luca: She's back!

Roi: Rue!

Rue: *gasps*

Roi: Rue, what's happening!?

Luca: Hang on to her! I'll return you both to the real world now!

Roi: Luca, Rue's...!

Luca: It's okay! Let's go!

*Dive Machine sounds*

Roi: Rue! Are you okay!? Rue!!

Rue: Un... ungh...

Roi: Rue!!

Rue: Uh... Roi...?

Nana: I'm so glad! I was so worried about you two!

Rue: Nana...? Where am...

Luca: In the Dive Shop. I sent you back from my Cosmosphere. Don't you remember about it?

Rue: Aagh!

Luca: Can you stand? Give me your hand, I'll help you stand.

Rue: Aah... No!

Luca: Ow!

(BGM: Melody of Rebirth)

Roi: Hey! What are you doing!?

Rue: No... no... Luca's scary... No!

Luca: *gasp*

Roi: W-What's going on?

Luca: Look, everything's okay now. I'm...

Rue: No, get away!

*running/falling down*

Roi: Rue!

Luca: Are you okay!?

Rue: *gasping*

Luca: No... she's running a high fever! We've got to her into a bed right away!

Roi: No... Why did she get sick like that?

Nana: I'll help you out! Take us to your house, quick!

Luca: Ah, Nana! I...!

Nana: Leave it to me. I think it'd be better for you to not be around her for now.

Luca: Ah...

Nana: Come, let's hurry!

Roi: Okay! Follow me!

Track 5[]


Skycat: Ah welcome, Milady.

Luca: Hi. How's Roi doing?

Nana: He's been waiting for a while. He told us he'd be coming here first


Nana: Ah, Luca!

Luca: Hi, Roi.

Roi: I'm sorry for coming here so early.

Luca: Anyway, how is Rue feeling?

Roi: She had a high fever, but it seems she's somehow getting better. It still seems she's got a slight fever though.

Luca: ...Is she still afraid of me?

Roi: She looked a lot calmer before I went out this morning.

Luca: I see... I'm sorry for having made Rue fall sick like this!

Roi: No! I don't think it was your fault at all, Luca!

Luca: What you mean?

Nana: Well, you know... Remember what these kids told us about their mother?

Luca: Huh? Yeah, I remember. She was a gentle Reyvateil who was great at singing and... No... It can't be!

Nana: Her Reyvateil qualities activated.

Luca: So in other words... You mean she's become a Reyvateil!?

Nana: Yeah, though I don't think she can use magic just yet.

Roi: It was a real help that you told me that, Nana. I didn't know that was how Reyvateils awakened.

Luca: So that's what happened...

Roi: I'm sorry for worrying you, Luca!
Luca: No, don't mind it! I thought she fell sick because I botched the Therapy session, so that's a big relief to me too.

Nana: Because she got like that as soon as she got back from the Cosmosphere, right? So something actually happened in there after all?

Luca: Maybe it was because I overdid it... Apparently, she fell down into a hole because the walls surrounding the area I made for Therapy were weakened.

Nana: So you mean... she was flung into somewhere inside your Cosmosphere without even the Mind Guardian to help her, and you had to dig her out!?

Skycat: Is that dangerous?

Nana: Of course it's dangerous! Any mistake would...! No, it's nothing! Anyway, I'm glad she's getting better. And the same goes for you, right? Luca?

Roi: For Luca too?

Luca: *sigh*

Nana: The parts outside the Therapy space are within Luca's own mind. Normally, these are the places where you'd let other people enter in direct contact with your mind... No, better said, the places where you'd let them in. If they aren't careful while they're there, there's no telling about what could happen. We could even end up going insane!

Roi: It was like that!? Looks like we only caused you trouble in the end...

Luca: This happened because I botched it, so don't worry!

Nana: But you're worried about Rue, right?

Skycat: Yeah! Why don't we go and visit her?

Luca: Huh? Go visit her?

Skycat: Yeah! Just like you can see, there isn't much work left at the restaurant right now! And you two are finished with your work for today too, right?

Luca: Yeah. Let's go visit her. I've got to apologize for failing the Therapy session too.

Roi: Are you okay with it?

Luca: Yeah... But you know, she might still be scared of me...

Roi: Ok, then let's get going.


Roi: Rue, are you awake?

Rue: Yeah... Come in.

Luca: Hi, Rue.

Nana: How're you doing?

Rue: Ah, you're here to visit me?

Nana: Of course!

Skycat: I've even brought you a Gergo so you get well soon!

Rue: Ah! Thank you very-- Umm, isn't this a Geugo?

Luca: Huh?

Skycat: Ugh, I screwed it up!

Nana: Hey Skycat, you mistook it!

Skycat: Ugh... uuu... Looks like I got it wrong!

Rue: Ah, umm... G-Geugo's cute too! Thanks a lot!

Skycat: I'm so glad you liked it!

Nana: You're only reading the mood and taking advantage of it! Geez...

Luca: U-umm... Rue...?

Rue: Ah... L-Luca...

Luca: ...Are you feeling well?

Rue: Yeah... But I'm still not well enough to get up from bed...

Luca: I see... I'm sorry for scaring you...

Rue: ...No, it's okay now.

Luca: *sigh*

Skycat: A-Anyway, I feel relieved now I see you doing so well! You're still a little sick, but you'll be getting better quickly!

Nana: Anyway, we'll come to see you again later!

Rue: U-Umm... I wanna talk alone with Luca for a little. Is that okay?

Roi: Are you okay with it?

Rue: Yeah. There's something I wanna ask her.

Roi: Is that okay with you... Luca?

Luca: I don't mind it.

Nana: In that case, we'll wait for you outside.


Luca: So, what you want to ask me?

(BGM: Inexpressible Feelings)

Rue: I've turned into a Reyvateil, right?

Luca: ...Yeah. You've become a Reyvateil, just like your mother!

Rue: *sigh*

Luca: What is it?

Rue: ...I can't go back to being human?

Luca: ...Don't you like it?

Rue: It's not that. It's just... I'm scared...

Luca: Because you've become a Reyvateil just like the mother you love so much?

Rue: I always admired the idea of becoming a Reyvateil like mom... I wanted to sing beautiful Songs and use magic...

Luca: In that case--!

Rue: But turning into a Reyvateil also makes you have a Cosmosphere, right? So that means I'd have a terrifying me inside my mind just like you, right?

Luca: ...Did you meet another me inside that hole?

Rue: It felt like she was gonna do some horrible things to me...

Luca: ...Did you tell this to anyone else?

Rue: ...No, I haven't...

Luca: Ah... I see... (It's a relief...)

Rue: So, isn't there a way that can make me human again?

Luca: ...No. The strength of the Reyvateil qualities is decided at birth, so once they have awakened, there's nothing that can be done about it.

Rue: But... I'm scared... Whenever I think there's a scary another me inside me...

Luca: There's no need to be scared of that! You will need to take periodical doses of the Life Extending Agent, but that aside, nothing else will change!

Rue: ...Weren't you scared when you awakened, Luca?

Luca: Actually... I think it was the opposite for me.

Rue: I see...

Luca: Anyway, there's no point in dwelling further in it! Just wait and see, it's not that bad being one!

Rue: *sigh*

Luca: Huh? Rue...?

Rue: It's okay. Thanks, Luca.

Luca: Okay. Anyway, take care of yourself.


(BGM Stop)

Roi: Ah, Luca! How was Rue?

Luca: She's feeling anxious about becoming a Reyvateil...

Nana: That's all she wanted to tell you?

Skycat: She'd like to be human again?

Roi: Ah... Umm... Did you all get sick like her when your Reyvateil qualities awakened?

Luca: I got a fever, but I got no other symptoms after that.

Nana: My body felt heavier at some parts, but nothing else.

Roi: I see...

Luca: Are you worried?

Roi: I don't really understand what's happening here, but... Don't you think it has something to do with the IPD Syndrome!?

Luca: What!?

Nana: You're worrying too much! If she had actually contracted the IPD Syndrome, we'd all be in great trouble now!

Luca: *sigh*

Skycat: What is it, Milady?

Luca: No, it's nothing! I just was thinking that maybe Roi has too many negative ideas.

Roi: Oh...

Luca: But if that were the case, what do you say about letting me be her Therapist next time?

Roi: No, I think I'll try holding off on Therapy for now. It's just as you say, it might not be good for me to be having so many negative feelings. Besides, it's possible she might still be scared.

Nana: B-But you know, it's possible it's just a cold!

Skycat: Y-Yeah!

Nana: Luca, you know that you shouldn't impose a Therapy session upon others, right?

Roi: Yeah! Besides, I've heard that an IPD Outbreak isn't triggered as easily!

Luca: It's just I think she should get one more Therapy session.

Roi: B-But... She's not an IPD!

Luca: We don't know that for sure! I'm just saying we should do it as a precaution... right?

Roi: No, it's okay! If something went wrong, Rue'd get even more scared...!

Luca: But... I'm still worried about her...

Roi: Oh...

Luca: So I think she should get one more session, no matter what!

Roi: B-But...!

Luca: Please! ...I won't fail again...

Nana: Huh...?

Skycat: You're doing it again, Milady!?

Luca: I'm the reason she got scared of Therapy! I feel responsible for spooking her out!

Roi: But that's because you listened to our absurd request!

Luca: In that case, let me be the one making the absurd request. At this rate, I don't think I'll be able to do a good job again... And there's the slight possibility that Rue might be an IPD-infected... If that's the case, I want to treat her. This is for Rue and for your sake, Roi.

Roi: *sigh*

Luca: It'll be okay! I'll conduct a flawless Therapy session next time... okay?

Track 6[]

(BGM: Startup)

Nana: Luca, are you really okay with this? Going by what you said about the Therapy, you're going to apply an Operation to her, right?

Luca: If I need to. But why you ask?

Nana: Didn't you see how super down she was? Wouldn't that mean she doesn't want that?

Luca: If that's what you're worried about, don't be! I've got a good idea!


Skycat: Milady, I've brought them here!

Luca: Thanks. Hi, Rue!

Rue: We're gonna Dive again today?

Luca: I guess you're still afraid, right?

Rue: Y-Yeah...

Roi: It'll be okay! Look, I'm coming along too!

Luca: No, today I'll only let her Dive into me. So you'll have to stay here, Roi.

Roi: Huh? Only Rue... will be Diving?

Luca: I won't lose her from sight, so don't worry! Okay?

Rue: Ah... I'll be right back...

Roi: Are you okay?

Rue: ...Yeah! Luca is a really kind person!

Skycat: I can guarantee that!

Nana: Even though your guarantees are worth nothing in reality, huh!

Luca: Okay then, we'll be going now!

Roi: Rue!

Rue: See you later, Roi!

(BGM Stop)

*Dive Machine sounds*

Rue: What a big field!

Luca: Yup! I wanted to try something simpler for this session!

*sheets moving*

Rue: A sheet... and a basket?

Luca: For now, we'll just have a tea time together. Isn't it nice to have a nice chat over some tea?

Rue: Oh...
<br / Luca: Are you okay? Seems like you can't settle down for some reason.

Rue: It's because this is my first time in a place as quiet and wide as this.

Luca: I tried making it wide enough so you could play as much as you like! Maybe it was scaring in you in someway?

Rue: I felt kinda lonely because it was so quiet.

Luca: I see... So, let's start talking!

Rue: Okay... But what're we talking about?

(BGM: Room Touched by the Sunlight)

Luca: Are you afraid of becoming a Reyvateil?

Rue: Yeah...

Luca: Ah... I didn't think you'd answer instantly. Not like I don't understand why you feel like that... you know?

Rue: Hmm...

Luca: I was really happy about becoming a Reyvateil when it happened to me!

Rue: Weren't you scared?

Luca: No, because becoming a Reyvateil has so many perks! I could start doing Dive Therapy, sing beautiful Songs, and also use magic!

Rue: Magic!?

Luca: (I knew it, she's still a kid. Mentioning magic really seemed to get her attention. If I keep doing like this, we might end this on a bright note after all.)

Rue: But there's gotta be a scary me deep inside me, right? I don't want that!

Luca: Actually, that's something everyone has inside themselves. It's just that you can't see them in the humans' case because they don't have Cosmospheres. Your mother was sure to have one too!

Rue: No way! Mom was so kind, she was the best mother ever! There's no way she'd be thinking scary things like you!

Luca: Ah... like me... huh? (This is because she saw my Cosmosphere self after all... I wish she didn't see any of that...) B-But you said you mom could use a lot of different Song Magic, so that means she actually had many Dives done into her!

Rue: Huh? Is that how it works?

Luca: You need to have someone Dive into you to craft Song Magic. Of course, there are a few cases that did it without Diving too.

Rue: So mom was a scary woman too?

Luca: N-No! It means she had a light that was greater than the dark part everybody has in their hearts!

Rue: Ah...

Luca: (I knew it... Talking about her mother is what has the greatest effect on her mental state... That just goes to show how much she loves her... Well then...)

(Stop BGM)

Luca: But you know, by letting others Dive into us, we can change these parts for the better. And as a result of that, we can craft Song Magic. So I'm sure if you let someone Dive into you, you'll someday be just like the mother you admire so much!

Rue: Ah...

Luca: I know you might be scared of having an evil version of you inside your mind, but I think your mother was that kind because she didn't lose to it!

Rue: I wonder about that...

Luca: (I've got a good feeling about this... But what should I do now? Maybe I should keep talking to her a bit longer... But talking to a kid is really tiring... Maybe I should use an Operation at this point... Let's end this!)

*pouring tea*

Luca: I know you're feeling anxious about it, but remember you mustn't ever lose confidence in yourself.

*placing cup in platter*

Luca: Okay, here you go!

Rue: Thanks! This tea really smells nice!

Luca: It's a special mixture you won't see anywhere outside the Cosmosphere, and it can reduce any anxiety you might be feeling! Looks like just the scent is having that effect on you!

Rue: Hmm, I don't really get it.

Luca: I see...

Rue: But looks like being a Reyvateil has really extreme upsides and downsides, huh?

Luca: Yeah, that's right.

Rue: It'd be great if it was just use magic, sing beautiful Songs, and erase the evil parts we have by Diving.

Luca: While it's good we can erase our evil parts, it's kinda weird to be scared from your Cosmosphere self.

Rue: Yeah, it really sounds weird. But another bad part is how painful the Life Extending Agent install is... And also, the IPDs...

Luca: Huh?

Rue: But I'm okay now! After all, you're doing Therapy for me!

Luca: Huh...? Did you hear us...?

Rue: Yeah! The walls at home're really thin! But really, I'm okay now, right?

Luca: Yeah.
Rue: That's great!

Luca: (If Reika had gotten Therapy just like this girl did...)


Rue: Huh? Didn't you hear a sound?

Luca: Oh...

Rue: Luca?

Luca: Ah! I'm sorry, I was thinking about something. But it's not a good idea to be so optimistic about being an IPD. I've heard outbreaks could trigger even during a Therapy session, but I've never actually seen it myself.


Luca: (I think she's okay... But there's no guarantee she won't have an outbreak yet...)

Rue: Ah, yeah.

Luca: As long as you understand that, it's okay. Just like that girl... surely... (An IPD outbreak left a pretty large scar in my heart... Just how deep does that scar run...?)

Rue: IPDs should just disappear, right?

Luca: Huh?

Rue: If the IPDs disappeared, they couldn't cause more damage or harm any other people, right?

Luca: (Is this girl having an outbreak!?)

Rue: That's why the Grand Bell contains them!

Luca: ...The Grand Bell...?

Rue: Yeah! I've heard that when an IPD has an outbreak, they go and contain her so she doesn't hurt any people!

Luca: ...Containment... You call that... containment...? (You're wrong...)


(BGM: That Which Overflows)

Rue: H-Huh!?

Luca: (You're wrong... That's...)

Rue: What?

Luca: The Grand Bell do nothing like containing them! They're just a bunch of kidnappers!


Luca: And it's not like these girls wanted to become IPDs in the first place! Becoming an IPD and having outbreaks are all things they never wanted to happen! I wish you understood how those IPDs who have outbreaks they didn't want feel!

Rue: L-Luca! What are these cracks...!?

Luca: The biggest victims here are the ones who became IPDs themselves and their families! I know BECAUSE I, LUCA, I'M A VICTIM TOO!!


(BGM Stop)

Rue: The sky is...!

Luca: Ah... no... this isn't good!

Rue: The sky looks... like the hole from last time!

Luca: It's okay! It's the sky this time, so you won't be falling in!

Track 7[]

???: But there's still a chance you're now inside the hole!

Luca: Huh?

(BGM: Dream Pattern -Shadow-)

Luca: A voice is coming from over there?

Rue: Something's coming! Ah... That's...!

???: Huhuhu, you're pretty sharp, huh?

Luca: You're me... No, you're one of the parts that make my personality... right?

Therapist Luca: That's right. Pleased to meet you, me.

Rue: Y... You're the one I saw last time!

Therapist Luca: Oh hello. Have you been well?

Luca: More importantly, why are you wearing such an embarrassing attire!?

Therapist Luca: Because it feels really good! Wanna try wearing it?

Luca: I-I'll pass on that... B-But anyway, why're you here?

Therapist Luca: Hmm, the simplest way of putting it is because I'm the part of us that's in charge of Dive Therapy. Have you got a hunch about why I'm here now?

Luca: Huh!? Umm...

Therapist Luca: Now you've got us in this situation in which you've exposed our mind to a kid, I had to come to make sure you hold yourself together. Geez, you let the fact you're a pro get to your head and failed because of it, huh?

Luca: Ah... yeah... I'm sorry...

Rue: Luca... That woman...

Luca: Huh? Rue, you're trembling...

Therapist Luca: Hey, let's get this Therapy session done already.

Luca: Agh...

Therapist Luca: Or are you going to so something now?

Luca: A-Anyway, couldn't you just go back to your world? You're scaring Rue, and I won't be able to conduct Therapy like this.

Therapist Luca: Really? You're trembling. Are you okay?

Rue: Aaah...

Luca: Just go back already, please! The Therapy won't work like this!

Therapist Luca: Then, how about executing an Operation?

Luca: Huh...?

Therapist Luca: An Operation! If we do that, it should be a snap riding that kid from her anxiety!

Luca: W-What are you saying...? Doing a single operation while she's this scared won't...

(BGM: Foreign Carnival)

Therapist Luca: It'll be okay if we repeat it 36 times. Okay?

Luca: If I did that, it'd blow away this child's mind!

Therapist Luca: Huh?

Luca: First and foremost, we're not supposed to use these methods as long as the patient hasn't fallen into a state where she's blocking everyone away or so depressed she is not capable of even speaking! To even suggest we should use it...

Therapist Luca: So nice words these one you're saying, but you were actually going to use an Operation on her to finish up the Therapy session quickly, no?

Rue: Huh?

Therapist Luca: It's that tea! She told you it's a tea with the special property of reducing your anxiety, but in the real world, that's actually a liquefied Grathnode injection the Dive Operator would be applying to you. But the bit about removing your anxiety is still true though. There's no need to worry about it.

Rue: It wasn't tea after all...?

Luca: But that's... something that's supposed to help you to bring out feelings and attitudes like "I'll do my best!"...

Therapist Luca: That's what you say, but that's actually going to hide the things that cause that girl's anxiety

Rue: Is that true!? Luca...!

Luca: Agh...

Therapist Luca: Okay okay, you're in my way, so just drink it and leave. Once you get back to reality, you'll be in a state where you feel happy and have no anxiety.

Rue: No! I don't want that!

Therapist Luca: There's no point in hiding behind my real world self. After all, I'm a part of Luca's mind. We both have the same feelings, you know?

Luca: No! I'm not like that!

Therapist Luca: You might say that, but you actually are thinking about what'd be the perfect way to do this job, huh? The answer is that an Operation would finish this in a blink, no?

Luca: Agh...

Rue: L-Luca...

Luca: B-But the most important part is that'd do nothing more than deceive her into thinking she's not feeling anxious at all!

Therapist Luca: I don't care as long as she's satisfied once we're done with it. You had this same thought too, didn't you? That as long as she said she was satisfied, your job would have been done perfectly.

Luca: Ugh...

Therapist Luca: And so we can get to that point, could you please drink your tea now?

Rue: N-No! Lemme go!

Therapist Luca: Oh come on, don't start throwing a tantrum.

Rue: No! No! I don't wanna! Luca, save me! I don't want this!

(Stop BGM)

Luca: (Operations are an unavoidable part of Dive Therapy... This shouldn't cause any bad effects on her... But!)

Rue: I don't wanna drink it!

Therapist Luca: Come on. Or do you want me to do some painful things to you?

Rue: Ah... aaahhh...

Therapist Luca: Okay! You're such a good girl! Now, open your mouth...

Rue: N-No!

Therapist Luca: Open up~

Rue: N-No! No! I'm scared!

Therapist Luca: Then drink it~ You don't wanna be scared anymore, right~?

Rue: I'm scared! I'm scared! I'm scared, Roi!

Luca: Ah!

Therapist Luca: Okay okay, drink it all down and go back to your brother's side!

Luca: STOP IT!

(BGM: Indra)

Therapist Luca: Aaagh!

Luca: Rue, are you okay!?

Rue: L-Luca...?

Luca: I'm sorry for scaring you...

Therapist Luca: Ow... To think you would jump on me out of nowhere...


Therapist Luca: Ah! Why did you throw out the tea!?

Luca: This isn't Therapy! The things you said are wrong!

Therapist Luca: I'm... wrong...?

Luca: Yeah, you're wrong! Scaring a patient like this and trying to finish up the session by forcing an Operation on them, both of these things are messed up!

Therapist Luca: Are you seriously saying that? I'm the part of you in charge of Dive Therapy...

Luca: I'll show you I can help this girl without having to resort to an Operation! I'll heal all her anxiety and fear! So just hurry up and go back to your world! I won't let you continue interrupting my session!

Therapist Luca: Get out of my way.

*magic charging*

Luca: Watch out!


Rue: Kyaah!

(BGM: Melee Attack)

Luca: A-aagh.... Why!?

Therapist Luca: Because you're causing me trouble by opposing me due to being my real world self.

Luca: That's absurd!

Therapist Luca: Who cares now? If you can't execute an Operation, this Therapy session is as good as failed. So why won't you just go and kick that girl out already?

Luca: That's not for you to decide! I've still got to...!

Therapist Luca: In that case, I'll just kick her out myself.

*magic charging/explosion*

Rue: Aaaah!

Luca: Let's run away!

Rue: Yeah...!

(BGM: Pursuit)

Therapist Luca: Hahaha! Huh? Hey, wait there!

Luca: Huh!?

Rue: She's chasing us!

Luca: If she attacks us with too much force, it'll surely cause a Critical Down!

Rue: W-What's that?

Luca: It means that we get hit by her magic, we could end up being erased from this world or something like that... Umm...

Rue: That means we're gonna die!

Luca: We won't die, but once we get back to the real world... Umm...


Luca: Aagh!

Rue: Luca!

Therapist Luca: Ahahaha! Okay, our little game of tag is over.

Luca: Are you planning to cause me a Critical Down?

Therapist Luca: Oh, I'm not planning to go that far. I know very well that you and I are the same, eh? So well, what're you gonna do now? Are you still going to go against me?

Luca: Agh...

Therapist Luca: Should I fire once more?

Luca: It's true you might be one part of my deep psyche, so it's possible that the things you're saying are my real intent.

Therapist Luca: So you understand now?

(Stop BGM)

Therapist Luca: We're both part of the same whole, so we should understand each other!

Luca: But you're wrong!

(BGM: Dream Pattern -Light-)

Luca: Operations are the last thing we should use after we've helped people little by little to find the path they want for their future and to cope with any anxiety they might have! They aren't something that should be forced upon people who don't know what they should do, who still haven't decided upon their future, that are unable to cope with their worries or are depressed about it as a one-stop solution to their troubles! If I'm really thinking that's how Operations should be used, I'll stop being a Therapist right here!

Therapist Luca: Ridiculous, totally ridiculous! You won't be able to stop me with such a shallow will!

Luca: It's true I'm also doing this for money, but I managed to overcome a really harsh training to do it! I'm a pro!

Therapist Luca: And so?

Luca: I can't abandon this girl, no matter what happens!

(BGM Stop)

Therapist Luca: That sort of line doesn't fit me at all. But it's enough already. How about we put an end to this?

*magic charging*

(BGM: Darkness and Voices)

Luca: I'm sorry for having scared you twice now...

Rue: Thanks.

Luca: Why?

Rue: For having tried your hardest to protect me. But now...

Luca: I'm scared too. I'm really scared...

Rue: Aren't you going to run away?

Luca: No... But losing against a me that's so wrong about everything is so frustrating...


Therapist Luca: Maybe this amount of charging should be enough... So, what you say about just handing over that kid?

Luca: I'll protect this girl!

Therapist Luca: Stop boasting already.

Luca: I say that back to you!

Therapist Luca: So you're me after all... Well then, farewell.


Rue: Noooooo!

Therapist Luca: Bye-bye, my boastful real world self!

Luca: I'm not wrong about this in any way!


Therapist Luca: Agh...!? My magic is shrinking...


(BGM: Legend of Ar tonelico II - The Second Tower-)

Rue: Huh? Her magic disappeared!

Therapist Luca: Huh...? No way... I had gathered so much power into my Song Magic...!

Luca: T-This is...

Therapist Luca: I'm not done yet! I'll fire it again!


Luca: Maybe...


Therapist Luca: W-What!? Why can you use attack magic!?

Luca: I don't know either why I became able to use attack magic.

Therapist Luca: No way...!


Therapist Luca: Ugh... It's not enough...!

Luca: Me who's so mistaken about everything... Disappear!


Therapist Luca: Enough! Gooo!


Therapist Luca: My magic...!


Track 8[]

Luca: Did I get her...?

Rue: Ah! She's lying down over there! Is she dead?

Therapist Luca: Ugh! Ugh...

Rue: Ah, she got up!

Therapist Luca: To think you could craft magic like that... Agh...

Luca: Please, just go back. I can handle it myself.

Therapist Luca: Not yet!


Therapist Luca: Now you're weak, this magic should be enough...!


Luca: Stop being a blockhead!


Therapist Luca: That magic won't be enough...!


Therapist Luca: Aaaaaaahhhh!

Rue: S-She's gone... Did she die?

Luca: That was a Critical Down... No, maybe we could call it a Reverse Critical Down?



Rue: Umm... It's gone...

Luca: Yeah... We're going to be okay now...


Luca: (I could craft magic without Diving... Maybe it was because I managed to erase the part of me that was mistaken about Therapy...?)

Rue: Luca, are you okay?

Luca: To think I ended up fighting against one of my own personas... I still can't believe it...

Rue: Umm...

Luca: ...I'm sorry. I ended up scaring you twice now... I'm a failure as a Therapist, huh...?

Rue: Amazing!

Luca: Huh?

Rue: You were so cool, Luca! Cool, cool, so cool! You even beat up that scary woman!

Luca: Huh? B-But that bad woman was myself...

Rue: The stuff you told me was all true, huh! That you've gotta fix up your own scary parts to craft magic! You fixed yourself up, Luca! That was awesome!

Luca: ...Aren't you angry...?

Rue: Huh? Why?

Luca: What do you mean?

Rue: I mean, mom was like this too after all. By fighting in a way as cool as you, she crafted a lot of magic, and also became the gentle mother I knew!

Luca: Ah...

Rue: I wonder if I can do that too...

Luca: Hehe! But weren't you scared about that?

Rue: I-I'm scared.... Really scared, but...
Luca: But?

Rue: Umm... losing against a me that's so wrong about everything is so, so...

Luca: Heheh, these are the words I said before!

Rue: Because you were so cool when you said them! Hey hey, say the last one again!

Luca: Huhu... That was... frustrating, right?

Rue: Yeah, that's it! Losing against a me that's so wrong about everything is so frustrating!

Luca: Hahahaha! Geez!

Rue: I'll become stronger! I'll do my best to beat up all the evil parts about me and become someone like mom!

Luca: Okay. Well then...

Rue: Are you gonna fight that woman again, Luca?

Luca: Well, I've gotta hurry and erase her if I'm going to ever become a first-class Therapist, huh?

Rue: Yeah!

Luca: Okay, shall we head back? Your big brother is waiting for you!

Rue: Yeah! Hey, Luca...

Luca: Hmm? What?

Rue: Thank you for protecting me!

Track 9[]

Luca: Time went by... And a month later...

(BGM: Sunny Place)

Nana: Yahoo, Luca! Are you done with work?

Luca: Ah, Nana! Yup, I'm done already!

Nana: Didn't you get many customers today?

Luca: I got about four, actually!

Nana: Whoa! But you didn't get more than one before!

Luca: Maybe it's because I'm getting recommended by my patients? I think that maybe they come to me because of these recommendations.

Nana: You're really getting up there in popularity, huh?

Luca: Uh... I wonder about that...

Nana: Heheh, keep the dough rolling in then, popular girl!

Luca: I-It's not like that! Agh!

Nana: I'm just wishing you success...


Nana: By the way, I wonder what these two are up to now?

Luca: You mean Roi and Rue? I haven't seen them since that time, so I dunno.

Nana: I see... But I'm surprised about the stuff Rue said when she woke up from the Dive, that she was gonna craft lotsa Songs and the like. Her mood got really up there from that, huh?

Luca: Ahahah, maybe I overdid it at little!

Nana: But how strong was the Operation you applied to her?

Luca: I did nothing like that.

Nana: No way! Are you serious!?

Luca: That's what was so surprising about it! But it was good experience for me too!

Nana: Why?

Luca: Well, because ever since I did that Therapy session, the number of times I've had to execute an Operation has sharply decreased!

Nana: But doing Therapy without executing Operations... Are you able to do it so easily?

Luca: Compared to doing Therapy on a kid, it's easy.

Nana: Hmm, looks like it caused you lotsa trouble.

Luca: I think I'll hold off on ever treating children again!

Nana: Well then, I'm gonna drown myself in tea today!

(Stop BGM)

Luca: Huh? Are you okay?

Nana: Well you know, I've had to tend to many customers today too!

*bell ringing*

Nana: Hello! The golden Therapist duo is here!

Skycat: Ah welcome!

Luca: Hello! Looks like it's about this time that you don't have customers, huh!

Skycat: I've only got two today!

(BGM: Let's Go At My Pace)

Rue: Luca!

Roi: Hi!

Luca: Roi and Rue!?

Nana: Long time no see! How've you been all this time?

Roi: How we've been...? Well...

Rue: Luca, Luca! I got my first Life Extending Agent insertion already!

Luca: Really!? The first time is the one you wouldn't like anyone to see, so it must have been incredible!

Rue: Hehehe! It's because I'm gonna get stronger!

Luca: Yeah, that's right! I'm sure you'll get stronger!

Rue: Hehe, I'll... Luca...!

Roi: More or less like this.

Nana: You both have changed, huh?

Skycat: Hey, Rue! Milady is only mine! Don't grab onto her!

Rue: No no! Luca is only mine!

Skycat: I'm telling you to let her go!

Luca: Don't treat me like a thing!! But anyway, what are you two doing here today?

Roi: Ah, it's because there's something she wants to tell you.

Rue: Yeah. U-Umm... You know...

Luca: Hmm? What?

Rue: I think... I'm tone-deaf...

Luca: Don't tell me...!

Nana: You're tone-deaf?


Luca: This is the first time... I've seen a tone-deaf Reyvateil...

Skycat: She's a must contact, then?

Nana: I'm telling you to stop saying that!

Roi: She's been practicing every single day ever since she had that Therapy session, but... She hasn't gotten any better. Having to listen to that everyday is about to shoot my nerves.

Rue: Please help me, Luca!

Skycat: Umm, Milady... What are you gonna do about her?

Luca: Uumm... Hmm... Okay then, let's start practicing some basic vocalization, okay?

Rue: Ah, you're gonna teach me!? Yay!

Nana: You're in so muuuch trouble, Luca!

Luca: Well, I think I'm gonna throw the towel a bit later...

Roi: Sorry for causing you so much trouble!

Luca: Don't mind it! Well then, let's try some solfege: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, okay?


Skycat: Ugh... good thing there are no other customers here around this time...

Nana: Luca, if you ever wanna give my Therapy a try, I'll be sure to super fix you up!

Luca: A-Aahhh... (I knew it... Treating children is only a recipe for disaster...!)

The End

Extra Track[]

Koshimizu: I'm Koshimizu Ami, Luca's voice actress! Good work, everyone! Is Luca lookan for us? Lookan for us? So, how did it look, everyone?


Koshimizu: What did you all think of it? I thought that properly representing her character was again pretty difficult, but well, that's the same thing I thought of her when I recorded the lines for the game itself. You really liked the Drama CD, huh? So are you wondering if there's anything else after this? Anything coming after this? Well, please look forward to it! We'll keep doing our best over here! See you later!


Shouji: I'm Shouji Umeka, Skycat's voice actress! Good work, everyone! I didn't really get much of a speaking part in the game itself, so thanks a lot for letting me have such a big role in the Drama CD! Really! And well, today I could fulfill my greatest desire of performing alongside my beloved Milady Luca, so I'm very happy! But unexpectedly, I also got shocked from how scary and dark she is!


Koshimizu: I'm not like that!

Shouji: And I love Milady even in spite of that! Thank you very much!

Komatsu: I'm Komatsu Rika, Nana's voice actress! Well done, everyone! Umm, as for the Drama CD, umm, we had to go through some stressful portions when getting into character but, umm, we somehow got more relaxed for the more calm parts, umm, and we even could pleasantly sketch Luca's dark side and have a field trip inside her heart! It was a lot of trouble, and everyone really did their best for it! I ended up studying for it too! As a finishing blow, there's a question I want to ask: why I never got to have a line as Nana like " What's up with this? Why Skycat calls Luca "Milady?" or something like that? Please tell me why next time! Good job, everyone!

Kasuya: I'm Kasuya Yuuta, Roi's voice actor! Well done, everybody! Actually, umm, now I think about it, this is my first playing an older brother-type character! Yeah! I was kinda nervous about this at first, and I do have a little sister in my family, but she's about to become a middle schooler and growing a lot by now, so she's at about that time where she's going to become less cute, and Rue really struck me as really cute while still being at about that age.

Kanda: I'm Rue~

Kasuya: Ah, Rue! Ahaha!


Kasuya: But that really brought me back a lot of memories from long ago, so this was a role that made me really happy! Thanks a lot!

Kanda: I'm Kanda Akemi, Rue's voice actress! So I ended up being the little sister this time, huh!


Kanda: Was I okay!? Did I ever break character or something!?

Kasuya: You were a wonderful little sister!
Kanda: It was a long time since I last acted cute and I got to call someone " big brother", so I was really happy about this role! In the end, in our current times we are endlessly dragged away, get flustered or feel powerless, so we end up getting washed away into worlds we think are interesting like what people do with the Therapists, so Rue's sincere feelings really struck a chord with me. I wanna give a try to the game that serves as the main story to this CD, so umm... someone please let me borrow it!


Kanda: Hehe, I don't really need to borrow it! It was really interesting taking part in this Drama CD! Please listen to it as many times as you want! Thanks a lot!